this womans face is everything

Listening to the voice of disabled people regarding disabled representation is crucial. Doing otherwise means that you’re just willing to instrumentalize us and that your piece of media is inherently bad. I’m saying it as someone who is autistic, as well as someone who actually was almost ableist a couple days ago.

I watched this movie, “Hush”, on Netflix. It’s about a deaf woman, a writer, who has to face a serial killer and is using everything around her and in her soul to survive. I was very moved by this movie because the woman protagonist was strong, willful, fierce. I thought to myself “That’s what i want to see in a movie with an autistic protagonist !”.

I was going to post a very positive review, but i’ve decided, at the last moment, to check out some reviews about the movie written by members of the Deaf community. I was shocked. What i thought was good representation was actually terrible.

The actress was not deaf herself, her use of the ASL was almost ridiculous, they weren’t accurate at all most of the time, and, apparently, the director of this movie was very dismissive towards members of the Deaf Community who tried to reach them.

I’m not deaf myself or hard-of-hearing. I discovered with this experience that i know nothing about deafness and the Deaf community and i feel a bit ashamed about the fact that i almost praised this movie as a very good representation. I was ignorant, but ignorance is not an excuse. I need to educate myself.

What i mean is that you definitely need disabled people’s input on your creation, if you want to include us as characters. No matter what disability you’re talking about.

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Omg so I used to think she was a cold bitch, and I still think she’s a bit of a cold bitch – but I think she’s had to be? 

Once married/a partner to the head guy of some Chinese triad; working to support her kid and keep him safe; having to deal with Mr Jian and He Cheng’s bullshit all the time? 

Everything she’s done, I think, has been for Jian Yi. But doing everything for him is not the same as being there for him, so we’ve definitely seen Jian Yi and Ms. Jian’s relationship through the prism of Jian Yi, and I am so grateful that we’re getting to see more of her and from her own perspective. 

Old Xian writes good female characters (though I’m still ‘eh’ on Zixi) who are more/show themselves to be more than they seem.

This isn’t the face of a woman who doesn’t care that much about her son.

This isn’t the face of a woman who wouldn’t do everything for her son.

She’s out to reap.

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I'm a sucker for angst and you guy never fail to deliver XD the bosses (ttsuna, dino, byakuran) trying to cheat on their SO because they are scared of how deep in love they are but failing??


I take no responsibility for the anger and pain that you may experience because of this ask.

// Admin Chrome



It really was a spur-of-the-moment impulse. Tsuna was not someone who could hold himself back from temptation all that well, so seeing this beautiful woman stroll pass him, her long legs on display in all their glory, was a sin waiting to happen. Your face briefly flickered into his mind, your alluring smile that had him captivated by you from the start was shining at him, sending a sinking feeling deep down in his gut.

The guilt was washed away by the whiskey in his hand.

Seducing the young woman was easy. A sexy smirk and a peek at his Rolex watch had her sitting in his lap in record time. They had went to a hotel to keep the affair from the others, where Tsuna unconsciously compared every twist and arch of pleasure to you.

The woman’s voice was lighter and higher than yours, but it was unpleasant to Tsuna’s ears. Your moans and cries of pleasure were music to his ears, yet this woman’s noises were mediocre compared to yours. The places he touched you to make you squirm and whimper had no affect on this woman. It was honestly frustrating.

After the affair was over (the woman had given Tsuna her number, yet he left the piece of paper in the trash pin while the woman slept), Tsuna returned home to you. The mansion was quiet when he entered, and he removed his coat, giving it to the butler that greeted him at the entrance.

It was eating him up. Tsuna never regretted anything in his life. However, when you had walked in to greet him, the way your eyes traveled over his form, how your smile didn’t reach your eyes anymore, hit him right in the heart. Your usually enticing lips trembled with hidden anguish, your beautiful, glowing eyes had lost their light.

Tsuna was terrified of losing you.

