this would make me the happiest girl on the planet

#4 He Asks To Marry You

Ethan: “Oh my gosh Ethan, this hike is killer.” 

You slugged along behind your boyfriend, your shirt drenched in sweat and your breathing labored. He was a few steps ahead of you, seeming to be full of energy. He had ditched his shirt a while back and it annoyed you that he hadn’t broken a sweat barely at all and somehow he saw your struggle as something humorous. “Love, we’ve only been hiking maybe four miles already?” 

Gulping back some water you almost choked when he said that. “Four miles?!” Laughing again he came back over to you and offered his back to you. “We’re almost there and I need a workout. Jump.” 

“Oh so you’re calling me fat?” Shaking his head, he kissed your cheek. 

“No. Just hop on before I retract my statement.” Jumping onto his back you wrapped your arms around his neck and he held tight to you, continuing on the trail. You had to admit you felt bad for making him carry you but damn it felt good to get off your legs. They were starting to feel a bit like jelly.

It wasn’t long before you reached the top and a groan left Ethan’s lips as he placed you back down. “Here we are.” He held up his hands and cheered, a giggle coming from your lips as you offered him some of your water. “Wow, it’s beautiful up here.” You looked out at the view of Los Angeles, feeling really blessed to be able to live in such a beautiful city.

“Isn’t it? Grayson and I discovered this a few weeks ago and I thought I’d take you.” Smiling you gave him a few pecks on his lips before turning back to admire the skyline. The rustling behind you didn’t bother you until it got eerily silent. No one else was on the trail today except for you and Ethan. “Babe?” Turning around you immediately gasped, seeing Ethan down on one knee in front of you, holding out a velvet box. 

“Y/N, we’ve only been dating for a short year but somehow you’ve managed to make me fall so damn hard for you. I’ve never met someone that loved me, appreciated me and supported me like you have. You’re my soul mate, my everything and it would make me the happiest nugget on the planet if you said yes to being my wife. So, will you marry me?”

The hint of his little nickname you had for him he slipped in had you smiling like an idiot. Without anymore hesitation you nodded your head wildly, “Yes Ethan. Of course I’ll marry you.” He smiled wide and opened the box, sliding the gorgeous ring onto your finger and then standing to kiss you deeply. “God I’m so in love with you.” He mumbled between kisses, picking you up and spinning you around. You were truly the luckiest girl in the world.

Grayson: You walked alongside Cameron and Lisa on the beach, apparently going to find your boyfriend Grayson who had skipped off a few hours ago. “Does anyone know what he’s up to? He told me to dress nice like a date?”

You looked down at your floral dress flowing in the wind, the slit up one side a nice touch. “Absolutely not. He just told us to stall you until he was finished.” Cameron chuckled. You had so many questions running through your mind but you decided to just let the surprise be a surprise.

Coming up further onto the beach you saw what looked like Grayson standing in front of something? You couldn’t quite see it from so far away. He was dressed in a pair of khaki pants rolled up to his ankles and a white v-neck. God he was so handsome.

“Go get em tiger.” Lisa nudged, pulling out her phone and taking pictures. Giggling you started to run up to him, opening your arms wide. Grayson bent low and picked you up, kissing you and then chuckling. “Sorry for skipping out earlier. I wanted to do this for you.”

Stepping out of the way he revealed the most thoughtful thing you thought you had ever seen. He had dug out piles of sand to make a makeshift table and had two beach chairs set up behind it covered by a tent with lights strung inside. On top of the sand table there were candles lit and a small picnic basket off to the side. Tears pricked at your eyes and you shook your head up at him. “How did you even do all of this?” He shrugged and kissed your cheek, “Oh I have my ways love.”

Your jaw dropped when he reached into his pocket and smiled wide, slipping down onto one knee and opening the small box. “Y/N. I am holy convinced you are the woman of my dreams. Everything about you screams perfection, it’s almost like you were put on this Earth to be loved by me. I’ve loved you since day one and even two years later you still make my heart do flips when you walk into a room. Marry me?”

It was almost embarrassing how much you were crying right now. Wiping at your tears you nodded and grabbed his face, kissing him. “Yes, yes, yes. A million times yes.” Smiling into the kiss, Grayson stood and slipped the ring onto your finger. Taking a second to admire it you squealed, hugging him again. 

