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March 22th, Wednesday - Friends and Enemies: “AU fanarts”, “AU fanfictions”, “AU quotes” and “Edits”. Friends and enemies refers to all other characters except for Sasuke and Naruto. 

Summer!SNS - Lineart (@kiraiki) / Color (@iin-desuyo)

Winter!SNS -  Lineart (@iin-desuyo) / Color (@kiraiki)

We decided that it would be really interesting to depict Sasuke and Naruto with contrasting themes of Yin and Yang by the use of symbols and colors to emphasize their parallel and opposite sides.

SNS-Week 2017

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Drabble Prompt: AU scenario where the skaters mistake the triplets for Yuuri's kids when they first meet him, possibly when he brings them to the skater-only area as a b-day treat, or something? (Kudos if you can work in jealous!Victor somehow, but the skaters having a fun reaction would be A+, tbh. Would be lovely if you could include Chris and/or Yurio :D )

Viktor had a crush.  Actually it was worse than that,  Viktor had a Crush<sup>TM</sup>.

It was the reason that he’d been so excited to be assigned to the NHK Trophy.  His crush was also assigned.

It was such a remarkably sized crush that whenever he caught sight of him, Viktor’s heart did a little flip and he had to catch his breath.  Especially if Viktor spotted him while he was stretching.  If Viktor managed to catch him stretching – and Viktor definitely tried to – it was like Nirvana.  He could have died and gone to heaven.  He would be every cliche in the great big book of cliches.

It was such a remarkably sized crush that Viktor had skated into the wall the day before.  His adorable crush had gone wide-eyed and then dropped gaze and hurried off.

Chris had laughed at him.

New day, new attempt to impress.  Viktor could do it!

Except that there were three little girls pulling his crush in every single direction.  One in pink, one in blue, and one in purple and all speaking in rapid-fire Japanese.

“He has children?!”

Chris was staring right beside him.  “I had no idea.  He must have been really young when he had them.  He’s only twenty-one now.  Not that Yuuri talks much about himself.  When you can get him to talk.”

Viktor dropped his head into his hands.  “My life is over.  How can we live happily ever after with 2.5 children in a cute cottage with a white picket fence if he already has three kids.  That’s a half too many.”  Viktor sighed.  “And a dog.  But I’ll bring the dog.”

“Then you’ll be a dog over.  Yuuri has one too.  A fluffy brown thing.  I’ve seen pictures.”  Chris paused.  “Also, neither of you are American and it’s not the 1950s.”

Viktor waved off Chris’s comments focusing on the important part of the conversation.  “He’d show you pictures of his dog, but not his kids?”

“Oh, no, he was showing his friend, that Thai skater, new in the series this year.  I happened to look over his shoulder.”  Chris smiled as the kids all surrounded an Italian skater who looked like he wanted to climb up the nearest flag pole to escape them.  Yuuri was bowing and apologizing and trying very hard to corral his unruly offspring.  “All three of us were at Skate Canada.”

“So they get a hot dad and a cute puppy?”  Viktor frowned.  His life was so not fair.  He wanted a hot Yuuri and a cute puppy.  Well, another puppy since he already had Makkachin.

Then the three girls were upon them, doing spins and jumps and Viktor had to admit to being impressed.  They already had pretty good form, but whatelse was to be expected when their dad was perfection when it came to dancing form.

“Viktor!  Chris!  Viktor!”  All three were shouting over each other and holding out autograph cards.  “Please! This is the best present ever!”

Chris laughed and took a card from each of the girls and started writing.  “What are your names, girls?”

“Axel!” “Loop!” “Lutz!”

“Wrong.  Their names are Aiko, Ruri, and  Miyū.  Even your mother wasn’t crazy enough to name you after figure skating jumps.”  Yuuri walked up behind them and sighed.  “I’m so sorry.  I said I would take them around and instead they are taking me around and bothering everyone and the organizers are never going to let me do anything like this again.”  Yuuri rubbed the back of his head.

