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Creating Diversity from Generic White Script

So, I’m taking a screenwriting class, where we’re writing a short film script. I’m writing basically a story about an RA who’s struggling through the stress of like, cyclical catching students misbehaving, writing them up, school etc. My issue is, it’s a script, and something our prof has talked about is how it’s important to actively build diversity into the story to avoid the hollywood ‘Best (white person) For The Role’ which makes a lot of sense, but on the other hand, my story idea is currently… entirely generic, i.e. 

I’m at that point where I have to make a decision about whether it would be fruitful to specify the race/ethnicities of certain characters. But my problem is, some of the characters speak very little, and most of them say things basically any student would say in the same situation. Even my main character speaks mostly in a professional context using basic RA lines like ‘hand over your IDs.’ 

Because it’s a script, it seems really weird to me to say, okay this character is asian, but then there’s no real reason for them to be or not to be, say, black, or latina, or mixed, etc.? At this point, I have to decide moving forward whether to build my characters to incorporate some indicators of specific racial/ethnic background (linguistic quirks, etc.), but I don’t know a) whether I should or not because it seems necessary only because of trying to subvert an all white cast, and b) how I might even go about this, again, seemingly arbitrary process. 

So how can I build diversity into a script that’s relatively generic without it feeling arbitrary or canned? Or without specifically indicating race/ethnicity in a context in which it wouldn’t really be addressed outwardly?

[Redacted for readability]

Your professor is correct. It’s time to normalize People of Color in scripts, stories, in all forms of media. White is still very much the default for Hollywood and clearly your script as you struggle to place us just existing without it feeling unnatural or obtrusive.  You question whether it is fruitful to specify race where race won’t be addressed. I say it is. This is exactly what many of us want, just a story where we’re included and treated as human beings doing things, with agency, and not table settings and decorations for white characters to interact with.

It seems unnatural or unnecessary to specify race to you because you’re used to the default being white people who don’t need an introduction of race. It’s time to just stop feeling the need to have to explain our existence and just let us be there. Let us exist.

At this point, I have to decide moving forward whether to build my characters to incorporate some indicators of specific racial/ethnic background (linguistic quirks, etc.), but I don’t know a) whether I should or not because it seems necessary only because of trying to subvert an all white cast, and b) how I might even go about this, again, seemingly arbitrary process.

Why not add cultural and personal details, though? Even in the small ways? Honestly, if people are only speaking in professional terms and doing generic actions void of much emotion and personality, your story may come off as bland and the characters undeveloped and unmemorable. Perhaps I don’t have a full understanding of what you’re doing with this script, though.

The way people speak and the words they say, the way they react to things, it’s all informed by where we come from and who we are. You could show culture with a name, from the lunch they eat, the words they mumble in their native tongue in frustration…and those things come off as much more engaging to me than just White/Generic/Everyman does generic/ professional things.

~Mod Colette

I agree. We’d love stories where we’re the protags, but there isn’t a lot of hullaballoo about our identity. But that doesn’t mean wiping the slate completely.

(I’m thinking of a recent video featuring Martellus Bennett of the NE Patriots and how he actually has a book series with a Black protag going on adventures, and how he talked about the importance of having Black characters having their own stories that weren’t just about their identities.)

-Mod Jess

How to solve your problem: backstory.

Any generic script can be modified to PoC, depending on your definition of “generic.” If by “generic” you mean “ethnically uncoded"— well, you’re wrong. Generic is very ethnically coded. It’s white coded. You just don’t notice it because it’s the same markers in your life. If you watch something like Black-ish or Fresh Off the Boat, you’ll see the differences in ethnic coding in a family suburban sitcom.

If by “generic” you mean “uses archetypes familiar to the genre”, then you’re dealing with a situation where there really genuinely isn’t any race marker. As I mentioned— Black-ish and Fresh Off the Boat are family suburban sitcoms. These are generic plots, made different by asking: what would this ethnic group experience in this context?

You don’t seem to know enough about diverse ethnic groups in order to insert them into the narrative. Black people, for example, tend to dress more professionally than is required. This is because the markers of “casual and cool” for a white person (jeans, t-shirt, sneakers) are seen as “slob and inexperienced” for a black person. There are hundreds of examples like this, if you start looking.

As Colette said: you’re used to the default being white people. All of us are! This is something you have to actively unlearn. But the way to unlearn it is to ask the same questions you do in general character building. 

Things like:

- How does this character’s background impact their behaviour?

- How do others see them? (Note- cultural markers like the above dressing professionally example heavily influence this)

- How did their parents push them?

- How do they want to be seen?

In order to build race into your characters, you have to get out of your all-white box and start to understand our perspectives. Just like you learn to write a whole bunch of different white people in writing, learn to write a whole bunch of Black, or Latinx, or East Asian, or South Asian people. We’re all still people, but our experiences have shaped us for who we are— just like white people.
When building characters, you have to ask yourself all of the questions about who they are and how they’re seen in order to write anything good. These are the steps for any character building, so if you’re thinking there’s too much work involved… well, sorry, no, there really isn’t. Not in this industry. 

You live and die by your ability to create relatable characters, and in order to do that, you have to build backstory. And in order to build diversity in, you have to learn how to craft a PoC backstories that have just as much nuance and variety as white backstories.

~Mod Lesya

Hot Soup

Group: BTS


Excerpt: “If you get ill, Kim Namjoon, I will not look after you.” He batted your hands away, with a grin, and as he walked away you became genuinely worried he would catch your illness,

“My immune system is amazing.”

Genre: fluff

Length: 1k

A/N: I want joon cuddles

Originally posted by jjilljj

 “Joon, please let me go,” Namjoon’s arms tightened around your back, as he continued to run small circles on your shoulder blades. You tried to move your hands to cover your face but Namjoon’s grip left you unable to move so you ended up sneezing into his shoulder.

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Anonymous said: Do u do monty imagines bc i rly need more of him
Anonymous said: Please give me more monty i cant get enough

Author’s Note: Because some of you asked so nicely.. enjoy my attempt at Montgomery. Also, much thanks to @jayadoreee for creating ‘Dating Montgromery Includes’ headcanons that sparked the idea for this ;) One headcanon in particular had me laughing, but as I was listening to a couple of songs.. inspiration struck! So go listen to ’Gangsta’ and ’Crazy in Love’ to get a feel of the mood I was in when writing this XD

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Montgomery de la Cruz. There was a lot to be said about this bad boy, a lot to dislike about him as well, but given that he’s been your boyfriend for the last eight months.. well you mustn’t find him all that terrible.

But that wasn’t the case once upon a time. Once upon a time you sneered at his attempts to intimidate fellow students, told him to fuck off one too many times to count, and even shoved him off Alex once when they got into one of their monthly fist fights.

