this works on both platonic and romantic levels

All jokes aside, shipping is meant to be inclusive and fun. At its core it’s about enjoying the interactions and dynamic between two characters. The only thing that separates romantic ships from platonic pairings is whether someone personally views these dynamics as something that would fit a romantic couple.

Some people don’t ship romantically because shipping real people makes them feel uneasy. Some people don’t ship something because they are aromantic and might prefer platonic pairings. Some people don’t ship a pairing because they are not interested enough in the characters to invest that kind of effort into their dynamic. Some people won’t ship something because the dynamic makes them think of a platonic relationship rather than a romantic one.

Whichever you prefer, what’s most important is that people feel welcome and that we are respectful both to other fans and the members of B.A.P

(and if you ever want to talk romantic or platonic B.A.P pairings: I love just about all pairings on all levels and you are welcome to come holla at me about them)

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Hi :D it's not about Kirishima but you seem to know a lot. So, I was wondering, how likely do you think todomomo would be canon? And why? Also (it'll probably never happen but) if Horikoshi were to write an important character as gay.. Like, say, Izuku, how likely do you think Tododeku would become canon?

Strong Friendships Make Romantic Relationships Seem Overrated

I think there’s a decent change of Todomomo being canon. Based on the End of the Terms Exam Arc, they both appear to think highly of each others. If Todoroki is romantically paired off with anyone, it’ll most likely be with Momo. However, that’s assuming he gets paired off. 

I disagree with fans who say that they’re almost canon. Almost canon would have ship teasing, such as blushes at each other, intimate scenes, a lot of moments and development together, or at least one of them confirmed to have a crush on the other. However, that’s not the case. Todoroki and Momo’s relationship development doesn’t get a lot of development throughout the series. Their relationship is always one hundred percent professional and one hundred percent platonic, no romantic subtext at all. So no, it is not close to being canon. It certainly has a good chance at becoming canon, and there are very good reasons to support them as a romantic couple. They both respect each other, have high goals, and work well together. They’d make a great couple if the series develops it well. I just think the pairing is over-hyped. 

Tododeku, in my opinion, has almost no chance at becoming canon on a romantic level. I just don’t see it with all the ship teasing Uraraka and Midoriya are getting. However, ever since the Sports Festival, they have been very close. I can definitely seeing them being close friends with each other for the rest of their lives. They’ve worked together in a lot of the arcs since the Sports Festival, and they’ve had meaningful interactions in the Stain Arc, Camping Trip Arc, Hideout Raid Arc, Hero License Exam Arc, and Internship Arc. They’re pretty close to being best friends at this point. Their ship is canon from a platonic perspective, and in Boku no Hero Academia, friendships are very valuable. The strong friendships in the series make romantic relationships seem overrated. 

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Hey ! I hope you are ok ! 😃 It would be nice if you told us some of your favorite pairing compatibility, not necessarily romance (but that too 😏) since you don't have a compatibility tag, I thought I could ask you ! And also explain why you like them, I always think it's a little sad when people say what they think work well without explaining why. Thanks for your hard work ~

Sure! This could be a bit longer though haha

Aries x Sagittarius - I love the dynamic, the originality, the energy, the extraness, the fun, the power. These two are such a power couple and I feel like there’s few other pairings that could raise this much energy and that would be as adventurous and free-spirited as these two together. (platonic & romantic)

Aquarius x Pisces - They’re pretty different, yes, but they’re just so adorable together, it warms my heart. Every time I think of these two together it makes me think of Aquarius teasing the shit out of Pisces and Pisces trying so hard to defend themselves and man these two are just wonderful. There’s such a pure dynamic and dorky feel to them that I really love. (mostly platonic)

Virgo x Sagittarius - I may be biased, but every Virgo x Sag relationship I’ve seen has been/is GREAT except for beyonce & jay-z. Virgos are freaks and Sags are super extra, one looks at the big picture, the other is meticulous and they’re just SUCH a great team, hands down. (platonic & romantic, but mostly platonic)

Leo x Capricorn - There’s always one of those two that treats the other like a queen/king and they both appreciate each other so much, I love how genuine these two are together. They’re just… they work so unexpectedly well together. (platonic & romantic)

Scorpio x Pisces - Might be cliché but oh boy I love the feeling between these two. It just feels so deep and bonded and I feel like they’d do everything for each other. Plus the looks, boy the way they look at each other makes my heart soft. (mostly romantic but also platonic)

Not on the same level as the ones named above but honorable mentions go out to:

Sagittarius x Pisces
Cancer x Virgo
Taurus x Scorpio
Aries x Taurus
Edit: how could I forget one of my all time favourites (same level as the ones described above): Aries x Scorpio - I LOVE the energy between those two and just this double-mars thing just really does it for me, they’re so intense and powerful together man I love that.