Viktor handed over the last card with a tight smile just as a woman approached.  “Oh my god!  It’s Viktor Nikiforov!  Girls! It’s Viktor Nikiforov!”  She grabbed Yuuri’s upper arm.  “Yuuri, it’s Viktor Nikiforov!”

Viktor smiled at the woman even though he could feel his heart cracking into a million pieces.  “You have absolutely adorable children.”

“Yeah, Yuuri, why didn’t you tell us you had kids?”  Chris asked while taking a selfie with the three.


The young woman had started laughing next to a flabbergasted Yuuri.  “Oh, wait until I tell my husband that all the skaters thought the triplets were yours.  I’m sure he wouldn’t hesitate to hand them over to you, Yuuri.  Are you ready to be a dad to these three hellions.”

Yuuri shook his head.  “To those three?  I couldn’t even handle watching them for fifteen minutes.  The nearly chased Michele Crispino up a support post, kept talking to Otabek Altin even when it was obvious that they’d worn out even his patience.  Tried to climb up the stands when they saw the Junior skater they like, Yuri Plisetsky, and then attacked Viktor Nikiforov and Christophe Giacometti.  I can barely co-parent three hamsters.  Your three are too much.”  Yuuri turned to face Viktor and Christophe and bowed.  “Thank you for being such good sports.”

Viktor stared as they walked away, the three girls still clinging to Yuuri.

“That was cute.”

Viktor smiled at Chris.  “He’d make a great dad.  Think he’d be interested in adopting 2.5 children with me?”

Chris clapped him on the back.  “Don’t get ahead of yourself Nikiforov.  First you’ve got to figure out how to talk to him.  He was right here and you didn’t even say a word to him.”

Colors/Soulmate Renjun

Genre: -

Request: Can i get a Renjun colourblind soul mate Au ?

can i request the soulmate thing but with renjun?

So I was intrested in your soulmate stories and would like to request one for renjun Thank youuuu ^^

Hey! I would have a request for your soulmate stories! Could you write one for Renjun?

A/N: happy birthday to this angel & im happy he’s getting so much love?? haha yay i actually did this concept with Mark’s and it was really fun, hope you enjoy reading!


“They resemble the color of chocolate, the cocoa brown strands shining brightly, with a few streaks of caramel-like strands popping from beneath.”

You nodded your head in excitement as your eyes glued to your mother’s mouth, anticipating what she was going to describe next. The woman in front of you reached her hand out and held your small palm in hers, which was huge in size as compared to yours. You smiled innocently at her, and asked with excitement, “Mommy! Describe more! I want to know what other colors there are”

Pink, orange, blue and green. All the colors you wanted to see but couldn’t at all, not until you met your soulmate.

As a child you had always been curious, as you’d beg your mother to describe all the colors she is able to see, as you let your imagination run wild. You were told that your cheeks were of a rosy pink color-a light and calming shade that many loved. Your mother had also told you that your eyes were of a light brown shade, as your rather pale and fair skin made you look even more lovable.

Your mother looked around, then picked up the small rose lying in a vase from the table. Pointing it to you, she smiled and waved, “This is red,”

You nodded your head once again, as you mouthed out the word in fascination, “Red”

She gave a small smile, then continued,“,red is normally seen as a symbol of love and romance. That’s why daddy got me this red rose, do you understand?”

The 8 year old you stared at her in confusion as you furrowed your eyebrows together,“Romance? What is that?”

She smiled and chuckled, then pat your head, “It’s something that happens when you meet your soulmate, you’ll understand later on”

Without saying much, you simply nodded your head and smiled, “Thank you mommy!”


You couldn’t remember exactly when you started to see those, but recently you had been seeing lighter shades of white and colors, but they would only last for a while.

