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but what fucks me up the most about moonlight is the scene at kev’s restaurant, near the end of the film, where they reunite — specifically, the part where kevin makes chiron a plate of food and they sit at the table, talking and catching up. the camera angles, the lighting, etc. the way this scene is filmed, you really can’t help but think “what if” as you realize just how much love and just how many experiences were stolen from chiron. you can’t help but think, fuck. if it weren’t for the pervasiveness of toxic masculinity inciting other guys his age to turn on him whenever they felt their manliness was put to question, if it weren’t for the violent insistence of homophobia and misogyny forcing chiron to stifle any urge to simply dance or to be touched softly or to love, if it weren’t for systematic anti blackness and poverty and mass incarceration and the biased judicial system and the school to prison pipeline, shutting every door of opportunity in his face until chiron didn’t even look for ways out anymore, if it weren’t for all these invisible shackles, and unwritten chokeholds, and intangible gates, and insurmountable hurdles … then maybe — no not maybe, but almost certainly … things would have worked out differently for chiron.

because maybe, instead of meeting up with kev, after spending time in prison and then all the years following on the streets (for simply standing up for himself once in high school) and after not seeing the first guy he’s ever loved for over a decade, he and kevin would have never separated to begin with. or maybe, chiron would have had other relationships before they reunited. maybe he wouldn’t have felt so deprived for so long. and maybe he wouldn’t have to talk to kevin over dinner at a public restaurant, under the guise of just two friends catching up and swapping stories. maybe instead they could have been together already. and they could be talking over their own dinner, at their own house. and kev wouldn’t have to play love songs for chiron on the juke, he could play them on their home radio. and they could hold hands, and stand close. and maybe they could dance. and maybe kevin jr. would have been their son. maybe they could have been dads, and better parents than either one of them has ever known. and maybe chiron would have never had to change and get “hard” and toughen up so damn much that people barely recognized him anymore, just to get by, just to be respected. maybe instead. chiron could have been happy. maybe he could have been happy with kev. and maybe they could have been at the center of the world together, a lot sooner, instead of struggling in its shadows, miles and miles apart.

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its disappointing that one of the biggest BTS blog isn't a BTS blog n e more

Ahhh first of all I don’t consider myself a big blog, or whatever that means.

I haven’t been a BTS blog for a very long time. I shifted the focus of this blog months ago. I’ve been posting multi-fandom content for a long time now.

Also, I would have opened my writing up to other groups a lot sooner if it wasn’t for the hate mail I was sent by people when I talked about how it was something I wanted to do.

Tbh you’re lucky I just didn’t delete all together. I can show you months of conversations with my friends convincing me not to delete, telling me to just give it time and maybe things will settle.

This damn URL change has nothing to do with my love for BTS or lack there of. BTS is still very important to me. Hobi is very much so important to me.

THAT HASN’T CHANGED and unless BTS royally fuck up and do some problematic shit I don’t think that will change.

I was bullied into submission to run my blog a certain way and to write a certain way. But I’m done making other people happy.

This is MY blog. I’m running it in a way that makes ME happy. I’m over catering to others and having it thrown in my face.

So y'all can either continue to follow me and support my writing, no matter what the URL is, or you don’t.

But quite frankly it’s disappointing that something as superficial as a URL has turned into a huge deal when nothing about this blog has changed.


@instructor144 ,I wanted to thank you for all your advice. I met the man I’m dating because we were about to do kinky forum roleplay, but before our story got anywhere near sex, we fell hard and fast for each other as real people. We just clicked, virtually instantly. Early on he mentioned he was a Daddy Dom and had ideas about BDSM that were different from that of a lot of people. Everything he described sounded perfectly solid to me, but I was also very aware that all I knew about BDSM was whatever random pieces I’d picked up from erotica. I hadn’t researched anything to the level I’d need to if I were going to do something with a real person. Just to give you an idea how little I knew, I had to google the term “dd/lg,” and I assumed being a “Daddy Dom” literally just meant you were a Dom, and wanted people to call you Daddy.

So while we’ve been learning each other more and falling deeper and deeper over the last 6+ months, on the side I’ve been doing some thorough reading and processing, including reading your blog. And I’ve clarified a lot of things about myself, what it is precisely that was attracting me to BDSM at all, what sort of sub I am and what kinds of things I need/want, etc, which is fantastic.

Even as a vanilla partner he would have been amazing for me. And now that I’m starting to feel like I’ve got a solid handle on things, I’ve been bringing up more specific questions about our sexuality (he has been quite explicitly letting me set the pace), and we’re starting to get into the nitty gritty details - what different terms mean to us and why we identify with them, what underlying needs and desires they fill, how these match up with the other person, etc etc. And so far… it’s all fitting together quite well.

