Can you imagine how horrifying nightmares would be for a newly human Castiel, though? Waking up to suddenly find himself in bed, totally drenched in sweat, his heart racing as his fight-or-flight instinct pushes at his chest, urging his limbs to run get out get safe run. He’s confused and terrified and trying to understand what just happened but his skin prickles all over and he thinks, briefly, no, that wasn’t a nightmare, that was too real to be a nightmare, before bolting to Dean’s room.

Dean, who is laying in bed, asleep and alive and completely safe.

But Cas can’t—he has to be sure, so he crawls onto the memory foam and shakes the other, sniffling and crying and so fucking relieved when Dean jerks awake, alarmed.

He doesn’t know why he does it. It’s instinct, to wrap his arms around Dean and hold him. To whisper: you’re okay, you’re okay, you’re okay until his crying has him only able to gasp for air.

To pull away and kiss him, because thank god.

Dean holds him tight, and listens to him. He kisses him back with everything he is, cupping Castiel’s face and thumbing wetness from his cheeks as he whispers words of his own: I’ve got you, Cas. You’re here, we’re safe, I’ve got you. 

And I will never let you go.


TFBW characters… and my new kid.
I am so in love with this game.
Maybe I will color them… but I don’t have that much time. I need to do a lot of homework. I want to work on my AU and more digital drawings…..


Here is part one of my screenshots from Daveed’s live stream on Instagram while in studio with Brandon Michael Hall and Clipping recording new music for The Mayor.

I’m so impressed and excited to hear all the finished music from this show, it’s so damn good.

Daveed smile is sunshine. Bless your dash!

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cottonfeltgembira  asked:

Okay real talk What's your opinion on long skirts? Also what type beverage do like besides water?(everyone likes water)

i think people are allowed to wear whatever they want on their body and my opinion on long skirts is completely irrelevant to that decision but i do think they look good in the context of like an outfit that goes with it?? fashion is contextual i guess, right? i dress like an asshole so who knows.

the best beverage…………………………………………………….. orange juice. i used to go to dennys and get “the big orange juice” and they’d bring me like you know, 4 cups or w/e and i’d say no just the one.

actually whenever i go to a party, and this is like a little bit of insider information here, i bring my own orange juice. like a gallon just for myself.

one time i went to this party and dante basco was there (and we’d met a few times before) and i brought like a bunch of food for the party it was a sort of potluck thing, but i specifically brought a like one of those 3 foot long sandwiches and a gallon of orange juice for myself and im out by the pool like.. laying in one of those pool bed/chair situations. like.. sunglasses on, sandwich on my chest, gallon of OJ to my side. Dante rolls up and he’s like oh hey, james right? and im like tilting my sunglasses down trying to look cool while im splayed out like a beached fucking whale with my fucking three foot long sandwich and my orange juice and im like