In just a split second you were faced with many different bright and outstanding shades of colors, making it seem more vibrant as compared ti the black&white vision you had been having since you were born. But weird thing was, this sudden outbursts of colors did not last long. Everything would be back to the monotone two colors that you were so familiar with in just a few seconds, and moments later you’d be face by the same highlights again.

You were confused and scared at the same time- what if something was happening to your soulmate? What was going to happen from there?

Coincidentally, all these strted after you met him.

Although y'all had never once met up before, you could tell that he was a genuinely nice person, and was always there for you no matter what.

You came upon one of his song covers on the internet. Although he didn’t show his face, his angelic voice managed to capture your attention and next thing you knew, the both of you were constantly messaging and chatting with each other, as y'all seemed to immediately ‘click’.

One problem though-he lived far away from where you did, coming all the way from China. You cherished him as a friend and it broke your heart to know that there was a possibility that the both of you would ever get the chance to meet.

How’s your day going Y/N ah? -renjun ☆

I’m still seeing these random colors, is this normal omg? have you experienced this before -you

Maybe you’re just going to meet your soulmate soon? and nah, i haven’t met mine yet, everything’s still black and white for me –renjun ☆

they’d be so lucky though, being able to be yours -you

yours would be luckier -renjun ☆

Your heart almost stopped as you felt yourself blushing, you couldn’t be possibly falling for someone whom you’ve never met before, when you already have a soulmate right?


Three months passed but still no one, especially your soulmate, was appearing. You still had the random color ‘strikes’ occuring from time to time everyday, and it only made you more afraid and nervous.

Yet another thing that made you afraid, just last month Renjun had called you frantically telling you that he had seen a few colors that day too, and was similar to what you were experiencing.

He was going to meet his soulmate too and probably stop spending as much time chatting and calling you online. You knew he wasn’t the type to abandon his friends, but you still felt uncertain and part of you wanted to be his soulmate so badly.

You love him.

remember 7pm!! i have great news to tell you -renjun ☆

okay junjun, woah what’s so great? -you

don’t call me that >:-( you’ll know later hehe -renjun ☆

It wasn’t the first time the both of you were going to video call each other, and the first time the both of you did, you were stunned by his beauty and sharp features. The cute and small little smile he’d give when he was giggling melt your heart and for some reason, you could always see a little color whenever you were video calling him, but did not think much about it, assuming that it was part of the random colors you face.

You let your hair fall perfectly on your shoulders, as you looked at the reflection of yourself one last time before accepting his call. You were faced by his comforting smile and soft eyes, as they immediately brightened as soon as he saw you on the screen. He gave a small wave to you, as his mouth formed a small ‘o’, “i can actually see a light shade of colors now wow, anyways you’re looking pretty like always.”

Your cheeks turned slight warmer, as you shook your head and laughed, “don’t be like this renjun- anyways, what was it that you were so excited to share?”

Renjun’s cheeky smile shined brightly on your laptop screen, as he asked you to close your eyes. Listening to his orders, you waited for him to signal you to open them again patiently, as you heard the shuffling through your speakers, followed by his calming voice “Okay, open them now”

You squinted your eyes to read the small slip of paper he held in his hands in front of the camera and you screamed loudly- it was an air ticket to your country. Renjun laughed at your reaction, as he paused to continue, “also, my parents are planning to migrate there. We can finally meet up and spend time together!”

You were so happy you were at the verge of crying, as you jumped excitedly around your room with Renjun giggling at you-it was something you had never expected to happen.


You clasped your sweaty palms together nervously as you waited excitedly in your seat, your eyes checking the numerical digits on the big screen once every few seconds.

Today was the day you were finally going to meet him, your online best friend for more than a year now. You couldn’t believe this was actually happening.

At the same time, he colors you were seeing had been more defined and of more gradient lately, and they seemed to last longer than usual, was this a sign?

A big group of people emerged from behind the gate, as your eyes darted around the crowd to find that one person you were only looking for.

The young boy looked around confused as he knitted his eyebrows together, also only looking out for that one person.

