this would make me so happy no matter what



  • texts at all hours from him, telling you how much he misses you (even if he just saw you)
  • random knocks on your door, and when you open it, he’s standing there with food or flowers or something to make you smile
  • a lot of super cute and well-thought-out dates
  • many of the dates would be the two of you getting dressed up (Jimin in a suit BLESS MY SOUL) and going to a really nice restaurant
  • he would always go the extra mile to make sure you’re happy
  • you’d always find cute notes from him hidden all over your apartment
  • they’d say things like: “Jagi~~ You look so pretty today” or “Call me! No matter what time it is”
  • he’d also send you a lot of videos of him dancing, along with the caption, “For you”
  • he would probably try to cook for you every now and then, but he’d prefer to go out to eat or get takeout
  • you guys’ movie dates would be so cute oml
  • I’m thinking somewhere along the lines of a lazy Sunday morning
  • Jimin comes over, sweatpants on and popcorn in hand
  • Once everything is set up and the movie is starting, he pulls you closer with his sweater paw, and you nuzzle into his soft chest
  • half-way through the movie, your eyes get heavy, so you lay your head on his lap, and he strokes your hair until you fall asleep
  • he would always be up for anything you wanted to do
  • and fam, you better get your towel ready because you’re going to be constantly showered with compliments
  • wtf am i even saying anymore
  • I feel like he would initiate a lot of skinship, but he would be shy at first
  • and he’d always get really shy when you initiate it too
  • but fr we’re talking about the cutest relationship ever
  • except for when he pulls a Jimin on you and turns all sexy in .000000000000000000000000000001 seconds
  • he’ll do it at the most random times
  • like at dinner with your parents
  • he knew you’d been feeling especially… *cough* excited *cough* that day
  • so sporadically throughout the dinner, he’d run his hand up your thigh
  • or wink at you when your parents weren’t looking
  • innocent my ass
  • he’s a sly little cinnamon bun
  • but overall, he would take such good care of you
  • your happiness would always come before his
  • he would always try to be the first to apologize
  • and even if he’s tired and worn out or across the freaking world, he’s there for you
  • you can always count on him to make you smile

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“It took me 10 years to be ready for this. I’ve got a pretty good foundation of friends and family that will always keep me grounded no matter what. But I don’t think I would have been ready for it 10 years ago. So I’m really happy with the way it worked out. You need to learn how to do this. You need to learn how to keep your cool, learn how to be a leader on set, learn how to act. F—, I still know I’ve got a ton to learn. It’s all a learning experience. I’m going to school every day.” [x]


No more fears, no more doubts.


hi everyone! i would firstly like to thank u all for the notes on my last post about learning anything in 3 steps! i am so grateful and happy that i can help people study and achieve what they want to achieve! 

today i decided to make a post about the night before the exam. for me, i get incredibly anxious at this time and i start doubting myself and all the hard work i have put in. however, i want everyone to know that these feelings are normal, and in order to deal with them, i have made a post to help u out!! no matter what happens in the exam, you will come out a better person for it, knowing more than u did when u went in. this can be difficult to realise the night before so i hope this post gives u some tips in dealing with those nasty feelings!

i’m so proud of you and what you will achieve, no matter what!

best luck and wishes to all,


asmr channels that are 10/10 (idrk how to explain what it actually is, but all these channels should have some info on it in the description bar if ur unsure!!):

albinwhisperland // whispersred // psychetruth // lauralemurex 


[SWC3]SHINee’s Encore Messages

It’s been a while (since we did a concert in SK) so there’s so much pressure on us. Honestly, we did some mistakes, but we really wanted to show you a cool and enjoyable appearance no matter what. It makes me very happy to see everyone enjoying (what we have prepared). Thank you very much.

Spring is coming soon and just like that we’ve spent New Years with everyone and it makes me happy. I think that it would be nice if this year, we’ll also be able to spend a lot of time with everyone. Tomorrow, some of you will be coming again, right? Even though it’s exhausting, let’s raise our spirits together! Thank you very much!

This year, the next year, and the year after next are really important for SHINee. We’ve all decided to do our best together as five members. I’ve mentioned in SNS how Onew-hyung, Minho, and I drank together to celebrate our gratitude for the love the fans give us. But there are some parts of us that had grown accustomed to being loved and there are parts of us which are not as well-loved. Please prevent us from changing like that (t/n: he means being spoiled or being someone fans don’t like). When something like that comes, please scold us! All of us will be here always, so please continue to be by our side.

