this dude wins everything in life

Man. I feel sorry for the poor guy. Can’t win for losing. Don’t say anything, live the private life he is known to do then be considered a troll?! Yet you guys wanted proof and now it’s like what…? Fuck you, Dean! Dude didn’t even take a was rudely snapped by someone at a wrestler’s funeral who may or may not have been watching from afar.

He don’t owe us shit! Why do people feel the need to know everything? I mean..

Y'all need to come up off your high horse and chill. If the man is happy, let him be. It’s his life and his girl. We don’t got any say and don’t have to deal with it…so whatever, man.

Day 1 #TheDivineInMe yoga challenge, @forest_fairy_ has us taking flight in Kakasana/Bakasana or Crow Pose. A wonderful way to start off the month and this amazing challenge ❤️. No matter the situation, whether you happen to find yourself in your practice or in your everyday routine, find your inner peace and balance in everything you do. Like water through rock, be fluid, be graceful, be divine 🙏🌱🌊. Remember to check back with @devmayoga for Day 2’s asana tonight. Join the fun with us and share your variation by tagging #TheDivineInMe, tagging and following the hosts and sponsors and you could win a prize at the end! Hosts @bchanwarrior @devmayoga @coffeeaddict_yogaholic @forest_fairy_ Sponsors @fourseeapparel @lalocalloca
by bchanwarrior

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First Time Jojo Watcher here, saying

Boy, Robert Edward O. Speedwagon, you have lived a truly bizarre, full life.

First you get named Robert Edward O. Speedwagon

Then you try and mug some dude with yer mates in what I will continue to think of as the Ankh Morpork Shades, only for the dude’s GENTLEMANLY SPIRIT to win over your eternal loyalty

Then you get drawn into your new best buddy’s bullshit with his shitty adopted brother, and also vampires and zombies and SOLAR WAVE MÄRTIAL ARTS are involved and it’s way over your head but you provide some stellar commentary and emotional support and everything seems to go okay?

Then your best buddy dies and you help out his widow and unborn child??

Then you apparently become an Oil Tycoon???

And at some point, you get kidnapped but it’s cool because your dead best buddy’s grandson bails you out with more SUN POWERED COMBAT!!!

And then you stumble upon an Aztec Ruin filled with stone masks like the one that caused that trouble with the aforementioned shitty adopted brother of your dead best buddy, so you call up one of your old adventuring buddies from that whole vampire hunting incident: character that appeared in the last story arc as an ally but turned out to be a villain in this new story arc Kuvira Straizo

Whoops, turns out he wanted to be a vampire too! You get badly wounded and your neck snapped????? You are a fucking old man how have you survived this bullshit? left for dead, only then…

You wake up in the clutches of fucking Nazis

I’m accepting I won’t win

Y’know… like I know I have zero chance…. but I enjoy making my comic overall like…. this is my top experience right now. This makes my life like 20% better knowing that if I’m having a bad day, at least I’m not that character I created just to kill off. Sorry guy. I gave you a backstory and everything. But it was irrelevant to the plot. sorry dude.