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Hi mom! ^^ Love your writing! It was just my birthday last week and I was wondering if I might request a namjoon author/editor au? (if he was your editor or you were his etc. whichever!) Apologies if you've done something similar before;; Thank you!♥

ahh happy late birthday!! ive written author taehyung before, but namjoon fits it too so !!! here you go, something cute for him~ 

  • is primarily a poet, and yes im talking love poems and all that jazz, but also really emotional poems about social injustices and human pain 
  • and he has a way with words that makes readers overcome with tears - like there’s a reason he’s on the best selling list and was featured in over twenty literary magazines
  • and people probably get quotes of his tattooed on them like damn
  • his pic on the back of the book sleeve is black and white and he’s got his hand under his chin,,,,,,,,,he looks like a uni professor LOL
  • people always get teary eyed at his book signings and readings, his tour managers have to request extra Kleenex for the sobbers,,,,,
  • honestly namjoon just gets confused and is like,,,,im,,,s,,,sorry??? but everyone is like n o no it’s just so bEautiful 
  • (tbh he gets super shy when complimented, much to his fans shock,,)
  • interviews with him actually get a ton of views because well 1) he’s handsome but 2) he does this cute smile and hides his face when people say he’s a great poet
  • like sensitive boy namjoon is real and thriving
  • you’re his editor and even under the whole beautiful, simple, amazing writing - the poems that seems so short and quick to write - you’ve seen his struggle
  • breaking his back over thousands of drafts, crumpling up pages and throwing out full notebooks of poems 
  • and writing about heavy stuff isn’t easy on namjoon either, sometimes you find him sitting on the floor beside his desk, staring blankly at a news title of some atrocity in the world
  • sometimes he doesn’t eat for three days. doesn’t sleep for a week. 
  • he publishes his book and people swoon over his talent and good looks, but you’re the only one whose seen this side of him
  • the side all writers and poets hide from the world - but not from their editor
  • so when you meet up with him, the usual dingy coffee place that namjoon has come to love, you see something is off
  • he’s worse than usual
  • “i have no inspiration, and they want a book of poems by the end of the month.” 
  • his deep voice has never faltered, but it sounds dejected and tired
  • “well,,,,,,,let’s find you some.” you try to sound optimistic, but you’re not sure
  • namjoon’s first book was based off of his first love. his second, off his views on the harsh world, his third was on a recent, secret breakup. now,,,,,he was stuck and you weren’t sure if there was anything left
  • you try to see his face, but his eyes are stuck to the blaring laptop screen. an empty word documents stares back
  • “i know you can do it namjoon, is there anything that you’ve maybe been saving? or maybe haven’t explored? a secret?”
  • namjoon’s eyes suddenly flick to meet your gaze
  • the tips of his ears turn pink, you’re on to something
  • inching forward in your seat you go, “you do! is it a person? write about them!”
  • you don’t notice it, but namjoon’s eyes are taking in the details of your face. the small things that he can’t believe he’s noticed all along
  • you said write about something he’s never explored - a secret,,
  • there’s one he’s kept ever since you became his editor
  • suddenly, namjoon begins to type and you grin. he found it.
  • “ill get some more coffee for us.”
  • you get up to go order, making sure to take some extra money to buy namjoon a snack since you know he won’t eat while he’s writing
  • as you leave, namjoon bites back his lip
  • he mouths to himself what he’s wrote so far, 

    “my secret sits across from me, voice like velvet,
    sun ray eyes spark tender flickers, why cant i tell them all i have hidden from the world is you. you, my secret sitting across from me.”

  • he doesn’t notice you come back, leaning over the table to see his laptop
  • “did you write something?” your excitement apparent and namjoon jumps a bit in his seat
  • quickly, he closes it and takes the cup of coffee you’ve set down in order to avoid answering
  • you smirk and tease, “you totally did. i can’t wait to read it!!!”
  • namjoon feels his heart race a little in his chest, because if anything, he had never imagined he would confess his feelings like this
  • in a poem, that you were sure to read and edit
  • he thinks to himself, i can’t wait for you to read it too. but will you still only want to be my editor after it?
  • you wave your hand in front of his face, laughing as namjoon snaps out of it
  • “you’re in a writing daze, but here i got you this so you don’t forget to eat.”
  • you put the bag of scones down on the table as well, smiling and namjoon takes them with a thank you
  • you’ve always taken care of him, he knew you were different when you picked up his first draft carefully - like it was priceless
  • when other people had clawed into it and thrown it around without care
  • “so, what’s your secret - i want to know now!!” you urge again, but namjoon shakes his head
  • you’re my secret, but you’ll find out soon 
Reyna Writes: Chloé Bourgeois vs. Christmas Tree - A Miraculous Chirstmas Fic

A Chlonette Christmas fic for @breeeliss~ I had a lot of fun writing it, so I hope you enjoy! <3


Chloé tapped her well-manicured nails on the counter, scowling at her phone. She could still see the message from Marinette, the gist of which was that she was tied up with work at her boutique tonight, so she was going to be late getting home, and that she was very, very sorry.

           On any other occasion, Chloé could find it in her heart to forgive this trespass. But considering she and Marinette had made a date to decorate their tree tonight, and considering Chloé had never been able to do this with a girlfriend before and had therefore been looking forward to it, and considering Marinette had promised to set aside this night, since she had been busy every other night before… Chloé, admittedly, was a little miffed.

           She huffed, pushing her phone away as she spun around on the breakfast bar stool, scowling at the naked tree that sat in the corner, basically taunting her. Stupid tree. What was so great about this tradition, anyway? All it was was a bunch of baubles and lights on a plant that would be dead within a month. It was childish to want to decorate it, really. Asinine.

           …God, Chloé wanted to decorate it. She was fairly certain that she had never wanted anything more in her whole entire life.

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Hey guys, I’ve been putting off doing this for a while out of both laziness and, of course, recent events in my life… but with 300+ of you crazy peeps following me I think it’s long overdue. Not only that, but you don’t know just how much being on here has meant to me. You are all such kind and creative and silly people. You stick up for one another and are always willing to help each other out. The dash brings a smile to my face even now. (I’ve been lurking around on and off, pfft). I just want you all to know that you are the best. I always have a lot of fun when I come on here… and I may not be fully able to come back to  all my blogs just yet, but I do love interacting with you all and I’m still around so don’t worry! I’ll be picking up on Joyce and getting back into the swing of things soon… but in the meantime, I want you all to know just how much you mean to me! I can’t tag everyone due to time and it’s just going to be little blurbs, but I’m going to list as many people as I can. If you’re not here, don’t worry, I see you too—okay? Alright, so here we go:

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Here’s everything I love about the Anastasia Musical (Part One)

So!! I’ve finally collected my thoughts and was able to list out everything I love about this musical (this was supposed to be limited to like 5 songs but I couldn’t pick just a handful bc they’re ALL SO GOOD). Keep in mind, I haven’t seen it live yet, just listened to the album and watched that First Look preview hundreds of times. Pleeease don’t mention any spoilers or anything bc I really wanna go see it for myself some day! Warning: long post lol

The first few notes of Prologue: Once Upon a December gave me chills omg

I love how they really touched on just how much Communism affected everybody. Life was pretty crappy for everyone and it’s important that it’s discussed. Like, the exchange between Anya and Gleb (“I can’t lose this job…”) really highlights to me that they were all hungry, desperate for work, etc. and it not many people had any hopes for a better future…

  • “The skies are grey, the walls have ears and he who argues disappears!”
  • “We’re good and loyal comrades and our favorite color’s red!”
  • “Two cans of beans, comrade?” “… doNE”
  • The collective “SHHH!!”


