this woman makes me want to weep

Listen carefully
The Messenger [SAW] visited a man from among the Muslims who had fallen severely ill and He asked him, “Did you used to ask Allah (SWT) for anything specific?”
He replied, “I used to say: Oh Allah, whatever you are going to punish me with in the Hereafter, Punish me with it in this world Instead.
He (SAW) said, “Glory be to Allah, You can’t bear that! Would you not say: Oh Allah, bring us good in this world, and good in the hereafter, and save us from the torment of the fire?”
Imam Al-Maawirdee said, “Your fate is a consequence of that which you utter.
be careful with your words, be careful with what your tongues utter, because you will be confronted with what you say.”
Therefore, choose the best in what you seek from Allah (SWT) and ask him to give it to you in this world and the next.
In a story which Sheikh Ali At-Tantaawee narrates, He says: ‘I was a judge in Syria, and it so happened that a group of us were spending the night with one of our friends, when I suddenly found it difficult to breath and felt severely suffocated.
I sought permission from my companions to leave but they insisted that i stay the night with them.
But i couldn’t, and I told them I want to take a walk and inhale some fresh Air.
I left them, walking by myself in the dark…
Whereupon… I heard the sound of someone weeping and praying coming from behind a small hill.
I looked and found a woman who appeared to be in distress and misery.
She was crying effusively and praying sincerely to Allah (SWT).
I approached her and asked,
“What is it that is making you cry, my sister?”
She replied, “My husband is a harsh and unjust man. He threw me out of the house, took my children and swore i will never see them again… and i have nobody and no place to go to.
“Why don’t you take this matter to a Judge?” I asked.
She continued to cry profusely, “How can a woman like me approach a Judge?”
The sheikh completed the story, crying, “The woman says all of this but does not realise that Allah had dragged a judge (meaning himself) by the neck to take him directly to her!;

Glory be to Allah! Who ordered Him to leave in the darkness of the night to stop directly in front of her with his two feet and ask her, He himself (as a judge), about her needs? What supplication… What supplication did this simple, poor woman make… to have it answered with this speed and in this manner?

Oh you who feels distress and misery,
Who thinks that the world has become dark around Him, Just raise your hands to the sky, and do not say “How can my problems ever be solved?”
Rather, humble yourself in front of He who hears the footsteps of the smallest ant. Be certain, that there is something awaiting you after your patience.
Indeed, Allah (SWT) does not trail you with anything except that there is good in it for you, even if you were certain of the opposite.
Soften your heart and be glad.
Were it not for trials and tribulations, Yusuf (AS) would have been the leader of the family, but with trails and tribulations He became the Azeez of Egypt.

Do you still feel distress and misery after knowing this?
Be upon certainty
That there is something awaiting you after your patience, something which will delight you and make you completely forget the bitterness of all pain.

Oh Lord,
Whoever opens this message or hears it, open for Him the blessings of the provision of the Heavens, The provision of the Heavens and the Earth, and whoever spreads it among His Servants, admit Him into Paradise without reckoning and punishment, and dispel, Oh Lord, His worries and anxieties, and comfort Him.

To Those Left Behind

Sakura knows the boy sleeping under the covers is not her son.

She exchanges a tentative look with Syaoran and is relieved when she sees the knowledge in his eyes too. She wasn’t sure he would remember their other son, but the blood of Clow running through his veins, no matter how diluted, gives him enough power. Enough to be a powerful sorcerer in his own right. Certainly more powerful than he was in her memories.

“He’s…” she tries to start and is unsurprised at how difficult it is to get the words out. “He’s not ours…”

A memory made from a wish, of time turned back and she shudders at the feeling. Memories like that always make her feel nauseous, and not only for the disassociation it gives her. Her mind is given memories of giving birth to a black haired boy that is a throwback to Syaoran’s ancestor, Clow while her body remembers giving birth to another boy.

“He’s ours,” Syaoran says firmly, resolutely. As sturdy as a tree and a mountain and his resolve has always been what she loves about him. “His soul…his magic and his existence was brought about by my other self. In essence, he is….”

In essence, he is the same, is what he would have said. Sakura understands what he means.

“My hands remember a different shape,” she whispers. She doesn’t know why she is uncertain. The pain of a mother is burning – lancing through her like a rod. She has just lost her son and gained another, along with a foreign host of memories that stand out in her mind, highlighted by the magic running in her veins.

