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Lancelot & Guinevere + guilt, desire and rage
— Guinevere: A Medieval Romance, Lavinia Collins 

  • Someone: But how can you ship Oliver Wood with MARCUS FLINT
  • Me internally: Well, at surface it's the rivals to lovers trope. They are both the captain of their respective sports team. But not only that, they are the captain of the Slytherin and Gryffindor. Now, obviously Gryffindors and Slytherins already have that rivalry. But it feels like they feel they're meant to hate each other. In Half Blood Prince Harry said in his internal monologue when seeing Blaise that, to paraphrase, Slytherins and Gryffindors hate each other by default. Now lets look at Marcus and Oliver. You can make the claim they hate each other sure, but I question if they really do or if they feel they hate to, especially with spark of their rivalry. Oliver doesn't have this type of relationship with Cedric Digory of Roger Davis, only with Marcus. It's hard to make real judgements about their relationship since they're such minor characters. They already have a love for Quidditch in common, so that's a good basis for their relationship. It's also no secret that Slytherins are very flat characters, written as antagonistic. But I do have questions about Marcus. Since the Flint family is part of the sacred twenty-eight, he is possibly from a prestigious family, since many Slytherins do come from those sort of families. In a way we can assume that Marcus may have cold, elusive parents. While there's no way to prove that is canon, it does make you think. He does have quite a fiery personality, and that brings in the question of whether it is just how he is or he is devoid of affection. Oliver is obviously a very passionate person but not totally driven. So they could bring each other up. Since Marcus is a Slytherin he's ambitious and likely has a lot of drive. Therefore, Marcus can help Oliver focus his drive on things that aren't Quidditch and Oliver can provide the love he didn't get as a child. There's nothing that can be proved or disproven as they are so minor and everything can be up for interpretation. Now, Marcus is accused of being a short tempered person but Oliver can be quick to anger. Marcus does get joy out of stirring Oliver up. There's clearly a lot more to their relationship than is shown on the page. But also, when Draco's arm was still injured and Gryffindor was meant to play Slytherin, Marcus HIMSELF went up to Oliver to say they weren't playing. That doesn't make sense, right? Surely Marcus would tell Madam Hooch and she'd tell Oliver. So there's subtext to their relationship. There's A LOT more to their relationship than is shown on the page. There was clearly basis, especially since we don't see Angelina and Montague having any sort of a relationship. Especially not one that involved a spat over who got to practice. And their names even have meaning. A flint is a rock that sets wood on fire. So basically, their names involve a 'spark'. While this was probably used to signify their rivalry, like a spark causing conflict, sparks also refer to chemistry in romance. So their names could've also worked as being a symbol of their romantic relationship. There's also when they shake hands. They shake really tight. Why? Surely if you didn't like someone you wouldn't want to hold their hand too tight. While yes, it's described as trying to break each other's fingers, it's a bit extra. There's kist so clearly something to their relationship that really falls down onto how you feel about certain tropes but in a way, it could've worked in canon if done right. We don't know what Marcus did during the war either, he could've been at the Battle of Hogwarts. We don't know anything about him after Hogwarts really. He could've went to join his own Quidditch team so he and Oliver would've had run ins. Maybe without the expected rivalry they got along better. There's so much subtext, so much we can theorise or assume. There's just so many reasons.
  • Me externally: Rivals to lovers trope, duh

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In a perfect world LAND would've done a performance with Bridges and did something similar to Logic's performance but immigrants instead 😕 that would've been so much better than what actually happened and the girls wouldn't have to suffer bc of another pr stunt

Here’s a concept for you.

Imagine Bridges as a performance, The girls dressed in the Work From Home outfits, spend the whole song ‘building’ a bridge. During the final seconds, out walks Camila over it and rejoins the girls…

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Sorry but why do y'all support Denis's cooperation with Lambiel? He got another patchwork of old Lambiel programs for the next season and still no quads. Imo Deniss should've stayed with Urmanov to be competitive. His technique would've been so much better! He's now wasting half of his potential because of a inexperienced coach. It makes me sad!

Urmanov was actually the one who chose Four Seasons for Deniss and they had begun working on it before the coaching change. Stephane and Deniss changed it to the Max Richter version to avoid having the exact same program repeated.

Deniss doesn’t have quads because he was spending this season recovering from a serious injury to his thigh, the same injury that ended Lambiel’s career. And it was Stephane who organised the doctor who fixed Deniss up because of his experiences.