“It’s perfect. I love you.” He picked you up and spun you around, mumbling ‘I love you too’ into your neck. “Now that I’ve calmed my nerves and you’ve said yes. I packed us a pretty superb dinner and I say, let’s eat.” “Yes, let’s.”

Bittersweet! Hwang Minhyun Pt.2

Part 1// Part 2 

Genre: Angst?

After the wedding, you never got your weekly purple flowers again. However, the ones in the garden were still alive and growing as if they were life reminders of him.

You were now 26, and getting ready for your date who was coming in half an hour. ‘I hope we don’t get lost this time.’ You giggled as you remembered the last time he planned to take you out to the ocean but got lost on the way and ended up on a hill, having to spend the whole night there looking at stars and eating the food that was meant for the beach because the car ran out of gas. Oh well, at least in the morning the tow truck was there and got you guys home safe.

Narrator: Coughs. Okay everyone, follow me now as we go to Minhyun’s side.

Minhyun watched as his wife ran back and forth around the house as always every single morning, looks like she’s trying to find where she last put her sunglasses.
“Hey honey, I’m going to get the mail.”
“Okay! I’ll be off to work when you get back.”
“Alright. See you later.”
He got up from the sofa and took the elevator down to the mail room.

Minhyun walked into the mailroom, greeting the doorman in the process, and stopped at his room number. He opened it to find a single dark pink rose and a white card detailed with gold. He picked up the rose and looked at it for a while before he reached out to grab the card.

‘Dark pink rose… thankfulness…for what?’

He got back to his room and was about to open the card when his phone buzzed. It was a call from Seonho.

“Minhyun hyung! A friend of yours is at the bakery right now!”
“Okay. I’ll be there soon.”

He dropped the letter onto the kitchen table before walking out of his apartment.

“Hey, Jaehwan! Long time no sees.” Minhyun smiled as he walked towards Jaehwan who was already sitting down and looking at the menu.
“Hi Minhyun, I’m looking for a cake, and I decided why not go to your bakery and get a discount~”

Minhyun rolled his eyes before chuckling, “A cake? Is it for a special occasion?” He reached over the counter to get the store’s cake book. “Here, this book has all the nice designs.”

Jaehwan took the book, “Thanks, and yeah. It’s for a wedding.”

You could hear Seonho, the college student who needed a job, gasp behind the counter. 

“Ooohhhh~” Minhyun smirked. “Who’s the unlucky girl?”
“Hey! She considers herself really lucky,” He laughs a little before flipping the page, “and it’s someone we know.”

Jaehwan’s phone dinged right after, it was a message.

“Hey what do you think of these flowers?”

Narrator: Now back to your side!

Your boyfriend picked you up and dropped you off at the flower shop, saying he’ll go pick the cake.

“Hello! Welcome!” The employee greeted and smiled as you walked in. “Hello.” You smiled back and walked down the aisle of flowers.
“Do you need any help with your choice of flowers today?” The employee offered.
“Oh, no. It’s okay. I already know the meaning of each flower, but thank you for offering…” You read his name tag, “Daehwi.” The employee nodded before heading back behind the counter.

After a while of searching, you eventually found one flower that was a must for the wedding. You brought out your phone and took a picture, sending it to your boyfriend to know his opinion.

Ding! “They look great!”

You smiled, picking up one flower and walked to Daehwi, “Hello, I’ll like to know if you can send a lot of these flowers to a wedding held in about 2 weeks.” He nodded and wrote your order down as you paid. “Thank you! Here’s the flower, do I put it back?” “Oh- no, you can keep it.” He grinned happily making you laugh a little as you say thanks and walk out the store.

Daehwi turned to the employees only section. “Jinyoung! Jihoon! The pretty customer you guys are crushing on is gone!! You can come out now! We have a BIG WEDDING ORDER!”

Narrator: Minhyun! Action!

After Jaehwan requested the design and left, Minhyun began to work.
“Hey boss, do you need any help?” Seonho asked as he peeped into the kitchen.
“No, it’s okay. Just work behind the counters today.”
“And make sure not to eat any of the food!”

He was done with all three bases for the practice cake and looked at the design in the book. It was a three tower cake, decorated with realistic looking flowers. He then looked to the figures which Jaehwan gave him before leaving out the door.

“Make sure to put this figure on top of the cake when you’re done.”
“What- but I don’t put figures on my cakes?”
“Just put it!”

