this would be hilarous

body swap episode but instead of Ladybug and Chat swaping bodies, Adrien and Plagg do.

There should be a dating app that matches you with people based on which characters in your ships you are most like

Do you identify on a personal level with Regina Mills? We’ve got 20 hot singles in your area with poor taste in leather jackets.

Do you often find yourself lacking in test subjects? No science getting done? Our service will use our exclusive algorithms to find just the right mute lunatic for you.

And if you happen to be the CEO of a Fortune 500 company in your early thirties and need someone to look past your family’s evil deeds…message me I can’t fly but I have ice cream and a puppy 🐶

@asokatanos replied to your post:but as pre-teen to teenage Mandalorians, wouldn’t…

You know, I do wonder. In TPM Anakin mentions something about having been brought to Tatooine when he was five (i think?? Something like that, definitely suggested he wasn’t born on Tatooine)… what if Anakin was a Mandalorian all along

Hahaha, oh my lord, I welcome the alternate universe that this chunk of the script allows us to contemplate. I mean, really:

Now, of course, Wookieepedia wants us to believe the old party line that OBVIOUSLY he’s got to have been born on Tatooine:

…but I smell a Secret Mando Conspiracy. Look at that dramatic dork. THAT IS HIS JEDI ID PHOTO. If the first Mando Jedi was the guy that made the Darksaber, surely no one could better carry on that kind of legacy of Force-Soaked Ridiculousness better than Anakin Skywalker, Secret Son of Mandalore. 

  • *Torbjorn doesn’t trust anything he didn’t build himself*
  • Symmetra: It’s a teleporter… It scans you, destroys you, transmits you through the projector, and then rebuilds you from the particles up. Hilarity ensues.
  • Torbjorn: I think Mr. Heisenberg would object.
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the filler episode we deserved for season 3: Awkward Zuko trying to fit in with the Gaang, weird jokes at dinner, teaching Zuko to fly Appa (imagine that grumpy boi begrudgingly saying “yip yip”), Toph taking her revenge for him burning her feet, KATARA’S ATTITUDE AND REMARKS TO HIM, awkward trips to find food with Sokka (man’s job of course) (zuko finds absolutely nothing, of course), other shenanigans of everyone getting used to each other with all the awkwardness and hilarity that would follow

the filler episode we got: The Beach


I think we all need a joyfully dancing Ahsoka right now.  (Should start at 28:39, though honestly, I recommend watching the whole thing because it’s a delight.)

I have been going through all the Dance Off with the Star Wars Stars videos on YouTube recently because I desperately need to feel PURE JOY, so I recommend that everyone do that if they like such things.

I ate lasagna for a trip to Fairyland

So I’ve just realised that I never told you about the time my parents conned me into being the perfect daughter by pretending that a group of fairies lived behind my bookcase for an entire year, and they kept up this devious ploy by dedicating themselves to a world-building scheme so intricate that it would rival Tolkien, and writing letters purporting to be from the ‘rose fairies’ and leaving them behind the bookcase

and loads of the notes were basically just fairy-speak for ‘tidy your damn room’

(Text says: Dear Anwen, thank you for your lovely note. We couldn’t write back earlier because Bimbo has been in your room all day and we’re scared of him. We are rose fairies so we love living in such a beautiful pink bedroom - even if it is a little untidy sometimes! Love the fairies xx)

(Text says: Dear Anwen, thank you for the beautiful gold tinsel. We have used it to decorate our dresses. You will be able to see them when we all go to the Daisy Fairies tomorrow night. We will come and pick you up at midnight. Lots of love, the Rose Fairies. PS your room is very untidy at the moment. We will have trouble coming to get you if you don’t tidy it!)