  • Christy’s voiCE I CANT
  • When I was first listening to this I was like “ohhh boy… I’m already crying on the 3rd song…. this is gonna be an emotional ride”
  • “Call the child anYA”
  • “Is it Pariiiiis? Paris…”
  • “You don’t know what it’s like not to know who you are”
  • “But I still have this faith in the truth of my dreammmms”
  • “I know it all will come baaaaack ONE DAAAAAAAAYYYYYYY!!!!”
  • Anya/Christyyyyy you’re breaking my heart stop it just started
  • Honestly the whole song is beautiful

All of Learn to Do It is great too bc wow that’s a mood changer from the last song lol

  • “How do you become the person you’ve forgotten you ever were?”
  • “Am I floating?” “Like a sinking boat”
  • “I never cared for stroganoff!”
  • “I don’t like being contradicted.” “That makes two of us!”
  • “I’ve hAD it!! And I hATE YOU BOTH!”… “Don’t forGET I don’t remember anything! Get OUT and let me be!”
  • She takes a big breath before she lists everything she learned lol

Ramin’s so talented what the heck

  • “I heard the shots…. I heard the screams… but it’s the silence after I remember most.”
  • “A revolution is a siiiimple thiiiiiiiiiing” my guy, my dude, my man,, no…. that is false,,,


  • “Funny when a city is all you know, how even when you hate it something in you loves it sooooo!!”
  • “There’s a boy, growing up, all I’ve been, all I’ll be…”
  • “Funny how a BOY CAN GROOOOWWWW! Funny how a city tells you when it’s time to goooo!”
  • “But tonight, there’s a sky and quite a viewww… welcome tooooooooooo….. My PetersBUUURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRG!!!”

I know that Once Upon a December is exactly the same as the movie but Christy’s voice is so gorgeous so I need to talk about it

  • “Accross my meeemoryyyyyyyy….”
  • The piano rising in a crescendo
  • Christy’s voice at the end my lord
  • The whole orchestra in this song is amazing

OKAY SO. STAY, I PRAY YOU. IS VERY UNDERRATED. LIKE. WHEN I FIRST LISTENED TO IT I WAS JUST SITTING ON MY COUCH WITH TEARS ROLLING DOWN MY CHEEKS AND WAS LIKE “why…. am I crying… about crossing the russian border…. when I’m not even Russian…. what the heck….”

  • And!!! It emphasizes the fact that this is communist Russia. You don’t leave!!
  • Constantine’s voice here is so haunting and The strings are lovelyyyyyy
  • This is like that one song from Sound of Music when they cross the mountains lol
  • Christy’s and Derek’s harmonizing is b e a u t i f u l
  • “How to go wheRE IIIIII HAve never gone befoooorrre…”
  • “Let me have a moment, let me say goodbyyyyyye….”
  • My absolute favorite part is how it slowly fades from the entire cast singing and repeating “iiiii'lll bless my homeland….” to just the trio, to dmitry and Anya, and finally until it’s just Anya left…. “iiii'lll bless my homeland… tillllll I diiiiieeee…” It’s so chillingly beautiful I’m never gonna get used to that

We’ll Go From There is so pure and happy!

  • “Some women say I look distinguished this way”
  • “Meet the royal. Mess!”
  • “Why did I say? yes?”
  • Again, Derek and Christy’s harmonizing is amazing how–
  • “Getagripandtakeadeepbreath and soon we’ll know what’s what”
  • “Oh what a lovely ride! And what a lovely dayyyyy! For a totally illegal geeeeetawayyyyy!”
  • “From theeeeeEEeeeeeeEEeeeeerrreeeee! We’ll go from there!!” Bum

Ramin is baaaack with more angst and beautiful vocals in Still!

  • “A son becomes a man! At his faaaaather’s knee…”
  • “But then you see her eyes, and something in them tells you that she ABSOLUTELY LIES


  • It’s so empowering I’m PUMPED like every time I hear it I have to get up and run around like I’m the one performing or making a music video
  • “Peo.ple always say, Life is full of choices, but no one ever mentions. fear…”
  • Home. Love. Faaaamily. There was once a time I must have had them tooooo… Hoooooome, loooooove, faaaamily! I will never be complete until I find youuuuuu!” (Brb crying)
  • I’m always out of breath when this song is over lol

Paris Holds the Key always pumps me up omg

  • “Everything is is avant-garde, or chic!”
  • Dmitry’s part tho…
  • “There’s hope in the aaaair!”
  • The one and only thing I’m kinda bummed about is that they didn’t include that one part from the original where everyone is singing in the final chorus and then it’s just dmitry singing “toooo… Herrrr….” and then the ensemble finishes it off. Idk it’s so heartbreaking but that’s probably my favorite part from the original song and I’m kinda sad they cut that bit (but it’s ok bc DEREK)

Crossing A Bridge is VERY underrated too omg

  • The orchestral part is beautiful and again CHRISTY’S VOICE
  • “Halfway between where I’ve been, and where I’m goiiing…”
  • “Me on the left bank, you on the riiiight!” And then Her voice at “every light is like a promise..”
  • I love how the middle it’s kinda loud and emotional but it ends really soft and quiet

Watching Christy’s “Royal Misfits” vlog made me love Mary Beth Peil bc she kinda reminds me of my Nanna, so Close the Door broke my heart a little

I love the mood of Land of Yesterday bc they’re complaining that they’re no longer rich lol and Lily’s like “well we’re not dead now!” And my favorite: “RUSSIAAAAAA!!!”

IN A CROWD!!! OF THOUSANDS!!!! I SOB EVERY TIME I LISTEN TO IT. The chemistry btwn Christy and Derek is magical (I mean I haven’t seen them but) I can hear them smiling and their harmonizing is just… good lord. And the tension is so real

  • “You’re making me feel I was there too.” “Maybe you were, make it part of your story”
  • I love that you can hear the shift in Christy’s voice from playful and humorous to a dawning, frightening realization (“and I tried not to smile, but I smiiiiled… and then… heeeee bowwwwed…!!!!!” “Um, I didn’t tell you that” “You didn’t have to!! I remember!!!!” And then a heavy pause)
  • “With the sun in my eyes you were gone… but I knew, even then, in a crowd of thousands… I’ll find you… aaaagaaaaain…..” AIGFHGKVNID THEY FOUND EACH OTHER EXCUSE ME WHILE I GO CRY
  • “Your highness…” !???!???? WHAT THE HECK IS HAPPENING TO MY HEART

Meant to Be is beautiful (especially the orchestra) but I’m gonna skip to QUARTET AT THE BALLET. BC HONESTLY ITS ONE OF MY FAVORITES. The striiiings….

  • “My past and my future so neeeeear…” and then Dmitry breaking my heart again with “next to me this frightened girl, holding tight as the dancers whirl”
  • The whole part where Dmitry and Gleb are singing together omgggg “ITS FATE!! THAT BROUGHT US HEEEEERE”
  • And don’t! Get me started on the part where they’re all singing together it’s so intENSE it’s honestly one of my favorite parts from the whole musical. And!! DMITRY’S PART OMG HE REPRISES JOURNEY TO THE PAST “hooome, looove, faaaamily…. she will have all of it!! I will help her…” AKFJOND HE KEEPS BREAKING MY HEART HE LOVES HER SO MUCH #OTP
  • “Find a wayyyyy…. ANASAAAAAAASIAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!”

Again Dmitry just loves her… Everything to Win messes with my heart. “I didn’t know, she mattered to meee… but now I can see, she doooeees…” (and later Anya says the same thing omg what kind of romantic crap is this, “conman and princess get their wish and fairytales come truuuue!” *clenches fist*) and “with everything to win, the only thing I lose… is youuuuuu…” :(

I love how Gleb interrupts Anya’s pining for dramaaaaaaa. “If you really are Anastasia do you think history wants you to have lived??” “YES, why don’t you!?”