The figure consisted of a groom and bride, holding hands, smiling as they looked at each other. He didn’t realize how long he was looking at it until Seonho interrupted him telling him someone wanted a cheesecake. Minhyun got up and went to the fridge to get the cheesecake, giving it to Seonho. He returned to the cake and glanced at the figure one more time.

‘She sure looks like y/n…’

Narrator: Back to y/n! This is the last time. Maybe-

Two weeks have gone by quick, it was finally the day of your wedding. You still remember the day your fiance proposed to you, after dating for 2 years. “Y/n, I love you with all my heart. I promise I’ll protect you now in the present and in the near future where we will both be happy. I will try my best to make you the happiest girl on this planet, and I want to become old with you as we look at our children having children of their own. Please, y/n… will you marry me?”

You brought down in tears, ‘who would’ve thought someone like me would experience something like this?’ nodding yes.
He gave you a bright smile as he slides the ring on your finger, and stood up as you hugged him.

“Wow, y/n~ You look nice in that dress!” You turned around to see your group of friends by the door.
“Haha, thanks, Seongwoo!”
Jisung was getting teary as he approached you for a hug. “Really y/n. You look wonderful.”
“He’s lucky to have you~” Daniel added as he gave you a hug.
“I’m lucky to have him~” Sungwoon laughed and rolled his eyes, “He better take good care of you.” You giggled, “I’m sure he will. If he doesn’t, I’ll just be single the rest of my life.”

Your little ‘reunion’ (but you guys just meet the day before- ) ended when one of the bridesmaids knocked on the door.

“Y/n, it’s time.” She smiled as she handed you the bouquet.
“Okay.” You breathed. “See you later guys!”

Narrator: let’s follow the boys for a bit while you get ready.

The four boys (over flowers) went to their assigned seats and looked at the groom, who was nervously fiddling his hands which were together.

“Man, he is so lucky to have her.” A voice suddenly appeared out of nowhere.
“Jaehwan! There you are! You missed our meeting with y/n before her big day-” Jisung hissed quietly, not wanting to attract attention.

“Sorry, I was busy trying to help with the cake. Minhyun was trying to find the figure that we got for y/n’s wedding. It turned out Seonho put it in the fridge so that the wax won’t melt.”
“Aww, how nice of Seonho.” Sungwoon said as he picked up a flower petal from the ground.
Jaehwan continued, “I know right- he deserves a raise.”

“Shh! The music is starting! Guanlin is playing the piano!” Jisung hushed everyone.
Minhyun quietly went to his seat next to Jaehwan, “Hey guys.” He smiled at the guys as they smiled back and waved. Jisung still doing the ‘quiet’ sign.

As Guanlin continued to play the piano, you walked down the aisle.
Jaehwan stole a look at Minhyun, ‘why does he look so heartbroken?’


He walked as you walked down the aisle, even though your face was covered up with the veil you still looked beautiful.

When you walked towards him it seemed like time went into slow motion as memories you two had together flashed in his mind.

The time he first saw you and couldn’t help but glance at you every now and then as he ate his food in the restaurant. The time he convinced his older sister to take him to the park so that he can see you. The time he actually got the guts to go to your house and ask you if you wanted to come out and play. The time he was in the bookstore and went to the ‘how to make a girl like you’ stop you’re like 10?? And saw the flower language book. The time he followed his mom to the flower shop and got the courage to ask the cashier for a thornless rose. The time he gave you a thornless rose and him running away trying to act cool. The time he made sure that all the boy students in school knew that you were his by glaring at each guy who went by. The time he joined the astronomy club because you joined. The times you guys went of countless stargazing trips. The time when he asked his mom and sister for help on how to bake you a birthday cake. The times when he succeeded making the cake and you guys started baking together. The times you guys baked for your friends and they told you two to just hurry and open a bakery together. The times he always caught you when you tripped halfway on the stairs of school. The time when he lost you in a crowded street but soon he felt your hand in his as you looked at him and smiled, squeezing his hands as if to comfort him. The time when he fell sick and couldn’t get out of bed so you took the day off school and stayed with him all 3 days, making sure he was eating and taking his medicine. The time when you guys went ice skating, and it was your first time so you were always in his arms. The time when he got his driver’s license and wanted to take his first drive with you by his side. The time when he would see you hang out with the other guys other than him. The time he got jealous of how close you were to his friends. The time he almost ran out the store in frustration when a stranger tried to hit on you.