And sometimes they basically said ‘eat your damn greens’, or ‘why did you like lasagna last week and now would rather eat soil?’:

(Text says: Dear Anwen, I love sweet things too. I also like cucumber and lettuce do you? Be good and write soon. Love Isaria)

(Text says: ‘Dear Anwen, I do like spag bog. I also like lasagna and chicken pie do you? I always try to eat my dinner all up. Love Tiffy)

And they constructed this entire world in which there were hundreds of different kinds of fairies, all named after flowers, including the Daisy fairies and the Foxglove fairies, and presumably the Japanese Knotweed fairies. The Rose fairies would come at midnight, when I was asleep, and whisk me away to Fairyland with all of my favourite toys, who would come to life, like some kind of diet Toy Story. Fairyland was ruled by a queen named Aromia, who honestly should lend her name to a brand of air freshener, and all the fairies behind my bookshelf had names, including my ‘personal fairy’, who was a bit like a fairy godmother except totally useless.

Some examples of my parents’ incredible world building dedication:

(Text says: Dear Anwen, we’ve left you the key to the Fairyland palace. Keep it very safe and don’t lose it! Use it when you come to see us next time in Fairyland. You left us two little baby fairies. Be a good girl and tidy your room! Lots of love, the Rose Fairies)

(Text says: Dear Anwen, what nice new furniture you’ve got now. Your bedroom looks very smart. You are a very lucky girl to have such a beautiful room. Our names are: Isaria, your fairy; Maura, Tallia, Aria, Staria, Dixie, Millie, Razia, Maris, Jay, Essa, Meera, Tima, Pico, Saron, Vetie, Tiffy, Miron, Lattie, Lutim. See you soon, love the Rose Fairies)

(Text says: Dear Anwen, we’re about 6-7 of your years old. Fairy years are different. We’re about 160-170 fairy years old. Love the Rose fairies)

But also, they would give me advice on problems that I was having at school, being an 8 year old with such terrible issues as ‘I have two best friends’:

(Text says: Dear Anwen, why can’t you have two best friends? It’s not fair to expect you to choose between them. Perhaps if you tell them that they’ll understand. You should tell them that they’re both your best friends. Love the Rose Fairies)

And this went on until I realised that it was MY MUM’S HANDWRITING, which coincidentally was also the same as Father Christmas’ handwriting and the Tooth Fairy’s handwriting, but that was honestly a step too far for my 8 year old mind, because I couldn’t lose that damn much. Not the Tooth Fairy too. God, the Rose fairies were enough of a sacrifice. I couldn’t bleed myself dry.

My room was never tidier than it was that year and I have never been more embarrassed than when I found all these letters last month and realised what a fucking gullible nerd I was when I was 8. Aromia would be so disappointed.

LWA: Years Later AU

Updated Post (4/26/2017)

Since my AU is constantly updating as little witch academia releases more episodes, characters, and info on the world building, I thought it’d be best to make a new post on this. Many people have partaken in this AU, and I appreciate every single one of you.

Those that have helped build this AU to what is it now:

@hanasaku-shijin @theaceofgays 

i am so sorry mobile users


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my new goal is to raise a kid as hilariously thoughtful as my seven-year-old nephew, who facetimed me today and very very seriously said “i wanted to say hello sooner but i made a note next to your name that i am never supposed to call you before 10 am”


You see what she did there, Jake? How she referred to “her world” like it’s something different from ours?  It’s as if she’s forgotten that we’re her family.

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Hi!! Can i ask for sick virgil fic?? I really want and need some fluff where he s like feeling really down and the others caring for him and giving him cuddles!!!

Yay! Here’s more of a University!AU style thing. Idk writing their dynamic reminds me of writing about the marauders? got me all nostalgic lol <3

Virgil crosses his arms. “I’m not sick.”

Rather than reply, Logan throws something at his head. Virgil’s reflexes are slower than normal, and he only just manages to catch it. It’s a pocket mirror.

“Hey! What was that for?”

Logan sighs. “I’m hoping you can save me the trouble of listing all the evidence that points to your being sick and instead look in the mirror and come to the conclusion yourself. It would be much more efficient.”

“Wow, hilar-” Virgil is cut off as his headache builds. He stops his hand from flying to his temple but, obviously, Logan still notices and rolls his eyes.

“Of course, your head isn’t hurting, because you’re not sick.”

“I’m so glad we understand each other.”

