this world doesn't deserve you


2 4 t h  b i r t h d a y  //  Y a m a d a  R y o s u k e

Happy birthday to the handsome, beautiful, adorable, amazing, hardworking–Just ineffable, really, strawberry lover boy, Yamada Ryosuke! Thank you for blessing us with your amazing acting and singing skills, for being who you are, for making us laugh and smile, for always making our day even when things get rough and a loooot more. We love you so much and we, your fans are always there for you! Have an amazing day, dear! Keep slayin’! 


Happy 38th Birthday, Anna Torv! ♥ (07.06.1979)

LISTEN i am all for foggy’s pov where he pines after matt for years and years and years 

but you know what beats even that 

matt pining after foggy since about two seconds after they meet 

matt falling completely and totally for foggy who doesn’t treat him like he’s made of glass, who doesn’t include him just to be nice, but because he truly enjoys matt’s company. matt feeling sick when he thinks about how he feels about foggy because foggy’s the first real connection he’s had since he was about ten, and matt wants to ruin that by running his fingers through foggy’s hair and pulling him impossibly close and learning what his mouth feels like and-

but he doesn’t. he’s selfish enough to want to keep foggy to himself, but he’s not that selfish. sure, jealousy flares up whenever foggy walks in ecstatic and talking about a date, while matt tries not to panic about inevitably being pushed to the sidelines when foggy finds someone he loves, but he will be honestly, genuinely happy when foggy finds the love of his life, all because foggy will be happy.

and the voice in his head that whispers that no one in foggy’s long string of dates is good enough for him is silenced quickly enough when matt reminds himself that they’re still ten times better than he himself would be.

  • Booster Gold: I'm gonna go back in time and save Ted!
  • Rip Hunter: Ya but no. You're not allowed
  • Booster: And why not?
  • Rip: You can't change the past
  • Booster: Okay, but me being in the past already changed the future so screw you
  • Rip: Actually you were always in this time. You travelling to the past happens in every possible timeline. You were meant to be here
  • Booster: Alright, so why am I not in any history books or ever mentioned?
  • Rip: Because no one likes you and nobody cares about you
  • Booster: Okay, that makes sense
  • Rip: *internally* It's because you did a damn good job at what you were meant to do dad, I love you please don't be so hard on yourself. You're important and the world doesn't deserve you and I'm very proud to be your son.
  • Rip: Damn straight it makes sense now go save Hal Jordan as a baby even though he hates you and will never respect you
  • what she says: I'm fine.
  • what she means: Bo Burnham works so hard to create content that is hilarious as well as introspective and he puts so much effort into making his fans happy and I just want him to find his own happiness and purpose in life and if that means he needs to quit doing comedy then so be it, he deserves the world but the world doesn't deserve him

anonymous asked:

*tries to skateboard into your ask box* *falls and screeches* AHH FUCK. Anyway, i just wanted to tell you that i love you very much, that u deserve the world and that i hope college doesn't kill you. *Limps out askbox bc they twisted their ankle. Probably*

*Grabs your wrist before you leave and takes out first aid kit*

College is very much a serial killer, and I’m certainly one of its victims. Maybe you can tell I’m busy by my lack of posting omg– I’m so sorry. Hi. I love you too! This is my latest baby, since you came in asking >:’) It’s how Ezekiel will look in 3D, pretty much. Just a few things to tweak, and he’ll be ready to rig.

Have a nice one, nonnie. And take care of yourself!! :o

*You probably look like a mummy by now. Teach you to be reckless in my inbox*


+that time in Youtuber Whispers when Troye played with Joe’s bracelets

Honestly nobody seems to get my love for Jaspoye and that’s just sad

INFJ Empathy
  • INFJ: I saw this woman in the train who stumbled and almost fell.. *tears up a bit* And I almost started crying cause' I felt so bad for her.
  • INTP: WH-? SERIOUSLY?? WHAT ARE YOU??? I would've probably just laughed if it looked funny.
  • INFJ: I just start imagining how embarrassing it would feel if I was her.
  • INTP: This world doesn't deserve you.

Title: A Little More
Fandom: BTS
Pairing: Namkook
Genre: PWP
Rating: NC17
Summary: Jeongguk couldn’t give him much, but Namjoon loved it all the same. / happy birthday namjoonie, love of my life, moon of my earth. you deserve the world and i can only give you my meek heart :’)

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