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Imagine Jensen and Misha talking about you when you miss a convention.

“Thank you.” Jensen said as he made eye contact with the woman who had just sent her well wishes to you; he patted his heart as he began to think of how he should respond. “It’s a deep emotional bond that we have; that we all have with the show, with you guys, and definitely with one other. When I say that Jared and Y/N are my brother and sister, I mean it; and right now Y/N’s going through a rough time and all the support and love you could give her, I know she’d appreciate it.”

Misha softly nodded his head with Jensen’s words, “Life has thrown Y/N/N so many things this year and right now she just needed to step back and regroup; and I just wanna make sure that everyone here realizes that it’s okay to do that. If you’re going through a tough time, it’s okay to step back and take a break. If you don’t you’ll just wear yourself down until you feel like you can’t get back up.” Misha spoke into his microphone.

“But just know that Y/N sends her love and that she wishes she could be here with us. Jared saw the signs and knew that Y/N needed this break; he had to practically force her to stay behind because she didn’t wanna let you guys down, but Danneel convinced her to stay at our place in Austin to help her take care of the kids; so know that she’s in good hands and she’ll give you guys an update when she’s ready.” Jensen said with a soft smile.

“Now.” Misha said as he clapped his hands and rubbed them together, he realized that Jensen was starting to get upset about you being gone. That’s why Jared wasn’t in the panel yet, he was worried about you so he decided to facetime you real fast, “Who wants to hear about the time that they let Y/N drive the impala and she drove it off the road?” Misha asked with a smirk, Jensen turned his head so fast at Misha’s words that he’s surprised he didn’t pull a muscle in his neck,

“She did what now?”

One very important thing that I think about often is the bit in the First Branch of the Mabinogion when Pwyll, the cool prince who has two Welsh vowels in his name, thank you very much, sees this fantastically beautiful woman on a really cool horse, and he says to himself “well, I guess the only logical thing to do would be to get on my own dang horse and chase her,” and he gets some of his buddies together (but just the ones in Pony Club, because the horses are important) and he says to them “right, we’re just going to chase this woman for a bit, is that OK?” and his pals are like “I mean, can you quantify ‘a bit’?” and Pwyll just shrugs and says “until I catch her, I guess,” and then his friends all look at each other and say “yep, that seems like a solid plan, count us in,” and they all get on their horses and they start to chase her and

they keep chasing her without a break

for three days

and every time it looks like they’re catching up with her, time does this weird skippy thing like when you play a bad CD (a scratched CD, I mean, not just Kelly Rowland’s disappointing solo efforts) and they’re suddenly miles behind her again, almost like it’s magic, or possibly a very niche science trick that the men just don’t have the capacity to comprehend in a world without flushing toilets. Gradually, Pwyll’s men just bow out, some gracefully and some probably weeping about piles and missing dinner, and then Pwyll is alone in his pursuit. Exhausted, starving and probably desperate to use one of the aforementioned non-flushing toilets, Pwyll just cries out “I don’t understand! When I saw this woman riding ahead of me, I only had one option, and that was to chase her desperately like the protagonists of La La Land chased a false Hollywood ideal. There’s literally nothing else I can do, but I can’t carry on, and it’s not working,” and then suddenly this idea comes to him and he calls out to the woman “hey, can you stop!”

and she immediately stops

and he catches up to her

and she’s like “fucking hell, I’ve been waiting for you to ask me to stop for three days, I’m absolutely knackered. Also I’m conveniently madly in love with you,” and Pwyll is like “if you’re in love with me, then why didn’t you stop? I just ran about eight triathlons, and by ‘I’ I mean ‘my horse’, who will likely never forgive me,” and the woman (Rhiannon) just shrugs and says “well, you didn’t ask me to stop.”

And either it shows something about the perils of pursuing a goal relentlessly without taking a moment to consider your approach, or it’s a commentary on male expectations of women, or on hubris, but ultimately it’s just really fucking funny.
Shy Girls And War Machines

Author: AvengeSuperWhoLock

Word Count: 1847

Pairing: Sam WilsonxReader

Summary: Sam Wilson is hot for you. Like, ‘drooling over himself when he sees you in yoga pants or pyjamas’ hot. His flirtatious behaviour is amped up to the highest level, but when you don’t respond with anything but indifference, he starts thinking you’re just not that into him. Until a little chat with Steve clears the air. 

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The Joker x Reader -“Obsession”

The Joker has an obsession: you. He doesn’t really need another one added to the pile but…anyway, here it is. Brace yourself  you lucky girl - you’re in for a treat. 

Related to this:

– He keeps on dropping things on purpose so you can pick them up, this way he can stare at your butt.

You know, for being the Joker, your boyfriend is pretty clumsy: he keeps on dropping stuff all the time. Like, right now, he just dropped his pen and you are fast to bend over and get it for him.

Intense purring immediately follows.

– J took you shopping and you were so excited when you smelled “Gucci Guilty” for men. You thought it’s a divine scent and he got 10 bottles without you knowing, replacing his current cologne with the Gucci one. He has those stashed all over the place while he still keeps in sight his usual fragrance: Clive Christian - “No.1” .

You have a feeling he smells like “Gucci Guilty”.

“Are you wearing Gucci Guilty?” you sniff the air around him with a huge smile on your face.

“Nope,” The Joker keeps on piling up money in boxes, trying to ignore you.

“Are you sure?” the insistent question pops up because you got a vibe you’re onto something here.

“I think I know since I’m the one that put it on, hm? Stop pestering me!!!” he barks your way and you just turn around, biting on your lip, stricken with fascination: your boyfriend does smell like GG, no point in denying it. Where is the damn bottle? (Well… bottles, but you have no clue there are 10 of them).

– You love knives; they are your favorite weapons. Mister J believes it’s classy as hell: in a world of guns, his girl is sooo stylish using sharp blades. You don’t know yet, but he ordered 50 personalized gold plated knives with your initials on them. He plans to give them to you for your 2 year anniversary.

* J totally loves it when you use him as target practice: such a turn on when the blades shriek by him, he gets very impatient.

“Don’t move, baby, I wouldn’t wanna cut something you might need to use later, hm?” you always wink at him, teasing even more just because you can.

Your boyfriend loves guns. So you will surprise him for you 2 year anniversary with a special gift: you will order 20 personalized guns for him from the place that all Gotham’s underworld knows about. Upfront they sell jewelry but the basement it’s a different story.

“I want to order 20 customized guns: half green, half purple background, gold plated,” you start your order.

“Sure, may I ask who they’re for? We can personalize even more,” the guy offers, pointing towards the multitude of catalogues lying around.

“Daddy,” you reply, absent minded since some fancy grenades caught your eye.

“How old?”

“Ummm…Probably… around 39,” you debate, deep in thought.

“Oohhh, OK,” the seller finally understands.”Got’cha!”

You smack your lips and it clicks for the person.

“Hold on, is the order for Mister J ?”

“Of course it’s for him, who else?!” you frown, irritated by the question.

“Oh my God, so sorry, I didn’t recognized you with this purple hair!”

“Whatever!” you grumble, grouchy he needed so many hints to figure it out.

“Would you also like to add his logo on all the guns?”

You roll your eyes, exasperated:

“Well, duh, HE IS The Joker, isn’t he???!!!!”

“Such a Goddam temper,” he thinks, aiming not to annoy you since you are famous for your short fuse.

* You totally love it when J uses you as target practice: such a torn on when the bullets shriek by your ears, you get very impatient.

“Don’t move, Pumpkin, I wouldn’t want to shoot something you might need later, yes?” and he always takes his shirt off, teasing even more just because he can.

– He likes to watch you sleep. Sometimes The Joker spends hours just staring at you. One night he cut off a small strand of your hair and hid it in the nob of his favorite cane since it’s hollow, this way he always has a piece of you with him. He detests being so infatuated but he can’t help it.

You like to watch your boyfriend sleep; you spend hours just staring at him. One night you cut off a strand of his hair and hid it in the pendant he gave you last year and never part with, this way you always have a piece of him with you. You hate it that you are so infatuated but can’t help it.

And you love his hands. When he’s asleep, you just like to look at his fingers, pressing your palm against his, caressing the soft skin. Sometimes he wakes up.

“What are you doing, Princess?” he opens just one eye, not knowing what’s going on.

“Nothing,” you are fast to reply, kissing his knuckles and keeping one of his hands prisoner for the rest of the night.

– Once every 3 months or so, your boyfriend is in a good mood so you try to take advantage of the rare occurrence. This time, for example, you convinced J to let you put makeup on him because you want to have an idea on how he looked like before the “Ace Chemicals” incident. A little bit of foundation to cover the scars and tattoos, bringing the skin and lips to a natural tone plus a dark blonde wig with a similar haircut to cover the toxic green locks.

“Wow, you were so gorgeous before too!” you gasp, admiring your work and how flawless The Joker seems. In your opinion, of course; Batsy wouldn’t share the same belief.“So this is how you looked like before?!”

“More or less,” he smirks, loving to see you so worked up about the whole thing. “Can’t argue with that statement though, I am a very good looking guy.”

