this would be such a fun au

KuroKen Week Day 2 : Yokai AU

The backstory would be: Kenma is an Onmyouji (an exorcist) who, as an orphan child, befriended the son of a Dragon God, Kuroo Tetsurou. He was spirited away and lived with them for a while until he was given back to the humans. He grew up as a trained Onmyouji, able to reunite with Kuroo again, then they forged a contract where Kuroo became Kenma’s partner to banish evil spirits. Kuroo’s childhood fondness for Kenma grew into love and thus the two became partners in both life and evil-spirit-banishing-works. ( °٢° )

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Hey Guys,

Back with another AU from that list, this is number 31 which was requested by a Nonnie.

31. prostitute/client au

Betty is trying to get over a bad break up, Veronica and her sister convince her to have a little ‘fun’ with a male escort.

Rating: Not sure whether this is quite smut but I would say it’s NSFW.

Betty sat on the couch, her posture straight and stiff even in her own home. The urge to hold herself in a certain way permeated everything that she did, always. She crossed her legs before huffing in frustration and uncrossing them again. She glanced at the time on her phone again, her bottom lip caught in her teeth as the seconds were counting down. The time approaching minute by minute. She wondered if it would be too late to pull out. To cancel the whole thing. But that was not the polite thing to do.

Then again what was planned for tonight was hardly the thing a lady would do.

She crossed her legs again as her teeth continued to worry her bottom lip. A loud knock on the door disrupted her from her thoughts and worries. She got up promptly smoothing down her dress as she passed herself in a mirror stopping briefly to take in her appearance. She tucked a loose strand behind her ears. A loose bun pulled her hair away from her face. She had given up trying to tame her locks in high school. Giving up the tight, precise pony tail, her trademark away in once she reached college. She gave a nod at her own reflection before she went to the door.

This was it, no backing out now.

Betty tried to keep her composure as she opened her door and was greeted by a dark haired man about a head taller than herself with a head of hair that she felt a sudden urge to run her fingers through. Deep blue eyes met her own and she resisted the urge to pull her lip between her teeth again, instead clenching her hands into tiny fists. He was all her fantasies materialised and waiting on her doorstep. He was wearing a suit and she couldn’t help but feel that he looked out of place in her down market apartment building. He continued to lean up against the wall next to the door frame as Betty’s eyes raked over his form. He was her type. No doubt about that. She already felt hot under the collar as he gave her a soft smile before straightening himself and offering her his hand.

“Betty Cooper?” She nodded as her hand gripped his. Feeling it being shaken as she continued to stare.

“You can call me Jughead.” Her hand stilled at the name. Veronica had already told her that they didn’t use their real names, but that felt a little too ridiculous. But she didn’t question it any further. “May I come in.” She nodded, as she released her hand from his and moved away from the doorway so that he could brush past her. She closed the door behind him taking a deep breath before she turned around.

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anonymous asked:

After seeing your Siren Victor art...I think I have died and went to siren heaven, where I enjoy seeing Siren Victor and Yuuri doing the mating dance and see which one manages to seduce the other the most (。♥‿♥。) Thank you so much for sharing us all these beautiful drawings and I thank Lucy for her stories! *deep bow*

Hehehehehe, I am happy you enjoyed that piece >w<
It was really fun to think about what Victor would look like ^w^
and we’ll see where exactly he shows up in this AU~
I am also very grateful to be working with Lucy on this project!!! ;w;

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Okay but who in the losers would play quidditch?