It’s really thanks to all of you that this has been so enjoyable! This day has become memorable to me. Thank you so much for making good memories with us. Time has passed by really quickly and my heart is still racing so I probably won’t be able to sleep. For SHINee World 3, 4, 5, and then 10…if you’re still with us through them I would be very happy!

I really want to tell my members my gratitude, but I really cannot express it in words other than saying I love them. I think that today’s concert did not happen as expected but rather as a result of every one of you blessing us with your feelings and energy. We’ll continue to do our utmost effort and move forward. We haven’t talked much with everyone recently, but we know that our hearts are the same. We’ll do better than our best, so please continue to watch over us. Thank you very much!

translated by a Japanese fanaccount


『Shinachiku & Hanami’s Family シナチク』Part II  ( *´艸`* ) ❤

Family isn’t always blood. It’s the people in your life who want you in theirs. The ones you accept you for who you are. The ones who would do anything to see you smile, and who love you you no matter what. -Unknown

(つω⊂* )◞ p/s ; Those awesome peoples who gives such amazing & beautiful messages and cherish my little artworks that still not so good… I can’t say how really happy I am! Thank you so much! That’s very meaningful. Narusaku, Shinachiku Uzumaki and Hanami Uzumaki is inspiration to me and I’m so pleasure to make this more and more. ♥ Enjoy! ^^

Do you know what i love about Luke? That no matter what people say about him or his private life he just carries on with what he’s doing, he never complains, just brushes it off and focuses on his job and his passion. He gets so much hate and negativity surrounding him and he never shows that it gets to him, he just keeps going because he does love us and he does care about us and he’s so worried about making everyone else happy that i think sometimes he neglects his own happiness and that makes me so sad because i would prefer his happiness over my own, he deserves happiness, love and positive attention because he has a heart of gold and the patience of a saint. Luke doesn’t get enough recognition for all that he does for us, instead the media and even us as fandom focus on all the negativity that’s around him and it’s just not right.. he deserves to be recognised as this amazing musician, who literally gives his all at 5sos’ shows, he’ll endure days of vocal rest just so he can sing for everyone and nobody gives him credit for that. Nobody sits there and goes you know what? That’s pretty fucking amazing that he sings even though his body is practically screaming at him to give it a break, he just keeps going because he loves his job that much and doesn’t want to let anyone down and i think that truly shows the type of man Luke is. I’m always in awe of Luke and his attitude and talent, he’s incredible. Luke is one of the strongest and bravest guys who doesn’t give up and just keeps going and keeps trying to please everyone, that’s all he’s ever tried to do is please you all and people repay him by hating on him because of someone that he associates himself with? Instead of focusing on the positive things you just focus on the negative and shit on everything he does, it’s not right and it needs to stop. You don’t need to tear Luke down to build the other members up or to make yourself feel better. Luke deserves more than that. He deserves respect as a musician and as a person. 

ok this is about to get really sappy and disgusting but I just wanna say that I love one direction more than anything else in my life. I used to be ashamed to tell people that and afraid that they’d laugh or judge me because they’re just some dumb pop boy band, but that doesn’t matter to me anymore. After all these years I can confidently say that the boys mean the entire world to me and they will mean the world to me for many many many more years to come and for the rest of my life. without them I don’t know what would make me happy, or cheer me up, or remind me that there’s things to look forward to and reasons to smile and this is so cheesy but I love them so much and I’m so blessed to have them in my life and I’m so so so proud of everything they’ve accomplished, and this goes for zayn too. Every single one of them have impacted my life and made me laugh and smile every single day even if it’s been the shittiest day ever I’ll come on here and see pictures of them and I always feel a lot better, and I’ll always be thankful for that. So happy 5 years!


This makes me sad and happy. Happy because of the way Sam says that.They would have talked about this stuff growing up because Dean was always trying to give Sam a sense of normalcy. So it seems strange for Sam to not know something like this about Dean and he clearly expects to know everything about Dean.

It’s sad because no matter what Dean says about living an apple pie life (especially in the earlier seasons), in the back of his mind he wished for a normal life where he and Sam could grow up to be a fireman, a lawyer, a rock star and be a family. 

“Hey Levi?”


“Do you think we’ll ever get to go outside the walls? Like, not to fight titans but, to embrace everything we’ve been robbed of…”


“What makes you so sure?”

*Holding Erens hands and rubbing circles looking at the bite marks*

“I’m gonna get rid of every single titan, no matter what it takes. Everyday, I think about what life would be like. Just me and you. Together. Happy. No burden. Then I remember, happiness is not a destination. It’s a way of life. It gives me the strength I need.”

