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- Their first kiss happens one weekend during their Sophomore year of High School. They’re hanging out in Richie’s room (one of the rare occasions where he lets Eddie into his house before they start dating, since he’s scared of him seeing his mom).

-They’re chilling in his room, laying on their stomachs on Richie’s (messy) bed. Richie has a CD he made playing on his desk. They have a bag of cheetos between them and cans of coke on the floor in front of the bed.

- Suddenly Richie gives Eddie that huge shit-eating grin that Eddie’s so accustomed to and starts getting antsy from staying in the same place for a while. He starts poking Eddie and just being annoying while laughing super hard.

- As a payback, Eddie takes a handful of cheetos and smears it all over Richie’s face, getting cheeto dust everywhere. He’s grossed out but he’s also laughing, as it seemed to shut Richie up pretty quick and he was trying to rub the orange powder off his skin.

- Richie starts attempting to rub his face on Eddie’s shirt and even on his cheek just because he knows it’ll piss him off.

- Eddie starts shrieking and laughing so much, telling Richie to get the fuck off of him. Richie replies by pretty much telling Eddie he brought this on himself.

- Their faces get really close and they pull apart, embarrassed. Richie gets up and goes to his bathroom which is attached to the side of his room so he can wash his face and hands, and even washes his mouth with mouthwash while Eddie watches, confused as to why he’s going to such lengths.

- Richie lays back down next to Eddie and they continue reading. Richie gets bored and antsy again, so he decides to fuck with Eddie a bit.

- He starts to bring his face really close to Eddie and stare at him. Eddie pretends not to notice and just continues reading the comic book in front of him, only casting super quick side glances from the corner of his eye and hoping his cheeks aren’t red.

- Richie is annoyed by Eddie ignoring him, so he gives him a small peck on the cheek before jumping off the bed so Eddie won’t slap him.

- But instead of getting pissed, Eddie just gets flustered. He asks Richie, “What the fuck did you do that for, you weirdo?” but says it with a small smile. Richie asks why “Eds doesn’t want a smooch from Ol’ Richie” and tells him to pucker up

- Richie tries pecking at his cheeks again and Eddie’s swatting him away, telling him he doesn’t want to catch whichever multitude of diseases are festering in his mouth.

- Richie pretends to be offended and says “But I just washed my mouth, didn’t you see? Nothing festering in here, I can assure you. I gotta keep my dental hygiene impeccable anyways, you know my dad is a dentist”

- Eddie goes, “Yeah, and the rest of your hygiene suffers for it.” They both laugh. Richie, still pretending to be hurt, moves away from Eddie to sit up a bit farther away on his bed.

- Eddie sorta feels bad and tells Richie his hygiene is fine and that he actually smells pretty good most of the time; he’s not as gross as Eddie always says he his. This is Eddie’s attempt at being serious.

- They’re quite for a second after this moment of seriousness and then burst out in loud laughter. Richie thanks Eddie for that incredible compliment.

- Eddie’s hurt that Richie was laughing at his sincerity and says that’s the last fucking time he’s ever complimenting him, and shoves him over.

- Their laughter dies down and Richie asks, “So… you’re not completely repulsed by me?” Eddie shakes his head no.

- “You don’t think I have AIDS or Cooties or anything like that?” Again, Eddie says no.

- “Can I kiss you, then?”

- Eddie’s not surprised because they’ve been leading up to this for a while, and they’ve had crushes on each other for months if not years. Even so, he’s still super flustered and his heart his beating so fast.

- He nods his head yes, and he’s the one that goes forward to connect their lips.

- After they move back, Richie takes a look at Eddie’s tomato face and starts laughing at him. “… EDS, WHAT KIND OF FACE IS THAT”

- Eddie’s like “WHY DO I EVEN LIKE YOU”

- Eddie starts to get up, and Richie pulls him back down. In a rare moment of cheesiness (Richie is totally a hopeless romantic at heart), he tells Eddie how happy he is since he’s had a crush on him for so long.

- Eddie’s super happy and they’re super cuddly and close the rest of the night.

- That night, Richie calls Bev and is like “BITCH GUESS THE FUCK WHAT!!” She’s so happy for them that she screams on the phone after Richie tells her.

- That night Richie can’t fall asleep and his cheeks hurt from smiling too much. Eddie can’t sleep either because every time he thinks about it he has to use his inhaler.


Me when I show someone FFXV…

Me: “That’s Noctis, the one right there…”

them: “oh cool, his hair is pre-”

Me: “He’s Bisexual.”

them: “Oh, um, ok…”

Me: “He has 4 boyfriends, a wife and an occasional fwb.”

them: “uuuugh I didn’t really ask about hi-”

Me: “His boyfriends are Prompto, Ignis, Myself, and Gladio.”

Them: “Wait how are you one of th-”

Me: “His wife is Luna. She’s his boo. it’s ok she knows he’s a ho, she’s totally down.”

Them: *confused silence*

Me: “also he occasionally bangs a twink named Loqi.”


Me: :)

Them: Tell me more.