  • Mike and Bill would 100% both be team captains of different houses because they’re both good leaders in different ways
  • Bill is the kind of leader who is tough on his players because he expects everyone to put the work in, but everyone respects him for it
  • Very Oliver Wood-esque
  • He’s a Chaser, and everyone thinks he charmed his broom because he’s speed incarnate 
  • (his broom is named Silver)
  • Mike is the kind of leader who is all team spirit and motivational words. Everyone loves him and the other teams lowkey are envious he’s not their leader because Mike always makes sure that no one gets too down on themselves after a loss
  • But don’t cross him in a game, because that’s when his competitive trait kicks in and there is no mercy 
  • Mike would be a keeper, helping out his team by calling directions and tips from the goals
  • Bev used to be a team captain, but she stepped down because she didn’t like all the responsibility and kept skipping out on her own practices to learn hexes with Richie 
  • She still plays though, and she’s a Beater simply because it was a common stereotype that girls weren’t strong enough for the role
  • No one willingly gets in the way of her deadly aim
  • Eddie? That boy is one of the best Seekers Hogwarts has ever seen
  • He uses his size to be more aerodynamic, and he’s clever about figuring out ways to catch the Snitch without alerting the other Seeker of its position
  • He’s a spitfire who will 100% willingly get penalties if the other player deserved it
  • It takes a lot of convincing from Bev, but Ben eventually tries his hand out at being a Keeper. He doesn’t play on his house’s official team (yet), but he’s spent so much time in the library researching the history of Quidditch that he can’t help but to be intrigued
  • Now did you think I was forgetting Stan and Richie????
  • They co-announce of course! Stan is the only one trusted to keep score, and sometimes he’ll be the referee on the days Madam Hooch is busy
  • The school slightly regrets giving Richie “Trashmouth” Tozier the microphone, but no one makes the games more entertaining (despite his occasional bias). He’d make Lee Jordan proud
  • Stan keeps him in check, reporting what’s actually happening every time Richie goes off on a bit
  • “Bill Denbrough is fouled for Quaffle-pocking, taking away his last goal to even the score back to 70-70”
  • “I’d like to pock his Quaffle, amiright?”
  • “He stabbed the ball, Richie. It’s a serious–”
  • “Eddie Kaspbrak takes an elbow to the face, and it looks like he’s temporarily lost sight of the Snitch without a–”

“Are you THAT afraid of your grandma?”
“If she was your abuela you would be too!”

Young Esteban is the ultimate troublemaker and Mateo hasn’t learned that he and magic don’t go well together, so he tries to bail him out. Esteban is stuck invisible for the whole day, Mateo is not keeping the pathway to his lab open ever again and Armando is convinced that the castle is haunted by ghosts since that event.

Aka This is all just an excuse to draw my two favourite boys, I won’t even deny it. Admittedly, I really enjoy their dynamic in this AU and I kinda like how this turned out.

by-surprise  asked:

Would you be interested in writing another Malice AU drabble by any chance? I was thinking about young Alice meeting young Matthew at her debutante ball (I assume she still had to go even if she didn't want to, although I might be wrong...). Or maybe she already knew him and asked him to go as her dance partner (I guess that was a thing)

Okay, this was too fun to be a drabble! :) I love it. 

1,300 words of adorable teenage Malice at a debutante ball. Also on AO3.

“Well, if you don’t mind me saying, you look like you’re at a wake instead of a ball.” Alice sent him her most withering glare. She hadn’t asked, let alone invited a strange boy to come over and comment on how out of place she was. She was painfully aware.

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Friction Pt. 2 (Fallout!AU Woozi x Reader)

Originally posted by pledisseventeen

Admin: Mimi

Checking in everyday with Woozi about your broken weapon is nightmare inducing, but is it really as bad as it seems? You never thought the phrase ‘More than meets the eye’ would ever describe someone as perfect as it did for Woozi.


Genre: Fluff, angst

Pairing: Woozi x Reader

Warnings: Language

Word count: 4689

A/N: I hope everyone enjoys this, I have so much fun writing these AU’s omg. Part 3 will hopefully be out soon enough too, if life doesn’t get in the way. Happy reading as always, everyone! I love you all!! PS that gif actually fucking kills me jihoon pls stop and exit my life you magnificent being

 - PART 1 -

“Hey, thanks for letting me stay here, I really appreciate it,” you said, placing your rucksack down on the wooden floors next to the metal framing of the bed, eyes skimming over the dirty and worn-down mattress and wanting nothing more than to sink into the springs and sleep for eternity despite the condition it was in. It’s better than most of the mattresses you’ve seen, anyway.