A sudden crash from the kitchen makes both Logan and Virgil jump. Virgil stares at his closed bedroom door in dawning horror.

“You didn’t tell Patton, did you?”

Logan adjusts his glasses nervously. “Well, it may have come up in conversation.”

Silence. And then, Virgil can’t stand the expectancy, so he asks: “Uh, Patton, are you okay?”

There’s another muffled crash, and then a far too cheery reply: “Sure thing! Also, the kitchen is not on fire!”

“Oh, good Lord,” Logan says. He’s about to open Virgil’s door and rescue Patton, but then he turns around. “The proposed plan is you stay in bed, Patton makes food without destroying the building, Roman will take notes on the classes you miss, and I’ll inform professors about your absence.”

In his tired haze, Virgil can only find one objection: “Roman’s taking my notes?”

Logan hums. “A fair point. Alright, I will take notes on your classes, and inform professors about your absence, and Roman will be… Roman.”

Virgil scoffs, not having the energy to fully laugh. “Do I have a say in this?” he mumbles, but he’s already getting back into bed as he speaks.

Logan opens the door and hovers, hand still resting on the handle. “Of course, it’s not obligatory, but the plan was drawn up with your best interests at heart.”

Virgil yawns, but he’s awake enough to realise what Logan is deliberately missing out. 

Your plan,” he corrects, and Logan only tuts, “Feel better, Virgil,” before leaving.

A few hours later, Virgil thinks Patton has given him entire bucketfuls of soup. He leaves reluctantly for his own classes, writing down his mobile number ( “Patton, you know you’re already in my contacts, I have your number!”), and insisting that, “I’m just a text away! So, if you need a cup of tea or anything-”

“I’m not on my deathbed, I think I can handle walking to the kettle. But, thanks. Really.”

Now, Virgil thinks he might actually listen to Logan’s advice for once and try to sleep. He’s just settled back into bed again, when his phone lights up with a text:

[from Royal Nightmare]

i’m really offended that you don’t trust my note taking skills

Virgil smiles. Before he can reply, though, another message from Roman comes through:

oops. probably should have opened with a how are you feeling text or something OH WELL

He laughs. It’s always been funny to him just how much Roman’s texts sound like he’s actually speaking in front of you. He goes to reply and is again interrupted by Roman:

It’s a gif of a tiny cartoon ghost, with the text: ghost hug! you can’t feel it, but it’s there!

Virgil blinks and thinks of how to respond. He settles for:

wtf is that

Roman’s reply is near instantaneous:

it’s a gif

I know what a gif is

I just figured out how to send them on mobile!!!

was three exclamation marks really necessary


oh btw. think patton might have taken up the whole freezer.


he made enough soup for the whole campus

L M A O. how are you feeling?

Virgil stifles a yawn. He’s surprised- usually, texting Roman is just a series of sarcastic back and forth nonsense. He’s quickly becoming too sleepy to think on it.

better actually. headache gone. actually ate soup.


Virgil doesn’t realise he’s been drifting off until his head snaps back up, and he sees that he’s sent Roman a long message of jumbled letters and numbers. Roman soon replies:

???? Is this code?????? gdi are you and logan doing cryptography again

Virgil yawns again, it suddenly feeling like a monumental effort to tap the screen.

no, sorryyyy..fallnasleepithink

There’s a lull in Roman replying and Virgil has to fight to stay awake. Eventually, his screen lights up:

aw :)

He doesn’t really know what that means. And, before he can think better of it, his exhausted mind types out the only reply he can think of:


damn think prof’s noticed im on phone. see ya later virgil. sleep well! x

:) x

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MONSTA X reacting to their new member being a girl dressed as a boy.

A/N I do not own any of the gifs.


Would shook when she told him and the other members she was actually him. Probably didn’t like her lying to them but would accept her.

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Would find it absolute hilarous, because he realised that he once tried to get close to her by having shower with her.

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Would think positively. “We have some more diversity in our group now.”

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He didn’t expect it all, honestly. Would start worrying about the fans reactions. Also kinda akward around her after finding out.

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“But you look like….what?????”