*A silent hug. Eren running his fingers through Levi’s hair*

Lets calm down please

Oh gosh, can we all take a break, a deep breath and calm down a little?

I knew this would happen and that some ARMY will go wild to my response… well, the hate is not necessary my dear fellow ARMY. It won’t change anything exept for you to feel more miserable.
I don’t want that.

But you got to understand that you can’t force me into drawing what you want or think would be good. Not by sweet talking nor by bluntly calling me all sorts of names.
It just won’t work. I’m a grown up, make my own decisions and enjoy what I’m doing no matter what you do or think or say.

So if you want to spare yourself the nasty feeling of anger, hate, disgust or whatever is bothering you, just don’t engage with my art. It’s simple as that.

I hope one day you too will be able to enjoy my art and feel the fluffy, happy, sweet loving emotions I feel when drawing. It’s just more fun and lasting.
But again, I make my decisions and you do yours.

Wish you all a good day/night!
Kisses and hugs from Germany ^^

it’s not just about meeting a celebrity. taylor is more than that. to me, she’s not that girl on the magazine cover, or the girl who sells out staduims. to me, she’s the girl who makes it all worth it. seeing so many Swifties meeting her makes me so grateful that we have someone like her in our lives. I’m so happy for them. taylor is the one person who can make me happy, and smile no matter what. she’s helping to pull me out of my depression, with her lyrics and just being her. her music is the universal healing method for me. she’s everything to me, and I just love her so much. I dream of the day where I can tell her these things in person, and to get one hug from her would mean the world to me. I love you taylor. I’ll stand by you forever, and I know you will do the same for me. thank you for everything you do, and continue to do for me. ❤️ taylorswift


Say you’ll remember me I was in SCREAMING color! I went to both of your Texas shows! Taylor I have been here for you since the very beginning and I have loved watching you grow into such a beautiful and talented artist and person! You have the biggest heart in the world! I have been to 4 of your concerts and this era you are the happiest you have ever been! I am so lucky I can say that I was a part of your dream crowd! I love seeing you smile because you deserve all of the happiness in the world! I wish my 10 year dream would have come true of meeting you in Texas but it didn’t. I just have to keep my head up and hope that one day you want to meet me. I love you so much! Thank you for making me happy for the past decade of my life and you still do! I will ALWAYS be here for you no matter what! I love you forever and always,


I honestly contemplated posting this photo I took about a month or two ago because I look goofy😹 but also because I’m not very open about anything going on in my life. Most don’t anything about my college career at all or assume because I haven’t really posted anything about college since Freshman/Sophmore year. I don’t post every high & low but I feel like this is a ‘high’ moment  that I can share with you all. I believe in finishing what I started no matter what & I wouldn’t have got this far with out my grandmother. So, I wanna give a special thanks to my grandmother, grandfather and mother.  I appreciate all your love & support. You’ve listened to me & believed even when no else would. Thank you so much for for helping me get through college & making sure I had opportunity to even attend college ! I love you & I’m happy to make you and the rest of the family with proud every chance I get!! 😘💛🎓 #20daysleft #vcu2016

fiz umas bios do justin em inglês (por enquanto em ingles dps eu faço mais p vcs em portugues mesmo) se pegarem deem like no post ou creditem no twitter pichadirection
  • justin drew  bieber has not idea how it makes me happy
  • in 2009 I fell in love with the most amazing boy in the world
  • avalanna my little princess
  • justin bieber makes me smile every day just because there
  • you will always be my kidrauhl
  • if the world is against you justin, will be you and me against the world
  • bieber has the most beautiful smile in the universe
  • no matter how much time passes kidrauhl, you will always be in my heart
  • from one time to one life, my world tour to believe tour, youtube for the world
  • i just need to hug the justin bieber
  • I’m so happy to have you @justinbieber
  • i’ll always be by your side justin no matter what happens
  • avalanna? you mrs bieber is and will always be our princess!!!!!!!
  • justin bieber? you make me complete
  • who would have thought that the little boy who cleaned the snow could be the most pop star in the world!
  • kidrauhl congratulations, you succeeded!
  • i will tell all my children, grandchildren, and all future generation how important you were to me and always will be!
  • yeah bieber, i’m very proud of you!
  • i will never forget the day I stopped to watch a clip of the little boy of 16 years who had a fine voice and ”hair flip”
  • i am part of the best fandom in the world, i’m belieber!
  • only the beliebers know the true justin bieber.
Hello, baby. Part 13

