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06/11/16 || I was quite productive today, I’ve finished all my notes (you can see how pretty and colorful they look in the picture ⬆️) and I’ve read one full chapter of one of the books I have to read for my approching exam, I now have just one chapter left.

NaNoWriMo update = I’ve hit 10K words today 🎉 and I’m so happy about it. It’s going good so far, I hope to keep this up.

I’m happy now. I’ve finally come to terms with the fact that you will never love me the way I loved you. You never did and you never will. I spent a year saying that you left me but I realize now that you weren’t there in the first place. I understand that I’ll have to live out my entire life to say this with any validity, but as far as I know right now, you are the love of my life. You always will be and there’s no getting over you. There will always be those songs that remind me of us, or what I thought was “us.” Those nights I fell asleep thinking of you with either butterflies in my stomach or tears staining my pillowcase will always mean something. You will always mean something. And yes I love him, but no, not the way I loved you. After all, I loved you with my entire heart and I’m just loving him with what’s left. You were my first love as well as one of my best friends and you’ve come and gone. But I’m okay with that.
—  I never had a chance

“Something sickening to stomach in this life is the fact that we are all going to learn and grow at a pace that will hurt people. But right now I am writing to tell you that I am furious with my own pace, furious that I could be holding the candlestick of a microphone for this many years and let it burn this far down without shining a hell of a lot more light on the truth of what I know white is. You know what white is? White is having somebody tell you you’d be a pleasure to hang, having a whole lot of people agree, and not even thinking to lock your fucking door that night. White is knowing that if somebody is going to be hung, you are not the one. White is having all of Eric Garner’s air in your lungs.

No matter how queer you are, no matter how anything you are, if you are white, you have Eric Garner’s air in your lungs tonight and that means your breath is not yours to hold. That means our exhale is owed to mercy, to the riot of our unowned hearts, to the promise that who we weep and fight and tear down the fucking sun for will not only be our own faces in the mirror. To knowing that we cannot be married to apathy without wearing the rings of the fucking poplar tree. When our country is still lynching and still calling the hung bodies shade, when our country is right now rolling a red carpet from the blood that pours and people are dying for us to notice our footsteps are red, our silence is not a plastic gun, it is fully loaded. It has lethal aim.”

—  Andrea Gibson, A Letter to White Queers, A Letter To Myself

Okay here it is. I got 2 requests one where the reader had nightmares and one with the readers first time. (Both with Elijah) I have never written smut besides this so please tell me what was good and what i should change. 

There’s about 1.5 k words in this and an overuse of the word “Baby”

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I have never run that fast. My eyes started watering just from me thinking what he could do to me. I ran even faster. The man’s expression didn’t change. He looked murderous. He wanted to kill me. I had to run for my life. I looked over my shoulder to see how far i had gotten, but i couldn’t see him. Before i even knew it i ran into him. I let out a scream struggling against him.

“WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME” i yelled, kicking and screaming to get away from my killer. “LET ME GO”

“I’m gonna kill you.” he said before extending his fangs, and digging into my neck.

I woke up screaming next to Elijah. He quickly got up and turned on the lights. I was breathing quickly, and there were tears streaming down my cheeks. I kept seeing the man following me.

“Y/N. Y/N. HEY HEY RELAX” Elijah yelled over my sobbing and screaming. He put his arm around my trembling body pulling me close to his body. “Hey tell me what happened” he said after i relaxed a little.

“I… i love you Elijah but i’m scared” i cried. I didn’t want to be scared of his vampire side. But what if he one day lost control. I didn’t know how to tell him. How should you tell someone you’re scared of something that’s a part of them. “What if you lose control.” i whispered.

“It could happen. But no matter what i would never hurt you” he whispered. I relaxed a little more. I noticed how we were now laying. Elijah was on his elbow while i was on my back. I leaned up and kissed him lightly, but before i knew it he had his hand behind my head bringing me in again.  

