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Dear cis people: I wanna see y'all talk about how great life and peace are when your life expectancy is 36 years.

I wanna see you “calm down” about systematic oppression when teenhood IS your mid-life.

You wanna know why you don’t see many old trans people?

Because you killed them, as a society, and you’re still killing us. You’ve never stopped. Us trans people don’t mean shit to this society, so excuse us if we tend to have a bone to pick with the social order.

I got a lot of dreams. I wanna go into psych, I wanna be a rabbi, and I wanna go into politics maybe. I wanna adopt a kid, live a parter or partners, have a home and be fulfilled. Maybe write a book, do some art, be a lifelong advocate. The most unrealistic goal of mine, however, is that I’ll even live that long.

You don’t get to tell me to calm down when your life expectancy is three to four times longer than mine.

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what is 'zankie'?

it was the summer of 2014 when frankie grande and zach rance first met 

they were both thrown into the bb16 house together and things went off to a rocky start after their first conversation together

but then the glory started to happen

there were cuddles

and lots of hammock dates

and hand holding 

and TONS of hugs

and they went to bed together A LOT 

and LOTS of other things


but they had this HUGE fight and didn’t talk to each other for a few days and zach got really angry and upset 

but then they made up and everything was fine 

and when they left the house they continued to be friends and see each other often even though frankie lives in new york and zach lives in florida 

and they dressed up as each other for halloween 

and one time zach surprised frankie in new york 

and that my friend is what zankie is 

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Idk if what I’m saying is bs, I never understood this, so I’m sorry if I’m wrong. Americans and Europeans think latin is a “color”. We are Latin because we were born in Latin America, so in their countries we suffer for being foreign. But not all of us are the same color. Some countries has more people with characteristics of what they consider it to Latin, but others are way more diverse. Brazil has people from all over the world, of all colors. Brazil is a massive racist country.

ok so… just warning pls don’t be offended if i come across too harsh. i got this ask yesterday and i felt so many things, everytime i read it a different emotion. i was confused, then angered and finally just sad. but i have to remain hopeful that you sent this ask in the hopes of actually learning something and not just sounding gross. i feel like latin people themselves don’t really know who they are at this point and it breaks my fucking heart. let me start off by answering some complicated question: 

1. what the fuck is latin america? i know people wonder about this all the time, even latinxs! latin america is a term used to describe a group of 21 countries  in the american continent (yes hi usa, yall better stop calling yourselves “americans” that shit is getting old and we’re tired af) where romance languages such as spanish, french and portuguese are predominantly spoken (so no, not all latinxs speak spanish! that would be a hispanic latinx.) these countries are all located south of the us-mexico border, starting with mexico in north america, extending through central america and parts of the caribbean and down into south america (with the exception of suriname and guyana)

2. why do we use the term to describe this group of countries? latin american countries share elements of historical experience (such as our colonial history), language and culture. we have more in common with each other than we do with canada and the US for example.  THAT BEING SAID!  latin america is a wonderfully diverse group of countries, and also a growing political and economic force, that is sadly suffering a lot at the moment. our region deserves to be defined on its own terms, beyond dismissive stereotypes, rather than being known simply as the less-well known neighbour of the USA. 

3. why are some countries in the same continent not considered part of latin america?  some countries such as suriname, guyana and belize are not considered a part of latin american because they dont share the same historical background. all of the countries in latin america  have the legacy of the colonization of the continent by european powers starting in the 16th century, which is why we speak mostly spanish, portuguse and french. belize and guyana were  colonized by britain in the past and they are english-speaking countries. suriname was a dutch colony. 

4. is the climate and geography the same? ABSOLUTELY NOT. latin america  encompasses a vast and very diverse area of the world so i’d have to spend days and days explaining how diverse each territory is. 

5. what about people and culture?  the people and cultures of latin america are many and various, too-detailed to name individually here. there are, however, some elements of population and culture which are broadly common across the region and which distinguish us from english-speaking america. when europeans (mainly spanish and portuguese) arrived here in the 16th century they found a number of thriving indigenous cultures.  they also encountered highly developed civilizations such as the Incas in south america and the aztecs in what is now mexico. unlike in the US for example, a “significant” numbers of indigenous people survived the process of colonization - their descendants are an important part of the population culture of latin america today. not a lot of countries have people of 100% indigenous descent, most countries  have a majority population of people of mixed indigenous and european descent. i think it’s important to point out that in some countries amerindian languages are widely spoken which i think it’s pretty fucking cool. many of the countries also have significant afro-latin american populations. they’re mainly the descendants of africans who were enslaved and transported to the region to work on sugar-cane plantations. the fusion of indigenous, african and european and even asian tradition had lent a great richness to latin american culture. so latin american culture is a mixture of many cultural expressions worldwide. 

