this won that round


“If it were me in the final round, I’d probably kick your ass, y’know.”

“I know.”

Go interesting places, meet interesting gods, and get murdered by them! 

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i was voting. and it updated 10 minutes before it closed and the difference was approx. 750-800 votes (louis leading). and harry won .... by 12,000-ish? im sorry but i saw that with my own eyes, billboard. throughout their whole match-up the difference between their votes was never more than like what? 2000? jesus christ.


170208 Jin’s Tweet

오해가 있는데요. 저는 500원으로 20판 까지 갔고 산들이는 2500원으로 20판 까지 갔어요

There’s a misunderstanding though. I got up to round 20 with 500 won and Sandeulie got up to round 20 with 2500 won.

Trans cr; Mary @ bts-trans

You always joked that you winning at ______ would interrupt destiny’s plan for the world. Now you’ve finally won a round of ______, and everything has gone terribly wrong.

check please characters as more things i've done (in 2017):
  • bitty: got my nipples pierced then visited home with 0 intentions of telling my mother. told her within 30 seconds of seeing her
  • jack: went to a world-renowned burger restaurant and bought only chicken strips
  • lardo: spaced out while chewing my fingers, forgot i was wearing fake nails and almost choked on one when it came off in my mouth
  • shitty: saw a guy wearing a trump hat on a night out so i grabbed it and threw it into the road in front of a moving van
  • ransom: got asked what my post-graduation plans were by my supervisor. when i realised i didn't have any i just did finger guns at her and walked away
  • holster: brought a guy home with me but didn't actually have sex with him for almost 2 hours because i made him watch 5 episodes of brooklyn nine nine
  • nursey: my student loan came in and i immediately spent £167 on skin care products
  • chowder: played cards against humanity with my 7 housemates and won every round that i wasn't the card czar (there were 19 rounds)
  • dex: bought so many flannel shirts that my wardrobe broke

Oops this is another Descendants imagine lol
I’m almost done with the Peter Parker one I mentioned, but it’s like 2,000+ words so I have a lot to work on!

Title: Intentions
Pairing: Harry Hook x reader
Summary: Harry intends to find out what your type is, but you play along with his game, pushing his intentions aside.
Word Count: 1,523
Warnings: none 

Your name: submit What is this?

           "Benjamin, that is just about the-“

           "Stupidest thing you’ve ever heard?” Ben finishes for you. There’s a flicker of hurt on his face as he speaks. “They still deserve a second chance, Y/N.”

           Your features soften, frustration fading. Ben was facing a lot of scrutiny as king, and he needed all the support he could get if he was going to allow Uma, Gil, and Harry to come to Auradon. As his best friend, you owed him some faith in his actions.

           "I guess,“ you finally answer. Ben cracks a smile. "But don’t expect me to be best friends with them.”

           Ben pauses, smile dipping just enough for you to notice. You groan as a look of sheepish charm washes over Ben’s face.

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Little Dove ; Peter Parker

WARNINGS: demon!reader, angel!peter AU, submissive!peter, nsfw!! (no penetration), blow jobs, grinding, sinful! 

summary: a demon and an angel fighting over who gets to posses an adolescent, but what happens if the fiend suddenly changes its mind and decides to corrupt the innocent dove instead.

A/N: tell me feedbacks & what you thought about this!! pls

We all know that the relationship between demons and angels most definitely do not correspond. And that by means a fiend and an innocent, pure little dove will never conclude —meaning you and Peter Parker will unquestionably never understand each other. After all, he is one of God’s favorite and on the contrary, you were already as almighty as the devil himself.

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BTS reaction to their S/O wanting attention while they are playing videogames

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“Babeeeeeeee, I just persuaded them into playing Mario Kart with me. They never play Mario Kart with me!

“Then hurry up and beat them. Make me proud babe. I’ll even give you a kiss.”

“Well, I have no choice now, do I?”

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Yoongi would just stop playing the game and focus on you entirely.

“HA! You lost hyung!”

“I may have lost this round, but I won in life. Heuheuheu, later nerds.”

*Yoongi out*

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Namjoon would be so thrown off by the prospect of kisses that he loses the round.

“Hey, I still need that kiss! My self confidence is damaged and it can only be healed by you affection.

“You are ridiculous Namjoon.”

“Is it working?”

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“I can’t just stop playing right now!”

“Nintendogs isn’t even a real video game! Just put it down for a second and give me a kiss.”

“GASP! The obstacle parkour is no joke!”

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“Game? What game? You were saying something about kisses?”

“Jimin, the boys are winning.”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah, whatever. Kisses?”


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Tae would be very torn. He really wants to kiss you but he just can’t let kookie win again.

“I’m never going to hear the end of it if he wins now!”

“Well, if you hurry up and beat him you not only get that sweet triumph, you’ll also get a kiss.”

“Prepare to die Kookie.”

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Yeah, not happening. Kookie doesn’t even notice you are in the room until the match is over.

