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So I have a “Facebook friend” who was celebrating and having a good old day chatting on Facebook about how the Muslim ban was a good idea. Today, she’s upset that her tires got slashed and she was stranded hours from her house because she had a Trump poster in her backseat. Now she’s upset that she’s been left stranded somewhere because of her views. I’m just like, gee isn’t that just terrible to be left stranded in an area because your views don’t mesh with others?


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I keep having a recurring dream of dancing in a forest clearing. With a man whose hair changes with ever step we take. We dance to a dark song, yet I feel comfort within this faceless man’s arms as he guides me over the leaves. Do you know what it means? I know I have never meet this man, but I feel as if I know him all too well. I can’t find him, for his hair is forever changing and his face is never there. I can’t find him for he has no name. I will find him, for who gives me the feeling he does within that dream, I know, is that man.

dopamine album song ramblings

10,000 emerald pools: hazy walks through river-filled forests, marveling at the wonders of nature. echoey caves giving an innate sense of the going-ons of the world, feeling magical, being immersed in deep aqua cavernous pools of water, inhaling a fresh perspective on life, deciding, this is what i live for.

dug my heart: an edgy love story between two girls who wanted nothing but to be together forever, risking it all. climbing fences in the dark just for those secret smiles and shared secrets, a couple cigarettes exchanging hands, all for a breath of the other across your left cheek, wherever the cracks in the pavement lead you, you always have her in your memory

electric love: birds cawing into the sunrise, an assurance that you’re going to have a hell of a time, sweet candy coursing through your veins, visiting dusty bookshops together and feeling like you’ve found the one true love of your life, hearts beating like the rain, downing tequila shots in awe of your electric chemistry

american money: thunderstorms, racing through the dust on a bike, listening to rock music through earbuds, kisses sweet like tennessee honey, murmurs into necks, driving on the highway indulging in whims of buried treasure, writing an ode to the other’s eyes being “green like american money”, proudly carving hearts onto local tree trunks

the emotion: taking polaroids of your lover as you wander, driving through the timezones, the emotion suddenly building up, having an inexplicable urge to just gush out and confess your love, deep red roses at her side and heart sunglasses on your head, her taking out a guitar and strumming dissonant chords with all her heart - you burst out laughing at how endearing she is. all your love, all your emotions are pent up inside and you’ve never experienced so much at once; you wouldn’t trade it for anything else

holy ghost: pouring rain outside, a cozy motel room filled with glasses of wine and perfume. desperate in proving love, fantasies of thirst and ecstasy, ornate gates of glamour welcoming divinity and paradise. in a club, locking eyes with a kindred soul whom you connect with while violins are cranking out their shrillest, purest notes giving you that fully amazed sensation

past lives: a song for all the dreamers and the ones that long for past lives, an ode to the magnificence of times long ago and eras that no longer exist, validating the dreamers and their, vintage hotel rooms with golden bouquets of roses, nights of rock concerts and empty bottles of wine, scenery of red rocks and canyons of majesty, young love adrift at sea, a happy wisp of feeling that leaves you content yet melancholy

clouds: sitting around idly painting, listening to some ambient disco music, thinking about your lover and how you’re absolutely enamored with them. going with them on a carefree journey through paris, lovely beaches with gentle, rolling waves. you can’t help but go along with this experience; as you watch the tide steadily edge in, you can’t help but gaze in wonder at how lucky you are to end up with them

dopamine: twirling through the purple-tinted disco, everything is fresh and tilted due to a little “dopamine” in your veins, looking for anyone to spend a night with you, outrageously flirting, making eyes at the prettiest girl in the room, a night to throw out inhibitions, throwing down shots of tequila, ecstasy surging through you, a pulsating beat, dancing your heart out, tinted funky sunglasses

overnight sensation: lingering touches when that really pretty bartender you’ve been crushing on hands you your drink, sunbeams lighting up her wispy hair, confessing all the sensations of what you’ve been feeling, finally allowing someone past your built up boundaries, a climatic love, daisies picked and left near your purse

fool: becoming a fool for someone you love because you don’t mind it, swaying in this dreamy visual of your loved one forever, being under a spell, reaching out to touch their hand, intoxicating smiles, knowing you’re a goner. once they leave, you can’t help but reliving everything - all your road trips through sunny fields, waving hands around in absolute giddy joy; it’s a bittersweet reminiscing