6. so what does a typical latinx looks like? THERE’S NO SUCH THING! there’s no such thing as the ‘typical’ latinx. americans and europeans think of latinx as a race, a color lmao that’s how stupid they are. if they weren’t so self absorbed they wouldn’t be so ignorant. it’s so FUCKING offensive to think like that. we have all types of people and colors and historical/cultural backgrounds. if you do a quick google search you’ll see what i mean, just go on google images and search different latinx nationalities. i have a latinas gc and we’re almost 20 people from different countries and nONE OF US LOOK THE SAME, we all look VERY different. there’s a veeeery wide range of colors among the latin people. which gets us to where this whole discussion started: 

7. RACISM WORLDWIDE. i’m gonna use your statements and try to answer them one by one. “so in their countries we suffer for being foreign.” yes, there’s great prejudice towards latinx people, it’s not that hard to notice. the portrayal of latin people in american culture/media is absolutely ridiculous and racist and created this image that truly messed up the entire world, even latinx people themselves. “But not all of us are the same color.” no, like i mentioned previously, we’re all VERY different, we can have any skin color. so that brings us to LIGHT PRIVELEGE. is it the same thing as white privilege? NO! we are not considered white people, but some of us CAN come across as white, that’s called “white passing”. if you have a lighter skin tone, if you look more like a white person, they’ll think you’re one of them and it’ll be easier for you to blend in. because americans and europeans have this bullshit stereotypical view on latin people they don’t seem to understand that not all latins are brown. we have white latinos and black latinos as well. but they’ll frequently dismiss that. so if you’re a white latino, if you have a ligther skin tone, you’ll definitely have more privilege abroad, but don’t be fooled… once people find out you’re latinx their opinion will most likely change and they say shit like “but you can’t be latina! you dont even look like one” as if that is a compliment or some shit. and if you’re a darker latino, people will 100% try to dismiss your latino inheritance as well since you don’t look like their concept of a latinx person! “some countries has more people with characteristics of what they consider it to Latin, but others are way more diverse.” not true. all countries are diverse, just because some countries have more native influence it doesn’t mean they are less diverse, as i previously stated: there’s no such thing as the ‘typical’ latinx. that was literally fabricated by racist people.  “Brazil has people from all over the world, of all colors.” yes, we have a historical background a little bit different, so we do have even more diversity here. “Brazil is a massive racist country.” your last statement…. is just so complicated to me.

8. RACISM WITHIN LATAM.  sadly there’s of course racism against black/indigenous people. it’s a fact and it sadly happens everywhere. but in my opinion this comes from americanization and the huge wave of internalized racism that was born. so let’s start with the fact that 

a) people think of us as just One Massive Kind Of Group Where Everyone Looks The Same when it’s definitely not like that at all (thanks @blushliam, our conversation really inspired me to reply 💖). we have all skin tones. 

b) but depending on it you’ll suffer different consequences, lighter skinned latinos have privileges. 

c) american pop culture portrayal of brown latinos is ridiculous and racist as fuck. they’re usually poor, undereducated, sometimes downright stupid, thiefs, drug dealers, killers, sexual predators and many other awful things. 

so yes. this created this huge awful internalized racism phenomenon. a lot of people are ashamed of being latinx, a lot of white passing latinx dont even want to be called latinos. i hope i’m making myself clear here, i’m not sure if i’m making sense to you, but it’s so clear to me…. lighter skinned latinos dont want to consider themselves latinos and that generates the racism towards darker skinned latinos. but like i said many times in this reply: it doesn’t matter. foreigners don’t care. once they found out youre latinx, they’ll think less of you no matter your skin tone. once again i’m gonna link this video just in case i didnt make sense. racism SADLY is real and a factor in every latin american country. but just because there’s racist people there, it doesn’t make everyone from that country a racist piece of shit. 

i know this was a VERY long reply, but this subject is way too important for me to ignore. i was so bothered by this ask and i couldn’t give a half assed reply… because this is me, this my life, this my past and my future. it saddens me to see how little people know about us, how little they care about us and how that affects how latin american people think of themselves… every latinx should be proud as fuck. and every latinx should come together. i could go on and on about this because i’m very passionate about this and it’s something that is rarely talked about…. but i guess this ok for now. i hope i was able to help you. sending you all the love xx 

Well this thing took a lot longer than I was expecting, especially since it started off as a little warm up doodle……but hey

I just really like thinking about how it could have been when they were younger, before they got married, just a couple of teenagers in love really…it’s cute

also if you can tell what song is in the background, then….you get a cookie, that thing took me hours to do because I had to try making it all fit in there….

