this would work on me honestly

Was practicing on monochrome style/ inverted style so I can learn contrast a little better. Need some work on it though…

Since I was working on that I thought using Apex and my stone face and monochrome characters would do the job..huh…looks like my little Mari isn’t in her world anymore…I. think… (honestly since apex style is cyber punk and futuristic I thought the setting for her world might be part subburd part futuristic)

Marionette @me
Galahad @arch-light (aka apex oc account)

I'm Not Okay But It's Okay.

Chronic stress (due to environmental factors and all the Awful Bullshit I’m constantly going through) and a bunch of risky behavior (due to Depression, Anxiety, and an Eating Disorder) are catching up with me. I don’t sleep well. Headaches every day. Back pain and nightmares and General unwellness. I might not be cutting but I am self-harming. I over-work and don’t slow down like I should. I spend too much time online and in front of screens, I stress-eat. I am treating my body and my mind like I’m mad at it, and it’s finally fighting me back. I stuck to the conviction that if I looked good, I felt good. If I put up a convincing front, it would all be fine. Honestly, I was on the fast track back to the hospital and if I hadn’t gotten an incredibly frightening wake up call last week, I would’ve ended up there.

I guess I’m writing this as a warning of sorts.

I preach about self-care and wellness and tell you all to be good to yourselves and I want to tell you that I’ve been hypocritical because I’m human. My transparency in my struggles have helped you in the past and I hope that this particular moment of transparency convinces you to examine the ways in which you aren’t quite being good to yourself.

i’m so very increasingly bored and would love to make edits even if they aren’t like super amazing like the beautiful edits some people make, but i literally have no inspo >.< so maybe you guys could request edits? you honestly don’t even have to be following me, so send me an ask with a character or ship and i’ll try to make the edit as soon as possible :) 

you can ask for an edit from these fandoms: 

  • harry potter ( excluding next gen )
  • percy jackson
  • paper towns
  • thirteen reasons why
  • infernal devices

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I have finally "come to terms", so to speak, with myself being transgendered. Growing up in a very religious household, who frowned upon such things, made me hide it for 10+ years. I'm finally coming out to parts of my family, and letting them know what's going on with me. While not everyone supports it, I'm trying to figure out what my next steps would be. How do I find a gender therapist and start actually transitioning and taking T? And any idea how to tell my managers at work? Thanks! <3

I honestly just googled best gender therapist in my area and starting making phone calls. You could also head down to the local LGBT center in your city if you have one.

In order to start hormones you need a referral from a therapist or doctor and they will then refer you to an endocrinologist or if your primary care doctor to prescribe you hormones. You will go in for blood work to make sure everything in your body is working properly and to check your hormone levels and then if it’s all good from there you can start your get.

It’s important to note this doesn’t happen in one visit and it can take time to get a referral so don’t give up! Coming out is hard but worth it. You will be so much happier.

Congrats on starting your journey


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Hi ! I love your blog <3 I have a question Do you think Levihan will be canon ? Thank you

Are you telling me they are not canon?!!

Ok..ok.. All jokes aside. Honestly? I always keep in mind despite the many times I joked about how married Levihan is, there is a big big chance of it not happening. I mean, it’s not that kind of manga, you know. The way I see it, Levihan doesn’t need a confirmation that they’re canon. The relationship is there. I want to include all the visuals to support it but I think we Levihans know what I’m referring to. The time when Hanji interpreted Levi’s words to Eren. The time when Levi helped boost Hanji’s morale after Pastor Nick died. Or when they were standing back to back and finishing each other’s sentences and other good moments. So I have that canon material to hold on to. They may not be romantically involved but platonic relationship is good too. And in this case, it’s a good strong platonic with benefits.

Once again, if you mean will Levihan be canon as in will they live happily ever after, I highly doubt so. I believe more people will die in this manga including one half of my ship and it’s going to be an unsatisfactory end because a lot of questions will be left unanswered and my fave didn’t make it till the end. As expected of Yams!

