this would be priceless

How much is your soul worth?
Once, you would have said priceless,
but your employer has haggled it down to
fifteen - no, twelve - no, eight dollars an hour,
and no benefits.
Some days, the work is light. You earn less.
You feel worse.
You tried drinking,
but the hangovers made it impossible to earn enough money
to afford more alcohol
to get more hangovers.
You settle for a quarter bag of potato chips, a warm soda,
and reruns on a borrowed Netflix account.
That is your payoff for making it through the day.
Adulthood wasn’t supposed to feel so flat.
You’re doing what you love - what you thought you loved -
and that is the worst part.
(Besides the rent and the utilities and the walking to work
and the constant pain in places you’ve never has pain
and the sickening dread that it will get worse,
it will all get worse.)
You wipe your mouth with a diploma that has never
gotten you a second interview.
Your best friend hasn’t called in two weeks.
She is engaged,
and you’ve only met him once.
Today you re-wear your sweaty socks
because you just have enough quarters
for one load of laundry, and not until Thursday.
On Skype, your parents smile
and ask if you need anything.
The wrinkles around their eyes have deepened.
You swallow your tongue when they ask you
if you’re making it in the big city.
Are you creating the art you’ve always dreamed of?
You pick at your comforter and tell them, of course you are.
You own the city.
In reality, the leather notebook that they gave you at graduation
sits unopened and empty in your dresser drawer,
beneath two filthy shirts
and underwear that you should have washed last week,
(but, you know, the quarters).
I’m making it, you say.
I’m making it,
and they smile at you, and you smile back,
and they say they are so proud.
—  What Do You Want to Be When You Grow Up?

…the man who talked me into giving a shit about this crew, why, he could talk those people out there into anything. If he wanted to.


Are you ready for a Hamilton/ In the Heights crossover?! I love these two musicals so much! In the Heights got me through high school and now Hamilton’s getting me through college, so this was just so much fun to draw out a couple of my favorite characters interacting with each other.

I have so many head cannons for this AU and didn’t even get through half of them in this post, so i’ll upload more of this AU soon. Also if you haven’t listened to Lin M.M’s In The Heights and if you love Hamilton then please, do yourself a favor and buy the album! It is amazing!!!

Laito: Look, I made a to-do list. *hands over a piece of paper*

Yui: This just says “bitch-chan” on it.

Laito: I know.

a random list of things i still wish the gg revival had given me and i will always feel a bit bereft for not having:

  • more emily + lorelai + rory time. like, a lighthearted gilmore girls bonding shenanigan of some kind! it is only tHE TITLE OF THE SHOW
  • LANE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (and zack, and mrs. kim, and the kim-van gerbig clan)
  • luke/lorelai over-the-diner-counter kisses
  • an onscreen appearance of michel’s husband frederick
  • emily being in stars hollow at some point and dealing with stars hollow in its infinite stars hollow-ness (her brief diner appearance doesn’t count!)
  • i would especially have liked to see emily see petal the pig. just because i feel like her reaction would have been priceless.
  • emily walking lorelai down the aisle at her proper wedding that we didn’t get to see due to budget problems
  • LANE having a STORYLINE god damn it
  • rory reading more books, and telling us her opinion on the kindle. for some reason, i was really expecting to find out what she thought about kindles. and how first she hated the idea, but then she realized she didn’t have to carry four books around with her wherever she went anymore.
  • an explanation for why luke didn’t answer lorelai saying “you’ll never go to your kid’s graduation” with “lorelai, do you have amnesia? we went to april’s graduation,” because i literally do not understand why that line was even there, of course he went to april’s graduation, yo!!!!!
  • rory and paris confessing their eternal love for each other and vowing to forsake the romantic attentions of inferior menfolk forevermore
  • alternately: logan showing up in stars hollow at the end and being all, “hey ace, let’s raise this baby! odette dumped me for paul! everything’s coming up #rogan!” I JUST NEED SOME CERTAINTY + HAPPINESS 4 MY GIRL RORY, OKAY
  • someone making a jo march reference about rory’s writing career
  • a lorelai/emily hug, DAMMIT (i get that they just aren’t huggers and never will be, but do i care? HAIL NAW)
  • sookie + jackson shared screentime
  • LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANE! LANE. lane. L A N E . like, what the hell, amy. why would you do this to me, to all of us, to keiko, to lane???

Dear People of America,

We COULD have had months of amazing Obama/Clinton shenanigans.

