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Modern AU: Obi calls back home for the first time in years.

The first nice day in April finds Obi out on the fire escape, elbows braced against his knees to keep his hands from shaking.

His phone has one contact pulled up, his thumb hovering over the call button. He’s paralyzed; every time his gaze catches on the name, it’s like being punched in the gut. Not like when he was in the ring, prepped and tense, but like when he was just some undersized foster kid, someone who would be leaving soon, someone no one would remember if you stuffed them in a locker or shoved them head-first into a toilet. Something he can never be prepared for, no matter how many times it happens.

Home, it reads.

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Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You

Pairing: Steve x Reader

Summary: Reader and Steve dance to Frankie Valli’s Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You (Steve’s version of this fic)

Warnings: Unless you hate horrible dancing and writing

“I guess getting beaten up in alleyways and in the backs of diners was worth it.”

Steve said as he shrugged. Pouring himself another glass of wine, he met you in the dim lights of the quiet common room. It was a non eventful Saturday night in the tower, a three day weekend off from missions and superhero duty was what you, Steve, and the team needed, so you and the super soldier decided to celebrate by talking, drinking, and relaxing.

“God, that must’ve been so hard for you.” You replied. “Y’know, if I were actually alive in your time, I’d help you and kick those people’s asses.” You tipped your glass to him as you criss crossed your legs, facing Steve on the couch.

Steve chuckled in response. “Yeah, that’s alright though. I had Buck with me most of the times to be the savior he was and help me with those problems.” The two of you sat listening to a random playlist FRIDAY turned on before he spoke again. “But enough of that. I’m here now and if all of that didn’t happen, the things in present time wouldn’t be happening now.”

“So tell me, what was it like in the forties?” You asked him, feeling the buzz kick in as you changed the subject to lighten the mood. “Were things easier? A lot has changed I bet…Do you prefer those times over now?”

He raised his eyebrows at the questions that were darted to him. Downing his third - maybe fourth glass of wine, he placed the empty glass on the table.

You gasped at the song that came on and an idea came up in your head. “Dancing must’ve been a lot nicer and romantic, I bet!” You said, excitement filling your veins.

“Oh, man. Dancin’ has changed so much since then.” Steve said as he saw you get up, dancing to the bass of the alternative song. “I’m still trying to get used to this generation and their slang, let alone music, even though I’ve been alive for how long..” He chuckled.

You scoffed playfully as you continued to dance, swinging your hips. “Yeah, I’ve seen your text messages.” You laughed. “But I like how you’re so vintage and old school, unlike people now.”

“I wish I was born in your year. I would’ve loved to dance with you.” You climbed onto Steve’s lap, pursing your lips as he held your waist in his hands.

“That would be fun, although we can still dance like I did back then.” Steve assured. You gave him a questioned look. “C’mon, get up.”

You got off of Steve’s lap. Taking his hand, he led you to an open area of the room where the walls were all glass. The scenery of the city was dimmed in the low lighting of the tower, 12 A.M Manhattan greeting the two of you. “Ohh, no, no, no, Steve.” You giggled as he stopped in the middle of the room.

“What? I thought you wanted to dance with me?”

“Steven, I don’t exactly know how.” You laughed out. He walked over to one of the speakers where your phone was, looking through your Spotify app to find the right song muttering, ‘i’ll show you.’

You questioned if you could actually dance to Steve’s liking, hoping you wouldn’t embarrass your half-drunk self in front of him. You heard the song skip and you silently gasped to the tune that played:

Frankie Valli’s Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You.

Steve slowly walked towards you as your hands crept to your mouth, covering your laughs. He gingerly moved his head and hips and mimicked the words, seeming like he would try to awfully seduce you. He took your hand and placed it on his shoulder, the other held his tightly. His right hand was on your waist to guide your movements.

“Follow me.” He whispered. You felt his damn smirk creep on your ear to the nape of your neck as you felt goosebumps on your spine.

“If I step on your foot, don’t blame me.” You smiled.

Slowly moving to the serenading and picturesque lyrics, Steve smiled down at you as you shook your head in response, silently telling him, ‘i hate you.’

“Here come’s my favorite part.” He said.

“What par- Steven, n-“

You started, but Steve was too quick on his feet. Twirling you around, he had you in a tango position. His hand was cradling the small of your back, your arm around his back, chests touching ad your free hands were held straight in front to guide direction.

Laughter filled the air as you and Steve slowly walked to one side of the room on the instrumental part of the song before the chorus.

“Here’s the dramatic part. You ready?” He asked.

“Not necessarily.”

Steve twirled you once more, your loose sweatshirt flowing as he spun you, finishing with a rather dramatic dip as the song stopped. The two of you were breathless, smiling at each other before he helped you up to your former position.

“Steven, you’re something else.” You laughed. He smiled and rested his forehead on yours, lightly kissing the tip of your nose.

“To be fair, you did want to know what it would be like to dance with me then. I was a little rusty, but I was probably better than Bucky.” He winked.

“You call that rusty? I practically stepped on you five times.” You shook your head as Steve rocked your bodies back and forth as the song finished.

“I love you baby, and if it’s quiet alright - Dance, doll.” Steve sang as the alcohol kicked through his veins. You closed your eyes as you listened to his soft hums, resting your head in the crook of his neck.