I’m… I’m really fucking smitten. And of course, who knows what will happen in the future. Maybe in the end nothing will come of this. But, just… every time! Anything I had to be concerned about, BDSM-related or otherwise. Any topic we’ve covered to this point, any conversation… Everything looks safe. Solid.

This is all the more personally relevant to me, because I’m the anon from a while back with the sociopathic ex-husband who regularly coerced me into sex I didn’t want with the claim that he needed it emotionally.

I left him eventually of course, when in a final confrontation it became clear he would never change, and had never truly intended to. The most important relationship I was supposed to have in my life, and I fucked it up about as hard as you can. Most people don’t marry serial rapists. For six years I couldn’t see through him, how deep his manipulation was - so how did I know I could stop it from happening again?

After leaving him, for months I dove deep into analyzing each of us, our relationship, what had happened and learning all I could about abuse (In case you can’t tell, I’m… something of a voracious researcher when I get going on a topic.) And that did help enormously, on an intellectual level… But however much you may have learned, that experience shatters a person’s faith in their own judgement. There’s always the fear of blind spots, risks that you can’t see.

And what’s been a source of enormous comfort to me, and gotten me really excited and hopeful for the future, has been reading your posts about what a Dom should be like and what a sub should look for, and seeing that at every turn he’s been doing precisely the right thing, going all the way back to when I would have had no idea what the fuck to look for.

I can read our chat logs from early on, and see that not only was he communicating his approaches and principles, he was clarifying things that would have told me what bad things he’s not. So, as I’ve read educational posts from you saying “X is terrible, never do that,” I can automatically recall things he’s said which preemptively allayed that concern, before I was aware there was a bad way to do it at all.

So, thank you. Because of your writing and the resources you’ve linked to, I’ve been able to learn a lot more about myself, which will last regardless of whatever happens with him, and to have a real sense of confidence and safety about my choices. I’m a lot farther into recovery a lot sooner than I ever thought I would be, and you had a significant hand in that.

Thank you.

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(real question) up until i was 21, i didn't think nsfw content of underage characters was a big deal so long as it was consensual shipping stuff, the characters weren’t, like, preteens, and the characters were the same age. i grew up in fandom spaces, so I had seen that stuff (created by adults) since I was in grade school. i had never thought critically about my role as a viewer or seen discussion about the role of underage nsfw content in real life grooming until then because of how (1/3)

prevalent it was in the spaces I was in for so long. I didn’t realize I myself had been groomed with it until very recently. since then, i’ve stopped viewing that sort of content, reported it whenever ive seen an adult creating it, and spoken up about how harmful it can be for real life minors on multiple occasions. I never created any of that content or posted about it, and, if I’d had the same understanding of it then as I do now, I would have been outspoken against it much sooner. Still (2/3)

I feel a lot of guilt and disgust about excusing it and unintentionally contributing to the culture of pedophilia in fandom. Does the fact that I used to not think it was a problem make me a pedophile? (3/3)

no ofc not! unfortunately this stuff is sooooo deeply entrenched in fandom culture, anyone growing up in it is gonna think ths stuff is okay and normal. i did too up until like two or three years ago, and that only changed once i started seeing people speak out against it. theres a lot of perfectly good people who are older than i am and thus wouldve been older by the time this criticism (“antis”) became more common in fandom.

the only time it starts to stray into “hmmm this person might be a pedophile” territory is when theyre a) an adult b) well aware of the counterarguments and actively having fought against them and c) producing and seeking out CP specifically, plus some various other factors.

but nah what youre talking about is the natural result of it being so normalized within fandom, and youre doing all the right things now in unlearning it.  dont worry about it.

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Hello I'd like to ask if you can post the Nordics trying to cheer up their S/O after they had a really bad and stressful day at school. (I've been having a lot of those lately and I could use some cheering up). Thank you, your blog is amazing (and honestly when I am stressed out I usually read your headcanons).

(Hello, I am so sorry I am late with this, I wish I would have gotten this done sooner. But if you ever have a bad day in the future, I hope this post helps you out a little, love)

APH Denmark: He would do everything and anything to get their mind off of school for at least a little while. Some days it would be some kind of huge, fun plan, and others it would be something small to make them smile. He might have some danish pastries waiting on the kitchen able to share with them while the they talk about their days. But he also might have a giant plan to go to an amusement part or something. It would always be a total surprise. If they had any homework contributing to stress, he would try his best to help, but don’t count on it too much :P It’s the thought that counts, right?

APH Finland: The nice thing about Finland is that he would always be willing to sit with his S/O and allow them to vent about all of your school problems. It would be like an after school therapy session, in a way. If they were having any problems with the schoolwork he would do everything he could to help them with it. But he would try to make it somewhat fun and stress free, so that they could kind of get a mental break while at the same time being productive. 