[ @the-mic-drop this might not be what you had in mind, but I hope it’s satisfactory. also, I thank @nervmaid for this. ]

A rather sudden bang distracts Roadhog from his novel.

Dog-earing the page, he sets the worn book down on his belly and sighs through his mask. Two years of playing bodyguard has granted him enough experience to distinguish one bang from another. Explosions, while outside the norm for the everyday citizen, have a surprising array of sounds that Roadhog has become well acquainted with. If anyone cared to ask, he’s sure he could name every type of explosive he’s heard. In fact, it has come to the point where he could give a rough estimate on how much damage a bomb might inflict from its noise alone, and he supposes that might be an impressive feat if he weren’t so invested in making sure the creator of said bomb remains in one piece.

Fortunately for him (and his boss, he must concede), the bang does not belong to any sort of explosive.

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Eat Jin: A Private Viewing (M) // Kim Seokjin

Originally posted by fawnave

Pairing: Seokjin x Reader

Genre: Smut, Fluff

Summary: Tonight, it’s Seokjin’s turn to cook for you. But, while you think dessert is just as simple as some cupcakes with frosting; Seokjin plans to give you an episode or two of Eat Jin like you’ve never seen one before.

Warning: This scenario is rated M for MATURE as it contains scenes of a sexual nature. Contains food play. You’ve been warned.

A/N: This scenario was written for the lovely @coppertopging as part of my 10k giveaway prizes ^^ I’m so sorry this took longer than expected my love, but I hope that you’ll enjoy this ;) Thank you for being the amazing person that you are and I love you a lot!

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“Who the hell did this to you” Jason & Hurt! Damian

Damian’s immediate reaction is to scowl, tug his arm out of Jason’s grasp and closer to his chest, and back up a few steps. “I am fine.”

Jason snorts, but it’s humorless. He takes a step back and tries to swallow down the anger rising in his throat. “Wasn’t the question, kid. Spill.”

“It was—" Damian clears his throat, “It was a worthless thug. I was distracted while on patrol. Careless.”

Jason blows out a slow, controlled breath, wondering if this is how Dick feels whenever any of them get hurt. He scrubs at his face, tired suddenly. Never before has this happened, where Jason somehow finds Damian and gets angry for him. At him, sure. All the time. Kid’s a downright brat most of the time, and Jason doesn’t have the best control over his temper when it comes to Bruce and his brood.

The thing is, Damian doesn’t really do careless. Sure, from Jason can tell, Damian’s pride can get in the way, but the brat had said distracted, meaning there’s something Jason’s missing.

And Jason isn’t sure he wants to know. He’s already too invested.

“Just make sure you have Alfred look over it or something,” Jason murmurs, waving a hand behind him as he walks away. He thinks that maybe he needs to go hit something for a few hours. “Don’t want your arm falling off.”

Jason hears Damian mutter something about already having seen Alfred under his breath, but Jason leaves it alone. He makes his way to the gym, which, of course, is occupied.

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For @fyeahhartwin who was feeling a little blue today. I hope you like it love <3


Truth be told, Eggsy had thought that after his bad lot in life, after all the shit he had been through, that perhaps the Universe’s way of making it up to him was by giving him his boyfriend Andrew.

He had met the bloke when he had been but thirteen and they had hit it off immediately. They had been friends long before they had been lovers, but Eggsy had always assumed their friendship would endure even if their love did not. Not that he thought they wouldn’t last. He had been convinced Andrew was it for him; his light at the end of the tunnel.

But that thought had come crashing all around him when he had found Andrew necking another man, apparently hellbent on fucking his way up the social ladder.

And, okay, Eggsy had always been good at taking shitty situations - i.e. the human excrement that was Dean - and making the best out of them. But this… this he did not know how to take in stride because he had loved Andrew. He had trusted him, and the twat had only used him. And it stung; it stung more than having to leave his dream of being a marine. It stung more than any hit Dean’s idiot friends could land.

And so, if he then went on a dating spree for a solid month that gave him the nickname of rentboy in Dean’s circles, then he couldn’t exactly be blamed because he had lost that driving force that pushed him to be better. He was angry and he was hurt and he wanted Andrew to feel just an inch of what Eggsy had felt - not that the twat gave a fuck.

But then Harry had happened. Harry with his posh accent and his pristine suit and his sex-on-legs figure had happened. Harry who had known his father, who had protected Eggsy in a fucking bar when he didn’t have to… Harry, who seemed to see a potential Eggsy himself didn’t see and wasn’t sure he wanted to see.

Harry was cool and aloof yet caring and nice and made Eggsy feel like the best there ever was every time he told him “bloody well done” and for a few weeks, for a few minutes, for a few seconds, Eggsy actually wondered if it was okay to let go of the anger. He didn’t know how to, but damn did he want to.

