Deleted scene from episode 20:

Luke and Katrielle are looking through a photo album full of Professor Layton’s adventures.

Luke: And that was the time your Dad solved the mystery of the Masked Gentleman.

Kat: Wow! Papa is so cool!

Kat: But who is that little boy that’s always with him?

Luke: *smiling* Well, this may surprise you Kat, but that little boy happens to be…

Kat: He looks silly.

Luke: W-what!?

Kat: His hair is too pointy and his hat is ugly.

Luke: No it’s not-

Kat: Daddy probably only let him come with him because he felt sorry for him because he had no friends.

Luke: *voice cracking* T-that’s not true!

Kat: Are there more pictures of Emmy? She’s better.

Luke: *packing up* I’m going back to America.