APH Sweden: Like Finland, he would let his S/O vent about everything as soon as they walked in the door. He is the type of person that seems to listen rather than talk, and would genuinely care about their issues. I feel like he would try his best to keep the house stress free for them when they got home. The fireplace would be lit, the atmosphere would be inviting, and he might even have a little treat them (that Finland might or might not have made). Though it isn’t much, it would still be plenty to make his S/O feel better after a rough day.

APH Iceland: Ha. Ha. Okay. So before I get to what he would do, I want to share another head canon about him first. For some reason I get this thought that when he is overly stressed from being a country and all, he makes him self a stress blanket burrito and will lay wrapped in it for the rest of the night in front of the tv or something. If his S/O came home feeling as stressed as he does, I think he would be ever so kind as to invite them into his blanket burrito with him. The contact and the comfort alone would be enough to destress them, and  it would also be some nice quality time full of sarcasm and dorky jokes.

APH Norway: Something tells me that he also gets really stressed out during the day, so he and his S/O would find themselves winding down together. They would never do anything too extravagant, but it would still be nice. Norway would usually be fine with whatever his S/O needed to do to destress, whether it was a nice walk outside or a bubble bath. He would be the best Nordic to help with any horrible homework they brought home, and would be able to calmly and easily teach them how to do everything. He would be able to make studying so easy, there would be hardly any stress.


Just a quick PSA regarding keeping giant snakes in captivity

Setting aside the issues of proper housing and enrichment, let’s talk about another (often overlooked) aspect of keeping giants, in light of something that showed up on my facebook feed this morning.
They can seriously injure or even kill you.

I don’t care how careful you are.
I don’t care how experienced you are.
I don’t care how well you know your animal.

Do not forget that these are apex predators, and can be extremely dangerous. Is it likely that this will happen to you if you’re smart about keeping and handling them? Probably not. But if you are not ready to face the possibility of a bite like this, do not get a giant. This is not like most pet snake bites, where you just have to be ok with the physical pain of the bite. Not only is there potential for lasting nerve or muscle damage, but a bite from a giant has a good chance of sending you to the emergency room, so you’re in for some financial pain as well. Is your insurance going to cover “arm ripped open by a fifteen foot snake”? Probably not.

Do not get a giant to be cool. Do not get a giant to look more experienced. Only get a giant if you are fully prepared to deal with both its housing, and the possibility of something like this.

Pictures of a bite from an adult Scrub Python below the cut. If you aren’t ok with blood and gore, I don’t recommend opening the rest of the post. I also don’t recommend getting a giant, because it’s going to be far less pleasant when it’s your own arm instead of someone else’s.

Keep reading

~♡V’s Dating Timeline♡~

Request: Could you do a BTS dating timeline like you did with Big Bang?

~ This is just my own personal opinion~

How long he takes to ask you out:

I think with Taehyung, it really depends on how long he’s known you and whether you both already have an established friendship prior to his gained interest. If Tae gained an interest in you after having becoming friends I think he’d be more hesitant and take slightly longer to ask you out than he would if you hadn’t already been friends. Already being friends, he would be afraid of ruining the friendship he’s already built with you by asking you out so he’d wait until he noticed that you also had interest him or until he just finally built enough courage to chance it. If you had not been friends though, he’d probably ask you a lot quicker and that could range anytime between 1-3 weeks.

How long he takes to post a picture of you or with you on social media after having your relationship gone public:

To post a picture I can see him being one the members to post it sooner rather than later. He wouldn’t be careless about it though. Like if the news had gotten a bad response he’d obviously wait until it had died down enough. If the reactions had been positive or not as bad, he’d probably post a picture within 2-3 months. He’d be so eager to share who he was in love with, with his fans so they could love you as much as he did. He’d really want Armys to love you and would reassure that if they didn’t exactly have a warm welcoming that they would eventually come around as in his eyes, it was inevitable to not love someone like you.

How long he takes to hold your hand:

I honestly think he’d hold your hand on your first date. He’d be so cute about it too…like he’d intentionally brush his hand against yours as you walked side by side trying to catch your reaction from the side of his eye. If your reaction was good like a smile or a blush he’d go for it and interlock your fingers, he’d be shy about it and wouldn’t probably look at you but just have his signature box smile on his face as he looked straight. 

How long he takes to kiss you for the first time:

His first kiss with you would be very spontaneous. Like it’d be really sudden and he’d do it when you least expected. You’d both be a laughing and smiling mess afterwards though.

