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Hey Signe!! I was wondering if you were thinking of having your own makeup as part of your merch sometime in the future (like a lipstick that is a shade you like or something like that). P.S. You are awesome sauce!!

I would LOVE that but i have no idea how to make that happen honestly? O:

Eat.  Sleep.  Look for a power source - rinse, repeat.  That has been my life for the last few days – I’m going on very little sleep.  I think my eyelids are somehow staying open on their own.  I’m so burnt out and in heated moment in front of H.R. and Tracy – I threw in the towel.  This can’t be done.  My outburst caused the two to have a very heated debate about heroes, which led H.R. to reveal he’s never seen the original Star Wars trilogy.  Tracy and I were dumbfounded – I told him to watch it a hundred times since he’s come to this earth.

Tracy popped it in and told me I needed to watch for a distraction, which was great until we reached the end of Empire.  The final scenes hit me hard in the ol’ stomach.  And I’m not talking about like when I scarf down a triple order of Big Belly Burger.  These movies are all about the classic hero’s journey.  And it got me thinking about what that word meant – hero.  I miss the days it was just another name for a delicious 12-inch oil drenched sandwich. But here I was ready to give up the hunt for the power source.  Well, no more of that, hombre. I’ve got to focus on being the best I can be. The team is looking to me to continue this journey and defeat Savitar.

Tracy threw on Return of the Jedi.  H.R. was mesmerized by the movies and watching it with them kept me from totally balling my eyes out.  But as the movie started it got me thinking about what must of happened to Luke Skywalker between the bummer ending of the last movie and this one. Somewhere along the way he became a full on badass Jedi! And I saw that that is what I need to be.  I mean, not become a Jedi, though, man that would be awesome-sauce!  But to become the hero of my own story – and thus, I’m about to pound some more caffeine thanks to Tracy and keep on the hunt.  I know the source is out there and Cisco Ramon won’t rest until it’s found!

BTS reaction to being able to telepathically talk to their soulmate w/o meeting them yet

Jin:  Jin was cooking when he heard a angelic voice ring in his head. “Hi is this my soulmate?” He hears as he drops the spoon was using. Is this really happening? Is his soulmate talking to him? He’s been waiting to meet his soulmate since he was little. He hopes they like homemade cooking! “Uh yeah I believe my name is Jin. You are?” He says kinda feeling silly but if it’s for his soulmate nothing is silly. “My name is Y/N. would you like to meet up?” He hears as he smiles. “I’d love that!” He says as he hears an angelic giggle. “You have an adorable giggle” He thinks He loves his soulmate already! He thinks this is awesome! 

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 Suga:  Suga was in the studio when he got a text from Taehyung saying you can telepathically talk to your soulmate wether meeting them or not. “Uh hello? Is this how this works?” He thinks as he waits for a response. “This better be important I woke up from a nap for this.” He hears a voice ring out in his head. They both scream in unison. “Ouch.” He thinks holding his head. “Who are you?” He hears as he rolls his eyes. “I’m Suga your soulmate you are?” He thinks as he hears a little giggle. “I’m Y/N!” He hears and smiles. “Want to meet up?” He thinks and hears another giggle. “Yes!” He hears and he can’t wait to meet his soulmate. He loves that he can finally talk to them!

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 J-Hope:   J-Hope was in the studio practicing Boy Meet Evil when a voice called out in his head. “Hello? Is this Hoseok?” He hears and looks around. “Uh yes it is and who are you?” He thinks and he hears a cute laugh. “Silly of me not to explain this must be all confusing.” He hears as he smiles and sits down. “I’m Y/N and I’m your soulmate, you can talk to them telepathically!” He hears as he laughs. “This is amazing! Do you want to meet up?” He asks hoping they’ll say yes because he’s waited for this for so long. “I’d love that! When and where?” He hears and does a little dance. “There’s a Starbucks on 5th meet at 4.” He thinks. “Meet you there!” He hears them say. This has to be the best day ever! He loves this! 