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can you imagine harry and eggsy having to go undercover to a dinner or a gala or something, posing as father and son, and eggsy just spends the whole time calling harry "daddy" as often as possible and just being a general little shit. and people are just like "its so nice that theyre so close :)))" (eggsy is still calling him "daddy" later that night as harry fucks him)

listen what i think the kingsman fandom as a whole needs to understand is that i am a lesbian and daddy kink has never been something i even considered UNTIL I JOINED THIS FUCKING FANDOM 

like do you have any idea how much i didn’t even know daddy kink was a thing? a month ago i didn’t know daddy kink was a thing. i had never heard of it. i never saw it before. and it’s not like i haven’t been online or reading fanfic since i was ten or anything, but for whatever reason i missed daddy kink in all of my fandom travels

until kingsman. and today i can’t count how many hartwin fics/ficlets i’ve read with it because everyone writes it SO well and it’s so reasonable to imagine in the kingsman verse. like it’s not a turn on for me, but like i get it? if that makes sense? 

so yes, here i go. writing mild daddy kink. b/c i’m trash. 


Look, he thought it would be funny. 

Since becoming Arthur, Merlin has been bored out of his mind. He doesn’t get to handle missions directly and help the agents while they’re in the field–No, instead he gets to /organize/ missions. Find out what’s worth their time, find out what’s profitable, somehow make the two work together, and then–oh, and then–he gets to pick and choose who goes on what missions. Then he fills out the paperwork, and half of the time by that point he has to change the mission parameters because it takes so bloody long. 

So yeah, he wanted to mess with Harry. The bastard “died” long enough to let Merlin take over as Arthur when really, it should have gone to just about anyone else because Merlin was best as being Merlin. (Roderick’s a piss poor mission manager and Merlin would REALLY like to kick the bastard to the kerb and take over himself while splitting Arthur-duties with Harry and Percival, but until an agent gets hurt or dies on his watch, Merlin has no authority to fire the arse.)

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What if Eggsy is a closet polyglot, reason, he doesn't want Dean to take it away from him like gymnastics. He teaches Daisy too. Somehow, during a mission with Harry, they didn't realise they were conversing in multiple languages until Merlin points it out.

I DID NOT FORGET OR IGNORE THIS, HONEST. The holidays were kind of a mess, and then Google translating everything … well. I hope you like it?

The door to the flat slammed open, and Eggsy winced as he shoved the book deep under his mattress. Dean would be looking for him at any moment, and if he looked like he was enjoying anything Dean would take it. He’d learned that long ago.

“Oi, get your arse out there an’ fuckin’ earn your keep, yeah?” Dean spat, barging into Eggsy’s room. Eggsy resisted the urge to fight; his mum hated it when he fought with Dean (though the man deserved everything Eggsy could give him and more).

Eggsy merely nodded, grimacing when Dean passed a bag of pills for him to sell. Nobody ever suspected a 13-year-old of pushing drugs, not even in their neighbourhood.

He’d get the money somehow, without resorting to selling again. The hoppers were already watching him for his connections to his stepfather’s drugs.

And if he managed to lift a little extra, he’d buy another book on Chinese grammar. The ladies down at the market seemed to think he was doing well when he dropped by to practice, anyway.

By the time he was 16, Eggsy was getting more lax about leaving his books out. He’d been careful before so that his studies didn’t go the way of his gymnastics, but now, more often than not, Dean was too drunk or stoned to recognise that the titles weren’t in English, and he often just assumed Eggsy was into foreign porn, which suited Eggsy just fine. He got enough shit without having to explain his love of languages—he was now conversationally fluent in Portuguese and Arabic to go with his Chinese—and his love of boys. If Dean knew that, Eggsy would be better off getting himself gaoled than suffering Dean’s homophobic abuse.

Eggsy smiled, mouthing the sentence once more: ‘Myn hovercraft sit fol mei iel.’ (1) He wasn’t sure how useful that one would be, but maybe he’d get a laugh when he used it. He already got a laugh from the bloke at the corner market when he said (2) ‘مبيعرفش في البطيخ’ .

Dropping out of school, and then the Marines, meant Eggsy had lost any opportunity to really study anything in-depth. His stack of language books only grew, with Welsh, German, and Swahili joining what he already knew. He spent so much time watching his sister that he had plenty of time to add to his linguistic repertoire, and it helped when Dean sent him out to deal with his distributors—they were a lot more willing to give him a deal when they knew he could understand what they were saying.

“Usiogope, upendo, nimepata wewe,” (3) he whispered to his sleeping sister, pressing a kiss to her forehead as she pulled her teddy bear closer.

Harry Hart was a test against temptation, Eggsy was convinced. He was exactly what he’d always liked in men: tall, cocky, and able to fight. He wore a suit like it was a second skin, and he’d bailed Eggsy out.

When, a few months after V-Day, they’d found him recovering in a Kentucky hospital, Eggsy added another thing he liked in his men to the list: living. Sure, he had a limp that he’d not had before, a few more scars than previously, but there he was, walking into Kingsman headquarters, no longer Galahad, but Harry graciously gave the title to Eggsy and let himself be christened with the title of Lamorak.

He was so thankful to see the man alive that he didn’t realise he wasn’t even speaking English at first, but Harry only smiled and replied back in fluent German.

That was hot. Eggsy had assumed Harry spoke something else; he was posh as hell and probably learned seventeen languages before finishing secondary.

He just hadn’t counted on needing to hide an erection from hearing Harry speak another language.

When he showed Harry his own aptitude for languages and explained how he’d learned, Harry had smiled warmly and made sure he had the finest materials to learn from in the future. Dozens of languages were available to him, from Adangme to Zulu.

He was going to learn them all.

“Gdzie jest wyjście?” (4) Eggsy called, mid-firefight, eyes scanning for any way out of their current predicament.

“Chuj wie!” (5) Harry yelled back, disarming one man and shoving his elbow into the throat of another. “Myślę, że musimy iść w górę!” (6)

Eggsy nodded, and began clearing a path to the stairs—if nothing else, they could get to a roof and escape that way.