“Your hands hold, no matter the shape. You will be fine. We will be fine,” Syaoran reassures her.

Her magic is powerful though, stronger than his and she knows that the twin-soul of their son will suffer much hardship unless they do something about it. It’s a relief to know that they could do something about it, unlike their other son.

“His name,” she whispers, feeling her magic stirring deep inside her. “Will be Watanuki Kimihiro. You must bury his name, Syaoran. Bury his real name, lest that Puppetmaster find him and use him as he had used us.”

Syaoran nods. “We will tell him the truth?”

Sakura feels a tear drop at what will happen when they do. “Yes. And he will go to the Shopkeeper and make his own choice.”

The rustling of sheets takes their attention and her son’s twin-soul is stirring. Syaoran gestures and the name buries itself, deep into the recesses of his memory, where only a wizard wielding Clow’s magic could open it.

“Kimihiro,” Sakura says softly. “Good morning.”

He blinks sleepily at her, eyes blue and innocent. Sakura remembers meeting Clow Reed in a dream, or a memory of him. Those same blue eyes blink at her from the bed and it takes all her willpower not to freeze.

“Good morning, mother,” he says. “I had a strange dream. Another boy was yelling at me, not to disappear.”

Sakura manages to hide a shudder. She knows who that boy was, somehow.

“Hold on to that, for a moment,” Syaoran says behind her. “It’s too early for dream interpretation. After breakfast, tell me about it.”

After breakfast, Kimihiro would likely forget the dream. Sakura exhales a quiet sigh of relief. She is not one to run from confrontation, but she would need time to gather her strength to do it first.

“You’re not joining us for breakfast?” Syaoran asks her, recognizing the look in her eyes.

“I have to prepare,” she murmurs, eyes already distant. “If he is to survive, I have to prepare. You have started the first step, I’ll take care of the rest.”


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The Right Path: A Tale of Foul Deeds

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

The people danced in the square and threw flowers in the air. The Queen joined them, dancing along to the music played by the bands. It was a morning of joy and celebrations. The children danced with queen, the girls shook their hips the way they saw the women do it and it was fine because they were children trying to impress everyone with their newly learned dances. Everyone laughed and cheered them on. A little girl came to stand right by the queen and shimmied her shoulders at her. Y/N laughed and did the same her jewels and beads clashing together mellifluously. The girl grinned and continued dancing, coaxing Y/N into matching her moves. As Y/N danced with the little girl she glanced over to Loki where he stood getting lessons in some of the Luman dances from the men. Loki was indulging them, he had learned a great many moves from Y/N in their youth. She would coax him out into the silver fields in Luma and teach him how to dance.

Soon enough the crowd corralled Loki and their queen together so they could dance the ceremonial dance of love. She smiled and widened her stance so she could start. She had to hold the extra fabric of her skirt so she could move her feet fast enough for the intricate steps and kicks that the dance demanded. She kept an eye on Loki as he seemed to be concentrating on not messing up. She looked up at him with a happy smile as she shook wound her hips in a circle moving lower her stance. The people laughed and cheered, happy to see their Queen so a light with pure joy. The dance ended and everyone danced together once more. Loki retired from the middle of the dancing crowd to have a drink.

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From the new prompt list you just reblogged can I request two with Finn Balor using the numbers 6, 15 & 44 and 26, 63 & 138

“I lost the baby”, “Don’t die on me– Please”, “I’m going to keep you safe”
“I’m dying”, “Whats the matter?”, “Are you cold?”

(I’m so sorry if these make you cry! It was emotional writing these!!)

The heartbeat had ceased. My stomach was now a tomb to a once lively fetus that loved to kick me anywhere it’s little feet and toes could stretch. I would miss the late night kicking alarms that rolled me out of bed to make a trip to the bathroom. I would miss everything about the once bundle of joy Fergal and I were elated to have made. He wasn’t planned, but he was already loved like we’d been waiting years for him.

“I lost the baby” My voice was dry and emotionless. I stared down at my hands spread over my bare stomach. My skin pale and flushed just like my mental state. I sat on top of the sheets draped over the mattress on the hospital bed.

“Wha–how?” Fergal’s voice was only inches from my face as he crawled onto the bed, squeezing his hands over mine. “”

I couldn’t look up at him. I couldn’t look into the eyes of the man who I just broke with my words. My heart was broken more for him than myself. I could still remember him jumping around the apartment like a giddy kid on Christmas who got a shiny new Nintendo begging to be played with.

