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20 Autobot Leaders Rated by How Much I Want to Punch Them

Starting with the big guy, the granddaddy of them all, G1 Optimus Prime. He’s like a father to me. I can’t in good conscience punch him, even if he sometimes deserves it for bad puns. 1/10 punchability I just can’t do it 

Rodimus Prime ranks high in the punchability for some because when Optimus died in the original movie, it traumatized kids so much that all their negative feelings got channeled into unbridled rage towards the guy who replaced him. However, I hate those guys because they became insufferable as adults, so that really just lowers Roddy’s punchability for me personally. 4/10 punchability he still kind of deserves it though 

Grimlock led the Autobots for a length of time I can’t remember after Optimus died in the Marvel comics. His was a reign of terror. I can’t decide if his jughead crown is kickin or if i want to kick it off him. 7/10 punchability he gets some lenience for his childlike innocence

Another Marvel comics leader was Fortress Maximus, who was also Cerebros. He was also the leader in the Headmasters anime after Rodimus flew off into space forever but I don’t think he actually had a personality in that. He’s a matryoshka of Autobot leaders with each getting smaller and more punchable than the last, ending in Moody College Student Spike Witwicky, who is thankfully the first one on this list who I don’t have to climb something to punch in the face. 9/10 punchability I’m a very short person so I might have to climb something anyways but that isn’t going to stop me

Last Marvel comics character, I swear. Captain Picard Hi-Q binary bonded with Optimus for a while, then Optimus died (this was about the third time), and Hi-Q eventually turned into Optimus so we just considered Optimus alive again. Don’t think too hard about it. 3/10 punchability I really like Star Trek TNG so I probably wouldn’t punch him

Ginrai’s robot self looks exactly like Optimus Prime, but he isn’t. Why he looks like him is sort of hand-waved away in the anime. The real-life reason, of course, is because he was just the Japanese release of Powermaster Optimus Prime. Ginrai is really good because he talks like an American teenager even when his robot form separated from his human self to become the Autobot commander at the end of Super-God Masterforce. 0/10 punchability I just can’t really punch a guy wearing converse, skinny jeans, and suspenders

Star Saber makes me forget that the Autobots were ever good guys. I don’t think he even has a personality outside of “noble and heroic leader.” He adopted a human son and tried to send him to a Catholic school but he doesn’t even buy him a uniform. The kid barely even goes to school in the end. 9/10 punchability don’t adopt a human if you’re not prepared to care for him

Optimus Primal is a good Autobot leader because he never even set out to be anything more than a captain on one ship but ended up sacrificing himself to bring life back to the planet, probably sparking a religious following. He won the “Power of the Primes” vote so he’s got to have a pretty low punchability, but he also looks like his malleble gorilla face would feel nice on my powerful fist. 5/10 punchability when POTP stuff starts coming will his name change to “optimus primal prime”?

Lio Convoy being a cat makes me not want to punch him so much. However, he isn’t a good father. Don’t worry about the kid not really being his son in any sense of the term. Why is ineptitude at fatherhood a recurring theme for Autobot leaders? 8/10 punchability Lio Junior deserved better

I’ll admit that Beast Wars Neo is the only thing on this list that I haven’t seen or read any of, so Big Convoy is mostly here for completion’s sake. Hence I’m rating him entirely on his appearance. Mostly I wouldn’t want to punch a mammoth, because they’re extinct, but I think he could take it. It would be a good workout for both of us. 10/10 punchability no hard feelings, we’re just two dudes lovingly punching each other

In Japan, he’s known as Fire Convoy, continuing their tradition of Autobot leader names, but in the west he’s the first-ever reboot of Optimus Prime. I don’t have a lot of opinions on him as a person or leader, but his existence opened the floodgates of Optimus Primes to come, which I have mixed feelings on. 5/10 punchability I can’t think of a reason to punch him, but I also can’t think of a reason not to

Armada Optimus Prime suffers from being Armada Optimus Prime. I think this was when they really managed to distill “Optimus Prime” down into its truest form. No longer was Optimus Prime a character, but a concept that extended beyond fiction and into our world. Optimus Prime means something. Optimus Prime is a figure for justice, honor, and liberty. 8/10 punchability I still can’t forget Energon though

Do I have to say anything. I’m not even somebody who vehemently dislikes Hot Shot, but for the love of god, why did he ever get to be a leader. 6/10 punchability I’d punch him but I wouldn’t put a lot of force into it, he’s not even worth it