…The time you caught him on a wrong day, at the wrong time. The day you found out he was cheating on you with Seomin.

And now…there you were, out of his embrace just like that. Looking the happiest you’ve ever been in your life.

2 weeks ago!

Minhyun came back home after making the practice cake and went straight to cooking himself a meal, making dinner for his wife too because she was coming home soon. As he set up the plates on the table he noticed the white card.

‘Oh right- I haven’t opened it yet.’

He grabbed the card and went to the living room, opening the T.V as he sat down. He opened the card, feeling his heart stop.

‘You are invited to Jonghyun’s and y/n’s wedding!”

unedited. 1962 words. highly requested! i hope you guys like pt.2 lol, are you guys shook? satisfied? : )
thank you for reading!  ♡

One Good Women

Requested by @cherieann-2001 said:I would like a story based one the song One Good Woman for me and the son of your choice just something fluffy. (Listen to the song ❤️)

Chibs watched her from across the room, talking to Lyla and Tara. He watched as she interacted with a few of his brothers. Tig must had said something perverted to her, she punched him in the gut.

He smiled to himself thinking that was his old lady, she could handle herself. He continued to watch her, laughing and talking to their friends. “God, she was the most beautiful women, he’d ever seen.”

He’d thought that  from the very first moment he saw her, when Tara had introduced them one day at the hospital. That day, he knew who and where his heart belonged to. 

He was nervous to ask her out, he didn’t think she’d even consider going out with someone like him. She is a doctor at St. Thomas, she has nothing in common with him. He was surprised when she said yes, and that she liked simple dates. She didn’t need fancy and complicated.

Their first date, he took her on a night ride, they had a picnic under the stars, and ended up staying out all night talking. He was shocked to find out they had more in common then what he thought. That was two years ago, she had changed him so much.

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Let Me Love You

Pairing: Bruce Wayne x Reader

Request: “Can I please have a Bruce fic where he finds the reader training but he’s concerned because she’s going too hard and hurting herself. She hits one more time and nearly collapses and he tries to stop her so she tries to get him to fight her but now she’s so weak that he just blocks and pins her? Maybe she was doing it because after some previous shitty events she’s alone and has to defend herself and he reminds her that she never was, maybe by revealing his long term crush? Thx ❤❤ sorry it’s long”

Warnings: Mentions of harassment

You were at your house training. It had been a long and stressful week and you couldn’t take it anymore. You needed to do something that would get rid of your negative thoughts and emotions that had build up inside of you with no way out. School was nothing but hell you had exams the upcoming week which stressed you out, the school’s mean girls always had something negative to say about you, and on top of that one day while walking home from school you had been harassed. 

It had been two hours already that you had been training non stop. You were so focused on hitting and kicking the punching bag that you didn’t even see Bruce walk in he had been standing there watching you for quite a while now. “Y/N!” He exclaimed.

You breathed heavily trying to catch your breath, “How long have you been standing there?” You asked.

“For the past 5 minutes.” He replied. “Well if you excuse me I need to continue my training.” You said. 

You stood in your fighting position, you were ready to do a spinning roundhouse kick. Although you felt a little dizzy you shook it off, bad idea. You were in the air and you thought everything was going well until you missed your footing and fell on your side. Bruce rushed over to you quickly.

“Y/N are you okay?” He asked.

“I’m fine.” You lied. Everything in the room was spinning, you tried to stand up only to fall back down. But not as hard because Bruce caught you.

“You need to take a break, look at you you’re paler than a ghost.” He said worried.

“I can’t I need to keep going.” You said. “But how long have you been doing this for?” Bruce asked.

“Two hours, no breaks.” You said. “You need to sit down.” He said.

“Nope I’m going to keep going so instead I’ll use you as my punching bag.” You said.

“Are you sure about this? I don’t want to hurt you.” Bruce said. 

“Please you wouldn’t be able to.” You smirked.

You went to throw in a punch but Bruce blocked it, you tried again only to have Bruce grab your arm and spin you. You felt all of your energy drain and you collapsed on the floor. Your head was against Bruce’s chest and his arm was wrapped around your waist. 

“That’s it you’re done for today.” Bruce said as he picked you up. 