You take a picture of him like that and set it up as your new screensaver, gulping when he gets up all shirtless, taking the wig off, being done with the experiment. A miracle doesn’t last for long - just like his patience.

“I’m gonna go and wash this stuff off,” he stretches and heads towards the bathroom when you block his way.

“Noooot so fast, handsome. I was kind of thinking to have a one night stand with this stranger I’ve just met,” you lock your arms around his neck, determined to have fun with him like that.

“Well, this stranger’s services are very expensive. I come with a high price. Still interested?” The Joker grumbles in your ear because he doesn’t want to say no to some crazy stuff for sure.

You just snicker and push him on the couch, starting to undress.

* Later you both go to one of your clubs to enjoy a night out. While you change your dress in the VIP room upstairs, one of the waitresses brings J his drink, thinking she can finally get you in trouble with your man. She despises you but you wouldn’t know since you never pay attention to those girls.

“E-hem, Mister J?…” she clears her throat, getting ready to talk crap.

“What?” he snarls, watching over the club from behind the smoky windows.

“Sir, I’m sorry to bring the bad news, but I think your girlfriend is cheating on you,” she blurs out and he lifts his chin up to finally look at her.

“Is she?”

“Yes, Mister J, I saw it with my own eyes. Y/N keeps on glaring at the screen saver she has on her phone; definitely not your picture sir. I caught her kissing the image and she turned off the cell right away, pretending nothing happened.”

He sighs, tapping his cane on the floor.

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, sir, I swear!” a smile appears on her face, happy you are probably a goner now.

“That woman! How dares she?!” J huffs and pushes her away, then strolls upstairs while she silently follows.

He barges in the VIP room, slamming the silver door behind him.

“Almost done, baby,” you cheerfully announce, putting on another coat of mascara.

“Who is that asshole on your phone?” he raises his voice and the waitress bites on her nails, enticed at your misfortune.

“Umm…My boyfriend?” you giggle and turn to face him, wondering if you’re playing roles again.

“Boyfriend?! How dare you sleeping with somebody else behind my back, huh?” and he tosses the cane to the floor with all his strength, making the woman jump on the other side of the door.

Oh, she’s gonna get it ! she victoriously chuckles to herself, silently clapping.

You are going to get it, but not in the way she thinks.

“I couldn’t help it,” you play along, not having a clue about what’s going on but if he wants to go this way, heeeeyy, works for you.

“You are so paying for this, nobody cheats on me!!!!” J yells, starting to rip your dress off while you do the same with his shirt.

She’s going to pay for it ! I hope he kills her, the woman gets all excited, waiting for the bad turn she is responsible for.

You are going to pay for it, but not in the way she thinks.

She hears a loud thud, your scream and The Joker grunting, then …moans?!

What the hell is going on?!  she wonders, baffled, still listening at the door for a few more moments before leaving.

Needless to say nobody saw her again after that night. Who knows what happened? People disappear all the time, right?

– You can fix things and J goes insane for it. He breaks shit on purpose.
“Doll, we have a water leak under the kitchen sink !” he shouts and places his elbows on the table, waiting for you.

“Again?!” you reply from the balcony, but go and get the tool box so you can take a look. You get under the sink and begin to work on the problem.

Intense purring immediately follows.

You don’t know how, but something always breaks around the penthouse. It’s a mystery since everything is the best quality money can buy. Like, why do you have another water leak under the sink?! You just had one two days ago. And The Joker is purring so loud. Why is he all excited about?!  

– You love huskies so J got you a puppy. Best present ever! Since you love Japanese names, you named the fur ball Yuki. The first trick you taught your doggie makes you melt when you watch it in action:

“Yuki, go bite Daddy!” The puppy jumps from your lap and charges at your boyfriend, grabbs his shoelace and pulls on it while growling up a storm:

“Grrrrrrr!!! Grrrrr!!! Grrrrrr!!!!”

J would love to break its neck, but how can you kill something that kind of growls like you?!

“Cut it out, mutt !” he threatens but bends over to pet the puppy. He hears you whistling with admiration.

“Wow, nice ass baby!”

* The puppy likes to sleep on your tummy. You are watching a movie with J and it’s boring so you need something more interesting to see.

“Yuki, go bite Daddy!”  The doggie’s ears go straight up and he rushes to get the enemy, pulling on the t-shirt he didn’t take off yet.

“Grrrrrr!!!! Grrrrr!!!! Grrrrrr!!!!!!!!!”

“So annoying!” The Joker complains, but caresses the fluffy pest and as a response he gets licked all over his face. And barked at too, in between.

You are absolutely and utterly thrilled.

“Now I have two sets of blue eyes I adore,” you grin with admiration, and your boyfriend doesn’t like that.

“I’m the only one you adore. Period,” and he starts growling.

Yuki’s tail wiggles with eagerness while jumping up and down by The Joker.

“Grrrr!!! Grrrrrr!!! Grrrrr!!”

J growls some more; Yuki is stunned and continues to growl also.

“Are you two having a contest?” you start laughing, reaching over to separate the two feisty males. The puppy cuddles in your arms, barking at his other owner.

When The Joker’s arm reaches towards you, Yuki hops on it, keeping it in place, not having any of it.

“Stop it, mutt ! I need my girl!”

His fingers are softly getting chewed on and more growling follows.

“Seriously?! I want to have sex with my woman, get lost!” and Yuki gets lift up and locked outside the master bedroom, but not before it gets more petting and squeezing. His intention was to break the puppy’s neck, but how can you kill something that kind of growls like you?!

– J hopes you are not going to notice how much he’s obsessed with you. It will get to your head and he already spoils you too much.

You hope that your boyfriend won’t notice how obsessed you are with him. It will get to his head and you already indulge his every whim. Even if he is soooo clumsy. Like, right now, J just dropped his gun and you are quick to bend over and get it for him.

Intense purring immediately follows.


So.  I love Caryl.  I want them to be together.  And as much as I would welcome *any* unambiguously romantic overture between these characters, I'm at the point where I feel like it almost *has* to come from Daryl to Carol, else there's always going to be that plausible deniability thing with people that ship him with characters X,Y, and Z and the molded tofurkey he probably found on a run that one time, y'all.

I mean.  I see the chemistry, the continuously deepening feelings and the slow (as Christmas because Gimps sucks donkey ass at pacing) progression from two damaged people that just met in the middle of traumatic circumstances to two damaged people that are each other’s human credential if you will, but others out there? 

They either genuinely don’t or simply refuse to, and that’s okay.  To each their own.  Really.  They can ship Carol or Daryl with aliens and a butt boil for all that I care because that is their absolute right.

 At the same time, though, I want Gimps and Co. to make it plain, once and for all, that Daryl wants her as a man wants a woman.  That she’s the one he wants by his side, trying and starting over as they take back their lives and just live instead of survive.  That she’s simply it, his reason, the one thing or person that he’s holding on to (as Morgan says…they’re all holding on to something) in this mixed up world. 

I want it to be settled, finally.  No more, but you could read it this way if you were wearing these color shipper goggles.  I mean, yeah.  Mine are Cherokee Rose tinted, but whatever. The response these two get whenever Gimps baits that nifty, nasty little hook of his tells me there are so many others out there that wear the same color shades. 

So yeah. Batter up, Daryl Dixon.  It’s your turn to complete that transition from boy to man.  Do it for her because she deserves it.  No more ambiguity and no more pussyfooting around (goes for you, too, Gimps). 

Go claim your woman and leave no more doubts. 

Because I’m tired.

It’s been 84 fuckin’ years.  

||Izaya is both an Anti-hero and Anti-Villain

The fact that Izaya wanted to start a war for his own ends(albeit partially understandable ones, considering his fear of death), not to mention him framing people for murder and other things, makes him not ‘good’ per say, and undoubtedly questionable.

But the fact that he hasn’t killed anybody(and the novels even saying he values human life just like anybody else; wasn’t somebody that would kill without batting an eye)(and don’t bring up Shizuo, because that’s a double-sided matter), hasn’t raped anybody, and hasn’t committed any crimes worse than any of the other characters makes him not ‘evil’. Not to mention the fact that he went against one of the antagonists, Amphisbaena, and pretty much got them broke apart. Aside from him working on both the side of the police and the mafia.

Above all else, the fact that he probably doesn’t love himself and the fact that he cares about Shinra down deep, in his own way(the only way he knows how), and the fact that he punches a telephone pole when he FINALLY truly realizes that Shinra is not only his friend, but his only friend, and he gets scared because he doesn’t want Shinra to be mad at him for nearly betraying him, and then the fact that he runs away from what he did, and basically sacrificed his friendship, not facing Shinra after that - and one very importantly the fact that his twisted personality is most likely caused by not only partially Shinra’s stabbing, but also parental neglect, a very realistic cause of a twisted personality like his, makes him human.

And that’s all he is: he’s just human.

 He is not an ally of justice, but neither is he an abettor of villainy. He is simply unwaveringly honest to his own desires.

 - Sunset With Orihara Izaya.

This is why Izaya could be considered both an anti-hero AND anti-villain, especially in the novels, which is something I love about him.

