this wouldnt be considered a spoiler right

now that the full chapter is out, lets talk about how bad this writing is.

all this time we were led to believe larcade was the child of mavis and zeref, but after all this time it turns out august was the child and larcade just another demon. but the thing is, why?

why is this a twist we should care for? how is their child being a different person gonna affect us? we know either way zeref is probably gonna be as big as an asshole as usual, so what difference does this make? and the most important thing: whats the payoff?

thats the thing: there is no payoff, which is what has plagued the writing.

all these fake deaths amount to nothing as no development is gained. most people is fairy tail already value life that much- at least, life they deem valuable. zeref is explaining that larcade is just another demon in front of natsu; you would think there would be a reason. if natsu actually thought larcade was his son, whether it be true or not, that would have a bigger affect and may even spark something in natsu (not only would in his mind larcade be zerefs son, but a comrade). wanna know why this amounts to nothing? natsu has fought these demons before. in tartaros, there was basically killing intent against the demon gates. so why is this happening? why should the characters care- why should we care?

other things of note:

  • with how mashima drew baby erza and how august somehow survived a lonely childhood, its safe to say mashima knows nothing about kids & how to write them.
  • look how quick august fell. just because there was some unfamiliar magic, unless we are to believe that cana & gildarts are stronger than all of the seis & jellal.
  • “but mavis is a grown woman” if precht is so smart how the fuck is he not questioning how a 13 yr olds body got pregnant and does not go through any life threatening conditions as a direct cause of it? pedophilia zervis discourse aside, this doesnt make sense, and mashima so far has been largely hinting at mavis being pregnant. the way evolution has made pregnancy is fucking awful on adults, imagine someone who not only has a small body, but is in puberty. even if you try to say she couldve been an “early bloomer”, i was one as well, and im almost 16 and still going through puberty. puberty takes a long time to get through. shes still in it.
    • also, its as if mashima KNEW implying a child had sex & was impregnated was bad so put the “shes a grown woman” line in to make him feel better about his awful ideas. sorry my dude, its still fucking gross.
  • precht left a baby all by itself and isnt this when he was still considered a good guy? if you consider killing the baby wouldnt you wanna closely raise it to make sure its on the right path due to its power? i would say prechts a fucking idiot, but due to everything in this wriitng, its safer to say mashimas the idiot.