He didn’t want to acknowledge his feelings before. He loved you so much. Everything about you made him want to protect you and keep you all to himself. It only showed now that he had fucked up your relationship.

“[Name], I-” His voice had barely managed to come out, before your hand had silenced him.

“I-I think we need to talk…” Your words had shattered his heart.

Yet, Tsuna knew he deserved it.


Her eyes were nothing like yours. Your eyes were beautiful, and your emotions flashed through them as if there was a movie playing right there in the irises. The flecks of colors always had Dino in awe, and he could go hours staring into your eyes. That’s how much he adored them.

Her body never compared to yours. You had soft and delicate skin, and he loved brushing his hands over it. Dino always took pleasure in dragging his lips around your stomach, watching the muscles twitch and hearing you laugh was music to his ears.

Why was he here? Why was he laying in his bed with a woman other than you? Dino loved you so much, there should be no reason to be having a sexual encounter with anyone other than you. The thought of you walking in on them was enough to make Dino’s heart jump to his throat. He didn’t want to see that betrayed expression on your face.

As the girl’s cherry red lips sucked at his neck, Dino realized that he couldn’t do this. He couldn’t fuck another woman, and expect everything to be okay afterwards. Your face kept popping up into his mind as his hands roamed the other woman’s body, his lips sealed onto hers.

Pushing the woman off of him, Dino let out a frustrated sigh. He wasn’t supposed to fall so deep into you. He was supposed to pull himself out of your light before it was too late. Someone like Dino didn’t deserve to be in the presence of someone so pure and warm like you. Mafia bosses were supposed to be cold and ruthless killers, who were doomed to be alone for all eternity.

But, Dino realized, he wasn’t willing to let you go. You were his Persephone, Dino was going to drag you to hell with him so you could be together forever, whether you liked it or not.

“Where are you going, baby?” The woman’s voice halted his thoughts, her fingertips dragging down his arm as Dino sat on the edge of the bed. Dino smacked her hand away, standing up from his seat. Grabbing his pants, he pulled the black slacks on, fastening the belt back around his waist,

“I obviously don’t need you anymore, please leave.” His voice was cold, the iciness of it making the woman freeze. Her hands turned into fists on the comforter, bundling up the fabric.

“Wow, so you were just using me? Why don’t I go tell that pretty little girl of yours how you just had your tongue down my thro-” Her sentence wasn’t even finished before Dino had his hand around her throat, cutting off her oxygen.

“Don’t even step anywhere near her, you filthy whore.” A dark atmosphere settled into the room, the woman clawing at Dino’s fingers. After a few more seconds, he finally let go, her gasps filling the room as air was circulating in her lungs again.

Before anything else could continue, the door creaked open. There you were, wide eyed, staring at Dino, before they singled out the girl on the bed, coughing her lungs out. You rushed over.

“What the hell, Dino? What did you do? Oh my god, are you okay?” Your worried voice was all Dino could register. You were on the bed in seconds, patting the girl on the back. Dino reached out to you, intending to pull you away from her.

“Don’t touch me.” You whispered, not looking at Dino.

Dino wanted to cry.


Byakuran, at first, wanted to see your reaction. Wanted to witness you burst into tears and scream and curse at him. Byakuran told himself that it was because he was tired of you, but really, he just wanted to be able to see all your expressions and actions. He wanted to be the only one who had witnessed all these sides to you.

Seeing your face turn red with humiliation, the way your eyes filled to the brim with tears, and how they trailed down your face gave Byakuran a burst of pride. You were saying something, yet Byakuran didn’t process it. The woman beside him was hurriedly trying to cover herself up, hiding behind Byakuran’s naked body on the bed.

A smirk started to spread across his face, his voice still calm and smooth.

“Why didn’t you knock first, [Name]? How rude of you.” Your hands were balled into fists, your nails digging into your skin. Your body was visibly trembling, and the tears were nonstop. There was no suppressing the flinch when Byakuran got up off the bed, his naked body full on display, and grabbed one of your wrists.