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 Rap Monster:   Namjoon was talking to Jimin when he mentioned he talked to his soulmate through thinking. Being a lover of thinking he tries what Jimin said. “Uh hi is this my soulmate?” He thinks as he hears a scream. “Who are you and how’d you get into my thoughts?!” He hears a panic stricken voice. “I’m Namjoon your soulmate, what’s your name?” He asks. “I’m Y/N, this is weird.” He hears as he chuckles. “Not that you’re weird ah I’m so awkward.” He hears again and laughs. “It’s fine really, we can be awkward together.” He thinks and he hears a giggle. “That’d be awesome! Want to meet up?” He hears and he can’t respond fast enough. “Yes!” He thinks. This is the best thing ever! He loves it!

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Jimin :Jimin was playing overwatch with the boys when he hears someone calling out to him, but not really him. “Hello? Is this my soulmate?” He hears as he drops the controller. This can’t be happening. Can it? “I’m going to guess so love. You are?” He thinks and he hears a sigh. “Thank goodness I’m Y/N! What’s your name?” He hears as he loves their voice already. “I’m Jimin. Park Jimin.” He thinks as he hears a giggle. “Like Bond. James Bond.” He hears and laughs. “Exactly Y/N, would you like to meet up?” He thinks and hears a little squeak. “Yes! That would be awesome sauce!” He hears and smile and covers his face. “You’re adorable.” He thinks. He loves this and his soulmate.

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 Taehyung:  Tae was sitting in the Gucci outlet waiting for Hoseok to be done when he wondered if his soulmate liked Gucci or not. “Yes I love Gucci!” He hears a voice other than his own say in his head. “Really! Gucci is my favorite brand! I’m at the outlet right now!” He thinks as he hears a squeal. “I’d love to go there! I’ve always wanted to own Gucci! I’m Y/N and I’m guessing you’re my soulmate.” He hears the voice say and he jumps around. “Ahh yes! My name is Taehyung but you can also call me V!” He thinks and hears a giggle. “Yess! Hi V! Um would you like to meet?” He hears and smiles! “Yes! I’d love that!” He thinks. This has to be the best day ever, AND THEY LIKE GUCCI! 

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 Jungkook:  Jungkook was laying on the floor because he was waiting to play Mario. “Ugh can’t Y/F/N hurry up. I just want to play overwatch.” He hears in his head and sit up. “Excuse me?” He thinks and hears a scream. He hold his head and chuckles. This must be his soulmate. “Hey I’m Jungkook you are?” He thinks hoping they’ll respond. “I’m Y/N, and I’m sorry about earlier my friend is playing Mario and I want to play overwatch.” He hears and smiles. “I love overwatch! But I want to play Mario right now.” He thinks laughing as they also laugh. “Wow we should meet up and get to know each other Jungkook.” He hears and smiles even bigger. “Yes we should! I’d love that Y/N!” He thinks and smiles. This is the best day of his life! 

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Don’t Tell Negan (Rick Grimes smut)

*request by @prettyepiic*

“Omg I hope you are still taking requests!!! I have a request and it’s definitely not my original tea. I had a dream of Rick Grimes so suddenly I need my first Rock Grimes fic. SMUT if you do it. I’m Negans girl but want a night of ecstasy with Rick…. “Don’t tell Negan” if you could do this that would be awesome sauce :))”

The request speaks for itself :)


Negan and the Saviors had completely overtaken Alexandria, and decided they’d move in to make the Alexandrians live in the worst hell they could imagine. Negan moved in with Rick, of course, and brought you, his most favorite wife, and Lucille with him. You sometimes thought Negan valued Lucille more than you, but you never brought it up to him, knowing it wouldn’t end well.

Negan forced Rick to carry all of yours and Negan’s stuff into his home, and you couldn’t help but notice Rick’s well-defined arm muscles that were uncovered by his sleeveless shirt. Sure, Negan’s body was great. But there was something about Rick that, quite frankly, turned you on.

“Why don’t you move a little faster, you dipshit?” Negan said, taunting Rick. You rolled your eyes.

“He’s fine, Negan. It’s so hot out here, I can’t imagine having to carry all this stuff inside!”

You saw Rick wearing a small smile on his face, and you had to try so hard not to smile too. Negan just rolled his eyes.

“Whatever. Just hurry it up, alright? We’ll gladly take your room so you can sleep on the couch, Rick.”