He sat you on the couch and grabbed your water bottle. “Here, you’ve lost a lot of fluids.” You took your water bottle and sipped out of the tube. 

Bruce wiped your sweat off with a towel as you drinked your water trying to cool down. It had been a while but you were finally back to normal. Your heart rate had calmed down, you were cooled down and color was starting to return to your face.

“Why did you do this Y/N this isn’t like you.” Bruce said concerned.

“A shitty week of school changes you.” You said. “What happened?” He asked.

“We have exams this upcoming week which stresses me out and the mean girls at school always have something to say about me.” You said running a hand through your hair.

“You are so smart Y/N you’re going to do amazing on those exams I’ve seen how hard you have studied. You’re one of the most intelligent people I have ever met. And those girls are just jealous because they can’t compete with such a beautiful, smart, kind and amazing girl like you.” Bruce said. 

You smiled at him slightly, “Thank you Bruce that means alot coming from you.” You said as you hugged him. 

You felt his chin on top of your head his arms were wrapped around you. “There is something else that is bothering you, I can sense it.” He said.

“It’s nothing…….” You trailed off clearly lying once again.

“You know you can’t lie to me, we’ve been best friends for two years now. I know you like the back of my hand. What else happened?” Bruce asked.

“I-I was harassed when I was on my way to my house from school yesterday….” You said quietly as tears built up in your eyes.

“Why didn’t you tell me? You could’ve called me and we could’ve gone down to the GCPD, we could’ve told your dad.” Bruce said.

“Bruce my dad is Jim Gordon he would have made a huge deal about it and you know what else he could’ve done.” You said as tears streamed down your face.

“Because it is a big deal, I love you and I should’ve been there to protect you if I had been it wouldn’t have happened.” Bruce exclaimed.

“Y-you what?” You asked.

“I love you Y/N I always have liked you I just couldn’t and didn’t know how to say it until now. I want to make you the happiest girl on this planet just like you’ve made me happy. You don’t even have to try just seeing your smile or being with you makes me the happiest guy on this world.” Bruce said.

“Thank you Bruce. That makes two of us.” You said smiling.

“You’re saying that you…..”

“Yes Bruce I also have liked you for quite a while now and you don’t know how long I have waited to hear those words from you. I love you too.” You stated.

Bruce leaned in, he wrapped his arms around your waist pulling you closer. You stared into each other’s eyes before connecting your lips together. It was a magical moment, you both had been waiting for this moment a while now and you couldn’t wait to see what was in store for you both in the future.

“Does this mean you are my girlfriend?” Bruce asked.

“Of course.” You giggled.

anonymous asked:

i was a thinking a journal entry were dylan talks about having a huge crush on the reader and maybe a few sexual things too

After failing another calculus test, Dylan offered to help you in the class regularly going to his house you would study and talk. You got comfortable enough that you would just walk into his room. One day he was writing frantically in a notebook and when you got close he shut it and pushed it away. “What are you writing about”, he’d give you a strange look, “I was writi-”.
“Dylan, come help me real quick”, his mom would yell from down the steps.“I’ll be right back”, when he left the room you walked over to his desk grabbing his notebook flipping through the pages, stopping when you saw your name curious about what it said.

“I think I found my halcyon girl, my soulmate. I love her. I love her. I love her. She’s so pure and innocent. I wish she was mine to hold, to live with, to love. I wish she loved me. I offered to help her with math to spend time with her its the best fucking thing ever. But I want to spend my time cuddling and kissing her. I want my head between her legs tasting her as she moans my name, make love to her every night, maybe she could suck me off. I would never force her to do anything I love her too much. If I found out she loved me I would be the happiest son of a bitch on the planet. But a girl like that would never love me
You stood there taking in this new found information, Dylan loved you?!?!

Thank you for the cute request bby, hope you enjoy it !!!!!

koehlerhwu  asked:

97 with Hamilton and Jefferson?

#87 - “zero fucks given. next please.” with Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson

Another day, another shift at your tedious job. Working at a fast food restaurant was not how you ideally would like to spend your summer, but it paid- not that much, but it paid. The place was almost empty as it was near closing time. The only people here were university students taking summer courses who needed food. Somehow, the only two groups of people in the restaurant was rivals, or something along those lines. You didn’t bother to pay attention to whatever they were arguing with or for or anything. You just about ignored them until the loudmouth in a ponytail and brown sweater walked up to you. 