He hated that he still had Andrew hanging over his shoulders. He hated that the git had left yet another chip on his shoulder. He hated that he felt he now needed validation even though logically he knew he didn’t.  

So yes, he wanted to move but he didn’t know how and the only thing he could think of was asking Harry for advice since they  had twenty four hours together. Except he also didn’t want to do that. He didn’t want Harry think he couldn’t get over a fucking asshole that had messed with his self confidence and trust in others. He didn’t want Harry to see him any differently, because a part of him really wanted Harry to like him, wanted the man to be impressed. A part of him just really wanted the man to love him and fuck him into the bed for good measure.

And Eggsy wasn’t sure how much of that had to do with the fact that he was reeling from his breakup and how much was due because Eggsy could already feel he was utterly besotted with his mentor.

All in all, his love life was clearly fucked.


“You’ve got mail,” Harry said casually as he walked into their dining room, the knot tying his robe loose near his navel.

Eggsy hummed as he walked into the room as well, carrying two cups of coffee which he promptly placed on the table next to their breakfast. He smiled to himself, feeling unusually happy for being able to partake in their little routine.

After V-Day, and after they had found Harry, Eggsy had come to live with him. At first to help him due to the after effects of being shot in the head (i.e migraines and adjusting to his recuperating body), and later just because honestly it was nicer to not be alone. And, judging by the fact that Harry had never asked him if he was planning on ever leaving, Harry was glad for the company too.

They didn’t have as much time home as Eggsy would have liked - he still had so much to ask Harry, so much he wanted to learn and experience with his now best friend and secret crush. But, they spent as much together as possible, whether Harry did it consciously or not, though, Eggsy wasn’t sure.

And therein laid the problem. He liked Harry. He really fucking liked Harry, but Harry was… well the bastard was as perfect as they came and that was what scared Eggsy. Because if Andrew hadn’t thought him good enough to at least not cheat on, then how the hell was he supposed to keep Harry Hart. And he knew it was ludicrous to compare the two; for starters, Harry was a fucking gentleman, unlike the other bastard. Still, every time he thought he had gathered enough courage to ask Harry out, his doubts would creep up and another week without asking would pass.

“Eggsy?” Harry asked from where he was sitting. “Are you alright?”

Eggsy suddenly remembered that he was supposed to be sitting, opening his damn mail, having breakfast with Harry, not getting himself into a fit because he couldn’t grow a pair to ask Harry out. For fuck’s sake.

“Ah, sorry, got distracted,” Eggsy said with a wink as he quickly sat down, all but ripping the envelope open without first checking who had sent it.

That was his first mistake.

“Fuck me,” Eggsy breathed out, a look of horror crossing his features that had Harry sitting up straight. “Un-fucking-believable”

“What is it?” Harry asked immediately, controlling the impulse to just snatch the letter and read it himself.

“My cheatin’ ex is getting married and the fucker sent me an invitation to the wedding,” Eggsy seethed, passing it on to Harry to read it. “I mean what the fuck? He thinks he can cheat on me with a random posh wanker and that then I’ll want to go to their fucking wedding and bring gifts? Is he taking the piss?”

Harry regarded Eggsy for a few moments, that laser-eye focus gaze of his that always made Eggsy’s knees week. “Let me first say this; he’s not even worth your anger, Eggsy. You are a beautiful, intelligent, accomplished young man, and the fact that he threw such a precious gift away for a fuck already tells me that he is the biggest idiot on the planet and you shouldn’t waste your breath on him.”

Eggsy blushed deeply, not having expected the brutally honest compliments, but preening all the same at them. “You really think that?”

Harry scoffed, leaning forward to grab Eggsy by the hand to make his point clear. “Eggsy, you are a treasure. Don’t ever measure your worth on other people’s stupidity.”

Eggsy bit his lip, unable to keep himself from leaning slightly forward. “It’s just… he was my first love, yeah? And he just… “ Eggsy shook his head. “I mean I’m fine now, swear down, I just… I wish I could be able to just show up and show him how happy I am. It’s petty but it would make me feel loads better,” Eggsy said with a chuckle.

Harry gave him a small smile, though his eyes were sad. “Well, I’m sure if you ask a friend of yours, they can go as your date. Merlin has a few handsome new handlers that I know have an eye set for you.”

Eggsy stared at Harry for a while, unsure whether or not he was imagining things, but he was pretty sure the anger he could hear in Harry’s voice was jealousy. “To be honest, if I’m gonna even consider going to that shitshow, I’d much rather go with the person I am actually fucking mad for,” Eggsy said, holding his breath as he reached out to grab the hand Harry had retreated just a few seconds ago.

