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I haven’t done a Jazi’s Adventures In Dog Training ™ post in a while and wanted to specifically spark a conversation about this.

A lot of the training I do both at my store and with private clients, outside of actual training, is teaching the owners how to reduce conflict in their everyday interactions with their animals. In fact, for my fearful or behavior mod clients, that’s nearly all of what I do with them.

For instance, one of my recent clients is a newly rescued pom/peke mix. He was found as a stray, so there is no known history to him. When he came in for evaluation- which I make every client that says “my dog bites/growls/shows aggressive behavior” go through- it became very clear that he was fearful, in a new situation with a lot of conflict, and the second he began to butt heads with his owner he would lash out. I reviewed his owner’s behavior with him and we solved the problem of lashing out nearly immediately. He reacts aggressively when they physically put him in his crate- remove conflict by tossing a yummy treat in there instead, and he goes in his crate quite willingly now that he knows that he can exit when he desires and always gets good things when he goes in. He reacts aggressively to being held still for grooming- remove conflict by heavily rewarding the correct behavior, and not pressuring him to need to finish an entire grooming routine. If we can get two nails done and come back 10 minutes later for another two nails, fine, they’re still getting done and he’s stopped fighting to be free. He reacts aggressively to being scooped up- remove the conflict by allowing him to choose if he wants to be picked up or not and giving him a signal behavior to alert them that he’s ready to be held, and now he offers it all the time.

I get so many clients that preface their troubles with- “I just want him to be like x”, not realizing that their dogs may never be like that. And the second I can convince them to relax their frequently ridiculous expectations, the dog relaxes and the poor behavior vanishes.

I have to tell so many clients to stop fighting with their dogs over something and to think of a solution that produces the same or similar behavior without this conflict that I don’t think many people realize just how much there is when they train their dogs. The more you fight, the more your dog will fight back. Now you’re both frustrated and irritated, and we’ve solved nothing. The problem is still there.

Don’t think this doesn’t apply to other animals, either. While I’m a far cry from being any type of bird expert, this is the same method I use on the conures that come in and aren’t tame. Today we had someone with an “evil, pure evil” GCC come in to be evaluated by our resident bird expert. I had heard them complain about just how aggressive their GCC was multiple times in the past, and reached into the cage to see if I could pinpoint what all the fuss was about. Much like the cage defensive reptiles I personally own, the bird snapped at me twice for intruding and then hopped onto my hand without a fuss when it saw that I wasn’t going to retreat. This bird stayed on my hand and sat nicely for cheek rubs, even danced a bit for me, while the owner received tips on why I was able to get their GCC out without blood while they could not. I just removed the conflict. If it was going to bite me, oh well, I’ve been bitten by GCCs before and it’s not that bad. I allowed the animal to tell me when and where to touch, and just like that the aggressive behavior vanished.

I currently have a young snake that, when he arrived, decided that I am the devil incarnate. Within 2 handling sessions I can remove him from his tub without a fight, handle him for a short period without so much as a hiss, and touch his head. These are big steps considering I’ve had him a grand total of 3 weeks. This was also my method for taming my tree boa- snakes notorious for being highly defensive and bitey- and the method I shared with a friend who produced a litter I may be partaking in later. I could get him out, pose him on something, untangle him from that, and put him back in, without him once warning me that he’d bite me. I have had many people look at the photos I took of him and respond with something like “HOW” or “so did you bleed”- the answer is that I allowed him to make rules on how I could handle him, and followed those rules to a T, and he began to trust me to the point where I could do things like squish his head fat or tickle his belly without him latching onto a stray finger.

I think, as a whole, regardless of what species you own, personal autonomy is an important concept to most animals. A lot of conflict appears when the owner tries to force their pet to be something they’re not, or tries to cross a hard boundary that their pet is desperate to enforce. And, just like with people, when their pet gets tired of their shit and lashes out, it’s the animal that gets blamed instead of the person who put them in that position where they felt like they needed to. The sooner you stop trying to force your pet into the neat little box you’ve made for it in your life, the faster the both of you will be happy.

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👉👉 's into the void in an attempt to go back in time and rewrite s2 to be Lance and Hunk centric with 2 episodes devoted to Keith being a galra and it being resolved well, not a bunch of pussyfooting around for 5 eps and then one ep reveal.

iofjwoijefowjfj kait have i ever told you i lov u bc like??? light of my life, you are lmao

(i think, though, the more i’ve been thinking about this, i really wanted like two more hunk/lance moments each like i will def agree to that!!!!! but…. BUT….. i think that the galra!keith emphasis and a bit of the keith being chosen over lance in certain instances would be acceptable to me… if it turns out dreamworks is playing the long term character development game….