Also, I really dislike when people say he “tried to convince a girl to commit suicide”, because while he may have been in the ‘wrong’ either way(considering the things he said was kind of cruel), that accusation isn’t true, and the event with Ryo wasn’t even in the original novels, but that aside, with Manami and the other girls (who were the last people he decided he would do the suicide meetup with, which means there were no more after that.) the novels clearly said:

Meeting with people who wanted to kill themselves—he’d already done it over twenty times. During these meetings, Izaya noticed that many of them didn’t have much in common. The attitude people had towards death varied widely, with some people maintaining a smile at all times. There were even some who clearly wanted to die, but still recorded TV shows before they went out.

But—none of the people Izaya met had ever really committed suicide in the end. This made him feel rather ‘disappointed’.

- Durarara!! LN 1

And why did he feel ‘disappointed’? It’s not in his character to be purely sadistic and just want to see people die for no reason. He wanted answers, but in actuality he also couldn’t stand that they were making fun of death. They say they want to die, but in reality, none of them ever went through with it, because he destroyed their resolve, he not only scared them out of it, but in fact traumatized them, partially by projecting his own fears onto them. 

What were they thinking when they decided to die? Was there really no other way? Or perhaps, who did they want to die for? When people decided to die, just what kind of deep despair did they have in their hearts?

Orihara Izaya loved humans more than anything else, and thus wanted rather badly to know the answers.

But, he hadn’t met up with them because he wanted to talk them out of committing suicide. And the reason those people who met up with Izaya never committed suicide wasn’t because they never had the intention to die in the first place and had come just for fun, nor was it because they’d backed out.

Izaya’s true nature, was slowly revealing itself from its easygoing guise.

After listening to their reasons for suicide, Izaya finally raised his voice and asked a different question breezily.

“So, what’re you going to do after you die?”

On hearing the sudden question, the two women froze, and then gazed at Izaya dumbly. “Uh…you mean like after going to heaven?”

She’s already decided to kill herself and yet still wants to go to heaven. How bold can she get? But of course, it’s things like this that make humans all the more interesting.

“Does Nakura-san believe in the afterlife?” the other woman asked Izaya. Nakura was the fake alias Izaya had randomly come up with for himself. 

Izaya smiled and shook his head at the question and asked them instead, “Then do you two believe in the afterlife?”

“I do. But instead of an after-world, I think people become wandering ghosts in this world…”

“I don’t. Death is an expanse of nothingness, just a piece of darkness…but that’s much better than this.”

On hearing their answers, Izaya made a huge mental ‘X’.

Aw, how disappointing. This is really disappointing. A total waste of time. They’re only junior high standard. The atheists last time were much more interesting. These two only care about themselves.

Izaya then concluded that the two women weren’t serious about death. Or perhaps, they were envisioning death in their own ways.

He narrowed his eyes and smiled mockingly. That’s not good. How can people who want to die think about life after death?”


The two of them were completely baffled, as though they were looking at something completely illogical. Izaya continued. “Thinking about the afterlife is a right reserved for only the living. But, if this conclusion something you thought about endlessly, and considered thoroughly, then I have nothing to say. But, being forced into the abyss of despair—like getting your life savings scammed by some Lombard…people who have been forced into their hopeless situations by external factors—only then do they have this right.

Izaya went on smiling and said lightly, “But for you, you gave yourselves these problems right? You’ve already decided to walk the path of hopelessness and you still place your hopes on an afterlife. I don’t think that’s a good thing to do.”"

- Durarara!! LN 1

Also, in the anime, it almost seemed like the blood splatter on the pavement was hinting that Izaya had, in fact, coerced somebody to commit suicide or let somebody die, but the novels say he didn’t, so that would be going against the truth. The novels are the source I’m going by.

““What? What do you mean I’ve gone too far? I don’t get it.” (-Izaya)

“That’s because…”

“You—” The women were interrupted by Izaya’s hardened response.

“Didn’t you want to die? So what does it matter what I tell you? Even if you were lied to or scolded…you’ll be disappearing in a while anyway. So if you’re anguished because I lied to you, then why don’t you just bite your tongue off? Did you know by biting your tongue off to commit suicide, you won’t die because of blood loss, but because of a momentary shock that causes the remaining part of your tongue to compress the trachea and thus results in suffocation. That way, all the things you find unpleasant will be gone. You wouldn’t exist anymore. It’s that simple, and you say I’ve gone too far. I think you’ve gone too far.

“I understand that! But…”

“You don’t understand at all.” This time, Izaya was talking to the woman who had said ‘death was an expanse of nothingness’, and the tone he spoke in was even more forceful.

—With that smile on his face.

“You’re the one that doesn’t understand. You don’t understand at all. You just said death was just a big piece of nothing, right? But, that’s not true at all. I guess you wanted to say, that you wouldn’t have any worries any more. But death is actually just disappearing. Your troubles won’t disappear, just your existence.”

The women did not respond. They were transfixed by Izaya’s smile.

Izaya’s smile was getting more and more hideous, and it seemed to the two who were listening to him that it was hardly human.

“A situation where nothing’s there can’t be called ‘nothing’. And it’s not the opposite of ‘something’ either. The nothing you speak of is where there really is nothing but eternal darkness. But, this notion is based on the ‘existence of the darkness’, so how can it be nothing? If you want to be rid of your sorrows by dying, then you need the ‘knowledge that you’ve escaped your troubles’. Isn’t that something? So like I said, you don’t even know what you’re thinking, and you don’t even know that you don’t know a thing, so you definitely won’t be able to envision something like that. Your ways of thinking aren’t different from most people. Opinions at this level are something even elementary school students who don’t believe in life after death can understand, fear and worry about right?”
In reality, these two women both knew Izaya’s theory was full of loopholes, and there was plenty of room for a rebuttal. But they thought, even if they retorted, could they communicate with the person before them with just mere words?—
Such thoughts didn’t arise from doubt, but fear.

“But…this…isn’t this just what you think?” The woman mustered all her courage to force out those words, which faltered easily as she saw Izaya’s smile.

“True. I have no idea about that. The fact that I don’t believe in the afterlife, is something I just decided for myself. But, it would be good if there was one—I can only assume though.”

Ha Ha. Izaya let out two syllables of a frigid, dry laugh, and went on in a breezy voice.

“But it’s different for you. You’re doubtful about the afterlife, but you still want to die. Don’t tell me your religion teaches you to commit suicide, and even encourages to ‘kill yourself because you can’t find a job or because you’re having relationship problems’? If it was like that, then I have nothing to say. I would even think that you’re amazing—but if not, then just shut up.”

Finally, as if he wanted them to agree, he cocked his head slightly and slowly revealed his conclusion: “If you’re just a casual believer of the afterlife, don’t go around discussing it, OK? It’s an insult to the afterlife. It’s an even bigger insult to people who don’t want to die, but are forced into it by their circumstances.”

- Durarara!! LN 1

That last line is one reason I love Izaya, and it’s not something one would hear somebody who simply wanted the person he/she/they were talking to to commit suicide say. He’s so complex, and he is neither good nor evil. There’s very often hidden meanings behind Izaya’s words that do perhaps make him questionable, but also relatively human. That showed just how much he values human life. That’s why he’s such a great character; even if he isn’t really that great of a person, he still has his own small set of morals that make him very interesting, and most definitely not two-dimensional, though far more so in the light novels.

anonymous asked:

Hi Jared, I saw your tweets a few weeks back about female audience, it really hit a chord. But with the Normal Boots talk recently I was wondering if you guys have ever considered adding any female YouTubers?

We discuss adding new members all the time, but we don’t target potential people like that.

Rather, NormalBoots is really made up of friends. We all know each other, we all work well together, we all like each other. We do not look to include other people to check off boxes or appeal to a certain demographic. We’re all just friends that want to do things together, rather than saying “We should get ____ because she is a woman” even though we know nothing about her.

That said, I think PushingUpRoses would fit right in, along with a few smaller channels that I’ve discovered over the years.



Molly blinks at him. Touches her hair self-consciously.

Sherlock wets his lips, unable to look away.

“Am I…? Is it falling down?”

And she turns to look in the mirror above her mantle-piece, checks her hair. The thick, dark tresses are wound into a single braid, pinned against her head in an up-do that it is taking all of Sherlock’s will power not to pull asunder.

Damn but she looks lovely like this.

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Winter Shadow - chapter 8

Steve and Natasha stared at each other, startled, then Steve quickly turned to the Warden, who was poised to intervene.

“It’s OK, we’re good here. Thank you for your help Sir,” he said, gently backing the man out of the room and shutting the door.

She was still standing, gripping the edge of the table tight enough to turn her knuckles white.  Steve turned back towards her.

“OK, let’s sit down, sounds like we need to talk.”

She righted her chair and they all sat at the table, but there was no talk for a moment.  Nobody quite knew where to start. Then Steve drew in a breath and took control.

“So. You knew James. Just to be clear, that is James Bucha…”

She jerked, as if shocked, and shouted before she could stop herself.

“Yes, please, don’t… say his name.  James, that James. Your friend. From before the war. Bucky. Yes, I know him. I knew him.”