How long he takes to make out with you:

I think Taehyung would wait a couple of weeks after your first kiss to make out with you for the first time…but hot damn…when he did. THAT WRETCHED TONGUE OF HIS 😭😭😭

How long he takes to have sex with you:

I think Taehyung would wait until he was confident in the relationship and until he knew that the two of you were comfortable around each other…that not to say he wouldn’t tease you before that though. Lol…I feel like before the two of you even had sex for the first time, Tae would probably  already have teased you and acted innocent anbout it (like place his hand on your thigh and run it up and down😅😅) your first time could go two ways…like it could be planned out and be super romantic or a spur of the moment type thing.

How long he takes to propose:

I think we all know how much Taheyung loves kids and how much he’d like some of his own someday…so I think he’d date with the intention of marrying. Like I don’t think he’s really into casual relationships that don’t really have a chance of a future. Once he was in love and began to vividly picture your life together after having kids, he’d propose. After getting married, I think he’d want to wait until he had more free time to start having kids but honestly I don’t think he’d be able to help himself lolol he’’d be such an amazing and loving husband and father though; placing his wife and family before anything else.


| Seokjin | Yoongi | Hoseok | Namjoon | Jimin | Taehyung | Jungkook |


I hope you guys like his!<333</i>

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Yeah but it gets to a point where him keeping the secret became ridiculous. Especially after Uther's death. Arthur wouldn't sentence him and I think Merlin knew that. It just became easier to lie and do everything by himself - since everyone around him was like YOU are the saviour, Merlin, you solve this shit. Also, remember how Arthur reacted? "You're not a sorcerer, I would know!" because they were so close, Arthur assumed he'd know about such a thing.

mouna also had another sorta-post about this that i replied to

aithuzah said: i always think that if he hadn’t been forced into lies by fear & circumstance, Merlin would b such an honest & genuine person. but instead it becomes a part of him & he has so few ppl to confide in he starts relying only on himself & trusts no one :c

basically yeah, i agree with you. if Merlin had told Arthur sooner in the series (before he was on his damn deathbed), things might have turned out a lot better.

but there are so many emotional factors that go into keeping a secret, esp one that’s both deadly and integral to his entire being, plus everyone telling him that he has to keep it hidden basically his entire life and only having a handful of people who know, only 2 or 3 at a time usually (before someone fucking dies)–

that’s why there are sooooooo many magic reveal fics out there. it’s an incredibly complex problem emotionally on both sides.

from Merlin’s side of it, even though it def MAKES SENSE for him to reveal himself after a point, it’s still scary as shit?? and an ingrained instinct after years and years of keeping that secret. not to mention that it would inevitably change every aspect of his life and relationships with every person he cares about.

like u mentioned that line with Arthur–Merlin KNOWS Arthur trusts him absolutely, and he knows that telling him would shatter that trust. it could take years to build it again, and even then, it would never be the same. it might end up better, but there’s always the risk that things would become so much worse, and Merlin would lose everything.

no amount of logic is going to change how fucking terrifying that would be tbh

an update?

I am dropping by to post a small bit of an update for all the wonderful people who follow this small blog and might be reading this. I am terribly sorry that things have continued to hold off on hiatus like they have been for the blog. I had hoped to be back to writing and posting and such sooner than it seems to be taking me to get back to things. I know it might seem to be just complaining or whining or excuses or such but there’s been a lot of stuff going on for me that have kept me from being able to be around and updating as much as I would like. I won’t promise that I’ll be back any time soon or such - because I honestly don’t know if I would be able to keep such a promise. You are always welcome to drop a message if you want to ask about any of the things I have in progress or if you simply want to just chat - I always keep an eye on the messages / notes / etc, even if I can’t post any new stories or such. But I just wanted to drop a note thanking every single person that comes across our blog and reads our stories / sends us requests and messages / etc. You are all so wonderful and deserve all the happiness in the world. I have several things that have been in the works / unfinished for a while that I hope to be able to get posted for you. Hopefully things can get back to a sort of normalcy again soon. But until then - thank you so much, I love you all, and I hope you have an amazing day / night! :)

~ admin leader

Views on this election

I don’t normal get political and I promise to keep it that way after this. I would of posted sooner about this but honestly I’ve just been working every day from morning till the early in the morning.

I have a platform a lot of younger people look up to and it would be foolish to stay silent forever. Let’s try and keep the responses relatively positive I think we have all had enough negativity this election year. This is a very neutral post. 😊👌

First off my preferred candidate lost in the primaries. I’m not bitter about it, that’s just how the cookie crumbles.

I’ve seen a few elections in my time to know that election was not normal. Each candidate bashed each other so much that there was so little to even like after. Even in the primaries it was just brutal bashing. I was so hopeful and excited at the beginning for a candidate on either side to inspire my country. I’ve read about these presidents in American history books who’s words still captivate me. The word I would use to describe how I feel about that election / our government….fatigued.