like… imagine the langst when it turns out that lance is like grinning it and bearing it all while constantly being chosen second to keith: being a fighter pilot at the garrison, potentially even for blue’s connection, with shiro choosing him as leader… the potential klangst could… be…. a lot….) (refer to that one post further down my blog for Langst)

(also that doesn’t excuse the poor treatment of hunk/lance/allura,,,, like i think a lot of unfair concessions were made for their characters that were deeply concerning in a lot of ways…… i can’t even articulate my thoughts on that without writing a full on dissertation but… im just saying like honestly a bit of lance being homesick… a sprinkle of hunk’s backstory,,, a smidgen of allura actually talking to someone about why she’s angry… would have been…. Good….)

a scary thing about astrology is when the basic and evasive elements are taken too seriously, like sun sign compatibility

people centering on being one sign, and matching up only with people born with certain other signs, all while rejecting the notion that we have particles of every sign inside, just expressing at different points. say for instance, “I am a Capricorn and I could never ever be with an Aries because ….. and they broke my heart and…” It’s alarming. It would be better off astrology not known at all really

the second is that astrology is very powerful and potentially destructive in the wrong hands. hitler used a team of astrologers, and there was nothing benefic about that work, it was not the work of god. nancy reagan used electional astrology to the campaign’s advantage, corporations use economic astrology. many politicians consult with astrologers. J.P Morgan says that, ‘Millionaires don’t use astrology, billionaires do’, and while we have the superficial, pop astrology consuming the surface, which is cool and fun and playful, but also met with contempt by those looking for logic or something deeper, maintaining astrology’s bubblegum facade is good for keeping it’s properties out of the hands of the masses and in the hands of those in command, who know its facilities, who revere it, and who use it to control and corrupt

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How would you react to someone telling you you speak/wrote your native language poorly when your native tongue is said persons second language? Knowing several languages myself never have I once thought I knew other languages better than a native?

I’m an English teacher and there have been a few instances where my non-native coworkers have corrected me. It’s one thing to point out a mistake, but telling someone that they’re bad at a language is just kind of rude, since that’s merely their opinion.

Having a second viewing of ROGUE ONE recently, I wished director Gareth Edwards gave the cast more breathing room.

Reasons why scenes like Saw Guerra and Jyn’s reunion, Jyn seeing her father’s message, or a tiny but stand-out moments where Chirrut and Baze rib each other work because there’s breathing space and visible quirks showing for each character and it takes pauses to invest in them.

For instance, on my second viewing, I then noticed a moment where Chirrut takes Jyn’s hand wordlessly and she appears to reciprocate it, before she confronts Cassian. 

I would say, this is a lovely moment between two characters, how Chirrut suspects that Jyn will confront something difficult and he supports her and he’s probably, in his mind, transferring his Force prayers to her with one wordless gesture.

 But it’s not, it’s just a quick edit, potential reduced to a speedy cut or fast-paced direction. A sharp-eyed fan can notice it and gush, but a casual and critical viewer needs more spacing to process it.

And it goes by too fast. The editing goes by fast. And as a former film student, my feedback would be to pause on that moment, drink it in. Because that’s a subtlety I feel should’ve noticed on my first viewing, 

Second Generation Indian Immigrant, Daily Life and Race Coding

@nmsnerd asked:

Hey! So I have a character I’m writing, she’s a second generation immigrant, and her parents are from India (they live in Britain now). It’s not a main part of the story, but I want to avoid whitewashing the character or her family, and I also don’t want to unwittingly write offensively or contribute to any stereotypes. I was wondering if you had any tips for writing a second generation immigrant and making it believable?

I’m a second gen immigrant living in the US and not the UK, so while I can’t pretend that my personal experience would be quite reflective of that reality, there is probably some overlap.

As immigrants, even second generation, we still cook and eat Indian food, we still probably have an Indian name (and may alternate between using that and a westernized variant depending on context—for instance, when ordering takeout food, I always waffle between giving my name as “Nik” or “Nikhil”).  We might listen to Indian pop music (but that doesn’t mean we have to break out dancing randomly), or even Indian classical music.  We almost certainly still hear to our parents and relatives converse in their first language (or a combination of languages).  I recently visited my family, which was a constant barrage of seamless switching between English, Hindi, Tamil, Bengali, and Marathi.  You find yourself being able to follow the gist of a conversation even if you don’t understand all the words.

All these things should make it clear that the family’s not white.  But everyday life also isn’t a Bollywood movie.  We don’t have random dance parties.  We eat dinner and go for walks in the woods and watch the news and discuss politics like everyone else.  It just might happen in an Indian language (or four).

~Mod Nikhil

Spoiled little brat

Happy birthday, my anonymous friend!

He Tian - rimming



‘Absolutely not.’

‘Why not? You’ve done it before.’

‘Yes. I have done it. To other people. You, for instance.’