“I’m sorry, I really wish you hadn-” Your fist connected with Byakuran’s face, blood gushing out of his nose, and running down his face. A curse burst from his mouth, and he hurriedly held his broken nose.

“Don’t ever come near me again, don’t call me, or even think of me. We are over.” You wiped at your face, and turned out the door, slamming it shut in Byakuran’s face. He was left there, with an angry yet anxious feeling in his gut.

What do you mean you’re breaking up with him? That’s not how it was supposed to happen. You were supposed to scream and cry, yet you would ultimately forgive him. The feeling started to claw up from his stomach, going to his throat, making it hard to breath.

You weren’t supposed to leave. You were his.

Byakuran wanted to puke, like he was being crushed by the cold, hard reality of it all. It felt as if he was being dragged down into a black abyss, and he was so desperately trying to claw his way back up to the light. But, there was no more light anymore. He was surrounded by darkness now, and he was only now realizing that he really had loved you so much.


How to Make Friends with Actual Charming Puppy Nyssa al Ghul

NC Nights Reports

Fandom: Supergirl
Pairing: Alex/Maggie
Rating: T
Summary: National City’s gossip magazine becomes enamored with everyone’s favorite couple and gets the scoop of the year.
AN: For the 250 word prompt: “A third party mistakenly thinks Person A told Person B how they feel and congratulates them for finally getting together.” This is the longer version since 250 words is hard, y’all. Also, total crackfic. Thanks Boxer for the beta.

“Congratulations, you two.” Winn’s voice boomed through the command center, startling Alex and Maggie from where they were conferring over cups of coffee.

“For what?” Alex asked.

“You didn’t see? You were the lead story on National City Nights.” Winn held up his tablet to show an image of the cover of the latest edition of the muckraking tabloid.

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I work at a primary school and this lunch time two 5 year old girls came up to me asking if I’d play superheroes with them. They were SO excited to play superheroes and were practically bursting at the seems once they had decided who they were going to be, they new straight away. One of them wanted to be Wonder Woman and the other wanted to be Supergirl. It took them barely 2 seconds to decide. It was wonderful to see them so excited to play as these female superheroes.

Levihan day 3 - senses

Hi, so unfortunately my nan passed away the week of Levihan week so I was not in the right state to write for the rest of the week so here you go :-)

She senses it. She sees it as she walks behind him down the long corridor to their quarters. She sees the vein in his neck, the clenched fists, the heavy breathing. She sees the corner of his eyes focusing down the void of the halls. She doesn’t speak. She walks in silence matching his footsteps.

“Oh hange! There you are!”. Hange whips her head around to see moblit catching up to her with sheets in his flailing arms. Hange looked back to see Levi looking at her with hooded eyes. She urged him to go. He gave a slight nod as he turned around and proceeded to enter their quarters.

Hange turned around and informed him on some of the new information from the latest mission which was a complete disaster. Levi lost everyone in his squad to the female Titan. Hange explained to moblit that she had some business to attend to he frantically nodded and scurried off to the lab as hange approached the door.

She turned the door knob and silently opened it. She saw Levi’s hunched over position on the bed. The only source of light was the gleaming moonlight that shone I’m from the window. She sighed and walked towards him.

She knelt down in front of him to be eye level. She heard his firm deep breaths and looked at his furrowed brows. She slowly lifted her hand and caressed his cheek. His eyes hesitated to look at her as if he was afraid that if he looked into those brown pools that he would crack. She rubbed her thumb across his blood stained cheek.

“Levi” she whispered so gently she was surprised he heard it. It was he heard her voice for the first time in hours that he locked eyes with her. She stared at his grey- blue orbs that dazzled with awareness and grief. He looked intensely at her and let out a shutter of a breath. He reached out and gripped her shoulders strongly. She didn’t mind though. She knew she was breaking down the wall.

