this works wonders in the other fandoms i rp in

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Hi, I'm so happy to have found the rpf community for these boys! I was wondering if you could possibly help me, I'm not huge on sex fics (I dont have anything against them, its just not quite my jam is all) but I'm really into gen AUs. I know most rpf fandoms mostly contain rps, but do you possibly know of any gen fics or aus out there? Thanks for your time and keep up the amazing work <3

Welcome, softie!!! I totally understand your vibes. Just to let you know we are just a small group of folks and we’re all working hard to get every other softie that good good content. My advice would just be to pay close attention to fic ratings as you see the posts. 

I’m pretty sure @polygonstrosity does mostly general works, I would definitely keep an eye on their space! @softboyshipping does some fic and you should also probably watch @shipboysinc!! I’m like 90% sure they all post on A O 3 as well.

I’m currently working on an AU myself!! I plan to talk about it more once it’s illustrated. I don’t think I’ll write it out completely, but I’ll definitely be drawing it.

Thank you so much!

This year has been hard for me, really. Too many things I had to deal, my family issues, my thesis. I also arguing a lot with my close friends, more than I’ve ever been. I couldn’t accomplish most of my goal for this year. Moreover, people around me just keep spread toxic things, dramas, hate speeches and awful comments, especially in social medias. My mood swings and insomnia were getting worst, made me got depressed more. I was feeling so down, at lowest level I’ve ever felt until this second that it was hard for me to breathe and think clearly.

But, it’s not always the bad things that happened, right? I also got good things in this year, too. I met new people that brought a fresh breeze, both in real life and here in tumblr. Little by little, I could breathe and think clearly again. Now, I want to thank to all who brings some happiness on my shitty life this year. I will make this undercut because it will be a looooooong post, to save your dash ^^

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Hi, I can't seem to respond your comments on the baymax/toothless picture. So I thought I'd message you on here. I'm just confused as to why such a big deal has been made when someone has made an innocent mistake, apologised directly to the artist & removed the post. The OP stated many times they found the image on Facebook and not tumblr therefore would not be able to repost. So have a go at the FB group, this issue of art being reposted without permission is bigger than the OP so stop the hate

This is the one and only warning I’m giving you and everyone else reading this that this post is going to get long. Because I’m seeing more and more of a resurgence of art thefts lately all across tumblr in all my fandoms, so people obviously need to hear it. Because I’ve been a victim of theft myself a number of times and I’m getting frustrated with people who don’t understand ‘why it’s a big deal.’ But most importantly, because friends and artists who I respect are getting hurt by this issue, and yet it never seems to stop cropping up. I will NOT be hiding this under a read more for you to ignore. This is an issue that’s affecting everyone, and I’m going to sit down and take time out of MY day to tell everyone why.

Fandoms are a Community.

Before we go anywhere else here, I want you to understand that that is 100% true, even if you’ve probably never thought of it that way before. We are people from all corners of the globe who have banned together to celebrate something we’re passionate about. We write stories, make music videos and, yes, we draw and post artwork. We talk about the reasons that we love something, or places we think it can improve. We share our thoughts and feelings about them, and become close with other people who share our interests and passions because it’s no fun to be excited about something all by yourself.

And, like ALL communities, a really big part of being in a fandom is having respect for your fellow fans. You don’t have to always agree with them (Honestly, some of the most interesting conversations I’ve had in fandoms were arguments about pairings, characterization, ext…), but you should always respect their opinions regardless of whether of not it aligns with your own. And people within a fandom who aren’t respectful of their fellow fans will quickly find themselves ostracized and ignored by others because- surprisingly- nobody wants to talk to someone if they’re just going to be a jerk. 

And art theft, ultimately, is an act of great disrespect to the artist.

Artists spend hours or days of their lives working on their pieces sometimes. We look at them until we go cross-eyed to make sure they look alright, because we want others to like our work. Because the subject matter is something they love and they want to express that love with other fans. Someone else does NOT get to take that hard work and post it somewhere else without permission from the artist. There is no excuse for that kind of behavior, whatever you might believe.

“It was just an innocent mistake. The artwork was posted on another site, and they didn’t know it was already here on tumblr.”

That’s not the point. The fact that the piece is on tumblr isn’t the point.