  • “All but one. Finish it, I am my father’s daughter.” “AND I AM MY FATHER’S SON!” ( I can actually hear Anya standing with her chin held high staring at him straight in the eyes, a challenge, a dare) and a gun clicks and omg my heart started racing
  • “Look at their faces in mine, hear their screams, see their BLOOD.” … “Do it! Do it and I will be with my parents and my brothers and sisters in that cellar in Yekaterinburg all over again!!” GOOD LORD ITS SO INTENSE
  • The ending is absolutely perfect… “she was a dream. A beautiful dream.” And then “the case is closed. But still….” and the ENSEMBLE COMES BACK. They didn’t have to go so hard, man

damthosefandoms  asked:

you can guess why this is on my mind but I need to ask: we know Dick can sing but I bet Tim's the kind of kid who never ever ever ever sings in front of people or ANYTHING like that but he's probably the best singers to ever be born

I ALMOST FORGOT everyone thinks he’s tone deaf and that that’s why he never sings but he also doesn’t think he’s very good and he’s just really shy about singing in front of people

YES YES YES (Also I’m just going to apologize in advance okay this turned out really long and I have absolutely no idea how it happened I’m sorry I swear I have no impulse control 😂) 

This kid sings like an angel, okay, and nobody knows where he got it from but he has a natural talent for singing. It’s really quiet, but when you actually listen it’s beautiful and sweet and makes you want to listen to it all day. Like when Tim sings it’s really soulful, kind of like a mix between Shawn Mendes and Ed Sheeran. But since he was a kid he never sang in front of anyone. In fact, he barely sang at all besides humming along to the radio occasionally, but that’s it. (For angst’s sake, let’s say it’s because his parents either told him that his singing wasn’t ever good enough, or that he should stop wasting his time singing and focus on more practical matters. You can choose whichever one you prefer.) And whenever someone asked why they’ve never heard him sing, he insisted it wad because he sounded like a dying walrus and it wouldn’t be any good anyway, so they usually accepted that and let it go. So no other person besides himself had ever heard Tim sing for years, and they had no idea what an amazing gift he’d been hiding. 

The first time anyone from the Batfamily heard Tim sing, it was when he thought he was alone at the manor. He was cleaning his room and listening to music on his headphones, (and just because I want to I’m going to say the song was Can’t Fight This Feeling by REO Speedwagon because reasons). Without really meaning to he started singing along to the song, and before he knew it he was belting out the lyrics like a singer on a stage. Cass just so happened to be walking around the manor at that time, and when she passed Tim’s room, her curiosity got the best of her and she peeked in to see what the sound was. She soon realized it was him singing, and man, was he good. When he noticed her he stopped immediately and got really flustered. “Oh my god Cass, I uh… I wasn’t singing or anything I swear, it was just the uh… the radio, yeah, now get out of my room you never saw this!" 

But dear sweet Cass was persistent, and she vowed to not rest until the rest of the family was made aware of Tim’s immense talent. After snooping around a little she learned that Tim sings in the shower a lot, albeit very quietly. So the next time he took a shower, she quickly gathered the fam without telling them what was up and made them wait outside the door to Tim’s bathroom. Then she very carefully opened the door a crack. "Uh, Cassie, what are you-” “Shh! Listen.” After listening for a few moments they heard the undeniable sound of Tim singing. It was barely loud enough to be heard over the shower spray, but they could hear it nonetheless. And dang, he sure had a gift. Cass, looking pleased with herself, walked away and left them to their impromptu concert, for her job was done. When Tim got out he was bombarded by his family and their many demands of why they’d never heard him sing before, why he refuses to sing in front of people, how long has he had such a great voice, etc. And poor Tim was blushing madly and eventually escaped back to his room, but of course they never forgot about this revelation no matter how much he wanted them to. 

After a while, Tim got a little more comfortable with singing in front of people. He’d never dare try singing in front of someone who wasn’t family, despite Jason’s insistence that he could make some serious money singing onstage. (“We’re literally billionaires, Jay, what are you even talking about.”) But around friends and family whom he knows well, Tim started to come out of his shell a little and sing more often. When he and Dick are in the car and the radio turns to their favorite song, Tim now joins in with Dick as he sings along to the music without feeling embarrassed about it. When Steph has a bad day and needs a pick me up, Tim will sing her favorite songs to cheer her up, or even make up his own with weird lyrics just to make her laugh. When he’s working on his laptop and is humming under his breath to help him think, he doesn’t stop when he sees Alfred in the other room. Instead he hums a little louder, just because he knows that Alfred likes the sound of his voice. 

Skool Luv Affair (Suga x Reader x Namjoon)

Requested by miss-namjoon: Hii! I was reading your scenarios (i’ve been kinda of obssesed with scenarios/fanfictions these weeks lol) and I would like to ask for one, a love triangle between Suga x Reader x Rapmon \o/ (you guys can choose who you will make the reader end up with ♥

[[A/N: Sorry I took so long to do it. I really enjoyed writing a love triangle-ish scenario]]
School, school, school. Oh how you wished the summer holidays would hurry up! Your skin was craving to absorb the heat of the sun - craving to be exposed to the blinding rays of summer’s sunlight. Every single week your teachers would notify you about practice exams for Science, Maths, English, etc. Exams upon exams. How much more could you possibly take? Who knew the life of a student was this stressful? Who knew being a teenager was so exhausting?

Stereotypically, most teenage girls actually have a life. According to the movies being a teenage girl is all about going out with friends and obsessing over boys that are way out of your reach - Boys. Boys? Boys! You never really paid much attention to the guys in your class; apart from one … Or two. So what if you liked two guys at the same time? There’s absolutely nothing wrong with it. Or is there?

The first guy - Min Yoongi, a super talented guy who seemed to be very popular with both girls and boys. His expertise was music (always getting the top grades); the structure of his compositions were absolutely beautiful followed by his aggressive Daegu dialect rap - God! His satoori was so attractive. Not to mention that a simple sigh passing his lips would be enough to drench every single girls’ panties with deep desires of stealing his innocence. He was so sweet hence why everyone called him ‘Suga’ it had started off as a nickname girls including boys (who had a crush on him) would use to mention him but then the other guys who didn’t crush on him thought the name ‘Suga’ was cool and complimented Yoongi’s pale complexion very well therefore the nickname stuck.

A few days ago, Suga had confessed to you telling you that he liked you for a while … This story, however goes way back to a few years ago when you were much younger. At first you didn’t get along with Yoongi because you couldn’t understand him, you had generally mistaken his bluntness for rudeness and stubbornness but as time passed you started liking him. He was so relatable. So easy to understand. You had kissed once but you doubted he could remember as it happened a very long time ago - it probably meant nothing to him.

Great! Music was your first lesson today. Your teacher had sent you to the school studio to allow you some time away from the other students to concentrate. You were in a sort of frenzy that caused you to turn the volume all the way up, you were generally loving it thus shutting your eyes and gently bobbing your head to the music thoroughly enjoying the melody to your composition.
You were so lost in your own world that you hadn’t even acknowledged someone coming in the studio. Unexpectedly, your music stopped playing. Your eyes shot open searching the desk but instantly finding Yoongi’s dark eyes.

You were startled … Lips slightly parted to speak though no words came out. There were a million things you could of said - and all those million things were running through your mind. “Sounds good” he looked at the structure of your piece “The only thing that’s missing is a beat.” Why was he helping you? “Does sir know you’re here?” He shook his head speaking in a monotone “No” you looked around sheepishly “Have you even finished your composition?” He took a quick glance at you and then stared at the computer screen “No … I’ll finish it later but first I have to help you make a killer beat.” Within just a few simple clicks your beat was done. How did he do it? “Now listen to it” he played the song and it sounded amazing. It sounded like a song you would hear on the radio’s top 40 list. “Ah Yoongi, thank you so much - but, why did you help me?” This was it. This was the time when he would finally tell you how he felt about you.