“Elijah…” i whispered but he caught me off with another kiss. I kissed him back rougher than before. I pushed him so i was on top of him. I straddled his waist and started kissing his neck.

“Y/N… Stop.” Elijah said when he realised it had gone too far. I was a virgin and i was actually really uncomfortable about anything regarding sex. Elijah knew i wanted to wait and he knew how i felt about it. He had been so kind telling me that he was fine waiting, and that he was totally okay with whatever i decided to do.

“Elijah i wanna do this” i whispered still slightly uncomfortable. I did and to have sex with Elijah, but i was scared. The man is 1000 years old, he had probably slept with countless of women, and done everything in the book. And here he is with a virgin who knows everything she knows sex ed and like two tumblr posts.

“You sure love. You don’t have to do anything you don’t wanna do” he lifted his hand to tuck a piece of hair behind my hear. I smiled knowing he meant what he said. He really did care for me. That alone made me decide i wanted Elijah to be my first time.

“I’m sure.” i said. Elijah flipped me over so that i was on my back, and he was hovering over me. He pulled off his shirt revealing his toned body. I had seen Elijah shirtless before but this was different. It was so intimate. I ran my hand from his shoulder to the waistband of his sweats. Before i could even think to pull them off him Elijah grabbed my hand stopping me. I was about to ask why he did it but when he pulled of my tank top making naked waist up i shut up. I brought my hands up trying to cover my breasts with my hands.

“Don’t. Y/N you are so beautiful you really don’t need to hide anything from me” he said pulling my arms away from my chest. He leaned down and kissed me before starting to kiss my jawline and neck. I moaned slightly when he sucked a hickey on my neck. I blushed embarrassed at the sounds he could get out of me. “Don’t be embarrassed baby” Elijah laughed before returning to my skin.

“I am though. I don’t know why.” i whispered heart flushing to my cheeks. I wanted to cry in that moment. I didn’t even know that having someone kiss my neck would feel good. I felt the tears burning in my eyes and i tried desperately to blink them away so that Elijah didn’t notice.

“Hey what’s wrong. Do you wanna stop” he asked getting up. I pulled the covers over my exposed body before replying.

“I don’t wanna stop it’s just… you have been with so many people and i don’t know… i feel like if we do this and i’m bad, you’ll leave” i said now there were tears streaming down my face. I knew Elijah wouldn’t do something like that, but a part of me was scared he was gonna be disappointed.

“Hey i’ll never leave, and i know you’re gonna be great. And yeah you don’t know anything but you’ll learn. I’ll teach you” he said the last part with a smirk on his face. I dropped the covers and pulled Elijah back on the bed. We started making out again and this time when he started kissing down my body i didn’t stop him. He placed my nipple in his mouth and sucked on it. I moaned again and again i felt embarrassed but i didn’t stop him. Elijah started kissing further down my body until he reached the waistband of my nightshorts. He pulled them down revealing my black panties. He got up and pulled his own sweatpants off. I had never seen Elijah this exposed before.

“You’re so beautiful baby” he whispered while pulling down my panties. I smiled at his sweet words. Nobody could ever make me feel as good as Elijah did. He got up and pulled his own boxers off before reattaching his lips to mine. I kissed him back with passion.

“Elijah, please i’m ready” i whined when i felt his dick rub against me. I wanted him no matter how scared i was. Elijah grabbed my hand and kissed me but this time it was sweet and slow. I felt him at my entrance. He pushed t´just the tip in but i already felt tears in my eyes. It hurt so bad. I tried keeping the tears away but they surfaced.

“Baby do you want to stop” Elijah asked wiping the hears away from my face. I shook my head no and told him to keep going. I could see on him how much he hated hurting me. “Baby you’re hurting” he said trying to pull out again.

“Elijah it’s gonna hurt if we do it now or if we do it 100 years from now. Please” i whispered trying to hold back the tears and pretend like it didn’t hurt that much. He slid back in and this time without stopping.