You saw him, and you immediately shouted out, “Renjun ah!”

The boy turned and his blank and confused expression turned into a bright and happy one, as he made his way running to you, engulfing you into a big hug.

You looked into his eyes, and if felt much different as compared to when you were looking at him through the screen. Almost immediately, you noticed how the light pink color of his lips become darker and that you could see clearly the brown orbs of his eyes-something you couldn’t see ever before.

Everything around you seemed more lively and vibrant, as the colors slowly seemed to take their place. Renjun noticed too, as he grabbed your hand, “This is actually happening right?”

Already tearing up, you nodded your head as you hugged him again, this time the colors did not fade away once, even after a long solid one hour.

He was your soulmate.


“Why do you need so many of these plush toys, you’re 17 this year babe” you called out to him, as you help arrange his big collection of his moomin characters from the big box. Renjun gave a small scoff, then rebutted, “I love moomin shush, just help me in arranging that and we’ll be done for today”

You wiped of the perspiration on your forehead, before plopping down on his bed, lazily calling out to him, “You have so many things to unpack because you’ll be living here permanently from now on, are you sure you can finish doing everything”

Renjun flashed you his angelic smile, then nodded his head, “Yes i will, for now let’s go grab lunch shall me?” As he grabbed your hand and pulled you out of bed.

He then stopped and scurried to his backpack. You looked at him confused, but all he did was let out a smal giggle.

He pulled out a red rose from his bag, then held it out to you, “I saw this at the flower shop just now and i thought of you, i love you”

“red is normally seen as a symbol for love and romance,”

You blushed as you brought your lips to his cheeks, “i love you too”


this is so bad im sorry ;-;

captainearayos  asked:

A domestic au in which jyn adopts a pet and cassian is allergic! It can be in yavin or it can be modern au! Whichever!

I’m a sucker for dogs, so, of course, I wrote about Jyn bringing in a stray dog. (Also, would this prompt have made much more sense in a Modern AU? Yeah, probably. But do I also love the idea of Jyn glaring at her commanding officer as she drags a dog onto their ship after a random Pathfinder mission? Yes, yes I do.) I hope you enjoy :D

Thank you to all my followers and those who have sent me prompts, but I’m cutting off accepting new prompts! I still have several more to write, so you haven’t seen the last of this series, but no more prompts for now! Much love to you all!


After not seeing Jyn for over a month, just about the last words Cassian wants to hear out of Kes Dameron’s mouth is, “Oh, I cannot wait to see the Captain’s face when he sees this.”

Jyn’s co-sergeant laughs as he says it, which reassures Cassian somewhat; at least the surprise isn’t Jyn missing an arm or covered in blood. (Dameron’s a good man; he would be laughing at that… right?)

Still, Cassian braces himself as he walks up the ramp of the Pathfinder’s transport ship, searching for Jyn and Kes. He’s greeted, not by Jyn’s relaxed gaze or Kes’s ever-present smile, but a large pile of fur, jumping onto his legs to demand attention. Only as the fur mop backs up a few inches and lets out a playful growl does Cassian recognize it as a dog. Its head comes up just below Cassian’s knee and a wet nose peaks out from under the curly mess of ashy brown fur. Hesitantly, Cassian kneels beside the dog, reaching his hand to scratch the perky ears.

“Jyn?” He calls, confused by the whole situation.

At the sound of his call, Jyn’s head pokes down from the cockpit. “Good,” she smiles at Cassian and the dog. “You’ve met Zak.”

“I’ve met… who?”

Out of Cassian’s line of sight in the cockpit, Kes snorts. “Told you this would be amusing.”

Jyn jumps down from the cockpit and the dog trots to her side, leaving Cassian’s hand midair. Jyn holds out her hand and the dog – Zak – comes to sniff it. “Sit,” she commands, but the dog disobeys, choosing instead to wag its tail. “Come on, sit. You’re going to make me look bad.”