Harry’s eyes widened as he looked down at their clasped hands, his eyes soon snapping up to meet Eggsy’s own, a question filled with hope in them. “Eggsy-”

Eggsy suddenly smiled, the love in Harry’s eyes enough to make him swallow down his fear for long enough to lean forward and place a gentle kiss on the man’s lips. “I don’t want this to be our first date, but wanna come with me in a month to my ex’s wedding so I can parade you around the room?”

Harry chuckled and nodded, kissing Eggsy with a promise of what was to come. “You know, if he’s getting married, the least we should be is engaged. You live with me already, after all, and it would be improper for a Marquess to be living with his much younger boyfriend outside of wedlock,” Harry teased, though it was obvious that none of the things he had said were a joke.

“You’re a fucking marquess?” Eggsy said as he pulled away, looking scandalized. “Fuckin’ hell, I knew you were proper posh and shit, but I didn’t realize you were nobility, mate.”

Harry rolled his eyes. “I’m hardly part of the royal family, Eggsy. It’s just a title.”

Eggsy chuckled and all but launched himself into Harry’s lap. “I can’t believe I’m about to be fucked by royalty,” he said, disregarding Harry’s comment, noting that Harry didn’t correct him, though in the man’s defense he was a little busy undoing the buttons of Eggsy’s shirt while mouthing at the boy’s neck. “Mate, I can’t wait for us to go to this fuckin’ wedding. It’s gonna be fuckin’ hilarious to introduce you as The most honorable-”

Before Eggsy could finish, Harry hauled him up to rest atop the table. “If you’re still talking about the blasted wedding of the thundercunt you used to date, then clearly I’m not doing my job properly,” Harry mused, smiling against Eggsy’s skin once the boy burst out laughing.

“I fucking love you,” Eggsy breathed out as he brought Harry’s head up to kiss him again, his heart finally, finally, feeling at peace.

He knew there would be days he’d doubt his relationship with Harry. There was no way around that, but right now, in the man’s arms, all he could feel was his love, and truth be told, that was all he would ever need.

Jeremy and Michael’s freestyle dance

So here’s a link to a video of the dance they do. I saw this performance 4 years ago on tv and it stuck with me, and its a huge reason why I made this AU in the first place. I added in the dodie song because it fit really well and I thought it’d be cute. 

So, I’m going to start with the rehearsals for the freestyle. Jeremy and Michael are both super excited about getting to the finale because no one expected that it would happen when they chose to pair two guys together to dance for the first time, but here we are. Michael gets really excited and starts explaining an idea for the freestyle dance.

“So, I was thinking we could have a giant Mario pipe in the middle of the floor and you cant just pop right out of it, and we can dress up as Mario and Luigi and dance to a Mario theme remix. Then, at one part, I bet I could throw you into the air, and i’ll have to talk to Jenna, but we could probably over lay a mystery box so that when people watch it on TV, its like you’re jumping to get the item, and-” Michael stops because he notices that Jeremy’s kinda pulled into himself, “are you okay?” and Jeremy nods, and he’s chewing at his bottom lip. 

“How complicated are we able to make the freestyle?” he asks Michael. 

“I mean, as complicated as we want to I guess, I don’t really think there’s a limit for special effects, music, lights, backup dancers.” and Jeremy hums 

“do people always go all out on the freestyles?” Michael nods 

“I mean, usually. The freestyles are kinda the chance to show what you and your partner are all about.” Jeremy starts chewing at his lip again “Jere?”

“What if we didnt?”

“Didn’t what?”

“Didn’t go all out. I mean, that’s what everyone’s expecting, right? With the freestyle everyone expects to be wowed by lights and flashy costumes and backup dancers. So, what if we didn’t? What if we just did you and me, dancing, just simple. You said that the freestyle shows what the partners are all about. And I think if theres something that we have that no one else does, it’s how well we work together.”



“Just the two of us.”

“just us." 

Michael’s thinking face melts away to a huge smile "sounds perfect.”

So then they talk about what kind of style they want to do, and Jeremy tells Michael how much he liked week 7 with the contemporary dance to “Can’t Help Falling in Love.” So Michael decides that it’s a good thing to work off of
But it’s still the freestyle finale dance, so it needs to be dramatic and he asks Jeremy if he’d be good with doing some complex stunts
“Because everything else is going to be so simple, it’s going to draw a lot of attention to our dancing, so we need to make that as striking as we can. The fact we’re going to be so simple is going to make us stand out, but we need to make sure its still on par, if not better than the other dances.”
And  Jeremy mentions all of the stupidly complex stunts that begged Michael to teach him the first few weeks, and a light bulb goes off in Michael’s head, and he rushes over to Jeremy, grabs his face, and leans down to kiss Jeremy’s forehead “oh you beautiful genius” And Jeremy can practically see the gears working in Michael’s head and he thinks through this dance

