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The Breeding Programme Part 1

She woke up feeling ill, her mouth was dry, her head pounding in pain and her muscles felt as though she had run a marathon. She had no idea where she was, the room was dark and for some reason, she felt very cool. Thinking back, she remembered getting ready to go to bed, then her cat meowing to come back in. Usually, Carlton meowed to come in when she arrived home from work so to be fed, but he didn’t that evening, he was missing until bedtime. She had gone to the door and called him twice, but he had not returned. As she was brushing her teeth, she heard him meowing at the front door, so she went to let him in. When she opened the door, she noticed him halfway down the driveway and had walked out to collect him and bring him in. it was raining so it made no sense for him to be willingly in the water. When she got closer, he hissed angrily, before she could comprehend why he was doing that, she felt a jolt, when she tried to breath, she fell asleep. With a yelp, she remembered the jolt more, it was an arm, around her waist, the thing that stopped her breathing was a cloth, then the drowsiness happened. ‘Oh God.’ She whimpered as she realised the gravity of her situation.

‘Open door three!’ She froze in terror as a male voice made a command in close proximity and suddenly, a portion of the room filled with light, the portion she was in, she winced at the strong glare that blinded her. ‘Look who’s awake.’ He sneered as he walked forward.

‘Please,’ she shook in terror. ‘I’ll be good, just don’t hurt me.’

The man’s steps faltered at her bargain, never having come across a woman to make such a request before, thinking it was a ploy, he moved cautiously. ‘Okay, this is new.’ he chuckled. ‘Tell you what Kitten, if you show me you are a good girl, you will be rewarded. But for now, you need to be tied up and kept in control, we can’t have you playing any games.’

She wanted to argue, she wanted to fight, but considering he stated she would be rewarded for good behaviour and she did not want to be hurt, which she suspected she very much could be if she did not behave, she just whimpered and nodded. He came over and tied a leather belt of some sort around her neck before tying her hands together with another leather strapping.

‘You try to bolt, I pull on this…’ he tugged the rope attached to the strap around her neck, it tightened slightly immediately, telling her everything she needed to know. ‘Get it, Kitten?’

‘Yes, sir.’

The man paused again. ‘You’re something else.’ He pulled her to her feet. ‘Come on.’

He walked her out of the room, her eyes finally used to the light again, so when they entered the hall, her eyes did not sting as they had before. Her head still ached, but terrified of adding to her woes, she did as instructed and followed. Outside the door, she was shocked to see another man with a taser in his hand. ‘No issue?’ He had a foreign accent that she could not place.

‘You won’t believe it, she said she will be a good girl if we don’t hurt her.’ The first one chuckled.

‘That’s different.’ The second commented. ‘Maybe she is just smart.’

‘We’ll see.’

‘Do as you are told, Kitten, and you will be treated in kind, misbehave, and be treated in kind.’ The second recommended. Terrified, she said nothing, she simply nodded and remained close to the front one to prevent her throat being pulled.

They walked down the corridor, passed more rooms, she counted as far as twenty-six before she was brought into a room with a medical examination table. She hyperventilated at the ideas that entered her mind as a result of seeing it, not knowing what the men could have planned for her. Her step faltered for a moment. ‘Kitten…’ the man holding what was effectively a leash warned. ‘You want to be a good girl.’

She moved forward again, the table seemed clean and padded, the room did not stink of bleach or blood, so the horror movie idea started to slowly ebb away. He stopped in front of it and gave it a pat, knowing that was her cue to sit up, she did, he did not restrain her further, instead, he untied her hands.

‘Now, lay back, I will hold onto this, if you behave, you will be allowed a ten-minute hot bath, alright?’

‘Yes, sir.’ she whimpered.

‘Sir? Well now, that is a good Kitten.’

‘Why…why do you keep calling me kitten?’

‘Because it is your new name.’ She jumped at the sound of another voice in the room, looking around, she felt a warning tug on her throat. ‘She is perfect. Hello, Kitten.’

The new man came into view, it was then she recognised him, he was a client of the company she worked for, a man of considerable wealth and power. She had rarely seen him for the first two years of her employment, but over the last six months, he frequented the office often. He asked for her boss when he arrived, many a time, as they awaited her superior’s arrival, he would converse with her, commending her for her intelligence and well-rounded knowledge. ‘Mr…’

‘Shh, now-now, Kitten, be a good girl. You know who I am.’ he sneered at that. ‘I waited so long for you.’ he stroked her hair, she shook in fear but did not move. ‘I waited too long, you really should not be so scattered in your schedule, it leads to more complex planning, but no matter, you are very much on a more scheduled life now.’ She swallowed. ‘Now, let’s see what we are dealing with here. Samantha.’ A woman entered the room, her face was glacial, she seemed utterly uninterested in everything around her. ‘Samantha is going to look over you now, we don’t want you being ill, have you any allergies, illnesses or ailments?’ terrified at what was happening, she shook her head. ‘Good.’

The woman set about checking her like she imagined a veterinarian checked a dog. She poked and prodded, not acting as though her “patient” was a living creature. When she came to the checking of her private areas, she blushed, her breasts were quickly exposed and hardened in the cold.

‘Look at those puppies.’ The first man she had encountered physically licked his lips as he stared at her breasts.

‘Your work clothes did little to show off those delectable assets. They could feed a small village on them.’ the businessman agreed. When the woman checked her nether regions, she squeaked. ‘Now, now my little kitten, we need to check everything.’

‘Everything is fine.’ The woman stated, taking her fingers out and taking off the surgical gloves on them.

‘Thank you, Samantha.’ The man grinned. Samantha said and did nothing more, she simply exited the room. ‘Now, Kitten. I suppose you are wondering what your little rules are. It is simple really; you behave, you get nicer things, you misbehave, and I will have you beaten, ass fucked without preparation and not fed, are we clear?’ she nodded frantically. ‘I heard you tell Matthew that you will be a good girl, that’s what I like to hear, some girls do not understand that it is so much easier if you just behave.’

‘She did not fight, boss, she was good the whole time, I told her if she behaved, she could get a warm ten-minute bath.’

‘Then run it.’ The boss ordered. ‘But you will have to stay with her, just in case.’

‘Thank you, Sir.’

The men stared at her in bewilderment, her demeanour and actions not in keeping with usual reaction to the situation. The boss looked sideways at his subordinates, ‘When she is done, feed her.’

‘First day usual?’

‘No, compliance treat, remember, when a pet is good, we reward them, Kitten here is complying, for that, she deserves to be treated as such.’ he held her by her chin. ‘Good girl.’


The bath was required to get the cold chill out of her bones, after that she felt human again, the food was adequate, nothing spectacular, vegetables cooked well and a portion of shepherd’s pie. She was never a big fan, but it was wholesome and she was hungry. She assessed her surroundings and acknowledged she needed to behave longer, she had no idea what the future would bring. Though the men abducted her, they seemed somewhat honest, ironically enough, with their mantra of rewarding her good behaviour.

By the second day, she realised just how honest they were. She realised quickly that she was not the only woman there under such circumstances. When she heard one squeal and shriek, she soon heard her screaming agony as she seemed to be whipped. Then there was a loud splashing noise, the shriek that followed made her terrified to know what it was that was splashed on her.