“The doctor said the umbilical chord wasn’t functioning properly anymore” I sniffled, letting the clear liquid flow from my nose. “The shock of being restricted from my nutrients stopped his heart” My voice turned into a sob. I gave into my emotions, crying out to the universe my pain and sorrow. I lost our first born. Our baby was nothing but a memory now.

“I feel dead, Ferg..” I whimpered leaning forward to press my forehead into his shoulder. “I don’t know how to go on..”

“No, no!” His voice rose in worry. He had lost his son and was losing the woman he loved just as quickly. “We can make it through this”

“I want to die…I want to be with Finton” I choked out, sobbing uncontrollably.

“Don’t die on me – Please” His voice began to weep just like my own. He had the fight of his life ahead of him. No matter the cost or the time past he would commit to keeping the woman he loved alive.

“Why did this have to happen? Everything was going perfectly” I shook my head doing anything I could to understand why this happened. “I ate right..I talked to him..I exercised” I threw my arms around his neck, clinging to him with everything I had. My eyes opened to stare at the wall picturing what our boy would have looked like.

“I’m going to keep you safe” He whispered hoarsely through a gentle sob. He was doing his best to be strong, but there was only so much a person could hold back with such traumatic news. “I’m going to show ya that we can still keep Finton alive in our hearts”

I pulled back to look into his eyes, gulping as I registered all of the emotions that bled from them. “Can we try some point? I want to be the mother of your children” I was desperate to feel anything besides the despair and loss consuming me.

“Once you have recovered and we talk to doctors about our options and it’s safe for you? We can have as many as ya want, baby” He did his best to smile, giving me the hope I needed.

“I’m so sorry..I love you, I love you so much” A new onset of sobs erupted. I still couldn’t believe Finton was gone. “I’m sorry I broke your heart”

“Baby..shhh” He rubbed my back soothingly, cooing into my ear. “Ya had no control over what happened, ok? Ya can’t blame yourself for this..I won’t let it kill you”

“You’re going to be the perfect father someday” I whispered in defeat grasping at any kind of hope the world was would offer.


“Are you cold?” Finn came around the couch to cover me with a blanket he gave me for my birthday not too long ago. I had news that I wasn’t by any standard ready to dish out to him. Why did I have to give him the news that would put his whole world to a halt?

“Yeah..” My voice trailed off, grabbing at the ends of the blanket to cover my completely, hugging it to my chest like a pet.

“Whats the matter?” He took a seat next to me, pulling me against him. I turned just enough to drape my legs over his thighs, laying my head on his shoulder. I had dug up all the willpower I could muster to keep from breaking into pieces in his arms.

“I have some news…” I sighed pointing over at a set of papers addressed from my doctor’s office. It was test results I was nervous to receive. The anxiety was rightfully in place taking in the fact that all I had feared was actually happening.

“It can’t be that bad” His voice was confident. The kind of confidence you couldn’t fake even if a gun was pointed to your temple ready to pull the trigger.

He took a few moments to scan over the pages, not understanding all of the doctor lingo and numbers that you read as well as your doctor. If you didn’t say it now, you never would.

“I’m dying” Your voice strained out the two words. Finn dropped the papers to the floor as the shock took a vicious grip on him.

“Ya doctor said that you were clean though! How can it come back so fast?” His voice grew angry and confused. He couldn’t accept this news.

“The pills never heart is too weak” I frowned, looking up at him with a sorrow filled expression. “Just remember that when I’m gone I love you with everything I am..I’ll always love you”

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Different anon, I've been reading up a little about this and it looks like Gal has persistently supported the IDF which have been brutal in their Zionist occupation of Palestine. That makes me pretty uncomfortable tbh

I mean I’m certainly uncomfortable with what The IDF has done and continues to do. I’m uncomfortable with what my own military has done and continues to do. Thinking about it makes me want to weep.

But all I’ve seen from Gal Gadot are tweets that are the equivalent of “support our troops and bring them home safe” which isn’t exactly condoning violence against Palestinians. She’s wishing luck to teenagers in combat - teenagers who were conscripted.

It’s a pretty big leap to accuse her of condoning genocide, is all I’m saying.