Michael sits down with Jeremy and talks about what music he wants to do because this dance is as much Jeremy as it is Michael, and Jeremy pulls up a YouTuber named ‘doddleoddle’ and explains how her music is really nice and calming. So he plays 'Intertwined’ for Michael and he just,,loves it.   

during their lunch break from their freestyle rehearsal, Jeremy and Michael are laying on the ground, and Jeremy is resting his head on Michael’s chest and just kinda playing with his fingers “You know that you’re my favorite person, right?” And Jeremy cranes his head up to look at Michael who smiles, “Is it really true, Im your favowite pewson?” And he leans super close to Jeremy’s face, to the point where he could probably count the number of freckles on Jeremy’s nose is he tried or had enough time. 

Jeremy laughs and shoves Michael back down and stands up, “youre a dick” but there’s no sincerity to it, and he says it so fondly. Michael stands up and goes up behind Jeremy and turns him around “hey, hey” he says softly and puts his hands on Jeremy’s jaw, thumbs brushing his cheek bones “you’re my favorite person too.”

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Honestly while there are some big writing choices I dislike in RWBY for me Ilia is proof the Miles and Kerry have the ability to write good shit and it is just sad seeing people get a faunus character they wanted but because it wasn't Adam that character seems to be disliked by some

I feel like the reasons people give for hating Ilia are always kind of suspect. Like, I get that not every character appeals to everyone and it’s whatever if Ilia’s not someone’s favourite character because she’s just not their type, but the people who hate her and try to justify it are wild.

There’s “she stole Adam’s arc.” Which is like, nah man. She just got the arc you wanted Adam to get but doesn’t appear to have ever been part of the plan for him. I keep going back to the Black trailer and how Monty said the trailer doesn’t become about Blake until she says goodbye. It’s just so weird to imagine that they’d make Blake’s defining introduction moment turn out to be a mistake.

And I honestly think Adam lost his chance at redemption the moment he dismembered Yang. It’s not a shipping thing or my Yang bias, it’s that Blake will never be able to forgive him for hurting Yang for the explicit purpose of punishing her. Not when she talks about how she’s better off being alone, something she hates, because she can’t handle seeing her friends get hurt because of her.

I know some people use Ilia attacking Sun as a reason she shouldn’t have gotten a redemption arc, or why Adam can still get one because if Blake forgave Ilia she’d be able to forgive Adam, but it’s different because of the intent and consequences. Adam attacking Yang was a very calculated move that was done with the intent of hurting Blake. Yang wasn’t a threat to him and she might have just ran past the cafeteria if he hadn’t stabbed Blake to make her scream and draw Yang’s attention their way. Ilia lashed out at Sun in the heat of the moment in the middle of a fight. And Sun doesn’t have any lasting physical or mental trauma from Ilia attacking him. Yang obviously has a ton of permanent trauma because of what Adam did.

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A-Z Book Recommendations.

What a great idea from my friend at @macrolit :) Had to give it a go. I’ve omitted “A’s” and “The’s” from most of the titles for sake of flow.

  • A - American Gods by Neil Gaiman - A wandering modern “fantasy” that felt keenly poignant to me having grown up in the midwest. You’ll need patience for this one but this book is truly about the journey not the destination.
  • B - Bloody Jack by L.A. Meyer - I’ll be honest, I never finished this series. It got a little overblown but the characters are so genuine that I held out a lot longer than I would expect of myself. This first book though is the definition of a classic middle reader. Lot of Adventure and a lovable, fierce, albeit flawed, female protagonist. 
  • C - Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess - I used to read this book every summer. It’s a rough read with some explicit violence (sexual and otherwise) but an important one I think. I recommend reading the “British” publishing which has 21 chapters (the publishers took out the last one for American audiences, because apparently we don’t like character redemption and growth *eyeroll*). The real genius of this book is the vernacular Burgess created from scratch that is truly like reading another language at first. 
  • D - Darker Shade of Magic by V.E. Schwab - Not to be cliche but I find that a lot of the titles Booklr obsesses over in the YA genre to be par-baked at best. Not the case with this series! Well developed characters that exist beyond their actions and exhibit real emotional complexity without relying on tropes and a plot that kept me turning and turning pages!

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The Fitting (Part 3)

(Jungkook returns home and struggles to make sense of what happened between you two in the office.)

Warnings: masturbation, fantasy sex - vanilla

“Jungkookie, how’d things go with your girlfriend?” Taehyung said teasingly, without bothering to even look up from the game he was playing.  