Ten years ago, I was living alone without internet because I was too lazy/scared to figure out how to set it up before my roommate moved in, working doubles and triples at a French restaurant, waiting for my boyfriend to get back from Europe where he was cheating on me with another girl with my same name, sort of in love with a waiter who would end up fucking up my life for like a year, hideously jealous of two of my best friends because eeeeeeveryone was in love with them including me, constantly CONSTANTLY hungover, but also having a stupid fun time in a way that was honestly a great stupid privilege.  Cash tips, no internet, killing time between shifts.  It was good.  A stroke of luck despite my bad behavior.

Kihyun’s soft snores and the singing of the morning birds made you want to bury your face deep into your pillow and sleep until you couldn’t anymore. Today was Sunday, the dread of tomorrow and the peacefulness of today mixed to make a feeling that compressed your chest. You felt anxious about tomorrow, waking up early and feeling annoyed while working was something you wanted to avoid forever, yet couldn’t.

However, those feelings briefly left you when you turned to look at Kihyun. his eyes fluttered open and he looked over at you. In his husky morning voice, he greeted you with a simple, “Good morning, my love”.

You smiled at him and pinched his cheek. Today would be a good day.

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Oooh can I ask for banter between Mae and... hm... either Varlen or Hanin - your choice! ;D

8D Why not both?


Maedwyn: “You can’t just run away from an enemy, Varlen, that’s not how combat works…So Hanin will tell you. But in fact, Varlen, if you put enough distance between yourself and, say, a metal onion–”

Hanin: “You know I was talking specifically about hand-to-hand combat–”

Maedwyn: “–and eviscerate him with mocking words such as ‘Nyeh-nyeh, you can’t touch me from here’–”

Hanin: “I would honestly be ashamed at myself if I fall for that kind of taunts.”

Varlen: “Shhhh he’s trying to be on my side here…He’s the only one on my side when it comes to your training so let him talk.”

Maedwyn: “And you might not fall for it, Hanin, but you know Cyrus would run up swinging if it’s thrown at -him-. Anyway. Ranged combat has merit.”

Hanin: “And you will not always have the luxury of taking…pot-shots at your opponents. Not to mention, you are a knife-fighter.”

Varlen: “Exactly! They are knives! Metal, sharp blades…Why do you try to make me fight with my bare fists?”

Maedwyn: “Just kick them in the family jewel, Varlen. Works every time.”

Hanin: “What if they are a woman? Or have groin guard?”

Maedwyn: “There are some very weak spots on the front of the body you can aim for. Why engage an enemy on an unfavorable field if you can turn the table back over to you?”

Hanin: “This is training for -eventuality-.”

Varlen: “Yes. This whole conversation is training. Training me to be patient for that -eventuality- where we will reach a point.”

Maedwyn: “There’s no point to be honest. I just wanted to run Hanin in circles without moving my tired legs and be supportive to you.”


Varlen: “I love and appreciate you for everything you do for my sake, Mae.”

Maedwyn: “You are welcomed always and forever, starshine.” ;-)

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This girl I work w/literally gets away with evil shit but no one would ever think it's her. Only reason I know is because Im observant. One time she caught me looking at her in the act of shredding documents&now she won't talk to me. like I don't exist. Im hurt cause we were cool &I'm like what would make her so Evily sweet. I find out she is a Leo sun scorpio moon. I assumed this explained it? What placement should I look at? I want to be her friend but I want her to trust me. I'm intrigued 😒

Honestly, look at her Rising, and then her 6th and 11th House. 7th House would work too. 6th would show her behavior in a work setting while 11th would show her behavior in a group setting (idk where you work, but if it applies, then look)

and the 7th would be the house of how she interacts with others on a 1-on-1 basis - it’s also where you can probably find yourself (if she considers you an enemy)


Story-time with Sora and Noctis takes a weird turn. Noct may have competition for the title of Crown Prince of Napping!

Bonus time-jump panel in which Noctis takes his rightful place as the Naptime King:

I can honestly say without a shadow of a doubt, if it wasn’t for this show and the talents of this man there would have never been a Powerpuff Girls. 

Its iconic characters, its bold approach to color and design, its ability to simultaneously work as a serious superhero show for kids and a comedic farce for adults, and its unashamed silliness, made Batman one of biggest inspirations of my creative life. 

So thank you Adam West for being a literal hero to me as a kid and a creative hero to me as an adult.