By the third day, she learned the routine, her pot was emptied first thing, so she kept it ready by the door and sat against the back wall of her room. She slept in a little box with an uncomfortable, lumpy mattress in it, her clothes were the ones she had been in the night she had been taken. She would be given a breakfast, the three days of her capture, something else was added, so now it had toast and even warm egg as well as cereal. ‘Good Kitten.’ the two men who she had met, as well as three more always acknowledged her good behaviour. Lunch too grew in size, a simple dry ham sandwich was now a full salad and even fruit juice as well as water, dinner was always the same quality, though the food varied and portion size increased.

It continued like that until the end of the week until she was assessed again by the boss. ‘You have been the greatest little pet, haven’t you Kitten?’

‘Yes, Sir.’

‘Good girl, you will be rewarded for that.’ He smiled. ‘Another warm bath, this time, fifteen minutes, alone.’

‘Thank you, Sir.’ She bounced slightly in joy at such a reward.

The boss chuckled, taking her chin in his hand again. ‘I think I will have you for myself someday, but not yet.’

She frowned, completely unsure as to what he meant before he walked off again. ‘Come on, Kitten.’ The foreign man pulled her to the bathing room once more. There, the bath was already. As soon as the foreign man, she now knew to be Sergei, left the room, she sank into the water and sighed contently. When her time was up, Sergei returned and held out a tower for her, looking at her with bewilderment. He walked her back to her room, where inside, there was a comfortable bed in it. Frowning, she looked at him. ‘You earned another reward.’ was all he said, leaving her and closing the door again. Elated, she enjoyed the perks of her good behaviour.


‘She did not test the door.’ A woman commented.

‘No.’ The boss confirmed.

‘Her blood work is back, she’s ready. What is her demeanour?’

‘Quiet, agreeable.’

‘I want her for the special case, THE one.’

‘I thought she was to be the V clients.’

‘No, they demand appearance specifics, her features are too contrasting. There is little chance of the white blonde hair with her brown. The other is not bothered, they want personality likeness.’ she took a file and read it. ‘How did you get her IQ scores?’

‘She was part of a school program that had it.’

‘She’s perfect. I have at least another three that will want her as soon as her stats come out. She’ll be busy for the next ten years,’ She checked her age. ‘Minimum.’

‘Twenty-three is old enough for a starter.’

‘Yes, but for the right one, you keep them on.’ she handed him the file. ‘Get it done.’

The man took the file and nodded. ‘Right away, she is in full swing on Wednesday, I will have her ready for it then, how many attempts?’

‘It is a very valuable product, twice only, I only have four samples.’

‘The one…’

‘Fine, one attempt, if it doesn’t take, you can take the rap.’

The boss inhaled deeply. ‘Matthews, get Sergei, get her ready.’

‘But it’s only Sunday.’

‘I want her ready.’

‘But if you make her sore…I thought that caused issues before…’

‘Fifteen minutes, high setting, we will work her up.’

‘Yes, boss.’


She sat bored as she thought of how to request anything to stave the boredom from the men, perhaps if she remained well behaved. To her shock, the door opened and Matthews came in. ‘Come on, Kitten.’ The alteration in the routine scared her, but worried about negating her good will, she walked over, her hands held out to tie them. ‘No need, Kitten, come on.’ with him in front of her, Sergei behind, they brought her to the medical exam room again, only this time there was a bed instead, she looked worriedly at them, the men indicated for her to get onto the bed, she did, and was scared to see there were handcuffs being tied to her arms and legs. ‘It’s alright, Kitten, you’re not in trouble.’ Matthews promised. ‘For being such a good girl, you get a new reward.’

Still uncertain, she did what she was told to do. The handcuffs were tight but softly lined. She watched as a bar was then tied between her legs and a strap tied around each thigh. ‘Please.’ she pleaded, not understanding what they were doing.

‘Be good Kitten, this won’t harm you, quite the opposite really.’ a moment later, a man she had seen, but had little dealings with came into view, an electronic device in hand and walked over to the bed and attached it to the rods keeping her legs apart. Terrified, she was breathing fast but did nothing. When he lifted up the hem if the nightdress she had been given, since her own nightwear was taken from her earlier, she squeaked for a moment as it was pressed against her pussy. ‘Now, the boss wants you to feel good, and this will help.’ He pulled out a remote and pressed a button on it, the machine immediately coming to life and vibrating strongly, causing her to yelp and try and squirm away from it. ‘There’s no running from it Kitten, just relax, it’s only fifteen minutes, you can handle that, right?’ her answer was to convulse and gasp as her first orgasm consumed her. ‘Fuck, you are delicious.’he stroked her head as she forced herself to remain quiet. ‘I bet you sound better than that.’

Though he was supposed to leave, Matthews remained for the entirety of her time there, watching as each time she orgasmed, her resolve broke more and more until finally, she allowed herself, through sheer lack of cognitive thought, to moan and whine her way through her orgasms. When he watch beeped to indicate the time was up, Matthews was had come twice simply looking at her. Sergei entered the room again to help bring her back to hers, he looked over at the other man and scoffed. ‘Really?’

‘You listen to the Bitch for four days, after that, this is pure heaven.’ Matthews growled, watching as Sergei went over to her. Slowly, he followed, taking out the remote from his pocket as he did. He waited until her body finished convulsing after another orgasm before turning it off. She did not even acknowledge them, she simply shook as her eyes, which were glazed over, looked around almost blindly, a small puddle of saliva on the pillow from her excursions.

They untied her slowly and took the wand away from her, both laughing at the small pool that was underneath her from her release. ‘You liked that, Kitten.’ Sergei grinned, rubbing her hair before lifting her skirt to see her pink pussy, drenched in juice. ‘Definitely.’ He scooped her into his arms. ‘Get the door.’ Matthews went and did that. ‘You clean up your mess, I’ll clean hers.’ Matthews growled in return as Sergei brought her back to her room, where he had everything ready to clean her. ‘You better get used to it Kitten, it’s how you are going to know life now.’ he had barely begun to clean her when she dozed off.


Her pussy felt odd, for three days, she was forced through fifteen-minute sessions of the wand and now, the fourth, her body almost felt like it wanted it. She had no idea why they were doing it to her, they did nothing to her as the machine worked on her, Matthews, she had realised, simply played with himself when she was being forced to orgasm, but no one touched her, no one forced any other form of sexual act on her while the machine tortured her with pleasure. When the door opened again, she felt a jolt of sensation through her, resonating between her legs. She scolded herself, it was not natural to want such things, but her body seemed to expect it. Rising to her feet, she followed, not even needing to be tied up. She went to the room and sat on the bed, waiting for her limbs to be tied, saying nothing. She heard a girl the day before, she screamed and bellowed in agony when they corrected her, she did not want a similar fate.

Again, the straps were tied, the bars placed where they needed to be and finally, the wand placed to her pussy again. She braced herself for it, but like the other days, no matter how she fought, she could not help it, once the vibrations started, her body reacted, loving the initial sensation, but by the third orgasm, things started to get hazy once more. ‘Today, twenty minutes,’ The boss entered the room with Samantha in tow, she immediately began readying a small plastic syringe into a long thick rubber dildo, a plunger at the end. By the time twenty minutes were up, she had drenched the bed by squirting twice and her other orgasms. When they removed the wand, he walked over and grinned at her plumped lips and drenched core.