Rosalie x Jessica Minific !!

i only have like half a modicum of self-control, so here’s some Rosalie x Jessica dissonance !! (Rosica? Jessalie?? Who knows?) inspired by this post by @twilightlez

  • Rose is obviously running for senior class president… it’s not up for debate. And Jessica, being the attention-seeking missile we all know and love, goes after her. Because what?? The hottest Cullen is finally getting into school activities?? What??? Edward who???? What better way to achieve Solid Popularity!!
  • Rose is severely shaken at first. This tiny, loud human in the year below her is suddenly there every time she turns around. “Hi, Rosalie. You wanna grab lunch?” “Rosalie!! Wanna sit with me on the bus?” Rose! Rose! Rose! Rose! Rose!
  • Rose declines every time. At first, very sharply but after a few days, her rejections become more… polite.
  • Jess stays up all night making pins and posters for Rose’s campaign. She’s running against idk like Eric or something, so Jess comes up with a bunch of dumb slogans like “Sick of the Bros? Vote for Rose!!” Just corny Garbage like that.
  • And the next day she just fucken plasters the school in Rose campaign junk.

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my brain, 2am : smh fuckin go to sleep
me : sHUT up i need them cuddling right here and now

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Is it okay if you could do Leo Valdez relationship head canons ?

a/n: yEah ofc… srry this is late i was in buckhead lmao

  • Leo loves having physical reassurance that his partner loves him. Which usually means his hand is always in his s/o’s or he’ll randomly hug his s/o from behind and bury his face into their hair. 
  • Since Leo is always trying to prank his s/o, his s/o becomes so skeptical that they often won’t react when he’s in trouble.
       + “babe my cabin’s on fire.”
          “that’s nice leo.”
          “no, i’m forreal this time babe please help me out.”
  • He loves to brag about his s/o to other people. Especially if that other person also has a s/o, it’d be a challenge to him to prove that his s/o is better.
       + “okay, dude, i get it your s/o is pretty great.”
          “nO BUT DO YOU KNOW-”
  • Whenever you two watch movies together, Leo tends to get distracted. If there’s not action for 2 seconds, he’d start tinkering. And then when the action scenes start he’d be confused because he doesn’t pay attention.
       + “wait why are they fighting?? i thought he was a good guy.”
          “well maybe if you PAID ATTENTION you’d know you DORK.”
  • Whenever he gives you a gift, it’s always something he made himself. He’s good at knowing when you’re hiding the fact you’re sad, and would always leave something small on your bed to cheer you up.

Title: by any means necessary

Rating: M

Word count: 3,040

Warnings: angst, nalu, angst, blood, gore, violence, one-sided marandi(?)

Summary: “Do you know how it feels to watch the one you love die?”


Lucy’s awakening was slow.

Her consciousness dragged itself to the forefront of her mind, its feet hesitant as if it knew that something bad was going to happened. It was so tempting to slip back into the comfortable, black nothingness and just…float there. But Lucy couldn’t do that, even though the rest of her body protested.

Gradually she became aware of the sound of footsteps and the chill of dank air brushing across her exposed skin. Each one of her cuts and bruises came alive with bursts of pain that had her wincing, feeling sinking back into her hands and feet and face.

Her ankles and wrists were trapped by something cold and hard, maybe metal, and something coarse was biting into her ribs and upper arms. Splintering wood dug into her back and underneath her thighs and Lucy realized, as her bleary eyes opened, that she was bound by rope and cuffs to a chair.

She was in a dark, stone-walled cell, her toes pressing into the cold floor.

And though that was unnerving in and of itself, it was the sight before her that had her heart stopping.

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I don't wanna debate, but I would love to hear your reasons for sorting each character of Team Urameshi anyway!



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Haven't been reading DHr lately bc sometimes I have to take a break from dramione because sometimes it seems like 90%+ fics are all about torturing DHr in some way or mirroring canon in the pairing aspects and having Draco marry Astoria and Hermione marry Ron. If I want canon I'll read canon. I don't know if this is a weird ask but does anyone know any fics that's anti-canon. Like it reads so opposite of it that you forget how canon went? Srry and thx.

Hello, how about these?

The Worst Thing by sssssssim- Explicit, one shot

Before the start of Hermione’s fifth year, a bleeding and crying Draco Malfoy walks into 12 Grimmauld Place, asking the Order for help. This is the story of the war against Voldermort and Draco’s part in it.

Nothing To Lose by Jeramaya13- K+, 29 chapters, complete

AU HBP. Draco takes Dumbledore’s offer to hide him & his mother & tries to untangle himself from the War, but finds himself more involved then ever and becomes close to the three people he had always hated. Follows DH. Dramione

Draco: Phoenix Rising by Cheryl Dyson- T, 51 chapters, complete

Shortly after Dumbledore’s fall from the tower, Draco ponders his fate and begins to question the Dark Lord’s wishes. This is my version of Book 7 using JKR’s plotlines and ZERO original characters! Begins right after The HalfBlood Prince.

Draco’s Redemption by 8thweasleykid- T, WIP

Draco finds himself reliving a significant part of his life and in so decideds to make a few changes. During his redemptive journey he finds true friends, a hopeful future, and love he never thought possible.

Twisted Canon by Musicangel series page- T, All Stories Complete

From Venice With Love by jamieblye- M, 52 chapters, complete

On Holiday In Italy, Hermione meets a completely different Malfoy than she’s used to. What will happen when school resumes? AU, Disregards book 6

What Should Have Been by Catherine or Cate- T, WIP

Slytherin! Harry Potter, Neville Longbottom, Hermione Granger, Daphne Greengrass, Draco Malfoy - it’s going to be the Famous Five not the Gryffindor Trio. So much better me thinks. Alternate Universe. HPDG

- Wynken