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I kiss him and thenI let out a sigh, “Well, my mom was beautiful from what I remember. She had long brown hair and bright green eyes. I remember her voice being so soft and gentle. As for my dad, well he wasn’t much of anything.” I look at him and he still has his eyes on me.
“He was a drunk and in some deep trouble with drugs. He would make me go on runs with him because he figured people wouldn’t shoot at a little girl. When I was 11 I, I actually killed someone to protect him, I still don’t know why. He was never happy, no matter what. He was really violent. I remember my mom never tried to stick up for herself, she would just take it so I wouldn’t have to, but she killed herself when I was 8. I started to become her, i took her place.” He squeezes my hand letting me know he’s still there.
“I realized why my mom always had a full face of makeup around me, it was to cover the bruises. I had to start doing the same. I was heading down the same path as my mom. So, I moved out when I was 17. I didn’t want to end up like her, or like him. He died a couple years ago and it felt like I could breath again.” I let out a deep breath.
I haven’t had to recall those memories for a long time. They still feel like fresh wounds. He leans down and kisses my forehead.
I give him a forced smile.
A few silent moments fall between us.
He lets out a sigh to break it, “I don’t remember much of mine. I don’t remember a mom or dad, or where I grew up. The last date I remember is, well I don’t really remember it, I just sort of have pictures that flash through my head. It was when I was a teenager I think, I was standing there, smiling. That’s it. Nothing else was happening in the picture.” He has his head resting back on the couch.
“I started getting into the crime world and I was good at it, so good at it darling. Still am.” He smiles at me.
“Things went wrong when the Bat showed up. The first time we met he thought he killed me, but he just turned me into a better version of myself. See, my skin wasn’t always this white and my hair wasn’t always green.” He laughs and I give him a smile.
“Falling into a chemical bath, well that might change your looks a little bit.” I look at his skin and his face and can’t imagine him looking and different.
“I came back and I was better than ever baby. I showed up and created the mayhem I desired. You know how strong my desires can be darling.” He runs his finger down my bottom lip.
“I did get caught once more, an asylum this time. A chemical bath and electric shock therapy, that does things to ya baby, and that’s how I became what I am today doll.”
He’s looking straight in my eyes. “Does that scare you?”
“Not in a million years.” I pull him down to kiss me.

I can feel him smile as we kiss and is cause me to laugh a little bit. 

 “What time is it?” I mumble as our lips are still attached. 

He pulls away and his bright eyes are staring deep into mine “It’s morning.” He kisses me again.
I look up at a window and see the sunrise, “Well Mr. J.” I stand up and stretch, “That was a lovely first date, but I must get home.”
I laugh and take one step, he pulls me by the waist and I land on his lap, I start laughing. 

“I’m pretty sure you needed to be punished for God knows what you did earlier,” he bites the back of my neck. 

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I get up and his hands fall to his side, I face towards him and straddle him on the couch, he growls. “Now, Mr. J, you can’t punish me for something you don’t know if I did or not.” I kiss him slowly, “but I’ll let you get away with it, just this one time.” I lean close to his ear and give it a soft bite, he grips my ass and groans. 
He picks me up and tosses me on the couch, he rips off my clothes “I think I have waited long enough for dessert.”

“J! People are going to be waking up and coming in here! Can we at least go to…”

His mouth covers mine, “Darling, if you keep talking I really will punish you.” He finishes undressing me.

I start laughing because i’m nervous that someone will see us, but I know he doesn’t care. ‘I’m sure they will hear and just not come out here, right?’

He flips me over and has me bent over the back of the couch and my knees are on the cushions, I am still laughing because I can’t believe this is happening. 
J spanks me, hard. I let out a small scream.
“What the hell J! That was really hard!” I laugh towards the end of my sentence. 

“You must of forgot doll.” He grabs my hair and pulls it, by back arches and my ass sticks out toward him more, “I get to punish you, remember? You were the one that asked for this baby.” He pulls harder and a moan escapes my mouth. 
“Thats right.” His voice is low I can barley hear him.

I feel his dick between my legs, as if I wasn’t already wet. He pushes himself against me and I wiggle myself back, he slaps my ass again, harder.
“Fuck!” I say under my breath and bring myself back to the position he wants me in. 
“You do as I say. Ok baby?”

“Yes, daddy.” I reply and don’t say another word.

“Now, play with yourself.” He commands

I do as i’m told, he is still pulling my hair and it gets me even more turned on. I moan his name as rub my clit. I hear him growl from behind me.

He releases my hair and my head falls forward, he positions himself and slowly slides himself in me, I can hear him groan and it forces me to let out a moan myself. He picks up his pace and one hand is pulling my hair back while the other is holding my hips in place as his thrusts get harder. 
My moans and screams and loud and I cant stop them, I can feel the orgasm approach.
He pulls out.
I let out a loud scream and wait a second. 
“The fuck J!” He still has my hair in his hand so I cant turn to look at him.