With that being said through thick and thin I will ALWAYS stay in the USA. Even if I never get my preferred president choice in my whole life I’ll be here. Why? This is my home. It’s sad to see so many celebs in general willing to cut and run. Just using their platform to show people if you don’t get your way you run. Don’t run! Fight your rights! Fight for your home! It’s ok to voice displeasure in something it’s called free speech. I had a terrible Chipotle burrito last night! Boom! Free Speech. Eat that overly salted burn Chipotle! Just kidding Chipotle I still love you. ❤️

People are going to be frustrated this is a country not a value meal at McDonalds. And that ultimately comes from a place that each side wants this country to be the best it can be. If things would of went the other way on Election Day there would still be protests.

The USA is not perfect. Our history is full of grave errors and some amazing achievements. We still have ugly problems rooted in history that are still effecting us. And there is no magic elder wand to make any of this go away instantly. But I believe and I hope it’s in my life time that we push past it to Star Fleet like levels.

The moment people stop fighting for their home that’s when we know all hope is lost. I say let people voice their frustration it’s their right as Americans but also it means one crucial thing that they still care. And if they still care there is still a flicker of hope in them. I’m frustrated! But I won’t give up on this old girl! Last thing I’ll say in the 1992 motion picture The Mighty Ducks, the Ducks couldn’t perform the Flying V without the whole team. We just need a Emilio Estevez to lead us so we can do cool crap like that as a team. 😊👌

That’s my two cents. Also forgive and grammars errors I didn’t have time to proof read throughly before I had to run off to work.

*walks in late*

Oh. Right. Bi Visibility Day was yesterday. 

It feels a bit like the start of a self-help meeting to make a post saying “Hi, my name is Jez and I’m a bisexual.” But I am. So is my fiance.

In a lot of ways, I wish days like this had been more widely recognized and talked about when I was younger. Maybe then I would have come to terms with my own identity a lot sooner. Hell, the moment everything started to “click” for me was when I was in college and went to a presentation hosted in my dorm. Sitting a few feet away from a woman who was open about her bisexuality, who talked about feeling ashamed at first, who discussed the initial years of confusion, the pressure to choose one and deny the other, and messages of rejection from those around her - it’s like a light went off. The very first step on that journey of self-acceptance for me began with something as simple as listening to a woman who was comfortable telling a room full of people that she was bisexual. 

Fast forward to now, and you can see entire communities online where people are making the same kind of public proclamation in digital form. While I’ve reached an age where I am comfortable and confident about who and what I am, I’m reassured by the thought that maybe events like this will help someone else who needs that kind of support and validation that they don’t often see. To know that they are not alone, that they don’t have anything to be ashamed of, and they shouldn’t feel like they need to deny a part of who they are and who they love.

So, much love to my fellow bisexuals. To those who are out. To those who are in the closet. To those who cringe whenever someone jokes that the person they are currently dating has “cured” them. To anyone who identifies with an identity that “doesn’t exist,” who are told they’re “just selfish” or “confused” because of the nature of their feelings. 

I love you. And a lot of people out there do too. 

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Would you mind posting a view from the top of your prep school? I've been dying to make something similar, but I have literal no idea where to begin.

aahhh i’m sorry i’m replying to this so late, i’m horrible and shouldn’t be allowed to have a inbox. i added lots of top-view pictures here and i can add more if you want, i’ll try to get it done sooner this time <33

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Hi! Okay so can we PLEASE talk about how Astrid said "Hiccup where are you when I need you"? I really hit home for me! Like, What's Hiccup's role there and what would've happened if he was there? I want to know everything he would've thought. Why was Hiccup the first thought is Astrid's mind? that's the question. And how would he handled the twins if they were doing all that?? It's really something to think about

Right after Ruffnut becomes angry and chews Astrid out, Astrid says this line. “Hiccup, where are you when I need you?” It’s an interesting line in many ways.

Astrid and Hiccup work as a team, and we well-understand by now they have one another’s backs. They save one another on a number of occasions, especially in dangerous, high-action situations. That sort of dependency does not need to be talked about aloud between the two - they understand how the other acts, and coordinate themselves appropriately. I do think that, as the television series progresses, Hiccup and Astrid become increasingly attuned to one another in dangerous (and docile) situations. It’s pretty cool. There isn’t this usual sense of WHERE ARE YOU ASTRID or WHERE ARE YOU HICCUP because the other is usually right there already, doing what needs to be done!

Hiccup and Astrid support one another in far more than combat, though. I have an old analysis about how Hiccup and Astrid support each other in their relationship, but even beyond that, there is a whole lot through which they rely upon each other or complement each other. Even the way in which Hiccup and Astrid call out each others’ faults augments the other individual.