“Are you okay baby. Tell me when to move” he sighed. The feeling confused me. It hurt but at the same time i felt a bit of pleasure. I nodded my head telling Elijah to move. The first time he did it hurt as much as the first time he entered me. He kept moving and after a while the pain disappeared and i started feeling pleasure. Only pleasure.

“Elijah” i moaned quietly. He smirked and leaned down to kiss my lips again.  I kept moaning his name feeling more confident. Elijah grabbed my legs and put them around his legs and the feeling got way more intense.

“Fuck” i moaned as Elijah picked up his pace. I only realised what i had said when he chuckled. I never curse. I rarely imagined this moment but the few times i did i never imagined cursing. I blushed and tried to hide my face.

“Don’t baby.” he said and pulled my arm away. He quickened his thrusts and i felt an unfamiliar built up in my stomach.

“Elijah” i said unsure of what was happening. He grabbed my hands before whispering in my ear.

“Let go baby.” he told me. I did as he said and felt unbelievable pleasure run through my body. Elijah came quickly after me. He rolled off me and pulled me closer to him. “Are you okay love” he asked and i nodded my head. I had never been more okay than in that moment.

—  And yes, you’re going to need all of it. My attention spans from here to there– and if you’re here, I would be too. But if you’re there, my words can only reach so far, the world keeps us trapped inside of our heads. A world filled with poetry still sleeps on my bed, some views lose colors, but I’ve been wondering about you. You who claims the starry night isn’t just black. It’s different shades of grey that’s too blended, we’re just too small to understand. An insignificant life trying to make like the weather– it’ll snow one of these days, a warming in my lungs. I’ve been wanting to sing, but I’ll write instead. You who claims that my voice is made from watercolors, you’re waiting to paint my words into truth– I’m the worst kind of liar, but I can’t seem to lie to you. I’m not okay, so I write too much. I’m the worst kind of honesty, I just don’t know when to shut up. So I spill like ink and I drown like waves of things we shouldn’t say, so I guess I’ll say it. You have my attention, but I still miss you in between shut eye and deep sleep. I guess the world is still sleeping on my bed, and if I dream anything– just paint me into the different shades of black. I’m not bright at all, not at all. Wouldn’t you know, these words are all that I am. A poem waiting to be read, but still– I’m unwritten.
Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo

Wang So: The late king Taejo’s last words were that life is fleeting. It is short and in vain. He said that life is so short. But I think that he was wrong. You and I are together like this, so how could it be in vain? I feel nervous whenever you have that facial expression. I feel like you’re going to leave me and go far away.  What are you afraid of? What are you hiding?  

Hae Soo: It’s just… I feel anxious every day while I live here. Every step that I take… I feel I must be cautious, like I’m walking on thin ice.  sometimes, I feel like I cannot breathe.

Wang So: even though you have me? you still feel that way?

Hae Soo:  If we had met in another world and at another time, I was thinking how great that would have been. If only that could be…I would’t fear anything. I could freely…Truly, I could freely love you all I wanted. 

Wang So: If we are not from the same world…I will find you. My…Soo.

I sat waiting, praying for the time to go back instead of forward.
I looked at my wrists and remembered just how feeble I felt inside.
I just wanted to leave behind all the stains you left on me.
So I walked hoping to get as far away from this town as possible.
I ran and with each step I tried to pretend I was leaving everything behind, as if in a few steps I’d be in a new world with a new life.
The air burnt my lungs and I sat on the cold hard ground, imagining that this is how my heart must feel.
I cried, not one of those sobs where your entire body shakes and your head hurts and your chest feels like its caving in.
It was a soft silent cry and I knew in that moment that the old me was dead and gone
Lost somewhere in the wind and now here I was dead, empty and cold.
Here lies Katasha Jarvis.
—  (193/365) by (KJ)
Lately you’ve been on my mind. I’ve memorized the way you look when you smile, that goofy and adorable half-smile of yours, never showing any teeth because hey, you’re a boy, and boys don’t show emotion, right? or so I’ve been told. I’ve imagined sitting with you on a clear night gazing at the stars and making pointless wishes on shooting stars because secretly, my wish was you, and in my perfect dream, that wish came true. I can still feel the tingles that rushed through my body when I saw you this morning, remember my smile getting so big, animated and cartoon-like because the thought of you makes me unbelievably happy. So, yes, I’ve been trying to move on with my life, but lately, you are my life.
—  9:55PM// I’m already too invested in you, this unrequited love