“Unfortunately,” Kes jumps down from the cockpit, landing beside Jyn and the dog, his smile telling Cassian he is enjoying this situation far too much. “Jyn’s face of intimidation doesn’t work on this mutt like it works on the privates.”

“He’s still learning!” Jyn protests, turning that same face of intimidation on Kes.

“I think he’s gleaning the ability to follow orders from you,” Kes explains. “That is to say, he hates doing it.”

Jyn mutters something that sounds like I’m not that bad under her breath, but Cassian barely takes note. He’s still watching the dog, blinking, like it might disappear.

He clears his throat to interrupt Kes and Jyn’s bickering. “You didn’t leave with a dog, you know.” Maybe you could explain how you came back with one?

Kes smirks. “This is your story, Erso. I’ll be finishing post-flight checks. Captain.” He gives Cassian a quick salute.

When he returns to the cockpit, Jyn addresses Cassian. “I’m keeping him.” Her voice is firm, determined, a tone that Cassian understands he has little chance of changing her mind. “We found him, abandoned and starving, on the lower levels or Coruscant. I couldn’t just leave him there.”

Of course not; one of the first things Cassian learned about Jyn Erso was her inability to leave endangered organics alone. He also doesn’t need to question why. Still, he hesitates to answer, so Jyn beats him to it.

“If Han Solo can keep a Wookie with him, I can keep a dog.”

Cassian doesn’t want to note that the Wookie, at least, can yield a crossbow and take care of himself, unlike this dog.

“Where do you plan on keeping him?” Cassian asks, slowly.

“Our quarters, of course.” She shrugs, as if this answer was obvious. “We can get someone to feed him while we’re both gone.”

Cassian stares, still kneeling where he had been petting the dog earlier, unsure what to say. With a small push from Jyn, Zak ambles back over to Cassian, snuggling up to him. Even Cassian can’t deny how comforting another warm body feels; love and physical affection are rare commodities around the Rebel Alliance.

“Come on, Cassian.” Jyn’s eyes plead just as much as her words. “It’ll be nice to have him around.”

Cassian’s shoulder drop as he sighs, accepting his new roommate.

The next morning, Cassian awakes to a sneeze. Or, really, a series of sneezes. For a moment, he worries he’s caught an illness somewhere, until he realizes his face feels tight and itchy, as well. Forcing his sleepy (and watery) eyes open, Cassian glances towards what he expects is the culprit.

Zak has commandeered Cassian’s tradition spot in Jyn’s arms, despite there not being nearly enough room in the bed for the animal. Before falling asleep the night before, Jyn had agreed Zak would sleep on the floor – she had even sacrificed one of their blankets to make him comfortable – but, apparently, sometime during the night, she had given up that notion and allowed him on the bed.

Groaning, Cassian ran his hands over his swollen face, resisting the urge to start scratching. Jyn stirred at the sound but, rather than waking, she snuggled deeper into Zak’s fur. (Cassian refuses to be jealous at the attention the dog is getting.) Zak opens his eyes and tilts his head at Cassian, as if he wants to ask what’s wrong.

“Your fur,” Cassian accuses the dog, “and I do not get along.”

And the dog’s tail has the nerve to wag, like Cassian just gave him a great compliment.

“Jyn,” Cassian shakes the sleeping woman, “Jyn, wake up.”

She gives a slight groan before turning to face him. Zak protests with a small whine, nudging Jyn’s shoulder with his nose. “What’s wrong with your face?” She asks, confirming Cassian’s suspicions that his face is red and blotchy.

“I think I’m allergic to the dog.”

Jyn frowns, leaning up on one elbow. “Why didn’t you say anything yesterday?”

“I haven’t spent much time in my life around small furry creatures, you know. I didn’t know.”

Jyn gives the dog a longing glance, obviously torn between Cassian and Zak. “What if,” she says slowly, “I made sure he didn’t sleep on the bed? Think that would help?”

