this year is going really amazing to paul

Sebastian Stan

December is one crazy month. People turn into some crazy, very annoying people. Places suddenly get very crowded, there’s a lot of yelling and too much stress. People say it’s a time of love, but sometimes, most of the time, it doesn’t look like it. Finally Christmas was over and people seemed to calm themselves down, yet one big thing still was in front of everything. New Years, next overrated holiday.

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where that fanfiction list at? need some juicy stories to read

Sorry I know I said I’d do this some time ago but I’ve been busy lately (I know I always say that) anyway so here it goes, it’s a little messy but I’m just writing down the ones I remember in no real order.

  • yes2day’s series (wip) is my all-time favourite. It’s canon divergent; what would have happened if John hadn’t been murdered? but it’s really tactful and treats all the characters fairly. it’s really well-written and follows Paul’s RL events with such accuracy that you will start to think it’s not fiction. It’s so in character that it’s scary! I think she uploads once a week on LiveJournal. The two first parts are on AO3 but the rest is only on LiveJournal which can be a little of a bummer because you have to look for every chapter, but it’s worth it
  • Art and Obligation (wip) by @imaginebeatles , I love all of her fics tbh but having been obsessed with Jane Austen since I was twelve, this one was bound to be one of my favourites. It’s completely Austenian! Besides, It’s  slow-burn AND hate-to-love so what else do you want?  -I’m also loving her modern au, Poetry Nights
  • Everything by @stonedlennon . My favourite is How we won the war. Sadly, I’m not sure if it will be completed, but even if it’s not it’s worth the read. So well-written!
  • Soldier of Love (wip) by Mademoiselle_kitty. Again an AU (LOVE THOSE) where John and Paul met in the army. They instantly hate each other so another great slow built, hate-to-love for you! (I can’t get enough of those)
  • Close the door lightly when you go (complete), by RosalindBeatrice. this one is part of an amazing canon series. I don’t usually go for angst but this is so in character! She’s really good when writing John’s interior monologue.
  • Holding onto the things that slip through your fingers (unfinished) by @fingersfallingupwards . This one makes me sad because it’s SO.GOOD.™ but the author has been on hiatus for years. Basically Old!Paul gets the opportunity to redo his life with the plus of knowing what’s going to happen if he doesn’t do things differently. Paul trying to save everyone from dying while dealing with the secret that he’s from the future and John falling in love with him. Such a good idea and amazingly written. 
  • @glimmerkeith ’s the starts that shine (wip?) 30s AU, John and Paul are actors in golden age Hollywood. I feel I’m saying the same all the time (not my fault, as it is true) but it’s so well-written!
  • @savageandwise ’s Bird Passing Through (complete) I love her writing and this one feels like Alice in Wonderland on drugs so don’t miss it! it also touches a little bit upon Paul and Tara Browne’s relationship which I love.
  • like a river flows, surely to the sea (unfinished) by @toppermostofthepoppermost just read it because it’s good.

I don’t think I’ve read many more tbh but these I really enjoyed. I’ll update this if I find (or remember) any other. There’s a couple on AO3 I want to read whenever I find the time :3

  • my fic fly by my window (complete) which isn’t anywhere close to the above in quality. However, I wrote it with all my love:3 It’s a modern au, romcom-like, no-drama fanfic <3

idk if this is the kind of ‘juicy’ you were looking for, anon but hope you like them! If you’re looking for pwp, I’m not much into it so I don’t think I can do a rec list of those, sorry!

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2, 12, 20?

Album of the year?

Uh…Man, I haven’t paid attention to new albums in YEARS. I’ll admit Taylor Swift’s new one is fuckin awesome tho 10/10,

Talk about a new friend you made this year



What’s something you learned this year?

I learned that it’s not a super bad thing to go onto medication, especially if you need it. And that sometimes the placebo effect is god.


I’ve been extremely excited about these ever since I seen prototypes on the server a couple years back! A new Mickey Mouse Shorts promotion just hit the Disney Parks! Pirates of the Caribbean edition! If you go to the gift shop after the ride at Land or World you can find this stuff! I’m guessing these are exclusive to the parks. They made pins, magnets, youth and adult t-shirts, plush and figures! It’s amazing to see actual sculpted products of our version of Mickey. Everything came out really well and Paul gave notes and did most of the design work during the process which is super cool of them to do. Our Mickey is slowly hitting the parks, theres so much stuff to look forward to!

I need to go back and buy the rest…..

Furious 7 (2015)

As a day one fan of the Fast and the Furious saga, it was really hard reading about Paul Walker’s untimely death. Fortunately, they decided to continue the movie in Paul’s name and after a year dealing with solutions around Paul’s unfinished shoots, the movie is finally here.