Samantha walked over and parted her lips before pressing in the dildo, looking to a screen to the side. ‘Cervix is open and ready.’ she informed the boss. ‘She is ovulating.’

‘Good, get it in, do not waste a drop, that sample took two years to get.’ the boss ordered. The woman nodded and pushed the plunger, the camera at the tip of the dildo showing as its contents were pushed into the open cervix and into her womb. ‘Tilt her up boys.’Sergei and Matthews did as ordered and lifted the lower half of the bed so that she was held at an angle. ‘Fourteen days from now, we’ll be starting to get our tests ready.’ he grinned, rubbing her stomach. ‘She’ll be a good one, you can tell the good ones. Put her back and get her comfortable when she wakes.’

‘Sure thing boss.’


When she woke, she felt exhausted, every limb ached. She thought she had gotten used to it, but still, her body tired from the actions it was put through. Her pussy felt odd, not like it had done the three previous times, it felt like it had been stretched. ‘What’s your name?’ Matthews asked.

‘Sar…AH!, Kitten, it’s Kitten.’ she corrected as she felt him slap her painful pussy.

‘Good girl, so very, very good.’ he grinned. ‘Come on.’ He untied her and pulled her into his arms. ‘You’re tired after today, aren’t you?’ She did not answer, she simply curled in against him and dozed off. ‘She’s a fucking cuddler.’ Matthews growled when they arrived at her room. ‘Get her off me.’

‘I think she is a little sub,’ Sergei grinned as he helped pull her off his colleague, ‘She would sell well for that if she’s not good at breeding.’ he eyed her carefully, ‘But the boss chose well, hips, tits, and demeanor make for a good breeding bitch.’

‘Have you seen the plans for her, she’s booked out for a few years.’ Matthews commented. ‘That belly is going to be well marked when they’re done.’ he eyed her flat stomach, knowing well what was planned for it. ‘Come on, I am fucking starving.’ The men left.


For the next two weeks, she sat on the bed, wondering why the “reward” had been removed, she was unsure, but not overly hurt by it, it had been replaced with more food and even a few puzzles and crosswords, as per her request when asked after three weeks of good behaviour what treat she would like. She had no idea how long she had been held captive, but as her breasts began to ache and her stomach felt the telltale signs of her menstrual cycle, she calculated it had been about a month. She had been due to start her pills the day after she had been taken after her week off for her cycle, she had been worried about not being on it, but to her relief, she was not harmed in that manner.

When she was sitting on the bed, she watched as her pot was taken out again that morning and sat watching as the new food was brought to her. ‘Good news, the boss wants to see you.’ Sergei informed her. ‘He’ll be here in a minute.’ he took the pot and left. She ate the food in silence, wondering why Sergei insisted that was a good thing, when the boss arrived, she looked at the terrifying grin on his face.

‘Looks like everything is going exactly as planned, is there anything you want to know?’


‘Well, that is simple, you are perfect, you need to be used as such.’

‘Perfect for what?’

‘You’ll see, with time.’

‘I want to go home, please.’

‘I can’t let that happen.’

‘But I…’ she began to whimper.

‘Kitten, you have been so good so far, you have a choice right now, choose to be bold, and suffer the greatest pounding you have ever experienced, and I do not mean that as a whipping, I have had three men beg me to fill that ass of yours already today.’ She swallowed in terror. ‘Or be good and get a lovely news treat, what do you want?’

‘The treat please, Sir.’ She wiped her eyes and steadied her breathing.

‘Good Kitten, now there are rules with this, okay?’ she nodded. ‘You are not allowed clean up after it, you can only inform the boys when it needs doing, alright?’

She frowned at the odd comment, ‘Yes Sir.’

‘Good girl.’ he walked over to the door and opened it, a moment later, Sergei entered with an animal box. ‘This is your little friend, correct?’

‘Carlton!’ she shrieked with joy and rushed over. ‘Hey, Pretty Boy.’ The cat meowed anxiously. She undid the cage and he rushed into her arms. She ignored the men and brought the cat over to the bed, talking to him as she did. The men settled the cat’s few toys they clearly had taken from her home and a litter box and food bowls and left her alone.

‘It’s a fucking cat.’ Matthews scoffed.

‘I don’t care if it is a German Shepherd so long as she is calm, it is early days, we have another two months before she will start to be getting into safer territory, we need her to get past the first trimester safely.’ The boss growled. ‘The offers have started already, three million is currently the highest bid, more are promising to triple it when she gets halfway.’

‘Who the fuck is it to say they are paying that sort of money?’ Matthews asked.

‘Some English actor, there’s about three of them that are all pretty much the same thing, posh and British looking, I don’t remember which one, but all I care about is that when this is over, she will have us rolling in it. We have limited supply of him, all of them are going to be held until we see what she gives.’ he turned to leave, ‘let me know when she suspects or is ill.’


Her period never came, for two weeks, she felt as though it was about to, but it never did, she put it down to the stress of her situation. The men gave her her food every day and with Carlton with her, she wanted for little, her rewards continued too, she had convinced them to give her a cup of tea with breakfast and lunch, it tasted different to her own, but she did not argue, since she was glad to have any. Carlton settled quickly, though he seemed less than pleased with the living quarters.

By the time she was sure her period was due again, there was more tenderness in her breasts, and bloating in her stomach, but cramping. She was scared as to why her body was doing it, but said nothing aloud. When the nausea started, it began in the evenings, so she did not equate it to her situation, but when it came in waves and did not relent after the second week, she did not need to be told, her tender yet slightly swollen breasts and stomach told her everything she needed to know. She wept in terror, she never wanted children, she was not maternal, she was only twenty-three, she wanted to have her life before even looking at a man. She froze, she had no idea what man even impregnated her, was it one of the men, the boss, someone they brought in. It took a while to think over when it happened, but she remembered those four days, or more importantly, how after the fourth or fifth orgasm, she remembered nothing. She was sobbing when Sergei came in with her dinner, he said nothing, he left the plate and left.

‘She’s got it figured.’ He informed Matthews.

‘I’ll call the boss.’


When the boss arrived in, she was still upset in a corner. ‘You didn’t eat your dinner.’ he tutted.


‘I told you, you are perfect.’

‘But I don’t want to be a mother.’

‘You won’t be, as soon as it arrives, it will be given to someone who wants it.’ he explained calmly. ‘Now, you are not allowed skip meals, no matter how sick you feel, you need your strength. Usually, you would be punished, but you are such a good girl, I am going to put this down to the shock of finding out and that you forgot, didn’t you?’

‘I never even noticed it, Sir.’ she replied honestly.

‘Well, that is fair enough.’ he grinned. ‘I will get you a new one, and you will eat it.’


‘Simple, we knew your cycle and waited until the right time, then we had a sample inserted and waited for it to take.’

‘So no one…’

‘No man has penetrated you, no.’

She seemed relieved by that much before she frowned. ‘How did you know…?’ she asked, scared of the answer.