“Idemo!” (7) Eggsy yelled once he’d downed another half dozen men, making a path for their escape. “Ovo neće biti naš grob!” (8)

“Mas malala pa ang tinakasan natin kaysa rito!“ (9) Harry panted as they raced up the stairs, dodging bullets, eyes trained on doors for any foes they’d need to contend with on their trek skyward.

“This is no different,” Eggsy agreed, turning around and jumping down the stairs, hearing a satisfying crunch as he landed heavily on the man following them.

“Gentlemen, we’ve a helicopter en route to your location,” Merlin’s voice broke in when there was a break in their assailants. “Can you last five more minutes?”

“Yeah,” Eggsy said. “Tre etager endnu ; we’ll make it.” (10)

They were silent for the rest of the run, conserving their energy should they be greeted on the roof by anything other than a Kingsman chopper.

The way was free, and as they climbed in and buckled up, Eggsy leaned over, kissing Harry deeply for just a moment. “Ek is lief vir jou,” (11) he whispered.

Merlin cleared his throat over the comms. “If you could keep your mission chatter to English in the future, that would be wonderful.”

Eggsy blinked, glancing at Harry. It was clear that the other man was just as surprised to find out they hadn’t been speaking English the whole time.

“We’ll, uh, do our best,” Eggsy murmured.

“Tsia, tsy isika,” (12) Harry countered, causing Eggsy to grin and Merlin to curse softly before cutting the comms.

1 - Frisian; my hovercraft is full of eels

2 - Arabic; they don’t know in the watermelon (aka - ‘mabye'rafsh fi el batteekh’)–and ughhhhh formatting fail.

3 - Swahili; don’t worry, love, I’ve got you

4 - Polish; where’s the exit?

5 - Polish; no fucking clue (edited because @lady-mephistopheles is smarter than I am and corrected!)

6 - Polish; I think we need to go up

7 - Croatian; let’s go

8 - Croatian; this won’t be our grave

9 - Filipino; we’ve made it out of worse (edited because @ligayaharukadiwata actually KNOWS Filipino without Google and corrected me <3 )

10 - Danish; three flights to go (edited by Mille on Ao3 because yay, Danish people knowing Danish!)

11 - Afrikaans; I love you

12 - Malagasy; no we won’t

I am still taking prompts!

Hi Guys! So I was looking through all my half finished fics that I have and found this one I finished and just thought was to terrible to post, but I’m posting it anyway thinking you might like it, and also as a Thank you for all the kind messages I’ve received during my little break I’m having, so I hope you enjoy :D

Forever tag list: nemo-miracle-grow areyousad8118 thisissomefreshbullshit luckyemcee mmfdiaryfan murderyoursoul kristicallahan irish-girl-84 sey77 bebelievelive justagirlnamedkayla i-love-mmfd anitavalija stephsadickhead milymargot busstop ililypop pink-royaute lolflash youmehellofarollercoasterride curvygirlonabudget mellamoaiko dontneedamoralcompass paleasalabaster mmfdfanfic mallyallyandra lethallylauren finnleysraemundo pissingonursoul losingpudge bitchy-broken fuckintentshop audisodd perfecters darlingdiver fantasticab celestev31 myfinnnelsonpls rinncincin tinakegg ducky17 katywright340 bitcheslovebeck raernundo nutinanutshell cant-getno-sleep courtkismet omgbananasnailus i-dream-of-emus gemmarstyles guyoverboard anglophileyoungblood swooningfangirl bitchesbecrazy89 chrryblsms girlwithafoxhat annemarieted sammylbc abullofshit sarahlouise88ni denaceleste how-ardently idontliketalkingtoanybody mmfdblog phoenixflow penguinsandbowties fizzezlikecherrycola fangirlwithoutshame africancreativity alyssaloca fangirlwithoutshame fizzezlikecherrycola penguinsandbowties llexis thatfunnygirllauren cheersmedear 14000romances rred87 nirvanalove27 takenbyatree im-an-emu shashaaussi mirandasmadeofstone lililuvlight flxwxry slitherouter saracasm25 becauseyouarestrong malvaloca93 happyfrasers vmellow scumothaearff wandering-soul-7 hewittgolightly emmatationsforall ninjarunningzico arcticoasisboy please let me know if you would like to be added or removed :)

A/N: in this a few things happen out of order, Rae reached the orgasm gateway, she already dated Archie but the fingering thing was never mentioned, the Finn Big G thing happened but he hasn’t apologized for being a dick yet, and now they are talking about best sexual experiences and orgasms and drinking makes a Rae a bit bold.