For the first time since Tokio Drift, the saga embraces a new director in the form of James Wan. He takes over the reigns from 4 time Fast and Furious director Justin Lin, who is partly responsible for the amazing success this saga has generated. His vision on topping action scene after action scene but not going into that Michael Bay territory is fantastic. Unfortunatly, he’s moving on to other things. Now, James Wan is not just some new director. He’s responsible for some of the greatest horror movie hits of the past decade, like The Conjuring and Insidious, and even responsible for directing the first SAW movie. The strong revenge thriller Death Sentence is also from his hand.

Now, James Wan is a director who likes the 70’s revenge thriller feel. He showed it with Death Sentence, he used the slow stuttering old slowmotion effect in his horror movies and he is now doing this with Fast 7. For me, it felt out of place. He created the perfect tone, cause it really feels the way he wants it to feel, but it felt weird looking at the other films. Fortunately, this feeling doesn’t linger on and he soon drags you into the film and won’t let you go. But for the first time, I couldn’t look past some of the things they did in the movie. I even loved the Vin Diesel bridge jump or the scene in the airplane from 6, but they really went full blown Transformers in this one.

It’s fantastic they made the decision to go trough with it and give Paul a respectful goodbye but here and there you can see they made obvious changes. For instance, the amount of time Vin Diesel spends reminding Brain O’ Conner that he now has a family (which he has had for the last two movies also) are suddenly becoming an issue. the emphasize and emphasize that only family matters, and that even tho Brian has jumped out of airplanes, jumped off trains, fought countless times with the group, the bravest thing Dominic has seen Brian do is be a husband to Mia. Okay dudes, we get it.

Somehow it also feels that they intended the movie to be different at all. Sidelining Hobbs for the greater part of the movie just felt extremely off, as the previous two movies gained so much because of his presence. I even had problems with the script this time, which pitches our gang of street racers against brother-of Owen Shaw certified bad ass Deckard Shaw played by Jason Statham, but not before getting side-tracked on some very weird side mission to steal some hacking device with a very overly complicated plan. But oh well, it is the Fast and Furious saga.

The movie hints back to previous times for numerous occasions. Wether this was always the plan or just another way to emphasize the old days with Paul I don’t know, but it was a great addition to the movie. I’m talking the old muscle car, corona’s, Los Angeles and even that hillbilly from Tokio Drift (including original soundtrack).

It isn’t until the end, when all the warfare and mayhem that they let loose on the streets of Los Angeles settles down, that you are really confronted with the death of Paul Walker. And it isn’t until this moment you know why they kept saying stuff like how the bravest thing he has done is be a father and a husband. Because it all reflects on Paul in his real life. You know they’re gonna do some kind of memorial thingy, but what they did in this movie can bring any tough guy who has loved this series for years to tears. It is a very respectful, graceful and beautiful goodbye to an actor, a friend, a brother, a father and most of all a great human being, having devoted his life off-screen to helping people in need and working for his disaster relief organisation.

For me it’s not the best movie of the saga, but still a fantastic addition that I will be watching again and again, and knowing how much trouble they  must’ve had changing things and keeping Paul in this movie the way they did, I can only say they did a great job. I hope they will continue this story with more movies but even if they don’t, this would be a great ending to a fantastic saga.


Rest in peace, Buster.

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3, 6, 14!

Favorite musical artist / group you started listening to this year?

Boards of Canada. I had listened to them some as a teen, and I got back into them this year and their music is just so incredible and unique. I love how their music makes me feel!

Episode of tv or webisode that defined the year for you?

This is hard, I don’t watch a lot of tv, but I guess I’ll go with Bernie and Ted’s healthcare debate. It was really good!

Favorite book you read this year?

Taking a Stand by Rand Paul. The man is so brilliant, and he knows what’s going on. We missed an amazing president. He even mentioned something about supporting war, and said that he would not support a pissing match between the leaders, and I had been saying that even before I read this book.

My last photo of 2014.

It’s been a year of ups and downs, most notably my son being born in March and my mother being diagnosed with terminal cancer. There’s no doubt that 2015 will hold similar peaks and troughs with Finlay’s 1st birthday and the unknown future of my mother. 

But I am strong. My wife is the most amazing woman I’ve met and with her support we are going to make 2015 the year we set our life goals in motion. I WILL make photography pay and I WILL spend more quality time  making memories with my family. 

I would like to thank everyone who’s shown me support over the last year. I really am so very grateful for every visit to my site and any feedback and communication I have with people. You help keep me going. 

A huge HAPPY NEW YEAR! To you all. May 2015 bring you closer to your dreams.