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Could you draw some billdip coffee shop au? That'd be really cool. :3 I love your art btw💕

i’m a coffee addicted so why not? xD

so here is my coffee shop AU where Bill is a barista who worked at a weird-but-nice cafe named Mindscape Cafe. Dipper is a mystery novel author who came to finished his manuscript there and somehow he attracted by Bill maybe because of his mysterious demeanour or his wicked sense of humour or his intelligence or bla bla bla. its kinda like ‘Dipper couldn’t stop himself going back there even though he always feels very uneasy to deal with everything Bill does to mess him up’ AU lolol 

any fic rec   ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ? 


My re-designed Human Bill Cipher!

So it’s been a while I drew my version of human Bill! And I was planning to re-design him since his previous style was bugging me a little too much for the past few weeks.I wanted to design him a lot more casual than the previous one.cause there aren’t many casual human Bill Ciphers hhhh Plus I bet he’s now considered as an outcast among the other Bills because most of them looks a lot more formal hahah