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“I figured, since at least to my knowlege changkyun didn’t star wearing pink panties.”

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“That explains the reasons you get mad at me every month.” “No you are just annoying.”

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(Dont attack me changkyun is my bias)


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Considering there's now a Power Rangers movie, do you think it is possible that someone will go out there and make a live-action (or fully animated idk) series/movie out of Animorphs? Would you think it wise? We have the know-how to animate morphing and aliens, and there are probably many people out there who started reading Animorphs 20 years ago who are now working in the animation or film industry so the adaptation probably wouldn't stray too far from the original.

You know, I’m not sure Animorphs ever will get its own show or movie again.  I love the current format of turning books or series into entire freaking TV shows (American Gods, Handmaid’s Tale, etc.) and it might be cool to get a second crack at an Animorphs show, but… But I’m conflicted. 

Reasons I’d love to see an Animorphs movie or show:

  • There would be a whole younger generation that we could bring into the fandom!  They could share in our hilarity and pain, which would be awesome.
  • It’s pretty much inevitable that the books would get re-released, which means we’d be able to stop relying on crappy PDFs any time we wanted to reread the series. 
  • Visual media = greater internet fandom. 
    • Seriously, though, TV shows > video games > movies > comics > novels when it comes to online fandoms, and I think a big part of that is the fact that Tumblr, Livejournal, and Reddit are so image-heavy. 
    • And I really WANT this series to be so mainstream there are fandom wars and remixes and hipster-effects.  It’s so frustrating right now when people ask what I’m writing and I usually end up telling the truth but telling it slant (ex: “There aren’t enough stories about stereotypically masculine young men working as administrative assistants, so I decided to…” or “Have you ever thought about how demonic possession would affect neurological processes?  Because I have.”)  And it would be so nice to be able to say “I’m writing about Animorphs,” and have other people go “Oh, that super-disturbing series with the oatmeal jokes?” 
  • There are some REALLY FREAKING COOL images in the series that it would be really freaking cool to see on a screen.  For instance: the huge hellish cavern where the yeerk pool is located, the iskoort and their backward knees, Cassie becoming a whale-osprey-human-andalite hybrid for a hot second in midair, Ax jumping backward over a swimming pool by accident, that freaking veleek, etcetera. 

Reasons the idea of an Animorphs movie or show fills me with trepidation:

  • Have you SEEN AniTV?  I didn’t think it was possible for writing that good to get turned into scripting that bad, and yet.
  • Whitewashing.  DragonBall-Z, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Ghost in the Shell, Death Note, and Cloud Atlas all took minority characters from the original works and cast white actors.  AniTV itself whitewashed Eva and Ax.  I’d rather have no screen adaptation at all than one with an all-white cast or one that tokenizes any or all of the characters.
  • It’d be super-easy for the grey-and-black morality of the books to get lost in translation, which could lead to deeply unfortunate consequences if the kids are shown killing controllers left and right with abandon.  (See: Seasons 5 - 10 of Supernatural and the number of completely innocent humans the “heroes” straight-up MURDER because they happen to be in the way.)
  • Hollywood is allergic to tragedy.
    • The movie adaptations of Blood and Chocolate, I Robot, Catching Fire, Ender’s Game, Hitchiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, A Series of Unfortunate Events, I Am Legend, The Golden Compass, Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief, Ella Enchanted, and Charlotte’s Web all took ambiguous or unhappy endings and made them fit the Hollywood mold, not only by having everything wrapped up with a nice bow (and no dead characters) at the end, but also by back-fitting genuinely original stories into tired and unoriginal tropes.
    • Animorphs would not be Animorphs if almost every book didn’t end with the characters not sure what they learned this week, outside of “war sucks, and then you die.” It definitely wouldn’t be Animorphs if the last two books weren’t all about how sometimes you have to make terrible sacrifices to stop evil.  I have a sneaking suspicion Hollywood would try to sweep all of that under the rug, especially if the screen adaptation was geared for the same audience as the books.
  • I’d be worried about the portrayal of the hosts.
    • As it is, AniTV already has some super fridge-horrifying moments that come from the writers’ failure to distinguish between yeerks and yeerk hosts.  Tom and Melissa make out and possibly sleep together while he’s definitely a controller and she might be as well, and the way that the series plays it for laughs suggests that no one did the math that 33 - 50% of the individuals in that relationship are physically incapable of giving consent.  The series also plays Chapman getting spattered with oatmeal and Iniss 226 going insane for laughs, even though the implications for poor ol’ Henrick are pretty horrifying. The books take the time to have the characters debate whether harming the hosts is worth it to harm the yeerks; the show genuinely doesn’t have the time to do that in its 25-minute run and so leaves those problematic questions out. 
    • Similarly, it is super-easy to slide into victim-blaming where the controllers are concerned.  The books can give us moments like Naomi saying “You were Visser One,” and Eva coming back with “I beg your fucking pardon?” (I paraphrase).  They can have the heartbreaking scenes with Jake imagining what Tom thinks or feels while some alien acts uses him to try to kill their dad.  Visual media can’t necessarily convey that information, and would necessarily have to cast actors as Visser One, Visser Three, etc. who almost never stop to play the parts of Eva or Alloran.  As Supernatural demonstrates (sorry to keep picking on this show), it’s really easy to forget there’s an innocent human who doesn’t get a choice about being used as a weapon or being caught in the crossfire.  It could be so freaking easy to make Tom or Eva or Chapman or Alloran themselves into villains by just forgetting that the host exists at all. 