Jimin snickered, “Yeah, how was your time alone with noona? Did you make her fall in love with you yet?”

Yoongi poked his head out from the kitchen, “Yah! You were at the fitting for a long time.  You didn’t do anything stupid like confess to her did you?”

Jungkook was used to the ribbing.  All the guys knew how he felt about the new stylist noona and they teased him about it constantly.  But tonight he wasn’t really in the mood for their jokes.  He just stared at the floor and asked quietly, “is it really so impossible that she could like me too?”

Tae laughed out loud and Yoongi rolled his eyes, but Jimin looked up in concern.  "Did something happen?  You really were there a lot longer than we expected?“

You can’t tell anyone about this. Not anyone, not ever.  

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Muse 《Pt. 2》

Pairing: Reader x Jungkook
Words: 10k
Genre: Fluff, Smut - dom!Jungkook
Warnings: trigger warning because of unwanted advances/ sexual innuendo and a lot of smut.

Writing this took way longer than expected (sorry) but it also got way longer than expected so…

《Pt. 1》《Pt. 2》

Originally posted by vkook-appreciation

Waiting for the weekend to come was torture. The combination of needing to decide whether to attend that party or not, schoolwork that needed to be done as well as the simple but very significant fact that all of a sudden you got it bad for Jeon Jungkook made those few days feel like a thousand. 

The only nice thing was that right after your little excursion together he had moved seats, now sitting next to you, making that one class more entertaining than it had ever been before. In all honesty, you were surprised to get along with him as well as you did. Jungkook wasn’t merely a part of the popular group, he just so happened to be the most popular guy in school and yet, despite that fact, he did not care about his status at all. Only the jealous glances of other girls brought you right back to reality, pointing out who exactly you got the privilege to hang out with. However, it also made you realize what you had gotten yourself into, not even mentioning the fact that your intoxicated mind could not let go of the thought to be with him as more than just friends… and you didn’t even know him that well.

“A little birdy told me you’re coming tomorrow.” A male voice ripped through your ear along with the sound of a tablet being dropped onto the table you were sitting at. When you turned your head to the side your eyes met an all too well-known face with an evenly too well-known smile on his lips. Whether you were lost in thought or fully aware of your reality, there was no difference. All that you had been seeing recently, was him.  

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anonymous asked:

you said in your post about color blindness that the first two are more common in men is there a reason for that or..? I'm curious

(Anon is referring to this post) Yes there is a reason! Red-Green colour blindness has two subtypes; deuteranomalia and protanopia. Both of which are significantly more common in men, and this is all to do with genetics and how it is inherited.

We all have 23 pairs of chromosomes, half from each parent. You’ll notice, however the 23rd pair differs from the rest. This is beacause it determines whether the individual is male or female, so it is called the sex chromosome. Females have XX and males have XY. 

You’ll notice the X chromosome is much larger than the Y chromosome and this is because in addition to carrying genes that determine sex, it also carries genes that code for non-sexual characteristics, including that for red-green colour blindness. Okay so now I’m going to assume you have a vague understanding of what a recessive/dominant allele is, if not, this page gives a pretty good explanation. 

I’ve made a quick graphic to sum up the next part because it can be a bit confusing:

Crucially, the gene that causes red-green colour blindness (shown in red) is recessive, so females need two copies of the gene to express the trait & be colour blind. The probability of this is low because if a female has a dominant allele on her other X chromosome (white), that will be expressed instead and she will have full colour vision. For this reason, red-green colour blindness is not very common in women (present in less than 0.5% of white women).

However, since men have the XY chromosome pair and not XX like females, if they have the colour blind gene on their only X chromosome, it will be expressed anyway. There is no corresponding dominant allele to override it. As a result, it is much more likely for a male to be colour blind (seen in 6-8% of white males).

This explanation became a hell of a lot longer than I expected but I hope this makes sense, genetics can be confusing af so I tried to break it down as much as possible. Other X linked traits include haemophilia (where blood can’t clot properly), and baldness. 


This has been an Amberprice weekend. First actual shot on Rachel, went better than expected but its clear I got a lot to work on when it comes to understanding her face. On the other note when it comes to Chloe I’m going to keep drawing her till I can do it with my eyes closed. 

A lot of big projects are coming up for me but I still hope to amp up production on these little watercolor ones since they only take like an hour or so. Victoria is going to be next, maybe a longer duo one after that. The first one of Chloe is still been the best imo so I’m going to keep trying things out till I hit the perfect mold.

Love, Simon is Full of Realistically Flawed Characters and We Need to Appreciate That

Okay, I’m gonna put this out here, because a lot of you need to hear it.