“This is your fault darling.” He rams himself back in me and I scream his name.

Im getting close again and my knuckles are white from gripping the couch, he spanks me again and it only brings me closer this time.
He pulls out again.
“FUCK YOU!” I scream out, my breathing rigid.

“Oh my, the princess has a filthy mouth when she doesn’t get what she wants.”
He goes back to fucking me again, he goes slow. The sensation causes my legs to shake. He lets go of my hair and has both hands on my hips, holding them up. He keeps the pace steady.

“Darling you are fucking fantastic, do you know that?” his voice is low, almost a whisper. 
His words send a chill down my spine.
His pace picks up and my back arches again, I cant take this much longer.
I am biting my lip scared to make a noise, the fear that he might not let me cum again.

He is grunting and moaning himself, i know he’s close. I meet his rhythm.
I scream out “Daddy!” and we only last seconds after. 

I fall onto the couch, my body feels extremely weak. He leans over and kisses me.

“Don’t fuck with me again, princess. It will only get worse and trust me, I don’t mind.” He smiles at me. I can’t even answer, i just nod my head and close my eyes.

He puts his pants back on and wraps a blanket around me, “You might want to get upstairs darling.” 
I forgot other people were here, but my legs are weak.

“J, I honestly can not move.” I laugh and he joins.
He picks me up and carries me up the stairs, he places me in my side of the bed and covers me with the silk sheets. 
I fall asleep quick.

I wake up, my body still wants sleep but my stomach is screaming for food. The sun is shining bright through the windows.
I throw on a shirt and some shorts and head downstairs. 
I open the bedroom door and I can hear J yelling in his office, I decide to avoid whatever situation is going on in there. 
Jackie has the house smelling delicious.
French toast today, I make myself a plate and sit at the table alone. 
J’s screams are muffled from the door but I don’t hear anyone else. Then again, who would actually raise their voice at him other than me. I smile at myself.
I eat the entire plate, I wash the dishes and then go sit on the couch and turn the T.V on.
Gunshots, like a machine gun. My first instinct is to run to J.
I run upstairs and I hunch down by the door, waiting to hear anything. I don’t know who is in there, my heart is pounding, I swear they could hear it on the other side of the door. 

The door slams open, I fall backwards on my back.

“What are you doing Kat?!” Its Lucas, he looks mad.

“I heard all, i heard the gunshots, I just wanted to make sure everyone was ok?” My voice is shaky. 

“Do you know how mad he will be if he sees you this close to all this? Go! Now! Run to the bedroom!” Hes whispering but I feel the urgency in his voice.

I stumble getting up but I run to the bedroom and close the door lightly. I stand there catching my breath. I get myself together and open the door.

“Good morning! Whats with all the noise?” I smile as I walk out of our room.

J just walked out of his office, “Just some business that needed to be taken care of darling. Nothing to worry about.” He gives me a smile and I cant help but smile back. “I have a surprise for you tonight, we will be leaving shortly doll. Nothing too fancy.” He winks at me. 

“A surprise?” I squeal.

“Yes darling, go get ready while daddy cleans this up.” He gives me that smile again, my knees feel weak. ‘Will I ever get used to that? To him?’

I go back to the bedroom, I throw off my clothes and raid through the closet. I pick out a black t-shirt and some jean shorts that I know will drive J mad. I pull out some purple ankle books that have a good size heel to them. They make my legs look long and that confident feeling comes flooding over me. 

J walks into the bedroom, he looks irritated, i ignore it.
He goes to the closet and changes into a white shirt and more low jeans.
‘Do you even know what those low jeans do to me J?’ I smile at him and at my thoughts.

“You ready doll? We have a detour to make.” He is at the bedroom door, holding it open. 

I walk over to him, “You look nice too baby.” and walk right by him, down the stairs and straight out the front door. 

He meets me outside, and wraps his hands around my waist, “You have my full attention darling.” He kisses behind my ear.
He’s forgiven.

He opens the car door for me and we get in the back, Jay and Lucas are with us as well as a car full of guards behind us.

“Whats the detour?” I ask looking at the car behind us.

“Work baby, don’t worry about it. I’ll be in and out.” he winks at me and i give him a small laugh.

The drive took about 20 minutes. We come to a stop and its in front of  a building that is well lit. There are huge windows all around it. it looks like it used to be an storage unit of some kind. Im sure its still a storage but for very different things now.

