this won't get any notes because this blog has so little followers

kingofkodak  asked:

This is just a suggestion, but you should really be re-posting photos in a way so that the artist gets the likes rather than your blog. As it is, I won't submitting to your blog again for that reason. My photo that you used has only two likes on my blog, but 16 on yours. To me, that is not right; in a way it feels like exploitation. I appreciate the fact that you used my photo, but I really do not like that I don't receive any likes from your page.

Yes, this is the old debate we had a lot since the beginning of this blog.
Maybe a little clarification first: We do not repost photos, we reblog photos. Huge difference! And we add a little comment to them. And yes, we also post submissions.

If we reblog a photo (the main-purpose of this blog), the original blog we reblog the photos from gets all the notes
If we post a photo-submission, the notes go to our blog, that is true. That’s just how Tumblr works.

That’s why submissions are a voluntary thing. Everyone is invited to submit photos to us to raise awareness for their photography and their blogs. But we do not force anyone. If photogs want us to show their photos to our followers, we gladly do that (as long as the photos follow our submission guidelines), and by doing so they also give us a little hint that their blogs exist. Because we don’t know each and every photographer on Tumblr. Even though we know a lot.

We do not accept link-submissions for various reasons. We stated all of them numerous times on our blog and they can also be found in our F.A.Q. on the navigation of this blog. Might be worth a read if you are interested in such things.

We don’t see @photosworthseeing as a service to raise notes on photos. We see our blog first and foremost as a supporting blog for the photography community on Tumblr. And we love what we do. And what we do is: Trying to give exposure to photographers on Tumblr and their work.

So, if you are only interested in raising notes on your photos, then… well… PWS might not be the right choice for you. Sad but true.

BUT we have a couple of great ways for your photos to be reblogged by us anyway: Take part in the “No Edit Friday” or “Seriously Edited Friday” events, or in any other of our frequent events. Most of them feature photos that should be posted on the original photographer’s blog. And chances are pretty huge that your photos will show up (as reblogs) on our blog.

If that all still feels like exploitation to you… well… then we are really sorry to hear that. We don’t see it that way, but everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

We nevertheless have a solution for you then: On the navigation of our blog, you will find a link called “Resources” with a huge list of other supporting blogs for original photography. Most of them accept link-submissions.

- Pete (admin)