It wouldn’t have mattered if it WASN’T posted on tumblr already. The way the reposter went about it was still disrespectful. And it definitely wasn’t an ‘innocent mistake.’ It is simply NOT possible to accidentally post somebody else’s artwork on your blog, on tumblr or any other website. The fact that it was already stolen in the facebook post the reposter stole it from is NOT an excuse for posting it on tumblr the way they did. Because it would have been painfully SIMPLE to avoid the whole thing if they had cared enough to just do one little thing.


I’m not even close to kidding right here. Asking is all anyone needs to do to stop from ending up in a mess like this themselves. If they had honestly thought that the facebook group where they first saw the piece was responsible for creating it (which I sort of doubt, given that most fanartists I know avoid posting their work on facebook and stick to sites like tumblr and DA) then they should have asked them if they minded if they posted the work to their blog.

I can almost guarantee that the response the facebook poster would have given probably would have been along the lines of ‘Sure, whatever. I didn’t make this/I found this on ____ so it’s not mine.’

And if you EVER ask someone for permission to post something elsewhere and get a response like that, then you’ll know that it’s stolen and you should NOT repost it. If you want to find the ACTUAL artist (And if you’re a decent human being who’s capable of respecting the simple fact that another fan deserves to be acknowledged for their hard work, then you DO) then you should perform a reverse image search or appeal to the fandom to see if any of them know who the artist is. REPOSTING ARTWORK YOU KNOW IS STOLEN MAKES YOU AN ART THIEF AS WELL. Don’t do it. Don’t.

And you know what the really sad part of all this is? A lot of artists are EXTREMELY accommodating when it comes to others wanting to include their artwork in others aspects of the fandom, so long as they get proper credit for the work that they did. And by that, I mean that I have gotten countless questions over the years that run along the lines of the following;

I love your artwork! Is it okay if I use some of your pieces in an AMV I’m doing on Youtube?

Hi! I’m writing a fanfiction on, and was wondering if it would be okay with you if I use this picture as the cover art? Is that okay with you?

Excuse me, I’m an RP Blogger, and I really like the way you draw this character. Is it okay if I use your art on my blog?

I really enjoy your comics! Would you be okay with me translating them into (Spanish/French/Ext) so other people can read them, too?

Almost EVERY SINGLE TIME I’ve gotten a question like this, my answer has been pretty much the same.

Thank you very much! I don’t mind if you want to include my art in your project, but please make sure to credit me as the artist and provide a link back to the original, okay? Can you send me a link once you’re done?

And that is LITERALLY all it takes to avoid pissing off fanartists while still getting to include their art in other aspects of the fandom. And honestly? If done right, fanartists LOVE this, because it helps their work reach audiences they might not get to otherwise, which in turn means they get more of a following. But only when it’s done RIGHT and the fanartists get CREDITED for their work, because otherwise the artist just gets cheated out of hours of effort making something look good. 

This is actually one of the two reasons I ask for the person who requests to use my art to send me a link, since I like to double check that I was credited properly. Though honestly, if people ask first then they usually respect the artist enough that they do so even without being told, but it never hurts to be careful (And plus, there’s the second reason, too. Which is that it makes me super, INDESCRIBABLY happy to see my art inspire other parts of the fandom, like fanfic writers, RP Bloggers, and AMV artists, and I always love to see how the final product turns out).

And it’s because it’s such a simple thing to avoid that artists and even fans who don’t draw but still RESPECT artists and their work get so angry about people who do things like reposting uncredited (stolen) art to tumblr, and then trying to blame the artists for the fact that their work was stolen at all. Because we make ourselves VERY accommodating to those who go through the right channels and ask properly, so if someone doesn’t even have the decency to do that much then you know what? We are well within our rights to get pissed at them. 

And it’s not ‘hate,’ by the way. This isn’t some petty disagreement about a pairing or a character or anything else where two sides might not see eye-to-eye. This is JUSTIFIED anger, because we aren’t stupid and we know that, ultimately, the reposters just don’t care at all about us or our hard work. They don’t think we matter enough to be acknowledged for our work, and that is exactly why we’re pissed, and why we’re going to be pissed every time this issue comes up again.

I know you love seeing all the amazing artwork other fans in the fandom do. I love it, too. And BECAUSE I love it, and because I want them to feel encouraged to keep on making new art, I always make sure to acknowledge them and their talent. I make sure they know that their hard work is APPRECIATED, and that others know they are the ones who created their works.

Because at the end of the day, that’s all they’re asking for. And it’s really not all that much.