you know i never thought i even would have a future and then during my senior year my Spanish teacher told me i would go off and do great things into the world because of the type of person that i am and that i would go very far and honestly that’s kept me going so never tell me that words and tone don’t have an impact on someone’s life

It’s an Economic Downturn, Timmy

Happy Birthday @generatorcat! Yay for 23!!! You are one of my favorite authors in this fandom and I wanted to show some appreciation!!  I hope you have a fabulous day and that this little piece can possibly get you off to a great start! <33

(S/O to @drabblemeister for being my cheerleader when my self-esteem is feeling especially delicate haha ilu)

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Pairing: JayTim (mentioned CassieKon)

Rating: T, for discussion of mature themes

Word Count: 3.7k


As far as first impressions went, Tim’s was sudden, unwarranted, and above all, intensely embarrassing. In fact, he might even go so far as to say that never in his life had his mind been so utterly at odds with his body. If he could have redone a single moment in his life over again, he never would have woken up today. Instead, he would have slept in, skipped class, and been blissfully ignorant of the way the life of his unlucky doppelganger from an alternate universe changed so dramatically in the space of ten seconds.

Because let’s be real for a moment here; getting a hard on out of nowhere because the new TA did nothing more than walk into Econ 405 and run his fingers through his hair while he introduced himself , literally nothing else, was possibly, probably, most definitely the epitome of humiliation.

“I’m so screwed.”

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12 Days of Check, Please! Christmas

Day 4: Shopping for gifts (prompts by @nsfwzimbits)
a/n – if y’all notice any errors, I’m sorry. somehow all of the dictionaries got deleted from my word processor and I don’t edit nearly enough to catch everything. 

For the life of him, Dex had no idea what to get Jack for Christmas.

And it was all Nursey’s fault. As usual.

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Smoke: Part 10

Story Summary: You knew Bucky and Steve back when you were kids. When they both disappeared in the war, you let Peggy experiment on you with the serum. It had a different effect on you than it had on Steve, and you’ve spent your life in hiding. What will happen when you finally make yourself known?
Word Count: 1,949
Warnings: lots and lots of fluff, angst. Frustration for you guys, probably. 😘
A/N: This is one of my favorite chapters I’ve written so far, so I hope you guys like it!

When you reached Stark Tower, Bucky immediately carried you to his room, your backpack now over his shoulder. He set you down on his bed gently, walking into his bathroom. “You’re going to take a shower, and then I’m gonna get you bandaged up.” He called to you, and you heard the shower start running. You grabbed your bag, pulling out an oversized shirt and fresh pair of underwear, along with your shampoo, conditioner and body wash. You found yourself thankful that Steve had packed your bag. He knew exactly what to grab for you. You stood up slowly, heading towards the bathroom. Bucky stood in the doorway after letting you through, just staring at you. “I really am sorry.” He said softly, and you turned to look at him after you set your stuff down on the counter. “It really is okay, Buck. You didn’t know it would happen today.” You told him, tucking your hair behind your ears. “But I knew it would happen. I shouldn’t have left you alone like that.” You shrugged, “You won’t always be there to protect me, Buck.. Sometimes, things are going to happen.” He shook his head at you. “No. I can’t accept that. I don’t want anything to happen to you.”. He was getting upset just thinking about it. “We can’t always get what we want.” You told him softly, and he bit into his lip as he stared at you. “That’s not fair.” He whispered, and you smiled sadly at him. “Look.. I feel really gross, so I’m going to shower, now.. We can finish this talk after, okay?” You said, walking towards him so you could shut the door. “Promise?” He breathed, before he stepped out of the doorway. You nodded, “I promise.”, and with that, you shut the door quietly.

