this would make me so happy no matter what


No more fears, no more doubts.


Honestly, I don’t know how to express my gratitude towards our great lider; I know thank you is not enough but is the only thing i can think of right now befor i get too sappy…. Thank you for being this amazing person, thank you for inspiring me and so many other with both you words and your music, thank you for making me want to be better and most important of all thank you for being our lider, for getting the boys in the right path after all if it weren’t for you BTS wouldn’t exist. No matter what I say, no word would ever show how much I treasure and admire you so, one last time, thank you for everything. Love you!

Happy birthday for our Mr. Dimples, Kim Namjoon.

Do you know what i love about Luke? That no matter what people say about him or his private life he just carries on with what he’s doing, he never complains, just brushes it off and focuses on his job and his passion. He gets so much hate and negativity surrounding him and he never shows that it gets to him, he just keeps going because he does love us and he does care about us and he’s so worried about making everyone else happy that i think sometimes he neglects his own happiness and that makes me so sad because i would prefer his happiness over my own, he deserves happiness, love and positive attention because he has a heart of gold and the patience of a saint. Luke doesn’t get enough recognition for all that he does for us, instead the media and even us as fandom focus on all the negativity that’s around him and it’s just not right.. he deserves to be recognised as this amazing musician, who literally gives his all at 5sos’ shows, he’ll endure days of vocal rest just so he can sing for everyone and nobody gives him credit for that. Nobody sits there and goes you know what? That’s pretty fucking amazing that he sings even though his body is practically screaming at him to give it a break, he just keeps going because he loves his job that much and doesn’t want to let anyone down and i think that truly shows the type of man Luke is. I’m always in awe of Luke and his attitude and talent, he’s incredible. Luke is one of the strongest and bravest guys who doesn’t give up and just keeps going and keeps trying to please everyone, that’s all he’s ever tried to do is please you all and people repay him by hating on him because of someone that he associates himself with? Instead of focusing on the positive things you just focus on the negative and shit on everything he does, it’s not right and it needs to stop. You don’t need to tear Luke down to build the other members up or to make yourself feel better. Luke deserves more than that. He deserves respect as a musician and as a person. 


『Shinachiku & Hanami’s Family シナチク』Part II  ( *´艸`* ) ❤

Family isn’t always blood. It’s the people in your life who want you in theirs. The ones you accept you for who you are. The ones who would do anything to see you smile, and who love you you no matter what. -Unknown

(つω⊂* )◞ p/s ; Those awesome peoples who gives such amazing & beautiful messages and cherish my little artworks that still not so good… I can’t say how really happy I am! Thank you so much! That’s very meaningful. Narusaku, Shinachiku Uzumaki and Hanami Uzumaki is inspiration to me and I’m so pleasure to make this more and more. ♥ Enjoy! ^^

ok this is about to get really sappy and disgusting but I just wanna say that I love one direction more than anything else in my life. I used to be ashamed to tell people that and afraid that they’d laugh or judge me because they’re just some dumb pop boy band, but that doesn’t matter to me anymore. After all these years I can confidently say that the boys mean the entire world to me and they will mean the world to me for many many many more years to come and for the rest of my life. without them I don’t know what would make me happy, or cheer me up, or remind me that there’s things to look forward to and reasons to smile and this is so cheesy but I love them so much and I’m so blessed to have them in my life and I’m so so so proud of everything they’ve accomplished, and this goes for zayn too. Every single one of them have impacted my life and made me laugh and smile every single day even if it’s been the shittiest day ever I’ll come on here and see pictures of them and I always feel a lot better, and I’ll always be thankful for that. So happy 5 years!


This makes me sad and happy. Happy because of the way Sam says that.They would have talked about this stuff growing up because Dean was always trying to give Sam a sense of normalcy. So it seems strange for Sam to not know something like this about Dean and he clearly expects to know everything about Dean.

It’s sad because no matter what Dean says about living an apple pie life (especially in the earlier seasons), in the back of his mind he wished for a normal life where he and Sam could grow up to be a fireman, a lawyer, a rock star and be a family. 


뭐라 해도 나에겐 삶의 everything

No matter what, you’re my life’s everything

여전히 내 삶의 everything

Still, you’re my life’s everything

벌써 몇 년이야? 7 years with SHINee.

“Hey Levi?”