His cruelty lessened when he turned his sights on you and every time you went to tell him off, you found that your amusement would spike. He noticed it, too, if his attempts to get a rise out of you almost everyday were anything to go by. Every curse you spewed at him was then followed by a smile and roll of your eyes instead of a sneer, and you found that Monty had wormed his way beneath your skin without even realizing it until it was too late.

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patrochilles high school au headcanons because who doesnt want these in their lives (✿◠‿◠)
  • achilles was the super hot popular track star and patroclus was the shy cutie who was always in the stands to cheer on his bf
  • and when achilles would win a race (aka every day) he’d run over to where patroclus was sitting and kiss him in front of everyone
  • briseis was patroclus and achilles’ third member of their little circle and basically they always hung out and patroclus would braid little flowers into hers and achilles’ hair and akjsgfasjf
  • and agamemnon was the douchey jock that was rude to everyone and made immature jokes so him and achilles kind of always had a rivalry
  • agamemnon would ask achilles to do his homework and when achilles refused agamemnon would make him “pay” by filling his or briseis’ or patroclus’ locker with soda balloons and peanut butter and ugh no one likes agamemnon ok
  • one day (well, multiple days) achilles makes patroclus wear these shirts that odysseus made for them as a joke. achilles’ says “im aristos achaion” and patroclus’ says “im with aristos achaion”
  • also, briseis has one that she very reluctantly wears, and it says “im with these losers”
  • agamemnon is the quarterback of the football team and one day they play against a team where the quarterback is hector and hector accidentally throws the ball and it hits patroclus’ face while hes sitting in the stands. achilles gets SO mad and runs onto the field at halftime (“Achilles, sit down, it didn’t even hurt.” “I MUST AVENGE YOU PATROCLUS!”) and tackles hector
  • odysseus is that kid thats super nice to everyone and kind of the class clown but he also has like, all the goods. a pack of gum? odysseus has it. pencils? sure. spiked punch at prom? yes
  • achilles is super affectionate in school like if he sees patroclus in the hallway he’ll shout, “everyone look, its my BOYFRIEND” and patroclus loves it but he gets so embarrassed he’s like achilles stop 
  • patroclus. wearing. a beanie.
  • when they get detention together the teacher makes them sit on opposite sides of the room but achilles makes little paper planes with notes in them and frickin whips them toward patroclus when shes not looking
  • basically tsoa high school au would be amazing and everyone is happy and cute and no one dies yay okay

sonhoedesrazao  asked:

OOOH JIMON: "Can we pretend I didn’t just say that?" (make it a love declaration scene and i'll love you forever)


Simon is gonna be late to class, he just knows it. Three months being exclusively nocturnal have really ruined him for normal things like timetables, public transportation and traffic. He gets off on the next station and decides to walk the rest of the way.

Still. Despite his racing thoughts and irrational fear that his professor will hate him forever for being a few minutes late, he’s excited. He’s going back to school! He’ll take classes again and be bored beyond relief over static lectures and be looked down upon by much cooler classmates. Things will go back to something resembling normal.

Simon checks his phone again. Twelve minutes until his class begins. He could use his vampire speed, but the streets are busy and swarming with people. That’d be a little hard to explain. He takes a deep breath and takes wider steps.

Someone bumps into him. 

“You’ve been avoiding me.” 

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What shopping with Vernon would be like

•A LOT of skinship. Whenever you were looking at something in a store, he would come up behind you and give you a hug, complimenting whatever you were looking at

•You would get annoyed at him because he would always start singing and rapping along to the music that´s being played at the mall

•You would catch him staring at the half naked models in the add signs. “Yah!” “Y/N I-I swear I wasn´t staring! I was just admiring how good the underwear they are wearing would look on you”

•He would buy you clothes, no matter the price, because he wanted to see you in them

•He would beg you to buy matching hoodies and you would tag along at the end

•”You really suit pink, you should get this!” You would say pointing at a pink shirt. “Y/N you know I don´t like pink. Have you ever seen me wear pink?” “Yup! In the Very Nice music video” “Yah but that´s different”

•You would show him a teddy and beg him to buy it to you as a `boyfriend-girlfriend gift` but he would act cool and say something like “Pft, teddies are for kids” but when you disappointed made your way over to somewhere else in the store he would secretly buy it and give it to you later on

•He would sneakily take pictures of you while grabbing a coffee together at one of the cafés at the mall

-Admin Karoline

Morning Coffee (Steve Rogers x reader)

HeroesOfOlympus: Heyyy y'all! So, here’s the Steve Rogers x reader fic like I promised. It’s short and crappy (as usual) so, yeah. The first part’s kinda boring since it’s about cooking bUT I WAS HUNGRY while writing this, so don’t judge me. Now I’m hungry. Fantastic.

Description: You and the Avengers are eating breakfast when Tony comes into the dining room, scaring the shit out of you and making you spill coffee all over yourself. Steve is his usual charming self and gives you his shirt to change into. Why am I such a weirdo. There’s seriously something wrong with me and shirtless Steve.

Reader Gender: Female

Reader Powers: Ability to control water and water vapour

Characters/Ships: Steve Rogers x reader, Tony Stark, Thor, Bruce Banner, Natasha Romanoff, Clint Barton

Rating: PG

Warnings: Shirtless Steve, half naked reader (wtf is wrong with me), crappy writing and Super short fic

Humming silently to yourself, you twirled around the kitchen, the hem of your pyjamas shirt fluttering from your dancing. You began to take out the things you needed for cooking, deciding to make a typical English breakfast.

Picking up an egg, you tossed it from one hand to another playfully before cracking it into the already sizzling pan, steam rising from the pan with the egg white already forming bubbles of air. Sniffing the air for the satisfying smell of something cooking, you began to slice the large chunk of bacon into thinner pieces, the grease smearing against your fingers and once you were done, setting them into another pan and letting them cook.

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Nick and Judy Go to the Club Ch.1

The time is 6pm and the sun is beginning to set over Zootopia. Officer Judy Hopps is sat at her desk finishing up some paper work, ears drooped back from boredom. It had been a few months since the Night howler incident and she was now a well-respected officer in the ZPD with several medals and commendations for her tireless efforts both in the community and the academy. However, what she was most proud of was her partner. Nicholas P. Wilde, the fox who had helped her on the missing mammal case and Night howler incident.  Nick was intelligent, brave, and excelled at thinking on his paws. He was also a gifted speaker, born with a silver tongue. It was rare that he couldn’t talk himself out of a sticky situation if all else failed.

Judy suddenly realized she had been staring at a picture of Nick she had on her desk. “How long have I been staring at this?” she thought to herself. “He looks so handsome in that officer’s uniform. It defines his body so well, wait! What am I saying?” she snapped herself from her thoughts of Nick. “I really shouldn’t be thinking like that.”  Just then she noticed Nick leaning against the doorframe of her office. “Hey Carrots, thinking like what?”