Jeonghan sent a warm smile in your direction from his position in the doorway; arms crossed and leaning against the frame while Scoups stood behind him with a large grin set in place and his hands propped proudly on his hips. “It’s no problem, we’re glad you came while you did,” Jeonghan explained, eyes roaming around the small space of the dimly lit room with a frown of slight disappointment – a single dull light hanging precariously from the ceiling and a few odd candles burning on the table. “We needed someone else to man the bar since Boo quit, couldn’t handle the punks that would wander in and cause trouble. Not that I blame him,” he muttered.

“Well, I’ve dealt with scumbags like that all my life. I should be fine,” you reassured, nodding to yourself and brushing the palms of your hands on your pants. That was fine. You could handle a few assholes coming in and demanding free booze and whatnot. You’ve handled worse, a few idiots would be nothing to you. And hey, if it means you get some caps for your weapons repair and a free room to sleep in, who are you to complain?

“Good to hear,” Jeonghan chimed, lips splitting into a perfect smile. “You can get started in the morning. Use the evening to rest up. Showers are in the back, be quick if you want hot water. See you in the morning,” and with that, your new boss turned around and exited the room, brushing past Scoups who grabbed his hand to give a quick squeeze before letting go. He returned his attention to you once more and grinned from ear to ear.

“I’m happy you found somewhere to work! Jeonghan has been looking to fill that position for a while now, but people are too scared to do it.”

You laughed lightly, plonking down onto the mattress and sighing loudly. “Yeah, I’m glad he was offering. I need to have at least 500 caps for Woozi by the end of the week for my rifle.”

“Ah,” Scoups hummed sympathetically, head bobbing in understanding. “Yeah, Woozi can be expensive, but if he says he’ll have that gun fixed, then you can bet by the end of the week it’ll be working better than before.”

You scoffed, eyebrows rising to your hairline as you reclined on the bed. “Sure,” you said dismissively. “I just wish he wasn’t a dick.”

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Okay, I am looking through my drafts and I just noticed that some time ago I was tagged by @nogurt-p and @mizulekitten (and probably few more people) in posts spreading positivity around.

And since the ones I’ve been tagged in were pretty crowded, well, I decided to put up my own one!

First of all I wanted to thank nogu and mizu for tagging me - now I tagged you back you wonderful creatures. You are both super great and my tumblt expirience wouldn’t be this fun without you two around. I am so glad that after I got into Voltron I could meet such wonderful persons! ♥

Next - I am tagging some blogs that really are making my tumblr expirience way better than it would be without them.

@groovy-gambler (my booboo of course - getting into Voltron with you was honestly life changing for me, no jokes)
(thank you for coming to me to talk about that au of mine and showing such interest for it that one day we started talkin!)
@ab5ter (you’re great, mate, don’t you think I forgot about you - keep on drawing and never stop, because you have places to go with it)
@yiff-kashit (nice dude with unique interests and great ideas, 11/10)
@happygothe-epic-posts (it’s always good to see you in my notifs - keep on working on that OCs of yours, because they are awesome!)
@legendarylangst (you all should get to know her OCs, guys, they are incredible - design and story wise)
@jupitertriton (I hope everything’s is going to be okay for you - we all miss you buddy and we do care about your well being)
@kyokakoku (dem art and Shance ideas - yas)
(the Prompt God)
@svendidntdieforthis (maybe I haven’t read much of your writing, but what I’ve read was great, you should give them some luvin guys)
@waffle-walks (*melts over their Shance arts* Dem art styleee~ If you haven’t check their arts already - shame on you. Go now and catch up on things)
@sir-scandalous(*sweats nervously* I hope this tag is not too much of a bother - I just really love your Shance art. You’ve contributed so much to Shance side of fandom ♥)
@jaspurrlock (Again, I hope this tag is not much of a bother - good Volporn is greatly appreciated. Also I would recognize your art style anywhere - it’s so characteristic!)
@educating-antis (for being the best blog for the Tea™ )
@kabuki-akuma (AGAIN, I hope it’s not much of a bother - your art is so great and if not it, I wouldn’t probably think of Allurivan myself, so thank you)

I would probably tag more people… but I don’t really recall more usernames… Yes, I just wanted to show some appreciation for you all.

Seventeen And Counting! High School Au (4/?)