You have to look at context and do your research when it comes to these things. Try to imagine what it’s like to be an Israeli woman, a woman whose country has been threatened with annihilation from the very beginning. A woman who has probably been indoctrinated by a military that is convinced it’s in the right. Imagine being a mother desperate to see her children grow up safely in their home country.

By all means criticize the IDF, but don’t demonized Gal Gadot for being forced to be part of it, especially when she chose not to take part in violence.

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Hmm… how about a headcanon about how Riley and Farkle name their children? (I know you touched on how Penny got her name, but the others might be interesting to delve into.)

  • Riley keeps wanting to give them fucking space names or something equally as weird like she’s definitely one of those weird/celebrity parents that keep coming up with ridiculous names and Farkle is just like s t o p
  • Every time she mentions a new name she likes he’s a ball of rage okay he’s jus t like “I HAD TO GROW UP AS FARKLE AND YOUR MOTHER HAD TO GROW UP AS TOPANGA. WE CANNOT DO THIS TO OUR KIDS RILEY. WE HAVE TO BE BETTER. WE MUST LEARN FROM OUR ANCESTORS M I S T A K E S
  • And Riley’s just like c h i l l
  • And they had to give up on the Battle of the Superior Name thing they did with Penny omfg. They never again had another perfect naming moment like that. Riley just kept throwing out names like “Comet” and “Ganymede” and Farkle’s just like “HOW ABOUT SAMANTHA OR ARIEL HOLY SHIT”
  • And they can just never agree and there is no one on Earth willing to be their tie breaker holy shit so they can’t do that anything
  • So Riley starts trying to pull the “I’m the one shoving this kid out of me I get naming rights” card
  • But Farkle is like “Riley if you want to name our babies Clarinette and Jupiter than you are going to have to PHYSICALLY FIGHT ME”
  • “Okay Babe if we only ever know 2 things for certain, it’s 1, you would never lay a finger on me, and 2, PREGNANT OR NOT I COULD KICK YOUR ASS ANY DAY OF THE WEEK.”
  • So eventually they decide to just NOT name the twins until they’re delivered. They’re like “This is fine we’ll see their faces and the perfect names will just come to us.”
  • They are in the hospital for 4 days because they cannot think of names for these poor babies.
  • So now they are #panicking
  • And the family keeps trying to chime in right like Cory is just like “Name both of them Barbra” and Maya just keeps referencing the opening scene of finding Nemo which make Josh and Auggie demand that at least one of the kids be named Nemo
  • And no one else has any fucking suggestions right so Riley is like ‘you know what fuck this”, throws open a baby name book to a random page, closes her eyes and jams two fingers down onto the pages. She opens her eyes, sees the names she landed on, and she’s like “Okay guys say hello to Cassandra Nemo Minkus and her equally beautiful twin Cleo Barbra Minkus” and Farkle is just s c r e a m i n g but hey at least they’re relatively normal names lmao
  • Cory’s all but blessing himself because finally, there’s technically a Barbra in his family lmao
  • Okay so their third pregnancy
  • Farkle liked the name Carrie but Riley’s like “wtf have you SEEN that movie” but he would not be swayed
  • Until Penny threw a mild little-kid fit bc she hated that both her sisters names started with the same letter and hers didn’t and “If you add another C name I’ll be the family outcast isn’t it bad enough I’m so much older than everyone else” and they were like S w e e t i e
  • So any and all ‘C’ names were out from that point on lmao
  • So Riley starts pushing to name this kid some variation of “Morotia M. Black” and Farkle’s like “I want a divorce oh my G o d”
  • But then they just sorta start, like, passive aggressively throwing names at each other
  • Like instead of saying ‘the baby or whatever’ in conversation, Riley would be like “Oh we gotta paint Artemis’ nursery soon, I’m thinking we should go with yellow.” and Farkle’s like “Why yellow? Maybe Charlotte will love the color green!” and Riley’s like “If Saturn ends up liking the color green, we can repaint it when she’s old enough to tell us.” and Farkle will be like “ But what if Robin’s to shy to let us know?” lmao like that’s a normal conversation about the baby for them. They just keep switching out the names
  • Okay so then one day when Riley is at the Height of her hormones, Farkle comes home from work and she is just. Sobbing on the kitchen floor holding a tub of ice cream and a baby name book.