You felt so sorry for Rick, practically having to give up everything to cater to Negan’s needs. Although Negan was your ‘husband’, you didn’t agree with his ways all the time. You did believe he loved you, wanted to protect you and the other Saviors, etc… But you knew how terrible Negan could be. The main reason you agreed to being his wife was for your family to receive special treatment, but Negan didn’t know that.


You, Rick, Negan and Lucille sat at the dinner table eating spaghetti Rick cooked. Negan’s favorite, of course. You almost felt embarrassed from the way Negan was treating Rick and the rest of the Alexandrians.

“This spaghetti is really good Rick.” You complimented. He gave you a small nod, muttering a quiet ‘thank you’ as if he was scared to speak. Carl and Judith were over at Carol’s because Negan didn’t feel like having them around for some strange reason.

You secretly watched Rick as he ate and how his muscles strained, like he was trying so hard not to beat Negan’s face in. ‘He’s so hot’, you thought, and you felt your panties begin to dampen.

“That shit was good, Rick. I may just have to get you to cook that every day! I don’t know about you two, but my ass is tired. It’s time for Y/N, Lucille, and I to go to bed. Come on, Y/N.”

“Can’t I help Rick clean up first? It’s the least I could do.”

Negan rolled his eyes. “Whatever. But you better be up in 10 minutes or else I’m gonna have to spank you.”

It was your turn to roll your eyes as Negan turned his back. You began helping Rick to clear the table quickly, knowing that Negan meant what he said.

“Uh, thanks for the help cleaning this up. I really appreciate it.” Rick told you. That southern accent got you wetter by the second.

“Anytime. I mean, it’s the least I could do,” you leant over by his ear and whispered, “sorry about us being here.”

He gave a small shrug and acted like it wasn’t a big deal, but you knew he acted that way because he was worried you’d go running off to Negan and telling him how he felt.

“Well, I guess I better go up there. Goodnight, Rick.” You told him. He told you goodnight too. You decided to be brave… by staring in his eyes while you left, rubbing your hand right against his crotch, before walking up the stairs. Rick watched you, shocked.


When you got up to your room, Negan was getting settled into Rick’s bed.

“You know, sweetcheeks? You got a heart of gold. I am so fucking lucky.”

You tried mustering up the sweetest smile you could to Negan. “Thank you, babe. I’m lucky to have you too.”

Negan have you a quick kiss to the lips, before turning and facing the wall. Before you knew it, Negan was snoring.

You laid there for an hour, millions of thoughts running through your head. The main thought was, ‘I’m laying in Rick’s bed.’

The thought of laying in his bed opened up a whole new batch of thoughts.

‘I wonder what he looks like when he sleeps?’

‘Does he sleep naked?’

‘Does he ever touch himself while laying in here?’

The last thought made you shiver. You knew you couldn’t think these things as a ‘married woman’, but Rick Grimes was the hottest man you’d ever laid eyes on. Thinking of Rick laying in the same bed you were laying in, sprawled out with his cock in the air, sweat covering his forhead as slight whimpers left his mouth while he pleased himself, made you soaked. You dipped your hand into your panties and felt how wet your pussy was. After much contemplation, you decided there was only one way to relieve yourself:

Fuck Rick Grimes.


You walked quietly downstairs to see all the lights off. Finally finding your way into the living room, you saw Rick laying shirtless on the couch. The sight almost made you drop your panties immediately, but you decided against it.

“Rick.” You whispered. His eyes opened at the sound of your voice, signaling he had been awake.

“Uh, hey there, Y/N. Need something?”

“Actually, yes.” You told him. You slowly pulled your shorts down to your ankles. Rick gasped, covering his eyes with his hand.

“What the hell are you doing? Pull your damn shorts up!” You giggled at him, before pulling your shirt off too.

“Rick, look at me.” You told him. After a second, he finally removed his hand and saw you in just your underwear. You saw something poking up under the blanket, right above his crotch.

“Seriously, Y/N, if Negan finds out what you’re doing right know, he would murder me.”

You pulled the blanket off of him before he could protest, seeing he was only wearing boxers. ‘Fuck, he’s so hot’ you thought.

“You gonna go tell him? Because I sure as hell am not.” You replied. You threw your leg over Rick’s waist and sat down on his fully clothed cock.