J open the car door and gets out and I scoot towards the door, “Oh no, no, no. You are going to stay here doll. I am going to have 2 guards on either side of you, ok?”

“I, I have to wait here? While you go in there?” I give him the puppy dog eyes, they don’t work.

“It’s not going to work. I’ll be back quick. Ok? Vic and Sam will be outside the car till I get back.”

“Come back to me J.” I pull at him to kiss me, he does.

“Every time doll.” He smiles and walks away.

Sam and Vic are very huge men, I feel pretty safe. 
Vic is on the left side of the car, his body tilted toward the building with a gun drawn. Sam is on the right side, he is facing the street and he has his gun drawn with a light on it. 
We sit, and we wait.

It doesn’t take long before my ears are ringing from the sound of a gunshot.
I can’t move.

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Another shot, blood is all over the left side of the car, Vic slides down the car.
I can’t move, I can’t scream.
Sam opens the door and pulls me down so I am laying on the seat. He stands back up and starts firing at one of the windows, i hear a man fall and hit the cement below him.

“Miss, you need to stay awake. Do you know where you are?” His hand is on my face and he is making eye contact with me but I can’t say anything.
He reaches for his phone and hits one button, “She’s hit. Vics down.” 

Seconds pass and J is next to me, he puts my head on his lap, “Hospital fucking now!” He yells at Jay and Lucas.
“Fuck!” he keeps screaming over and over. His voice sounds painful.

I reach my hand down under my shirt to my lower stomach and lift it up to my face, its covered in blood.
I still can’t feel anything. I grab onto Js arm as tight as I can, I can’t concentrate on what has happened. My mind hasn’t wrapped myself around it.

He lets out a painful grunt when he sees my hand covered in blood, “Im fucking sorry Kat. I fucked up. Im, I can’t.” 

I cant even enjoy the fact that he said sorry just now. 
J pushes the car door open before we even come to a complete stop at the hospital. He tries to be as gentle but as quick as he can getting me out of the car.
He carries me inside and there are 4 of his men behind him.

“I need the fucking doctor!” He screams when we walk in. 
Everyone stands in fear of The Joker.
Lucas let off 3 shots, “The doctor. Now!” 

Nurses scramble, and a doctor comes forward. He is sweaty and you can smell the nervous feeling on him.
“Ye-Yes Joker?” He stands a few feet away.

“Fix her, save her.” J walks up to the doctor. “She’s shot, lower abdomen. If she dies, so do you.”

Fo-follow me.” He walks J and his men back to an emergency room. “Set her down here.” 

J lays me down, my eyes are heavy, its hard to breath, and i am freezing.
“Im right here baby girl, everything is going to be fine.” 

I try to smile at him. I don’t even know if my face actually moved.

The doctor cuts off my shirt, “I-I uh need to get to that side of her Sir.”
J was knelt down my the wound, he snarls at the doctor but moves to the other side, he grabs my hand, I have no energy to grab his back.

“I need 2 nurses, their names are Hannah and Gloria, I need extra hands.” The doctor looks at J.

“Go get them Lucas.” J doesn’t stop looking at my face. 

Lucas comes back and both girls are crying, they look at the doctor for instruction.
“Shes lost a lot of blood, I need a transfusion now!” They don’t move out of fear, “He will kill us if we don’t save her, move!” the doctor yells at the 2 girls.
“They need that arm Sir. I have an IV in this one,” The doctor doesn’t look at J, he is busy addressing the gunshot wound.

J stutters to move but he does. The girls rush in and get to work.

Tears roll down the side of my face into my hair line, I can’t feel anything put a lot of pressure. I’m just scared. Really scared. 

One of the girls brushes my hair back, “Its ok, everything will be ok. You won’t feel anything other than the pressure you are feeling already, ok? We gave you pain medication through the IV.” she points to my other arm but I cant turn my head.
“I promise you, you will be ok.” Her smile is soft and warm, i believe her.

J has his eyes locked on me. I can feel the pain radiating off him. 
The medication has swept through my body. 
I close my eyes.

“Don’t, don’t sleep, Kat wak..” He is yelling.

“She is fine Sir. Its just the pain medication, she needs to sleep.” She puts her hand up to J and I know he wanted to kill her right then and there.
She turns round and goes back to helping the doctor.

“It went straight through, that’s a good thing. Its cleaned and everything is fine internally. Stitch her up.” The doctor tells the girls. 

