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Sometimes you’ll have to fight for a dream that no one else can see but you. That’s alright though. Not everyone needs to understand what it is that sets your heart on fire.
—  Nicole Addison @thepowerwithin

i accidentally boarded the mcgenji train and i… don’t think it has any stops i can get off at…..

anyway some soft blackwatch boys…

so hey this is gonna be my last drawing for a while before i enter event heck overwatch and not emerge until it’s done lmfao

see y’all in three weeks


Q R S T alphabet dogs: @quichehound, @specklemutts, @driftlessdogs and @loyal-as-a-dog!

Why was this show important to me?

2 weeks 3 days or 17 days to go until the season premiere of Wynonna Earp. This has been a long time coming, but we are almost there. Who else is as excited as I am? I bet there is a lot of Earpers out there that are just as excited as me.

For me, I cannot truly express how much I love and missed this show. This show has badass women and men, a strong bond between sisters, and a same sex relationship I can relate to. This show has helped me become more of myself. This show helped me open up to my older sister and come out to her. Watching Waverly finding herself and her sexuality helped me accept myself. This show helped stregthen the bond I have with my sister, just like Waverly and Wynonna. This show showed me that women can be just as badass as any man out there. Women are not always the damsel in distress, they can be the heroes for once. This show showed that when you have a writer/showrunner that is compassion, respectful, funny, down to earth, and warm hearted you know you have a winning show. Lastly, this show helped me make friends from around the world. Fellow Earpers who are so supportive and so compassionate torwards each other. I have never encountered a fandom where everyone is welcomed and the fans are just so awesome.

Wynonna Earp was a godsend for me and probably for others. I would like to hear from others of how Wynonna Earp had an impact on your life?

vvolchitsa >> alarkling

i………. i know, i’m shook too.
thank you peachie (@zoyalina) for the best exam gift ever, i’ll never get over it. 😭😭💕
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This is my vidya for teens.
Watch if you’re having a hard time <3
Message me if you need to.
-xoxo Thicket

(Ps: Theme Music for this video. Give it a listen, you’ll love it)


i’ve been reading the news and checking social media all day to stay updated on everything that’s going on, but i honestly can’t handle much more. this is all so heartbreaking and i just hope that everyone’s safe. my thoughts and prayers are with the affected ones and their families and friends - so many innocent people have either died or lost their loved ones, not only in Manchester, but in so many other countries across the world as well. nobody deserves to live in constant fear, yet people keep doing such things as school shootings or bombing public areas to make us even more afraid than we already are. there will always be conflicts and huge problems, whether they’re political, global etc. but i just want to live in a world where we can feel safe going out on the streets, going to a concert or going to school. i’m sick of waking up to new terror attacks. i’m sick of having to watch people die. i’m sick of being afraid. i’m sick of humanity.

“You must not be insecure about that,
you’ve never acted like it”
came tumbling from your lips
and I lost my ability to breathe for a moment.
All the echoes of me rose up inside me at once
while my face sat dumbfounded as I didn’t know where to start;
How to tell you of all the tears I’ve cried since we’ve been together.
All the times I looked in the mirror and wondered what was wrong with me
while my brain told me that it’s not me this time.

But you don’t see it because those were not your wounds to bear.
You’re not the first love who made it clear he wanted everyone more than me,
I was just a convenience of right now.
You are not the husband who wouldn’t touch me
Or the ones who told me I could never be enough.
You’re not the one who beat me into submission
Or the one who told me I was pretty enough for my size but I’d never made him happy.
You’re not the five that cheated and lied
Nor the ones who didn’t even try to hide it.

You are the man who makes me laugh when I want to cry
The one who helps me think straight
Who sleeps wrapped around me because next to me isn’t close enough.
You’re the one who kisses me endlessly
because the intimacy of it is worth more than everything else.
Your “not now” and “I don’t feel well today” aren’t excuses meant to wound
They are honest, real and hard truths for you to speak.
It doesn’t make them hurt less
But I keep that pain for myself because the sins of the past,
They are not yours to pay the price for.

© Courtney Turley 2017

in the schoolyard in yesterday’s clip there’s a group of students playing some game that reminded me of a game i played once as a child where everyone is partnered up and and stand in two lines, and then two and two run though the lines, holding hands. but there’s one person who doesn’t have a partner and when the “couples” reach the end of the line they separate and the person without a partner has to grab onto one of them while they run to the back of the line, and if they grab a person then they have to be partners and the one who no longer has a partner has to try and grab another person when the next “couple” comes through

i still can’t believe what happened in manchester. news like this are what we have to live with these days i know and it’s always terrifying and horrible and i can’t believe that people do something like this. but, i am someone who goes to a lot of concerts so places like the bataclan and this one affect my mind even more tbh. i just hope that we all can still enjoy our lifes and the places we go, the events we visit and just…life in general. again, my thoughts and prayers go out to everyone involved. stay safe lovelies! 

Lily the Pink: sneering at the ability of young people to engage with politics in a meaningful way.

Also Lily the Pink: can’t spell “have”