@cheshirerabit said: Shit, your teacher Bakugou idea is something I never considered but now think would be really cool. Cuz he would not stop being a hero but he wouldn’t half-ass being a teacher so it would be like how All Might attempted to hero and teach but could actually work. Plus, I’m all for Bakugou’s role model switching with time to Aizawa. 10/10 idea.

Anon said: OMG Fran now i want to see Teacher or Older Bakugou or or Bakugou with Aizawa

Bless both of you for giving me a reason to talk about this cause honestly I love this idea way more than striktly necessary - this!!! is how I like to think it would go down:

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Inked - Part 1

Peter Parker x Reader

soulmate au: you and your soulmate have tattoos that represent the others interests that tingle when you two are close to one another

word count: 2,273

Originally posted by hardyness

A/N this is honestly written for @parkerbpete, since she inspires me to write so much, like i love her work and ugh, she is my writing senpai. i love her and yea, hope you all like


Ink stained across your arm forming an intricate sleeve, a tattoo filled with things your soulmate was interested in, that would fluctuate from time to time. You remember that before it was filled with electron diagrams, pi and other math symbols, chemical structural formulas, and things you couldn’t recognize, all coming together to form a science themed tattoo sleeve, but now all that changed. Some tattoos fading to make space for your soulmate’s newest interests, which mainly consisted of the newest superhero to join the scene, Spiderman. Spidey’s logo was now on your bicep, a small avenger’s logo on the base of your wrist, a crest that matched the iron man suit, and spider webs lacing the new tattoos with the old. But the one thing that never changed was the writing that surrounded your wrist that was written in their writing, “always be yourself”

You had the vague idea that your soulmate attended Middletown with you, since the only time the writing on your wrist seemed to tingle, was walking down the corridors of school. But you always thought against finding them, having the idea that they were better off without you. Plus after spending hours staring at your tattoos, you felt that you two would have nothing in common. You may have been smart enough to attend Middletown; however your interests were more inclined to herbs and plants, not science.

So you made the decision to not look for your soulmate, because if they didn’t bother looking for you, then it only proves they didn’t need you in their life. So you would just continue walking down the halls, knowing that someone at school could also feel the tingling sensation on their arm.

You were gathering your supplies to tend your rooftop garden before you headed to sleep, however the last thing that you expected was to see Spiderman on your rooftop. The red and blue hero was resting against the brink ledge, as he clutched his arm, seeing a few gashes on the suit.  

“Spiderman are you ok?” setting down your supplies.

A groan escaped his lips, his body trying to become alert, but couldn’t with how tired he felt. He shook his head, “no, but I’ll be fine in a bit” trying to sound heroic but failing in the process.

You quickly went over to the small first aid kit, knowing that although it wasn’t built for serious injuries, there were still supplies for simple cuts and injuries from when you would nick yourself while tending your garden, “I seriously doubt that.”

As you approached Spiderman, small tingles ran up your arm, as the writing on your wrist started to feel warmer with each passing step. Your heart sped up knowing the reason why your arm was tingling, but right now his injuries mattered more than asking him if he was your soulmate. You gently set your supplies down, being mindful of where he was hurting and ignoring his intense gaze. Your hands were slightly trembling, anxious of being so close to him that you started to question if you could do this. You weren’t sure if you were nervous because you were near Spiderman or near your soulmate. Your licked your lips and emptying your thoughts, reaching out for his right arm, and the moment you touched it, you felt the warm spark run across your arm, confirming the small doubts in your mind, this really was your soulmate.

You didn’t do anything to call attention to it, and focused on the gashes on his suit, seeing the scarlet liquid staining not only the suit but the pale skin underneath. You reached for gauze and peroxide, “this may sting a bit,” the bottle still trembling in your hand, reminding yourself to keep calm.

You looked up at Spidey, wanting some sort of confirmation that he was ok with this. He nodded, and you started to pour the liquid over his wound. A hiss escaped his lips, as the water met the raw skin. You gently started to pat the area dry, making sure that the wound was clean before you moved on to the next. Your whole right arm never stopped sending the small sparks, that you wondered how he could keep his composure, when you were almost a nervous wreck. You looked up at him, meeting the visors that covered his eyes, but it didn’t lessen the speed of your heart or the warmth that was spreading across your face.

“That’s a nice sleeve,” his voice finally filling the silence that surrounded both of you.