1. The entire White House staff wouldn’t have had to look like their dog died after the Election. Obama could have made so many terrible jokes while welcoming the President-Elect because he actually likes Hillary.
2. I don’t know, a diverse Cabinet with competent human beings? (Michelle Obama for Secretary of Education?)
3. Michelle showing Bill Clinton the China would have been priceless.
4. Michelle and Hillary could have exchanged a fist bump. Or a hug. Or pretty much anything. “WE DID THIS THING, DAMN IT.”
5. We could have had Bo and Sunny welcoming the Clintons’ dogs. IT WOULD HAVE BEEN REALLY CUTE.
6. Bill could have been the surprise guest on The White House Christmas Special with Michelle “for practice.” And when he showed up with a gift for Michelle just because HE’S THE FIRST GENTLEMAN NOW THERE IS NO PROTOCOL HE CAN DO WHATEVER HE WANTS she probably would have laughed and gone, “Oh, Bill,” and tossed it at Barack before giving Bill a hug hello. It would have been hysterical. Not hysterically painful.
7. The Million Woman March could have happened, you know, AT the inauguration site. Pretty sure Beyonce would have headlined.
8. I wanted Hillary, Michelle, Chelsea, Malia, and Sasha ALL wearing white. Or HRC rocking white while everyone else managed feminist badassery. Pretty sure Michelle wouldn’t have spent the entire inauguration looking like she wanted to die.
9. Joe Biden and Tim Kaine could have tossed a football around on the White House lawn and been America’s Vice Presidential First Dads.
10. We all would have been crying during the Inauguration for a different reason.

We could have had it all, America, but no. You just had to ruin it. THIS IS WHY WE CAN’T HAVE NICE THINGS.

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ELEVEN JESUS YUURI THAT STAMINA :o thank you for answering and thank you for giving Yuuri his first heat partner, that boy seems to have pleased well ;D

HAHAHA Yeah, that’s the stamina he’s been talking about all this time. I’m pretty sure it was a fluke, though, because he was in a deep heat and it was his first time with a partner.

(Although the look on Victor’s face if he found out would be priceless. And to see what he might do to beat that record….. 😂)


Okay, is it weird if I give a bit of meta about my own fic? (I feel like that’s weird, but I’mma do it anyway.) (I’ve put it under a cut so you don’t feel obligated to read.)

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BTS Reaction to accidentally kissing you

I figured I might as well do the same ones for all of the groups, haha

~Admin Soul~

Seokjin- He’d be shocked af at first. Since our dear Seokjin here, is quite mature and reserved. I feel like he would instantly move away and be apologizing for his mistake and that he didn’t mean to do it. While you would be just laughing at his reaction, cause his face was priceless ‘‘Your face! It was priceless!’‘ and Seokjin being himself, he would obviously try to say something witty back ‘‘Was? My face IS always priceless’‘.

Originally posted by jeonsshi

Yoongi- Since Yoongi is Yoongi, he would make it to be not a big deal, even if he was going crazy in his head because of how this was actually his fault and how did that even happen. So he would quickly try to end it all by just flat out saying ‘‘Sorry, my mistake, I didn’t mean to do it’‘. While you were still shook at what had just happened, he would still be trying to make it all end quickly, so he doesn’t get embarrassed ‘‘I mean since its not a big deal let’s just forget about it for now’‘.

Originally posted by bangtannoonas

Hoseok- Don’t even get me started on his reaction. This boy would make it out to be such a big deal, he’d be overreacting and everything. Even if he was making it out into a overly funny thing, he would be just as shocked as you were ‘’Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god! Do you want me to have a heart attack?’’, he’d highkey like it thought, since his had a crush on you for a long time.

Originally posted by jjks

Namjoon- Our leader over here would also highkey like it. His mature though, so the most important thing to him would be your reaction and how you are feeling. Since he cares too much about you he would respect your feelings and when you tell him that you’re completely fine with what just happened, dear god save yourself ‘‘That wasn’t even a kiss, want me to show you a real one?’‘

Originally posted by cmtae

Jimin- This fluff ball, would get so embarrassed and shy. He would be a shy, giggling mess, all while he would be trying his hardest to apologize to you ‘‘I’m sor-’‘. While he would be having a breakdown, you would be just quietly looking and smiling about how adorable can a human being be.

(You’re Jungkook in the picture).

Originally posted by jayfatuasian

Taehyung- Tae would be so incredibly sweet, nice about it. I mean, of course it was your fault with you being the clumsy clutz you are, but Tae would just smile and tease you at how shy you got ‘‘Are you ok? Why is your face so red? Do you need my help?’‘ and obviously, you were still dying.