“Y/N, you’re beautiful and all, but this is really not the best idea. If you go to bed, we can pretend like this never happened.” Rick told you, trying to carefully scoot you off of him, but you weren’t having it. He may be telling you no, but his hard cock is telling you yes.

You didn’t reply to him, just started rocking your hips back and forth on him, creating unbearable tension. “Fuck.” You heard Rick whisper.

“You like that, Rick? Wanna be inside my tight little pussy?”

“We are so fucked.” Rick said, but you could tell he was starting to really get into it. He grabbed your hips and grinded you down a little bit further on his dick. You hopped off of him really fast, unclasping your bra and pulling your underwear down, while Rick quickly pulled down his boxers as he still laid there.

“This better be the best fucking sex I’ve ever had.” He said.

“Just watch, baby.”

You took his hard cock in your hand and slowly sat down on it, feeling it stretch you out. You tried your best to be quiet, knowing Negan would kill you both with Lucille if it happened, and it was extremely difficult for you.

“Fuck, keep riding my cock baby girl.” Rick moaned in a whisper. Your pussy throbbed around him from hearing how good he felt. He grabbed your ass, forcing you to go faster. Your breasts bounced up in his face, and he took a nipple in his mouth and began to suck. All you felt was pure ecstasy.

“You’re a bad girl, huh? Fucking me down here while Negan’s up there asleep. So fucking dirty.” Rick whispered in your ear. The dirty words he whispered to you were more than enough to make you orgasm.

“Rick, I’m cumming!” You moaned, your juices squirting all over Rick. Rick sloppily thrusted up into you and came, with his cum filling you up completely.

You reached down and gave him a kiss.

“That was the greatest sex I’ve ever had.” Rick whispered to you.

“I’d choose you over Negan any day.”


This imagine was quite filthy, hope you all liked it!!! Especially you, @prettyepiic!!!

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Have you ever thought of my making a mchanzo zine? (maybe just a sketch? maybe a comic zine) w/ maybe sticker march or prints?? :0 I think me and a lot of other people would love it!! <3 Your art is amaze-balls!! You are also awesome sauce!!

i have actually! i’ve been trying to research how/where to do it, and idk if it’ll ever work out, but i’ll try my best.

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can you tell me what attracts you to Sasuhina, please?

I’ve already answered this a couple of times on my blog, and honestly, I really don’t think people should have to justify why they ship what they ship, or like what they like. However, you did say please, and I appreciate a polite Anon, so I’ll explain. 

What attracts me to Sasuke x Hinata is primarily the fact that I think they would balance one another out. There is something about the bad boy/good girl trope that I like–I will freely admit this– but it’s also about two kindred spirits. Both of them have struggled in their youth–being second to a prodigy, growing up in important clans. Both have faced unimaginable odds, tragedy, and  fought to rise above themselves; to move forward.

Sasuke–after his hatred and vengeance are completely wiped out by Naruto’s stubbornness, we see the underlying character of him–and it’s that character that SH fans have kind of seen all along. The tempered and cautious, hopeful and apologetic, Sasuke Uchiha–that doesn’t really hate love and affection, but rather doesn’t know what to do with it. 

Shortly after entering the Naruto fandom I realized how well the pairing ‘could’ work. How her patience and kindness would be so very needed by someone that had lost everything. How he would understand her desire to move forward–to be better. 

Hinata is also the one female to never look at Sasuke solely as a conquest–or look at him at all, actually. I fell in love with the idea that she’s not really impressed with him–she never is. Even in canon, she’s never, ever awed by the Uchiha name, or the shit he pulls. 

I think that would be good for him–someone who’s not “OMG Sauce is so awesome and amazing and HAWT”…but again, these are MY head-canons and MY reasons.

The fandom is also a HUGE reason I love the pairing. SasuHina fans are usually the most fun-loving and non-confrontational shippers in the seas. We tend to huddle in our submarine and share awesome art and great fic and laugh and squee at all the possible scenarios for the duo.

SH fans get a lot of shit and mockery because of the lack of source material to support the pairing, but the ship has never been about what IS and has always, always, been about what COULD be–and honestly, that’s the best part. 

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Can you write something where Strickland has an adopted daughter? She seems normal but actually has powers and is panicked and scared and just fluffy/protective father Strickler would be awesome sauce!