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"Look at me!"
  • Harry: You were staring at yourself in the mirror, your reflection not showing what you wanted. You looked bloated, fat was in places that you never noticed before. You continuously sat in front of the mirror pinching at you arms, stomach, and thighs. The scale said you lost 10 pounds so why does it feel like you have gained 45? The media was always slamming you about being Harry's biggest girlfriend but you never caught sight of what they saw until today. You laid face down on the bed and just started to weep. You wish you could go back to the time when you didn't need to worry about body image, when you were tiny and proud of it. You were having a mental breakdown and you were all alone. "Babe! I'm home!" Harry's voice echoed through the house. You tried to get yourself together before Harry came up stairs, but you were a little too late. "What's going on?" He asked kicking off his shoes and sitting next to you in bed. "Nothing." you shrugged trying not to worry him. "You can tell me anything, you know that." He insisted kissing your cheek. There was a moment of silence and you then poured yourself out to him. Told him all about how you feel. After you finished your rant you hung your head, ashamed that you said anything. "Hey, look at me." he cooed as you lifted your head. "You're perfect to me, you're the best thing that has happened to me in a while, so stop getting yourself down and stop caring what everyone else thinks, okay?" He smiled, and you closed your eyes and nodded. "Because I think you're perfect." He said bringing your lips to his, sharing one last kiss before you both drifted into a slumber.
  • Niall: You and Niall were back at it again. You guys are having another argument over something stupid because he was in another one of his moods. "I am so tired of walking on eggshells around you! Its always one thing after another with you!" He yelled slamming his hands on the table. It was probably best that you were on opposite sides because you probably could have strangled him. "You think you're walking on eggshell around here? I haven't even done anything and you're screaming at me! You think I don't walk on eggshells!" You retaliated. "You're such a bitch yanno, and I work my ass off everyday unlike you who just sits around on yours! ." That one hurt, and you had no come backs. You were too nice to call him anything back so you took your hands off the table and walked away. It took him a minute to realize what he did wrong, and he was soon following you as you went to grab your shoes. "Where are you going?" He asked. "I can't be here right now." You sighed slipping on your Vans, lacing them loosely. "You can't just leave." He said grabbing your wrist. "Watch me." You said shaking your wrist loose and going to the door. "No wait!" He insited blocking the door. "I didn't mean what I said, I was angry and stupid." You avoided his eyes and tried to push pass him. "Look at me!" He said as you decided to look up. "I love you." He said. "Niall." You sighed. "No, I love you, you're not allowed to leave." He said his eyes almost tearing up. "Let me leave." You insisted.
  • Zayn: You hung your head as Zayn kept pacing back and forth. You knew what you did was wrong, but you don't even remember what happened exactly. "I can't believe you did this." He boomed. "To be fair I was drunk." You said, head still hung. "You honestly think that makes everything better?" He asked. "My drunk fiancé can't even stay loyal tp me, at a famous bar, and there were people watching your every move! Do you know how that looks!" He started yelling, getting madder ever minute. "You're ruining everything that we worked so hard to keep normal, do you realize that?" He asked angrily. "I know, it was a mistake, I don't even know what happened." You sighed, knowing he was mad. "You have nothing to say for yourself do you? You haven't even apologized yet, you have been trying to form an excuse." He was angry, his fists in tiny balls at his sides. "I can't apologize for something that I am not even sure happened!" You said quiet as possible. "Look at me!" He demanded and your head snapped to his face, you knew that was a mistake. His eyes were filled with pain, you could see the love for you, but he was just disappointed. "Nothing?" He questioned. "You have nothing to say?" You dropped your head. "No, look at me!" He demanded again. "I'm sorry." You whimpered. "I really am."
  • Liam: You and Liam have been getting more and more serious in your relationship. You have been spotted in public together and that just helped with you guys coming out as a couple and not just best friends. You guys were on your way to a movie when you both got mobbed by the paparazzi. Technically, management wouldn't let Liam admit to anyone about you but the constant media attention has given people a hint. "I don't know Liam." you said playing with your fingers. "I don't think it would be good media for you if we were together." You sighed. "What are you talking about?" He asked resting his hand on yours. "You know the word is getting around about us and I don't think people are going to like you being with me." He started to rub your hand slowly. "What in hell makes you think that?" He asked. "You know, I'm not like Sophia or Danielle I'm not a model, or dancer, or anyone important. I just think I am not the best right now." He interlocked your fingers. "Look at me." He said lifting your chin with his free hand. "I could care less what anyone else thinks, I love you and you should know that." He said kissing your hand.
  • Louis: You are having dinner with Louis family for the first time. You and his sisters got along just fine, and they loved you at first sight, it was his mom who wasn't a big fan. Louis's past relationships went pretty far and each time they ended in demise, so his mom was very skeptical of you and she didn't seem to pleased. As soon as you sat down and Louis introduced you two you could feel the tension. When she asked about school and what your studying for she basically laughed when you said childhood education. You didn't understand why she was acting like she hated you before you even met. The question became too much for you to handle before you excused yourself from the table to go to the bathroom. You went up the stairs to the bathroom an you just took a few deep breaths. A few moments later there was a light knock on the door. "Darling, its me let me in." Louis's voice ran through the door. You opened it and he stepped in. "Are you okay, you seemed frazzled when you left." He said holding my hands. "Yeah, I'm fine." I sighed. "No you're not, what's going on in that pretty little head of yours?" He asked. "Its silly, I just know your mom doesn't like me." I sighed. "First of all who cares, second of all look at you, you're perfect, my mom would have to be crazy to not think you are the most perfect thing in the world." He smiled. "Look at me." He said. "Get out of your head, you're perfect." He smiled and kissed your head.
  • -Jenni: )
The Wedding Date- Chapter 5
A/N: I probably won’t update tomorrow, but if I do I will only have time for at least one chapter. That’s kinda why I updated so much today. Just a little heads up, anyways, as usual I apologize for any mistakes, and the original is here

Camila woke up and looked across the bed. Lauren was still sleeping. She looked peaceful and serene. Her almost pitch-black hair was draped across her face and her make-up was smudged under her eyes. Camila felt the urge to trace her hand over Lauren’s face but that would probably wake up the other girl, so she just decided to go take a shower.

After her shower, Lauren was still sleeping. Camila went into the living room and took her phone with her. She remembered that Normani had asked her to call her. Normani went to school with Lauren, so she probably knew way more than Camila about Lauren.

Normani and her met via mutual friends. Normani went to school with Chris and Gabi, and Camila met them at a college bar. They were a big group of friends who hung out a couple of times a week. Normani, Chris, Gabi, Kasey, Dylan, Dinah, Emily, James, Austin and her. Lately Camila hadn’t managed to meet them, but after they were back from Hawaii, she would get back into her social life.

The whole group was supposed to be here too for the two weeks, but Kasey’s parents wanted some private family time. Camila couldn’t remember when they were arriving, but it was probably fast. She tiptoed out off the room, so that she wouldn’t wake Lauren and started dialing Normani’s number as she opened the window and stepped into the morning sun. It was nine AM, so Normani would be up already.