Movie Optimus Prime is. uh. something else, all right. I can admire the movie taking the idea of Optimus Prime and going “okay, but what if he was also a murderbeast?” because I think that’s something we all really wanted to see play out. In practice it kind of scares me. 2/10 punchability I’m worried if I went for his face I’d no longer have mine

Animated Optimus Prime is a good boy. A baby boy. He’s trying his best in a world that seems against him. We all love him. 0/10 punchability I simply can’t bring myself to mar those luscious lips

I’m sure Animated Ultra Magnus did some great things during the war, but, yunno, seeing how Cybertron under him during peacetime is sort of a Stratocracy, I question his fitness to be the leader of a planet. They really gonna let the government run experiments on civilians? Okay. Alright. 4/10 I don’t want to punch him per se but I do sort of want to lead an armed rebellion against him

Hhh. HHHH. HOOGH. HHHAAAHH. HEH. HHhhhHHH. Just seeing Sentinel Prime’s face fills me with anger. If let loose, this rage could level mountains, sink continents, and incinerate entire solar systems. If there is any good in the cosmos, Sentinel Prime will not go unpunched. His face will be shattered into pieces with the sheer power of my unbridled fury. 10,000/10 punchability I have already punched him, spiritually, and I will do it again

I mean, alright. Prime Optimus Prime is kind of the distilled essence of Optimus Prime. If you took all the other Optimus Primes, and took all the things they had in common, and then took out a little bit of the anger because let’s be real here all the other Optimus Primes are quite a bit angrier than this one, you’d get Aligned Optimus Prime. Which is kind of how the Aligned continuity as a whole works. So, yeah, That Sure Is Optimus Prime. 3/10 punchability his soft-spoken words of wisdom would calm me down before I ever even raised my fist

Heatwave is the quintessential non-Optimus Autobot leader. He’s noble and courageous with a good sense of justice, but he was thrust into leadership without being the best and it and is a bit of a hothead. You can use that exact sentence to describe so many of the bots on this list. 4/10 punchability I don’t want to use violent methods when it comes to Rescue Bots but sometimes Heatwave’s personality warrants it 

I honestly can’t believe it took 30 years for a Bumblebee to be leader for reals. It happened so gradually that nobody was surprised when it happened, and yet it also feels like nobody can really accept it. I know I can’t. He doesn’t even look like any Bumblebee. Is this how longtime G1 fans felt when the Unicron trilogy started reusing names for different-but-not-wholly-different characters to keep the trademarks? 8/10 punchability we know you stole your schtick from Hot Rod via Hot Shot so stop trying to act like you’re so special 

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Hello!! I was wondering if you have a post for "realistically do you think (pairing) will ever be canon? Why or why not?" for Sheith?

so arahir/jojo actually did a meta on this that was much more well thought out and articulate than i could ever hope to express so here it is if you wanna check that out!

just adding onto everything she says there, i’m not someone who generally gets their hopes up about my fave ships becoming canon. for example, while i think it’s possible that otayur1 could become canon, i would also understand if it didn’t. but with she1th, it’s so different?? in my opinion, a lot of tidbits of the show thus far just don’t make sense if they’re not setting she1th up to become canon. 

for example, they throw it in our face over and over again that keith and shiro are CLOSE and HAVE BEEN CLOSE for UNKNOWN REASON prior to the kerberos mission. patience yields focus. that really stuck with you didn’t it. you’ve given me some good advice. shiro’s the only person who never gave up on me. and yet they still refuse to tell us outright exactly what kind of relationship they had. all we know, from the very start, is that they are INCREDIBLY close. 

and in the last episode of s2, i think it’s significant that lauren actually storyboarded the scene where all the paladins are passed out in their lions, alone: except for shiro, where you can see the red lion in the background; and keith, where you can see the black lion in the background. even at the end, when everyone is running to check on shiro, they zoom in on keith. he looks desperate, panicked, distraught; and they take the time to show that he’s running ahead of the entire group by almost three seconds. animation and storyboarding is deliberate and i can’t see why they would waste frames on showing us keith’s individual reaction like that if it’s not pointing to anything… bigger? like, look at it. it’s painfully evident that he’s losing it over the thought of anything happening to shiro. he’s sweating and screaming and running as fast as he can. we NEVER see him act this way about anyone else. 

and then there are the recurring themes: keith saving shiro. the shoulder touches. shiro and keith only being emotionally vulnerable around each other or because of each other. shiro didn’t even show up for the majority of s3 and keith’s character development was STILL centered around him.

so yeah, i’m not trying to get my hopes up. but if she1th doesn’t become canon i WILL have some strongly worded questions for dreamworks. 

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Julian has his faults, but I love him and I hope he doesn't die but this is making to much sense.