Every time he stared at you all he could think of was of how much he wanted to be in a relationship with you - how much he wanted to kiss you and do other things that couples usually do in relationships … Who cares!? He would have been happy to just get matching t-shirts with you - that is how much he liked you. You had him thinking of things he’d never even had considered before. Just the thought of having his lips or simply his skin in contact with yours gave him the feeling that different ranges of emotions were stirring at the pit of his stomach. He loved the fact that one person could make him feel all this at once but he loved the fact that, that one person was you. He remembered very well the day when you had kissed - it was more than just a kiss to him. To him it felt like he was transferring his intimacy, his trust and his love to you. “I helped you because I-” he mumbled softly whilst becoming flustered however he was interrupted by a deep voice, clearly pushing on his vocal chords to be heard. “______~ah where have you been? I’ve been looking everywhere for you.” He didn’t even apologise for having interrupted Yoongi and your working environment.

He walked up to where you were sitting - grabbing your arm firmly before taking you out of the studio room, leaving an internally aggravated Yoongi. “What are you doing!? You can’t just take me out of lessons like that!” The guy smirked at your remark “Oh geurae? But I just did.” This guy … Urgh! Even though at times you wanted to act as though he annoyed the hell out of you, you just couldn’t. There was something about his personality that felt right to you. You knew him to be such a relaxed and chilled person who was actually quite pleasing to the eye but teased you everyday without fail - perhaps that’s what attracted you to him; his persistence.

He was another student who achieved the highest grades across the whole year group - a genius. He seemed to be extremely talented in every subject whether they were academic or not. Another popular guy which girls would totally throw themselves at. Whereas, Suga had girls crushing on him, Namjoon otherwise known as Rapmonster by those who aren’t close to him; had girls overtly attempting to sleep with him.

Who could blame them? There was definitely something about him that made you melt inside instantly when you saw him. It could of been the way he looked so cute without trying especially when he would smile allowing his dimples to become visible. Or it could have been his deep husky voice that suited so well with his overall image. How his gaze could manipulate your mind into erasing all current thought, perhaps it could have been the way his blonde platinum hair complimented his skin complexion and facial features. Oh and the tension between you and Namjoon could be felt from miles away. He seemed as close to perfection as anyone could get but then again so did Suga.
The real struggle was having to think about choosing between them. Nothing remotely romantic ever happened between you and Namjoon because you never intentionally let anything happen - you just both got on very well … It was almost as if you shared a special connection. An extremely different connection.

On the other hand, the connection you had with Suga was definitely the type of connection people who liked each other would get. The connection you had with Namjoon was more friendly - the kind of friends who would constantly flirt.
“Well make it quick I really need to finish my composition.” He chuckled “Are you giving me orders? That’s so hot” you gently hit his arm to signalise him to stop. He held on to both of your hands swinging them slightly “Don’t forget our science project at lunchtime” he’s tone always seemed to deepen around you - also he pushed less on his vocal chords when he was around you meaning you heard his voice in a sort of whisper but it was loud enough for you to understand what he was saying. “Don’t worry I won’t forget” you smiled at him. He stared into your eyes feeling his heart rate fastening at the sight of you enjoying his presence. His face was becoming dangerously close next to yours, one more movement and your lips would have brushed against each other “Mr Kim aren’t you supposed to be in lesson? Miss _____ please get back to the music studio.” Both you and Namjoon bowed at the same time “Ne, seonsaengnim.”

Break time came around pretty quickly. Suga had spent the whole morning re-arranging your composition. Even though the structure was strong he ensured you would get rewarded more marks. All this of course was hard work, all he wanted to do was rest a little bit.

He sat on a bench inside the school, putting his hands in between his thighs to keep warm. “Yo Suga hyung” he recognised the deep voice that had interrupted him this morning “Wassup Rapmon?” Namjoon shrugged nonchalantly whilst taking a seat next to Suga “You know … Girl problems” Suga sighed “Urgh tell me about it” Namjoon started thinking about you, discretely smiling to himself “Can she not see how much I love her? She makes me feel a way that no other girl can accomplish” Suga also started smiling to himself as the feeling at the pit of his stomach happened again “That feeling you get in your stomach when you see her. You know, the little butterflies? Man, love is weird. At some points I’m sure that she likes me but other times I’m really uncertain” Namjoon nodded “I get that feeling with her all the time. I love everything about her, even her name sounds beautiful. What’s your girl’s name?” Suga composed himself so that he’s true feelings were concealed “_______” Namjoon nervously laughed “No way, the girl I like has the same name, what are the od- wait … What!? That’s exactly who I like.” Suga cleared his throat at the sudden discomfort he felt “Umm … I’ll be going” Namjoon didn’t even do as much as glance at Suga, he was to concentrated in convincing himself that you liked him.

The rest of the day went by pretty quickly and during the day you had tried so hard to approach Suga to thank him for your composition but you couldn’t find him. Where could he have gone? He wasn’t in the music studio, he wasn’t sitting next to you in the remaining lessons. What could you have possibly done wrong this time? You coincidentally walked down the corridor located by the sport hall. You peeked in the sport hall to see if Suga was there - and surprisingly enough, he was. You made your way inside observing him as he played basketball.

He was absolutely smothered in sweat. How could someone look so attractive while sweating? He saw you coming in but payed no attention to you, he had a stern visage. It was like a warning for you not to approach him but you couldn’t help it, you had to talk to him. “Yoongi” you sighed in exasperation, he simply ignored you - continuing to shoot hoops and missing each time. “Why are you ignoring me?” A question even he couldn’t answer ~ after all it wasn’t your fault if another guy liked you but he was still very doubtful of the whole situation. Mixed emotions seemed to provoke his thought process making him slightly less aware of his actions towards you. He wanted to give you the silent treatment but at the same time he wanted to kiss you and let you know how much he loves you.

Suga threw his ball away somewhere in the distance as you were about to speak once more - you felt a pair of warm lips pressing against your own, his arms wrapping themselves around your waist and puckering his lips waiting for you to respond into the kiss. How could he expect you to respond? You were totally caught off guard, you placed your hands against his chest to break from the kiss. “What the hell!? You ignore me all day but then out of nowhere you think it’s alright to kiss me” he could feel blood rushing to his cheeks allowing him to blush ever so slightly “Yes” you scoffed at his response - you were not ready to deal with this shit “______ do you love me?” This however made you feel as though your heart skipped a beat “… You know how I feel about you.” He chuckled slightly disappointed with himself for having hoped for a different answer “Do I? How many other guys have you said that to?” A muscle flex appeared in his jaw clearly emphasising how aggravated he was feeling when he figured out that you might have told Namjoon the same thing - which you didn’t “Rapmon” he muttered under his breath “No don’t tell m- You like him, don’t you?” Nervously, you started fidgeting with your fingers looking down at them “Does it matter? if I do or not.”
Suga glared at you in disbelief “Yes it does” your eyebrows quivered at his response “Wae? We’re not even in a relationship so please tell me why it matters?” He didn’t mean to blurt it out but he couldn’t restrain himself “Because I love you” you stared at him as your eyes widened in shock of his confession “Just let me know … Rapmon or me?” You took a long time before replying “I-I don’t know. You can’t just make me chose like that?” He lifted his eyebrows dumbfounded by how much you were struggling “Fine … I’m aware I can’t have you both therefore I choose no one.”

You heard the door of the sport hall slam shut catching a glimpse of a tall, blond haired figure and you knew exactly who it was. You instantly made your way outside slipping your arm out of Yoongi’s grasp. “Namjoon!” You shouted across the corridor. All he could think about was how betrayed he felt when he saw you and Suga kissing - he remembered seeing how involved you seemed in the kiss “Why would you play me like that? I saw you kiss him” He shook his head to show you how much he disapproved of you being around Suga “It wasn’t like that. What is up with you guys today? Why are you so concerned with who I want to be with when I’m not even your girlfriend?” He understood what you meant but he was too caught up in his own emotions to care about what you were trying to say. He stared at you with a blank expression on his face “Did you ever really like me the same way I did?” You nodded “Yes but I don’t feel it’s right to see two people at the same time therefore I’m choosing no one. Also, I don’t want to ruin our friendship so-” he sharply inhaled slightly interrupting you “Cool. I wish you all the best then … See you tomorrow.”