You had forgotten how much hot water can sting fresh wounds, and as soon as you stepped in the shower, you hissed at the contact. Eventually, the sting went away, and it was soothing. You stood under the water longer than you should’ve after you washed yourself off, trying to ignore how pink the water had turned as it pooled in the bottom of the shower. You must have been bleeding pretty badly. You heard a knock at the door, and jumped, wrapping your arms around yourself. The door cracked open, and you heard Bucky’s voice, “Are you okay?”. “Y-Yeah, I’ll be out in a minute.” You called, trying to calm your erratic heartbeat. It was just Bucky, after all.

You stepped out of the shower, drying off and wrapping yourself in the towel that Bucky had left for you, and examined yourself in the mirror. You had a busted lip, for sure, and your left eye was a little bruised, but it would go away soon, You were sure. You opened the towel slowly, examining your stomach, which was covered by a huge purple bruise. You cringed just from looking at it. It was still sore, too. You put your towel in Bucky’s laundry hamper, along with your dirty clothes, before changing into your shirt and underwear. You found a brush on the counter and tugged it through your hair, getting all of the knots out before you slowly opened the bathroom door, seeing him sitting on the end of his bed.

You slowly walked towards him, wrapping your arms around yourself. “Hey.” You said when you approached him, and he looked up at you, “Hello.” He breathed, standing up and towering over you. “How are you feeling?” he asked, and you shrugged. “My ribs hurt a little, still. They’re pretty bruised.” He nodded, “Can I see?” He asked, and you hesitated, chewing on your lip. “I just wanna make sure nothing is broken.” He assured you, crossing his arms over his chest. “Fine.” You whispered, grabbing the hem of your shirt and pulling it up to reveal your stomach. You tried to ignore the way his eyes traveled up and down your legs before he finally looked at your stomach. He knelt in front of you, resting his hands on your sides gently as he examined the bruises. You could hear his breathing become louder, and you knew he was getting angry. “Buck..” You whispered, pulling your shirt back down over your stomach. He didn’t move from where he was kneeling, and his hands stayed where they were, under your shirt. “Buck, stand up.” You pleaded, but he didn’t budge. “I should have been there.” He whispered to you, resting his head against your stomach softly.

You lifted your hands slowly, placing them in his hair, tangling your fingers in it gently. “Buck.. It’s not your fault.. I’m not mad at you.” You told him, but he just growled. “You should be.” He lifted your shirt again, his eyes boring holes in the bruises. “I did this to you.” He whispered, and you shook your head, trying to pull your shirt back down, but his hands held it up firmly. “Buck, please. Just forget about it. The bruises will fade in a few days, I’ll be fine.” You tried to reason with him, but he wouldn’t hear it. You almost thought you were hallucinating when you felt his lips on your stomach, leaving a feather soft kiss on the bruise. You sucked in a breath, your hands finding his shoulders, trying to push him off of you. “Don’t.” You whispered, but he placed another kiss on your stomach, his hands tightening on your waist. You felt your face heat up as you gasped, and you pushed him back, harder, and he finally released you. "You can’t do that!” You cried, feeling tears prick your eyes. You took a few steps away from him, and he stayed on his knees, his eyes boring into you. "You can’t do that..” You said, again, softer this time. He bit into his lip, standing up and walking over to you, slowly. You took a step back for each one he took forward, and he eventually had you backed against the wall.