Okay so theory time:
“First the flame and then the flood, in the end it’s Blackthorn blood”
We know that Cassie said it would end with blackthorn blood in qoaad. And the books seem to follow the pattern of
First the flame: lady midnight-that wheel of fortune building burned down, in lord of shadows jemma burned down the church
Then the flood: lady midnight- Emma almost drowned in the ocean after, lord of shadows- there was that huge rainstorm after they burned down the church
In the end it’s Blackthorn blood: lady midnight- we didn’t get a Blackthorn death but Tavvy was almost sacrificed and my theory is that we get more intense and more literal the farther into the books we get, lord of shadows- Livvy’s death
Okay so now that’s established theory for qoaad-
First the flame: remember how ty talked about burning down the Blackthorn manor? Assuming they’re in Alicante it makes sense that they’d stay there and even more sense if they somehow burned down the Blackthorn manor (like someone did in TLH probably)
Then the flood: I don’t have too much for this but maybe something with lake lyn? It’s the only big body of water in idris (that we know of) and if the theory about kit’s mother being an angel (or someone related to angels) then it would make sense if they tried to summon an angel there? (This is very loose I know bear with me)
In the end it’s Blackthorn blood: And since we know that another Blackthorn is going to die it makes sense if it’s Julian. And if we’re going off the theory that it gets more intense as the books go on, maybe more than one Blackthorn? Tavvy or Annabel is my bet.
Credit for creating this theory with me goes to: @lovelaces-are-quiters @catarinalosss @tiberiusblacktorn

like okay, i guess my mind was so blown because i remembered the Grandpa mispronouncing Harley thing as him liking that silly mispronounced dog name so much as a kid that he decided to name his adopted meteor baby daughter “Jade Harley” after that

not that it was his actual name that he took for himself and THEN gave to his adopted daughter

and when Jake was introduced i was still running under the assumption that Jade’s grandpa was named, well, Jake English cuz their the same person and even if it wasn’t canon it makes sense to assume that their names would be the same pre and post scratch if there was no reason to change them otherwise

so when hiveswap comes along with Jake and Jude Harley thing, it suddenly clicked in my head that that’s what it was supposed to be all along

and since Harley is a Name™ without an origin/but also of the origin like Lalonde and Strider, and English was specifically known as a taken name not an original

and then that thought was just extended to Jane “Crocker” actually, really being Jane Egbert because it’s John “Poppop” Egbert, he may have been raised by a Betty Crocker, but it was an adoption, his original name IS John Egbert

just like Jake’s Grandma was adopted by her Betty Crocker alien, may have been raised by her, but she was adopted, she still had her own lastname, esp cuz she had a rival industry with the crocker empire even before she took the name english, so that industry had to be under a name other than crocker or english

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Lets be real- Derek DOES have a phone because hello, Cora? What if something happens to baby sister and he needs to step in? And i bet he also gave this number to Stiles, but didn't tell anyone else.

Exactly! I can’t see him being without a phone for exactly this reason, if no one else he wouldn’t risk losing touch with Cora. The only possible reason he wouldn’t have a phone would be if Stiles warned him to get rid of it as a precaution, since the FBI was after him.

But it makes so much legitimate sense to me that he would have just changed his phone number after leaving Beacon Hills, because he knew he’d be tempted to go back the first time the pack called him for help otherwise. And he had to get out of that town. That was the first good thing he’d done for himself in years.

So he just changed his number and didn’t tell the pack about it (except probably Stiles. Although tbh Stiles not having Derek’s number would make a LOT of sense with what I’ve heard from 5A).

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I don't know why you're called novice-heartbreaker. You should be called expert-heartmender. These posts are amazing and they really help me every day.

Thank-you so much this warms my heart! Honestly I used to have a cool reason for this name, but later found out I used the word novice incorrectly and now it just doesn’t make sense. 😅

However I’ve become so used to this name, and so many people know me by it, changing it would just feel weird.

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hi! i love your outsider and billie stuff!!!! dyou have any written headcanons for them, like stuff you haven't drawn but like the idea of?

Thank you! 😊 I love seeing how much everyone enjoys my stuff it makes my day, really!

Number one headcannon for me is that Billie didn’t leave the Outsider to fend for himself. This 4000 yr old kid is so easily recognizable that he’s bound to turn a few heads, ESPECIALLY from the Abby of the Every Man. Him somehow being okay on his own really doesn’t make sense to me because it’s so clear he would be socially inept at blending in with the crowds and his surroundings. Witches will recognize him, of course the Abby would have an idea of what he looks like, and cults would want to get their hands on him.