-admin blxnktae

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Hey I was hoping you could HCs of MC being a writer??? Kinda like the artist one you did. I read your other stuff, and you're really good btw!!!

Oh gosh, thank you so much!!! :D You made my night <3 <3

Again, I tried to vary them with different kinds of writers :)


  • So he’s been trying to get better about studying since you gave him motivation again, but it’s hard to force himself to focus without someone always on his back about it.
  • He asks around for tips at school from people he’s in class with and they all point him toward a popular blogger.
  • He doesn’t understand how that could help??? But whatever.
  • You’re really busy with your own studies so he doesn’t want to bother you with his questions; he knows that you take your time very seriously and thinks he needs to just let you be.
  • So he checks out this person’s blog, assuming it’s going to be a bust.
  • Oh boy, is he surprised when there’s a lot of very valid tips and lists of ways to help people focus that he can actually implement on his own.
  • It takes a little bit but with some practice and determination, he starts to see an improvement.
  • You’re so impressed - he’s turned so many of his habits around, so you ask where he got the ideas.
  • He excitedly flips on his computer and goes to the blog, chattering 100 miles a minute about what an absolute genius this person is and how he’d love to meet them to thank them personally.
  • Oh
  • You play along, nodding and smiling while quickly logging into your blog on your phone and making a quick blog post (to delete later, maybe?), asking him to refresh the page innocently.
  • [Hello Yoosung- you’re very welcome for all of the study tips! I’m so happy to see someone is benefiting from them other than myself. I’m proud of you, babe! 😘 ]
  • He whips around to stare at you in shock the boy is shook
  • You write this!?“
  • He throws his arms around you and starts peppering your face with kisses, repeating “thank you” over and over between them.
  • Also he’s super impressed with your writing ability and starts to brag to everyone at school that you’re his S/O


  • You take your laptop pretty much everywhere you go, and if you don’t have it, then you have a small notebook and at least a couple of pens in your bag.
  • You actually made sure to grab it when you ran from Rika’s apartment, despite the danger you were in.
  • Zen was a bit baffled by it then, but just shrugged it off as you had something important on there.
  • Well, he’s not wrong.
  • Eventually he asked about it and all you replied was “I’m a wannabe writer,” but you didn’t elaborate nor seem willing to, so he let it drop.
  • He comes home from a late rehearsal one night to find you passed out at your desk, head laying on one arm while the other arm was across the keyboard, a constant stream of letters flashing across the screen.
  • Chuckling to himself, he moves you gently to the bed, tucking you in and placing a soft kiss on your forehead.
  • He sits down at the desk then to delete the keysmash of epic proportions that you’d done after falling asleep actually kinda impressed by how many pages it was
  • When he finally gets back to what appears to be a more coherent word structure, he hovers over the save button before a sentence catches his eye.
  • Curiosity piqued, he scrolls back to the beginning of the document and starts to read the novel you’ve been pouring your heart and soul into.
  • A few paragraphs in and he’s hooked and perhaps reads through the night
  • When he finally ambles out for breakfast in the morning (you’re shocked that you woke before him), his eyes light up at the sight of you and he bounds over to give you a bear hug.
  • “Why didn’t you say you were an author!? Your book is amazing so far - I can’t wait to read more!” what
  • From then on out you have your first dedicated fan.


  • It isn’t something you talk about in the chat room, nor do you bring it up when you two start working to get the cafe ready.
  • She knows you disappear one night a week to meet up with some ‘club,’ but she never inquires what it’s about.
  • Then the day comes when you hand her a piece of paper with a simple poem written on it, professing your love for her.
  • She’s flustered by both your ability to write such beautiful poetry as well as by your confession.
  • You’re not looking at her, your face flaming in embarrassment because oh boy do you love this woman
  • And what if she doesn’t like it?
  • Or worse… what if she doesn’t like you?
  • Both fears are utter nonsense, of course, because she hangs the poem in a frame on the wall and also kisses you.
  • The feeling is mutual but she was scared to tell you.
  • Thank god you have the power of words on your side.
  • You continue to write her poems but she also wants to read your other writing.
  • Super supportive and also secretly jealous of your talent.


  • He knows you’re a writer because you tell the RFA easily when asked what you do.
  • He also knows that you do a lot of research and occasional traveling for your books but logic says that’s a necessity for any kind of writing.
  • You invite a lot of distinguished people you’ve met through your career to the parties and it doesn’t faze him in the slightest to be talking with yet another person with their doctorate who is at the head of their field.
  • But he’s a bit caught off-guard when he overhears some of his employees talking about the books you’ve written.
  • You’re actually fairly well known in your area as an author who makes everything they write relevant and easily understandable while still educating.
  • “So you write school books?” No Jumin I’m not a member of the academic community
  • You just have something you find incredibly interesting and figured you may as well turn your slight obsession into a job and it worked out rather well.
  • C&R mysteriously branches out into the field you research in and suddenly you find yourself sponsored to do pretty much whatever you want.
  • “You could ask before assuming I need help, Jumin.”
  • “I’m well aware you have no need of my assistance, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t want to help you be even more successful. I’m so proud of you; please let me do this for you?”
  • He may or may not shove your accomplishments in his smug father’s face.


  • Oh, he knows.
  • He knows as soon as he does your background check.
  • Your tumblr, AO3 and all reveal your deepest darkest secrets.
  • He actually ends up reading a lot of it and holy hell? You’re amazing?
  • Like, you come up with some pretty original plot lines and keep anyone you write in character and it’s just really fun to read.
  • He feels it allows him a deeper look into your mind and also maybe your desires because he stumbles across all that smut you’ve read/written.
  • You wondered at first if he found out but when you start seeing “Defender-of-Justice” likes/reblogs/left kudos etc on your stuff, you know and you want to die of embarrassment.
  • When you’re together he likes to quote your own words at you, no matter how corny or out of context they are. jfc Saeyoung quit being so embarrassing
  • He likes to watch you write, and sometimes throws in his own ideas for your consideration… which are occasionally very good and other times really terrible.
  • Don’t quit your day job sir
  • He may draw some inspiration from the dirty things he’s seen on your account too but he’ll never admit it.

I fucked up! I clicked the wrong buttons and the asked got published before I could answer it propperly:
So here we go again:

Anon asked:
hiya!! so from your blog i can see you’re a HUGE iwaoi shipper! I’ve been following hq for awhile now and while i ship kurotsukki and other stuff I’ve never actually gotten myself into iwaoi! seeing you art and such has reeeeeeeaaaallllyyyy piqued my interest!! if you don’t mind, can you tell me more about iwaoi (why you like it, head canons etc). oh and like I said your art is really amazing and I can stop going through your blog!! thanks you, lots of love xx

My answer:
ASDFGHJKLAHHHHHHHHH ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆
Can you hear me scream???? Thank you sooo much for your wonderful and sweet message!! THANK YOU!! I got really excited when I first read it and I still am! I hope I can answer this propperly and that my english won’t fail me.