His hand found your face, cupping it gently, and his thumb rubbed over your lower lip, making you hiss as he touched the cut on it. “I did this to you..” He repeated, as his thumb moved up, running over the bruise under your eye. He leaned forward, and you shut your eyes, feeling his breath on your face. His lips touched the bruise softly, and you pushed his chest harshly, turning your face away from him. “Please, stop.” You breathed, and he rested his forehead against your shoulder. “I’m sorry.” He whispered, his hand dropping from your face to your waist. “You can’t do things like this, Buck. It’s killing me.” You told him, and he let out a breath. “I know.. and I know it sounds weird, but.. Even though I can’t remember a thing about you.. This feels so.. right.” He told you, his lips finding your shoulder softly. You whimpered, pushing him away from you. "I’m sorry. I don’t know whats wrong with me.” He growled, running his fingers through his hair. You wrapped your arms around yourself, watching him carefully. “Nothing is wrong with you. You just.. Can’t remember me.” You told him, watching as he waged an internal battle with himself. “But I feel like I should remember you.. Its like.. I feel like I know you, but there’s no proof. You seem so familiar..” He came back over to you, taking your face back in his hands, “You feel so familiar.” He breathed as he rested his forehead against yours.

You rested your hands on his chest, ready to push him away at any moment. “But, you don’t know me.” You whispered to him, biting into your lip. He let out a loud sigh, his lips finding your forehead. “I think.. what happened today.. changed something.” He said slowly. “What do you mean?” You asked softly, looking up at him. “Seeing you like that.. like this.. It feels like I’ve forgotten something, and its right on the tip of my tongue.. I can almost taste it.” He tried explaining himself to you, and you just watched him, his eyebrows furrowed and his lips were chapped from chewing on them so much, his hair was a tangled mess, and his eyes were so light today, almost like ice. You couldn’t help but acknowledge how beautiful he looked in that moment. “Give it time, Buck.. It’ll come back to you.” You told him, and his eyes met yours. "When you called me James, I felt it too.. That’s why I told you not to call me that anymore.” He whispered, and you cocked your head to the side. “Do you.. not want to remember me?” You asked, confused. He bit into his lip before answering. “What if.. I can’t be who you remember?” He wondered, and you let out a small laugh, your hands caressing his face softly. “I’d love you, no matter what, James, but this isn’t about me.. It’s about you.” He leaned into your touch, closing his eyes slowly. “So familiar.” He breathed, and you felt your heart clench in your chest.

“Buck..” He opened his eyes to look at you, and you let your hands fall from his face slowly. You closed your eyes, letting out a long breath. “I..” You took a step back, and his hands fell from your face. “I’m sorry.. I just.. I can’t be that close to you, and have this conversation.” He stayed put, putting his hands in his pockets. “Why?” He asked, and you shook your head. “Because then I’ll just say a bunch of stuff, and scare you away again. Or I’ll do something incredibly stupid, like kiss you..” You paused, and you saw him bite into his lip as his face turned a light shade of pink. “That would be stupid..” He whispered, and you shook your head. “Kissing you isn’t stupid, that’s not what I mean.. I just.. I can’t lose you again.. and if that means that I need to keep my distance and not talk to you about my feelings.. then that’s what I have to do.” You stammered, and he nodded at you slowly. “I don’t.. mind hearing about your feelings, though.. or being close to you.. It’s not you thats the problem.” He said. “Then why did you leave…?” You asked softly, feeling nervousness bubble in your stomach. He ran a hand through his hair, closing his eyes tightly. “I’m.. I’m afraid of how I feel when I’m around you.. Its like.. I’m at home with you.” He said quietly, and you nodded. “But you don’t know why..” You stated, and he nodded. “That’s why I left before you woke up.. I was staring at you, and.. fuck, you’re beautiful.. and I just..” He paused, opening his eyes and staring at you. "I can see why I loved you.. and I can feel it.. It’s like all the feelings are there, but the memories are missing.. I feel crazy for having feelings for a stranger.” You felt your cheeks heat up, and your heart started to beat erratically in your chest. “You.. have feelings… for me?” You breathed, almost not believing what you were hearing. He nodded, taking slow steps towards you. "I do..”