  • So he can never handle Riley crying so he’s like “Babe what’s wrong???” and he’s fussing about her and it takes her like 5 minutes to calm down enough to speak.
  • And when she can she’s like “I JUST LOVE THE NAME TESSA SO FUCKING MUCH” and just bursts into tears again and Farkle’s like???? Okay???? We can name the baby Tessa then???? Please stop crying?????
  • So that made her happy lmao
  • So then they gotta come up with a middle name for her right and Riley’s got her heart set on a spacey name
  • But then one day Farkle was like “Oooooh my God babe my great aunt Amelia who I was super close to but never talked about just died and we can’t make it to her funeral. She helped deliver me when my mother went into labor in the Amazon rain forest and fought off a pack of jaguars that tried to eat me when I was a newborn. She taught me how to walk even though she had no legs and no prosthetics. She single handedly ended World Hunger in one small country somewhere South of the Equator. She invented the machine that slices bread. She gave me open heart surgery when I was 3 years old. She saved the lives of at least 20 Presidents of the United States. What a woman. I’ m so upset we can’t make it to her funeral. We need to make Tessa’s middle name Amelia in her honor, Riley, we just have to! I’m going to miss her so much!!!”
  • And then he makes a show of dramatically falling on their bed and weeping into his pillow, and Riley doesn’t even fucking look up from her book for a second of this whole thing and just says in an uninterested voice “I know you’re lying to me. I know you just want to name the baby after Amy Pond from Doctor Who.” lmao
  • But she lets him win this one so that’s how Tessa Amelia came about
  • Farkle keeps insisting that he wasn’t lying about his Great Aunt Amelia. He maintains it to literally his dying day.
  • Okay we’ve reached the final pregnancy
  • What the fuck do you mean it’s twins again???
  • Okay so they go back to the passive aggressive name thing they did with Tessa originally right
  • And then one day while talking about the babies Farkle used the name ‘Leo’ and Riley burst into tears and he’s like “Whelp guess we named our son” lmao
  • The decide to go with ‘Cornelius’ for his middle name bc obvi they both adore Cory and think he deserves the honor
  • Cory cried when he found out lmao
  • They can not think of a name for this poor girl twin tho omfg
  • And Farkle is like “We’ll come up with a name eventually this is fine” but Riley is on edge bc technically speaking the baby girl is the “surprise/unplanned” twin bc they had only really agreed to try for a 5th baby bc they both wanted a boy
  • And Riley feels like she’s emotionally letting her unborn daughter down by naming the ‘planned’ twin so much earlier than her omg
  • Like she spends a full 3 months being very upset about this and being frustrated
  • Okay so Farkle will sometimes come up with the goofiest pet names for Riley right
  • Like they kinda have an unspoken competition of trying to one-up each other with ridiculous names in affection you feel???
  • And one day Farkle calls Riley his “beautiful supernova” or something like that and Riley starts crying and he’s like ‘wHAT DID I DO”
  • And Farkle’s just like…shit it is cute oh no
  • So that’s how they get Nova lmao
  • And then they dedicate like a week or so to coming up with a middle name for her and they mention it to Riley’s parents one day and Topanga is like “Hello. It is I. The woman who has done everything for both of you and you have not named a child after me yet.”
  • And Cory’s cracking tf up and Riley’s just like “Mom I’m about to make this kid’s middle name Jennifer out of spite” omfg
  • But Riley and Farkle are mostly willing to go with Topanga even tho Farkle had his heart set on normal names, but she had a point lol
  • But then. Tragedy strikes.
  • RIP Alan Matthews.
  • So suddenly it’s a fucking super emotional time for everyone and the official naming game is left in the dust because the whole family is grieving
  • But after the twins are born Riley tells everyone she’s making Nova’s middle name ‘Alana’ and everyone. cries a lot.
  • It’s a very bittersweet moment but it made Amy smile for the first time in a while so Riley’s sure it was the best choice.
  • So yes the Minkus Clan consists of Penelope Pluto, Cassandra Nemo, Cleo Barbra, Tessa Amelia, Nova Alana, and Leo Cornelius. They are all very adorable and loved by all.
  • ugh riarkle
Psych ( USA ) sentence meme ( part 1/? )

 Psych ( USA ) sentence meme ( part 1/? )     [ credit to ofsentencefragments ]