Anyway, that’s all a very long-winded way of me saying that I DON’T KNOW IF I WANT A LIVE-ACTION ADAPTATION OR NOT.  Also that I care too much about the meatsuits, but anyone who follows this blog probably knew that by now. 

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I love your krypto headcanons! But what if krypto was gigantic? Like polar bear sized? I imagine hilarity would ensue

i love my boy krypto so much.

oh wow, that’d be a pickle (and honestly, then they really couldn’t all the cute stuff like walking him in the park because can you imagine the people gawking at him) but yes hilarity

-kara invites lena to game night and right before she opens the door- lena insisted she drive them over, kara sends alex text after text to please clean up for me, please- and the door shakes

-krypto may be learning how to control his strength but he’s excited and oh, kara’s definitely going to have to reinforce her door

-lena freezes and kara’s just okay, so i maybe forgot to mention, i have a. .dog
and lena’s thinking yikes-she’s not used to animals- but okay. it’s kara and her dog, it’s probably the tiniest thing and cute. lena can totally handle it

-kara opens the door and that’s a bear, kara



-lena almost walks right out. kara being supergirl? it’s fine. she gets to see kara’s arms a lot more, it’s great. but this massive bear barely being held back by kara? nope

-you think lena gets one step away without a hello from krypto? no. he wriggles right out of kara’s grip-you try holding on to a dog that big winn, superstrength doesn’t matter- and lena disappears under a mass of white

-she can’t breathe. she can’t breathe and her last sight will be kara’s wonderful smile as she shoves krypto off before being tackled herself

-cue winn being dragged around by this giant, happy dog who just wants pats

-omfg, you know those big dogs who don’t know they’re big? times that by ten and you got krypto

-maggie has entirely too much fun

okay, i love huge krypto while i’m having major korrasami and naga flashbacks

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I wish you'd write a fic either about *cracks nuckles* buff Mari kicking ass and Adrien saying "I have the weirdest boner right now" (echoed by their classmates), or Adrien non-consciously "wooing" her and neither of them realising about it 'cause them both are oblivious, which makes Alya and Nino take matter in their hands, and hopefully hilarity ensues.

I would probably do the latter to be honest. 

I go back and forth on buff Mari, cause on the one hand it’s awesome, but on the other I also love the idea that there is a difference between what they can do transformed and what they can’t and the longer they are heroes the more they forget and it starts driving them nuts. (This is especially fun with Marichat and Ladrien where the other person has them at disadvantage so to speak. So like as Ladybug Mari can pick Chat up one handed and toss him across the street, as Mari she can’t get him off her damn bed because the jerk is too heavy and being obstinate)