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Dear Yuri On Ice fandom

I love you guys, but this ship policing when it comes to Yuri Pilsetsky is too much. I get it, you wanna protect his innocence and thats all fine and good. But why are y'all getting in a fit over a three year age difference?
I could understand when you through a fit about shipping Yuri P. With Viktor or Yuuri K. Because of those age differences. But now I think some of you guys are throwing around the word ‘pedophile’ a bit too much. Yuri P. is three months from being 16. 3! I want you to tell me what is so bad about a three year age difference? Leo and Guang Hong Ji both 19 and 17 respectively, and people are shipping the hell outta of them. It is the exact same age differance and I dont see you same antis bitching and moaning about them. Even if I go as far as real life you see this type of relationship all the time. Hell one of my friends is in a relationship someone three years older. (She just turned 18 and hes 21) Plus, where both Yuri P. a Otabek are from the age of consent is 16.
Plus if you want to go one step further, the show has been stated to be set in 2013. If we go by this year it is, 2016, which would make Yuri P. 18 soon to be 19 and Otabek 21/22. Is the age difference ok now? Or are you still going to complain?
At this point in time when you compare Yuri P. to Otabek, Yuri is not a child. He is a young adult. He can make his own decisions about what he wants to do in regards to any relationship with him. At the moment this is just a friendship with the possibility of becoming romantic. And if does become romantic does it really matter? At the end of the day this ship is fiction.
Frankly ship what you want or dont. I respect what you do and dont ship. My problem is when I’m looking through tags for ships I like, I find hate calling us who like this ship are gross and disgusting human beings. Or saying their going to block everyone in this tag. Chill. You are going a bit to far. We go far enough to respect your ships, cant you do the same for us? Thats all we ask for. And to understand nothing is wrong with this three year age gap. Like I said, if can logically prove that is wrong using facts and proof, then go ahead tell me. Lets talk. But otherwise lets treat all the ships with respect. Because I will ship and write Otayuri all damn day. But all I want is respect for all ships in this fandom minus the name calling and rude accusations. Thank you.

I love you no matter how far away you may be or how long I have to go without seeing you. I have gotten used to being away from you but that doesn’t mean how I feel has changed. Seeing other couples together hurts a little inside every time just knowing they have everything they could want. It sucks, but that doesn’t mean I will never have that. I already do, it’s just not in front of me. This was a decision we both made and I don’t regret it, I don’t wish I was with someone else here and I don’t blame the distance. Distance was the reason we found each other, it wont be the reason we lose each other. I love you for all that you are, all that you have been and all that you have yet to be. That will never change.
First thoughts on Sweet Sixteen

As I write this I am in tears. This was my favorite episode and the most beautiful one yet.

Zayadora was cute as always. Smarkle was adorable and even though I am a Riarkle shipper I would root for Smarkle too. 

The whole Lucas, Smackle, Farkle scene was the sweetest. It kind of bothered me that they skirted around the word “love”. But I also understand that they are still trying to figure this relationship out. 

I found it very interesting that Riley was unsure of her and Lucas, but Lucas made a comment about Riley and Farkle. (I want to go back and really dissect that scene)

The end scene by far is my favorite. I loved that it wasn’t just a yes or no. There are decisions in life that are to be prayed over, thought over, pro/conned over. They aren’t split second yes or no decisions. Life throws us curve balls and through these we grow. It was beautifully done. 

I also just remembered that Maya came full circle. This was a wonderful thing to see. 

On a side note: It is episodes like this one that make me wonder why Disney would EVER think to cancel this show. They are doing a disservice to their audience. For the younger audience to see how Riley and Maya work through this in a world where nothing is permanent and most people don’t stay in the place that they are born in is a wonderful lesson. For the older audience so help us in learning how to help our children through trials like these. Disney company for lack of better words are a bunch of idiots. I am extremely disappointed that this show is not allowed to continue. You should be ashamed of yourselves. 