“Oh Nick!” Judy half yelled as she jumped up in her seat her ears shot straight up now. “It’s nothing, just having some trouble focusing on my paper work is all” she stated with a light chuckle. Nick gave her a slightly confused look. “Well, I have an idea for something to help take your mind off work.” he said. “Oh yeah, and what’s that?” Judy asked. Nick looked at Judy and gave her a playful smirk “Now that would ruin the surprise.” He turned away and looked over his shoulder “Just be ready for me to pick you up by 10 o’clock tonight and wear something comfortable.” he said with that famous sly smile. “Nick!” Judy yelled, but he had already disappeared down the hallway. “What could he have planned for us so late?” she thought to herself before looking back over at the picture of him on her desk. “Sly fox.”  

It was now 9:30pm and night had fallen over Zootopia. Downtown Zootopia which was known for its amazing architecture, takes on a completely new form of beauty once the lights begin to shine. The nocturnal animals are out in this city that never sleeps and now Judy was going to join them. Judy had moved into a slightly larger apartment since her time joining the ZPD, though this did not help her escape her crazy neighbors “Bucky and Pronk” who only a week after her move were now living next to her again. It seems their financial status was like her own. This didn’t bother her though as she didn’t move to escape their racket. She just wanted a roomier place with a private bathroom and that’s what she had now.

Judy stepped out of the shower and grabbed her towel and began to dry herself off. It was white with carrots printed on it. She stepped out of the bathroom and over to the dresser thinking about what to wear. “What should I wear? He told me to dress comfortable but didn’t tell me where we were going, dang it Nick. You also have to try and be so cool and mysterious.” Judy decided to go with a pair of jeans and a black t-shirt that had pink text on it that read, “Don’t call me Cute or else!” Nick had gotten her this shirt as a gift after he joined the academy. It was the first thing he had bought for her and it made her smile. She rarely got an opportunity to wear it so she figured now would be as good a time as any.

Judy looked over at the clock and it was nearly 10 on the dot when she heard a knock at her door. When she opened the door, she was frozen for a moment admiring the fox standing before her. Nick was wearing tight black jeans and a black satin button up shirt that shined like his coat accented with a red tie. Judy had never seen Nick dress this way and was transfixed by how amazing he looked. She heard a faint voice calling her name before snapping out of her stupor and realizing it was Nick. “Hey Carrots you in there?” Nick asked. “Yeah, sorry.” Judy muttered. “So where are we going anyway? You seem to have dressed up quite nicely.” Nick smiled looking down at himself, “Oh this, well for the nightlife I figured a Hawaiian shirt might not be the most appropriate thing to wear.” “Have you considered that it might not ever be an appropriate thing to wear?” Judy scoffed playful as they walked to the taxi waiting outside. “You know I look good in those shirts.” Nick exclaimed as he held the taxi door open for Judy. “Do I know that? Yes, yes I do.”

Nick got into the taxi and looked at the driver, “We’re ready now.” The taxi took off clearly already aware of the destination. Judy looked over at Nick “So you’re still not gunna tell me where we’re going?” Nick looked down at Judy with that sly smile, “Don’t worry Carrots, you’ll find out when we get there. Besides I don’t want to spoil the surprise.” Judy looked out the taxi window admiring the city lights as she was rarely out this late and typically went straight to bed when she got home. “It really is something, isn’t it?” Nick said softly. “Being a nocturnal animal I don’t sleep much so I get to see the city lit up like this every night. That’s why my eyes get so dark sometimes.” Nick pointed at one closed eye that had a slightly purple tint to the lid. “Oh yeah? I always thought you just wore eyeshadow.” Judy said as she playfully elbowed Nick in the side. “Ha ha ha.” Laughed Nick sarcastically. “Very funny Carrots, but this fox doesn’t need makeup. He has an abundance of natural beauty.” Judy couldn’t help but agree with that statement in her head, but said nothing out loud.

Judy watched out the window as the taxi pulled under a bridge on the outskirts of Downtown Zootopia and stopped. “Here ya go fox, that’ll be 15 dollas.” said the taxi driver. Nick handed the driver a 20 and told him to keep the change. Nick got out and once again held the door open for Judy and as the taxi drove away it revealed their destination across the street. A building tucked under the bridge with a line of animals waiting outside and loud music that could clearly be heard from outside. This was obviously a nightclub, but what stood out to Judy was the name of the club in glowing neon lights above the double doors that read “Wilde Times.”

Judy pointed up at the sign, “Nick is that?” “Yup! This is a nightclub that Finnick and I have had planned for years.” Nick interrupted. “And you my dear Carrots get to be my guest of honor at our grand opening.” Nick said as he wrapped his arm around Judy’s. “Nick I’m not really much for the club scene.” Ignoring her protest Nick dragged Judy across the street and into the club waving at the patrons as he entered proudly with his bunny companion. “So how about we have a few drinks first?” Nick suggested as he walked Judy to the bar where Finnick was serving drinks.

“Finnick my main fox mammal!” Nick exclaimed as he walked up to the bar with Judy before taking a seat. “How are ya buddy?” Finnick smiled at Nick “Good, I’m happy we finally got this place up and running after all these years of planning and hard work.” “You mean hustling?” Judy said with a smirk. Finnick stared down Judy “Hmph, so how’d you get fluff butt down here?” Nick smiled and laughed, “Easy Finnick, I actually didn’t tell her where we were going. It was a surprise.” Finnick chuckled at this and asked them what’ll they have? “I’ll just have carrot juice please.” said Judy. “Gimmie a glass of our finest bourbon my dear Finnick!” shouted Nick. Finnick brought them their drinks and then poured himself a shot. The three toasted to a successful business and the start of an exciting night!     

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A Olicity Historical AU: Touch can be so much more than just, touch.

A/N:  Thank you to the wonderful @quiveringbunny for making this amazing cover art for my story.  It’s so beautiful.

You can read all previous chapters HERE or AO3.


Chapter 4

Felicity watched from her window as the two men, one fair-haired and the other dark, both with military bearing and impeccable ease with their horses, rode away from the manor house.  It was early and the world was just waking up.  The servants were stirring and the birds chirped their greeting to the new day.  

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I saw this ask and I…I just had to. @tomakehimfree I hope you like it. ^^

Warnings for mpreg if that’s not your cup of tea (it didn’t used to be mine, but I can’t pretend it hasn’t grown on me…dammit) 

He found it in a second hand store behind a set of novelty salt shakers, and bought it for less than the price of a soda. It wasn’t until he was already walking out with it that he realized just what it really meant.

It had a chip on the rim about the size of his thumb nail, and he was sure he could probably break the handle off without trying too hard. He doubted Victor would ever want to drink anything out of it – Yuri didn’t think he wanted to either. But the words printed on the front of the mug were enough for him, no matter how little use either of them would probably get out of it.

World’s Greatest Dad. 

