this zine is too cool


Hi, I need some good vibes right now haha, I turned 21 Monday and my friends made me some really really cool fanarts of Yuri on ice yeah (and I’ll be in a very cool fanzine too @born-to-make-history-zine so happy to be in it)

Thank’s to @camilleto @noenoeh and @chiaroushka

And also a little drawing to make my coming out as a proud  Hufflepuff ! and my patronus a little  weasel. I have a lot to do with school, my next short film etc…

Sometimes I wish I had more time, or draw faster.

The morning of my birthday was the first snowfall of the season in Paris, so I felt lucky.

And a lot of people asked me recently if I had a store, AND YES I have one, on Redbubble, BUT i don’t really like the platform. SO I’m really planning to open a tictail to preoders some prints of my illustrations/fanarts/inktobers/originals maybe.

Thank’s for your patience (and if you’re interested please send me a message or just a sign, it helps a lot ;) for the motivation  ! )

anonymous asked:

I just wanted to say you're one of my favorite artists ever and I'm so so sooooo excited to get to be in the da fanzine with you!! This is honestly like a double dream come true: my first fanzine AND its with you!!!!

Hey! Right back at you! :D Thank you so much and this is my first zine too! I’m excited about working with you and other cool artists, as well as seeing the final product!