“Do you think we’ll ever get to go outside the walls? Like, not to fight titans but, to embrace everything we’ve been robbed of…”


“What makes you so sure?”

*Holding Erens hands and rubbing circles looking at the bite marks*

“I’m gonna get rid of every single titan, no matter what it takes. Everyday, I think about what life would be like. Just me and you. Together. Happy. No burden. Then I remember, happiness is not a destination. It’s a way of life. It gives me the strength I need.”

*A silent hug. Eren running his fingers through Levi’s hair*

it’s not just about meeting a celebrity. taylor is more than that. to me, she’s not that girl on the magazine cover, or the girl who sells out staduims. to me, she’s the girl who makes it all worth it. seeing so many Swifties meeting her makes me so grateful that we have someone like her in our lives. I’m so happy for them. taylor is the one person who can make me happy, and smile no matter what. she’s helping to pull me out of my depression, with her lyrics and just being her. her music is the universal healing method for me. she’s everything to me, and I just love her so much. I dream of the day where I can tell her these things in person, and to get one hug from her would mean the world to me. I love you taylor. I’ll stand by you forever, and I know you will do the same for me. thank you for everything you do, and continue to do for me. ❤️ taylorswift

‘So Ezio… You have the notes from Altair’s lecture from the last year?’

‘Why would you need my notes, Yusuf? You are not making yours?’

‘Well, I was busy and I skipped some lectures. Things of great matter, kardeşim. So, you can manage to find them for me?’

‘You won’t fool me. I know exactly what you were doing. Don’t you think, that I don’t know you were with my sister last night, you bastardo?’

‘He was? Oh, you are doomed, my friend!’

‘You better stop stalking this boy, Leo. Salai or whatever his name is. Guess Arno won’t be happy if he find out you are distracting his barista.’

‘Yusuf, you are asking for troubles, you know?’

’Nothing I can’t handle, Ezio. So… you’ll give me these notes?’
said: I love your modern AU Ezio, Leo and Yusuf! ;D Would be interesting to see them in a highschool/college setting!

Anonymous said: Ezio and his friends and family as high school (or college, which ever you’d like) students, please.


I honestly contemplated posting this photo I took about a month or two ago because I look goofy😹 but also because I’m not very open about anything going on in my life. Most don’t anything about my college career at all or assume because I haven’t really posted anything about college since Freshman/Sophmore year. I don’t post every high & low but I feel like this is a ‘high’ moment  that I can share with you all. I believe in finishing what I started no matter what & I wouldn’t have got this far with out my grandmother. So, I wanna give a special thanks to my grandmother, grandfather and mother.  I appreciate all your love & support. You’ve listened to me & believed even when no else would. Thank you so much for for helping me get through college & making sure I had opportunity to even attend college ! I love you & I’m happy to make you and the rest of the family with proud every chance I get!! 😘💛🎓 #20daysleft #vcu2016


Say you’ll remember me I was in SCREAMING color! I went to both of your Texas shows! Taylor I have been here for you since the very beginning and I have loved watching you grow into such a beautiful and talented artist and person! You have the biggest heart in the world! I have been to 4 of your concerts and this era you are the happiest you have ever been! I am so lucky I can say that I was a part of your dream crowd! I love seeing you smile because you deserve all of the happiness in the world! I wish my 10 year dream would have come true of meeting you in Texas but it didn’t. I just have to keep my head up and hope that one day you want to meet me. I love you so much! Thank you for making me happy for the past decade of my life and you still do! I will ALWAYS be here for you no matter what! I love you forever and always,

fiz umas bios do justin em inglês (por enquanto em ingles dps eu faço mais p vcs em portugues mesmo) se pegarem deem like no post ou creditem no twitter pichadirection
  • justin drew  bieber has not idea how it makes me happy
  • in 2009 I fell in love with the most amazing boy in the world
  • avalanna my little princess
  • justin bieber makes me smile every day just because there
  • you will always be my kidrauhl
  • if the world is against you justin, will be you and me against the world
  • bieber has the most beautiful smile in the universe
  • no matter how much time passes kidrauhl, you will always be in my heart
  • from one time to one life, my world tour to believe tour, youtube for the world
  • i just need to hug the justin bieber
  • I’m so happy to have you @justinbieber
  • i’ll always be by your side justin no matter what happens
  • avalanna? you mrs bieber is and will always be our princess!!!!!!!
  • justin bieber? you make me complete
  • who would have thought that the little boy who cleaned the snow could be the most pop star in the world!
  • kidrauhl congratulations, you succeeded!
  • i will tell all my children, grandchildren, and all future generation how important you were to me and always will be!
  • yeah bieber, i’m very proud of you!
  • i will never forget the day I stopped to watch a clip of the little boy of 16 years who had a fine voice and ”hair flip”
  • i am part of the best fandom in the world, i’m belieber!
  • only the beliebers know the true justin bieber.