“Hi. You’re beautiful, and I was wondering if you would make me the happiest man on the planet, and go out with me?” he asked. “The name is Alexander, by the way.”

“Not interested,” you muttered. Laughters ensued behind him, and he flushed red, walking back to his group of friends. This time the man in a magenta jacket walked up, brushing the coat and flashing a smile. 

“Hello, darling. The name is Thomas. Thomas Jefferson.” He leaned over the counter, his towering height lowered to match yours. “Y’know, a lot of people would say I’m a player- a girl a night, but what they don’t know is that all those girls are just to distract myself from being lonely. But, my God, when I saw you today- I can’t help thinking you’re the one.” 

“Jesus Christ,” Alexander groaned. 

Zero fucks given. Next please.” Thomas looked startled, but went back to his friend, James Madison, the only familiar face. You knew James because he came in often in the night to grab midnight snacks for whoever he was with. He offered a smile of support for his friend before his eyes flicked back to you, and you gave a slight nod, letting the actual fun begin. 

He patted Thomas on the shoulder before walking up to you, leaning in and whispering a few random words in your ear, which made you burst out laughing. After a few seconds you nodded, as if he actually asked a question. 

“Great. I’ll walk you home.” He planted a kiss on your cheek, and turned around, seeing five jaws drop on the floor. He grinned. 


Thank you everyone for reblogging, tweeting, and tagging Taylor in my posts. You guys are seriously AMAZING I don’t know how to thank you. I sadly did not get LOFT 89. Right when the 1989 Tour Houston concert started my mom called me and told me her car got broken into at the closest Olive Garden. I was freaking out, crying, and trying to calm her down on the phone while listening to the beautiful and talented taylorswift they stole everything from our car, EVERYTHING. I was a little distracted and crying but that didn’t stop me from screaming at the top of my lungs, jumping, singing and dancing to every song played tonight. So we need the money really bad so my parents are making me sell my Arlington tickets. I am heartbroken because I do and always will want to meet my idol and friend but I don’t know if that will happen anytime soon. The only way I will be able to go is if we win the lottery, I win tickets, or Taylor wants to meet me. I don’t think any of those things are going to happen. I got to be in the presence of my favorite person in the world/ idol of 10 years and counting tonight. If you don’t know this already TAYLOR ALISON SWIFT IS MAGICAL. I love seeing how happy she is no one has gone through more shit than she has. It makes me happy seeing her smile and truly genuinely happy. She puts a smile on my face everyday and I love seeing one on hers. The concert was OUT OF THIS WORLD AMAZING! She is the cutest human being and can hit the high notes! I screamed GO TAY so many times. I love her more than she will ever know. I hope I will get to meet her one day. I know it will be magical and special when I do. The wait is worth it. I believe everything happens for a reason and if I’m meant to meet her I will. Thank you again so much for everything and thank you taylorswift for making my Wednesday night and making me the happiest girl on this planet. It would be a 10 year dream come true if YOU wanted to meet ME in Arlington. Can we PLEASE make it happen? I hope you see this but I doubt you will. I love you forever and always❤️

I started this blog 9 months ago in hopes that I would get at least 100 followers and be able to strengthen my love for Tyler Oakley even more. I never thought that in 9 months I would gain 20,000 new people to call my best friends. I am blown away by everything this fandom is capable of and I can’t wait to see what amazingness we still have in store together as a family.

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My One and Only’s <3

tillyoakley- Cassie, I love you soo so so soo much. You are honestly the internet bestie I always wished for and now I can’t imagine my life without our panic stricken fangirl conversations over text and our tweets to Meijer. Meeting you in person was the highlight to my existence and I can’t wait for our adventures both online and in person. I love you <3

tyleroakleyisjesus- SAMuEL. I adore absolutely adore everything about you. Life on the internet wouldn’t be the same without you boo <3 Thank you for being so supportive and dealing with me in general. I love youu.

tilly-oakley- Sara! You have followed me since the beginning and that just means a whole lot to me. You are the strongest girl I know and I know I can come to you with anything. Stay beautiful, beautiful girl <3

tyleroakley- Tyler. Tilly. (Oh lord this is going to be long) None of this would be possible without you. It’s because of you that our little family on Tumblr has formed and it’s because of you that I have met some of my favorite people on this planet. Every moment you take to acknowledge my existence literally makes me the happiest I remember being. I NEVER thought in a MILLION years that when I made this blog you would be so supportive of both the blog and myself. Thanks for all those times you have reeled me in (lord knows I need it sometimes) and I truly, honestly feel like I can call you a friend and that blows my mind. I love you Tyler Oakley <3

I talked to Grace and Hannah on the radio!