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Bolder Part 4

A/N: Hey guys, so this was only edited  by me, myself, and I so it might not be that good. I have been exhausted but got some computer time to post. I feel like this chapter might be a little short but I will have another fic up this coming week. It will probably be a request since the line for that is getting kinda long and I wanna get them out soon. I had another part written for this but I think I am going to start over with it since it didn’t go in the direction I wanted. This wasn’t my best writing but this part was more filling in the reader on Phillip and hers relationship progression than anything else. You could probably read the rest of the story by just assuming Phillip and the reader got together. Be sure to send me asks, messages, and comments. It would really help me out to have some encouragement.

Title: Bolder Part 4

Ratings: Teen

Warnings: fluff

Pairings: Father!aaron burr x Daughter!reader, phillip hamilton x reader

WordCount: 876

Part 1, Part 2,Part 3

Age 17

      My senior year Philip asked me out on a date. He had been so nervous he started rhyming on accident and made an utter fool of himself as he stood next to my locker. I had chuckled and given him a quick and sure yes. I had never been nervous in my life. My family always taught that nerves and showing your emotions outwardly was a great way to ensure you never succeeded. Despite this amazing advice and poised skill I had been given, I was a mess when Philip came to pick me up. We had both agreed that I would go home to get ready instead of going over to his house and he would come pick me up at 8.

     I had a few hours after school. At first I focused on my school work until I started getting ready for dinner at 6. Then it hit me like a ton of bricks. I was going on a date with my best friend. He seemed amazing in every way, shooting into my life and illuminated everything with a sparkling electricity compared to the monotonous grey tone that I lived in before. This date could be my one way ticket to happiness.

     I became frantic as I got ready. I tore open almost my entire wardrobe before settling on the blouse he had complimented me on once and pair of my best jeans matched with black smart heels. I applied my makeup and realized I still had a half hour despite the fact that I even took the time to take a shower. There was nothing left to keep me busy. I was alone in the house so I began pacing with vigor. I went up the winding staircase before going back down and pacing the length of the kitchen stopping to adjust the cooking utensils in perfect lines before moving onto the houses library and shuffling the papers on the tables.

     Why was I this nervous? I had never been this nervous before a test. I always walked in exams and projects with the knowledge that I would do perfectly. I always stood with the same confidence my father had when he entered a room. However, all my confidence seemed to have flown south for the winter and left in its wake a anxiety filled shell of my former self. Why was this so different from every other challenged I faced?

     My thoughts were interrupted by a knocking on the door. I shot over to it and threw it open in hopes that it would help. Almost like ripping off a bandaid, nice and quick. It hadn’t helped me in the slightest. Philip stood there in a dress shirt with the tie I always said made him look smart. He wore a dark pair of jeans and his hair had been tousled from the cool autumn breeze that had recently settled into town. He nervously smiled while looking at me. I looked into his eyes and saw the same crazed look that I am sure was mirrored in mine. He leaned forward and grabbed my hand. Something he had made a habit of doing when either of us was nervous. I had found it weird at first but eventually accepted it. We both seemed to relax as our skin made contact. He let out a chuckle.

      “Come on, I was going to take us to our favorite diner on Main street. The one with the old red leather booths and the juke box,” Phillip said with a relaxed and lazy tug on my hand. I laughed slightly too, feeling the last of the anxiety slip out as I leaned and closed the door behind me.

      That night had been different in a purely good way. It was just like hanging out with Phillip any other day. However, now we were free to show a little more affection and Phillip talked about how he felt. He said that he liked me and really admired me and my work . He talked about his insecurities, insisting that there were a lot of smarter guys out there that would find me amazing. He somehow managed to get me to speak out my feeling as well. It was a little harder for me to talk about but I spoke about how I saw him as a light in my life. I talked about how no one had ever made such a big impression on me as he had (not even my parents). He seemed happy with our talk and didn’t push me to say more than I needed to say. At the end of the night he kissed me on my porch steps and I couldn’t find anything to compare it to.

     Later I finally realized why this night had been so important at the time. This was the first time I took on a challenge purely  for myself. Everything I ever did, the test, exams, projects, they were to show people what I was made of. They were to show off my skills and get approval from others. This time I didn’t want anyone’s approval. I didn’t want to be the best. I wanted to be happy.

This was for me and not anyone else.


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In celebration of the end of season 3, I drew my favorite youtuber and Clementine! (I know his hair is still kinda green, but there would be no time for hair dye in the zombie apocalypse! I hope you can still tell it’s Jack, I drew him in one of his shirts just in case!) I can’t wait for season 4 and to go through it with this cool dude and mini badass!  

P.S- Grass was a bad idea for a background and I should have done it last to avoid smudging it on the side which made me have to do a background in the first place.


Embry Call imagine requested by anon. “Can I get a request of the reader and Embry cuddled in bed together on a rainy day with the windows cracked? Embry’s just really protective and cuddly and fluffy and cute please lol” Hope you like it!

Rain was to be expected in a town as frequently waterlogged as Forks, but the storms were worst beside the sea. Visiting your boyfriend Embry oftentimes can paired with swirling clouds and forceful gales from the ocean, knocking you back into his home just before the skies opened to release their tears to the earth below. It was one such morning that you found yourself cross-legged atop his bedspread, the scent of his mother’s pancakes creeping beneath his bedroom door, warming the otherwise cool air blowing in from his open window. Your world was sheathed in sound; Embry’s steady inhales, his head resting where your thigh met your hip, the slow turning of pages as you flipped through a novel whose binding you were balancing on your knee, and the calming patter of droplets striking tree branches and leaves, roofs and car exteriors. You were entirely at ease, your fingers running absentmindedly through the short ebony spikes of Embry’s hair, his eyes closing peacefully with each new route. It was strange, his hair; it carried the immense heat of his body, soft and warm as if kissed by the sun, an impossibility considering the tumultuous clouds swarming just beyond his window. He brought the sunlight in to warm you on even the stormiest days.

He surprised you by catching your hand as you prepared to lazily trail your fingertips over his cheek, his palm spreading heat through yours, his movement pulling your attention from the pages of your book down to his sparkling eyes. He grinned at you, seemingly content to have startled you, pressing his lips gently to the center of your palm. You chuckled, twisting your hand until his fingers were twined with yours, watching his eyes close once more, his breathing continuing on its soothing pattern of slow inhales and complete exhales, his chest rising and falling smoothly. You moved your unoccupied hand to fold over the very corner of the page you were currently reading, marking your place before closing the cover on a world of fantasy to enjoy your own. You nudged the book off to the side of his bed, relaxing onto your back and worming your way down the bed until your eyes were level with his. He smiled warmly, winding his arm beneath your head, welcoming you to rest your cheek against his chest. With his heartbeat hammering against your ear, you closed your eyes.