Natasha leant forward in her chair, eyeing her.  “I have a lot of questions. First off, why can’t we say his name. Second, where did you know him, and third, why is this the first I’ve heard of it?”

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“Oooh, so mysterious. Look at you, so tough! So cold! I’m intimidated, really.” with Sabine and Gabriel? Not romantic but like Sabine going all Molly Weasley on him? Please and thank you :)

“Oooh, so mysterious. Look at you, so tough!” Sabine slapped the back of her hand against Gabriel’s stomach and he grunted. “So cold! I’m intimidated, really.”

Gabriel narrowed his eyes and loomed over her. “Now you listen here, Cheng–”

Sabine shoved her finger in his face. “Don’t you dare try to intimidate me, beanpole. I married the biggest man in Paris so if you think your height is going to make me back off, you can think again.” 

He pursed his lips and nodded in acknowledgement, taking a step back. “Sabine, we can’t let them do this. We know what’ll happen.”

“What happened with our team won’t necessarily happen with theirs,” she sniffed. “And don’t try to tell me you’ve done all this for Adrien’s good because that’s a lie. You did this for yourself.”

“I did it for her,” he said quietly.

Sabine’s face softened. “That doesn’t make it right, Gabriel. You have to let Adrien make his own decisions.”

He dipped his hand into his pants pocket, fingering the Black Cat ring he had taken away from his son. “He’s too young.”

“He’s a year older than we were when we got our Miraculous.”

Gabriel moved to his desk and slumped down in the chair. “I should have taken them away from Paris. Fu wouldn’t have chosen him. Madeline would still be here. I don’t know why we stayed.”

“What’s done is done. Do you think I’m not worried sick knowing that’s my baby girl out there? But they were given the Ladybug and Black Cat. We can’t take that away.”

“Do you wonder why Fu didn’t give her the Bee like you?”

“I think Marinette has too much of her father in her.” She held up a finger as Gabriel opened his mouth. “Not that it’s a bad thing. You can keep your thoughts on my husband to yourself, Agreste. But she’s a bit softer than I was back then.”

“Says the sweet bakery woman,” he replied dryly.

Sabine shrugged. “People will see what they want to see. And I have softened in my age. I won’t deny that. We don’t all become ice,” she finished, giving him a pointed look. 

“Perhaps you’re right.”

“I am.”

He chuckled. “Sometimes it feels like no time has passed at all. I look at you and see that young girl with strange eyes and a go-fuck-yourself attitude.”

“Time did pass though. That girl is gone, just like the others.” Sabine’s shoulders dropped as if she was a puppet whose strings had been cut. Her voice was tired when she spoke again. “Give Adrien back his ring, Gabriel. I don’t want to have to get anyone else involved.”

“Would you send Ladybug after me?” he asked, eyebrows raised.

“If she had any inkling Adrien was Chat, she would’ve already been here. Just because she has Tom’s temperament doesn’t mean she still doesn’t have a bit of my temper. She’s looking for him and she’ll figure it out soon.”

“But you won’t tell her.”

“I think it’s Adrien’s secret to tell. I’ll keep it as long as I think I can.” Sabine straightened. “I expect to see that catboy running along rooftops tonight. Don’t disappoint me.” She turned and left the office without a backwards glance.

“Goodbye, little Bee,” Gabriel said quietly, closing his fist around the ring.

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High School Band AU: Ch. 15


You blink a few times as your sight adjusts itself to the change of lights. Now there’s none, not even from the screen of your phone, that Saeyoung insisted you should leave there before entering the closet with Saeran.

The closet is big, of course it wouldn’t be a small tight normal coat room if it is in Jumin’s fancy chalet. And even though is so roomy, it doesn’t change the fact that Saeran is close.

Too close.

But not that close, his forearm is brushing against your shoulder. If you twirl your hand a little, you’ll touch his. Should you…?

“My brother jinxed the bottle, I’m pretty sure.”

“How could he have done that?”

“You have no idea what he’s capable of.” He sighs. “That idiot, why is he even doing this?”

Well, uhm… you weren’t sure of what to expect, but cussing out someone that wasn’t even here wasn’t exactly what you thought it was going to happen here. So… talking, right? Yeah, will do.

“I think… your brother thinks you like me.”

“Why do you think this?” oh, no scoffing?

“I don’t know, because he said something about that, but I didn’t understand. I think he was talking in metaphors.”

“He doesn’t know what a metaphor is, I doubt it.” Ah, now there’s a scoff. “But uhm… what do you think?”

“About metaphors?”

“Wow, yeah, let’s have an exciting conversation about metaphors while playing Seven Minutes in Heaven, MC.” He being his usual dick self never felt so relieving. “Or are you being dense on purpose?”

“I’m not being dense. I’m just… dodging your question, I don’t want to answer what do I think about the possibility of you liking me.”


“Ahh, why are you torturing me like this? You heard my conversation with Zen, you know it would be good news for me if you like me back!”

“Like you back? Back… you like me?” you know he’s probably looking at you, even though he’s seeing nothing, is he grinning? But why does he sound so puzzled?

“You heard me. Twice now.”

“What are you saying, woman?”

“Ahhh, you really want me to believe you weren’t listening when I told Zen I like you?”

“That time in the balcony? No, I haven’t heard a thing. All I saw was him patting your back.”

“You…? Shit…”

“What was that, MC?” ah, now he’s definitely grinning. “So you like me…”

“I… I don’t think you’re that much of a dick, that’s all.”

“Wow, are you getting on your knees right now? Because that sounds like a proposal coming from you…” he laughs, and you want to run to hide your face in one of those hanged coats over there. “So, uhm… you’re playing Seven Minutes in Heaven with the person you like… lucky you.”

“I would be luckier if… I didn’t like such a jerk! Ugh… this was a terrible idea, what was I thinking? I should…” you swiftly walk towards the closet door, only to have a hand grabbing your arm. Then all you feel is the smoothness of a coat on your back, and the warmth of a body pressing against yours.

“Where do you think you’re going? We probably have some 5 minutes left, we would have more if you weren’t blabbering so much about metaphors and s…”

“Ah, just shut the fuck up and kiss me!”

Saeran’s lips are surprisingly soft. You thought they would be all chapped and dry, but… wait, when did you even put so much thought about Saeran’s lips? Eww! Ah wait, no… no eww, this is actually… really… nice.

It doesn’t make a difference if it is that dark, but you close your eyes. His tongue shyly slips inside your mouth. Oh… he’s so careful, so… different from the guy who threatened those seniors with a razor, so different from the guy who calls you a bitch like it is your name. Such a timid little thing… like… you were when V kissed you that night.

This is Saeran’s first kiss, isn’t it? Oh… you’re being his first kiss…

He cups your cheek, changing the angle of your head. Panting hard, his eager lips start planting pecks on your cheeks, down your jaw, then your neck. Oh… this is… this is really good… he is… oh, teeth! You… feel like pulling away, but that was actually nice, so you grab his shirt, bringing him closer.


Was that… a moan? Did he moan?

“Saeran, did you m… ah mmm…” you inhale sharply, feeling warm fingers crawling behind your shirt and touching your skin.

Not so timid anymore, his left leg seems determined to make you spread yours. His right hand desperately brush against your bra, while the left trails a little down… is he…?

“Sae- Saeran…”

“Mmmm?” his lips are busy, kissing your neck messily.

“I… think we should… go slow…”

“Don’t worry, it’s my first time too.”

“Yeah, but… here’s the thing, it’s uhm… not my first time.”


“It’s not my first time. I’ve done it before.”

“Oh…” he pulls away from you.

“Yeah…so uhm… it’s not that I don’t want or anything, but I… thought you should know.”

“Yeah, it’s cool. So what if you’ve fucked before?” wow… a gentleman with such a way with words… “I don’t care if you’ve fucked a guy before, it was… it was just a guy?

“What? Yeah!” what is he thinking?

“A guy… yeah, I mean, you’re 15, you can do that with… guys at your age, guys in your class… was it with someone from your class?”


“Someone from my class?”

“No, he’s not… he’s not in school… I mean, he is in school, but… not high school. But that doesn’t matter, we still have some minutes, should we…?”

“You mean he’s in college? You’ve fucked with a college guy?”

“I… yeah, I did, but…”

“You’re 15! The guy is at least 18, did he… force you?”

“What? Oh my God, no! No, Saeran! I let him, I wanted…” yeah, you deliberately wanted to fuck a guy who already has a girlfriend… “We were getting all sentimental and… he was very nice and there was one of the sexy songs playing on the radio.”

“The Weeknd?”


“’Do I wanna know?’ by Arctic Monkeys?”

“No. It was…” ahh, so embarrassing. “Robin Thicke.”

“Robin Thicke?”


“Blurred Lines?”

“Gross! No! ‘When I Get you Alone’…”

“It’s still Robin Thicke, what’s wrong with this guy? He likes Robin Thicke! He… oh…”


“Oh, I… it’s been a while I don’t listen to Robin Thicke, last time was… V’s birthday party.” Oh…


“No, it can be, there must be another college guy listening to Robin Thicke you might know. He would never… no, you would never!”