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So, Stiles: great kid, zero ability to focus, super-smart, never takes advantage of his talents…

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“You are acute angel” THAT IS JUST. UGH. SAAAAAAAM. ♥

Gabriel’s mind just breaking because holy shit my crush just kissed me and gave me his number, is this real life????? and Sam just standing up from his desk at the end of class and slinging his backpack over his shoulder, tossing a flirty smile over at Gabriel as he walks out of the room.

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I feel so blessed to love something so brilliant and innovative and enchanting as theatre. Now more than ever, I KNOW with unwavering certainty that THIS is what I want to dedicate my life to. It doesn’t matter in what capacity. On stage, off stage, behind the scenes. I want to be a part of the wondrous community that is theatre. Where everyone is accepted and loved for who they are. Where you can be moved by a simple performance by an eleven-year-old girl in a single spotlight. Where you can be astonished by a glorious ensemble accompanied by a luscious orchestra. Where important stories are told. Where stories are told that make you laugh, cry, gasp, and think about the world around you. Where you can see people up on that stage, and somewhere in your heart, realize you’re not as alone as you once thought you were.


make me choose: anonymous asked: zendaya or kehlani?
They didn’t want me then, they want me now.
Did not want me to win, but now they’re proud.
Now they’re payin’ to get in, they in the crowd.
Tell me how’s it feel now? Tell me, how’s it feel now?
Bein’ low, yeah you a snake.
You puttin’ on a show, that Ricki Lake.
Hey man I don’t trip, my life’s great,
                           But swallow that pride, tell me how that shit taste.

on a complete side note to yesterdays feelings: i’m on placement at a major hospital (for our area) for 36 weeks and i have noticed a quite attractive wardsman. and i reckon he’s around my age and he just has lovely eyes and FRECKLES and really nice red hair. w o w. how am i going to survive??

okay — i feel like this is a very important thing to get out there and please note that this is not directed at anyone, just something i realized might need voicing considering how many supernatural/powerful characters that i am in mutuals with on this blog;


no matter how powerful or generally fearful or surprising they tend to be for anyone else, izaya will not react the same way. will he find them interesting? most likely, but not something to be afraid of or surprised by. at this point he is thoroughly desensitized to these things. his closest friend is dating basically a headless person who can manipulate shadows and he’s thrown said person’s head around like it’s a baseball and gave zero shits. there’s also the fact that he has run around dealing with a humanized version of a wrecking ball that can play soccer with a car.

NOT TO MENTION —- my izaya is ( despite the fact that he won’t use the term ) dating that very same man… who also has sex with him on a 2-3 times a week basis. ( and at one point broke his shower wall during one of those times )

he will not react with fear or surprise. will he be highly aware of the danger your character is? yes. but that’s still not going to have him bat an eye. that does not mean i’m ignoring what your character is or what they can do, it just means that i am following how my character would act in the given situation.

thank you for reading, please continue on with you night/day/afternoon!


The Darkest Minds Posters: Owen Devalk as Liam Stewart.


when you’re finally your own #hairgoals 🙌🏼🙏🏼

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NO, why???!!! I am really not going to survive this wedding. Just the build up is enough to kill me. lol

i think everybody is feeling the same. knowing it’ll be all rob preparing the wedding, preparing the decoration, getting the suits, finding harriet and ask her to marry them. oh my. i’m already dying. i need this wedding asap. 