“Hey, don’t fall asleep,” he whispered, his exhaustion leaking into his voice with every utterance and every word. You smiled, snuggling closer to him, intoxicated by the warmth rolling off of his skin in waves. You flung an arm over his torso, lavishing in the warmth his body transferred to the soft cotton of his tee shirt. You inhaled deeply, smelling the traces of spearmint on his breath and the purity of rainwater clinging to the droplets on his shirt. His fingers traced over your ribs, poking against your stomach in an attempt to drag you from the peace of slumber. “Hey,” he laughed, watching your eyes open groggily, his smile illuminating his features, his dark eyes glowing from within with adoration. “Hey, we’ve got stuff to do,” he complained, pulling himself up onto his elbow, hovering over you, staring deeply into your eyes. Your brow furrowed in confusion. Any plans you could have made would have been tarnished by the onslaught of storming weather. You were all but caged in Embry’s house, with his mother’s breakfast left cooling on the counter in her wake, her car absent from the driveway.

“I wasn’t aware we had a schedule today,” you grinned, watching his eyes roll at your sarcasm. Embry’s fingers relocated a few rogue strands of hair behind your ear, his body deflating with his next exhale. Even the slightest of touches spread fire along your skin, threatening to burn you if you lingered too long. He was practically a stove top, but you hardly minded. There were few pleasures kinder and calmer than the warmth Embry elicited, even by brushing his hand against yours. You leaned against his hand, inviting his touch.

“We don’t, not really, but… well, we don’t get to do this very often. Be alone, I mean,” he paused, his breath blowing easily over your cheeks. “I mean, I’m convinced Sam forgot I existed. I should be out running the border today, but…” his eyes shifted to the window, listening to a roll of thunder sound in the distance. “Guess not.” He sat up beside you, tucking his legs underneath himself so that he was kneeling by your side. “So I wanna talk.” You grinned, lifting yourself to your former position, resting your back against Embry’s bedroom wall, the window to your side, the sounds of rain against the windowsill now predominantly in your right ear, Embry’s voice in your left, his hand reaching for yours once again. “What’s on your mind?” You traced a diamond over the meeting of his thumb and wrist, your head tipping back against the wall, imagining the water coursing over the side of his home, just inches away, and yet so far.

“Do you think maybe Sam’s going easy on you on purpose?” You proposed, meeting Embry’s contemplative eyes. “I mean, you just got out of a literal war with a bunch of newborn vampires. Jake’s still recovering, or, well, “recovering,”” you made air quotes with your free hand, remembering the phony cast and pair of crutches he had to cart around, all because Chief Swan saw him in the aftermath of the battle. Embry grinned. “Do you think… I don’t know, maybe he’s giving you a break? Some extra slack while the threat’s down?” Embry tilted his head, his mouth downturned in possible agreement. “I mean, I don’t see any danger, unless one of the Cullen’s gets thirsty for something a little more lively than a rabbit.” Embry laughed aloud, leaning into your side, shaking his head until he regained his composure.

“You know, whatever his reasons are, I’m not complaining. It’s been so long since we’ve had any down time. I haven’t felt this free since before any of us knew about the pack. If I ignore the pull… it’s almost like I’m not a wolf at all. I feel almost… normal now,” he crowed, beaming down at you. You grinned, resting the backside of your hand against his forehead, acting as a human thermometer, your hand falling to each of his cheeks. His skin was smooth and hot against yours, beating with the intensity of the sun on a cloudless day, a delightful warmth deserving of distraction and attention. Your touch lingered longer than it ought to have, relishing in the sun you had been robbed of by the rain. He waited, aware of your oncoming humour, his eyes deadpan on yours.

“Yeah, well, excusing the… ten degree temperature difference, I’d say you’ve just about made it. Proud of you.” Embry tipped his head back as you giggled, playfully removing your hand by enclosing it in his, placing your palm against his heart. It became quiet, then, your eyes reading each other, your breathing in time. His head inched closer to yours, a tentative, natural inclination towards a kiss, his forehead resting against yours after a second of immobility. You closed your eyes, awaiting his embrace, hearing instead a whispered laugh, his smile prevalent even without your sight.

“You love it,” he breathed, his voice carried only on a prayer on his exhale. You opened your eyes, prepared to counter his confidence, Embry’s lips taking you off-guard as they descended on yours, his hand moving to cradle your face, leaving your palm on his chest Your fingers spread, closing instead on the fabric of his shirt, pulling him closer to you, encouraging his kiss. He laughed, a strange sound considering the preoccupation of his lips, pulling you towards him, his hand sinking to your waist, securing your body to his. His lips moved to your cheek before diving for your neck, pressing sweet, ticklish kisses to the skin he found exposed. You shrieked, finding yourself trapped only when you thought to escape, your body snuggled closely to his, his arms around your waist, closing you into a ruthless attack. You pushed uselessly against his chest, his lips returning to yours only when he thought he might lose you, your embrace calming until you all but melted in his arms. You parted from his lips, inching yourself closer to him until you were happily perched on his lap, your legs dangling off to the side, his arms holding you close to his chest, his lips in your hair. “I love you,” he whispered, his breath stirring your hair atop your head. You craned your neck, staring into his eyes, your fingers ghosting over his cheekbone, an almost curious gesture, feeling the warmth of his skin under yours.

“That’s a wolf thing,” you whispered, his eyes rolling, adjusting his position beneath you, his arms constricting around you softly. “Aw, careful, Em, you’re slipping back into abnormal territory,” you chided, watching his expression light up, though his eyes remained with the same humourless light on yours.

“You know it’s not a wolf thing,” he argued, his voice almost tired with concern, his head tilted at an angle to further press his seriousness. You shot him the same look, watching his eyes raise under your stare. “Okay, point taken. Normal people don’t imprint, I get that, I do. But it’s not entirely a wolf thing. You know, I like to think that we’d still end up like this, even if I didn’t… you know, have four legs more often than I have two.” You smiled, watching his mouth tweak in the corners, mirroring your amusement. “How long have I known you, now? And we didn’t exactly hate being around each other before everything got… complicated. It would’ve happened one way or the other, I just sped it up is all.” He smiled, his eyes gleaming as they lowered to your lips. You sighed, leaning forward to press your lips to his, giving in to the natural pull and separation of his kiss, your eyes closing, your mind going numb as Embry’s hands cradled your cheeks, his teeth tugging your lower lip, your body following his until you were both reclined on his bedspread, the corner of your book nipping at your calf. You laid your head on his shoulder, your fingers toying with the collar of his shirt, tickling along the curve of his collarbones. You listened, in the absence of your voices, to the wind curve water at the side of the house, his window’s screen stopping the most of it from pooling on his windowsill. You sighed, listening to the thunder cry once more, somewhere far over the hills and high above the tips of the forest.

“What’s on your mind?” you inquired, your voice feeble in the relative shadow of the room, watching the rain fall against the feather-like cedar branches, a whisper so soft and so unwilling to overpower the calming music of the rain. Embry sighed, his voice similar in its volume, but stronger in its conviction, responding with a reverence you rarely heard from him.