“What the fuck, MC? Did you really?”

“I… yes…” you whisper so lowly not even you listen to yourself. But he apparently does, scooting away from you. Saeran growls, it almost sounds like… he’s pacing back and forth… like a caged animal. “I regret it, Saeran. It was wrong, I…” then it hits you. “Why are you so mad?”

“Because… the guy has a girlfriend! And you… you can be a bitch, but you would never do this, MC! You… no, you would never look so chill about it after doing something so wrong! You would feel guilty.”

“I am feeling guilty! It didn’t mean anything, Saeran! I was just… really confused and troubled with something else, V was so sweet and I…”

“So you don’t like V?”


“And yet you’ve fucked him?”


“We almost fucked, you would come out of here telling it didn’t mean anything and you don’t like me?”

“What? No, Saeran, this is different, I like you, I…”

“STOP LYING!” you hear a thud and feel a presence next to your ear.


The light from the room invades the closet, revealing Saeran’s arm next to you, you look to the side and see his fist against the wall, he punched the wall. Then you remember all that talk you had about anger before, he looks… scary, like he did when threatening those guys to help you. He’s anger at you like he was at them.

“I hate you.” He mutters before walking away from the closet.

You feel like just staying there, waiting for everything to stay dark and quiet and that excitement from before to come back. But no, you have to get out and face the light, the noise, and the guilt.

But you can’t go back to that stupid game, no. You need to… oh, where’s the circle? Did the game already end? But… won’t there be other rounds? Why is everybody dispersing and doing other stuff? You look at Saeyoung, he winks at you playfully.

He really did something for you and Saeran to end up together. And you ruined everything with your big mouth. No, everything was ruined from the moment you’ve kissed… ah, forget the euphemisms, from the moment you’ve fucked with V.

You look around, no sign of Saeran. You want to run to him, apologize, oh… but what if he loses his temper again? No, he would never hurt you, no matter how wrong you are… would he? No, he wouldn’t, and you should never think like this about the guy you… like.

The guy you like hates you. And you deserve all his hate.

But it hurts. It hurts so much all you want to do is run and hide in one of the many rooms of this chalet. Yeah, running and hiding suits you, and that hurts even more.

And then there is darkness again. No, you’re not being poetic, it’s really dark in here.

“Ah, the power must be off. It must be snowing.” Jumin states stoically.

Ah yes… there were some snowflakes falling when you were with Zen at the balcony. Did it start snowing that much in only seven minutes?

Well, shit! You wanted to run and hide, but how do you do that without seeing anything?

It should be worth to try.

As soon as you motion to walk towards what you think it’s the hallway, your face meets a chest. Oh shit! Saeran…? No, the guy feels shorter…

“Who’s that? Are you alright?” ah, that voice… Yoosung.

“I’m fine. I’m sorry, Yoosung.”

“Oh, it’s… it’s you, MC. Are you okay?” why is he asking again?

“Yeah, I am…” oh, could it be because your voice is obviously breaking? Are you crying?

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah… just… I just need to get to my bedroom.”

“Oh, I’ll help you, I have my phone as a lantern, let’s go.”

And you go, because you really don’t wanna cry. You won’t as long as you have someone else next to you.

“Thank you, Yoosung.”

“Don’t mention, MC. Is everything alright? Saeran left the closet in a hurry, and you…”

“I’m a monster, Yoosung. Don’t mind me.”

“You’re a monster?”

“Yes. I’m a terrible person doing awful things after awful things.”

“Ah, I’m sure that’s not true, MC. You’re so talented and funny, and everybody likes you so much because you’re very honest.”

“Don’t say that, Yoosung.”

“I mean it. We were so hopeless after Rika left, then you showed up and now everybody is feeling so confident and excited and I… I’m so happy to have you here, MC.”

“Stop it, Yoosung.”

“I like you so much,MC…I…”


There’s an awkward silence, and then you hear a small voice. “You what?” but it’s not Yoosung, it’s a female voice.

Because of course, if Rika joined this party, she would obviously stay in a room next to yours and Jaehee’s.

“YOU DID WHAT?” yes, it’s definitely Rika shouting right now.

“What’s going on here?” you hear a bunch of steps coming closer. Ah, great, now everybody is here.

Everybody is here to listen to the truth. And there’s nowhere to run and hide.

Not on the dark.

Chapter 14 | Chapter 16 

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Gajeel is constantly calling her a shrimp and making fun of her petite frame. I mostly agree with you but on this one I have to take the anonymous side. He doesn't see her as a woman & that is supported by canon. Gajevy makes me as uncomfortable as Gageel x Wendy... I don't even want to imagine what them being intimate would look like. How you could put them first is mind blowing

This reminds me of people saying that when Gray rejects Juvia, it negates all of their serious moments. It’s the same thing. Gajeel is just teasing, it’s not like he is doing it with malicious intent.

I literally make fun of my mum and call her a dwarf all the time (I mean no harm) that doesn’t mean that I view her as a child as opposed to a grown woman. This argument has absolutely no substance and makes me wonder why people actually see this as a valid point.

He doesn’t view her as a woman aye? And that’s supported by Canon? Right? I beg to differ. But if you don’t take my word for it, maybe you’ll take his


Really going to cancel out THIS?

Oh and you don’t even want to imagine what they’d look like being intimate? GREAT! Because you don’t have to! 🙀😂

Sure you can say that levy doesn’t look like a grown woman but at the end of the day, she walks, talks and acts like one aaaaand Gajeel knows she’s one. 💚💚

All the love xx 💚 just remember, it’s fiction and isn’t that serious x

Walls Could Talk || Im Jaebum

Pairing: Jaebum x reader
Genre: Angst, rage
Idea: From Halseys powerfull song Walls could talk
Words: 684

You come from home, exhaust and tired as you climb up the stairs to the apartment you and your boyfriend live in. A smile comes on your face while you think of your one and only I’m Jaebum. You love him from the moon and back. Not just because you two have known each other for 4 years now but also because there wasn’t a second where you had doubts about your relationship.

The moment when he confessed to you was too romantic to even think about a better place. He invited you to dinner which were placed on the highest building in Soeul. There were candles and roses everywhere. In your head, you already cried because you was so touched. You couldn’t imagine a better scene for confessing love.

After the dinner you two had, he said shyly: ”I know you for 2 years now and I think I fell for your smile, your way of speaking and comforting me, when I’m down. As you can see this is a special meeting here. I wanted you to ask if you want to be my girlfriend.” Of course, you said yes. Who wouldn’t?

So two years passed by, happily, even if there were some trouble because he is an idol and has a heavy schedule. You stayed beside him unconditionally.

You already hear weird noises while you unlock the front door of the apartment but you don’t think of anything bad. All you want is hearing comforting words from your boyfriend who you expected to be in the living room as always. But he isn’t there. As you walk near the bedroom, the noises get louder.

Worrying thoughts come up in your mind but you put them away by simply open the door to the actually lovely room you and Jaebum shared. But this wanted to end here. You stand there, in shock and don’t know what to do while watching your boyfriend and another girl making out in your bed.

This is it. Four years of trust, passion and love would end here. The couple don’t even recognize you when you walked near them. You hear the noises clearly, the moans you loved so much, the kisses which meant to be on your skin but which where on her neck in this moment. Beside the groans you heard that shrillness which let you know that you would explode soon.

“Get out.”, you whispered first, still in a state of shook. Suddenly, the beautiful eyes faced you. “(Y/N)! What the hell-?”, Jaebum shouts, immediately gets out of bed after he covers his victim. “I thought that-”, he stutters.

“You thought that I would come later, huh? Well, not today! Get your stuff and stay away, Im Jaebum!”, you screamed. “I’m the one who should say: ‘What the hell’. You are not the one who comes home and seeing his girlfriend fucking another guy.” You had to much anger in your veins for crying but one single tear drops on the floor while you stared at him.

“I can explain…”, He tries to apologize. “Get the out of here and take your bitch with you!”, you scream till your throat hurt. Suddenly his expression is changing like you was the person who betrayes him. He takes his stuff while the girl dresses up again. The girl runs out but can’t deny herself from saying to your ex-boyfriend: “No wonder that you called me. I wouldn’t fuck with a psycho either.”

You can’t do anything than just standing there and being shocked of that boldness from this woman. You were right by calling her a bitch.
After 5 minutes Jaebum packed his things and goes to the door. “Let me know one last thing. How many girls did you took here? How many times you were here with another girl without me knowing?”, You interrupt him. All you have to know was the truth now. But all you get is a last glance before he slammed the door behind him.

It’s a closed discussion
And I’m thinking, “Damn, if these walls could talk”
Well, they’d be like
“Shit is crazy, right?”

My feminist mom’s reaction on Diabolik Lovers characters:

My mom is 34 and I’m 14. But I started watching DL when I was 12. My mom is a huge feminist and I showed her Diabolik Lovers anime and told her some backstories and details. Did I make a mistake? 

Yui: Why is she allowing to be treated like that? Poor thing, although her whining is annoying.