“Thanks…it’s based on my soulmate,” your voice coming out as a whisper.

His gloved hand traced over the writing, before he started to travel up the rest of the sleeve, making your heart go into overdrive and your skin so sensitive to his touch, making you bite down on your lower lip, but you didn’t dare ask him to stop. “I know,” his voice no longer sounding hurt, “my arm is filled with flowers,” his hand now tracing over one spider webs.

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endless reasons to love dean winchester 

@ said: I honestly like the way he treats sex. It’s a healthy, human thing. Remember the porn actress [Suzy]? Many guys would be condescending, mean and plain creepy about it. Dean? He was a real fan who told her that her work improved his life and it wasn’t until she brought it up that he even considered sex with her. It wasn’t a “given” because she was a sex worker, lol he was actually star struck

tell me why you love dean

“We should… get to dinner. Drack said he was making—”
“I heard. And I would rather stay here, like this.”

i had the opportunity to commission @lonicera-caprifolium, and i have to say that i couldn’t be more pleased with the result. i mean, c’mon! you can see how fluffy and perfect oberon looks. they were such a sweetheart, and honestly, i can’t wait to commission them again! pls go check out their work. ♡

okay so like

while i absolutely adore zakk and his friendship with alexa- and okay when i was very young I shipped it too- some of the big problems I have with Zalexa is that 

a) it doesn’t really recognize Adam, who is just as much a part of the trio as either of them and, in my opinion, would be left out so much if Zakk and Alexa started dating. like, they wouldn’t intend too exclude him but he’s already kinda the odd man out sometimes, and if they started dating it’d be even worse

b) Zakk is going through a lot!! Even if the show doesn’t really acknowledge it, he is away from his family and is often really out of place in the future- see any episode from season one, s2e4-8, and like, the opener to season 3- and while he does have friends and has a great time a lot, like, he is not emotionally ready to be in a serious relationship until he starts talking about his problems. (and yeah, I know, most people don’t ship them until they’re teens, but like. It is gonna take Zakk years to open up about his emotional problems.) 

c) After mid-season two, Alexa has a huge weight placed on her shoulders, and it stays during even the disaster of season 3. She’s doing school, student council, ten-ball, trying to make a Time Splicer, and seems to be keeping all the household chores (?? I know this was in an episode somewhere of her like cooking dinner while Zakk and Adam comes back from the movies but I’m not sure where), and like. that’s a lot of stress! unless you have Hadron come back and start acting like a proper parent again, I don’t think she would have enough time to sleep, let alone have a serious romantic relationship with anyone. 

d) her chemistry with Sari from Student Council. That is all

dating yoongi [realistically]

Originally posted by myloveseokjin

jungkook l taehyung

important: please remember that everything I wrote down is my own personal opinion. I do not know Yoongi personally, so this is based on my imagination of ‘’realistic’’ only.

• first things first ; he really doesn’t care about appearance. he said this a lot of times and actually out of all people in bangtan, he is the only one I truly do believe. (not that I shame on the other members, it’s natural after all)

• so I can imagine him being with any type of woman out there

• yoongi is really wise for his age, he has gone through a lot as well so I believe a girl that is close to his age with life experience would work the best for him

• he is a really simple and easy-going person so someone that is calm and nice is probably his type

• so if yoongi would start liking you he would probably not try to tell you right away

• he would wait or not tell you at all because he’s afraid he’ll get hurt

• you probably being the one who breaks down his walls and tell him that you like him a lot

• I have a feeling he can be really insecure about himself so he would probably think you’re too good for him

• but once you’re his girlfriend you would make sure to make him feel so loved and relevant

• he could get so cuddly once he’s in the mood

• but could also get so distant at times for no certain reason

• he’s really unpredictable

• since he’s bad at expressing his feelings with words he wouldn’t be able to say I love you easily

• but he would write so many songs about you

• you would bag him to show you some of them but he would probably just smile
• “no, not yet”

• if you finally hear them, you’d probably be so touched, maybe even cry (if you’re a soft stan like me) and he would be so happy and chuckle at your reactions

• lots of hugs honestly

• you being his own sweet getaway from the harsh cold world

• if he is feeling down or just turns more quiet than usual ; best way to find out what’s bothering him is probably just looking at him softly and taking his hand