Hehe, yes, you caught me, I’m a HUGE iwaoi shipper. I tell you: HUUUGEEE!
So yeah, what is it about these two that made me fall so deep into Iwaoi hell.
First of all for me to get into a ship I need to find each character on their own interesting. And with both, Oikawa Tooru and Iwaizumi Hajime, I have this.
In my eyes Oikawa is a very multisided Character with a lot of depth to him. He can be a huge dork, silly, even foolish but he his so much more than this beautiful, by girls admired, dork.
He is a strong and good player and a proud one. He can be. He is hardworking and very determind to his work. I love that he, despite his talent, still is a teamplayer. He needs his team, he supports them in the best way and counts on them. He has his difficults with Kageama and Ushiwaka but he cares for his friends and family. And he is loved by his team. Even though they also tend to make fun of him. He has is insecurities and anxieties which make him so much human and believable:D There is so much to him that I can’t even comprise it in words. He could be a protagoist. Shame he isn’t :D

And then we have Iwaizumi Hajime. Oikawa’s best friend since childhood days and his volleyball partner since forver. We don’t know as much about Iwaizumi as we do about Oikawa. But what we know also shows that he is a diverse character. He is not just the strong athlete he is shown as. He is supportive and caring, despite his often shown stern and even aggressive behavior. His team loves him and he cares for them aswell. But he can also be a huge dork and even if it’s not shown much has a funny side.

What makes this ship so great in my eyes is their great dynamic. They’ve known each other for such a long time now and they still play and work together. They have become a great team. Iwaizumi is the one who can call Oikawa out on his bullshit. When Oikawa overworks himself and overthinks stuff Iwaizumi is the one to bring him back. He believes in Oikawa’s talent and in his abilities.

And so does Oikawa. Iwaizumi is his pillar. His strong Ace who he can count and relay on. You really can see how important they are for each other.
I also love their banter. Oikawa really knows how to push Iwaizumi buttons and he loves to do so. But when things get serious they stick together.
I love their dynamic. And the just look great together!! TWO HANDSOME GUYS

I have so many headcanons about them and many of them are part of my AU so they might be out of character. So I’m not so sure about those :D
Other then that I really love those headcanons people come up with about their childhood days. How they played together and have known each other since they were babies. How they were full of shenanigans and always there for each other.
I also truely believe that even though Iwaizumi is Oikawa’s pillar it also works the other way around. Oikawa cares for his Iwa-chan, he supports him and is there for him.
Ahhh this post is already so long and I could say so much more..but also my words are failing me and I don’t know if this is anywhere near to what you wanted to read.
There are so mayn headcanons I really don’t know where to start. I should make a post by it’s own just about hc’s!

I really hope this helps and that this is a kinda good answer (/)///(\). I never did something like this. Ay ay ay…I should do a headcanon post.

They are two huge loveable dorks who love and support each other, who fight and make up and who just have to stick together for life.

Look at them!!!

YOUR MESSAGE MADE ME INCREDIBLE HAPPY and I hope I can live up to this with my answer. And that you like my art and took the time to go through my art tag and even to write me this message!! I’m over the moon. And if I can make you ship Iwaoi my job is done! I can die in peace then!!
Have a wonderful day!!

I couldn’t stop thinking about it, so here I’m adding some hcs:

- until they were 10 years old Iwaizumi, who is one month older, used to be taller than Oikawa. Just by an inch or so, but still.
- Iwaizumi always was Oikawa’s first person to run to. Wether he had good or bad news. He found a new great alien doku: Iwa had to know, his parents were fighting: runninh to Iwa.
- Oikawa is very noisy and whiny when it comes to more unimportant stuff. Like when he is cold, or hungry, or some silly first year is being a brat. But when something seriously bothers him, his anxiety keeping him awake at night, he keeps it to himself.  
- when this happenes he mostly gets more quiet and starts to get all serious and is overorking himself. And sometimes he copes with it while getting all noisy and annoying. Iwaizumi needed a while to crack this code. - Iwaizumi is very straight forward when it comes to things that can be changed in an instand. He doesn’t deal with shit and speaks up. - This is very different when it comes to his own feelings. He gets all quiet and very complicated. Nowhere near to the straight forward guy he usual is.
- when his parents got divorced even Oikawa didn’t know for the first weeks. Iwa didn’t tell. He just got more quiet than usual. - when Oikawa found out about the divorce he first was angry that he haven’t been told. But he learned to understand Iwaizumi’s ways.
- sometimes he still is buffled and can’t read the feelings of his stern best friend.
- Iwaizumi doesn’t know what it feels like to not be in love with Oikawa. He always has and never really loved someone else. Sure, there are his parents, and once there was this girl he thought was cute, or this guy from a class above, who was his senpai in volleyball and was pretty cool, but love…

Ahhh, I have so much more. These are just little silly ones. But I don’t know right now…

therefrigeratorlight  asked:

(sorry if you've done this before but,) do you think you could make kind of rough timeline thingy of what steps you've taken in your acting career so far? you're living the dream mac seriously

Yes! Here goes my rough sketch:

I didn’t start acting until I was 14. It has always been something that I thought was cool, but was never brave enough to do it until then.

I was 14 when I joined Barbizon, a modeling and acting school. At the time, I was really interested in modeling and learning makeup techniques (I also wanted to be a makeup artist). Long story short, I wasn’t very good at modeling. But then we were given beauty commercial scripts to practice..and I just loved it. It felt like a light switched on in my mind and I realized I loved acting a whole lot more than modeling. And it felt more comfortable to me. So that’s actually HOW I even found out that I liked acting.

When I was 15 I went to IMTA (International Modeling and Talent Association) in New York City. I participated in some acting and modeling competitions, and won second place in the monologue competition. That’s when I started gaining confidence in myself. 

After IMTA, I got some callbacks from agents but they were all New York-based, and I live in Arizona. I kept in contact with one (who shall not be named) who was really interested in me and worked close with Disney, but was hesitant in signing me because I was still in school and basically had the “move to LA and THEN we’ll talk” attitude. I kept his contact info and continued training back home.

Back in Arizona, I strayed from Barbizon simply because they are a more model-oriented business, and I knew that it wasn’t what was absolutely best for me. Some people say Barbizon is a scam, but for me, it is the reason I found myself and gained the confidence that I needed. I started acting lessons at Dearing Studio (amazing place, amazing people. If you’re looking for an acting studio in the Phoenix area, I highly recommend them). I also trained a couple times a week with a private instructor who has a lot of connections in LA. She was able to get me into a lot of seminars by casting directors from the LA area. These are amazing opportunities because you get to hear about what casting directors are looking for..FROM casting directors. And then you get to perform a couple of scenes in front of them. And it can be super scary if you let your brain go crazy, but it’s so worth it. I was around 16 at the time, and I worked with people from ABC, Disney, Nick, etc, but never got a callback. It got a little saddening sometimes, but in the end, these seminars were always great exposure as well as great ways to learn from your mistakes. 

Believe it or not, a lot of audition opportunities are posted on Facebook. My mom (I owe her everything) spent a lot of time as my manager to find me auditions while I focused on school. Some of these auditions were for small roles in a local film school project, while others were for things like Austin & Ally. Sometimes I would go straight from school to an audition, while other times I just had to film myself and email my video somewhere. That was basically my entire sophomore & junior year of high school.

The summer before my senior year, I got a casting call for a Primavera commercial. I auditioned, and got the role. It’s not a speaking role, but it’s about a 30 second commercial aired on TV in Arizona. It was a big deal for me. This was the first time I really auditioned for something and got a “yes!!” I still see it on TV sometimes.