Originally posted by hellosarang

Jungkook- With Kookie, I think it could go in two different ways, the most likely situation, I think, is him getting embarrassed about it and trying to end this all quickly ‘’The weather today is nice?…….. Isn’t it?…..’’, but his method would be bad, because it wouldn’t really work that much, he would kinda just make it more awkward.

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Trending 27th - Merch (2/3)

@disneyxd as I previously stated, a Foreign Fan can’t afford to be very particular about their interests and the possibility to buy ANY official (!) merch would be the best ever - but guess what I would - heh - really like

*laughs with head in hands* I MEAN IMAGINE… “what’s that black thing on your bed?” “oh this, this is the Black Cube of Darkness”


mugs, prints, keychains or anything would be nice, really, but a plushie would be priceless

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Just the idea of straddling Harry is so hot. His shoulders look broad. He has his shirt buttoned down, his biceps are defined, and his legs are spread open. The look on his face would be priceless because he knows you want him. And just feeling him hard under you would already have you soaked

He’s smirking, because he can feel how wet you are. There’s only two thin pieces of fabric separating the two of you - his boxers and your panties - and the feeling of your slick center rutting across his hard cock is driving him mad.

But he wants to tease you a bit, so his hands come to your hips to hold you in place, eliciting a whine from you because the friction was starting to really feel nice.


“Shhh, gonna make you feel good, pet. But I gotta get you on me; think you can ride me nice and slow, love? Wanna feel you slidin’ down on my cock.”

◎ - finds the other injured (w/ doctor!jin)

Although Seokjin was in a profession that involved him needing to save lives, that doesn’t mean he isn’t prone to getting hurt. If anything, the amount of times you found himself getting injured would be shocking for someone in the medical line (especially if his juniors found out, the look on their faces would be priceless because of how much Seokjin chastises them for getting a ‘paper cut’).

Hey, but what happens at home, stays at home.

Seokjin was a great boyfriend. Not only was he great at what he does (and loves), there came with a plus point when he’s adventurous with food. In both processes of eating and cooking - which benefited you in terms of your love for eating.

Another bonus mark?

“Ah, shit,” A hiss can be heard from where you’re seated before you glance over your shoulder to see Seokjin sucking on the side of his middle finger. He has the knife set to a safe distance away and you chuckle, ditching your magazine to waltz your way into the kitchen where Seokjin stands. As he tends to rinsing his finger, you’re quick to situate yourself beside the counter where he’d need to come face to face with you as he wipes his hands.

He’s unfazed, merely blinking at you when you enter his line of sight and you hop on the white marble surface before beckoning him over with a hand you have on his shoulder. He moves without a word, allowing you to situate him between your legs as you remove the bandaid with much expertise. Seokjin can only conjure up a meek thank you when you tend to the small cut and plant a kiss after.

Tilting your chin up, your smiles link and Seokjin uses the same hand you handled to lure you in with a light cup by your temple to kiss you in gratitude. He leans back to see you sheepishly grinning at him, legs swaying as they thump gently against the cabinets that it replicates the sound of his heartbeat to being content with you.

Then it picks up the pace slightly, jumping in joy when he says: “Thank you, doctor,”

That cues you to fold your arms with a nod and the proud push of your lips forward, “You’re welcome, fellow citizen. A tough job, but nothing too big for me to handle,”

Seokjin plays along, more so when he knows he gets to see that smile on your face linger for a longer time.

“Oh, my dear saviour. What would I ever do without you?”

You send him a wink with a chuckle, and Seokjin returns it almost instantly, both hearts elated as they bask together in the peaceful Sunday afternoon.

Secret Desires

I haven’t written anything in a while so I thought I’d try to get back into it with some MysMe smut.

Basically MC is married to Jumin and requests a 3some with Jumin and Zen. Jumin agrees and smut follows. There is very little actual plot.

Warnings: Smut, threesome, humiliation, submissive Jumin, dominant MC, YAOI, STRONG M-18 rating

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Could you imagine November with Harry? 

He’d start to play Christmas music one song at a time when he thought you weren’t paying attention. He’s already talking about how his Christmas shopping is almost done, but you know how he is - he’s going to keep buying gifts right up until the last minute because he doesn’t know how to stop. He doesn’t know how to not give. He’d spend the entire month deliberating over which charity to donate to. He’d talk to you about how early you could put up the Christmas Tree without being ridiculous (though he’d end up not caring and put it up in the middle of the month anyway). 