Alright so acearo Feuilly and ace Enjolras who are super close and have basically borderline queer-platonic relationship but they don’t label it as that, they’re just friends

But they also are really affectionate towards each other and often use actions that would usually be considered romantic like kissing or holding hands etc but they both agree that it’s completely platonic and it’s just got their friendship works. That’s the level they’re comfortable with in terms of displaying platonic affection toward each other and it makes them both happy and fulfills sensual needs and!!! Just beautiful platonic soul mates Feuilly and Enjolras.

Korrasami, a discussion of

Korrasami is one of the biggest things to hit the internet this year, as the creators of the show, affectionately dubbed ‘Bryke’ by the fandom, decided to defy most expectation of them and provide  a fully fledged same-sex romance.

As the two canonically established bisexual ladies left the big screen, everyone, even the fans of the pairing, were in not a little shock. And while it’s not the largest possible step, it is the very first of its kind.

The pairing being canon, however, was not what surprised me. It was the fact that Nickelodeon allowed such a thing to be first showed and then stated so blatantly. A pleasant surprise. This and the common argument against the pairing (“It came out of no-where with no build up.”) are the reasons I’ve decided to take apart every scene involved in this romance, and pull it apart at a basic writing level. A fitting first post for this blog I intend to dedicate to talking about writing and my thoughts on the books/movies/shows I have seen and read. Or those I see and read in the future.

You weren’t surprised at all that they were the ending couple?

I feel this is a good point to start on. Yes. I was only surprised by how blatantly it was shown. The fact that they were going to be the final couple is fairly obvious if you study writing or literature. How so?

Well, first, let me talk about Bryke. As a pairing, in both ATLA and LOK, they have favoured a very subtle storytelling style, relying a lot on repetition. Repetition in this case is a story mechanic where the story repeats particular things for emphasis. My favourite thing about LOK was that Bryke used this mechanic to subtly imply a lot that was completely missed.

How this is important? Look again at the show. Watch every season closely and then wait for when they repeat specific poses, statements or actions. This is the basis for why Korrasami was a foregone conclusion by the time it was barely a few episodes into Book 4.

First of all, there is a major one that most people didn’t ever pick up on. It was this, after the building of the friendship in Book 3, that tipped me off that this was 90% the final canon couple for Korra. In the Finale for Book 3, there is a moment after Zaheer has been defeated, where Korra is lying in the arms of her father. When it changes scene to show Asami and Mako, there are two major pieces to note about this particular image. Despite a later shot confirming that the two of them are standing exactly side by side, the image is intentionally drawn to seem as if Asami is in front. This immediately states 'Asami is more important to Korra right now’. What with their burgeoning friendship, this means nothing romantic at all. However, take a careful note of the exact posture she is in. This is a distinct parallel to Book 1, where Mako is heading downwards into danger and Asami stands at the top of the stairs, holding the same worried position.

In an art where no repetition is accidental, that really started me thinking it was legitimate. It was shortly afterwards they put the nail in the coffin with yet another parallel. When Asami is holding Korra’s hand and offering to be there for her if she needs it, in itself it is a platonic gesture, but again, it parallels heavily to a romantic scene in Book 1. Where Mako was offering the same to Korra. These two scenes within a short period are really the first and biggest clue that Korrasami will be the end game couple, but as Book 4 sets out it only increases.

Early Book 4, the letters are a tip off, in and of itself. It was an expression of a deeper level of trust than she ever achieved with Mako, again, alone it could be taken as platonic, but together, evidence is not to be ignored because individually they can mean something entirely different.

Later, when she finally reaches Republic City, take note of the hugs. Her hug with Asami is longer and more meaningful than any of the other hugs that Team Avatar have. Her blushing is another big hint, especially as Bryke have specifically confined blushing to romantic situations for a majority of their work. Also the fact that they are both very aware of the other’s physical appearance.