Now, in social situations with the entire group, Hiccup and Astrid tend to support one another’s position. When Hiccup proposes an idea, Astrid typically supports it. When Astrid proposes an idea, Hiccup usually jumps on it, too. There even seems to be an understanding that Hiccup and Astrid will back one another up even when the idea is not popular with the entire gang. For instance, in “The Night and the Fury,” Hiccup optimistically allows Astrid to send the youths on a night-long training mission, despite the fact her previous drills have been a bit questionably hard core (hand to claw combat… hehehe). In “Dawn of the Dragon Racers,” meanwhile, Astrid begrudgingly tells the other youths to support the Acting Chief’s decision to proceed with the Regatta. Hiccup and Astrid help each other out in these social situations to help convince the entire group their ideas are good ones.

It means that Hiccup and Astrid, by supporting one another, can help smooth disagreements, differences of opinion, and sometimes even conflicts. Hiccup especially, acting as the leader of the Dragon Academy since he was a young teenager, is someone who gives the final authoritative word in disputes. He has frequently called the twins, Snotlout, and even Astrid into line. The youths listen to him and the dispute is usually closed once Hiccup speaks his thoughts.

At the start of “Edge of Disaster,” Astrid encounters a dispute between her and the twins. There is no third party to mediate the dispute or help align the disparate parties into some sort of compromise. Usually, that would be Hiccup’s job. All the youths would listen to Hiccup’s final word, and Astrid would suspect that Hiccup would treat her fairly, too, in the process. It makes sense that Astrid would moan, “Hiccup, where are you when I need you?” She wants Hiccup there to mitigate this conflict, especially since he usually is someone who calls out the twins and gets everyone proceeding forward in the same goal. Astrid, hurt by the twins’ outburst and struggling to build defenses on Dragon’s Edge, desperately needs Hiccup’s leadership authority and position as a widely-accepted third party mediator.

Of course this doesn’t mean that Hiccup would automatically take Astrid’s side, and I don’t think she would expect him to blindly follow her every word. She knows he would treat her perspective fairly, though. She knows he would make the situation better. Astrid, clashing heads with the twins, cannot make the situation better.

It seems like Hiccup, indeed, is someone who helps bridge the gap between Astrid and the twins in general. Even before Hiccup leaves Dragon’s Edge, Astrid begs Hiccup not to leave her alone with the twins. It’s clear she wants him around to help smooth any differences of perspective they have. Elsewhere in RTTE, Astrid asks Hiccup to repeat that speech “again” about how the twins are important. It’s not that Astrid and the Thorstons are constantly at one another’s throat - it’s nothing like that - but everything proceeds more smoothly when Hiccup is there in the mix.

I imagine that Hiccup would find a middle ground between Astrid’s side and the twins’. You would see him being notably sympathetic with Astrid. If she protests, which is quite possible, he would say, understandingly, “I know, but…” and then give his reasoning for why she should listen to his judgment. This conflict in “Edge of Disaster” might have been ironed out akin to “A Tale of Two Dragons,” where Hiccup tries to keep the peace between Astrid and Snotlout by teaching both youths about the other’s perspective.

The truth of the matter is the twins are goofing around, but they have a point that Astrid is being a little harsh and disrespectful to them. I think Hiccup would notice that. There might be some danger of Hiccup chastising the twins more than Astrid, but there would at least be a private conversation between Hiccup and Astrid where she releases her frustrations, Hiccup helps her see what the twins are good for, and she calms down and treats them more appreciatively. Hiccup, as a creative individual himself, would actually realize the potential of the ziplines and point out their good uses. I definitely do think Hiccup would get the twins working, though, in a somewhat more organized manner. He’s not someone to goof around like them. It’d be a compromise seeking peace, fewer biting words, but… well… Hiccup is someone who likes work to get done, too.

The conflict probably would have been averted and closed a lot sooner in this regard. However, I almost imagine that it wouldn’t have been as thoroughly dealt with. Astrid and the twins, forced into a situation where they have to learn to handle each other without assistance, gain a greater sense of understanding and appreciation for each other. Hiccup’s third party intercession would have smoothed tensions and prevented outbursts, but because of the outbursts, Astrid and the Thorstons gained a lot more perspective and understanding in the long run.

SM Entertainment's Mess Up

*Content Contains Inappropriate Language*

So today I was already pretty emotional from my daily dose of BTS realising that they don’t know I’m alive. But today something just made me cry a fuck load. I don’t think I’ve ever been this pissed at an entertainment company before. I have my own opinions, I will get a lot of hate for this but I’m going to do it anyways. 

When I first saw the article relating to Jessica’s update on Weibo, I thought it was just a hack. We were all pretty delirious on the situation.