Summary: Logan is turning 17! His mom puts something together, but it doesn’t go as planned. Also, slight analogical. Don’t blink or you’ll miss it.

Genera: Human/HighSchool AU

Triggers: Slight bullying

A/N: Hello! This chapter was a collaboration with Aylora (@anxious-and-afraid-af)! I hope you like it and I’m really sorry this is late. Aylora here! I thought I would try to help out since Si had some problems with this chapter previously. This was so much fun to write omgoodness! <3 I loved the faces near the segues! This was so fun to write!


November 18th, not many things happening on such a random date. On this day seventeen years ago, however, the one and only Logan North was born.

This is what brings Virgil to walk in 37° weather on a Saturday afternoon. His earbuds are in, his hood is up, and a gift bag is slowly swinging from left to right in his tight grasp. Virgil was excited that his friend was turning seventeen, but he was slightly bummed out, as well.

Virgil and Logan have been friends for ten years now. It would be a lie if he said he didn’t miss the times of recess talks and days without panic attacks. He acted like he didn’t miss being seven and being wise beyond their years. Now, however, he plasters on semi-fake smiles, pretends to not worry about the small shit, and represses a bunch of feelings he knows he can’t hide for much longer.

Shaking his head, Virgil smiles to himself. This is Logan’s day, dammit! He’ll be damned if he tore Logan down with his very own doom and gloom. He slowly walks up to his friend’s door and knocks. The cold is visible to anyone, but he pretends not to notice his trembling hands and numb fingers.


Logan leans against his kitchen counter, arms crossed, and an unamused expression plastered onto his features. Roman and Patton have already arrived and are both sitting at the kitchen table, watching as Ms. North walks frantically around the kitchen.

“Mom, this is fine. I’m only turning seventeen, it’s not that big a deal!” Logan states firmly, not willing to watch his mother go insane over this nonsensical party for one minute longer. As always, Ms. North just hushes her child and starts working again.

The birthday boy sighs, but walks to the front door that has been knocked on only seconds before. He opens it and smiles when he sees Virgil standing there, arms crossed, and a far off expression in his eyes.

He studies his newly arrived friend and realizes a few things before actually pulling him into the warm house. Virgil smiles gratefully and hands the older boy the navy birthday bag that was once held by his shaky hands.

“Virgil, did you walk here?” Logan asks his friend as they both sit down at the table with the other two, their small group finally complete. This is all Logan needed, this is all Logan wanted. Virgil’s cheeks turn a light shade of crimson before he nods slowly.

“Why? Two out of four of us own and drive cars! We are friends, Hot Topic! Don’t be afraid to ask for stuff!” Roman expresses, gently punching Verge in the shoulder. Patton smiles and reaches out before messing up the younger’s hair and laughing at his offended expression.


It’s a short twenty minutes later when people start arriving at Logan’s home. The four boys are sitting on Logan’s bedroom floor with Disney songs playing and a game of Monopoly spread out in front of them.

“No! This is such a shitty game! Who’s idea was it to play this?! Patton, you’re dead to me!” Virgil rants as he lands on the jail space for the third time this game. Patton responds with a quick thumbs up and his toothiest grin. Roman and Logan let out a quick laugh, cut off by a loud knock on his bedroom door.

Logan playfully glares at the door, but slowly makes his way up off the ground to open it. Before he has the chance, however, the door flies open and hits Logan in the back, causing him to fall right back to the ground. Everyone looks up with shocked, yet aggravated, expressions.

“Looks like the party has finally arrived! Wassup losers!” Dylan, the school’s bully, says while throwing himself into a sitting position onto the bed. Virgil cringes at the sight of him on Logan’s bed. Roman gives a crusty glare to Dylan and Patton, although willing to stand up for his friends, cowers slightly.

Virgil looks at his friends one by one. Seeing all of them react so negatively towards his bully only made his hate for Dylan grow stronger and vast. He stands up quickly and walks up to the asshole sitting on his best friend’s bed.