• just so you’d make sure he knows you’re there

• days where you just lay on the bed next to each other; he’s working on his music while you’re scrolling down your phone or reading a book

• both of you being really content even though you don’t talk during those moments

• because simply your presence would make him feel so much better

• yoongi being happy and content would turn out to be a common thing with you by his side

• him writing you letters once a while when he’s on tour
• (after seeing that he wrote 300 for armys)

• he’s so calm most of the time, I’ve never seen him angry and I feel like when he’s mad, he isn’t the type of man who would yell at you

• he’s more of the silent treatment type

• so you would barely fight probably

• especially in the beginning of your relationship

• because you’re both really mature and don’t get mad for simple things

• but if it comes to a fight it’s probably settled quickly simply because the one who did a mistake would apologize

• if you’d be upset or cry he probably wouldn’t know how to comfort you at first

• it would turn really awkward for him

• but when there are phases where you are really unhappy with yourself or how things never work out for you he would support you as much as he can

• because he knows how much it hurts to be alone and have no one who truly believes in you

• you’re always eating together

• your favorite kind of date is probably just being lazy and eating as much as you can

• instead of buying you expensive presents I can imagine him giving you a lot of self made things

• cute selfies

• the members being surprised that you’re the only person he doesn’t mind spending 24/7 of his time with since he’s usually the one likes to have his own space

• probably not the jealous type

• type of person who secretly stresses over stuff that he doesn’t need to

• but if he would get jealous and he knows it’s just because he’s insecure ; he wouldn’t tell you

• because as I said, I believe yoongi is mature enough and he owns a big understanding heart, so that’s probably the reason he wouldn’t tell you

• your happiness would be his biggest priority after all

• he doesn’t look like a great texter; so I believe he wouldn’t really contact you that often through texts if you’re apart

• he would call you though

• especially once he gets comfortable around you he wouldn’t be ashamed to call you as much as he would want

• which could turn out to be a regular thing

• but there could also be times where he wouldn’t call you for days/maybe even a week

• but I have a feeling that if you’re dating yoongi, you wouldn’t have to talk to him everyday

• like he would be one of those people in your life that you could go on days without talking and it wouldn’t change anything about the strong bond that you have

• because you understand that both of you are busy and you don’t need to constantly check up on each other to know you love each other

• type of man who is there for you whenever you need him but also leaves you alone if you want him to

• if he’s grumpy you’d know how to cheer him up

• like he’d be so whipped for the girl he loves

• but sometimes he could be really harsh without wanting to

• again, pda wouldn’t be a thing

• even though some people see yoongi as dominant and “daddy material” I couldn’t ever imagine him having a kink like that

• among all of the seven members I feel like he would take the longest time to give in and have sex with you

• maybe that’s also because of the insecurities he has sometimes

• he once said how he wants to be taller, more tan and have a beard (so you have a feeling what type of man he actually wants to be)

• he seems so sensitive/sensible & soft most of the time

vanilla sex mostly

definitely falls asleep after sex

• he seems like a person who thinks a lot so deep conversations & nonsense conversations

• his gummy smile

• yoongi being completely and helplessly in love would make every single soul around him feel so much happiness for him

• because he’s so special and people know that

• the members being happy

• you both being happy

• so even though min yoongi is a lazy man and sometimes really hard to understand, he also couldn’t be much more understanding towards his loved ones.

• he is someone who will never need a lot to be content with his life

• especially after finding the one he truly loves, he could maybe even start to appreciate living a bit more

[TRANS] Jackson talking about giving up fencing to pursue being an idol 170602

people always said to me, why did you come here? weren’t you doing fencing? you would’ve been more successful then..but we, GOT7 & ahgases know better than anyone else that we’re going to go on together for a long time honestly, when I came to Korea as a trainee.. it became a situation where I couldn’t go back to HK anymore if I went back I couldn’t do fencing again..& would have to look for another college, b/c actually back then I received a Stanford offer they invited me to join their fencing team, but i gave up the opportunity to attend such a good school & a chance at a medal to come here it was a huge challenge, so I made up my mind to REALLY work hard..because i wasn’t even good looking or talented, idek why I was accepted…I didn’t even know Korean,it was really hard. After debut, I was really happy because people knew me,it was like the best gift I had for my parents