Then in October, things started speeding up. I made the grocery store video to Shake It Off and it sky-rocketed a lot more than I ever expected it to. Even though my “dancing” in that video isn’t directly correlated to acting, I still thought it had some traces of improv techniques? Maybe? And according to the amount of views, some people think it’s at least funny. So I thought, why not? And sent it to the casting director I met in New York 2 years before. At the same time, my prior agent from Barbizon started calling a bunch of agents in LA trying to get me at least a meeting with one of them. After seeing the video, 4 agents wanted to meet with me. So I packed up a backpack and hopped on a flight to LA. You know those stories of Taylor driving around Nashville with her mom passing out demos and being like, “hi.I’m Taylor..I want a record deal…gimme a call…” THAT’S WHAT THIS TRIP FELT LIKE. That day, I met with four big agencies, one of them being the one I met at IMTA in New York. For some reason, I had the most faith in this person. I just felt like he would give me a chance. And in the phone calls leading up to my arrival, he made it sound like I had a chance. But then he never showed up. And I performed monologues…for his assistant. And his assistant said, “you’re good! don’t live in LA. and you’re not 18 yet. Call us when you move here.” I could’ve called them now that I am 18 and am moving to LA. but the thought STILL remains with me to this day: Why would I want someone who doesn’t really believe in me to represent me? ..I met with 2 of the other agencies and they gave me the same thing. “You’re not 18, you live in Arizona. Call us when you graduate.” I met with the last agency with little hope. I performed my monologues, and they signed me on the spot. WITHOUT mumbling “you don’t live here..” and WITHOUT mumbling “you’re 17 and still in school…” Just showed their belief in me. And that was all I needed to trust them. SO, I am currently with Brilliant Talent Management. They are not an agency, but they are my management. They help me find auditions and submit my resume and picture to things in LA. 

Since that trip, I have kept sending in audition tapes for various projects. I am in two student film projects, I auditioned for a web series called “Tradecraft Blues,” and got the role as one of the main daughters. I filmed the pilot for this in September, but the producer is currently trying to pitch the pilot to Hulu/Netflix/Sony/other outlets. Sony is very interested. I got another Primavera Commercial which is still aired on TV, with some promo pictures in print ads and..a random billboard along the highway, LOL..I’ll be on the Discovery Channel sometime in September/October. My most recent audition is for a SAG movie “I’m Going to Graceland.” Being a part of this movie means that I will be SAG eligible, which is a big step for me. A lot of LA projects, shows, casting notices are SAG only. So by being in this movie, I will have a lot more doors open to me in LA. I sent in an audition tape for this on Monday, and heard not even 24 hours later that I got the lead. It’s too early to tell a lot of details, but I will share the the info I am allowed to as soon as I know. I’m going to LA in two weeks to meet the directors and producers and take some promo pictures, sign contracts, etc. Unreal. 

..Sorry if this was messy. It’s 12:23.

anonymous asked:

Hi, i just wanna ask you something (you're free not to answer) why do you love Im Jaebum so much? I mean, what make you love him that much? I'm new in this fandom so i just wanna know a little bit more about JB please. :)

This is the best question ever and thankyou for asking, this is going to be long so sorry in advance.
I love Im Jaebum because something just prominently stood out about him, despite his good looks, his personality and his talents it was something that is unexplainable for me still to this day. At first sight I fell straight in love with him and I’ve never looked at anyone else since then. Most people usually have bias wreckers but for me its difficult to bias anyone else because everyday I have new reasons to fall in love with him.
One of the things that caught my heart about Im Jaebum was his soul. Since I’m a big music junkie, personally I don’t feel like there’s many artists in the music industry globally, who perform from the heart and with all their soul, until I found him. He gave me the reason to believe that their are still artists today who indulge in their music. Every performance of his I have seen he becomes this whole different person, to me this is when Defsoul appears. The emotion and heart that pours out of his striking facial expressions, powerful dance moves or his soulful voice makes him so passionate as an artist/performer. He’s always talking about how much he wants to compose and produce his own songs, he is always singing at fan signs purely because he loves it and what I find beautiful is that he does it all out of pure joy. His voice is heavenly and one of my most favourites, it’s so different and unique compared to a lot of other idols in the kpop world and in general. When he sings, a lot of the time he just closes his eyes and sings away and in that moment I feel like he takes himself to a wholenother world, it is something gorgeous to witness. I then couldn’t wrap my head around the fact that he loves the genres “Rnb” and “Neo Soul,” 2/3 of my fav genres. I haven’t come across an idol yet that has said they love these genres especially “Neo Soul” which is so different to hear. Hearing him sing songs from some of my fav artists like Musiq Soulchild, D'Angelo and India Arie etc was overwhelming to think they had an influence on him like myself. What I’m trying to say is that even though he has reached what he wants to do in life, he still continues to keep pursuing in his career like it’s just the beginning. To find an artist like himself who is endlessly passionate and continuously hard working towards his music career is breath taking. Jaebum does it not out of force or to be recognised but purely because he loves it. To elaborate on his performance on stage, it is incredible. He has a very outstanding, charismatic and sexy appeal when he performs. You can feel how strong his presence would be through your computer, laptop, mobile screen. It’s the little things he does like facial expressions, the slightly changed dance moves to make it his own and so on that attract him a lot of attention.
Apart from how much I love his passion for music I love his personality. Although people think that he is cold hearted and mean he is the total opposite. I have noticed that Jaebum is not someone who likes or needs to express his feelings or himself to the world resulting that people would be stuck with this impression. He is someone who you would refer to that does a lot of the “behind the scene” things. We don’t see everything that he does for more specifically his members, and how virtuous he truly is. The things he has done for his members are heart touching and unforgettable as he has helped them in hard times. He is the type of person that makes a solid impact on someone when he helps or cares for them. Jaebum is a very down to earth person with a quiet, warm, affectionate heart who’s actions are always humble. He is a leader that holds the group together, carries the burden of being relied on from the members, is the source of guidance and help and leading his members to success in everything they do. At the end of the day I strongly believe jaebum would give up everything and anything for his brothers no matter what, as he’d put them first before ever thinking about himself. Overall his relationship with each member is strong, not with just one but all 6. I see the way he looks at them like they’re the most valuable and precious things in the world. But people don’t exactly notice his acts because he works in silent. What people don’t understand is that Jaebum has a major responsibility to uphold and I respect him for how well he does. His actions are always done quietly but are what makes him stand out the most when people realise. I appreciate him and acknowledge his efforts as I was able to take it on board and be able to do the same when I have had to manage a leadership role. I think Jaebum doesn’t like for the fandom and his fans to know everything about him, I think there are a lot of things we don’t know about him that make him more valuable than what we know.
And I cannot explain to you in words how perfect and how beautiful this man is. Jaebum has had caramel brown, light brown, chocolate brown, blonde, blue, grey, purpley-grey, black, orange-brown, red, pink and dark brown hair and let me tell you he has looked amazing in all! He has also had so many different hairstyles and has looked more than charming in each and every one. You would think that a man could not pull off all of these colours and styles but he’s proven he can. His hair has been dyed a ridiculous amount of times and yet somehow every time he’s had it dyed his hair ends up being healthy, smooth looking and silky again? and let me tell you if forehead jae appears soon well prepare yourself for a riot. His hair is that incredibly gorgeous that this feature alone could amount to 100 beautiful men at the least. His eyebrows are goals, he has one of the most wonderful eye smiles you’ll ever see, he has this cute not too pointy nose, his lips are the perfect size not too big not too small, his skin is flawless without makeup, his cheekbone game is hella strong, his jawline could slice a glacier in half, his side profile is more attractive than me looking at my best, he has these cute ears that have piercings (his piercings are hot asf) and my most favourite features of all. Jaebum’s 2 dots under his eyebrow and his smile. I never thought I would be so attracted to his beauty spots but they’re such a pretty distinct feature. And the smile of heavens light, I swear he has one of the most beautiful smiles you’ll ever see in your life. It is the smile that can rid all your troubles and worries and make you feel at ease in life. It’s one of those kind of smiles that are so genuinely happy, the kind that you can’t help but love. His teeth are like pearls and its shine is brighter than the moon, stars and sun together. I also love the way how he wears rings on his fingers it’s different and I’m into that. I will not go any further about how sexy his body is but know that his broad shoulders are no joke, his abs are like a chocolate bar, his arms are toned nicely and he has thick thighs. Everyone in the fandom acknowledges that he is beautiful and know him for the charismatic and sexy leader. Im Jaebum’s beauty is on a whole different level, it shouldn’t even be considered real because he’s that perfect looking, honestly his beauty will be something that you’ll never be able to understand so don’t even bother questioning yourself about it. All you need to know is that he’s Gods perfect masterpiece.
I think what sets him aside from other men. Is that overall he has a very “different” denounamur as he is a very captivating person whatever he’s doing. Whether he is singing, dancing, acting, walking, sitting, eating, talking, staring, smiling, laughing, down to the point where if he’s just breathing it’s like HOLY SHIT JAEBUM, UGH WHY R U LIKE THIS!? It’s the “unexplainable” thing he has that I mentioned earlier that no one knows why he is just so idk…perfect.
In my eyes Im Jaebum is just something else, he will always be unexplainable, he’s always exciting as he is very surprising a lot of the time. Everything he does is done with heart and soul, he stands out the most when he’s not trying too, he is known as the most sexiest, most naturally cutest, most biggest 5 year old dork who is a beaver speaking grandpa that holds the title of being the Bboy King and Body Roll King. I love Im Jaebum for all of him, he is my biggest inspiration and role model and I am forever grateful and thankful of his existence. He is gods gift to humanity and the love of my life. ❤️

