this film ruined my life

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They remind me of Molly and Lorcan and that’s all I could think the whole time I watched this film

i said earlier that i always have the 2011 awards season playing alongside the present awards season in my heart. like, it doesn’t matter how many years go by, i always am emotionally as invested in the memory of the 2011 awards season as i am in the one happening present day.

tsn isn’t even a movie anymore, at least not to me, it’s more like a vital and inevitable experience. my whole world-almost everything that currently defines me-i can trace back directly to tsn. aaron sorkin just won for best screenplay for steve jobs, a movie i saw bc it was written by aaron sorkin who wrote the social network. i was disappointed when rami malek didn’t win earlier because i watched mr. robot because of rami who i knew from the pacific which i watched because of joe mazzello who was a bit part in tsn. convoluted? yea absolutely, but like i can literally trace everything back to it in that way, in more or fewer steps. 

anyway i don’t know where this is going because i’m not gonna play every iteration of six degrees to tsn, but that’s what it’s like. ……….ugh wtf this movie shaped my life so fucking much idk i’m just overwhelmed

Happy TSNiversary everyone!

Thanks to everyone who has stuck around for two years (holy shit two fucking years that is sad as fuck), and thanks to everyone who isn’t here anymore because you still were part of the fandom that changed my life and thank you for that.

I’ve made so many good friends through this movie and so many people who have helped me, so that’s what I celebrate today.

That plus the horrible pain this movie has put me through.

So good.