this girl is my aesthetic

Types of people - hogwarts houses

Slytherin - leather jackets, determined all nighters, taking short cuts you’re not 100% sure are right, overconfidence to hide insecurity, ‘I mean it’s only technically illegal’, has never paid for music or movies, swears an ungodly amount, plans everything carefully

Ravenclaw - googling random stuff at 3am, staring at the moon, asking yourself stupid questions, staying inside, reading ‘one more chapter’, messy bookshelves, charity shops, fancy coffee, too critical of themselves, spends all their money on junk

Hufflepuff - helping wild animals, values politeness over everything, prefers comfy clothes over style, hot chocolate > coffee, takes pictures of everything, you wanna just squeeze their little cheeks and keep them in your pocket, wants pets so bad

Griffindor - reading true stories online and always wishing you could help, calling people out when they do something wrong,signing petitions, having the last word, supporting friends, if you say they can’t do something they will do it 10x more

types of girls as bugs

ladybug: picnics, cozy sweaters, the sound of leaves swaying in the wind, apologizing a lot, gardens full of vegetables and herbs, no makeup, the library on a quiet saturday afternoon, shy smiles

moth: staring at the moon when you should be doing something else, silver jewelry, worn out converse, doodling on homework, falling asleep to the sound of rain, always sleepy, loner, concert tshirts that evoke nostalgia

lightning bug: dramatic makeup, neon lights in the city, going to a party with your best friends, secretly insecure, sparkles, passionate kisses, wondering the city at night, a bouquet of red roses

bee: cheerful smiles, flowers in jars, early morning sunrises, rosy cheeks, messy hair, short nails, warm sunshine with a slight cool breeze, bright eyes, skipping stones on a small pond, sharing snacks with people you love

butterfly: long flowy skirts, antique stores, driving on an empty road with the windows down, looking at the clouds and trying to find shapes in them, the smell of jasmine, watching old movies, daydreaming

spider: red and black flannels, comforting smiles, black doc marten boots, drowning out the world with loud music, stick n poke tattoos, dark chocolate, smudged eyeliner, activism, falling asleep to old cartoons