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Even if you could do all those things, but how could you be someone who could do that? The world would know that you were the one that betrayed every last one of our partners. Betray the memory of Charles Vane. 

Charles Vane is dead. I’d do it for us. It’s how it started. It’s how it’s going to end.

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hi—i'm here for the 'even more 7x12 discussion' group meeting? let's pore over it some more! after hours of study, i think my (current) fave part is after rick talks about "the two of us, you and me reordering thangs together" (*sob*) and michonne says that soft "yeah" and he smiles this small, tender, and proud ghost of a smile and it breaks me into precisely 712 pieces because riiiick! you angel. you gruff, no-ass having, utterly in love, fool of an angel. i just really love him, ashley. god.

“you angel. you gruff, no-ass having, utterly in love, fool of an angel.” I want this tattooed on my neck.

Okay, but somehow, I missed this in my 8430 viewings of this episode, but bless you for bringing it to my attention. Even though it makes me wanna cry, because the way he stares at her for a beat before the smile even starts to tug at his lips is just a little bit too much. And when he does smile, you see it in his eyes more than anything, and I’m not sure how he manages to express in this millisecond just how thankful he is for this woman. And I just adore that he’s so genuinely happy with her, and soft with her in a way that reminds me of his scenes with Judith. So thanks, show, and more specifically, Andy Lincoln, for allowing this hardened soul to be so unabashedly affectionate. And for saving such tender moments for the love(s) of his life. 

just saw someone telling people to block them and die if they like killing/stalking and their icon was hannibal…do they know? are they aware? that he is y'know, also a serial killer?

Seeing haters comment “Flop Mix” on any social media site regarding news about LM, makes me roll my eyes and laugh at those people. Because according to extremely closed minded, bitter, childish haters these accomplishments equal “flops” (all this info is from LM Music Facts and there you can find all the receipts):

- Get Weird is currently the best selling album by a teen female act
- The Get Weird tour is the 7th biggest tour by a teen female act, grossing $22.5 million from only 43 shows
- The Get Weird tour is the 8th highest grossing tour of 2016 by a female act, and the 33th highest grossing tour overall of 2016
- The Get Weird tour holds the record for being the highest selling UK arena tour with over 300,000 tickets sold!
- Little Mix hold the record for being the UK’s biggest arena act this year and the second biggest this decade!
- Black Magic is the 2nd longest charting single by a girl group, in the UK, of ALL TIME! Record: 41 weeks
- Little Mix, Beyonce, and David Bowie are Sony UK’s best selling artists of the first half of 2016!
- LM are the only western girl group this decade to achieve BOTH a best selling single & album, in their home country.
- GW was the UK’s 9th biggest selling album of 2015 despite being out for less than 2 months.
- Little Mix are the only girl group this decade to achieve TWO #1s on Billboard’s Japan Hot Overseas chart!
- The Get Weird tour is the 14th biggest global tour of 2016, grossing an average of $649,659 per show
- In 2014, Little Mix made a cumulative total of $47,029,950 in ONE year; making them one of the richest girl groups!
- Get Weird sold more copies worldwide than every western girl group’s album DISCOGRAPHY COMBINED, this decade!
- Black Magic is the 9th best selling single by a girl group of ALL TIME, on the official singles chart.
- The Get Weird tour remains the biggest girl group tour this decade; having sold out the full majority of the venues!
- Shout Out To My Ex is #10 on Billboard’s Mexico Ingles Airplay chart
- Get Weird had the highest debut sales week by a western girl group, this decade! It sold 139,400 & remains unbeaten
- Get Weird is the first album by a girl group to get certified 2x platinum in the UK, in over 8 years!
- Shout Out To My Ex charted at #4 in South Africa
- Wings is the 3rd best selling song by a GG this decade in Australia & 1 out of only 3 GG singles to go 3x plat there
- Shout Out To My Ex has so far sold 160,000 in the US with no promo or radio play!
- So far, Shout Out To My Ex has sold 775,000 worldwide in pure sales and 885,000 with streams!
- Little Mix are the first UK girl group to have 2 Gold certified singles in the US since the Spice Girls 18 yrs ago
- Shout Out To My Ex is now certified GOLD in the UK
- As of Nov. 2016, Little Mix have 56 (+6) certifications (26 PLATINUM, 27 GOLD, 3 SILVER) & sold 18 MILLION records worldwide
- Glory Days sold 54,428 in pure sales and 2,727 streams, to bring a total of 57,151 sold for its second week in the UK
- Glory Days has reached number 1 in Ireland, making it their second #1 album there, after Get Weird
- Little Mix are the ONLY western girl group to have all 3 albums sell at least 500k WW (pure). They have 2 with +700k
- LM are best selling western girl group in Japan, having held half of the top 10 highest charting GG singles there.
- Glory Days is #1 for a 2nd week in the UK, making it the first girl group album to achieve this since the Spice Girls’ album, 15 years ago!
- Glory Days debuted at #9 in Spain, making it Little Mix’s highest charting album, after beating Get Weird’s peak of #15
- Shout Out To My Ex was the 17th best selling song worldwide. It sold 117,000; totaling 731,000 sold WW so far
- Little Mix have now sold 2,300,000 albums worldwide; in pure sales only
- Glory Days debuted at #4 on the United World Chart, with 135,000 sold worldwide! It was the best selling album by a female act, that week
- Little Mix are the only British girl group with 4 consecutive top 30 albums in the US; beating the Spice Girls, All Saints, Girls Aloud, etc
- Little Mix remain the decade’s richest western girl group, with a net worth of $25.6 MILLION
- Little Mix had a higher album debut week in their home country (both in sales & chart position), than any western girl group this decade!
- Glory Days surpassed Get Weird to become Little Mix’s highest charting album in Germany
- ARIA Album Charts [Australia]: 10. DNA, 4. Salute, 2. Get Weird, 2. Glory Days. And Little Mix are now the most certified girl group in Australia.

The list goes on and on, and if those accomplishments and success make Little Mix “flops”, then artists like Adele, Shawn Mendes, Ariana Grande etc must be the biggest “flops” of all. It doesn’t matter that majority of LM success is based in their home country, (and it’s still incredibly difficult to be successful even in your own country), so it’s still pretty impressive what LM have achieved. Get your head out of your ass and stop downgrading or diminish all the records that these girls have smashed, just because those records aren’t in the US. Success is still success no matter by who or which country it’s achieved in.


Like who he tryna kid though?

The Day will Come when you Won’t be (spoliers):

when the episode started:

when they won’t show who Negan killed:

when Abe made the peace sign to Sasha:

when Negan killed Abraham:

when Daryl punched Negan:


when Negan turned to Glenn:

when Glenn said goodbye to Maggie:

when Negan made Rick cut off Carl’s arm:

when Carl said “just do it”:

when Maggie tried to be strong for them and got up when nobody else could:

when Rosita and Sasha held hands over Abe’s body:

when that dream scene came up:


+ (bonus) dear Negan:


Aaron + wiping away tears (requested by @mylove4robron)