But yeah I can see Billie taking care of him, teaching him how to move like an Assassin, not being seen, self defense, what not to eat, what not to say to other people, and being street smart overall. The relationship could eventually evolve into that of a caring older sibling or mother figure that The Outsider never had to experience, and he just sticks to Billie like glue.

Also low key headcannon that since The Outsider still doesn’t remember his original name Billie gives him one- either Mark or Daud (in memory of her own father figure)

I’m definitely gonna draw more of this becuz I just recently got into Dishonored and I’m LOVING the world build and all the diverse characters in it.

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the person who saw ga and pm only liked those tweets AFTER she posted the sighting though so she probably did a search to see who the man with ga was. why post hours later that she saw pm with her if she knew who he was beforehand? also, i checked her twitter last night to see if she was legit and she's never posted about xfiles or ga before. gillian didn't seem to be on set today so it would make sense she was still in la and caught a plane in the evening.

Well, there’s no way to know when someone liked something on Twitter or am I getting Twitter wrong?
Everything is indeed possible and I guess we’ll figure out later if it was legit, but since then, I don’t believe a Gorgan sighting on Twitter, just as much as I don’t believe a Gillovny sighting by a Gillovny fan on twitter.

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He can take all of the pain away, it doesn't matter how bad it is. Pretty much, the more pain you're in, the stronger he can get. And of course you get complete relief

That would make sense. But he can’t heal you, so he’d still have to operate and such.

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Awooo! :) I have a question. I've been reading your chapters on elvhen grammar, the lexicon, phonetics, all of it. I think it's brilliant and thank you so much for taking the time and putting in the work! Question: Do you know of any word that might mean something like centre, middle, core? I'm looking fore something that coud be described as a person's 'psychological' core, rather than a physical one, if that makes any sense ^.^ Kinda hard to describe. Didn't find anything in your lexicon, tho.

If by psychological core, you mean either a spiritual or emotional core, then they would use the same word as for the conceptual heart: vhen’an

If, by psychological core, you mean their mind or intellect, they would use the same word for either soul, or mind, depending on in what context. Sal would be the conceptual or spiritual soul, sal’in would be the physical mind or head, and sil would be the conceptual mind, or thought.

If you just mean someone’s unspecified psychological center, the Elvhen word for core, middle or center is baran.

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For the ask game: I kinda hope Julian dies. Not only bc he's not my fave, but also it would show what happens after the person who holds everything together is gone. I also want it to be in an epic way too, maybe like Emma stopping him from breaking all parabatai bonds or something like that? But I think it could be really significant to the plot line in twp and also close out tda showing how everyone (esp Emma) moves on

EXACTLY (I don’t like Julian either don’t worry) it makes so much sense if he dies. Not only would it have a huge impact on everyone in the wicked powers to deal with their father figure dying (again) but it would also show how losing your parabatai and love interest affects Emma. (Emma might die too because of the bond but I’m ignoring that rn). The curse is going to happen in qoaad there’s no way around it and it makes so much sense for Julian to die.

To the one who borrowed,

AARGH! I can’t believe I’m writing to you again. I’m mad that I’m even THINKING about you.

But I am. So here we are.

I know you’re too shy to say anything, but oh damn I wish you would. At least we’re talking more now, which is a start. I can’t seem to get you out of my head and it’s killing me!

Look, you didn’t work out as my nemesis because I like you too much. Obviously, now we have to date. Makes sense, right?

We’re about to go on break. Maybe you could say something before Friday? I’d like to do the whole obnoxiously-cute-couple-during-fall thing with you.

To a happy ending, finally.

From the one who lended


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cardcaptor sakura openings (requested by @tachibana–chan)

i just want to take this moment to acknowledge that in s1e1 keith, more than likely, knocked the shit outta Iverson and I for one……..deeply appreciate this fact.

aaaand based on me rewatching this 5 second scene various times, my best guess (by the pained grunting) is that Iverson was this guy:

y’know….the one that got roundhouse kicked and then literally stepped over by keith? yeah thanks keith. love you.


a conga line of goobers

Some people are like that; they just give too much, love too much, even the ones who don’t deserve it. They are the ones who are always there for you, day or night. They are ready to give you their shoulder if you ever feel tired and need someone to lean on or a listening ear if the voices inside your head are making getting out of control but they are often the most lonely people because it’s hard for them to find someone who has the same sense of understanding as them, so they suffer all alone because they know they feel too much and nobody would get it.
—  heaart-talk 

I feel so happy and confident about myself lately??  🌼(he/him)