Cassian looks at Jyn, sees the pure and honest connection she has with the dog, and he knows he couldn’t ask her to part with it. And if dealing with some discomfort makes Jyn happy, well, Cassian has dealt with worse.

Or, at least, that’s what he tells himself while he sneezes again (and continues to do so every night the dog lovingly greets him with a lick to the face).
What you should know about dating a man with children - diedraechin - Yuri!!! on Ice (Anime) [Archive of Our Own]
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Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Yuri!!! on Ice (Anime)
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Katsuki Yuuri/Victor Nikiforov, Christophe Giacometti & Victor Nikiforov

Based off a tumblr drabble prompt and then grew too big…

“AU scenario where the skaters mistake the triplets for Yuuri’s kids when they first meet him, possibly when he brings them to the skater-only area as a b-day treat, or something? (Kudos if you can work in jealous!Victor somehow, but the skaters having a fun reaction would be A+, tbh. Would be lovely if you could include Chris and/or Yurio :D )”

jjanzaldi  asked:

yeah can i get uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh taz college au


see i know taako would probably go to a culinary school but also :// i wanna make him a theatre kid sfkfjgs.

LIKE. LISTEN. I JUST WANT. THE TRES HORNY BOYS. to meet in an acting class. it was an easy A for them okay (OR SO THEY THOUGHT, DUNDUNDUN). they get stuck doing a lot of improv and it’s all fun and games at first but, as yall know, acting classes can be hell and it gets rly emotional rly fast. they all cry in front of each other at least once. i’m dying.

DM!griffin is the acting teacher ok shhhhhhhhhhh

ANYWAY, AS I WAS SAYING, i’m imagining this is a community college, taako has a cooking major which tbh that being in this school was a godsend but the classes are very limited T B H. he was originally in a private school but he… didn’t kill 40 people no but SOMEthing happened and he was pretty much kicked out of it and he’s trying to get back on his feet again. this absolutely is not based on what happened to me a few years back, nooo…

MAGUS… should probably be in carpentry huh ._. but i want him to be in school for physical training sjfsfdsg like he keeps going back and forth between gym teacher or physical therapist or just. ATHLETE. he can’t decide!! i think he accidentally finds carpentry through!!! doing a lot of tech and stagecraft and he realizes he’s actually fuckign amazing at building sets and shit so he ends up moving on to building other stuff later on with whats-his-name

MERLE is one of those guys who didn’t finish their education when they were younger, he just kinda finished high school and got married right off the bat and it was kind of a mistake and now that he’s hitting his 60s(?) he wants to make a new start so he’s starting up again!! he’s a liberal arts major and he’s dabbling in a lil of everything, RLY passionate about the religious studies class he’s in. there’s a teeny lil greenhouse on campus and he’s VERY happy about that, also the cool weed grandpa

i’m leaving it at that cuz i don’t wanna do literally everyone but i will say that literally everyone is involved in this one acting class in one way or another. the director is the chairman of the theatre department.. so on and so forth. fuckign hell

presumenothing  asked:

your actor!AU is awesome and I love it. for the MK cast: Hakuba flubs his lines every *single* time he has to say the time down to the second (it's a mouthful okay) and has taken to carrying around a pocketwatch irl so that he can get used to it, though he'd never even used one before the show. Aoko occasionally forgets to speak about herself in the third person while in character. Akako thinks the witchy scenes are super fun to do, though she isn't a great fan of the outfit, esp when it snows.

OH! I’m glad that you all seem to like the au so much! It makes me really happy to you all guys’ headcanons! 

Hakuba definitely has very difficult lines to deliver, so that makes so much sense! The pocketwatch to get in character lmao love that

Honestly, Aoko would have to repeat the same scene a million times because she keeps forgetting that her character speaks that way. Poor thing. 


spk234  asked:

A Demon or Angel au would be pretty interesting.