‘Your routine was scattered, your cycle was not.’ The man grinned, ‘Even second week of the month, without fail, right?’ she looked at him in horror. ‘And for the last few months, what you thought was your pill, were actually potent fertility drugs.’ she stared in terror, ‘Don’t you get it, Kitten, you were wasted at that life, you are made for this one, you are everything you need to be, young, healthy…’

‘What…what happens when I’m not…?’

‘You be someone’s personal Kitten, we’ll make sure you get a good home.’ She balked at the idea. ‘Now, now, don’t be like that, you are such a good girl, you will get only the best. And believe me, they take care of you.’ He smiled, turning again. ‘You are very special, you have the best crop.’

She waited for him to leave before she gasped in shock and revulsion at what he had told her. Sergei came a few minutes later with fresh food. ‘Eat, trust me, it is safer to.’ he advised before leaving again.

Carlton went over to the food and started to sniff it. She walked over and looked at it, not the least bit hungry, but she knew she needed to, she knew the consequences. When Sergei returned a while later, it was mostly gone, helped by Carlton stealing the meat she was not overly interested in. She said nothing as he took it, but when vomit began to rise in her throat, she rushed to the bucket and hurled until she could hardly breathe, before spiting and looking around to see him gone. She felt fine, but her stomach was tender. She crawled back into bed, watching when he returned soon after with toast and a glass of some sort of liquid.


Three months, her illness lasted, and in that three months, it was unpleasant most days, but she learned the worst times to eat and avoided food then. Her stomach continued to grow, along with her breasts changing. Her areolas turned a brownish hue and increased in size as well as her breasts. The men brought her better-fitted clothing, three dresses, something she was grateful for.

When the morning sickness subsided and she felt human again, she found herself cursing the pregnancy, even more, she craved savory snacks, something she assumed she would not be given, since every meal she had seemed to be nutritionally balanced, but the other thing she yearned for annoyed her more. She was horny, day and night, all she wanted was release. It was something she had never experienced before, sure she had felt urges, but this was constant. When she was alone, when she was sure it was evening, she slipped her hand under the covers and tried to relieve herself, but all she felt was more frustrated, her external stimulation was not what she needed, she needed to be fucked, hard.

The next day, after three unsatisfying orgasms the night before, she was brought out for her twenty-week scan and check. The baby was growing well, Samantha informed the Boss, it was a good size, everything was satisfactory, but she could not give the gender, it was not willing to reveal itself. She then checked her thoroughly, her pelvis was taking the additional pressure well, her skin, due to being rewarded body oil that would prevent stretch marks, had stretched with the child so far, and her breasts were very much adapting to their new natural role. As the woman squeezed them, she squirmed, the sensation causing her to become aroused, such was her condition. The boss noted this and slipped his hand between her legs, immediately, she unwillingly leaned into his touch, him noting the wetness against his fingers.

‘Leave.’ he ordered. The other men present and the woman left immediately, not questioning him. ‘You just won’t stop, will you?’ he grinned. ‘Every time you act as though you are perfect for this, you become even more so.’ He continued to rub her cunt as he spoke, her breaths becoming faster, her hips pushing up in hopes of rubbing against him. ‘You are an incredible girl, my greatest find.’ he took his hand away and she whined. ‘Don’t be impatient, I will look after you.’ he undid his pants and stood between her legs, pulling out his cock and stroking it, allowing her to see it. ‘Is this what you want?’

‘Please.’ She hated herself for it, but she wanted it more than anything, he had barely entered her before she gasped and came around him. ‘Fuck.’ He was older than she usually found attractive, she usually liked men a few years older than her, but he was clearly far older, in his late thirties to mid forties, men who looked after themselves, she found, were harder to age sometimes, but his cock was long and veiny, just as she liked, it hit everything she wanted.

He slapped her clit, ‘Language.’ he growled, but his words were more of a hiss as her body clenched around him, he looked at her now rounding stomach and placed his hands on her hips before beginning to move, watching his drenched cock slide in and out of her as he fucked her. ‘Better Kitten?’

‘Yes, Sir, please, please Sir.’ She begged.

‘Please what?’

‘More Sir.’

‘What more?’

‘Harder, faster, please Sir, I need more.’

The boss did as she wanted, pounding into her soaked pussy, the crude slapping of him bottoming out in her and her moans causing the room to echo their lude sounds. Her heavy breasts bounced, as he focused on her stomach. She came again and he followed soon after, the feel of her pussy clenching around him too much for him. He panted as he pulled out. ‘Kitten, you really are perfect.’ he looked at her, her face filled with a peculiar look. ‘Not satisfied yet, Kitten?’

‘Please Sir.’ she begged.

‘Very well.’ He pulled up his pants and walked over to the door. ‘Boys.’ He called Sergei and Matthews in. The two men looked immediately to her, ‘Ten minutes of the wand.’ he ordered as he left.

The two men looked at each other before walking over and doing what they were told. ‘He fucked her,’ Matthews growled, looking at the white globs of fluid leaking from her pussy. ‘If they find out…’

‘Look, we do our job and we say nothing.’ Sergei brought over the wand, a pair of gloves on his hands and pressed it to her clit, turning it on.

‘Yes!’ she pressed against it immediately.

‘Fuck, she is a right little slut.’ Matthews had his jaw clenched. ‘I have to leave, I cannot…’ he walked out of the room, leaving Sergei rolling his eyes as he checked his watch.

‘Too empty.’ She moaned after two more orgasms.

Sergei’s eyebrows rose, but he brought the hand not holding the wand and pressed it into her, the Boss’s come and her own release giving him the lubrication to do so and finger fucked her as she screamed in pleasure. By the time the ten minutes were up, the floor was drenched and she was a babbling mess, but clearly satisfied, so he gently brought her back to her room and put her in the bed, careful of her condition as he did so.

Listening to the voice of disabled people regarding disabled representation is crucial. Doing otherwise means that you’re just willing to instrumentalize us and that your piece of media is inherently bad. I’m saying it as someone who is autistic, as well as someone who actually was almost ableist a couple days ago.

I watched this movie, “Hush”, on Netflix. It’s about a deaf woman, a writer, who has to face a serial killer and is using everything around her and in her soul to survive. I was very moved by this movie because the woman protagonist was strong, willful, fierce. I thought to myself “That’s what i want to see in a movie with an autistic protagonist !”.

I was going to post a very positive review, but i’ve decided, at the last moment, to check out some reviews about the movie written by members of the Deaf community. I was shocked. What i thought was good representation was actually terrible.

The actress was not deaf herself, her use of the ASL was almost ridiculous, they weren’t accurate at all most of the time, and, apparently, the director of this movie was very dismissive towards members of the Deaf Community who tried to reach them.

I’m not deaf myself or hard-of-hearing. I discovered with this experience that i know nothing about deafness and the Deaf community and i feel a bit ashamed about the fact that i almost praised this movie as a very good representation. I was ignorant, but ignorance is not an excuse. I need to educate myself.

What i mean is that you definitely need disabled people’s input on your creation, if you want to include us as characters. No matter what disability you’re talking about.

running buddies waiting for the train to pass

I still get so unbelievably...