Another big hint that I feel was missed here is that Asami actually snapped at Korra. She has, prior to that moment, almost never gotten angry at the Avatar, and has even defended her at times when it would be understandable to be angry at her. (See the whole Korra/Asami/Mako love triangle.) Also note the specific words she said. “disappear for 3 years” is the key phrase here. Her frustration isn’t about her questioning Asami’s sudden renewed acquaintance with her father, but the fact that Korra vanished without a trace. Asami was afraid of losing the Avatar. (A sentiment she re-iterates after the finale.)

In fact, their obvious romantic tension isn’t even lost on Mako, whose detective senses lead him to commenting on it. (“What’s up with you two?”)

Later, during their train escapade, there are some big subtle hints as well. Korra’s immediate protectiveness of Asami during battle, and of all the people to pick up around the waist when air-bending the group from the top of the train, it is Asami. After they land, the one she immediately makes sure is okay and only looks relieved after seeing is okay is, once again, the beautiful Ms. Sato.

Also it would be wise to look closely at the hug. Korra is literally resting her head on the shoulders of Asami, and the inclusion of Mako in the hug seems like an afterthought more than a main thought.

Next, during the recap episode, there isn’t much individually except for one line that immediately stuck out to me. Korra’s compliment of Asami (“You’re sweet”) when she brings the tea is a rather big phrase. I saw a post on Tumblr earlier in the week that really sums up the meaning of this, the author of said post was fangirling to her father over the scene, and before she had said exactly what Korra had said, the father stated “If she said 'thanks’ or 'that’s sweet of you’, they’re most likely just friends. If she said 'you shouldn’t have’ she possibly recognises the other’s feelings and doesn’t reciprocate. If she said 'you’re sweet’ or similar, it’s possibly romantic”. I may have incorrectly quoted it, I don’t remember the post fully and couldn’t find it with a quick google search, but the point I’m trying to make stands. The direct phrasing of that simple comment is quite telling, as it directly inferences what is most important to Korra in terms of her appreciation. As a friend, the action is the foremost, as romantic interest, the person is the foremost. This may not directly cover every real life relationship, but it is often the case in writing.

Then we’re onto the finale, and this is where the pieces come together. There is a subtle moment before the very end I’d like to point out, as when Korra returns with Kuvira, during the mass-hug as Kuvira is being lead away, Asami is resting her head on Korra in a parallel to the train episode’s hug. A moment later, during the wedding of Varrick and Zhu Li, as Bolin talks about True Love being fickle and hard to find, it specifically pans over Asami and Korra sitting side by side. Returning to Bryke’s use of parallels, the final scene was a direct parallel of Aang/Katara’s final scene, and just moments before, Varrick and Zhu Li’s wedding.

And this is just the list of notable scenes, in Season 3, while the friendship was building,there are some moments that could be read as being setup for the romance. I didn’t include them because they were both unnecessary, and they weren’t very clearcut and not important to discussion.

So, why does it seem like most of it was interaction that could be just friends?

Because… that’s what it was? This is actually one of the things that really bothers me about people reviewing and watching it. They miss the entire point of the entire scene AND the build up. They were friends who had romantic interest in each other RIGHT up until the final scene. They both didn’t show it most of the time, and the few times they did, it was very subtle.

The final scene? That was basically two friends cautiously finding out their romantic interest was reciprocated, and then asking out on the first date. Literally that’s what the spirit world vacation was, a first date kind of thing. Up until that final scene, they were still 'just’ friends.

So yes, of course most of their interaction was platonic based. They were foremost friends. In actual fact, that is one of the reasons I love the pairing. Because it was based off a friendship, and refused to compromise that friendship for forcing the romance. It grew slowly, and we only get to see the very FIRST step on the path of romance in the very final scene. The romance does not take precedence over anything. While I certainly wish Bryke had more time to do things with both the story and the romance, the budget cuts were rather limiting.

This is also why I prefer the ending without a kiss.

I’ve seen so many 'I wish they’d kissed but Nick’ posts. This is something I disagree with. They’d only just discovered that each other felt the same way, it was a tender moment, but at the same time, it really encapsulated their romance overall. It was a slow growth. This is a major contrast to the mess of the Mako/Korra/Asami love triangle, which was constantly fast and based more on passions than trust. Trust and understanding is the basis of Korrasami.

One last thing

Korra never raised her voice or yelled at Asami. The anger was never directly thrown at her. That is true throughout every book. Not a romantic fact, but a curious one.

I would love any and all comments/thoughts/so forth. I love to debate and talk writing and writing mechanics.