He’d buy so many little trinkets and useless decorations. They’d be all over the house. Your favorite figurine, the one your Grandmother bought you when you were 7 at that flea market, would be put into storage for a few months so that his little reindeer could take its’ place. Christmas prints would replace his almost-priceless art prints and paintings in the hallways and the living room. Festive holiday towels would hang in the kitchen and the bathrooms. Pine scented soaps and cinnamon scented candles would be strewn about. 

Harry in November might be my favorite thing to think about.

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Imagine the clones imitating their Jedi generals. How priceless would that be xD

Rex: *jumps off a cliff*

Cody: Blah blah blah, crazy words, mustache.

Bly: The world is ending and I will look great doing it.

Wolffe: Come ‘ere pups!

And yes, I did make a Voltron reference  XD

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Paladins' reactions to their s/o being really short (like 5'3 or lower)?

;;;sure sure !

Lance -

  • “Lance, please stop using my head as an armrest.” 

  • He teases his s/o about their height (with love of course), their reactions would always be priceless to him.

  • If they ever complain or express negative feelings about their stature, Lance would get serious for just a second to tell them that it’s something cute about them & nothing to be ashamed of since their height doesn’t define them.
  • He isn’t one for tippy-toe kisses or leaning down, so he just swings his s/o off their feet to plant kisses on their lips, making the best out of their height difference.

Shiro -

  • He thinks their height is endearing if anything (he’ll think it’s one of their best traits)

  • If anyone mocks them for it, he wouldn’t let it pass.

  • I like to think that if the paladins were on a different planet and some friendly aliens found his s/o’s height to be ‘odd’ or ‘abnormal’, Shiro would step in and just be like, “Actually, [Y/N]’s height is perfect and doesn’t concern you, thanks.”

  • He has no problem getting things that his s/o can’t reach, it’s more of a game to see how long it takes for them to ask for help, which Shiro finds adorable.

Hunk -

  • He wouldn’t necessarily see his s/o as any different if they were much shorter than him, as in he wouldn’t degrade them or see them as incapable of certain things. He loves their height.

  • If the ship ever needed a repair and it required a reach, he’d waste no time to have his s/o help him by having them sit on his shoulders and do the work (just to let them feel tall and helpful lmao)

  • Tries to get his s/o to eat more milk and eggs, since it would spurt their growth.

Keith -

  • He thinks his s/o’s height is extremely cute but he’d never admit it. He’d like to see you try and convince him to. 

  • Likes hugging his s/o from behind and resting his chin on their head. Blames it on being sleepy

  • If anyone made fun of them for it, he’d deadpan but join in subtly just to fluster them. If his s/o held a grudge against him for it, he’d follow them around trying to convince them that he was only kidding, there’s no way that he’ll admit how adorable he thinks it is.

Pidge -

  • “I know how you feel, [Y/N].”

  • If their s/o is even shorter than them, the short jokes wouldn’t be directed towards Pidge anymore–and that’d be an issue.

  • They hate when people make fun of their s/o for it, they’re quick to bust in and defend them by going on and on about how both of them being short is both relieving to their relationship and making them the swiftest out of the team.

  • Pidge would think their height is endearing, but as soon as their s/o says the same to them, Pidge would flush and complain. “Don’t even go there…”

but can we talk about how he gave him his match worn jersey from his first PL goal!!!!

let me set it up for you. this was not some publicity visit arranged by the spurs PR team. this was not some carefully crafted moment set with a boom mic and proper lighting. this was a family desperate to make their sick son’s dreams come true reaching out to dele’s family. this was doubt that the busy footballer would actually take the time to stop in on his day off between travelling back to England after a taxing cl game and other obligations already arranged for that day.

this was dele looking in his wardrobe that morning and wondering what he could possibly bring to someone so young and so sick other than his own presence (as if that wouldn’t have made it everything anyway!), and seeing something he’s cherished for over a year and probably would have for the rest of his life. something priceless to him. did he even hesitate?

2 days. 2 days between little Tony’s parents reaching Dele’s and Dele showing up next to his hospital bed and spending a few hours playing FIFA and leaving behind something of sentimental value to both of them, and not just the memories. 

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I giggle at the image of Viktuuri breaking the internet once they go public. And omg, the rpf shippers everywhere would have a field day. If someone wanted to tell them why this or that ship will NEVER be possible, the reaction would be priceless. Oooooh, funny you should mention that. Remember... VIKTUURI?!! Where are the doubters now??? It gets a bit scary sometimes, probably

Viktuuri becoming canon would be like RPF shipper heaven!