So, most of you know that I had the chance to talk to gracehelbig & mydrunkkitchen last night when they were on the radio. But, I’m gonna tell you what actually went down. I’m also going to be doing a video explaining this but I can’t do it today because my camera battery is dead and I haven’t taken a shower yet.

Let’s start at the beginning. So, yesterday afternoon I found out that Grace & Hannah were going to be on the radio on SiriusXM radio. And then I realized that you need a credit card to have SiriusXM. So I was like “well that sucks.” And then a few hours later, a very nice human on tumblr, I don’t remember the name, posted about having a free trial for SiriusXM and so I got the free trial and made an account and found the correct channel. Then Lance Bass who was the host of the show said that Grace & Hannah weren’t going to be on until 7pm. So, I waited until 6:50pm to start listening to the show. And I started thinking about things I was gonna ask, if we were aloud to call in.

Then, G & H were on the radio and Lance said the number to call in and I decided to call in. I had no idea that I was gonna get in. So I called and the guy answered and asked for my name and where I was from and what I was gonna ask. And so I told him and he was like “ok hold on.” And so I waited like 30 seconds and then I heard Lance Bass introduce me and I was officially on the air with Grace & Hannah. I was soo nervous but I pretty much said “ Hi Grace and Hannah, first of I’d like to say that Grace I love you soo much and I will always be here for you.” and Grace responded with “ aww thank you!” and then I was like “also, I don’t know if you know my tumblr name but its gracesheavenlylegs.” and everyone at the station got a kick out of my tumblr name. and Grace was like “Ooh, well my legs are close to a religion” and Hannah was like “Grace does have nice legs.” and then I was like “I also have a question for Hannah, which is, how was it to finally be able to kiss Grace at the streamy’s” (you can go to this url for the answer: ).

Then, I hung up after they answered my question and I was trembling. I was shaking soo badly. But, I went outside to tell my mom what had just happened and then I decided to go back inside. Then, I thought of another question to ask. So I called again and the same guy answered and asked the same three things and I gave him the information. Again I only had to wait like 1 minute until I was on air with Grace & Hannah again. This time I started out saying “Hey its me again, I just called like 5 minutes ago.” And both Grace and Hannah were like “Oh Hey!” and they each giggled a little bit. Then I was like “I had another question, um, a lot of people on tumblr, I don’t know if you’ve seen it, but a lot of people have been asking if y'all could do the tumblr tag over again because there is some new information on there?” and Hannah goes “Oh, I’m definitely putting that into the thinking box!” and the Lance goes “Thank you Megan for calling in!”

Then after the second time I talked to them, I went on Instagram to post about what had happened and I was super excited, I was still trembling. I was still listening to the radio. And I was on my second post, putting the hashtags and tagging Grace and Hannah into my post because thats what I do. Then on the radio they were starting to play a game like the $25,000 pyramid. And Grace and Hannah were being paired up to listeners, so the listener could win a prize. And as I was posting my second post, I hear Grace say “if Megan calls again…” and then Lance Bass says “Megan, get on the phone now!” and I was like “OKAY GRACE AND LANCE!” So, I tried and tried to call back, but the lines were busy. And then the listeners were paired up with Grace & Hannah and they all won prizes and Grace won a prize and Hannah won a prize. Everything was amazing!

Then later that night I was thinking about how Grace was like “if Megan calls again…” And I came to the realization that Grace wanted to play the game for me. She wanted me to win prizes. She wanted us to be teammates. I am forever grateful! 

So, Grace and Hannah, if you are reading this, I would just like to say thank you soo much for making me the happiest girl on the planet! I love you both soo very much! And I’m sorry that this post is so long, It’s just that I’ve been thinking about what happened non-stop and I am still on cloud 9 right now as I am typing this. Grace, your happiness makes me happy. Your smile makes me smile. Hannah, I hope your back gets better and I hope you have a quick recovery so you can dance your hart (haha get it?) out.

Your Supportive Fan,


P.S. I used the initials, G & H , once because I didn’t feel like writing out their names.