“Have you been sprawled over my lap the entire time?”

“I am dating a 12-year-old.”

“No, wait! I won, you have to kiss me!”

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170723 Super Junior D&E Hello Again Fanmeet [FULL]


D&E’s moms, Donghwa, Yesung, Kyuhyun, and MC Leeteuk attended.Kyuhyun had told leeteuk he’d come to every thing the members did. 



Opening VCR showed Still you cuts, getting #1, enlisting, and Donghae and Eunhyuk’s hug during discharge. Words: we’ve missed you. ©


EH: I have an apologetic heart to everyone here, let’s not break apart again, let’s only walk the flower path now.

DH: I’m sorry for making you lonely for 2 years, I will work hard to show a good image in activities from now on. 

They saluted to Leeteuk.


DH: It was really nice today, LT and YS hyung came today too, I’m really happy.

Eunhyuk showed a vacation pic of eating with his unit.
DH: Didn’t you make plans to eat with me? And you went to see others?? ©

Eunhyuk talked about the Super Junior dorm situation: After living in the same dorm for so long, now we’re in out thirties, we said “let’s have a go at being independent!” But we couldn’t go too far from each other so we are all living in different houses in the same area/apartment, we eat pizza together and go on walks together too, we went to find Heechul too but Kim Heechul didn’t open the door (I don’t know if he was home or not). © 

Eunhyuk confused the old SJ dorm and the new dorm. When he was in the army, SJ moved out of the old dorm so it was empty. Hyuk didn’t realize that when he went there. He thought at least kyuhyun was inside so he kept trying to press in the password and pressing the door bell, making funny faces in the inter-phone camera for minutes. Then he asked in SJ’s group chat and the manager asked if he went to the old dorm where they moved out. ©


Eunhyuk asked Donghae to find him in a picture of him with all his army staff in uniform and Donghae walked to the screen and pointed at a lady wearing a dress. Eunhyuk replied, “I wore a dress? Good job.” © 

Eunhyuk looked around at fans who all have long hair.
EH: We made a promise? Do you remember? How did your hair grow so fast?

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“This stadium, this faded,  b e a u t i f u l  ruin, shook for 20 minutes after the final whistle on Wednesday, as the players bounced on the field, looking for all the  w o r l d  as if they had won the competition, rather than just one round, or one match, even if it was by the score of 6-1. The building shook, and the rest of Europe  s h o o k , too.” (x)

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“Don’t be fucking rude Lucy heartfilia pls

Alcohol Is Not Lucy’s Friend, But Her Friends Are

Pairing: Nalu

Word Count: 2318

A/N; Sorry this took so long, been working on a few things at the same time and actually working lol! Enjoy!

“Don’t be fucking rude.”

“Oh my God Lucy you are such a meme!” Cana cackled, arm slung over Lucy’s shoulder as she tried to wedge her face between Lucy’s phone and her ear. “Besides, it’s girls night! That means no dicks!”

“Cana,” Levy sighed giving her a pointed look.

“Your dick is female, it doesn’t count. Now take your shot and spin the wheel of awkward sexual questions on your phone.”

“Does that mean Juvia’s beloved can join?”

“You know if you would just stop making everything about dick this would stop happening,” Lucy commented innocently, grinning at Cana’s disgruntled look. “You don’t even like dick.”

“Oh I like dick, just not what ninety percent of it is attached to.”

“Can you guys stop saying dick?” A tired voice asked from the phone. Lucy squeaked, shoving her hand in Cana’s face and pushing her so she fell backwards over the couch.

“Sorry Natsu,” Lucy sighed, glaring at her pack of giggling friends and making threatening gestures with her hand as she left the room. “You know how they are.”

“I did grow up with them,” he said dryly, Lucy hearing his smile in his voice.

“Then you should be used to the word dick,” Lucy teased, grinning at his scoff. ”Would you rather I say penis?”

“Oh Luce, you know I beat you at the penis game.” Natsu purred. Lucy was thankful that he was half a city away and not able to see her face, because that meant she didn’t have to suppress her shiver or stop herself from biting her lip at his deep voice. Yes, Lucy thought to herself, I’m sure you could definitely beat me with your dick.

Alrighty, that was a sign for her to stop taking every drink Cana offered her.

Time to stop being creepy about her best friend. “You wish,” she said instead of anything she might regret.

“Excuse you I totally won the round in the library yesterday!”

“Because I wasn’t playing,” Lucy huffed, smiling as she twirled a strand of hair around her fingers. “You and Gray started it, I just got kicked out alongside you!”

“Then maybe I was just imagining you screaming,” Natsu said, voice low and rough through the phone. Lucy’s heart stuttered, mouth suddenly going dry as her mind whirled.

“What?” she asked, clearing her throat awkwardly at how her own voice sounded. Thank God Cana was too busy climbing all over Kagura like some alcoholic cat.

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