“I call him Dwight. ”
“Look, if I understood what you were saying — I’d still be a virgin.”
“If you don’t know the answer don’t make up words.”
“When did my house become a day-care center?”
“Save it for your online roleplay.”
“That’s how babies are made?”
“Close the blinds, shut the door, and remain completely silent — this is big.”
“Do you know how many secrets I’m keeping from you already? You totally trust me.”
“Someone didn’t drink their courageous juice this morning.”
“Don’t be an idiot. I’m not one of your fans. I barely even like you.”
“It’s a good thing you’re here, we were just about to do some scrap booking.”
“That was hot!”
“I’ve heard it both ways.”
“You’re probably going to be eaten by carpet beetles.”
“I don’t have my toothbrush! I don’t have my multivitamins!”
“Why would I be mad? I’m locked in a museum with a possibly a violent criminal and probably an angry mummy spirit. Oh, and here’s a bonus we have no phones.”
“Don’t worry about it. I honestly didn’t know I was going to be putting my foot up your ass, life’s full of surprises.”
“You want me to poke you in the eyes on the roof?”
“You keep a stun gun in the birdhouse?”
“Don’t listen to him, he’s a dream killer.”
“One part ice cream, two parts awesome.”
[ high pitched screaming ]
“C’mon son.”
“You should be ashamed of yourself and your family.”
“There’s a Lieutenant Crunch here to see you.”
“Before we get started we always like to ask a few preliminary questions. Standard stuff. Let’s see, one: did you kill that guy?”
“Suck it.”
“This makes me want to weep and then die.”
“You heard about Pluto? That’s messed up, right?”
“Remember: you treat a woman like a person, then a princess, then a Greek goddess and then like a person again.”
“I call it very close talking.”
“Are you a fan of delicious flavor?”
“Is it just me or is this unbearably boring?”
“It’s not like I’m wearing a giant moose costume.”
“Me gusta queso.”
“How about you play six degrees of kiss my ass?”
“That sounds like a totally disturbing game.”
“No I’m not mad. I’m happy! I’m thrilled! I love looking like an idiot!”
“Seek help.”
“I file these words under “Things to say when I want to be ridiculed or kicked out of bed.”
"In my portrayal of you, you only have an eighth grade education.”
“I am so sorry if my agonizing pain is inconveniencing you.”

Who to fight: Ace Attorney
  • Phoenix Wright: Ha ha, you're not fighting Phoenix Wright.
  • i mean, most likely you would lose, he's all but undefeatable - but no the actual reason you're not fighting Phoenix Wright is that i am already fighting Nick. I am never not fighting Nick. one day i will defeat him and we will finally be Free
  • Miles Edgeworth: You could fight Miles, but you'd feel awful afterwards. He's a pale weak noodle of a man, a small porcelain prince. would you hurt this man? would you?
  • Franziska von Karma: You're already fighting Franziska. She's always fighting.
  • Maya Fey: I don't know why you would want to fight Maya, but i think if you did she'd win. She stands under waterfalls and meditates in frozen chambers for fun. If Maya Fey got into a fight she'd destroy you
  • Mia Fey: You can't fight Mia she's already dead sorry. You'd lose anyway
  • Lana Skye: Don't fight Lana! Did you see her smile? That smile was filled with the purest light. It made me weep. You can't hurt this woman, she is too pure.
  • Ema Skye: Ema is a nerd but i get the feeling that she probably carries extremely corrosive acid around in her bag, I'd watch out if I were you. It could get dangerous. She's got a good aim, i wouldn't want to get hit with an acidic snackoo
  • Kay Faraday: Ha ha. Ha! Ha ha ha ha
  • You'll lose
  • Dick Gumshoe: I would imagine fighting Gumshoe would be like playing tennis against the wall - like, every hit you make is just going to bounce right off. He wouldn't make any effort to fight you back but every punch you throw would just be empty. he'd look at you sadly with each punch you make. he doesn't want to fight you, he just wants Miles Edgeworth to stop cutting his pay. please be nice to this man
  • Winston Payne: Honestly, you could fight Payne but I think by the time you track him down, someone else will already be fighting him. He's just got such a punchable face.
  • Trucy Wright: If you fight Trucy I will stop fighting Nick and I'll start fighting You. how dare you.
  • That said she'd kick your ass before i even got there, she's an illusion master. you won't even see her coming.
  • Pearl Fey: DON'T FIGHT PEARL
  • Apollo Justice: He'd yell for help and then you'd be screwed I do not recommend fighting Apollo Justice. You'd be stunned by his loud yells, and then the rest of the Wright Anything Agency will be hot on your tail. A bad decision if ever i saw one.
  • Klavier Gavin: You can fight Klavier, he'll probably write a song about it. Make you famous. Win win situation really.
  • Athena Cykes: Did you see her throwing Apollo? She'll do that to you. If you're up for a challenge then by all means, fight Athena Cykes. it will be a long battle. She's good at those, she fought for years for Blackquill. She's powerful, good luck, you'll probably lose.
  • Simon Blackquill: Honestly he'll probably provoke you and threaten you with his invisible sword but you shouldn't fight this man. He's just a sad, sad lawyer. He's so sad. Have you seen his cheeks? They're literally stained with tears. Don't fight Blackquill, he needs a hug.
  • Manfred von Karma: Man I'm packing my things right now, booking a flight to his fuckin house. As soon as I'm done fighting Nick I will destroy this man for hurting my children
  • Wendy Oldbag:
  • That's a bad idea.
  • Larry Butz: Man Larry is so fightable, you could probably get anyone on this list to join in on fighting Larry. He's just so fightable. I'd fight him. You know speaking of men who are fightable
  • Diego Armando: Fight this man. Fight him. He needs to be punched. I would punch him myself but I'm too busy fighting Nick. I need your help here, please punch Godot. I'm begging you. Do this for me
Elmer Fudd's Letters Home