“What are you doing here?” Virgil asks with a sort of demand that nobody thought the shy, anxious, awkward boy could even create. The two have a staring contest for what seems to be ages. The 6’0” football player and the 5’4” art student stare up and down at each other with pure malice in their eyes, nothing else to be found or formed. Finally, Dylan laughs evilly and goes back to sit on the bed, but he back peddles and grabs Logan by the shirt collar, pulling him up from his seated position on the floor.

“Did the nerd not tell you?” Dylan asks between evil snickers. He points at Logan, then back at himself and drops Logan to the floor again. The Birthday Boy sighs, becoming more and more agitated by the minute from all of this abuse in his own home. Roman and Patton help him up and they all go and stand behind Virgil.

“Anyway, our moms are amazingly best friends. So whatever happens in that nerds life,” he points at Logan, “I’ll most likely be attending. I can’t believe he didn’t tell you.” Dylan says casually while pretending to smooth out wrinkles in his jersey, but anyone could have caught the victorious smirk on his face.

Virgil’s eyes grow wide and he turns to face Logan. The smart friend couldn’t have felt more stupid in that moment, Virgil could see that in his eyes. Did Logan really think Virgil was mad that he wasn’t told about this? It’s not even that important, he was worried for his friend, not himself! Virgil let out a stressed sigh. Patton and Roman look at the two and then at each other, neither know what’s happening or what to do.

The youngest boy looks around Logan’s room. He’s been here many times before, but he couldn’t help notice so many more interesting aspects to it in this moment. He scans the bookshelf that has many different titles and authors. The desk has school book after book, math work in one corner, English essays in the other. Logan’s bed had a space themed comforter spread on top that was so uniquely Logan, it made Virgil smile just a bit. His eyes light up with a single glance at the window, even more so at the open window on the first floor.

“Come on, guys.” Virgil says as he drags a sad Logan away from the asshole in front of them. Ms. North would kill Virgil if she knew he dragged Logan away from his own birthday party, so they’ll sneak out the window. The four climb out the window and Virgil mock salutes in the direction of Dylan before disappearing for the rest of the day to do something they know Logan would enjoy.


Roman pulls into Virgil’s own driveway not long after they began driving. The day has been rough, even though it was just past 2pm, but Virgil and the others were determined to make it better than ever!

They all climb out of the car and Virgil grabs the three gifts, that he was sure to grab from Logan’s room during their escape, and they enter the house. Patton had expressed to Virgil that it would make Logan feel better if he opened the things from the people he cared for most, Roman was quick to agree with the cheery boy.

“Boys! It’s so nice to see you all again! But wasn’t Logan having a birthday party today?” Logan looks to Mr. Sanders with a genuine smile, happy that he remembered his birthday.

“We were, however there was a bit of a dilemma that took place. You don’t mind us being here do you?” Logan asks, not wanting to be a burden.

Mr. Sander’s eyes go big. “Of course I don’t mind! It’s always great to see you all! How about you and the others go hang out in V’s room while I get some snacks prepared, okay?” He shooed them upstairs and starts on snacks immediately.

The boys all race up to Virgil’s room and throw themselves onto his bed. All is quiet at first. Nothing needs to be said or done to tell that this is what everyone needed at this moment. Patton, however, is easily bored and wasn’t content for long before jumping off the bed and pulling Roman up with him.

Logan smiles at them before sitting up and crossing his legs. Virgil huffs, but follows this action. Roman grabs the three gifts from the floor and looks at Logan for the okay. The birthday boy nods and Roman sits on the bed, handing him the largest gift first. It was wrapped in red and gold paper with a big and very bold bow on top. Logan chuckles lightly. This sort of elegance could only be from one person and one person only.

Logan begins to gently pull apart the wrapping. He knows the paper and bow will most likely just get thrown away, but he can’t help but think it’s too pretty to be ripped open like he usually would. After a decent amount of time, the boy finally picked off enough paper to properly see what was inside.

“You got me a telescope?” Logan asks shocked at Roman’s kindness. Roman smiles and nods casually. Underneath, however, he was screaming with relief that Logan actually enjoyed the gift.

“Of course! A little birdie told me you were a fan of astronomy!” Roman enthuses, winking at Virgil when he said “birdie”, giving away who it was. Virgil rolls his eyes but smiles just a tiny bit because Roman actually mentioned that.