All diaboys: blood-sucking bastards (those were her exact words)

Shu: What’s his problem?! Woman wants to take a bath! And compering her with meat?! Disgusting!

Reiji: He acts like a boss but inside he’s selfless asshole with deep issues.

Ayato: This is your favorite, right? (he is) Well, he is biggest, selfish, self-centered, egoistic, blood-sucking brat who attacks those who are weaker than him!

Laito: (Every time he says Little Bitch I can’t help but giggle) Korra, there is nothing worse than to call woman a bitch.

Kanato: Narcissist little peace of shit! What’s his problem?

Subaru: How could he break her phone like that?! Clearly he is a rich brat and doesn’t know that some people actually have to work to buy things like phone.

Ruki: ‘He is going to punish her’ Disgusting!

Kou: Just another brat who will blame you when he is unhappy.

Yuma: What’s the deal with putting sugar cup in her mouth? Who does he think she is!? His slave!?

Azusa: How can he say such things to her!? ‘He knows what she wants and what will make her feel good’ Disgusting!

Carla: Who does he think he is?! Yui doesn’t belong to him and he has no right to order her around or humiliate her like that! Just another narcisstic egoist who attacks weaker.

Shin: How can he humiliate her like that?! Licking boots?! That is most disgusting thing I have ever heard of!

Cordelia: Poor woman, but she is stupid. She gave all her love to a man who is using her all the time. (At least we agree on this one) And he is the reason she seems so bad but she is broken inside.

Beatrix: Just another stupid woman who lets a man control her, although she doesn’t love him.

Christa: BITCH! She acts like a saint but that ass-head actually never did something to her. Her problem that she is insane and married him. She gave her little child a knife to kill her, did she know how much trauma he will have? AND WHO WILL TAKE CARE OF HIM NOW?!

Karlheinz: BIGGEST DICK EVER! Especially for using Cordelia so.

Richter: Actually, I like him the most of all guys here. He lets a woman dominate.

After all of that she told me that she is disappointed in me. 

fluffytone  asked:

When the RFA boys find out you're pregnant with their child headcannons plz ? ;w;

yes ofc let’s go.  This kinda sorta also integrated to how they also react along the pregnancy??  I guess?? 


  • At first, he kinda freaks out.  He doesn’t want to be a shitty father, and he doesn’t at all want his kid to feel as badly as his mom made him feel if he messes up, or makes a mistake
  • Also worries because his practicing schedule is rigorous; when will he have time for the baby? He’ll obviously have to make time (no questions asks) but he also has to think about his career, which you can understand because it’s a huge part of what’s supporting your family
  • Then realizes that he has the power to make sure this kid grows up in the happiest, more loving household. He’s determined to fix what his parents did wrong for him (i.e., supporting all of his child’s choices, encouraging them, basically being a decent parent)
  • After he realizes this, he gets super excited and into it (”Do you think we need these clothes?” “These are for eight to twelve months; we won’t need it for a long while.” “But still…”)
  • Raves about how beautiful/attractive his unborn child will be, because “They have the most gorgeous father, and the most beautiful mother.  How could they not be?!”


  • Excited right off the bat; he’s amazed that he was able to take part in creating a human life!!!!  He’s ecstatic!!
  • Never stops talking about what kind of a dad he’ll be, and what kinds of activities they’ll get to do together (”Yoosung, they’ll be a baby; you can’t teach them how to play LOLOL until they can at least read” “I know, I know! I just can’t wait until I can!”)
  • Already decided that he will never buy baby food from the grocery store, and orders a food processor online.  That kid is going to get home cooked meals every day (”Yoosung, they can’t eat solid food until they’re at least four months old…” “I’m just getting prepared!”
  • Talks to your stomach all the time.  He just wants to meet them already! You can be on the couch watching TV, and he’ll come over just to talk to his unborn child.  (”We’re going to be the happiest family; I just know it.  Don’t worry.  We’re going to take care of you, okay?”) It’s the sweetest thing ever.
  • The first ultrasound you get becomes his phone background, he gets copies of it to hang everywhere, sends it to the group chat multiple times.  Everyone else is happy for you both, but they’re getting fed up with the “alien-life form spam” as Saeyoung so eloquently puts it (”Hey!  That’s a little me in there!” “Exactly.”)


  • Internally freaks the fuck out, but keeps the coolest exterior he can, because he knows you’re already freaking out about it yourself
    • it’s not that he doesn’t want the kid; it’s that he doesn’t know what to do.  If he reacted how he did for falling in love for the first time, what happens when he has his first kid?
  • Realizes that this is real, and happening, and honestly gets excited.  At the same time, extremely stressed because now he’s working double time.  
  • He wants to give this kid the world, and he knows he can, but for whatever reason, what you both already have isn’t enough.  He needs to work harder so that his kid doesn’t have to
  • You have to remind him that you need him, too, at least for the next nine months.  He can’t be working at all hours, because you’re getting hormonal and getting morning sickness, and insatiable cravings at three AM that he calls Jaehee to fulfill.  Obviously, you make sure to apologize and have her go back to sleep (”She’s my assistant.  This is what I hired her for.” “If that’s what you want, you wanted a maid, not an assistant.”)
  • Doesn’t talk too much about it (he wants to keep everything private from the public eye) but to the RFA members in person, he admits to how excited he is about this


  • At first, he thinks you’re playing a joke, but when you persist and show him the pregnancy test you took, he pulls you to him in a giant embrace, telling you how much he loves you and how happy he is
  • As the pregnancy goes on, he gets anxious about if old enemies will come to harm his new family, but he makes a silent vow to protect his child with everything he has
  • Like Yoosung, talks to your stomach all the time.  When they start to kick, he holds his hands against the bump and says things like, “I know you’re excited, but keep it in there!  I want to meet you, too, but you’re not ready yet!” (to which you reply, “He’s not a meal that hasn’t been seasoned, Saeyoung…” “No, but he’s definitely a bun in the oven!!”)
  • Talks about it all the time (to random strangers too!) (”See this beautiful woman, right here?” “Saeyoung, sto–” “She’s having a baby!  I did that!” “Saeyoung!”)
  • Late night cuddles where he likes to have your back against his chest, just so he can wrap his arms around your mid-section and hold the three of you together
  • Like Zen, gets worried about how he was raised, and how his mother was to him, but realizes that he’s in control of his life now.  He’ll never put his child down the same route of humiliation he had to suffer.
  • Okay but can we talk about UNCLE SAERAN BECAUSE
Jimin Scenario: Late Night Emergency.

Request:  Can I request a scenario where Y/N is on her period and her and jimin are sleeping together and she realizes so she has to quietly sneak out of the house to go buy stuff for it, but Jimin’s a light sleeper and he catches her at the front door and she has to tell him, and he goes and buys stuff for her? Fluffy and lovey pls! Thank you so much ❤️

Genre: Fluff

You weren’t sure what had woken you up so you moved on the mattress and snuggled closer to Jimin trying to fall asleep again, but a few seconds after you closed your eyes you felt a light cramp on your lower belly that startled you. It was weird, you shouldn’t be feeling something like that, or maybe you were. Opening your eyes wide you started to think about the days of the month and the possibility of this not being just a regular cramp. So you started to carefully get out of Jimin’s grasp, putting his arm apart as softly as possible for him to not wake up.

It wasn’t an easy job since Jimin liked to sleep really close together, but you had managed to do it. Getting out of the bed you rushed to the bathroom where the first thing you did was to check if everything was in order.

-Shit- you whispered. Your fears had been proven, you had your period, and at the worst time. You really had forgotten about it and weren’t carrying any pads with you, and since you were on Jimin’s house you knew for sure you wouldn’t be finding a single pad on your boyfriend’s apartment. 

Either way you had to do something fast before everything started to go out of hand, that wouldn’t be pretty. So you decided to go out and buy some pads by yourself, there was a convenience store nearby, a quick ride in the car would get you there in no time and the problem would be solved. But first you had to go out of Jimin’s apartment. 

You still didn’t have your own keys to his apartment so you had to look for his, but Jimin was so messy, he had everything everywhere and there wasn’t really a specific place for the keys. You started looking on the pockets of the pants he wore yesterday, but they weren’t there, just receipts and loose cash. You looked on the side tables but found nothing either.

By that moment you were starting to freak out, but reminded yourself to stay calm and be quiet to not wake up Jimin, maybe the keys were outside somewhere around the kitchen or the living room so you exited the bedroom and walked to the kitchen first.

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Tips for Going to Hypnocons for People Who Are Almost Exactly Like Me

I have been to 4 NEEHUs, 1 Entranced, 1 Charmed, a Deepmind Darkwood, 3 Fetish Fleamarkets, 2 London Hypnosis workshops, and a number of one-off hypno things in Europe. (I bet my colleagues at work would be surprised to hear this!). Most of them I went to unpartnered, all as a shy introvert.

I’m not good at going to hypnocons. But I’m better than I was. So here are my tips, customized for me and people like me. So not stuff that I hope came naturally to me, like “be polite and don’t treat people like objects”, and also not stuff that is literally impossible for me, like “don’t compare yourself to other people.” But maybe you need to be told a whole different set of things. Also, I don’t necessarily have great insight into what I’m doing right, or what I’m doing wrong. But I hope these help anyway!