“Oh she probably just got hacked again”

was what we were thinking. We thought this because we were delirious. We denied the truth because we knew that it would be painful to admit. It was impossible to wrap your head around the post.

Sooner or later, there was updates on the situation.

SM Entertainment had released an official statement.

Hello. This is SM Entertainment.

We are offering our position on the words posted on Jessica’s Weibo today.

This coming spring, due to her personal situation, she notified us she will halt her team promotions with the release of one [more] album.

Despite Jessica’s sudden notice, the agency and the Girls’ Generation members tried our best and tried to figure out a way that Girls’ Generation’s activities can continue in the best possible direction.

However, in the midst of insufficient negotiations regarding conflicts of differences in priorities and interest, Jessica started her fashion business. Due to this, despite ongoing talks, it has come to a point where the team could not be maintained.

Thus, the agency had no choice but to pull up Girls’ Generation’s activities as 8 members earlier than planned, and in the midst of while working out when to announce this, Jessica had posted her words early this morning.

From here on, our agency will continue to support and manage the 8-member Girls’ Generation and Jessica’s individual activities.”

“In the best possible direction”– States SM themselves. Was kicking Jessica out really the “best possible direction”? 

Fuck you SM. SM Entertainment? More like Shitty Mess Entertainment. Why SM is called the #SMEntWorstCompany 

-SM and JYJ
-SuperJunior- HanGeng
-Exo- Kris 
-Now, SNSD- Jessica

SM I beg you to just… maybe: Get your shit together? 

This is possibly the worst year of K-POP in history. Reactions to the extreme news? 

I’m sure I’m not the only SONE out there that feels the need to tell SM to get their shit together. I don’t think they understand just how many people they made cry today. I’m not talking about just today. All those times that SM messed up… this one just did it for me. 

To those SONES that say: 

“I won’t support Girls Generation if Jessica is not there" 

"Girls Generation is not Girls Generation without all 9 members" 

I unfortunately need to tell you guys to get your shit together as well. Are you seriously calling yourself a SONE…? Are you sure that you’re in the fandom? Because to us: a true SONE is one that sticks through ups and downs together. We protect Girls Generation no matter what. I am a truly passionate fan and I know there are more like me out there so I’m speaking for not only myself but for million others. 

In our hearts, Girls Generation will always be 9 members. 

On that note– Congratulations to Jessica and Tyler Kwon!! Let’s love the couple dearly and continue to support our Queens. 

Basically what I’m trying to say in a sentence or two is: 

1) Get your shit together SM Ent 
2) Get your shit together SONEs 
3) Let’s continue to support GG! 

#StayStrongSNSD #StayStrongJessica #GG9members

They are our Queens. We are their protectors" – Sones

btsbangtansarmyv girlsgenerationup girlsgenerationyuri girlsgeneration-kpop girlsgenerationfacts 

Let’s spread the message SONEs! SM is done. 

Endangered (9/25)

In which this would have been posted sooner, but the power’s been out all afternoon. \o/

Part 9 of a Dirk/AR AU fic where androids are wiping out the human race one at a time. Warning for language, guns, lots of background/minor character death and carnage, graphic depictions of violence, dismemberment, etc.


Chapters: 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10/11/12/13/14/15/16/17/18/19/20/21/22/23/24/25

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anonymous asked:

In regards to your post about how Jason should have made Lexa a series regular, I totally agree. To see the strongest and powerful woman on Earth have to build herself back up when said power is taken away from her? That would have been fascinating..

like he can whine about AMC snatching her up but he should have like, looked ahead and signed her on as a regular sooner but ~whatever~ 

I think it would have been such… a good arc like… lexa has had so much power, she’s never ruled without that power backing her. also then we could get more like… a lot of s2 was lexa teaching clarke how to lead. it could’ve been cool to see clarke teaching lexa, like… how to Get Shit Done when she doesn’t have an army and the entirety of the grounder population backing her up

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I'm honestly just.... Do you not think justin has had it hard? He's one of the most hates people, people have signed petitions to get him away from America??? Like I don't see petitions going around for ariana or Demi, idk i agree on the fact that women might have it harder but Jesus, Justin's had it hard as well? He's owned up to his mistakes and clearly grown up, maybe people actually see that and give him another choice

he hasn’t grown up tho lmao i’m always willing to forgive ppl who make mistakes but he keeps making them??? just this morning he started flipping chairs after being told to leave a restaurant in paris (which is what inspired that post), was it last week that he literally left a concert early bc some fans weren’t listening to him instead of just getting security to deal with them.. he keeps doing the same old shit and people literally talk about it for a day and move on. i know he’s apologised for some of those things but apologies start to mean less when you have to make them every day.