…angry again when I remember - despite Jensen’s absolutely gorgeous performance to get through to Mary in 12x22 “Who We Are” -how fucking disgusting the writers treated Dean in that moment, because ffs would it have hurt them to maybe at least include a line that acknowledges that Dean had to suffer, die and accumulate more traumas than any person ever should have to experience due to his mother’s death as well? Ffs not just Sam’s life was messed up after that. Sam had Dean. Dean had no one - as he said himself he had to be mother, father and brother from age 4 onwards!!! And of course you can look at it from the perspective that Dean think of himself too little to acknowledge his own traumas and voice them to his mother, but fuck damn we got an entire season in which Dean’s emotions were ignored, ridiculed and invalidated and then the season ends on the note suggesting that the writers indeed don’t give a fuck about Dean. Sorry but, yes I’m angry. So so angry still. And to top all of this off, to showcase the horrendous treatment Dean received by the people closest to him and especially his mother, the scene ends with Mary not even having the audacity to maybe give her son a hug who just freaking saved her life and may have died for her misplaced trust in the wrong people (yeah I know “woman in white” who can never go home and face her children and everything I meta-ed about and all that turned out to be the case, that doesn’t make it any better ughhhh). Just grrrrr, and yeah every now and again out of nowhere I remember this and yeah I just want to take Dean away from the writers and give him the love and attention that the character deserves. Rant over and out.

The Transfer: Part 4

The Transfer: Part 4

Word count: 4k

Genre/Warnings: so much angst I want to cry, language and kinda fluffy 

Pairing: Hoseok x Reader

Summary: You need to tell Jimin who you’re secretly seeing before he loses it.

 Parts: one | two | three 

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Plump Lips

Genre: Smut, dom!reader, sub!jimin, dom!jimin, sub!jin, romance, threesome, bisexual smut, jinmin

Word count: 3.8K

Warnings: Short story on two wonderful people and their plump lips involving a third wheel.  You have been warned.

I strictly liked only one type of guy, the ones with natural plump lips. Other woman loved muscular or chiseled faces and sometimes to overdone with everything. I liked my men more docile and gentle with gorgeous features, sometimes gay. However they were hard to come by and I wasn’t one to let my standards lower for a petty man that didn’t meet the standards. Everyone always tells females to have a strict requirements for their husband or significant other, however my standards were to high, not any man would be able to reach them. For a while I thought that I would grow old and still be an unmarried woman and even had to drop my standards if I didn’t find my ideal man. That was until I met the perfect pair of plump lips.

One with broad shoulders and one who was shorter than I. Such a wonderful find, but of course they were in a relationship, which I respected. Until the one that was shorter than me approached me with a book to check out of the library. His flushed face was cute and his eyes that avoided me, always looking down as his hands were so small that I wanted to just hold them. I worked a part time job at the college library where the plump lips attended. However I never officially met them, I only knew what their names were. Both very attractive and popular with the ladies and the guys, which allowed no peace for them and they often hid in the far back of the vast library to avoid the mass crowd.

I didn’t mind that they come everyday to relax in the library, since I got to see them everyday, I was rather happy to have such wonderful people spend time in a lonely and quiet library. Then on one faithful day, I saw those plump lips in action with a steamy exchange of lock lips. I was putting the returned books back on the shelf when I heard a distant moan and groan. Quite loud in a empty library, which was already closed. I looked around, thinking that I needed to tell the students to leave, because I had already closed the library. Only to slow my steps as a moan escaped through quivering lips.

I halted and almost froze as my heart beats quicken. I saw movements from behind one of the tall shelves, two heads with black hair tangled in each other as they kissed so loudly that it seemed to fill my ears. Wet tongues, licking and biting one another as they moaned, fabric brushing as they grinded against each other.

“Jin hyung… you taste so good.” The short boy stated as he broke the kiss and kissed the one with broad shoulders neck. “You really love sweet fruits, don’t you hyung?” His accent heavy as he continued to place kisses, suckling Jin’s collarbone.

“Jimin-ah, your intuition… It’s dangerous… to dangerous…” Jin moaned heavenly that it almost made my knees buckle at the sound. I wanted to join them so badly, but I was afraid they would stop if they knew they were being watched.

Just as the thought crossed my mind, Jimin looked up through the books to lock eyes with me. My eyes widened as his grew just as large, before he looked away and stopped his actions. Oh god, I have to leave.

“Jimin why did you stop?” Jin asked disappointedly as he looked at Jimin as he cover his face with his hand.

“Its her. She saw us.” Jimin whispered and Jin whipped around to lock his eyes with mine, mouth gaping in shock as I stood and watched the both grow awkward. A few seconds past before Jin stood out from behind the shelves and bowed deeply.

“Ma'am, I am so sorry that we are doing this in your library. It-I-its just been such a stressful day, ma'am. I’m sorry for our inappropriate behavior!” Jin almost yelled his apology, never lifting his head an inch. Undoubtedly ashamed that they were caught kissing in a library at the college they attended. However his black hair was so fluffy and tangled by the make out seemed so tempting to me. Without a thought, my hand was placed on Jin’s head. Rubbing my thumb and fingers in his soft hair, almost like a dog’s fur. Jin looked up at me, slightly raising his head, wondering why I was touching his hair. However my eyes grew dark as my thoughts turned into one of my darkest fantasy. “Ma'am?” Jin asked softly as he began to rise his head higher to stand straight.

“You will apologize in another form than words.” My voice almost sounded so different that even I was scared of it. “A form of sex.” I blurted and gripped Jin’s hair and pulling him into my kiss. His plump lips so heaven that I thought that I was in heaven just by a kiss. Before I could explore his mouth, be pulled away.

“M-Ma'am! What are you doing?!” Jin exclaimed and brushed the back of his hand on his lips. “Jimin is my boyfriend, you can’t just kiss me!”

“Oh, so kissing is off limits? That is a pity.” I grinned and before I could lean in for another kiss, a shout knocked me out of my tranced lust.

“Is anyone over there?!” The person shouted as I heard footsteps close in on us. I hissed under my breath as I grabbed Jin’s hand and Jimin’s small hands, tugging them to a private study room in the back of the library. Locking the door behind us, I stuck my ear to the door and heard the person yell out. Jin and Jimin stood awkwardly as they watched me confirm the voice becoming my distant.

“Ma'am, it’s fine if we leave. We have homework to finish.” Jin said holding Jimin behind his broad shoulders. “Just let us out and we can sneak past the person.”

“Yes, but I can just expose the both of you to the dean and get you expelled.” I muttered as I sighed deeply. “Either way, you still haven’t completely apologize to me.”

“Ma'am, if you want money. I can just give it to you!” Jin yelled with veins popping out on his neck and forehead.

“Money will never be a good form of apology. I want one thing, if you give me that one thing, I will let you go.” I narrowed my eyes and thought to myself that this situation could turn sour and I would be named a sex offender or something like that. In fact what was I even saying. Before I could say anything, Jimin finally spoke up.

“I will do it.” Jin whipped his head and asked him why and don’t do it, but Jimin shrugged him off. “I will give you the proper apology through sex.” Jimin blushed as he tried to maintain eye contact with my narrow ones. My mouth parted then turned into a grin, before I closed in the space between the both of us. Cupping his cheek and softly gazing into his eyes as I towered over him. His brown eyes searched over mine as my eyes soon fell to his lips. With a groan, I nearly gave into the plump lips that taunted me.

