this works on both platonic and romantic levels

Arisasa Week! December 14 - 20, 2015.

Are you a fan of Arima and Sasaki? Do you ship them romantically, platonically, or otherwise? If so, we invite you to join 2015’s second Arisasa Week!

Works of all media and skill levels are accepted! Whether you draw fan art, write fan fiction, cosplay, create graphics, make fan mixes, or anything else you are more than welcome to join!

Each day of the week will have two prompts. You may choose only one or combine both, and you may interpret them however you like!

  • Day 1 - First snowfall / Winter
  • Day 2 - Training / Quinque
  • Day 3 - Memories / Healing
  • Day 4 - Glasses / Coats
  • Day 5 - Food / Hunger
  • Day 6 - Home / Holiday
  • Day 7 - Birthday / Rest

As with other fan weeks, there are a few rules:

  • Both early and late submissions are accepted. We want to encourage as many to participate as are able, so please do not allow the scheduled dates to discourage you.
  • For fan art and fan fiction, all work must be your own. Collaborations are accepted, however.
  • For graphics, edits, and fan mixes, if you use fan art in your work please obtain the creator’s permission and provide proof of it (for fan mixes, this refers to the mix cover). 
  • Include a description that indicates which day and which prompt(s) your work is for, and tag your work as #arisasaweek or #arisasaweek2015. If we do not reblog your work, it’s possible we did not see it. Feel free to send us an ask if you believe we have overlooked your work.
  • NSFW and R-18 works are welcome, however we ask that you tag it as such for those who may want to avoid it. Please also tag sensitive or potentially triggering content with the respective tags.
  • If you would like to share anonymously or don’t want to post your work on your blog, you are welcome to submit directly to the blog. To submit anonymously, log out of tumblr and enter the name field in the submit box with “anon” or “anonymous”.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to send an ask and we will reply as soon as we can! Please help spread the word about this event by reblogging this post!