this works upside down too

now that I think about it the e.m.p armor enhancement is perfect for wash he’s a combat engineer and their main job is to clear/create obstacles to make it easier for the team to advance/complete the objective and eliminate the target(s) (examples include: radios, communication getting cut off, power cuts, system shutdowns ahhhh so many options)

I love the story of Clarke rising to become a leader. She’s starting from a place of privilege, and usually when you see that the privileged character assumes the leadership position because of their privilege, because they have ideas and a morality that’s constantly contrasted to those around them. And Clarke’s character has that too, did exactly that immediately in season 1. Princess of the Ark.

But her privilege causes her to make mistakes, huge, painful mistakes with serious and tragic consequences. And Clarke’s privilege is something that requires the input of and being checked by those around her for everyone’s survival and success.

I like that privilege is being shown as having ramifications for every level of the character and the story, and not being shown as the default for leadership or an aspiration. It’s a fact, something the character was born into, not the solution.

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¡Amo Gravity falls! Espero poder dibujar más este año, aunque no sean cosas tan elaboradas (como ese fanart de LotR que no logro terminar).

Y siempre había querido hacer un dibujo que funcionara por ambos lados como en las tarjetas de naipes *3* por fin me di el gusto.

I totally love Gravity Falls, soooo goood, damn. I’ll be trying to draw more this year, adult stuff always gets in the way… being an adult is horrible guys, don’t ever grow up.

Also, I’ve always wanted to draw something that worked upside down too, like cards *3* finally got to doing it.