‘Hello with Normani Kordei.’

Camila smiled. Normani would always do that. Even though she could see who was calling her, she still felt the need to introduce her over the phone.

'Hi, Normani It’s Camila.’

'Camila? Oh, you’re finally calling. I was so curious to hear about the whole situation there.’

'Yeah, I know. I wanted to call, but I was so busy.’

Well that wasn’t really true, but Normani didn’t need to know that she hadn’t thought about calling her. That would just hurt her feelings.

'Oh okay, I get it.’

'When are you guys coming anyway?’

'The day after tomorrow. No offense Camila, but I’m not really looking forward to it. Five hours next to that annoying Gabi.’

Normani worked at the local new station and was a reporter. She worked her butt off, but it worked. In just a few years she had managed to reach a certain level in her career. She wrote some articles for the news and last month was her first TV-debut. Normani looked like the perfect brunette, religious American girl. She was a brunette, skinny girl with dark skin. The girl was just dead on gorgeous and nobody could deny that. Her looks certainly helped her reaching her career, but mostly because people didn’t expect much from her. After her first day, some jerks told her that she wouldn’t make it just with her pretty face, but Norman iwas one of the smartest people Camila had ever met. She would sometimes use words in her articles that Camila even never heard about.

Gabi on the other hand was a singer in the local bar. She wanted to be on Broadway and she had a part. She was a maid in some kind of show that Camila now couldn’t remember. She had two lines but choked on opening night. After that, she was so humiliated that she moved back to Chicago and left New York forever. When she moved, she fell into a small depression. It wasn’t that she needed to be hospitalized but she just decided not to talk or leave her house. After about a month she seemed to be over it, but that wasn’t the case.

Whenever she was drunk, she would go on hour-long rants about how she could have been the biggest musical star that the world has ever seen, but when she wasn’t drunk, she didn’t say a word about that. Camila figured that it just hurt too much to talk about all her lost dreams.

Chris was a designer, first in New York and he was then offered a job at Vogue in their Chicago department. That was probably the reason why the both of them, who were best friends, both moved to Chicago. Chris too had dreams to become a performer in the musical arts, but he never made it. Some agent a couple of years ago told him that his face was way too gay to ever get a decent part. Chris said he didn’t care what people thought about him, but she knew that he was pretty offended. After that, he didn’t audition that much anymore, mostly because his designer job was really taking off. He worked at and then got offered the job in Chicago. Camila herself wasn’t a big fan of Chris’ clothes, but people really seemed to like it. It was a little over the top for her.

'No, I get it. I wouldn’t like sitting next to Gabi for an hour, let alone five hours.’

'I know. But how is it there?’

'Great, the weather is awesome and the food is really good.’

'Mila, you know I wasn’t asking about the weather or the food. How is the whole Lauren and Austin situation?’

Camila swallowed when she remembered the fact that Austin cheated.

'He cheated.’

'What?’ Normani’s voice rose.

'He cheated with some girl, and now that girl is pregnant.’

'Oh my god. That bastard. I’m coming over right now to kick his ass. What gives him the right to cheat on you? Freaking asshole. Oh man, he’s so lucky I’m not there right now. Nobody messes with Camila Cabello like that. You did get mad at him, right?’

It felt good that Normani was so mad. It felt like someone was picking her side, even though she technically didn’t do anything wrong.

'Yeah, the first night, he tried to talk to me, but I flipped out on him.’

'What did you do?’

'I screamed that he could never apologize for leaving me like that. He begged me for a second chance, and I get that just set me off.’

'Yeah, he really doesn’t deserve a second chance, you know?’

'I know. I told him that, and then didn’t give him a chance to finish. I left and I heard him crying. The next evening he begged me to meet him, so I did.’

'Why do you still meet him after what he has done?’

'I needed to know why he did that. Why he left me that awfully.’

Camila didn’t see Normani but this would probably be the moment that she nodded.

'I went over him, and he told me. He cheated when he was at some business trip in New York. The girl that he cheated with is now pregnant. Austin didn’t dare to tell me, so he chose the easy way out and ended everything with a text.’

'Wow, he sure is an ass. Good thing that you two broke up after all. You deserve better.’

Camila swallowed. Did she really deserve better? Before that trip, Austin and her were perfect. He was her rock. She could tell everything to him, and now it was all gone. And some part of her still wanted it back, so bad.

'Do you still want him back?’ Normani asked, as Camila didn’t say anything.

'I don’t know. I guess some part of me wants to hold on to what we had. It was just so certain and I still love him. That just doesn’t go away in a couple of months.’

'Camila, it’s your decision, but I just think you need to find someone else. He doesn’t deserve you anymore. And what if you two get back together? What about the girl and the baby? Is Austin going to help the girl out? Or is he just going to run away from it like he did with you?’ Camila knew that Normani didn’t say that to hurt her, but it sting.

'I don’t know, Mani.’

'I’m just saying that that girl exist out there, and she will always remind you of what Austin did? Do you really want to settle for that? A husband who cheated on you and has a baby somewhere in the world? Maybe he will even want to take care of him/her. And then you end up with a husband who cheated on you and a baby that isn’t even yours.’

Camila’s stomach dropped. Normani was right. Her and Austin would never be able to get through this. That baby will always live somewhere.

'So how’s the whole deal with Lauren?’ Normani seemed to sense through the phone that she was getting uncomfortable.

'Weird. I mean, the whole situation is just kind of weird I guess.’

'How weird?’

'It’s just strange to act like a couple with someone you just recently met.’

'But how do you guys act around each other?’

'She kissed me in front of Austin twice.’

'What? Oh my God, perfect. That teaches the son of a bitch. Sorry. Go on.’