With a flick of my wrist, I pushed Jimin back into Jin’s arms. I felt my face blush as I covered my face slightly.

“Leave.” I whispered.


“I said leave!” I shouted and pointed at the door. The both of them jumped at my shout and soon opened the door to run out of the library. Whimpers left Jimin’s lips as Jin pulled him out of the library. I slide down on the wall and sat with my face in my palms, thinking that I nearly made the greatest mistake of my life. Plump lips are really dangerous, I can’t see them again, otherwise, I’m afraid that I won’t be able to control my desire.

I didn’t see the plump lips come in the library again, knowing full well why. Thinking that I must be a villain in Jin and Jimin’s eyes. Putting my head into the palms of my hands, I silently cried to myself.

“Uh, miss. I would like to check this book out.”

When I looked up to the person, my eyes grew so round, I thought my eyes were going to pop out.

“Jimin! What are you doing here?!” I nearly shouted as I rose off my seat. God, its been nearly a week since I saw his plump lips, but more importantly, I wanted to apologize for what I did to them a week ago.

“Ah, I needed reference for my essay on relationships.” He beamed slightly and soon toned it down as he stared into my serious face. “So I just want to check the book out.” When I finally let him give me the book, it was a rather thin book and it raised my eyebrow.

“Relationships and sex, what a wonderful book that is only 52 pages long.” My brow raised as I looked up at Jimin’s blushed face who turned to look at the students that typed furiously on their essays or homework. “I have better material in the back that you can use as a reference.” I motioned Jimin with a small nod and began walking through a door, not looking back to see if he followed. In the room was large shelves with thick books that were more expensive. I walked into one of the shelves and when Jimin came around the corner, I pushed him against the shelf and locked lips with him.

His eyes were round and bewildered as my tongue pried opened his plump lips and explore his sweet minty mouth. How heavenly, that my eyes almost rolled back with a groan. Soon Jimin returned my forceful kiss with an eagering one. I wanted to taste him so badly that I every night I couldn’t go to sleep without seeing his lips. Seems like I got a class A plump lip fetish. My hands moved down from his cheeks down to his chest and gently rubbing my hands on his thick and muscular thighs. Considering he is a small fragile boy, he was quite ripped.

Just when I was about to slip my hands inside his pants, someone opened the door loudly and we jumped apart. I cursed under my breath as I looked out to see the boss. She was talking to another person about what book they needed as reference. I felt my heart slip as Jimin moaned, he was biting his lower lip and it was hot. His hand was palming itself against his enlarged member. However did he have to do that now!

“Jimin you are going to have to hold on for a little while longer.” I hissed as I bit the love of his ear. “Tell me where you live and I will bring you there.” I eyed the boss though the books as I tried to pry Jimin’s hand from his member. He whimpered and looked up at me with need eyes that me gulp in awe.

“I-I don’t wanna go.” Jimin sighed as he began to grind against my thigh. Finding his pleasure amongst the crowd of emotions that dwell deep in his heart. “Just… Please…” With his begging, I couldn’t stop my lunge to push him back on the shelf. Lips latched on his neck as my hand was palming his raging cock. He sang a moan which I immediately put my hand over his lips to quiet his moans. His lips pressed against my hand as he stuck his tongue out, licking in between my fingertips.

Gripping and tugging his hard member, Jimin finally jerked his hips up into my palms as he found his release. He groaned so loudly as he nearly fell apart and into my arms. I let my finger into his mouth as he suckled it with great desire, silencing his groans from my boss. I, too, was hot and sweaty from the steamy exchange. Slowly massaging Jimin’s climax out, I leaned in to kiss his plump lips, as we wrapped our tongues around each other.

“Now let’s bring you home.” I said softly as I looked into his lustful eyes. He replied in a nod as he straighten himself and tried to make his appearance appropriate, but it don’t stop him from beaming in happiness. Considering he just came while being in a tight spot of being caught and being palmed at while I was biting his neck was quite something. And now he was really happy, what a strange boy.

When we arrive at Jimin’s apartment, I wanted to just leave him there. Not knowing what he thought of me or what our relationship was. As soon as I turned around to leave, Jin opened the door and immediately pulled Jimin in for a deep hug. Seeing that they both cherished each other very much, kind of broke my heart since I couldn’t have either of them. Just as I began to walk, Jin halted me to stop with his loud voice that echoed throughout the walls.

I turned to look at the two beautiful men and regretted my decision. I needed to leave, I almost raped them and now I just made Jimin come while my boss was in the same room. I needed to go, before I do anymore damage. Suddenly I felt someone hug me. Jin pulled me into a big hug as his broad shoulders curved around as he held me in a tight embrace.

“Jin?” I whispered.

“Thank you for bring him back to me.” He smiled and put me at arm’s length to look into my face. “Thank you so much.” Jin’s squinted eyes and bright smile that made his cheeks chubbier made me ease the tension in my muscles. I returned a small smile and Jimin popped out from beside Jin’s side. With a pat on Jin’s back I stepped back and bowed slightly and stated my apologies.

“I’m sorry about the actions that I did towards the both of you last week.” I looked at the ground as I clenched my fist. “Please accept my apology!” I didn’t want to lose them, I wanted them to come back to the library often, so I could see that they would be healthy and lively. Life at the library would be dull without them.

“You will apologize in another form than words. A form of sex.” Jin softly repeated my words from before. I looked up at him with wide eyes as I saw Jimin stare up at the tall man with just the same surprised expression. Jin let a small smile out before reaching down to kiss my hand. Looking up at me with those watchful brown eyes, I nearly melted at his plumped lips coming into contact with my hand. I stared down at Jin and just before he lift his head, Jimin grabbed my other hand and did the exact same thing.

When they both looked up to meet my eyes, I felt my heart almost burst as their lips were slightly moist and puckered, just to kissable. Out of nowhere, my thumb drove themselves into their mouths. Catching them by surprise, but immediately they took the hint and closed their lips around my thumb, lapping their wet tongues around my thumb. Their face so lewd and blushing that it made me blush. Jimin and Jin gazed up at me with pleading eyes and their hands were wrapped around my wrist to hold me there.

It seemed that there was no way out of it. With that, I pulled out my thumb and planted kisses on their lips before walking past them to stand at the open doorway of their apartment room. I smirked and nodded slightly before entering their home. It was a clean and spacious room, neat and ordered beautifully. The two followed me in and looked at me with a questionable expression.

“Where is your bedroom?” I asked and they both pointed at the door down the hall. I smiled at their answer and walked to the door to open it and see such a fluffy type room. Decorated with bright and colorful things but yet it contained items that were both edgy that spiked the colorful room. The bed was huge and fluffy as well with lots of pillows. I had a hard time to imagine that this was a man’s bed, but I guess the two aren’t really the typical guy.

Once the two followed me in behind me. I grabbed Jin’s hand and pushed him down onto the bed. While Jimin looked at me, I pulled his hand to stand beside me. My lips were attached to his earning a surprised gasp from him as I stroked Jin’s thighs. Jimin eagerly thrusted his tongue into my mouth to taste me more, while I heard Jin’s small groan as my hands wandered his inner thigh to his growing cock.