“You,” he replied, his words punctuated with another roll of thunder. The storm was coming closer, soon to roil the seas and flood the tide pools, bathing the forest in delightful life, swathing your world in a watery patchwork of sounds and light and purity. You snuggled closer to him, if that was even possible, your arm hanging loosely over his abdomen, your leg creeping over his. His lips pressed warmly to your temple, his head tilting until his mouth was barely brushing your hair, his breath blowing softly over your scalp, the two of you silent thereafter, listening to the world beyond your perfect slice of normalcy, not thinking about the days to come or possible interruptions. You surrendered willingly to the ease of his embrace, your heart beating contently within your chest, Embry’s humming along against your cheek.

Your Savior - 20

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Chapter 20


Swearing, Negan being Negan, mentions of past sexual assault, zombie threat and action

Dinner that evening was the most pleasant one that you could remember at The Sanctuary. News of Brianna’s pregnancy had spread quickly, causing several Saviors to stop by the table to offer their congrats, slapping Brian on the back in encouragement. You pushed back any thoughts of Negan or Davis and focused entirely on the happy couple, enjoying an almost normal evening. If not for the moans of the dead affixed to the fence drifting in from outside, you could almost have forgotten about the current state of the world. 

The encouragements showed no signs of slowing even as dinner time came to a close. Taking your turn to be the intuitive friend for once, you noticed how overwhelmed and tired Brianna was getting and came to her rescue, getting to your feet while discreetly tugging at the back of her shirt.

“Bri, would you like to take a quick walk around outside with me before turning in for the night? I could use the fresh air. You boys go ahead and keep celebrating though! I’m sure Brian wouldn’t mind a drink or two down in the rec room, would you Brian?” You added with a wink in his direction. The boisterous men didn’t need telling twice, shouting down any objections Brian may have had and all but dragging him towards the rec room while you and Brianna made your way outside into the cool evening air.

“Oh my god. Thanks for that!” Brianna exclaimed, sighing through a smile. She began a slow pace along the perimeter fencing, a path the two of you had walked a least a dozen evenings during your stay. “I thought I’d never get out of there!”

“No problem girl, you looked like you were getting tired. It’s nice that everyone is so supportive though. News like yours isn’t always that welcome in this new world.”

“Well that’s one of the blessings of life here at The Sanctuary, Negan and The Saviors have created a life that is safe and stable enough to support new lives. Out there I would be terrified for the life of our child, but in here….” She slowed to a stop and placed her hands on her abdomen, smiling softly, the setting sun accenting her pregnant glow. “Well, in here I have hope.”

For anyone to have hope in this world was almost unthinkable to you, but you could see her point. As long as Brian was working as a Savior she and her baby would have more than enough points to get everything they could ever need. Plus the security that the walls and The Saviors provided meant that her child had a real shot at life. 

You pulled her in for a hug. “I couldn’t be happier for you Bri, it really is great news.”

She hugged you back, not letting go as she spoke. “Do you want to talk about it? Just because I’ve been the center of attention doesn’t mean I haven’t noticed that something is bothering you.”

You laughed loudly, holding her at arm’s length. “You don’t miss anything, do you?” You took a brief mental stock, trying to make sense of the thoughts rolling around in your head. “It was a long day Bri, I wouldn’t know where to start. Really though, it’s nothing out of the ordinary. Just the same shit that’s been….”


Arat’s cry from just a few dozen yards away filled you with panic. You turned your head to see that there was, indeed, a sizable section of fencing that had fallen over, and that half a dozen of the dead had made their way into camp, with several more behind them. You turned back to look at Bri, seeing absolute terror in her face. 

“It’s going to be ok Bri, I promise. Run. Run back inside. Don’t stop running until you get to your room and the door is locked behind you. Don’t stop to look for Matthew, or Brian, or anything. Do you hear me? Bri!?” You shook her shoulders gently, pulling her from her shocked state. “The fence crew is trained for situations like this, it’ll be handled before you make it inside. I’ll come get you when it’s done. Go. Now!” With your last words you gave her a small shove toward safety.

Only when she was running determinedly toward safety did you turn back to the impending threat. Gunfire erupted as Arat began firing at the dead, felling several of them were they stood. Several unarmed Saviors were leading people to buildings and away from the danger, while a small crew of men were rapidly trying to lift and repair the damaged fencing.  You rushed to their aide, figuring that one more pair of hands couldn’t hurt. 

The section of fencing that had fallen was heavy, made even heavier by the dead trying to force their way past it, driven by the noise inside. You found a hole between two men and started pushing, hoping you had a section that would protect you from the dead on the other side. The group of you strained with effort, sharp pieces of the fencing biting into your hands and shoulder, drawing blood. Arat climbed to a nearby elevated perch and gunned down the remaining dead pressing against the other side of the fencing, allowing your group to lift it back into position while others swooped in to re-secure the connections. 

Once it was secure you leaned against the fence, sweating and panting from exertion. Several of those next to you did the same, or fell to the dirt to catch their breath. Many of the group started to cheer in celebration at your victory, the man standing next to you offering a high-five. You gave him a shaky one back, adrenaline still coursing through you. 

Arat began to climb down from her turret, slinging her gun over her back before beginning her descent. Your thoughts turned to Brianna, confident that she had made it inside to safety as she had been so far away from the commotion, when a nearby scream pulled you back to the current situation. 

A handful of walkers must have slipped past Arat during the initial melee, and were now bearing down on a small child who was cowering on the ground, frozen in fear. You looked to Arat, who was struggling to pull her gun from her back to shoot, but you knew it would be almost impossible from her position on the ladder. You looked around desperately for someone, anyone else, but there were no other guns in sight, and everyone seemed to be glued to their spots, watching in horror.

Not thinking, you grabbed a short length of metal fencing that was normally used to put down walkers through the fence, and ran full force toward the child, hitting the metal rod against the fence as you ran, in hopes of drawing the walkers’ attention to you instead of the child. 

The closest walker to you was easily dispatched with a swift blow to the head, the next following close behind as you pivoted while running to hit in on a back-swing without losing momentum. The third walker was too close to you to allow for a full swing, so you kicked it in the chest, pushing it backwards into the one behind it, and dispatched them both by ramming the rod through both of their skulls. The last one had ignored you completely, as it was closing in on the kneeling child. With one final spurt you rushed the walker, shoving it away from the child and to the ground, pinning its rotten arms down with your knees before plunging the rod through its brain and into the dirt behind it. 

The whole encounter was over in a matter of seconds. You knelt above the final walker trying to catch your breath before the sobs of the child behind you pulled you from your stupor. You quickly rose and approached the child, a young girl of maybe five, with an outstretched hand. “Its ok sweetie, its all over, you’re safe.” You promised, thankful that you didn’t see any bites on her young form. She remained huddled on the ground, shaking and crying, too scared to reach for you, so you sat in the dirt next to her and gingerly pulled her into your lap, rubbing her tiny arm for comfort.