Emotional and physiological chaos is normal. FOMO, envy, social anxiety, jealousy, disappointment, having to see exes, having to see people who creeped on you. If you think everyone else is having a perfect time and you’re the only one in distress, you are very wrong. Also, they will lie about it, by omission, in their blog posts afterwards (I do!) so for god’s sake don’t compare yourself to that. Physiologically, I’ve caught a cold for so many of these cons, and sleep deprivation, travel stress, sugar crashes and other things will give your body a nonsexy pounding. And folks with disabilities or chronic illnesses have even more to deal with. There’s no way to avoid some chaos, so just know that you can make wonderful memories in the midst of chaos! ALL IS NOT LOST. And take it easy on people, eh?

There’s a role for the new person. The hypno community is incredibly cliquey. It’s a natural consequence of hypno being a very rare kink, and one that requires a huge amount of trust. It takes years to build that trust. So be patient with yourself. If you do any pickup play with new people at all on your first con - and you’re not a young woman - you’re doing very well. But if you’re positive, genuinely interested in people, and obviously eager to learn, people will be extremely kind.

Learning to ask while not being gross is everything. There are many, many great guides to this online, as well as cautionary tales about what not to do, so all I’ll say here is look at it all as practice; be as bold as you are respectful; amazing things can happen just by asking in the right place at the right time; and as the great wristbands at Charmed said, “Ask first. Respect the answer.”

The greatness of your con is decided long before you hit the registration desk. The upside to my pitiful addiction to hypnotumblr is that I could put faces to tumblr names at the con. “Ah yes! I have enjoyed your pornography! And your curation of animated gif pornography!”  This time was very aware that most people - flying in from everywhere from Vancouver Island to Manchester, England - are beginning and maintaining their relationships online between cons. At the moment the thing is Skype, Dischord and Snapchat groups, in addition to tumblr and fetlife. You don’t actually have to do any of that, but it helps – see, cliquyness, trust. And preparation in general: I half-assed Charmed and NEEHU this year, since I only decided to go to each at the last minute, and as a result they were a little flat (except for the presence of @khatsha at Charmed!) Actually read the schedule, make plans with people you know, check out other people’s wishlists and make plans with them, give yourself missions or sidequests.

Think about how to help other people have a great con. It’s a great way to take your mind off yourself and how you’re doing, and to be visible in the best possible way. If people are bored, have something for them to participate in. If something needs to get done, be the one to do it. I know two people who brought their cars just to ferry people around at two different cons, and made tons of friends, including sexy friends. Teaching or demoing for a class is best of course, but if not, volunteer, bring treats, join in activities. Get involved in every way you can.

Figure out who’s sleeping with who. For “sleeping with” substitute hypnotizing, playing with, or living with in a polycule in a creaky old mansion. And also, who used to be sleeping with who, who wants to be sleeping with who, who wishes they were still sleeping with who (don’t go around creepily asking these things of course). Otherwise much public behaviour will be baffling.

Figure out who’s assaulted or creeped on who. For the same reason.

Make your interests specific and public. I learned this from @khatsha, who asked for, and got, two incredibly intricate gender-bending interrogation scenes at her second ever hypnocon. She also wants to be hypnotized to be a raccoon, and I have no doubt, some day that will happen. (Maybe I’ll do it on our anniversary) At Entranced Dreamelf carried around an adorable decorated printout of her wishlist, and I believe she checked off every one. And one of those things was copied off my published wishlist, and I got to do it with her! It’s paradoxical, but being specific can be much more attractive than just wanting “any type of hypnosis with anyone”. As long as you’re unattached to any outcome, and sharing your fantasies rather imposing them, only good things can result.

Ask people what classes to go to. Some classes are way better than others, and it connects you with folks at least twice, once when you ask and once when you tell them how great it was.

Take a break before you absolutely have to. No class is unmissable, and recharging is often the most important thing you could be doing.

You don’t have to bring it style-wise, but it pays off if you do. A nice thing about hypno cons is that you can totally wear jeans and a t-shirt and it’s never a big deal. But ever since I got turned away at a Dublin kink club for not having a dungeon outfit, I’ve been determined to level up. I’ve been slowly collecting party clothes that are progress towards my vision of Hypnowave. (the coming overwhelming trendiness of erotic hypnosis, in music, fashion, art and pop culture, that we will ride until it spectacularly burns out and becomes a dated joke even faster than Vaporwave) Not only did I get a lot of compliments at Entranced, but everyone wanted to grope my shiny fuzzy blazer. If you are saying, I can’t find or afford party clothes, that blazer was $80 on Amazon. Last argument: I’ve noticed that on average the women are making more of an effort. If you have ambitions to trance with women who are in pretty corsets and great boots, shouldn’t you rise to the occasion?

Reject control, embrace chance and happenstance. Think of it as an improvisation, and say yes as often as you safely can. Many of the best memories will come from totally spontaneous group occurrences, often nothing to do with hypnosis. I remember being on an elevator at Charmed that was very full and someone started groaning sexually about how very full it was, and other people took it up, until we all orgasmed together as the doors opened on the con floor. A real “you had to be there“ moment I see as I type this, but I was there! On the flipside, plans fall through, unforeseen stuff comes up. Nothing is a sure thing.

Listen to emotions like curiousity, enthusiasm, affection, and lust.

Ignore emotions like lust for status, or desire for approval or acceptance.

Take a buffer day or three if you possibly can. See: above point about emotional and physiological chaos. I had to go back to work the day after Entranced, and it was horrible.

Stay in the game. Don’t bail. You might find yourself deep in your head, and ready to throw a pity party for yourself lasting till the end of the con. But things can turn around so fast! And even if they don’t, there will still be many beautiful little moments, of friendship and humour and sexiness and “this could only happen at a hypno con”. You can be ready for these moments if you keep your eyes open and your head up.

PS As I drafted this, two people have beat me to the punch with excellent advice sparked by Entranced 2017, and I highly recommend reading those too! Dommestic and dommesticpet

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Ok, but what about someone slipping Lumiere a love potion meant for Plumette?? And now Lumiere is even MORE in love with her (IS THAT POSSIBLE!?) and whoever was pining over Plumette is just... SOL??? (idk, man, I need to lay off the coffee)

HOLY MOTHERFUCKING SHIT nobody ever TOLD me that this prompt was POSSIBLE. i was about to go to bed but GUESS WHO’S WRITING FANFIC NOW, BITCHES

“I don’t want the child,” says Agathe, again. She stands against the churchyard steps, confusion evident in her tilted eyebrows and blank eyes, watching the woman babbling on before her.

“You always do,” says the woman.

Agathe’s eyes are very blank and very calm. The village woman does not know how much danger she is in.

“It’s a witch-thing, innit? And I have a babe. And I have a demand,” says the woman. “And it will only take a minute of your time—why, I’m sure you have loads of the potions in your pockets, just crawling with toads and newts-eyes and such-on….”

Agathe blinks, quietly. All that is in her pockets is owl feathers.

The woman sighs. “Fine. Do it for the justice, right? You witches like justice. Isn’t that why you cursed all of them, then?” Her hand waves toward the village, the forest, the palace—the palace where, as Agathe knows, Lumiere is at this moment sitting in his room, nursing a cold. He is trying to tell jokes to Plumette through a stuffed-up nose. He makes his darling laugh as she curls up beside him on the bed; and Plumette doesn’t care if she gets sick too, for all she wants is to giggle with her love. 

“Justice,” says the woman, grabbing Agathe’s arm, and the enchantress’s attention is drawn back to this moment. A moment which, Agathe thinks, is lasting forever.

“He’s gone gallivanting off with that girl,” says the woman, bitter as a sour apple. “She’s lured him off, with her Parisian wiles. He’s lost his wholesomeness beside her! How can you stand for that?!”

Agathe checks in on the girl’s Parisian wiles. Plumette is currently engaged in putting marshmallows into Lumiere’s hot cocoa. She’s trying to poke them into a smiley face for him.

“It’s time he loves me again,” hisses the woman. “I was his first.”

You are lucky you are not my last, thinks Agathe. There is a broken musket buried deep in the forest near her hovel. It was once a man.

“So?” The woman shoves forward her child—a little girl, only just in skirts, with no idea of what her mother begs for. “A child. A love potion. You like love, don’t you?”

Agathe does like love. And the child would probably like to see an owl. And the wheedling woman has her pinned against the church.

“Here,” she says, and fetches into her deepest pocket. She pulls out a jar. “Oh, no—not that one—that’s my jam.” She pulls out another. “Here. Look away.”

The woman looks at her askance, for a moment. Begrudgingly, she turns her eyes away.

The child—little Crevette, daughter of the war widow, with a papa killed in the faraway gunfire—stares with big, brown eyes as Agathe’s face glows gold, then disappears. The Enchantress peers out, her hands glowing as she gestures over the small bottle. Its contents turn purple—then red—then a hot, rich burgundy. It looks like summer wine. It looks like just-crushed grapes.