'She’s just really good at all of this stuff, and I’m, well not. She knows how to act around my family and apparently she’s been telling people the story of how we met, and I don’t even know that story.’

Normani laughed.

'She has done this quite a couple of times, so I guess it’s normal that she’s pretty good at this stuff.’

'Yeah I know. Is she always so flirty?’

'What do you mean?’

'She’s just a really flirty person. She’s always teasing me and flirting and I guess I’m just wondering if she does that to all of them?’

'I don’t know, Camila. I guess she only does that to hot girls.’

'She’s gay right?’

'Yeah. She struggled a lot with that during high school, you know?’

'Really? She seems so confident.’

'Well, she really wasn’t back in the day. If you think she can be rude now, she was way worse back then. She just struggled I guess. But back then, I didn’t understand why she was so mean and rude all the time.’

'Do you understand now?’

'I guess. Her parents didn’t accept her sexuality. They were really religious and I heard her mom kicked her out.’

'What? They just kicked her out?’

'Apparently. I never heard the story from Lauren herself so I don’t really know, but she did leave her house and moved into her cousin’s house for a couple of weeks. After graduation she moved to Chicago.’

'That’s so sad.’

'I know. And she had some problems too with her back then girlfriend. They always seemed inseparable, and one day some people saw them fighting. Her girlfriend, Jenna, then left and Lauren cried. She cried in front of people. After that she was never the same. She had lost her girlfriend and her whole family.’

'I can’t even imagine how that would feel.’

'I know. When she moved, I didn’t hear from her in four years. And then one day, I saw her in a coffee house and we started chatting.’

'Oh wow. She has gone through so much.’

'Yeah. I don’t know the whole story, maybe you should ask her yourself.’

'I don’t know. I don’t really know that much about her. She’s a mystery.’

'Some girls are closed off, to make sure nobody gets close enough to hurt them.’

Normani really was the smartest girl that Camila ever knew.

'Mila, I need to go. See you in two days.’

'Yeah, bye.’

Normani hung up and Camila was left with a queasy feel. Lauren’s story was heavy and Camila fell mostly sorry for her. Nobody deserves to be thrown out of his or her house. Camila desperately wanted to hear Lauren’s side of the whole story, but Lauren needed to tell the story on her own terms. She wouldn’t pressure Lauren into telling her history.


She turned around and saw Lauren.


'What are you doing?’

'I was calling Normani She wanted a heads-up. They’re arriving the day after tomorrow.’

'Wait, what? Normani is coming here?’

'Yeah, didn’t I tell you?’

Lauren looked shocked. Did Camila really not tell her that all of her friends were coming?

'No, what the hell are you talking about, Camz?’

The brunette was happy that the nickname of last night had stuck.

'Yeah. A lot of my and Kasey’s friends are coming for the wedding. Normani Gabi, Chris, Emily, Dinah and James.’

'Wait, what? Do you mean James Carver?’

'Yeah. Do you know him?’

'Yes. I went to school with that guy. He was basically my best friend.’ Camila just laughed.

The fact that Normani and James went to the same school had slipped Camila’s mind. She did however understand that James and Lauren were best friends. They seemed to share some characteristics. James was basically a man-whore. He felt the need to talk to anyone who had boobs, including high school students, which was quite creepy. At home, he worked as a bartender in some sleazy bar.

They always went there to wait until James was finished with his shift, and he would always slip them free drinks. His big plan was to open up a pool cleaning business, but there weren’t enough pools to keep him in business. So he ended up bartending, which he loves. He gets paid to serve pretty ladies drinks, so you don’t hear him complain very often.

'Who are the rest of your friends that are coming?’

Camila thought. 'Normani but you already know her.’

Lauren nodded.

'Then James, who is now a bartender by the way.’

Lauren burst out in laughter.

'Oh man. That’s so James. You can practically see him handing free drinks to every pretty girl he sees, to then get yelled at by his boss because he’s not supposed to do that.’

Camila laughed. 'Yeah, he does that like every night.’

'James Carver. I haven’t seen him since high school.’

'That’s a long time.’

'I know. I meant to keep contact but you know how it is, out of eye, out of heart.’

Lauren was looking awkward to her shoes, like she was ashamed of something.

'And then we have Gabi and Chris.’

'Normani told me about them once. She choked on Broadway and he’s a designer, right?’

'Yes, but you better not tell Gabi that you know that she choke on Broadway. She doesn’t like to be reminded. And don’t let Chris give you an outfit to wear. You would just end up wearing feathers and studs.’

'Noted.’ Lauren laughed.

'And then Dinah, my best friend since high school, she’s a lawyer.’

'Cool. And those are the only ones, right?’

'No, then you also have Emily. She works with Gabi in a local singing bar.’

'Okay, so Emily, James, Dinah, Chris, Gabi and Normani right?’


Suddenly Lauren stepped closer and Camila was surprised. They were now in kissing distance and she wondered what had made Lauren step in. Suddenly she raised her arm and she reached out for Camila’s neck. Right, the hickey. Her finger grazed over the love mark and Camila’s breath hitched. She took her bottom lip between her lips as Lauren kept grazing over the hickey.

'I got you good.’

Lauren whispered and her breath reverbed between both their lips. Lauren’s eyes finally met Camila’s brown ones. Lauren’s eyes were a darker shade of green than normal, and Camila fell even deeper than normal into them. Lauren’s eyes suddenly flickered to her lips and so did Camila’s. Camila swallowed, because she could feel that Lauren could lean in any time, and she desperately hoped that she would. Both of their eyes met each other again, but nobody made the first move. Lauren’s eyes flickered one more time to Camila’s lips and Camila thought she was about to close the distance, until they heard Kasey calling them.

'Ew, get a room.’

Lauren backed away faster than light, and her face flushed, and so did Camila’s face.

'Perhaps we should get some breakfast.’