Levi only shows hange this side. Hange is the only one that can put him back together when the pieces fall apart. She knows his process of healing and he knows hers.(working herself into overdrive until he pulls her away and she breaks) she knew he was uncomfortable in his stained clothes.

She kissed his forehead and removed herself from his grip to run around the room to collect things for their baths.

“Let’s get you cleaned up” she whispers into his ear as she gathers him in her arms and lead him out of the room down the empty corridors and to the squad leaders and captains of the survey corps private wash rooms. She brought him into a stall and closed the door and locked it.

He sat on a stool looking at the floor as she filled up the bath with warm water which she added a bottle of lavender for Levi. She looked up at him and saw his eyes fixed on the tiles, his eyes hopeless and lost. She started to remove his clothing. Jacket, 3DM gear, belts, harness, leather skirt, pants boots shirt. After she stripped off all his clothes completely, she led him into the bath and let him sit down as she pulled a stool beside him.

Even though it was the absolute norm for Levi to wash hange due to her disturbing hygiene issue, Levi liked the odd times when hange washed him.

She started with his hair as she slowly rubbed the shampoo into his scalp. She heard him sigh as he started forward. Hanges heart was breaking seeing him in this state. She never wanted to see him like this. She feared the day that when she died, she would go first leaving him behind.

After she finished washing his hair, she picked up a sponge and soaked it in the soapy water before she started to remove the blood and dirt etched on his skin. He looked down as the blood pooled.

After he was done, she lifted him up and towelled him off and got to work on his injuries, she applied rubbing alcohol and linen to his gashes as she kissed each one. She dressed him in a loose white shirt and black trousers. She then gathered all their belongings and started to lead him back to the room, he stopped and looked at her and then back at the bath.

She smiled and squeezed his hand. “I’ll have one later I promise, now come on” she ushered him down the halls.

Levi hated feeling weak, he liked doing this for hange but being doted on sometimes. He found ease knowing that hange understood his silence and his struggle with wording his feelings, well, unless after sex in hanges opinion. She says he gets very mushy.

Once they arrived in their room she pushed him under the covers and started to brush his bangs out of his face. He looked up at the ceiling.

“I think you should get some rest” she said as she twirled his hair in her fingers. He let out a sigh and gave a slight nod before turning to his side.

She got off the bed and went to take her bath and get cleaned up and went to get a new pair of glasses. She arrived back in the room in her thigh length nightshirt with her damp hair. Levi was sleeping soundly which put her mind at ease. She sat at her desk and started filling out her report.

She thought about today’s events, the soldiers lost, Eren vs the female titan. She sighed deeply. She was very close with Petra. A tear slipped down her cheek. The sudden sound of whimper left her mouth. Or so she thought. It wasn’t from her at all, it came from behind her.

She whipped her head around to see Levi tossing and turning in the bed with his eyes closed, his forehead coated with sweat as he starts to shout “no”.

Hange knew, it was bound to happen. A nightmare. She ran to the bed trying to coax him out of his dead dream.

“Levi!! Come in Levi! It’s me!” She said as she shook his shoulders as he continued to whine. Eventually his eyes opened and he let out a gasp as he lifted his arms which hange caught by his wrists. He gave her a wide eyed look as he let out uneven breaths. Hange was straddling him by now.

“It’s fine Levi it was just a dream.” She whispered. He continued to look at her and then eventually it happened, the dam broke. He collapsed into her arms as he rested his forehead on her shoulder as he let it all go. If there was anything hange couldn’t bear, was the sound of him crying. She rubbed his back as she whispered sweet nothings into his ear only cause he allowed to in his vulnerable state.

Her heart shattered as she heard his cries. She shushed him as she laid him back down and slipped in behind him as she held onto his hand and placed her head on his shoulder as she felt his heart beat slow down in a normal manner.