Patton reached over a grabbed a small gift wrapped in a blueish color wrapping paper littered with everything from puppies to flowers. He excitedly handed it to Logan and smiled wide. There was no doubt in anyone’s mind that this was from Patton.

Logan begins to gently pull away the paper from the gift. He only barely holds In a laugh when he fully opened the gift. The smart friend takes an index card from the top of the package and reads it over carefully.

‘To: Teacher Dude’

‘From: Someone Who Always Learns Something New’

Inside was what seemed to be a school set. There was a pencil case, pencils, erasers, a notebook, pens, a ruler, and even extra index cards. It would be a lie to say he hated this gift. In all honesty, he loved it a lot.

“Patton, I love this so much!” Logan expresses with a large smile. He places the gift alongside Roman’s. They all turn to Virgil and he smirks. The shy boy reaches down and pulls a navy blue bag from the side of the bed. Virgil has always been so extra when it comes to wrapping birthday gifts. It’s no surprise when he reaches into the bag and pulls out a neatly wrapped gift.

“It was so you couldn’t guess by looking at the wrapping.” Virgil says with a wink. He hands Logan the small gift wrapped in matte black paper with a shy smile. Logan felt there was something going on but isn’t sure what. His best friend almost never smiles like that.

Logan takes the gift and tears at the paper with gusto! That is.. Until he saw the paper underneath. A ground meat pattern is shown around the small box which almost looks like worms. Patton makes a joking gag sound while Roman gives Virgil a questioning glare. Virgil’s smile gets a little bigger.

“Go on Logan, open it.” The darkest boy says, making a ‘go on’ motion with his hand. Logan side eyes the boy before tearing at the paper again. This time, there was a mustache and monocle designed paper. He huffs out frustration but is also smiling like the total nerd he is. Ripping at this layer reveals yet another pattern.

“Virgil, I’m afraid I can’t open this.” Logan states, setting down the box wrapped in ‘sassy’ paper. “Why are you doing this to me?”

“Come on, you know you love it.” Virgil answers, practically dying from internalized laughter. With a head shake and a half, Logan picks up the box once again.

Once Logan was done with the oddly amusing and enjoyable wrapping paper frenzy, he finally managed to get to the actual gift. He looked over at Virgil and for once in a long while, he looked happy! Logan smiled and looked down to what he was holding in his hands. It was beautiful.

In his hand was a black leather bound book with ‘Logan’ written in gold cursive letters across the top. Little white stars littered the bottom right and top left corners. He turned it over and in the same cursive style and gold letters the quote, “Even if you miss the moon, you’ll land on a star,” was engraved neatly across the middle.

The happy boy opened the book with the first thing he sees to be a galaxy bookmark with a place keeping tassel. A smile grew on his face as he flipped through the pages. While he is looking, he finds a page with something written in neat purple ink. Logan looks up at Virgil and raises an eyebrow, Virgil only makes a ‘go on’ motion with his hands. He looks back down and reads the passage.

‘Dear Lo,

You’re seventeen now! Damn you’re old. I’m really surprised you stuck around for so long, especially now that you have Patton and Roman. Hey, I guess there’s something you like about me if you kept me, right? Anyway, happy birthday, Bud! I could write something sappy, but we both know that’s not my thing.

I love ya, Nerd.

Logan chuckled and hugged the book close to his chest. A few minutes of silence pass and he pulls them all into a group hug with a big smile on his face.


Mr. Sanders loved Logan and would do anything for the kid to have a decent birthday for once in his life. He knew that Logan never knew his father personally and his mother never really cared about past birthdays (usually using the parties as an excuse to have get togethers with friends and completely leave Logan alone) so this was his chance to make this one perfect for Logan.

He had remembered Virgil talking about Logan’s love for carrot cake one day a few weeks ago, so that’s what he’s doing now. He baked the cake, let it cool, and was now icing it. Making sure to write as nicely as possible, he spells out ‘Happy Birthday Logan’ is a neat cursive. He smiled at his work texted Virgil to come down with his friends.


