this won me over tbh

((*low-key screaming* Last night, a certain SOMEBODY ( @backstagebaae ) was pulling at my heartstrings & making me all sentimental. Thus, making it even harder for me to even consider leaving this blog–so, you’re all stuck with me for now.))

@comyet ‘s Zephyrtale Gaster (because I can’t handle how handsome he is!)

I really wanted to do a full-blown picture with my new tablet, with perspective and background and everything, and the designs for Comyet’s Zephyrtale characters are just SO GORGEOUS! I was torn as to which character to draw but in the end ZT!Gaster won me over ^_^ 
(though tbh I might draw more of them)

Today’s Queer Headcanon of the Day is: Hunter Gathers is genderfluid, fluctuating between feeling bigender and entirely female. Sometimes Hunter does feel more male than female, but never entirely male. Most often, she feels more feminine and uses female pronouns in social situations, and feels more masculine and uses male pronouns in professional ones, though that is more of a guideline than a strict rule. Hunter is non-conforming and feels most physically comfortable with a mixture of traits traditionally associated with ‘men’ or ‘women’. However, Hunter grew up in time when finding support and resources was much more difficult than today, and does not understand these things fully, instead being stuck on the idea of the binary and feeling a need to “pick a side”. Since both “sides” left Hunter feeling incomplete, he’s largely given up trying, and could really use someone to tell her it’s both possible and okay to break the binary and embrace every part of himself/herself.