this hit was cray

i just hit 2,000 followers and it is sooo cray cray! thank you so much to all of you guys!!! i seriously don’t know how you have managed to put with me, no matter how long. i thought i would do a follow forever for hitting 2,000. so just once again, thank you so much you beautiful people, i love y’all!!!

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i know it’s not ginny. cause’ even you’re not that crazy.

<< then  w h y  haven’t you told ginny? >>

                                                  << i  d o n ’ t  know >>
gonna take you everywhere (and never ask you who you are) - defloweringlou
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By Organization for Transformative Works

“He ripped out your heart?” Harry asks. “Literally or metaphorically?”

“Oh, literally,” Louis replies. “I wouldn’t let anyone but you metaphorically rip out my heart, you hunk.”

“Sometimes I think we shouldn’t work together because you’ll be too distracted by your crush on me,” Harry says cheekily.

“I already am and I haven’t died yet.”

“That’s because you can’t die.”

or, Louis Tomlinson is the merc with a mouth and Harry Styles is the famous web slinger.

Why doesn’t this have more hits? get on it people this shit is cray!


I’ve hit 3000 followers! It’s so cray cray, I can’t believe it. 

Therefore, I will do a follow spree! Follow me back, like or reblog this post or send me an ask and I will check out your blog - My motivation has been kinda low these past days, so I really need some more studyspo stuff on my dash!