Levi woke to the sun gleaming in his eyes. He let out a deep sigh at the recollection of last night. As his eyes adjusted to the light and his body woke up, he turned his head at the sound of the light snores of a certain woman. He faced hange. His heart swelled. She was his everything. He felt literally sick at the thought of losing her. He looked intently at her, he hair knotted since he wasn’t awake last night to brush out her hair. He roses cheeks. She wasn’t wearing her glasses he noticed. He gently shook her shoulder.

“Hange” he said lowly as he leaned in to kiss her forehead. She replied with a groan as her eyes fluttered open. Those brown eyes gave him shivers.

“Hi” she said as moved towards him to put her head in the space between his neck and shoulder. He ran his fingers through her matted hair.

“Hange, thank you.” He said firmly. He felt her lift her head as planted the most gentle kiss on his lips, his heart fluttered. She caressed his cheek.

“Anything for my shorty” she said as she giggled.

First Time For Everything

REQUESTED BY ANON: Hi!! Could you do a one-shot where the reader is Sam and Dean’s younger sister aged around 12/13 and she goes shopping for her first bra with her brothers?? Kinda random but I thought it would be funny 😂

Just before interring the shop, you give a last look at your brothers. Dean is looking around, clearly uncomfortable, and Sam is just looking at the ground.
At this moment, you wish you could have a mother. At least someone that could help you with all the girl stuff.
“So” you clear your throat “uh… you guys know anything about that?”
“I don’t” Sam and Dean answered at the same time.
“Hey, why don’t you guys just go walk around the mal and I’ll check… this out”.
“No” Dean shakes his head “someone has to pay”.
You take a deep breath and enter the shop and start looking around at all the bra’s exposed. You internally start to panic a little. All of them are sexy looking and you are only thirteen years old and you don’t want to wear this.
“I’m already lost” you said to your brothers.
“Hi” A lady greeted with a smile “how can I help you?”
“Our sister” Sam said pointing at you “it’s her first… uh…”
“Ah!” The woman laughs “I’ll help you, don’t worry. Your mother couldn’t come?”
“She… she’s not with us anymore” you said sadly.
“I’m sorry” she smiles “I guess you want something comfortable and not to lased up? Your face tells everything”.
You sigh relieved and follow the woman as she shows you a few models.

Half an hour later, you get out of the shop with a bag.
“Finally” Dean sighs “I thought we were going to spend hours in there”.
“Come on, Dean” Sam said “the lady helped her and I’m pretty sure you were enjoying the sight”.
“Oh, shut up” you rolled your eyes “you looked awkward”.
“Of course!” Sam exclaimed “it was awkward when I went with Jessica! It is more with my little sister! Stop growing up, kiddo”.
You chuckle, if only he knew how awkward it would be when you would get your first period and he was alone with you.  Having to go to the shop and check more woman stuff.

Road Trip

Pairing: Mark Sheppard x Reader
Word count: 1,320
Warnings: Mentions of sex but not smut.  Fluff. Cussing.    
Request: (Anonymous) Hi! I sent you the ask about Mark Sheppard last night. Can I make a formal request? Could you do one where they are costars and due to a transportation issue they have to rent a car together to get to a con or something and on their road trip feelings are explained? Smut or fluff
Authors Note: I am not as good or comfortable with writing Mark Sheppard yet so I apologize if this doesn’t seem right for him.  

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If You Go Chasing Rabbits

So, a while ago, I decided that the various routes would work well as classic works of literature and because I am a masochist because Mr Darcy Jumin Han and Mr Rochester Jihyun Kim are things I need in my life, I convinced myself to write the opening of a Victorian AU. And here it is.

You can change the MC’s name with the Interactive Fics app for chrome. As a reader, it breaks my immersion when the MC is named something I would not choose. Her name is Areum on (AO3).

[PROLOGUE] <You are here

[Jumin Route] [Chapter 1]

IT is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune must be in want of a wife

Old words, and pretty, and decidedly not hers.

[Name] had little time for the single men of good fortune who so commonly came to visit, which was fortunate, for they had very little time to spare for her. It was her lot in life to rise with the lark and worry only for the good china and it did not matter that her lips were plump and rosy, nor that she pinned her hair so tightly that it made the fairness of her face only more apparent. She was a maid and nothing more and if a gentleman were to look at her, he paid her no more mind than he would the drapes.