Nice,  For powers, I’m gonna make her a witch. Or a sorceress. Either way you all want to imagine the daughter!


You were currently running down the halls of Arcadia high, ignoring the kids who watched strangely as you raced past them. You skid across the marble floors, turning a corner leading into yet another long hallway. “Strickler!” You cried, nearly tripped over your own feet as you reached the teachers office.

The man in questioning was currently writing something on his desk and he quickly jumped to his feet, shoulders bunched as you looked at you in alarm. The door shut behind you with a click as you stumbled to your knees, hands clutching your arms tightly. Strickler rushed over, kneeling and wrapping his arms around your small body, bringing you closer into a protective hug.

“(Y/N),” He obviously looked shaken, looking down at you in a fit of panic. “What happened? Are you alright?” You shook in his embrace, tears beginning to fall from your cheeks and you hiccuped. “I got upset,” You sniffed. “I set my textbook on fire in class!” You hid your face in your hands, feeling shame was over you.

You hated this, you hated having barley any control over your powers. You had no idea where you got them from, but when you were five years old you had managed to turn a lamp into stone. Since that day your parents were afraid of what you were capable of, and sent you away to live with your aunt. Your aunt was willing to help raise you, but was absolutely clueless on how to help you control your abilities.

When you were a freshmen, you had another magical episode. This caught the attention of Strickler who intervened and waved off the electric outage, claiming that it was the schools poor generators. He lead you to his office, where he explained your condition and how he could help you control it. Ever since then, he took you under his wing.

During class, you were getting picked on. Crumbled balls of paper were thrown at you and snippy remarks were made. The Textbook you were reading ended up taking a blunt of your emotional power. After the textbook was lit ablaze, the teacher managed to smother the decent sized flame with a jacket and a bottle of water she had on her desk. Immediately, you raced out of the classroom in tears.

“It’s going to be alright,” Strickler hushed you, closing his eyes tiredly as he held your shaking frame. “Things happen. This is what, the first magical accident in two months?” You nodded, shoulders tensing. “It means your getting better, you just need to control your emotions.”

He leaned over to look at you, pulling your hands away from your face as he spoke to you like a father soothing his child. “Your doing amazing, this is only an accident.”

You stopped shaking, lifting a arm to wipe away your tears. “Really?” You sniffed, looking up at the slim history teacher. “Really.” He confirmed, standing up and holding out a single hand for you. You reached up, grasping his hand and he pulled up up with ease.

“Now, (Y/N),” He sighed. “Lets get you back to class now, I’m sure we can pass this off as your phone overheating.” He dismissed, opening the door of his office to let you walk out. He followed after you, tucking his hands behind him as he guided the way back to your classroom.

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For the pride month thing: could you do one with one of the kids accidentally outing themselves to the trolls only to find out troll culture is 100% supportive.

(since I was allowed to choose kid and label for this one, I went with demisexual Toby)


There were certain things, certain truths, known throughout the Arcadia High student body.  What the various cliques and friend groups were.  What passing gossip was popularly spoken of.  What was only whispered when it didn’t seem like anyone was listening.  Where to find the ice cream sandwiches in the cafeteria’s freezer.  How to get there when none of the faculty was looking.  There were some things that always remained the same.  Other things, fluctuated on a weekly basis.

A prank involving the school’s mole costume that got its regular wearer temporarily suspended (through the next game) from wearing it would be forgotten after a few days.  But an ongoing, clearly evident feud between two best friends who everyone knew had been close since their diaper days?  Talked about for the entire week while it lasted.  Mostly on the grounds of curiosity of what exactly had caused such a rift.  Well, that, and it was a slow period for gossip.  Even Mary Wang hadn’t been able to get a good scoop anywhere.  The kids needed to talk about something.

Toby wished they’d all just go back to ignoring him (and Jim) already.

No, he wasn’t avoiding Jim.  He was avoiding what Jim wanted to talk about.  Jim just didn’t get It.  Get how bad this was.  Nobody tried to say Jim’s sexuality was something he was making up or that it didn’t really exist.  Not in the same ways they talked about Toby’s demisexuality.  That it was just normal.