‘And they enjoyed it?’

He Tian smirked.

‘Oh yeah.’

‘I bet you would too.’

‘Drop it.’

‘Drop your pants.’

He Tian laughed at his awful joke.

‘Give me 30 seconds.’


‘I’ll buy you dinner.’


‘A case of beer.’


‘We can do that thing you’ve been wanting to do…’

‘Yeah, right.’

‘I’m completely serious. 30 seconds.’

‘And if I don’t like it?’

‘I promise I will stop and never bring it up again.’



‘Yes. 30 seconds. I’m going to shower now. Better start exercising your tongue, I have incredibly high standards.’

‘You’re a spoiled little brat.’

With a theatrical wink, He Tian closed himself in the bathroom.

‘Where do you want me?’

He Tian himself for feeling so embarrassed.’

The other man raised an eyebrow.

‘Oh, come on!’

‘That’s how you want me.’

‘It’s different!’

‘No, it’s not, you’re just running out of cliche excuses to argue with.

‘Um…it’s not you, it’s me?’

‘That’s for breakups.’


‘Shut up and bend over.’

Humiliated, He Tian bent down and rested his elbows on the mattress.

Knowing any moment wasted with He Tian was plenty of time for him to change his mind.

Remembering the first time He Tian had done this for him.

He sank to his knees, using both hands to spread him open.


He Tian was completely frozen as he leaned in.


He flicked the tip of his tongue over his entrance.


He tried to stop himself from smiling as He Tian let out a tiny sound of surprise.


Slower this time.


He Tian flinched.


A bit more pressure.


He felt the muscles begin soften.


He felt like an amateur as he sloppily tried to copy the small circles He Tian made with his tongue.


He Tian groaned into the sheets.


A long, slow, lick.


He Tian’s toes curled.


He spread his knees, pushing He Tian’s legs father apart.


He probed the tight ring of muscle experimentally.


He Tian’s knees buckled.



He dug his fingers into He Tian’s soft skin.


He wriggled his tongue a bit, willing him to relax.


He pushed in as deeply as he could.


He wished he’d done this sooner.


Slowly, he fucked He Tian with his tongue.


He Tian was torn between pushing back on his tongue.


And desperately seeking friction against the soft bedspread.


He moved faster, stopping himself from reaching between his own legs.
He felt the moment He Tian let go of all resistance.


He Tian moaned obscenely.


Methodically, he worked him open.


He Tian melted into the mattress.


He pulled away, placing several gentle kisses where his tongue had been.


One more gentle lick.


He Tian groaned loudly.


‘Ok, 30 seconds, you’re free.’

‘Oh, fuck, please don’t stop.’


For anon…enjoy!

Steve stood in front of a small class of kids. He smiled softly as most of the children stared at him with wide eyes. The others ducked their heads in a form of embarrassment. The super soldier glanced down, smirked, and returned his gaze upwards.

“As a kid, I was scrawny and little,” he began, “I used to get beat up everyday almost everywhere in Brooklyn. Any time I walked down the streets, I felt anxious because I knew someone would see me as easy pickings.”
“No way,” a kid spoke up.
“Yeah! You’re Captain America,” a second spoke, “No one can hurt you!”
Steve sighed. “It’s true. I was the food for the big fish. Some instances were…calmer than others. But most of the time, they would swing until they became tired,” he paused to grimace briefly, “I had to fight back. Granted my best friend, Bucky-he’d always try and break it up. He was a lot stronger than me. I was grateful to have a friend so worried over me. It it weren’t for Buck, I don’t know if I’d be standing here today.”

Steve noticed most of the students were listening with rapt attention. His eyes glanced over and paused on a student. They had their head ducked, trying to look anywhere but up.

“Bullying is a serious matter, and it’s not always physical. It can lead to horrible consequences. That’s why it’s important to be nice to everyone. You never know what they could be going through.”

The bell rang, cutting him off. The teacher quickly halted her students. They quickly chorused a ‘thank you’ before running toward the door. Steve went to pick up his notes when small arms wrapped around his torso. The super soldier glanced down to see the student from earlier hugging his waist. Softly smiling, Steve pulled them close to him. He sunk to their level, allowing for an easier embrace. The little voice that came from the student caused him to grip them harder.

“Thank you.”

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Here’s A Little Story of Two Protecting Loves

So, as one of my side jobs, I take care of two shepherds three days a week. I play with them, walk them, and care for them for about half an hour twice a day. I wasn’t close to being the first person to ‘deal with’ these shepherds because by the second week, the dogs would try and snap at the caretaker and would simply not listen when outside, making most people leave. 

Still knowing this, I guess I was foolish enough to take the challenge. The first visit (with the owner), I came with treats, only approaching the dogs as they approached me, and allowed them to recognize my scent. It took a few growls and protective stances for them to see I meant no harm and wasn’t going to deal with the running away situation. This was in January. 