Damn, Horikoshi. So I’ve been trying to find this article for a while because seeing ‘mountain climbing’ on Kacchan’s profile immediately reminded me of it; the whole thing is interesting but here are the relevant parts:

As Matthew Barlow, a postdoctoral researcher in sports psychology at Bangor University, Wales, puts it: “Climbing something like Everest is boring, toilsome and about as far from an adrenaline rush as you can get.”

A climber himself, Barlow suspected that sensation-seeking theory has long been misapplied to mountaineers. His research suggests that, compared to other athletes, mountaineers tend to possess an exaggerated “expectancy of agency”. In other words, they crave a feeling of control over their lives. Because the complexities of modern life defy such control, they are forced to seek agency elsewhere. As Barlow explains: “To demonstrate that I have influence over my life, I might go into an environment that is incredibly difficult to control – like the high mountains.”

Flirting with mortality, in other words, is part of the appeal. “If you can escape death or dodge fatal accidents, it allows you the illusion of heroism, even though I don’t think it’s truly heroic,” says David Roberts, a mountaineer, journalist and author based in Massachusetts. “It’s not like playing poker where the worst that could happen is you lose some money. The stakes are ultimate ones.”

Barlow and colleagues also found that mountaineers believe that they struggle emotionally, especially when it came to loving partner relationships. They may compensate for this by becoming experts at dealing with emotions in another, more straightforwardly terrifying realm. “The emotional anxiety of everyday life is confusing, ambiguous and diffuse, and you don’t know the source of it,” Barlow says. “In the mountains, the emotion is fear, and the source is clear: if I fall, I die.”

As far as concepts go, “prime time of your life” by daft punk and “time” by pink floyd are very similar. They both bring on this sense of existential dread, but Prime Time is absolutely harrowing, especially with that music video. Daft Punk got their message across in nine words and some audio effects and it chills me to the bone (pun unintended) every time. Time is my favorite of the two, but Prime Time punches so much harder, and better…and faster and stronger (I also did not intend to do that it kind of just happened)


Sodapop get’s conscripted…

“Darry, it’s okay” Sodapop whispered, his voice was broken- it wasn’t okay and he knew that. 

“No!” He hissed, his hands gripping his little brothers shoulders tightly. “No Sodapop, it’s not okay! It’s so far from okay! They can’t have you too! You hear me? They can’t have my little brother!” 

Sodapop didn’t say a word, he just held onto Darry for dear life as sobs wracked through the older Curtis brother’s body. 

“I won’t let them take you!” Darry mumbled. “You’re staying here, you’re staying here with me, promise you won’t go!” 

“Darry, I have to go… if I don’t I’ll go to jail.” He murmured softly. 

“You gotta fight, you hear?” Darry pleaded, forcing his younger brother to look him in the eye. “You gotta fight and you gotta come back home to us. Do whatever you have to do to survive. I can’t lose you! Ponyboy can’t lose you, I need you. I can’t do this on my own! I- I can’t lose another person… promise me you’ll fight! Promise me you’ll come back”

“I promise, Darry, I promise I’ll come back home to you guys.” 

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Prompt:  pls do more chris beck, i dont have a specific request its just that WE NEED MORE CHRIS BECK. I NEED MORE CHRIS BECK IN MY LIFE. hahhah i love you guys!

Word Count: 1600ish


Authors Note: We got the call for more Beck and that call has been answered. This is going to be a series that hopefully will be updated weekly. Let me know what you all think! Hermaion is Greek meaning “a lucky find.”

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Train Hoppers

We are the residents
Of the ghosts of towns
Once Thriving
The offspring of a life
That once could lead an uprising
We’re stuck in a war
Between generations, between lives
Stuck in an endless cycle
Of love
Of disrespect
The lights of dreams
Of going far
Slowly fading from tired eyes

The train hoppers have begun again
Our voices rising to be heard
Whilst people in society will do all
To make sure we don’t speak another word
Train hoppers want to live
We want to survive and to fly
But we know that it’s hard
It will take a keen eye
And so many feel stuck where we are
In the tired, dying towns
And we wait
We wait
To find some way around