Jimin’s hands had wandered down my body over my butt and up my back, making me shiver as he did so. Such small hands were so skilled in making someone fall apart. I broke our kiss only to crawl on top of Jin and hover over his flushed face. Not touching him, I leaned down to kiss his plump lips. Both lips were amazing but each had a different taste and feel. Jin was sweet like fruits and great food, while Jimin tasted like mints.

Jimin watched as I was on Jin kissing him and grew a little jealous at how his boyfriend was getting kissed and not him. So Jimin stood behind me and pressed his bulge into my butt and slowly grinding against me. I moaned into Jin’s hot mouth and began kissing down Jin’s long thick neck and shoulder. Hands wandering under his shirt to pull it over his head and expose the fine lean body he had.

“Your really handsome.” I whispered in delight as I lean back down to kiss his chest and flicked my tongue over one of his erected nipples. He groaned softly and brought his hips up to grind against my wet area. Thankfully I wore pants and not a skirt, otherwise I would have had both of them in me already. However when they had grinded against me I felt so tingly good that it was like I was about to come.

“Miss you feel amazing… god, can I go in?” Jin whimpered softly to himself as he quickened his pace.

“You want in?” I smiled and looked down at his half closed eyelids, moving my hips along with his. Jin nodded and I smirked, leaning back, I kept my pace only to wrap my arm around Jimin’s neck to bring him in for a kiss. Molding his lips with mine as I broke the kiss only to tell him. “Do me a favor and fuck Jin.” Jimin stared at me in disbelief.

“W-what?” Jimin stuttered and Jin looked up at me in surprise.

“That is the only way I will fuck Jin.” Jin groaned and pleaded Jimin to fuck him.

“Jiminie, just take my pants off and do it.” Jin cried as he moved his hips under me. “I want to feel her so badly.” Jimin hissed softly before yanking Jin’s pants off and tossing them aside, removing his pants off as well. When he pulled his underwear off, Jimin’s erection was sprung free and wiggled around next to his stomach as he move to get into position. Taking Jin’s underwear off at last. Where Jin’s cock was thick and resting on his stomach as I ride him to give him some friction.

Before Jimin eased into Jin, Jin gazed up at with lustful eyes before shutting them tightly as his fingers gripped the bedsheets beside my knees. His mouth gaped open to let out a loud moan as Jimin grunted, feeling Jin’s walls clench around him. Once Jimin reached balls deep in, he slipped my blouse off and began kissing the base of my neck. Licking and biting Jimin went on as he pulled out and rammed back into Jin.

Entranced by the situation, I was so amazed at Jin’s face and the sound of Jimin’s cock thrusting in sweetly, clapping his muscular thighs on Jin’s soft ass. Jin reached up panting softly through moans to take my bra off. My nipples harden at the sudden chilled air, only to be played with Jin’s finger tips. I was already grinding on him, but I move slightly to take my pants and underwear off. Being completely naked with two gay men was the hottest thing that I had ever done in my life.

“Are you ready?” I asked Jin. He nodded and pulled his bottom lip into his clenched teeth, watching my drippy wet pussy slowly take his thick cock. I groaned as I threw my head back, feeling Jin slide in me was the best feeling. His thickness stretched me and made me wet even more was mouth watering. Jin’s and Jimin’s moans filled my ears completely as our wet juices was exchanged. I turned my head to catch Jimin’s wet lips. His tongue clashing and mingle with mine as Jin lifted himself up to wrap his arms around my waist. Helping me drive his cock in me, he leaned into our kiss and began exchanging a three way kiss.

Our saliva was mixed in a circle as our bodily fluids were also going in a circle as Jimin neared his climax. Feeling him get rougher and sloppier by the seconds to find his release. Jin groaned as my hips rocked faster to match Jimin’s pace. My left arm wrapped around the back of Jin’s neck as my right hand wrapped around Jimin’s neck. Jimin bit into my shoulder as Jin sucked on my nipple while I resting my head on Jimin’s shoulder and pressing my body against Jin.

“Fuck! You guys are the best I’ve had.” I moaned as I found my climax and moaned loudly along with the other two. With that Jimin had spilled his load and was panting hard to stop his jerking movements. Jin cried out in a slur of moans and words as he felt my walls clench down on him tightly and squeezed his cock of his climax. All three of us halted and panted as we stayed together. Gazing at each other and kissing our way into bliss.

“If you guys want to do that again in the library, make sure you call me.” I stated finally and the three of us laughed. Knowing full well it would be hard to fuck in a library that was meant to be quite.

“I think we can manage that, ma'am.” Jin winked and kissed my lips.

“But I want to feel her next, hyung.” Jimin whined and pulled my face away from Jin to plant a kiss.

“Boys, there is enough for everybody.” I smirked and winked at them. “I told you, you guys are the best I’ve ever had.”


You just gotta listen.

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While I continue to work on the next batch of Star Wars fic recs (I’ve been really busy with canon stuff lately, I know!) I also recently fell down the GAME OF THRONES hell pit, so here have some of my brave efforts in the salt mines, because there’s some really good stuff here! (Also, as always, feel free to send me recs, I need help wading through such a big fandom!)

King’s Blood; Fool’s Blood by Little_Ghost14, robb/margaery & cast, 21.1k wip
   Demoralised and traumatised following the red wedding, Robb is a virtual prisoner at Riverrun. Having barely survived by the skin of his teeth, his last hope is fading fast. Widowed on her wedding day and facing a future with a boy King, Margaery Tyrell is jaded and tired. Struggling to find her place in the world, she ends up being sent on a diplomatic mission to the Riverlands along with most of the Tyrell army. Neither yet realise they’re each other’s last chance.
Blow away with this new sun by rightfullymine, jon/daenerys & sansa, 4.1k
   Five years after the War for the Dawn, one afternoon in King’s Landing, the Lady of Winterfell and the King consort discuss politics and family matters.
The Prince and Princess of Summerhall by Avery_Fontaine, jon/daenerys & rhaegar/lyanna/elia & arya & cast, 2.5k
   In a better world, Jon and Dany would have been together. In a better world, Rhaegar would rule and Aegon and Rhaenys would live. In a better world, Lyanna lived to see her boy grow up. In a better world.
Goodnight, My Lady, Good Luck by icarus_chained, tyrion/sansa & jon/daenerys, 5k
   Tyrion and Sansa reunite at Winterfell, with murders and wars and seas and weddings behind them, in the midst of grand family revelations and potentially dangerous loves between kings and queens. It’s a painful conversation, but a necessary one. And maybe a hopeful one too.
The Good Lannister by icarus_chained, tyrion & tywin & arya, 2k
   Post-Season 7, Tyrion Lannister and Arya Stark meet at Winterfell. Or, to put it another way, Tywin Lannister’s cupbearer and his killer finally have a conversation.
Secrets in the Dark by rhymer23, sam/gilly & jon/daenerys & tyrion & sansa & arya & jorah & cast, 21.8k
   As Jon draws near to Winterfell, Sam worries about how he will react to the revelations about his parentage. But after Jon and his party arrive, this is not the only secret that will be revealed.
Cripples, Bastards and Broken Things by The Queen of Thorns (The_Queen_of_Thorns), jon & sansa & bran & cast, time travel, 51k wip
   We know no King, but the King in the North whose name is Stark. A House Stark fix-it fic, from the beginning.
So Shall It Be by icarus_chained, tyrion/sansa, gendry/arya, jon/daenerys & davos & cast, 38.2k wip
   At Winterfell, with Tyrion at her side, Sansa watches Arya and Gendry, and comes to several rapid and forceful realisations. She needs a little while to come to terms with them. Tyrion may need a little longer again. And then comes everyone else.

full details + recs under the cut!