Stephane is not an inexperienced coach, yes Deniss is his first international senior student, but Stephane runs the skating school of switzerland and has coached many young champions and other students before Deniss. He has also spent years as a choreographer and a ‘finesse coach’ (in other words: polishing programs with skaters in order to bring out their full artistic potential).

Who knows, maybe Deniss’ jump technique would have been better with Urmanov, but being with Lambiel has polished Deniss’ artistry, spins and skating skills to amazing levels, and he has so much room to grow as well. I would argue that the strides they have made as a coach/student team in such a short time have been incredible and now that Deniss is recovered fully, and ready for it, the improvement will increase with quads (barring any pesky growth spurts). 

He’s not wasting his potential, he’s realising it. 

Deniss Vasiljevs is a natural born performer, he has a stage presence, and energy on the ice that has truly flourished with the change in coaches. Because it took someone like Stephane, an artist on ice, to help Deniss really come into his own as a skater and performer. Yes they have similarities, many coach and student teams do, yes their similarities are quite pronounced, but that is one of the reasons they work so well together. Stephane knows how to bring out the best in Deniss and Deniss is able to find his own style. Deniss has an electric youthful energy that makes him so bright and earnest and joyous, that you can’t help but smile and clap along because you can feel how much fun he is having, how much he loves skating. Stephane doesn’t have that same energy, his style is different. 

Also Stephane is one of Deniss’ idols and it is natural for skaters to emulate the styles of their idols. 

I support this cooperation because Deniss seems to be so much happier, and he is improving so rapidly I can’t wait to see where this team up takes him.

There’s a reason we call it ‘dream team’, because it is.

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Darktail would've worked so much better as blackstar's son imo

honestly darktail’s arc had so much potential overall and idk i guess I’m really disappointed at how the erins always feel the need to somehow have these new characters all be related to the clans. Scourge has a vendetta bc he was beat up as a kitten, Sol wants to destroy the clans bc he was cast out, Darktail wants to take over bc his father didn’t accept him blah blah like cmon erins come up with something new give me a character that has fuck all to do w the clans and just wants to take over bc they can 

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Ship neutral? Your a cishet if you didn't call out this ship then guess what? Your the reason why there's another pointless forced cis relationship on tv that supports pedophilia and sexualizing women. Florashi would've been a much better choice but no cis people like you just need to be represented

1.) don’t erase my sexuality because i don’t call out FICTIONAL SHIPS and cause unnesessary real world drama.

2.) the creators have had this ship planned for years in production, so unless i’ve had another severe dissociative episode and forgot that i worked on the show then i guess you blaming me is pointless whoops.

3.) Ashi is an young adult of concenting age, so as a csa survivor, i advise you to learn what pedophilia really means and stop watering down the severity of such a disgusting crime with your “ew gross cishet ship” bullshit.

look buddy, i honestly don’t give two shits about about the situation. i don’t ship it, but i’m not sending hate to those who do. i know you’re butthurt that a straight ship became canon over a lgbt+ one and you’re free to feel that way. i’m bi, i’ve been there and done that. but no one is stopping you from shipping florashi. jashi becoming canon doesn’t stop you from shipping whatever you want, it’s what fandom is for. use your time and energy into creating content for your ship instead of sending anon hate to a complete stranger who has no say in the matter.

skimming the white knight preview and seeing the word “batgate” gave me a hernia

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Hey Lynx! Heard you storyboarded some of the new MLP movie, that is awesome, I bet you made it 20x better than it would've been! (y'know, cause you're amazing and such). I'm definitely going to go see it and wanted to know if I should look out for any recognition towards you in the credits? No worries if it's you're real name and you don't want to say.

Ahh thank you very much! :D I definitely enjoyed working on it a lot, and really the whole team did an excellent job and made it better! 

And uhh yeah, my real name is what’s in the credits, not my internet one. ;) 


Ahaaaa, now this week was more my speed, since the GBA games are probably my favourite in the series. i been working on these all week and i felt they would work better if i uploaded them all as one photoset, soooooooooo~

also I was thinking of doing more but some characters just absolutely stumped me (Eliwood WHAT WOULD YOU BE), so I decided to just keep it one picture for each game.


Sayu & Gaki-san discuss Ikuta’s maniacal obsession with Gaki-san [x]

“It was weird that Ikuta was around me so much suddenly… I thought, ‘did she change her favourite member?’ But it turns out she was just using me to get to Gaki-san.”