Camila finally spoke.

The both of them went to catch some breakfast. They came across Camila’s dad and talked some time with him about the wedding. After that they met with Sinu, who was whining that all of the food had already been eaten and she didn’t know who did it. Lauren’s face went pale. She had 'stolen’ all the food yesterday evening. She quickly offered to go to the store.

'That’s nice, Lauren, but I’m sure you two have better things to do.’

'No, I’ll help Sinu. It would be my pleasure. I’m sure we’ll amuse ourselves shopping.’

Lauren gave Camila a quick poke in her stomach and Camila gasped. She wasn’t expecting that.

'Yeah mom, no problem, we’ll do it.’

'Both of you are like send-from-God.’

Lauren laughed.

'I can assure you that I’m born on earth, Sinu.’

After that they made some small talk and then left. They suddenly saw Austin, he was calling with his phone. He turned around slowly so he could almost see them.

Suddenly Lauren stopped in her tracks and spin Camila around. Once again they were in kissing distance, but this time, Lauren didn’t hesitate and leaned in immediately.

Her lips met with Lauren’s plumb ones. Camila was too surprised to move, but suddenly fell Lauren’s lips move against her own, and she started kissing back. Camila’s eyes fluttered close. One of Lauren’s hands was tracing on her back as the other tangled into brown hair.

What was happening? The kiss now was more intense than ever before and Camila didn’t know how to feel. Lauren was slowly sucking on Camila’s bottom lip and Camila whimpered against her lips. Lauren heard that and she smiled a little into the kiss. Lauren suddenly turned her head, deciding to deepen the kiss. Camila felt a tongue against her bottom lip and opened up immediately. Her mind was frozen and all she could feel was Lauren. All of her senses were guided at Lauren. All she could smell was Lauren. All she could taste was Lauren and in her mind she saw Lauren’s deep, beautiful eyes. Everything was Lauren as their tongues struggled for dominance. Lauren won, but Camila didn’t even care.

Her hands were roaming in her hair and slowly stroking her neck. Lauren’s smelled like sweet chocolate and it was almost intoxicating. Lauren’s hand was now stroking Camila’s jawline as she deepens the kiss even more. Their tongues still roaming around, but after a couple of seconds more, they had to let go because they needed air. Camila wanted to keep her eyes close for just a second more, to process what had just happened, but she felt Lauren’s gaze on her closed eyelids. Her eyes fluttered open again and she gasped at Lauren’s intense eyes on her.

She suddenly stepped slightly away.

'Looks like he saw us.’ Lauren said as she slightly tilted her head towards Austin. He was staring at the ground but his jaw was clenched.


Camila said. The fact that Lauren said that just reminded her that this was all a game. She was stupid to believe that Lauren had any other motive than making Austin jealous. She probably flirted with anyone and Camila was being stupid to think that she was special in some way.

After that, they fell into silence as they walked towards the car, with a grocery list and money from Sinu.

'Should I drive?’ Lauren asked.

'No, it’s okay. I’ll do it.’ Camila stated. It was her mom’s jeep, and it wasn’t that she didn’t trust Lauren; it was still her mother’s car.

It was a forty-minute drive and they were both still silent. They made some small talk and then finally arrived at the supermarket.

'I know this awesome game. Can we please play it, Lauren?’ Camila asked.

Lauren didn’t seem too eager to play. 'What is it?’

'All right, so we need to get all of these groceries. We split the grocery list in two, split the money in two. We then race to see who’s the first to get all of their groceries, pay them, and put them in the car.’

Lauren still looked a little skeptical.

'And what do I get when I win?’

'If I win, you’ll give me a massage. And if you win, I’ll give you a massage.’

Camila’s shoulders had been sore from sleeping on the bed. It wasn’t a great bed, so her shoulders and back were aching. She could really use a massage.

'Fine. But you do know that I’m super competitive and you’ll probably be giving me a massage right?’

'We’ll see about that.’

They split the grocery list and finally Camila handed Lauren a fifty-dollar bill.

'All right. Let’s do this.’

Camila stopped herself from squealing because she was sure that Lauren would have laughed at her if she did.

'Three, two, one.’

Camila, who was way to eager to win this game, started running towards the supermarket. Lauren on the other hand, didn’t seem so eager. She grunted loud, but then realized that she also really wanted to win, even if it meant humiliating herself in front of a lot of random people. Camila grabbed a shopping cart and started pushing it. Suddenly she saw Lauren come past her, as she was standing on the edge of the shopping cart. That way Lauren didn’t need to run, and she could just let the shopping cart roll her.

Damnit. Camila thought to herself as she did the same.

'Get ready to massage me, Camzi’

Lauren yelled at her and she winked. Whatever Camila did, she couldn’t let Lauren win this. She knew that if the brunette won this, she would never hear the end of it. It would hunt her down to her final day. So Camila started running even faster as she grabbed item after item.

She didn’t see Lauren for a while, and now Camila only needed one more thing from her list. A box of Oreos, which seems like an easy job, but seriously, at that moment she realized how many brands of cookies there were. Cookies with chocolate, cookies without chocolate, cookies with raisins, diet cookies, etc. But the worst part was that they weren’t even organized. The cookies were everywhere and Camila was lost. In the corner of her eye she suddenly saw Lauren, who seemed to have all of her items and was running towards the cash registers.

Suddenly Camila saw the blue box right above some dinosaur cookies. She grabbed the box and started running towards the cash registers. Lauren was already waiting in line for a while now, as there was only one lady in front of her. Camila quickly chose a line and was waiting impatiently. At this rate, she sure would lose. Suddenly she heard a woman’s voice going through the speakers.

'We will now open the cash register number five.’