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How to Make Friends with Actual Charming Puppy Nyssa al Ghul

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I'm a sucker for angst and you guy never fail to deliver XD the bosses (ttsuna, dino, byakuran) trying to cheat on their SO because they are scared of how deep in love they are but failing??


I take no responsibility for the anger and pain that you may experience because of this ask.

// Admin Chrome



It really was a spur-of-the-moment impulse. Tsuna was not someone who could hold himself back from temptation all that well, so seeing this beautiful woman stroll pass him, her long legs on display in all their glory, was a sin waiting to happen. Your face briefly flickered into his mind, your alluring smile that had him captivated by you from the start was shining at him, sending a sinking feeling deep down in his gut.

The guilt was washed away by the whiskey in his hand.

Seducing the young woman was easy. A sexy smirk and a peek at his Rolex watch had her sitting in his lap in record time. They had went to a hotel to keep the affair from the others, where Tsuna unconsciously compared every twist and arch of pleasure to you.

The woman’s voice was lighter and higher than yours, but it was unpleasant to Tsuna’s ears. Your moans and cries of pleasure were music to his ears, yet this woman’s noises were mediocre compared to yours. The places he touched you to make you squirm and whimper had no affect on this woman. It was honestly frustrating.

After the affair was over (the woman had given Tsuna her number, yet he left the piece of paper in the trash pin while the woman slept), Tsuna returned home to you. The mansion was quiet when he entered, and he removed his coat, giving it to the butler that greeted him at the entrance.

It was eating him up. Tsuna never regretted anything in his life. However, when you had walked in to greet him, the way your eyes traveled over his form, how your smile didn’t reach your eyes anymore, hit him right in the heart. Your usually enticing lips trembled with hidden anguish, your beautiful, glowing eyes had lost their light.

Tsuna was terrified of losing you.

He didn’t want to acknowledge his feelings before. He loved you so much. Everything about you made him want to protect you and keep you all to himself. It only showed now that he had fucked up your relationship.

“[Name], I-” His voice had barely managed to come out, before your hand had silenced him.

“I-I think we need to talk…” Your words had shattered his heart.

Yet, Tsuna knew he deserved it.


Her eyes were nothing like yours. Your eyes were beautiful, and your emotions flashed through them as if there was a movie playing right there in the irises. The flecks of colors always had Dino in awe, and he could go hours staring into your eyes. That’s how much he adored them.

Her body never compared to yours. You had soft and delicate skin, and he loved brushing his hands over it. Dino always took pleasure in dragging his lips around your stomach, watching the muscles twitch and hearing you laugh was music to his ears.

Why was he here? Why was he laying in his bed with a woman other than you? Dino loved you so much, there should be no reason to be having a sexual encounter with anyone other than you. The thought of you walking in on them was enough to make Dino’s heart jump to his throat. He didn’t want to see that betrayed expression on your face.

As the girl’s cherry red lips sucked at his neck, Dino realized that he couldn’t do this. He couldn’t fuck another woman, and expect everything to be okay afterwards. Your face kept popping up into his mind as his hands roamed the other woman’s body, his lips sealed onto hers.

Pushing the woman off of him, Dino let out a frustrated sigh. He wasn’t supposed to fall so deep into you. He was supposed to pull himself out of your light before it was too late. Someone like Dino didn’t deserve to be in the presence of someone so pure and warm like you. Mafia bosses were supposed to be cold and ruthless killers, who were doomed to be alone for all eternity.

But, Dino realized, he wasn’t willing to let you go. You were his Persephone, Dino was going to drag you to hell with him so you could be together forever, whether you liked it or not.

“Where are you going, baby?” The woman’s voice halted his thoughts, her fingertips dragging down his arm as Dino sat on the edge of the bed. Dino smacked her hand away, standing up from his seat. Grabbing his pants, he pulled the black slacks on, fastening the belt back around his waist,

“I obviously don’t need you anymore, please leave.” His voice was cold, the iciness of it making the woman freeze. Her hands turned into fists on the comforter, bundling up the fabric.

“Wow, so you were just using me? Why don’t I go tell that pretty little girl of yours how you just had your tongue down my thro-” Her sentence wasn’t even finished before Dino had his hand around her throat, cutting off her oxygen.

“Don’t even step anywhere near her, you filthy whore.” A dark atmosphere settled into the room, the woman clawing at Dino’s fingers. After a few more seconds, he finally let go, her gasps filling the room as air was circulating in her lungs again.

Before anything else could continue, the door creaked open. There you were, wide eyed, staring at Dino, before they singled out the girl on the bed, coughing her lungs out. You rushed over.

“What the hell, Dino? What did you do? Oh my god, are you okay?” Your worried voice was all Dino could register. You were on the bed in seconds, patting the girl on the back. Dino reached out to you, intending to pull you away from her.

“Don’t touch me.” You whispered, not looking at Dino.

Dino wanted to cry.


Byakuran, at first, wanted to see your reaction. Wanted to witness you burst into tears and scream and curse at him. Byakuran told himself that it was because he was tired of you, but really, he just wanted to be able to see all your expressions and actions. He wanted to be the only one who had witnessed all these sides to you.

Seeing your face turn red with humiliation, the way your eyes filled to the brim with tears, and how they trailed down your face gave Byakuran a burst of pride. You were saying something, yet Byakuran didn’t process it. The woman beside him was hurriedly trying to cover herself up, hiding behind Byakuran’s naked body on the bed.

A smirk started to spread across his face, his voice still calm and smooth.

“Why didn’t you knock first, [Name]? How rude of you.” Your hands were balled into fists, your nails digging into your skin. Your body was visibly trembling, and the tears were nonstop. There was no suppressing the flinch when Byakuran got up off the bed, his naked body full on display, and grabbed one of your wrists.

“I’m sorry, I really wish you hadn-” Your fist connected with Byakuran’s face, blood gushing out of his nose, and running down his face. A curse burst from his mouth, and he hurriedly held his broken nose.

“Don’t ever come near me again, don’t call me, or even think of me. We are over.” You wiped at your face, and turned out the door, slamming it shut in Byakuran’s face. He was left there, with an angry yet anxious feeling in his gut.

What do you mean you’re breaking up with him? That’s not how it was supposed to happen. You were supposed to scream and cry, yet you would ultimately forgive him. The feeling started to claw up from his stomach, going to his throat, making it hard to breath.

You weren’t supposed to leave. You were his.

Byakuran wanted to puke, like he was being crushed by the cold, hard reality of it all. It felt as if he was being dragged down into a black abyss, and he was so desperately trying to claw his way back up to the light. But, there was no more light anymore. He was surrounded by darkness now, and he was only now realizing that he really had loved you so much.