Hi, so taylorswift​ followed me a while ago, I don’t know when… I don’t check my notifications. There was two things I decided to do after I discovered that she follows me; 1. help as many people as I humanly can get noticed by Taylor. 2. get Taylor to come to New Zealand. The second option is a lot harder than the first so I decided to work on the first option first. I’ve seen a lot of people to follow lists, usually with about 10 or 20 people in it, usually they are friends of theirs. I really don’t have a lot of internet friends so having like 3 people on a list wasn’t helping as many people as I can. I decided to make a post and everyone who reblogged it would get added, no matter what. I can’t express how happy it made me when people responded with so much kindness. All of your responses made me so happy. I also loved the fact that people would message me asking me to add their friends to the list. I hope every single person in this list gets noticed by Taylor in some way. Thank you for being amazing. jesstheswiftie thoughts-of-the-brokenhearted emz249 flowercrownfuckboi kataswiftie13 ittwasrareiwasthere swiftiehaunted-tay tswizzlethequeen taybaeswiftie seafoamfiretsforevermore my-little-magical-infinity got-lost-inwonderland swiftlylearning13 blankspaceswifty sophielovestaylor betterscarlettletters camelleyyy longlivecrystalskies tails2705 swifterthenfiction propertyofpen breathingraviolionyou swift-makes-me-smile taylorifesea swiftieforlifeyo bestpeopleinlifearefreex swiftslayor shakinqs loveredlipsandrosyswift songslover13 samaraswift13 1989memorybox we-runnn emmastone-taylorswift t-s-my-everything swiftlymovingforward fearlessfanofswift13 davisxmaria aleswift1309 taylorswiftemily staytrue2you14 longlivethatnight theczechswiftie tandyswift andyluizswift thisdickbeat imen-swiftie swiftiesxforever 19young-and-reckless89 taymoneymil thatnothingsafeisworththedrive redlipsrosycheeks89 do-it-louder youllseemeinhindsight13 bigeyesswift taylorsswifty13 sparksfearless13 taylorswiftl0v3r secretswiftie13 smiles-just-like-the-radio tswiftandnewyork timewontflly oswaldot423 hlplessnewromantic taysknowsplaces teamtiger01 superswiftie123 soofim13 stolen-kisses-pretty-lies-13 and-the-cynics-were-outraged zswiftly 13sparksfly chameleony13 looseliipssinkships weredancingroundthekitchen biblioswift chelseadahm stxrburzt loinla fireflycatchingdaze bookberry13 swiftie4liife musicdancesmile youwerelookingatmeeeee mysticalmiraclekitten taylorswift-1989fanpage timetravelingswiftie introduced13 tays-legs trintrin86 love-taylorswift13 89loft theluckyswiftsx banana-homicide i-loveyou-likecrazy swiftmeowswithmeredith 1989isthenationalanthem ramblingsbyregan neveroutofstyle1369 wishyouwould-x theswiftlife13-aus provethemwrong8 irememberit-all trishajoy07 fearlessfanofswift13 kalynnlisa 1989longlive1989 swiftiebystarlight accio-worldpeace julzdajewel13 badbloodinwonderland aswiftiedressedlikeadaydream mess-of-a-dreamerrr shelbyyrenee14 dreamimpossiblethings-13 taysmarveloustune fearlesslyalright kiss-onsidewalks archie2521 th-1989 cats-andtaylorswift tay-slays justgottashake new-found-grace13 born-on-the-17th butnoitsbecky kansas-swiftie magical-madness13 sighswift happyfreeconfusedlonely1989 simba-gomez we-are-the-foxez 19eightaynine ur-innocent-princess sinamarie1989 taylorswonderland1989 sweeterthanfiction1234 selewifty darknessandsparklers mosaicbrokenhearts7 angelove-hate hedidntgetthissong swiftmadnessx tswizzlethequeen stydiadorianswift redlippedswift beautayvinful lightsaresobright13 bulletproof-haylor wildestdream-1989 swift-cabello immariannechristine lishaswiftie summertimelover555 summerswildestdreams swellguy66 ashquill love-taylorswift13 bizzleswizzleblr backtodxcember ohmmkay3 swizzleslays swiftsnicedress thinkimfinallyclean13 musicisswift i-am-dancing-on-my-own welcometomyyywonderland in-wonderlaaand swiftfanclub lol-urnottaylorswift13 soulshine-swift ohlookasparklyjacket sarah-is-swifty leavemeinneverland forever-enchanted-swiftie staybeautifulwithtaylor l-ongdrive galaxysofstars somethinginmyxway michelletheswifty13 ohclassicswift mrscoulter87 pink-glitter-and-sparkly-dresses coruscantswift lunchboxdayss 113weekstaylor xx Yasmin