Agathe’s face returns, and she smiles at the child. Takes Crevette’s hand, with cautious fingers, fingers that leave no sense of touch. She hands the jar to the woman.

“Be careful,” she says. “It is heady with marjoram.”

The woman is gone without saying good-bye.

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Marcus Kane: Sacrifice

My thoughts on the self-sacrificing nature of Marcus Kane.

I can’t think of a single instance in which Marcus Kane has ever been truly selfish. Even his aloof, colder persona in season 1A was a result of years worth of participating in a merciless system he believed at the time was saving his people. It’s the code from which they’ve operated for generations and it’s tragic to think that in trying to save humanity, he lost his own humanity in the process. It scraped away his soul, piece by piece, punishment by punishment until he’s only a shell of the man he once was. He certainly didn’t carry out the law and perform those acts because it was personally gratifying. There was never a time in which Kane ever looks pleased with himself for what he had to do and he often preceded his actions with the statement that he was "given no choice”. His sorrowful demeanor before, during and after the shock lashing is evidence enough of this. He did it though, because at the end of the day, he wants to safeguard humanity and this is the only way he knew how at the time. A necessary evil for the ‘greater good’…

He clearly maintains a façade of apathy and confidence for others, but underneath it all is a well of feeling he’s been holding at bay for years, which finally spills over after the Culling. When he makes a mistake, miscalculates and hundreds die in vain, his mask crumbles. When the construct of the law that had been his constant guide and companion for years abandoned him, he abandoned it, beginning a journey inward to tear down the walls he erected (perhaps unknowingly) and rediscover who he was and who he truly is underneath the falseness of what he had become. By the end of 2x03, the last vestiges of his old, law-abiding self is truly gone. The law had influenced his decisions one last time, but no more. Things had to change and not just for him, but for all of them and this is the source of Kane’s change as a character, allowing the selfless man at his core to shine through.


In 1x11, we see the first clear start to the trend of risking his life to save others. In the chaos after the Ark goes dark, there’s no need to maintain that façade of authority and his true self is exposed. It’s our first true look at the real Kane - one not acting as an authority figure, but just a man wanting to save others regardless of the cost to himself. He stops at nothing to save Wick and any other survivors he can find before proceeding to stay behind to clear away debris to save Jaha and the others who are trapped. His actions inspire the others to stay behind and risk their lives to help as well. Almost immediately after successfully saving Jaha, Sinclair and co. they discover people may be alive in a remote vent and he doesn’t hesitant to volunteer himself to save them - braving the sweltering heat of the cramped space to try and find more survivors, rewarded in his efforts when he finds them and Abby alive and safe.

In 1x13, Kane attempts his first major sacrifice for his people by volunteering to stay behind to die on the Ark to ensure the others make it to Earth. It’s a decision that is foiled by Jaha, who has the same idea and beats him to it, but the intention still counts. If given the opportunity, he easily would have attempted to dissuade Jaha and take his place. 


At this point on his journey, some part of him feels dying is a way to atone for his sins. Dying to save the people he believes he’s hurt the only way he can think to redeem his soul. I don’t think it’s completely guilt that drives him though. Instead, his natural motivation to help has just been bolstered tenfold by recent failures and the need to redeem himself. It’s a journey he takes for himself of course, and not for the benefit of being seen fondly in the eyes of others from his acts of heroism, but to genuinely help them and find peace with himself. At this point, he also believes he has no one and his death wouldn’t matter or affect anyone either.

Due to this, he continues to risk his life in season 2 as he ventures on a dangerous mission to try and contact the Grounder’s Commander and secure peace for his people, knowing full well what the natives are capable of and he may be walking into a trap. He does it anyway though to give his people a chance for a better future on the ground that isn’t under the constant fear of death. Imprisoned with Jaha in 2x06, they’re given the ultimatum that one must die for there to be a chance for peace and Kane, once again, doesn’t hesitate to sacrifice himself for that opportunity. 

He was also willing to stay behind, buried and wounded after the bombing of TonDC, to suffer and potentially die so that Abby can spend her time trying to find and save others instead of him. He doesn’t want to come before anyone else and never sees himself as worthy of being saved. I love that Abby does offer him this though: validation that he deserves to be saved too and that he matters to her. It’s the first real occasion in which anyone has shown genuine concern for him and he looks stunned by her pledge not to abandon him.


His entire rebellion against Pike in season 3 was one big sacrifice. He knows the odds are stacked against him and that his efforts will most likely ‘go South’, but he does it anyway. He does it so that someone else doesn’t have to. If he’s going to be caught and executed, then better he die than another. If someone has to get their hands dirty to pull this off, better his hands are sullied than someone else’s.

At the beginning of 3x08, Kane turns down Harper’s idea to shock lash Pike and hand him over to the Grounders as it would be ‘murder’ and ‘treason’. In the end though, that’s the only option Kane has left and is forced to concede to regardless of how he feels about it morally. Pike’s hate-fueled actions were going to destroy everything he, Clarke and others have been striving for since they landed and the safety and security of his people comes before the life of one man who, at every turn, had proven he’s unwilling to change. When his plans do fail and he’s captured, Kane accepts it (knowing it was a likely outcome) and is willing to die publicly in the hopes that it could spark a fire of inspiration in others to continue what he started. He believes in his people to do the right thing when he’s gone.

In the precious few moments Kane and Abby were granted to say goodbye in 3x09, he cuts short so that he can spare the woman he loves any additional amount of pain he can, even though we can assume spending as much time with her before he dies is all he could ever want. He forfeits any underlying desire to touch her, hold her, kiss her, tell her he loves her before he dies, in an attempt to spare her the cruel agony of a loss all too similar to one she’s already suffered. His full dedication to her well-being is on full display here, even though it’s his life that is about to be unfairly cut short.

In what’s perhaps his ultimate sacrifice yet, Kane’s actions in 3x13 were the epitome of selflessness and love. To save Abby’s life, he doesn’t hesitate to give up his own: his freedom, body, mind and soul for her with no hope of being freed. He takes the chip and condemns himself to a fate worse than death so that his love may live, even if it’s only her body that remains and her true self - the beautiful soul he loves - will forever be lost. He literally loves her more than life…

All his great acts of sacrifice definitely leave an impact, even if he is oblivious to it. He continues to blame himself for everything that has gone wrong - regardless of how much influence he actually had on it - and is perpetually plagued by self-doubt and self-loathing, not realizing the things he did accomplish and inspire: those who took part in Kane’s rebellion - Lincoln, Sinclair, Harper, Miller - loyally followed him despite the risks because they believed in him and their cause and would willingly die alongside their leader. Before his tragic death, Lincoln mentions that his own sacrifice is something Kane would do as well - recognizing that aspect in him and knowing that to die saving others is an honorable end. Lexa could see the goodness in his soul - his pure desire for peace that led to the start of their official alliance with the Grounders. Those on the Ark who stayed behind with him to try to save others and honored him when he attempted to sacrifice himself for them. Good can and does come from some of his acts and I hope he gets to see that someday. He did affect people. He did make a difference. His efforts were not all in vain…


At this point on his journey, his sacrificial decisions are not without the weight of added consequence. He’s not alone anymore and his death would now leave a much bigger impact in his wake. He’d be leaving behind Abby - the woman he loves and is finally beginning to develop a much-deserved future with - and the family he’s cultivated with her the delinquents. There are people he loves and who love him but, though he wouldn’t want to leave behind, he’d still continue to fight and die for them if needed. I’d love to see this addressed by his loved ones eventually, showing concern for his well-being and making sure he knows just how much he means to them. I definitely think that, given the nature of this season, that something along these lines will be addressed to some degree. 

His actions in life can echo in his potential death. As much as I hate to consider it, if Kane ever did die, there is plenty of foreshadowing for it in the form of his many sacrifices, potentially indicative of a destiny to die saving his people. For him, what better way to die than to save those he loves and to ensure a future for his people he wants so desperately? It would be the most fitting send-off to his character should the situation ever arise. Here’s strongly hoping it doesn’t though. He deserves to survive and carve out a life with those he loves and reap the rewards of their hard work and many sacrifices…

Marcus Kane is one of the most selfless characters I’ve ever had the privilege of witnessing. It’s such a fundamental part of his character and given due spotlight on more occasions than I’ve seen of many others. Kane is a true, selfless hero who works tirelessly to save his people and loved ones no matter the cost to himself and I adore him for his courage, respect, kindness, compassion and fortitude. Even when his efforts fail and go unnoticed, he never stops trying to do the right thing. Marcus Kane is my hero…

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I wish people would stop victim blaming the woman in regards to Onew’s scandal. Even though it was all a misunderstanding, she had every right to feel threatened when he grabbed onto her leg as leverage to keep himself from falling. How was she supposed to know that it was unintentional and that he did not grab her legs on purpose? Plus she didn’t even know that it was Onew until a friend told her, she just felt someone grabbing her leg. Also people need to stop saying “it’s a club, things like that happen all the time”–just because you’re in a club doesn’t mean you have to be okay with those things happening. All that’s been confirmed about this incident is that it’s all a misunderstanding between both parties, and that it was resolved long before SM/the media got wind of it..