The mother of the girl in your arms came running toward you, eagerly scooping her up and hugging her tightly, gratitude written all over her face. She opened her mouth several times, trying to form the words to thank you, when Arat’s angry cry rang out across the courtyard.

“Y/N! What in the hell do you think you’re doing?” She yelled, storming toward you. 

You looked around, getting to your feet, completely flabbergasted. “I-what?” 

“I had the situation under control! There was no need for you to run in and put yourself into danger to play hero! I should report you right now!” She was absolutely fuming, yelling inches from your face and putting you on the defensive.

“Report me? For what? Doing your job for you? You should be thanking me! There was a situation and I handled it! If all of you weren’t so goddamn complacent from the luxury of this place I wouldn’t have needed to get involved at all! So go ahead and try to ‘report’ me, just make sure to include how I did what you couldn’t when you do!” You hated yourself almost as soon as the words left your mouth, but stood your ground regardless. You knew Arat was a great soldier and a good person, but you weren’t going to let her throw you under the proverbial bus to cover her own insecurities.

“No need to report anything, I saw the whole damn thing Dollface.” You simultaneously flinched and shivered hearing Negan’s voice as he approached you and Arat. You swallowed hard before turning to kneel before him, watching the dirt until his boots came into view. Ah fuck, now I’m really in for it. “On your feet.” He ordered, some gentleness creeping into his tone. You rose back to your feet slowly, keeping your eyes downcast, mentally prepared for the reaming you were sure was coming. 

“From what I could see Arat, it seems like Y/N here is a fucking badass who saved this little girl. Hell, I’d be pissed if you didn’t report this to me. I think we have been under-utilizing Y/N, don’t you agree?”

You looked over at Arat to see her mouth fall open in shock. She was still fuming, her pride wounded, but even still she knew better than to disagree. “Yes, sir. It would seem so.”

“Excellent!” Negan crowed, grinning from ear to ear and clapping Arat on the back. “Well then I expect that you two will have a lot to discuss tomorrow when you begin Y/N’s Savior training!”

Your eyes snapped to Negan’s, meeting his for the first time in almost two months. “What?!” You gasped. 

“The way you handled those walkers…well shit Doll, I don’t think a good half of my men could have taken care of them that easily. You’ve got some serious fucking skills! Skills that we need!” 

“I-I’m not…” You stuttered, trying to make sense of what was happening. “It was nothing.” You finally finished weakly, shaking your head.

He was staring down at you intently. “Darlin’, if that was nothing, I can’t wait to see what something looks like.” His tongue darted out across his lips, making you flush before breaking eye contact and looking down again. “Now why don’t you and I take a walk? Arat, make sure that fence is fucking secure and that everything else is handled.” And with that, he slowly draped a leather-clad arm across your shoulders and led you back inside.

You kept pace with Negan, wary of what was coming. While he did seem to be impressed with what you had done, you’d seen him turn on a dime before, and were still unsure of his other thoughts on your actions. He pulled you both to a stop outside of the dorms, moving to stand in front of you, keeping a hand on your shoulder. 

“Darlin’?” He finally asked after you hesitated to look up at him. “Y/N, will you please look at me?” You paused only a second more, before slowly bringing you eyes up to meet his, shocked to find them full of concern. “Are you fucking alright?”

You struggled to find the words to answer him, glancing around to make sure that you were both alone before finally speaking your mind. “In what way, Negan? Physically, I’m fine. I’m not bit if that’s what you’re worried about, I only have a few cuts from the fencing. Mentally and emotionally though, I’m not really sure to be honest. And as long as we’re being honest I’m not really sure that you even care, so why are we talking about it?” You gently pulled your shoulder out from under his hand, bringing one of your hands up to rub your eyes in frustration.

Negan stared at you, confusion coloring his features. “What do you mean you aren’t sure that I care? Why the hell wouldn’t I?”

“Seriously, Negan?! For someone so smart you really are a fucking dumbass sometimes!” You snapped exasperatedly. “You haven’t talked to me in weeks, and now you’re concerned with how I’m doing? Jesus!” You turned to storm away, furious. 

“Now hold on just a goddamn minute!” He yelled, grabbing your arm to pull you to a stop. He immediately realized his mistake, releasing you as quickly as he had grabbed you as you turned to him in shock and betrayal, hissing from the pain where Davis had grabbed you earlier. “I’m sorry, that was out of line.” He apologized sincerely. 

“Yes, it was.” You snapped, fed up with your day. “I’ve already been manhandled once today, I think that was more than enough without you doing it to.”

“I just ….wait, what?” Realizing what you had said, a slow rage began building inside of Negan. “What do you mean ‘manhandled’?”

Shit. You sighed, rubbing your eyes again, feeling a headache starting to form behind your eyes. “It’s nothing Negan.” He glared down at you silently, the muscles in his jaw bulging from clenching so tightly. 

“What happened Y/N? Tell me.” His eyes darted to your arm, darkening as he spotted the bruises beginning to bloom across your skin. “Who the fuck did that to you?” He demanded quietly. His voice was so low you could barely hear it.

“It’s not what you think, I promise it’s not that. Your men know better, especially after what you did to Thomas and Bill.” You assured him, closing the gap between the two of you and placing a placating hand on his chest.  “I deserved it. I fucked up and needed to be put in my place.” 

“No, that’s fucking bullshit Y/N. No one here has the right to lay their goddamn hands on you, especially not enough to cause bruises!”

“I bruise easy.” You quipped, earning yourself a withering glare.

“Y/N…..” Negan growled, reaching his tolerance limit and gently grabbing your shoulders to look you in the eye. “Enough. I’ve been trying to give you your space since I got carried away let my dick do my fucking thinking for me, but if you don’t tell me who did this to you so help me god I will not give you a minute of peace until you do. We don’t manhandle women around here, and if one of my men needs a fucking reminder of that fact then so be it.”

You blinked in confusion, processing Negan’s words. “Wait, what?”

“Really, Y/N?” Negan snapped, letting you go and pacing the hall. “You know how I feel about the treatment of women! And if this limp dick fucker has the stones to strong-arm you, a fucking badass, then chances are he’s been doing it to other women too. So cut the bullshit and…”

“No, no, you’re right. I hadn’t thought of that. I thought it was personal since I turned down his offer for sex for points a while back.” You admitted, still thrown off by his earlier rant. “But back up. You said you’ve been giving me space? I don’t understand. I thought you were avoiding me because you finally realized I’m not worth the effort.”

All traces of anger fell from Negan’s face, replaced by tenderness as he slowly approached you placing one hand on your face and the other on your waist. “Oh sweetheart. Hell the fuck no.” He murmured as he stroked your cheek with his thumb. “You are definitely worth the effort. I just know that I pushed you too far last time and after how much you trusted me…..”