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The end of Wonder Woman where Dr. Poison’s mask comes off was actually kind of weird, thematically.  Like

ARES: This woman is proof that humans are evil!  She created a chemical weapon that killed all those innocent people!  But wait, it gets worse!

*mask blows off*

ARES: She has a slight facial disfigurement on the left side of her face!

DR POISON: I laughed maniacally while gassing innocents, but I can only whimper with my tail between my legs in the face of my true crime of being insufficiently attractive.

ARES: Isn’t this woman’s face the epitome of everything that is wrong with humanity?

DIANA: Shit, maybe he’s right.  I don’t know, I have to think about this.

Like, I think it was supposed to be a metaphor, really, but this is how it felt.

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“I can never be who I used to be! I was gone for years! And you expect me to go through some therapy and have my old life back?! That’s never going to happen!” //Erie and Maddie

Erie looked up to Maddie and stayed quiet as the woman ranted, a soft smile on her face as she listened to everything Maddie had to say. Once Maddie was finished, Erie moved to hug the woman tightly and rub her back carefully, hoping to provide a comfort. “Maddie, I dunnae care if ye go back t’ how ye were before, I jus’ wan’ ye t’ be happy an’ work through these emotions. If ye feel like ’m pushing tae hard then we can try something different. Jus’ tell me, talk t’ me so I know wha’ ye’re feeling an’ wha’ feels like i’s tae much an’ wha’ ye’re okay with. I’ll never know otherwise.” She whispered to the woman.


Mommy Winchester. Gif is not mine.

So this is a test to something that I’ve been obsessing writing lately, and if someone likes it I can post some other parts that I alredy have .   

Hope you like it!

Y\N could not believe what was right in front of her.  If living with the Winchesters was no piece of cake, try being married to one. Between Mary’s arrival and Sam kidnaped, this could not been more in the wrong time.

She was sitting in their shared bedroom with the plastic test in her hands.  The woman took a deep breath and decided to hold it until the situation was stable again and she had her husband back.

-You’re pregnant – A voice came from the door, that Y\N had just now realized she left open. She hid the thing in her back and looked to her mother in law in shock

-M-Mrs. Winch..- She tried to form a sentence, but was interrupted by the smiling blonde woman

-Please Y\N, you’re Mrs. Winchester now. – The mother of the boys said and they both shared a chuckle - Just call me Mary, please

-Ok, Mary – The young woman got up while the other entered the room.  She stopped on her tracks looking a picture that was kept on the night table. Y\N smiled.

-I assume this is my granddaughter –

-Yes, she is with my sister for a while. We thought it was the best giving the situation with Amara and all that - Her eyes fell on the picture. Her little girl was smiling and, unlikely, it was a normal family day. They all went to the park and had a picnic, even Cas was there.

-Hey, we’re gonna bring them back, ok ? – Mary flashed  her daughter in law a smile and she weekly responded the same way – So, was it positive ?

-Oh, - the girl kept her eyes on the floor, trying to form something with sense – That was just.., you know precaution

-Please Y\N, I’ve been a mother twice. I know that look – Mary arched her eyebrow and the girl left an exhausted sigh

-It’s just, this could not be in more wrong timing –

- There’s no such thing as timing in these situations, dear. I’m sure this baby is bringing a lot of happiness. And when this is all over, you’re gonna have even more pictures like this one.

- I hope so…- They both lost their thoughts looking to the photograph

-Hey – a voice attracted their attention to the hallway –  Cas has a clue about  Sam – The two women shared a look and Mary nodded

-I’m gonna get my coat – She said leaving Dean and Y\N alone. Dean frowned looking to where his mother left and back to Y\N

-Is everything ok?

-Yep – The woman said not facing him – C’mon let’s go bring Sam back..