and i know he’s been hated publicly in the past but right now as far as i can see he’s not hated generally lol i know i shouldn’t judge how hated he is solely based on tumblr but using it as a gauge, i can tell you i’ve seen 2309482340 more hate posts about demi lovato for not being happy that a bad, photoshopped picture of her was being used as a meme than i have for justin bieber who is constantly doing intentionally rude and disrespectful things. i imagine if demi left a concert early because she was annoyed at some fans or started flipping chairs in restaurants, people would talk about it for longer and be more critical and it would probably become a widespread meme.

the fact is that whatever justin does, even if he does face consequences, he is forgiven for it sooner than he would if he wasn’t white or a male.  yeah, he was extremely hated in 2013, because he did things like piss in restaurant mop buckets. if he’s ‘had it hard’ it’s been completely because of things that he himself has done so i don’t have much sympathy for him. i don’t care if people are still fans of him and my post wasn’t even about disliking him, it was about finding it incredibly frustrating that he continues to get away with gross behaviour when many many other artists have been publicly crucified for a lot less.

Hi guys, I was thinking of fun things to do this Christmas and this idea popped into my head. 

why not make a Christmas wishlist? 
what is a Christmas wishlist you might ask? well it’s basically you write a wishlist of things you would like for Christmas this year, it can range from anything from edits of your favourite shows to PSD’s, textures, fonts, music videos, well you get the picture. 

but just in case here’s an example

My Christmas Wishes:

  1. To meet new people on tumblr.
  2. A PSD pack for old TV shows e.g Roswell, charmed, Dawson’s Creek etc
  3. some icons of *insert couples, actors, otps, friendships here*
  4. GIFSETS/EDITS of my favourite otps and characters or friendships can find list of all my favourites here *insert link*
  5. for everyone to have a wonderful Christmas and get lots of lovely presents.

You will also need to write a list out like THIS for people to see what OTPS/Characters etc you like so they know what to make. Unless you have specific ones you would like an edit of then you put those ones bold so they know which are the major ones. 

You can have up to 10 wishes, once you have written your wishlist, post it to your blog for people to see and then hopefully your followers and maybe even someone who doesn’t follow you (you never know) can decide if they would like to grant your wish if this is the case then you message said person telling them you would like to fulfil one of their Christmas wishes and which one.

Once you receive a message granting said wish you then proceed back to your wishlist and score it off letting people know someone has granted it already. But if it’s an edit for one of your OTPS/ characters or whatever which has a list of more than one they can grant you another edit but of a different OTP/characters and in this case your don’t score it off you will underline it indicating one of them has been done and they should recheck your list of OTPS/Characters etc to see which one has been scored off.


I thought this would be a fun and nice way to spread cheer for everyone around the world on tumblr this year since I know a lot of people this time of year feel left out cause they find it hard to make friends on here or they have a lot going on so people might want to cheer them up or just plain old what the heck will I make this person for Christmas this year they have so many shows/otps to choose from which would they prefer?!

also if you want others to see/find your wishlist please tag it #wishlist15

please feel free to message me if you have any questions :)


hi everyone! i usually don’t make posts like this, but i feel like i should be giving attention to this matter, because it can end ugly for people if it happens; people can be accused of being fake or whatsoever while they might eventually not be it. 

cards that don’t arrive at it’s destination: during the summer i sent a card from italy, my holiday destination, to a friend in England, but in the end this card never arrived at my friend’s place. then, during christmas i sent two christmas cards at the same time, one of them included a photocard of sehun inside, to Australia and the other to America. in the end, only one of the two arrived (thankfully the one with the photocard inside). i thought it was just my “luck” being bad, but one of my friends send a card from england to scotland, which is pretty close to one another, but it never arrived either. 

damaged envelopes: something that might be just as worse is getting your photocard damaged or even lost. last year i traded cards with a friend, but when the envelope arrived, it was ripped at the side and when i picked it up, the card fell out; this could’ve happened sooner meaning i would not have got my photocard. again, i thought this could’ve been my “luck” being bad, but again, a friend told me the same happened to them and even worse cards looked like they were opened on purpose.

photocards have the size/look of credit cards and could possibly be opened on purpose thinking they are. another thing with the lost cards is the the fact the post is getting a lot more automatically, meaning no one is taking care of our cards anymore; having it end up getting damaged by a machine or getting lost somewhere along the road.

please be careful in the future when sending photocards with the post, because as i said earlier people might think someone’s “fake” because they did not keep their trading promise, while they might actually did! maybe consider sending it in a small box, because packages (in my experience) have less trouble when it comes to getting lost or damaged! if you still want to send it as a card, consider sending it with extra protection, for example in between cardboard or whatsoever to make it “thicker” and “less fragile.”