We still didn’t have a full group comeback this year, but at the same time we’ve had so many nice things… we’ve had the opportunity to see each one of the Block B members developing, promoting and becoming more well known on their own. Of course that some members had more screen time and tighter schedules than others, but promoting like this is something that we’ve never had before, at least not as big as this year. 

Informations are not in chronological order and I may forget one thing or two because I’m listing them off the top of head, so I apologize in advance:

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What Makes Big Bang Different?

I got asked this by so many anons, primarily about GD. What makes them so unique? I’m assuming it’s because of this nonsensical madness some fandoms had about GD’s answer to this certain question he received. This is coming from the honest heart of a VIP, so you are free to agree or disagree.

Big Bang brought forth a whole different criteria during the 2000s’ era when Kpop was simply anything but original. They are, as quoted by most boy bands, “the big brothers” that instilled a mass genre of musical variety, that knew how to mesh the appreciated style of hip hop in an exceptional way. Their jump to a “fresh” vibe of Kpop was new and unheard-of.

Granted that American boy bands like the respected Boyz II Men, Backstreet Boys, NSYNC, B2K, High 5, New Edition and so many others brought forth a new, killer vibe in the mix of R&B/Hip Hop, Big Bang was one of the newer faces bringing something different to the table as a South Korean boy band with such influences. And of course you have rappers like Tupac, Biggie, and so on that they were influenced by. They showed up with a big bang (no pun intended) in the musical face of Korea as a hip hop group that didn’t come off as handsome to the public eye, yet people couldn’t help but think there was something special about them and their sound. With the respected Tiger JK, being a great pioneer in Hip Hop’s influence in S.K. Big Bang also helped pave the way for underground rappers and such who were wanting to become aspiring artists.

Their “study books” if you will, weren’t the highly paid choreographers, producers, and etc.that are so easy for Idol groups to get today. These boys studied the predecessors before them such as 1TYM, JinuSean, and SE7EN. As the younger start out group, they would ride the subway back with their Sunbae’s fans after performing at a concert. On that note, they also studied Black R&B artists and rappers, as well as the boy bands, which also probably explains a lot of the whole “hip hop cultural clothing” from bandannas to the braids that you see some of them wear (*cough cough* GD lol).They also paid a lot of respect to DBSK, as either Taeyang or GD said something like during in their time of rising, it was all about the bands with the pretty boys that had talent, referring to DBSK. They went through what would have been the hell hole of becoming an idol back then. There wasn’t anyone to really guide them by the hand so they only had each other. Originally it was GD and Taeyang who wanted to be a hip hop duo versus a boy band. They didn’t know much of Daesung and seemed wary of TOP at first lol. But they found a connection with him through rapping. And of course there’s Seungri! Also, before his departure from BB, there was B2ST’s Hyunseung. Talented kid. You can see that in their documentary as trainees. With just the five five of them, it took a while, but they used their dreams and hard work of sweating blood and tears to just do what they love. And the public received them well to their surprise.

This is one of their really good oldies I love that every VIP should know. It opened my eyes to see how fine Taeyang looks with braids lol. Seungri looked so young here! A Fool Of Tears

Another one of their old ones I really loved lol incorporating, hot abs and an underground hip/hop sound that meets idol boy bands. Also one of the first few to incorporate a classroom setting: LA-LA-LA

Another good one with Park Bom’s mini debut, LOVE her voice. Which also sparked the BomGD ship for me: We Belong Together

Going on to some of GD’s amazing talent as a writer. Here’s just a small few:

GD showing his artistic flair in writing music, doing a mix up on Maroon 5′s This Love:

My personal favorite that talks of how he remembers his past, A Boy:

Remember Heartbreaker? The one almost every Kpop idol loooves to dance to and the era of The “Golden GD” lol

His song Butterfly. Beautiful video.

GD & TOP’s skills in producing a trendy sound as a Duo with Oh Yeahfeat. Park Bom and Knock Out with Diplo

Let’s not forget Taeyang’s SKILLS in writing his own music with the legendary I Need a Girl feat. GD and Dara:

His other legendary song Wedding Dress:

Back to Big Bang’s epic history

The real Big Bang in KPOP came with their legendary hit Lies  A song that rocked the whole country w/it’s piano melody (which should have over 50 million views, but got re-uploaded for some reason…)

The next legendary heartbreaking hit Haru Haru:

Released in Japan and topped Oricon charts,  GARA GARA GO! Where TOP ruined my bias list

The Incredibly done Heaven, Epic.

Who could EVER forget Lollipop era with the intro of 2NE1? It’s immense popularity and intro to new fashion was a HUGE wave in South Korea

A remake of Lee Moon Se’s Red Sunset which became immensely popular as a dance song

Big Bang’s song that showed the world that they weren’t goin’ nowhere after their dark era with Tonight:

They weren’t leaving especially after feeling Blue:

The first few to bring The Dougie fad into Kpop with Bad Boy:

And of course the forever reigning “anthem” of S.K. that gets err’body on they feet Fantastic Baby:

Then of course you have the newer songs today like, Ringa Linga, Eyes Nose Lips, Crooked, Crayon, Bang Bang Bang, Loser, etc.  I’m sure I’m missing more, especially Seungri, Top, and Daesung’s skills in producing.

From the old to the new, Big Bang has always set the bar in being a group of boys that knows how to bring fun to the table as well as an artistic sound. They appeared as a “comet” in the second half of 2006. They are the representative group of popularity and music fused together. These boys don’t rely on paid producers as much as most boy bands do for their music. 

They helped spread KPOP internationally with their music.They are five lovable dorks that have been through hell together and have stuck together, none of them daring to leave the group that makes them one. That’s one big reason why VIPs love them. Despite their many years together, they have not broken up. And each one is a producer with their own style and sound from R&B to hip/hop, to dubstep and rap, to whatever they choose to mix up new. They are a group that many idols look up to because they have started from the bottom, opened up a platform for hip hop to be freely added into boy bands, and have created a trend within their songs. They are artistic, dorky, yet very humble individuals that stand out whether as solo acts or as a group. Even if they come off as arrogant, I believe that it’s only what people are looking at from the outside instead of through the actual window. Versus being “showy,” they love to put on a show. They’ve never forgotten their humble beginnings.

 And that’s why many idols feel that it’s an honor to meet them, take pics with them, or dance to their music. VIP’s have seen their struggles and have watched them crawl out of that dark hole and stand up tall. We love that about Big Bang. Granted in the ever changing era of music, and that of KPOP, there will always be someone better. But never forget, without the old, the new would not exist.