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I'll always believe S3 was changed drastically in response to Cl.exa fans and that's why I'm so cautious about S4. From what is on screen RIGHT NOW? Things are going amazingly well. Better than I would've predicted based on 3A. But I'm not sure I trust the writers not to pull the rug out from under us in order to placate angry CL shippers, much like they, imo, changed S3 for them.

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So yeah. I’ve been thinking about Clarke’s journey this season, and I think my mind is changing on that theory now. I used to think that they went with the C/L romance because of the fan situation, and they probably exaggerated it, but I’m starting to understand Clarke’s path a little better, and I think she required a romance. 

Making the romance Lexa works on a symbolic level, because it deals with forgiveness, which is important especially since she needs to forgive herself. They’ve really linked up Lexa and Clarke, from the beginning to be mirrors of each other. They look at each other and recognize themselves. The young, strong, female leaders, making these life and death choices, feeling separate and burdened. She followed Lexa because Lexa seemed to be the kind of brave, self assured leader she wanted to be, and in that alliance, she ended up causing destruction that tore her apart. 

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So in order to forgive herself, she needed to be able to forgive Lexa. So there’s that journey, right?  But there’s also the journey towards learning to love again.  Since she thought Wells betrayed her, and then her mother. Since Finn broke her heart. Since she had to kill Finn with her own hands, she’s been too afraid to love. Too afraid to care that much, and has kept herself separate and business oriented. What happened to that light hearted girl who laughed in the river and played drinking games and flirted with guys? Her heart was broken, she became afraid to let anyone in. Partners, yes, but she hasn’t really opened her heart, even to her friends since closing the door on the drop ship (her first massacre). She allowed Bellamy in, a bit, until she decided love was a weakness and then she closed her heart.

Originally posted by atthisinlove

The truth is, she did NOT allow herself to love Lexa. She may have felt it, but she also kept herself from expressing it or fully allowing herself to experience it. She did NOT open up to Lexa. The only emotion she ever showed in 3A was in her scenes with Bellamy, and most of that emotion was connected to pain. Her face remained a frozen mask for much of her time in Polis, only softening up in the last two episodes which then lead directly to her explicitly choosing her own people over Lexa and getting ready to return home. It wasn’t until she knew she was leaving that she could express her feelings at all. That’s called fear of commitment. She didn’t want to get too close. And she did not tell Lexa she loved her, not when they had sex, not when they said good bye and not even when she died. 

So now she’s back with Bellamy and she clearly loves him. It’s written all over her face and shown in how she keeps returning to him, looking at him, touching him, turning to him, checking on him. But she’s still keeping herself from opening up entirely. She’s still afraid of love and still afraid of commitment and of being hurt again. She’s still afraid of LIVING.

When she goes into the COL and meets Lexa, she’s going to tell her she loves her. She’s going to get that chance to fully live in the love she had for her and face it. She’s going to get the chance to recognize that you can’t fully live unless you face the pain and risk of loss. Unless you love. Lexa is going to remind her that life should be about more than just surviving. And when she comes out of the COL, she’s going to wake up and see the people she loves and realize that they are what makes life worth living. And she’s going to see Bellamy who she loves more than anyone, and she’s going to stop letting her fear stop her.

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So no. I don’t think the Lexa storyline was put in to placate the fans. I think it was part of the journey that Clarke was on to discover the meaning of life and what makes it worth living. The girl who is the head needed to learn to open up her heart. What we’re going to see is not the writers jerking the fans around or placating them, but the end result of a storyline about love and forgiveness and fear, and what makes it all worthwhile.

Sadly, it’s a storyline that some people misinterpreted. They thought the middle was the end and the lesson was the endgame. I’m sorry for that. It shocked and hurt a lot of people. But it’s making sense to me now. 

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: lucas and riley have one of the most mature relationships in the show while still maintaining the adorable innocence that the media constantly fails to portray nowadays, not only that but they honestly trust each other so much and sure it started out as a crush based on looks but that's how it works?? and they climbed their way up to actually knowing each other and telling each other important stuff and pushing one another to be better and do better "be the hero i know you are" "if it weren't for you i don't know if i would've survived in new york" "i should be able to fight my own battles, lucas" "no you shouldn't and you don't have to riley, that's the point of having friends, and did you really think there was anything you could put in this window to keep me from helping you?" tbh they keep putting aside their romantic feelings because neither one of them wants to grow up without the other right by their side.....honestly my beautiful kids....and even through all that, people still have the nerve to call them a ''''stupid little middle school crush'''' and you know what screw it they deserve better