It’s been like that since I got down here at FCW. I was the one who had Cesaro’s first match. I’ve watched Seth go. I’ve watched Ambrose go. I’ve watched [Erick] Rowan and [Luke] Harper go. I’ve seen everyone kind of come and go. The thing is these are my friends. These are people who I am happy for. I’m not going to have any ill will toward them.
“They just happen to be ready quicker or what WWE needed at the time. It’s nothing that frustrates me, because it’s not like Harper and Rowan are taking a spot that Tyler Breeze would be in. We are completely different marketable assets to the company. It’s just a matter of time before Tyler Breeze is what they are looking for and need. Then nobody else is going to take that spot but me. So it’s not a frustrating thing for me, I’m happy for my friends who go on and succeed and make it all comfortable for me when I get up there.”
—  Tyler Breeze on his long tenure in FCW and NXT. (x)

You know what makes me happy? To see the cast having so much fun. I am not the only one who was worried about the event - worried that some fans would ruin it and be awful to the actors - but Jennifer and Colin are having so much fun and so open about their love for the show the characters and the romance. Jennifer is having so much fun, she gives so much and she is a SUNSHINE.

They are having fun. They are enjoying themselves. Let it serve us lesson, this is what we want, it doesn’t matter what you ship, we should all be simply happy that these actors are sharing their love for the show.


Surprise! i worked super hard on this! 

Dear Andy,

When I found BVB it changed my life. I finally understood what real music is. BVB has helped me through so much. Your music has helped me through sadness, anger, depression, and has been there for me for no matter what emotion I am feeling. “Lost It All” makes me cry and means so much to me just as you hoped it would. You inspire me in my tough life. I look at what you have accomplished and it gives me hope. I understand that high school in no way defines a person’s intelligence. You are one the smartest and most well-spoken people I have heard words come out of. You make me laugh, cry, inspired, and hopeful. I feel that you understand what I am going through at some level. “They Don’t Need To Understand” means so much to me too. The lyrics speak to me and understand me. “Carolyn” helped me through depression. I cried at school listening to that song. Chris Motionless once said the music didn’t save us, but I disagree. The music sure as hell saved us. Music is there for us no matter what like Jake Pitts said. Music is everything to me and I don’t know how I’d cope without it. I listen to “The Mortician’s Daughter” and “Lost It All” every night before I fall asleep. TMD makes me feel loved and cared about which is something I need in my life. I saw BVB live at the Observatory on 10.23.15 and you grabbed my fingers during “In The End” that made my day. You noticed me. That was the best night of my life. Thank you so much. You have saved me. Happy 25th birthday Andy!



Hit It - The American Authors

This is one my go-to happy songs!  I mean, songs that actually cheer me up no matter what.  They’re pretty hard to come by!

me: im happy for perrie and im so here for single perrie but i wonder if she would have someone there for her who loves her now matter what and protect her from everyone and everything and also remind her how beautiful and amazing she is,someone who make her laugh all the time and cuddle with her watching movies at night :/


I feel like the people going “HAAAAH SHERLOLLY ISN’T GOING TO BE CANON MOFFAT SAID SO” don’t really have much experience with Sherlolly shippers. Even before we got a kiss and a crime solving ‘date’, we were fully prepared to keep shipping no matter what happened. I’m pretty sure Sherlock could be sent to Jupiter on a case and Molly could lead a fleet of submarines on the search for Atlantis and at least one of us would find a way to reunite them just as an excuse to write some smut.