“How much I trust you, Negan. Nothing’s changed.” You assured him softly, bringing one hand to his wrist and returning the other to his chest. “That night was a disaster, but I don’t blame you at all, I told you that.”

“Well you shouldn’t blame yourself either.” Having him acknowledge you again, touch you again, after weeks of nothing was almost more than you could bear. You melted into his arms and hugged him tightly, breathing in the scent you had been afraid to miss. “Oh honey.” He whispered, hugging you back and gently kissing the top of your head.

“This is happening honey…there’s nowhere to go honey….toodles honey! See ya around!” You flinched in Negan’s arms, Tommy’s words cutting through your memory. “Don’t” You wimpered into his chest.

“Shit, I’m sorry honey, I thought you wanted…damn it…” Negan rambled, pushing himself away from you and running a hand through his slicked-back hair.

“No! I do! It’s just…” You closed your eyes, fighting back the images of that day. Once you were more in control you stepped closer to Negan, gently grabbing his hand. “You can’t - you can’t call me that. That’s all he ever called me. Every time you say it all I can hear is him in my head.” Hot tears started to flow down your face, causing you to duck your head in shame.

Slower than ever, Negan pulled you to him for a comforting hug, giving you every chance to pull away. Once you were locked firmly in his arms a small sob escaped your lips, and you clutched his shirt for support. “Jesus hon-, Y/N. I’m fucking sorry.”

“Don’t be, you didn’t know. I didn’t know until just now.” You assured him quietly. 

He hugged you silently until you gently looked up at him, remaining affixed to his chest. He studied your face, eyes grazing over your lips before whispering. “I’d like a do over. May I?”

You thought of the last kiss you had shared, and how passionate and fiery it was, a low hunger building inside of you. You thought also about how many times you had convinced yourself that it couldn’t work between you two, and how you were better off apart. “Please.” You finally whispered back, stretching up to meet his soft lips with yours.

This kiss was entirely different from the last. It was slow, and tender as you both took turns exploring each other’s mouths. Whereas last time kissing Negan had been like throwing gasoline on a fire, this time your body hummed with pleasure as gentle flames coursed through you. More, your body demanded, more, but you slowly backed off and pulled away.

When you opened your eyes to look up at Negan he was grinning from ear to ear, causing you to bite your lip to hold back a smile of your own. You hugged into his chest again, reveling in the feeling of him and being in his arms. “It was Davis.” You finally whispered.

AHHHH! This chapter was sooo hard to write! I knew what I wanted to convey but just couldn’t get there! I’m glad to have the reader and Negan back to understanding (and kissing) each other. I can’t wait now to have Negan handle Davis and see how the reader handles training to be a Savior!

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Lena Luthor Appreciation Week

Day 3 (part 1): Favorite Head-cannon

Lex was and is incredibly supportive of Lena not being straight. When she first came out to him all he did was smile and say “Cool. I also love women. I guess we have that in common.” And then he wrapped her in a huge hug.

After Lionel and Lillian found out, Lena was openly ridiculed for it by them in the house and Lex made it his mission to support her enough to make up for it. So every chance he got he would by some type of trinket for Lena that somehow related to her sexuality. He would buy her rainbow flags, baseball caps that said Pride, shirts that said Girls like Girls, and anything he could find.

After one particularly mean dinner with the parents, Lena was nearly in tears from the things that were said. So Lex, being the wonderful brother he was, decided enough was enough.

An hour after dinner, Lena heard yelling in the house and sneaked downstairs to see what was going on. Lex had covered the entire house in rainbow flags, multi color post it notes, and every other item he could find.  Lena finally heard what was being said and realized Lex had used a Luthor Corp developed adhesive which would take weeks to get off the walls. Lena watched with tears in her eyes as Lex took everything that was dealt to him.

Once the yelling was over and Lex was given his punishment, he walked over to Lena to head up to his room. As he passed he winked and said “Totally worth it. Love you, little sister.”

anonymous asked:

sorry if you've already answered this but have you ever thought about making merch? I wanna buy shit with your art on it so bad p.s. you are a fucking amazing human being i cannot believe how talented you are, just thought you should know that

UGH dude. I so need to do that tbh? But I’m not sure what i would put on shirts or Anything tbh. but it would be cool to do …………

There is one thing I made that I thought would be cool to sell, which is a little booklet of TLC illustrations! It’s about 10 of the best illustrations from TLC and i made it to sell at this little art market thing But … ye. i could mod that idea potentially?

Alyadrien week: AU

Wrote some crack about Adrien and cheese. Enjoy if possible.

“What… is all of this?” Adrien asked with horror spreading across his face.

“It’s your birthday present!” Marinette cheered.

He looked at her aghast. In front of him, instead of his unique presents he usually got from his class, laid many large wheels of Camembert cheese. The smell practically made Adrien choke on the pure repugnance of it.

He turned away from it and pulled his shirt up over his mouth and nose. He could still smell it.

Marinette’s grin wavered slightly. “You eat so much of the stuff I thought it would be cool for the class to give you a couple months’ supply of it!”

He glared weakly at her, still having trouble breathing with that awful smell permeating throughout the classroom. “I’m breaking up with you.” He said flatly.

Her face fell into a look of confusion. “What, but why…?” She asked, too confused to feel hurt.

He just gestured to the large stack of cheese wheels.

She frowned at him. “Not enough huh? Don’t worry I can get more!” She smiled confidently.

Alya walked into the classroom. “Hey Adrien… by God what is that rank smell?” She covered her nose with her right hand.

“Adrien’s present.” Marinette exclaimed.

The boy grimaced. Alya walked up to him and held out her left hand. “Well, that’s an interesting choice of gift, Marinette. Here’s mine, Adrien.”

He blinked and got starry eyes at the sight of the large box of baked treats Alya had gotten him. “Will you be my new girlfriend?” He asked.

Alya blinked. “What about Marinette?”

“She got me that!” He pointed at the cheese. Marinette looked at him in confusion again. “I said I was going to get you more.” She pouted.

Adrien gave Alya a look that said ‘see what I’m dealing with here?’

Alya slowly nodded. “Well, I have always wanted to date a hot model. Want to get together for lunch?”

He took another whiff of air. “Right now would be better.” He choked.

As they left, Marinette looked muddled. “Don’t you want to take some of your cheese with you? Adrien? Adrien!?”

They kept walking.

Pokémon GO Headcanons

Heeeey guys so because I am totally hooked on Pokémon GO and so is Von @ttweeks, we made a lil list of our headcanons concerning the game and our OTPs (Style, Creek and Bunny). I know that there will be actual canon stuff about this, but while we wait for that episode to come out, let’s just have fun, yes? So buckle up, you are in for a ride.


- The teams for the two would be Team Mystic for Kyle and Team Instinct for Stan.

- Stan is most definitely the type to gently force Kyle out for long ass walks to Catch ‘em All and hatch his 10km eggs (just to get a fucking Eevee and feel defeated af).

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