Oooh i like that!

Ed is a Guardian Angel and Hancock is a Demon of like temptation, who end up assigned to the same person. At first it’s teasing and fun, but it quickly becomes passionate and soon they’re heads over heels in love.

Both are torn between the connection they share and their duties. As their assignment with their mortal ends, they have to return home, never to see each other again.

They’re having a serious discussion if they should give up their immortal lives, or if it’d be worth giving up their duties for a short, mortal life together.

(they do, they become mortal so hard and live happily until they die from age)


And here are the Underfell results from the stream! I went ahead and discussed my feelings about the AU, what I liked and disliked about it, and what I would change both design and character wise. I didn’t cover everyone I wanted to (Like Flowey) but I had a lot of fun making my ideal version of this AU’s characters! My main design philosophy for this was “These guys are trying to be evil, but are not really evil.” I think it went really well!

My favorites are Sans and Undyne, but Brad Unferfell Asgore holds a special place in my heart too. Thanks to everyone who made it to the stream!



I kinda like that sketchy style, I might keep it :p

Soo I finally decided to answer some older asks. It’s gonna take me only like, what, 40 years?

for some reason I get a lot of asks for Laxus and Cobra’s first meeting, so expect that sometime in the future

in the next 100 years


reason number 345678 why Acno shouldn’t be a parent

can you imagine. Library au Keith and hunk work in receiving, processing new shipments/donations and putting books back from the dropoff chute. Pidge is IT support for the library and keeps the servers secure and lightning fast and definitely doesn’t spy on people with her network. Shiro and lance are the receptionists bc Lance thought it would be a good way to meet some smokin bodies and shiro just really loves books okay. Coran owns the building and Allura manages it and takes down all the mouse traps Coran puts up because “they’ve never chewed anything or pooped on the books, Coran!" 

 And there are the usual library shenanigans including but not limited to 

  •  - a closet full of books. no context it’s just there and Coran wants it to stay. 
  •  - squirrels sneaking in through the dropoff chute when the weather gets colder - hunk and keith hunting the squirrels bc they’re not always busy
  • - hunk wanting to be humane only and Keith slowly putting his knife away
  •  - Keith this is a library why do you have a knife
  •  - *squints into the horizon like a war veteran* squirrels
  •  - pidge suggesting that the mice are helping the squirrels
  •  - keith’s war against rodents begins and Allura scrambles to set up cozy hiding spots for them all just out of Keith’s reach
  •  - and then he finds his pistachios MISSING and his pear has been nibbled upon and he mc freaking loses it
  •  - shiro puts this sign up on the dropoff chute very quietly and kindly and he just kind of puffs up knowing that he’s done a Good Deed
  •  - people start obeying the sign and Lance leaves the front doors open so he can hear it every single time it happens. He has a tally chart.
  • - the chute opens one day without anyone shouting down it and Keith runs upstairs and looks around "did you see any squirrels ma'am" 
  • - Lance is dying bc it was him. 
  •  - klance makeouts between the bookshelves 
  • - the dudes from the computer repair shop next door coming in and asking if any of the webcams in the library had mysteriously turned on too 
  • - pidge is a good liar bc obviously she was behind it. 
  •  - hunk and allura putting food for the squirrels on the roof in an attempt to keep them safe from Keith 
  • - hunk and allura realizing that the squirrels are determined, suicidal little shits and so they just put food in the corner of the library or up on the highest bookshelves and hope that their tails will do the dusting for them 
  • - shiro sighing at literally everything as he hand feeds the squirrels 
  • - is he Snow White like how does he do that 
  •  - Keith’s Betrayed Face when he sees shiro schmoozing the squirrels 
  • - *whispers* I thought you loved me 
  • - shiro rolling his eyes so hard he goes and joins a bowling league 
  •  - the dudes from the computer repair shop coming back AGAIN and asking if show tunes had started playing in the library 
  • - pidge must physically remove herself from their presence bc she’s trying very hard not to cackle like an overlord 
  • - Keith brings in a CAT 
  • - allura is horrified and literally clutches her chest 
  •  - Lance falls in love with the cat, feeds it treats and snacks and gives it lazy toys until it gets ULTRA FAT 
  • - Keith comes to the conclusion that his bf sabotaged his cat plan on purpose and cuts off the nookie supply for a month
  •  - worst month of everyone’s lives tbh 
  • - hunk begs Keith to please just fuck Lance again 
  • - a hanjo in the Scientology section at the very least please please please 
  •  - pidge and shiro end up stuck in the weird book closet somehow 
  • - shiro COULD break down the door but that’s just a lot of work 
  • - why break things when you could have a book fight 
  • - they throw a couple hundred paperbacks at each other for 20 minutes 
  •  - pidge builds a throne of books and rules her domicile (400 books and shiro) with cunning and dignity 
  • - until shiro slaps her in the face with a copy of pride and prejudice and the war begins anew 
  • - the library has like three floors and everyone knows to stay out of the left wing of the third floor during lunch breaks bc Lance and Keith honestly don’t care if u see their butts they will not stop 
  • - shiro or hunk lifting pidge onto their shoulders to put more food on the shelves for the squirrels 
  • - the general populace of the town not being weirded out by any of the shenanigans in the library 
  • - it’s just another beautiful day in mr Roger’s neighbourhood for them 
  • - Keith runs by them with a knife in his teeth and a net in his hands? Totally normal