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I know wat u mean i've never even gotten as many as 10 notes on a selfie so its like proof to me that i am truly ugly, and no one can tell me otherwise

send me your face tag and i will reblog all your selfies 10 times myself to get them +10 notes 

and i only eventually get notes on things bc i will self reblog until my mutuals are finally like “FINE ok i will like this” 😜


“If you’re having a hard time because you like something that maybe a lot of other people don’t, know that when you grow up, no one cares. It’s so great. I call it like a fish bowl to an ocean. There are too many people to keep track of for everyone to judge. I feel like it just gets a lot more laid back and no one cares. It’s really nice.”

I have a challenge for black tumblr: on the September 21st Blackout Day, reblog/queue the photosets of more people than you ever have before.

Every single photoset needs the chance to gain notes. We won’t all get thousands upon thousands because that’s not possible but people shouldn’t feel left out. Use the tags correctly. Make sure you are looking at the “most recent” instead of top results while browsing the tag. If you see a photo or photoset with 50 notes or more, odds are it will do better than those with 10. Reblog every low note selfie you can. Talk to people, make friends. Tag the bloggers that have larger followings and have expressed that they are ok with it.

Stop fighting about it and let’s get a move on to make it better for ourselves. We know it’s a problem so let’s do something about it.

Boyfriend!Calum blurb?

boyfriend!Calum furrowing his eyebrows when you’d compliment him during breakfast one morning, because you had a different way of doing so- your so pretty’s and my beautiful boy‘s tumbling from your lips so carelessly from time to time. It wasn’t that he didn’t like your coos, because he did- you knew he did, because his cheeks would burn and he’d have the dopiest of smiles spread across his face whenever you’d whisper them into his neck- it as just that Calum was still young and shy and words like those made him feel weird sometimes, because he was a guy and he was strong and liked rock music and wasn’t into lovey-dovey shit because he liked to think he was cool and manly goddammit- and he was struggling to decode the conflicted feeling within him telling him that he shouldn’t like the sweet nothings you’d always mutter into his ear while you were both laying in bed, or even the way you’d hold him to your chest while you were squeezed on the couch, stroking his hair so gently it took no time to make him drowsy, sending him off to a deep sleep with a kiss to his forehead. 

But really, he was just getting shit from his friends since they had gone through his phone when the brunette had carelessly left it on the counter when they were over one day- inevitably encountering your endearing choice of words and picking up a motive to tease the poor boy into thinking the words were emasculating and wrong- something that sounded like a big no no to Calum’s young ego. 

So without saying much, Calum lifted his gaze from the soggy cereal he had been feasting on- meeting your smiling form- and moved around the island between the two of you until he was standing tall beside you. Your smile had gradually faltered as he moved, the crease between his brows too deep for your liking, but was replaced by a gasp of surprise at his rough hands. Within a few seconds, Calum’s hands had tugged open his flannel you were wearing and pulled down both of your bottoms- pulling the cups of your bra just so they were below the swell of your breasts- and pulling you to meet him in a rushed kiss as he tried his best to move his hand against you just right to prepare you. Before you knew it, he was moving into you- his hips not faltering since the first deep thrust- watching you throw your head back as your hands clutched to his stiff shoulders, partly because of the feeling he was providing you with and partly because you were sure if you weren’t you’d fall off of the narrow seated stool you were on. Calum watched you with a deep look of concentration as he  moved in and out of you-so hard and so fast- one hand on your back and the other clutching the crease of the stool, both keeping you in place to take his pointed thrusts. You thought that your words had ignited this craze,that you had just said them with enough affection that he thought the only way of thanking you was to give you a glorious pounding, but as he rested his lips to your cheek, giving up on moving them against yours with all the movement he was making, muttering out a “this cute enough for ya?” you knew you were wrong, but you didn’t really care at the moment. In the afterglow of it all you thought you’d have to bring it up, and for half a second you worried at the idea of not saying the words anymore, but as you let a “I love you, baby boy” topple from your lips one more time- thinking it the last and hoping he wouldn’t get upset- only to be met with a blushing, smiling Calum burying his head into your neck and kissing your flesh, you knew you wouldn’t have to stop.    

demon!luke is on hold atm cuz I’m dumb so I’m stalling with blurbs

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