Camila looked around and started running towards the just opened number five. She quickly started loading her stuff onto the roller. Lauren however was still waiting on the old lady, who was trying to pay.

'That’ll be $45.67 please.’

Camila pushed the fifty-dollar bill inside the open hand of the cashier and her eyes shifted to Lauren. The old lady was now slowly wheeling her shopping cart away as Lauren was impatiently giving her a death glare. Camila pushed her shopping cart out of the store and started racing towards the car.

She loaded the items into the trunk as she heard Lauren after her. Camila threw in the Oreos, the final item, just when Lauren arrived at the car. Camila immediately started cheering loud and threw her hands in the air. Lauren on the other hand was cursing words that made some children look up.

'I won!’

'You only won because that old lady in front of me had decided to pay with all pennies. I swear, I wanted to pay for her, just to end the pain.’

Camila laughed. Lauren was one of those people who would never admit their defeat.

'That’s one massage for me.’ Camila poked Lauren in her stomach.

Lauren gasped, but then laughed back.

'Fine. I’ll give it to you tonight, okay?’


The rest of the day, they spend sitting on the beach, talking with Dylan, Kasey, Ally and troy, Austin was nowhere to be seen. They talked about the wedding and their friends and before they knew it, it was dinnertime. Sinu told them that Austin had already eaten dinner earlier, so they just ate with the six of them. They shared a couple bottles of wine, and once again Camila was buzzed. She was talking with Troy about dancing, when suddenly she fell a hot breath on her ear. She inhaled Lauren’s scent.

'Are you ready for your massage?’

Lauren whispered in the brunette’s ear, and her breath hitched. She was doing it again. Teasing and flirting with her in public, knowing that she would blush. And she did indeed. She nodded slightly.

'Hey, Camila, is that a hickey on your neck?’

Kasey suddenly asked. Oh, crap. Camila had totally forgotten about that hickey. Camila blushed even more and was giving her plate a death glare. Lauren simply shrugged.

'Yes, that’s a hickey. Can you blame me though? If this hot girl was your girlfriend, I’m sure you wouldn’t keep your hands to yourself either. I’m not ashamed to admit it.’

Camila’s mouth fell open, and so did the mouths of the rest of the group. Did Lauren just brag about their non-existing sex-life? Yes, she did. Lauren leaned over and placed a small kiss on Camila’s cheek.

'Can we now go to sleep, Camz That bath you promised me is waiting for us?’

Tory’s mouth fell even more open and Ally’s eyes went wide. Camila couldn’t decline now before it became suspicious, but she know that if they left now, the whole group would 'know’ that they were going to have sex. Camila just decided to play the game along and she beamed at Lauren.

'Let’s go, honey.’

She placed a quick peck on Lauren’s lips.

'See you tomorrow guys.’

The whole group was still flabbergasted at what just happened but Kasey managed to get a bye out. Camila grabbed Lauren’s hand and she pulled her along to their room.

'So do you want your massage right now?’ Lauren asked as they were back in their room.

Camila suddenly fell nervous. Maybe she didn’t think this all the way through.

'Yeah, sure.’

'Okay, lay on the bed and get in your bra.’

Camila gasped. In her bra?

'What do you mean?’

'Camz, you won, I’m going to do this the right way. I’m going to get some lotion. Look, don’t worry, I’m not a perv. I won’t look at your boobs or anything, I promise. Just lay on your stomach and that way I can’t even see them. Camila seriously didn’t think this through. Lauren’s hands on her bare back seemed a little too intimate than she first intended, but then she fell her sore shoulders and how bad she really wanted the massage.

'I’m going to get some lotion. Just relax and lay down, Camila.’

Lauren motioned her head to the bed and then she left the bedroom. Camila undressed herself until her bra and lay on the bed. Lauren reentered the room and was holding indeed a bottle of body lotion.

'Just relax.’

She sat next to Camila and grabbed the bottle.

'This is going to be a little cold.’

Camila was nervous, as she lay there, half-naked. Suddenly she felt the cold liquid on her upper back. But she didn’t have a long time to get used to the cold, when Lauren’s warm, soft hands replaced the cold. She started slowly rubbing the lotion all over her upper back and her shoulders. She was gently, but at the same time, she pushed hard enough to get all of the tension out of her muscles. Lauren’s hands felt so good and she kept massaging the brunette for some more minutes.

The tension finally left Camila’s shoulders, and before she could stop herself she moaned. It was a soft, but hearable moan, and since there wasn’t any noise other than their breathing, Lauren had heard it. Camila immediately flushed. She had just moaned. Camila was praying that Lauren didn’t hear it, and that she wouldn’t make a remark about it, but of course, that was just false hope.

'I didn’t even know I was THAT good.’

She said and the emphasized the that part of the sentence. Suddenly Lauren’s hands roamed lower, first slowly grazing over Camila’s red bra, and then grazing over her waistline and ending on her tailbone. She kept massaging her under back, and that just seemed way more intimate than before.

Lauren’s hands kept inching closer to her ass and she would touch it for a mere second, probably pretending that it was an accident, but Camila knew better. Camila felt herself getting turned on, with every touch of Lauren’s hands on her back, certainly when she was stroking her waistline. It would normally tickle, but there was a noticeable tension in the room, so Camila didn’t laugh. Camila almost moaned again, but stopped herself right in time. But she was now getting so turned on, that it was almost embarrassing. Camila decided to stop this before things got out of hand even more.

'Thank you Lauren.’ She said firmly, indicating that the brunette should stop.

'You’re welcome.’

Lauren said, but Camila noticed an undertone of disappointment. Was she disappointed? Lauren suddenly left for the bathroom and left Camila behind, confused. She changed again into her pajamas and slipped into the bed. Lauren slipped into the bed a couple of minutes later on.

'Goodnight Camz’

'Goodnight Laur.’