Whosoever's Is The Storm
A JeanMarco Pacific Rim AU!
By Organization for Transformative Works

Title: Whosoever’s Is The Storm

Rating: M, descriptions of graphic violence, major character injury, and emotional disturbance

Pairings: JeanMarco, Jean & Marco | background: YumiKuri, Springles, EreJean (Drift pairing make this complicated to tag lol)

Word Count: 57,000 (more or less) (across 4 chapters)

Alright lads! Here’s my entry for the JMGE, as requested by my secret santa, @yoitay, who wanted PacRim! Merry Christmas, friendo! I hope I delivered everything you wanted. This was a blast to write.

Fic Summary: Jean Kirschtein is a Jaeger pilot, just trying his damnedest not to meet a disappointing end. Maybe he had goals once. Maybe there was a part of him that the storm didn’t touch. Not anymore.

Having been kicked from the Mark II Jaeger, Atlas Rogue, on account of the fact no-one Drifts with Eren Jaeger and walks out unscathed, Jean finds himself relegated to the Anchorage Shatterdome, Alaska, the very edge of the world. There’s a new Mark IV about to be launched, and it needs a pilot. Technically - it needs two pilots. It’s a shame he has a chip on his shoulder the size of a Kaiju.

A JMGE PacRim AU for Yoitay, exploring the journey of a Jaeger pilot from the bottom of the barrel, to the cusp of hope, across every up and down in between.


What I really want right now is a long, well-written fic where James Potter either somehow survives the third encounter with Voldemort that night, or wasn’t there to buy Lily and Harry time. Lily still died for her son, Harry was still left with a scar, and Voldemort was still reduced to something barely alive, therefore ending the first war with one backfired curse.

The only difference is that James Potter was still alive to raise his son.

I want a fic with James struggling to be a good parent despite becoming a 21-year-old widower and a single father in one fell swoop, and dealing with the fallout of the wizarding war at the same time.

I want a fic where James is a complete wreck after losing the love of his life after only being together for four years, and after hearing about Frank and Alice Longbottom, and everything else that happened during the war, while also trying to keep it together enough to take care of a one-year-old infant.

I want a fic where Harry essentially has 3 very young, very clueless dads who love him dearly and spoil him rotten despite not having any idea what they’re doing.

I want a fic where Harry grows up in a loving household knowing who and what he is and being able to use that knowledge (and his family) to help him along the way.