“Do my eyes really have to be covered?” Logan asks between small laughs. The boy is directed into a chair with his eyes still being covered by Virgil’s small hands. He hears something gently being placed in front of him and the sound of a switch being switched off.

Virgil soon removes his hands and they all start singing ‘Happy Birthday’ in the direction of Logan. When he looks down, he notices the cake and tears threaten to fall.

Everyone attacks him in a group hug again and the tears couldn’t be held back anymore. It may be his smallest, but it’s without a doubt the best birthday ever.

Micro is starting to give off Leo Fitz vibes. Dorky genius, can’t handle the sight of blood and gore, and a bit of a smartass.

Also, since Punisher and Ghost Rider are very similar, I’d like to think a Robbie Reyes-Leo Fitz partnership would look pretty similar to Micro and Frank’s relationship.

Oooohhhh…that’d make a fun AU fic.


Not even gonna lie. I spent WAY TOO MUCH TIME ON THIS FIC–way too much for it to be considered a flashfic for sure lol Not even gonna say I’m sorry cause I’m NOT haha I had so much fun writing this and then making Yama-chan into the beautiful woman he would be lol It wasn’t nearly as hard as it should have been to be honest.

At any rate, there are two versions of this oneshot–the Yamachii version and then a “non-romance” one where there’s nothing about that kind of relationship in it for those who don’t like that kind of thing. My sweet Nice, @n10cfyd​, is for sure on the Yamachii team so…that one is for you darling!!

Title: Boy Bits (non-romance version)
Pairing/Relationship: Yamada Ryosuke x HIMSELF/HERSELF lol I can’t.
Rating: R
Warnings: Language
Genre: Umm…Au Crack? I have no idea–gender swap

Summary:  Ryosuke wakes up and realizes there’s an issue with his ‘boy bits’ lol

You can read the ROMANCE–YAMACHII VERSION {HERE} (but incidentally, that wouldn’t be a M/M fic now that I’m thinking about it, would it? lol I have no idea lol this is very confusing!)

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I know the page isn’t up yet, but I’ve been considering adding a couple alternative muses to this blog. Josh will still be the main muse and face of this blog, but I thought it could be fun to give people the option of interacting with other characters, too. Initially, most of them were supposed to be other characters from Wanted: Dead or Alive… now I’m thinking about adding some of McQueen’s other roles too that aren’t necessarily “old west” themed. So characters like Hilts (The Great Escape), George (The Great St. Louis Bank Robbery), “Gambler” (Alfred Hitchcock Presents), a slightly AU version of Max Sand (Nevada Smith), etc. etc..

I write some of them on Discord already. Would bringing them over to tumblr be something you guys might be interested in?


- In which the beast really only needed to work on loving himself a bit more, while beauty signed up for kicking some ass and not that magical bullshit.

I spent the whole evening listening to the Beauty and the Beast soundtrack and couldn’t control myself.


Not even gonna lie. I spent WAY TOO MUCH TIME ON THIS FIC–way too much for it to be considered a flashfic for sure lol Not even gonna say I’m sorry cause I’m NOT haha I had so much fun writing this and then making Yama-chan into the beautiful woman he would be lol It wasn’t nearly as hard as it should have been to be honest.

At any rate, there are two versions of this oneshot–the Yamachii version and then a “non-romance” one where there’s nothing about that kind of relationship in it for those who don’t like that kind of thing. My sweet Nice, @n10cfyd, is for sure on the Yamachii team so…this is for you darling!!

Title: Boy Bits (Yamachii Version)
Pairing/Relationship: Yamada Ryosuke x Chinen Yuri
Rating: R
Warnings: Language, M/M relationship (non-graphic/implied)
Genre: Umm…Au Crack? I have no idea–gender swap

Summary:  Ryosuke wakes up and realizes there’s an issue with his ‘boy bits’ lol


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a fun little thing i drew to cope with season 4 klance withdrawal


Okay back to happier (?) topics - today’s prompts were firsts/future/tears !!!! and honestly that’s probably a happy set why did I go for this even we might just never know

hey. all concerts are good concerts but sign me the FUCK up for small venue concerts over big arena concerts any day