He takes his gloves off and turns to J. “She is going to need a lot of rest, she is going to have a hard time getting up and she will need a lot of help for a while. In about 2 days she will need to start walking so her muscles don’t get tight around the wound. It needs to be cleaned morning and night everyday till we get the stitches out. It is going to hurt, she is going to be in pain. She will live though. You can cut the stitches out in 3 weeks or bring her back here.” The doctor walks past J and out the double doors.

One nurse smiles out of fear and leaves, while the other sits next to me. 

“She’s ok Sir. She’s tough.” She gets up and walk out after adjusting the IV one last time.

“I know.” He says under his breath.
He comes to my side and kisses my forehead.
He doesn’t say anything. He puts his head down on the table next to my arm and lets out a long sigh.
He looks over at the stitched up hole, “Kat, I’m not safe for you. I’m no good for you.” he grabs my hand again, i still can’t return the pressure. “Lets get her home.”

He has Lucas and Jay grab the IV’s has he carries me out.
Not a word is spoken on the ride home.

J takes me upstairs and changes my clothes, he throws everything I was wearing in the trash.
Lucas sets up the IV’s in the bedroom and J lays me down and covers me with the sheets.
Lucas closes the door behind him.

J gets in bed next to me, he pulls me close, “Im so sorry Kat.” 

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I wake up in the morning, I can barley breath from the pain. I try to sit up and fall back gasping for air. I look around for J, he’s not there.

You know what makes me happy? To see the cast having so much fun. I am not the only one who was worried about the event - worried that some fans would ruin it and be awful to the actors - but Jennifer and Colin are having so much fun and so open about their love for the show the characters and the romance. Jennifer is having so much fun, she gives so much and she is a SUNSHINE.

They are having fun. They are enjoying themselves. Let it serve us lesson, this is what we want, it doesn’t matter what you ship, we should all be simply happy that these actors are sharing their love for the show.


Surprise! i worked super hard on this! 

Dear Andy,

When I found BVB it changed my life. I finally understood what real music is. BVB has helped me through so much. Your music has helped me through sadness, anger, depression, and has been there for me for no matter what emotion I am feeling. “Lost It All” makes me cry and means so much to me just as you hoped it would. You inspire me in my tough life. I look at what you have accomplished and it gives me hope. I understand that high school in no way defines a person’s intelligence. You are one the smartest and most well-spoken people I have heard words come out of. You make me laugh, cry, inspired, and hopeful. I feel that you understand what I am going through at some level. “They Don’t Need To Understand” means so much to me too. The lyrics speak to me and understand me. “Carolyn” helped me through depression. I cried at school listening to that song. Chris Motionless once said the music didn’t save us, but I disagree. The music sure as hell saved us. Music is there for us no matter what like Jake Pitts said. Music is everything to me and I don’t know how I’d cope without it. I listen to “The Mortician’s Daughter” and “Lost It All” every night before I fall asleep. TMD makes me feel loved and cared about which is something I need in my life. I saw BVB live at the Observatory on 10.23.15 and you grabbed my fingers during “In The End” that made my day. You noticed me. That was the best night of my life. Thank you so much. You have saved me. Happy 25th birthday Andy!


You know what?
Who cares what everyone else thinks?
Yeah, they’re going to talk bad about you behind your back, if they’re brave enough they’ll say it face to face. But who cares about all of that, honestly the only thing that matters is what YOU think of yourself. For once put your own thoughts before everyone else’s and forget their judgement. Nobody is here to impress others; so do what makes you happy both when no one is watching and when all eyes are on you. If you mess up, who cares; just more experience and knowledge. The world would be a significantly different place if everyone didn’t give a shit what everyone else thought and that amazes me. Every single human being grows up worrying about what strangers/and people who aren’t strangers, thinks of them. Because we all feel the need to be liked. Why are our mindsets so shitty until we finally come to the realization that we’re not going to lead happy, fulfilling lives if we strive to impress everyone but ourselves? Those who teach us are terrified of us being an embarrassment or a failure; but are you really an embarrassment or a failure if you’re happy?

Wedding Bells (Part 1)

Pietro x reader || Request || Happy Birthday, anon! || oh wait || shoot

 Anon: Hey I hate to sound demanding but Have you ever thought of making an imagine about Pietro x reader wedding? That would be so lovely TBH *whispers* it would do for a perf bday present for me too *wink wink*

If you’re birthday was yesterday, then this is a belated birthday present!

It was near impossible. Pietro had tried everything! From trying to measure your finger while you slept to asking Wanda and Natasha, but no matter what he asked, the answer always seemed to be; ‘I don’t know.’