Look, Toby had tried to be normal.  He’d tried for years, even before high school when things really set in with crushes (or lack thereof), figuring out the whole “dating” thing, and all that.  He’d watched as his classmates stumbled through their first romances and relationships.  Witnessed Jim’s crushes and failed attempts to talk to those he had crushes on.  Toby had wondered when Those Feelings would set in for him.  They never did.  Not really.  He just didn’t feel that way about anyone.

And he couldn’t really imagine himself with Those Feelings for anyone either.  Not unless he already knew them rather well (cause appearances and first impressions really wasn’t enough to go on with that kind of thing).  Toby knew he would like to be in love, but he wanted there be to be a deeper feeling.  One you couldn’t just have with someone you didn’t really know and then happened to get a crush on anyway.  An emotional connection, he realized at some point, was the missing piece he’d been looking for.

It took Toby a while to find the word demisexual, but when he did, he realized it fit.

For a while, it didn’t matter that no one else really got It or accepted him.  Except Jim, because Jim was, well, Jim.  The idea that Toby’s best friend would leave him over his sexuality was unimaginable.  Jim had been the first person Toby texted when he found his label and, so far, the only one to celebrate outright with him at its discovery.  As long as he had Jim, everything would be fine.  Awesome sauce, even.

And then the trolls had found out.

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Hey SZA, some advice ? I sing but im not sure if i have IT but I live where I have to many enemies &their judgment is clouded if I sent you a video would you listen ? And tell me where to go from there ?? Your awesome sauce and fried mangos BTW😍🙌

U had it fucked up at “enemies” lol. never waste time trying to impress your enemies . They don’t like them selves which is why they spend so much time judging YOU …don’t hold your breath . . If they aren’t your friends their judgements shouldn’t and do not matter. never did and it never will ..sing your heart out and keep it honest .Trust me on this one 😉


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Favorite dessert? If you could travel/live anywhere you want, where would it be? Most important question.....why are you so awesome-sauce?

Favorite dessert?

If you could travel/live anywhere you want, where would it be
When I know the entire world I can tell you! Right now…. maybe Toledo, in Spain. I miss Toledo.

Most important question…..why are you so awesome-sauce?            
You guys tell me that a lot, I’ll have to ask you guys instead because I’m always surprised by it!

Anonymously message me (3) things you want to know about me.


I did the walky walk thing and got my 12,000 steps completed.

H-a-t-e-d every second.

But it’s done! 🎉

On a side not I took a pic of my legs tonight cause I was gonna talk about how sore they were, but now it’s a look how small they are talk. Lol I’ve never taken a picture of the back of my legs and in my head they are a lot bigger then they really are.

Also, thanks to @grandenoirceur, @general1970, and @jms-healthful-life for chatting with me during my walk and distracting me so I just kept going.

Now, if only dinner was already made that would be awesome sauce!

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I have a question: Assuming you watch legend of kora, I'm wondering if the ending actually features a confirmed canon same sex romantic relationship or if people are just assuming that there is a same sex couple ending. I'm just curious because people keep talking about it but I'm just trying to confirm the validity of these statements. I hope so because that would be awesome sauce. Thanks!

Korrasami is CANON people! Honestly, if it was korra and mako or just korra and anyone with a dick people would have no problem considering it canon. Holding hands and wanting to go on ” vacation ” together?

come on.


@redlionstar // Continue from here

Heading down towards the training room you would expect to hear someone in there. There always seemed to be someone in there. Mostly Keith an Shiro. What was surprising this day was the pair of feet that were bobbing up and down in the doorway. 

Hunk stopped and tilted his head a bit as he watched. It looked like Keith’s boots. Walking up closer and standing out of the way he could confirm that it was Keith. 

Who came down just in time and height to have their eyes on an even level. 

Hunk pulled back slightly. He really should have been prepared for that, but he wasn’t. “Huh? Oh! Yeah. Th-that’s pretty cool.” His eyes darted to the ledge of the door. Inspecting how Keith had worked on it to make the gripping possible. And how he got the door to keep staying open without sliding shut. He must have broken the sensor or something. “I am. Got this new root like thing that I think would be awesome if roasted in some sauce.”

Hunk wasn’t really a pull-up kind of guy. He found himself staring a bit since Keith made it look easy. “How many have you done?” The only problem with this was that Keith was in the way for anyone else who wanted to enter.