Now fast forward to Thursday. I had the two on their leads and from behind us, I hear a car. Now, whenever I hear a car, I pull the dogs to the side, put them in a sit and hold my finger to my nose presenting the command of ‘pay attention to me’ (Too many the times have I see dogs run towards cars and almost get hit. I’ve had to work hard to get them to listen, but they do). Anyways, the car slows down next to us and the man inside begins to catcall to me and how ‘perfect my ass looks’ (I was in my work jeans … so I don’t get it). The second that man leaned closer to the window, those boys got in front of me, snarled back their teeth and growled something fierce, the younger of the two trying to lunge at the car. He, for his own safety, sped off in a huff.

This is my eighth year working with animals, and never do I want to stop. If you show them love, they will protect you with their entire being. 

I can remember a time when teachers would frequently hand my essays/creative writing back with singular “they”s underlined with “him or her” suggested as a correction in the margin. I was simply using it in the instances where I did not know the gender of the person I was writing about. I would always hand the second drafts back to them with all those singular “they”s left right where they belonged.

It’s one of the many reasons why it’s so gratifying to see accomplished writers - such as the Welcome To Night Vale ones - use that in their work. And not just for unknown characters, but also non-binary ones too.

Vague Star Wars spoilers

I was thinking about all the articles I’ve read this week about how Poe was never no-homo’d into a ladies man (and how easy it would have been) and also how Han doesn’t have the slick fanon persona of that type either but is really just a huge panicky dork. And then I had a great laugh as that all lined up in my head and I realised we did get multiple instances of showing exactly how easy it would have been to waste a few seconds here and there to play up that for Poe… I’m talking about the two separate instances emphasising inter-galactic man of mystery Chewbacca.

I mean if you can take the time to have Maz apparently say he’s her boyfriend and have a nurse making heart eyes at him back at the base you can afford a second for Poe to flirt with someone other than Finn :P Chewie’s admirers make a lot more sense with the empty space left around some of the other badasses of the movie…

(I mean I’m not denying the wookie some loving… I just thought he was married in the Christmas movie? Is that even still canon?)

(it’s seriously bothering me)

(i wanted this post to slant towards FinnPoe but im honestly just concerned about Chewie’s marital problems)

Fanfiction Writing Tips #2

Welcome back to FF Writing Tips! For my second post, I’d like to talk about ‘Show vs Tell’.

Go out there, open ten writing guides; I assure you 9 out of 10 would mention: Show, don’t tell. So, why is showing instead of telling so important, and what exactly is it?

You see, writing’s about emotion. When you tell them something, it’s like you’re sending an email to a colleague, it’s straight to the point but it’s boring. When you show them something instead, you paint a picture, you connect with your readers and form a deeper impression.

For instance, look at this: Hans was scared. (How scared? I’m just telling you that he’s scared. This doesn’t achieve much.)

Now look at this: The colour drained from Han’s face, and his hands trembled. (Did I tell you that Hans was scared? No. Did I SHOW you that he was scared? You bet.)

How do we show instead of tell? Here’s some examples:

Case 1

Telling: Anna had a long day in school. She was so tired she didn’t feel like doing anything today.

Showing: Anna staggered into her room, dropping her bag onto the floor. She glanced at her screen but the Facebook notifications didn’t interest her today. She collapsed onto the bed and closed her eyes.

Use actions and details to show. Notice how by showing, you even learn that Facebook is something that Anna usually enjoys?

Case 2

Telling: They ran out of food on the island, and suffered beyond all imagination.

Showing: By week one, they’d scoured every corner of the island. By week two, they were gnawing on rocks and sticks. By week three, she was wiping blood and gristle off her chin. If she could just keep the crows away, why, her son might even last her another month.

Use impactful details to show. This is shocking enough that readers would remember it, rather than something vague like “suffered beyond all imagination”.

Case 3

Telling: The weather was unbearingly cold to Kristoff.

Showing: The morning air was bitter cold in Kristoff’s nose and mouth. God, how he hated this.

Use a mix of detail and character voice to show. You even learn that this scene takes place in the morning.

Case 4

Telling: Elsa was worried but Anna was feeling adventurous.

Showing: Elsa chewed on her lips. “Getting caught for incest on the first day of work? Anna, I’m not sure about this…”

The younger girl slid her hands around Elsa’s waist as she leaned in to whisper, “Since when have that stopped us before?”

Use a mix of emotion, character reaction and dialogue to show. Now we know exactly how playful Anna is.

That’s all for now. Show vs Tell isn’t a concept I can explain in one session. For #3, I will touch more on this, and give examples when you SHOULD tell and not show. Have fun writing!