With every passing day, Pietro grew more and more discouraged. You were the most oblivious person he knew of, that was one of the many traits about you that he loved, while sometimes hated. You’d been dating for a solid three years and Pietro was finally ready to take the next step in your growing relationship. He wanted to marry you. At one point in his life, Pietro had sworn to not get attached or to fall in love with a woman because it would only get him hurt– but you taught him that pain was only a part of the package.

“Pietro! Have you seen my other shoe? I left it somewhere and I don’t remember where! I swear…I thought I put it somewhere where I’d remember where-” When you met eyes with Pietro you couldn’t help but smile.

“What’s on your mind, troubled boyfriend of mine?” You asked, grinning.

Pietro smirked at your words, “Nothing, curious girlfriend of mine.”

You hummed in response and walked closer towards him, sitting on his lap. Pietro rested his hands on your waist and you gently pressed your forehead against his, “You’re a terrible liar, ya know that?” you murmured.

“I was just thinking of thoughts.” Pietro replied smoothly.

“Everybody thinks thoughts. You know what I mean, Maximoff.”

Maximoff. The name ran through Pietro’s head, swirling around with your name in front of it. (Y/n) Maximoff. Just thinking about the two name put together made Pietro feel extremely excited and nervous at the same time.

“I was only thinking of you, printsessa,” Pietro drawled the nickname out slowly, leaning close enough to feel your breath on his face.

You locked eyes with him and a sly smirk curled on your lips, signaling to Pietro that you were flattered, but not buying it. So without a moments hesitation, Pietro pressed a kiss to your lips and spun you around so he was on top. You giggled and brought a hand to Pietro’s chest, gently pushing him back so that you could once more see his flawless face. “You win.” You said quietly.

Pietro grinned and planted a kiss on your cheek before standing up to make his way out of the room, “I always win.” Pietro said chuckling.

“Only because I let you!” You cried out before he vanished from sight.

Pietro walked down the hallway, barely being able to contain the overwhelming feeling inside of him. You were the love of his life, his printsessa, his heart. And more than anything in the world, he wanted to marry you.

“Wanda!” Pietro hollered for his sister, “I need your assistance!”

Baffled, Wanda turned away from Vision whom she was conversation with to look at her twin brother, “What? With what?” Wanda asked.

Pietro swiftly took her arm and pulled her away from Vision, out into the hall. He leaned close to her ear, “I need your help with something…”

Wanda furrowed her brows, “Alright, tell me already.”

Pietro took a deep breath, “I want to propose to (Y/n)-”

“FINALLY!” Wanda screamed in his ear, pulling away almost immediately after the words ‘propose’ and ‘(Y/n)’ reached her ears. Wanda gripped Pietro’s hands tightly, “Show me the ring, Pietro!” she whispered loudly.

Pietro sighed, chuckling nervously, “That is what I need help with…”

Wanda paused and looked at Pietro carefully before looking over her shoulder at Vision, “I am terribly sorry to leave so abruptly, Vision– but Pietro is trying to propose to (Y/n) and hasn’t gotten–” Pietro clamped a hand over her mouth.

“Wanda! I want it to be a surprise!” He hissed, a pit in his stomach.

Vision merely raised his eyebrows, “I see. I won’t speak of it again.”

“Thank you, Vision,” Pietro said, spinning around and dragging Wanda out of the room with him. “Now, Wanda please listen. I have no idea what size–”

“Leave it to me, Pietro. I will handle it. All you need to do is figure out how you are going to propose because- no, you cannot just walk up to her and ask her. It has to be something to remember.” Wanda responded quietly.

Pietro gave a quick nod, “Got it. Thank you Wanda, I appreciate this.”

“Of course. Now go. I really do not want you to screw this up.”

The moment you saw an ominous path with candles lit at both sides, illuminating t through the dark, you knew you had to follow it. You didn’t care if it was there for you or not, you were a curious person. Moving one foot in front of the other, you followed illuminated path down to one of the many docks in New York. The only difference was that this dock was completely cleared of boats for at least a mile. There was only a dock, a beautiful sunset, and the water which reflected the marvelous sky overhead.

And there he stood. Pietro Maximoff.

Pietro stood stiffly at the edge of the dock, fumbling with a small black box that he held in his hands. When he noticed your presence, he straightened his back and watched as you silently walked closer, lips parted in awe.

“Pietro…This is beautiful…” You told him, finally meeting his eyes. “But why…? I’m pretty sure our anniversary isn’t for another…” You trailed off when you realized that Pietro was slowly getting down on one knee.

Hesitantly, Pietro opened the small, black box revealing a silver ring with a Sapphire gem in the middle. Pietro licked his lips to speak, 

“(Y/n) (L/n), I-”  “Yes.”