I loved Love, Simon. I read the book, loved it, saw the movie, fell in love with the whole story even more. And one of the things I love most about it is how complex and real the characters are. None of the characters are perfect. Simon certainly isn’t perfect. And I love these characters for and despite their flaws, because they’re written like real, flawed people who can make mistakes without being bad people.

But I’ll admit, (warning for spoilers ahead) when Simon’s friends confronted him about messing with their lives, I had a moment where a part of me went “That’s not right. Why aren’t they just supporting him? He needs this support now more than ever. This isn’t about them.” But here’s the thing: it was. It was totally about them. Because yes, Simon needed support, but also, yes, he’d crossed a line he should not have crossed. He’d manipulated his friends. And even though in that moment I desperately wanted to believe that his own problems - Martin’s blackmailing, being outed, all that - justified his actions, I had to swallow that instinct and realize that Simon’s friends had every right to be mad at him.

I have seen too many people bashing on Simon’s friends for being petty and narrow minded. “What, Abby and Nick are just pissy they couldn’t have been together, like, a couple weeks earlier? Oh, boo hoo, Leah’s mad that Simon doesn’t like her back!” No. Listen. You’re missing the point. Abby was pissed about being treated like a bargaining chip, like an object. She literally said that’s why she was mad, and she was right. Simon, knowingly or otherwise, was not treating her as a human being with a right to her own decisions. Leah was mad about being set up for heartbreak, because even if Simon really believed that she liked Nick, he knew Nick had his eyes on someone else. And that was completely unfair a thing to do to Leah. Nick was mad about being lied to, and also because, hey, would you look at that, Leah and Abby are his friends, too, and Simon had done a really shitty thing to them.

I am not saying Simon is a bad person. Simon is a good kid, and he was under a lot of pressure, and he was being blackmailed. That does not excuse his actions. He could have told his friends he was being blackmailed - didn’t even have to say what he was being blackmailed with, just had to say someone got a hold of sensitive info he wasn’t ready to share yet - and that he needed help. Really, I’m not going to delve into everything he could have done differently because that’s a whole different discussion.

The point is, no, Simon is not a bad person, but yes, he fucked up, and his friends had a total right to be mad at him. I’ve seen so many people annoyed that they weren’t there to support Simon, but Simon wasn’t exactly being the most supportive friend himself. He habitually led Abby into situations that made her noticeably uncomfortable. He lied to Nick a frankly unnecessary amount of times. He treated Leah like the last piece in a puzzle that would make everything fit all neat and tidy and fix the whole situation. You can argue that by abandoning Simon they were being bad friends, but Simon had not been being a good friend either.

I think part of the problem is that a lot of us deeply relate to Simon’s anxiety over coming out. We feel that fear and anguish so closely, and we know that in that moment, he needs a support system. But you need to remember that Simon and all of his friends are human. They make mistakes, they feel pain, they are not perfect, and they have a right to anger.

This got a lot longer than I expected but tl;dr Simon’s friends had a right to be angry, stop pretending Simon’s a perfect angel who did nothing wrong.

A Little Misunderstanding

Well, @littlemangalover, I’m your @fullmetalsecretsanta this year! I’ve never done one of these before and I chose a year where I don’t have nearly as much time, but I really wanted to do this and I hope you enjoy this fic! It, uh, got a lot longer than I intended. Like ten pages long. I just wanted to be sure it had all the things you liked. Basically, I’ve read a lot of fics where Roy and Riza are confused as Ed’s parents and then the new chapter really inspired me, so… this is what came out of it.

It all happened because of a series of circumstances – unfortunate ones, if you were to ask Roy or Fullmetal – but once it had started, there was nothing they could do but roll with it. Normally, Roy didn’t mind it. He liked when his well-executed plans did as he expected, but he had learned that the ability to improvise was key if he was going to make it to the top. Still, that was typically Fullmetal’s area. The kid had some plans, clearly proven by his State Alchemist title at the age of twelve, but he was still a kid.

Which was one of the reasons why they found themselves in such an awkward position.

For the most part, Roy and his team stayed in East City. It was where he was stationed and where he had to be in order to remain close to people going to the top. If he was shipped off to some country town, there was a chance that he would never recover. You couldn’t make a career in a town where the sheep population rivaled the people. However, when the intel that the men accused of robbing five banks in the eastern and southern parts of Amestris were hiding out in one of those towns, he left the city without hesitation.

They had gotten the information from none other than Edward Elric. He and his brother had been staying in the town searching for some old textbooks when he’d recognized one of the wanted men in the local grocery store. No one else would’ve known who they were unless they worked in the military and the town was small enough where there weren’t soldiers regularly going through. The perfect thing about Fullmetal spotting them was that the bank robbers had no idea that they’d been pegged.

Having a kid as one of his subordinates came in handy sometimes.

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