this year is terrible

study tips

that will also help u in life 💖💖

  1.  if you don’t understand a concept, LEARN IT. do not leave it till the last minute because you will panic. instead of going straight to your teacher, try to figure it out by yourself (watch youtube videos, search it up on google) and then clarify with them. i always feel a 100x better when i work something out by myself.
  2. don’t expect to be spoon-fed things at school. chances are, if you have a shitty teacher, you’re not learning anything. instead of complaining about it, take things into your own hands. your education, your responsibility. 
  3. self-learning/teaching is possible. i’ve taught myself everything for the past three years because my school has terrible teachers (will make a post on this later).
  4. you’re not going to get better at studying if you spend 90% of your time on studyblr without actually studying.
  5. you don’t need a macbook pro or any of the other expensive things you see on here. at all.
  6. pretty notes aren’t going to help you unless you actually understand what you’re writing. 
  7. if bullet journalling becomes more of a chore rather than something u enjoy, drop it. it’s not going to help your productivity or mental health.
  8. study YOUR way. who cares if you see a post telling u that you shouldn’t study while listening to music. if you know that studying with music helps you, listen to that shit.
  9. studying shouldn’t be a competition. you have to go at your pace or you won’t learn anything. it doesn’t matter if you have friends that are fast learners, you need to find your own pace.
  10. sometimes having an ‘all or nothing’ mentality doesn’t help. sometimes you can’t concentrate for four hours straight to finish that physics assignment. take breaks, do it over the course of a week. as long as you get it done, you’re good.
  11. use your free periods at school to actually get work done. if you know that you get distracted when you study with friends, go to the library and work by yourself
  12. it’s good to treat yourself but treating yourself with an hour break after five minutes of study is probably not going to help your productivity.
  13. everything is about mindset. that assignment you don’t want to finish because you’re too lazy to, just DO it. literally get up and finish it. you’ll be over and done with it.
  14.  it might seem like everyone on studyblr has their life together but 99% of the time that’s not the case at all so don’t compare yourself or your progress to other people.

i hope these helped and i will be making these rant-y kind of posts every friday (even tho today is not friday) so stay tuned for more! :)

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[ 24 april ]

bee-buns  asked:

I'm not sure where you're from, but do you remember like 10 years ago when all the kids said "wenis" and everyone argued about what part of the body it was? Like everyone said it was the skin on the elbow but then there was a rumor that someone announcing for the olympics said it was the skin between the fingers. I dunno I just thought of it and wanted to know if you remember wenis. (Wee-niss)


I don’t remember anyone arguing over which body part it is (from what I remember everyone agreed that it was the elbow skin) but I DO remember having to hear approximately one terrible wenis pun per day for all 3 years of middle school lmao


arturum-expectare  asked:

Just so you know I now hc that otabek learned how to braid hair from practicing on his little sister. And now he gets to practice on yuri. Okay bye! <333

MY HC TOO!!! I also hc that yuri and beka’s sis fight over who beka braids first >:3c

flower cloak.

I knew that look dear
Eyes always seeking
Was there in someone
That dug long ago
So I will not ask you
Why you were creeping
In some sad way I already know

So I will not ask you where you came from 

I would not ask, and neither would you

Honey just put your sweet lips on my lips 

We should just kiss like real people do~

Hozier’s Like Real People Do played through my head the whole time I read this scene 

This is it. this is the scene that wrecked me. I haven’t even finished reading this fic…. 



#whipped for: lin-manuel miranda [1/?]

“I made a movie when I was 15 years old with all my friends. This is when IMDb was a little more lax with its proceedings, so it’s listed as one of my projects. I was 15 years old; it’s a terrible movie. I wrote 50 percent of it because I wanted to kiss this one girl, and I wrote a kissing scene for it.“

and another thing ☝🏼️ i will defend louis until my dying day because he deserves none of the shit thrown his way, but he is NOT helpless, he is so strong and has so many people in his corner, and when the time comes he has the resources and character to 100% come out on top of all of this 👏🏼💙


Tom is your Tom problem.


Taekook for @thekookiest
         Happy Birthday, Angel! ♡♥