May 14th, 1972

Dear Mom,

Hi Mom! Gosh, where do I start? The weather’s been good (perfect for rabbit season), sessions with my speech therapist seem to be going well (I hope to be able to wish you a “MERRY” Christmas this year, not “Mewwy.” That’ll be my gift to you!) and I’m making lots of friends.

But holy cow, all I REALLY want to talk about is this girl I met. Sorry, this woman. I met someone, Mom, someone special.I know I have a habit of rushing into things but, Mom, I think she’s the one. She’s so beautiful, she’s so sweet (but still kind of sassy) and she doesn’t even seem to mind my speech impediment. She accepts me, just when I thought that kind of thing would be impossible. She’s so confident, she’s on another level, I just want to give her everything to see what she can make out of it. What she even sees in a dummy like me is anyone’s guess.

OH, and best of all I met her while hunting, if you can believe it. She’s into hunting! She was just out in the woods and I found her—well, we found each other. We didn’t even speak at first, because we didn’t NEED to, there was just this CONNECTION. Instantly. So much went unspoken, it was like we were waiting for each other. She wasn’t shy about approaching me and, bizarrely, I wasn’t shy either, because we just worked together, immediately. We kissed! Right when we met! I love her. I LOVE HER!

I don’t think I knew what love was, before. I had a dim understanding of it, from movies and songs, and I remember what you and Dad were like together, but until I met Her, I only understood love anecdotally, as a bystander. I finally feel like I’m a participant, and I never thought I would be. Beyond that, I feel lucky. I’m not saying “I’m lucky because I get to be with her,” I’m saying “I’m lucky because I get the privilege of loving her.” Do you understand that, does that make sense? Even if she didn’t love me back, I will forever be grateful just for getting the opportunity to love her. Because I know what my life was like before I loved her, and I don’t even think I would call that a life, now. It feels so good to love her, to have love inside of me, to feel what normal people feel. I get to love her, do you understand? I get to. I’m allowed to. I weep at how lucky that makes me. Mom, I weep.

Listen to me, going on and on about this woman. We’re supposed to meet up in the woods again tomorrow. I’m going to ask her if she wants to go dancing with me. I don’t really dance, but I know most women like doing it so I looked up places that offer Salsa lessons for couples and there are some affordable ones in my area. I figured a dancing class would be a nice date. We can be close and we can talk, and we can move together.

I’ve rambled enough. I gotta get ready for tomorrow. I don’t even know how I’m going to sleep!

Love and Respect Forever,

Your Son Elmer

PS I know things must get lonely around the house since Dad’s passing, but remember that your “Lil’ Elmmy” loves you and is always thinking about you. I wish I could be by your side right now, but of course I have to try to catch and sell enough animals so we can afford to keep the house (I’ve included a check for $25; it’s all I made last week). It’ll get easier, Mom, I swear to God it’ll get easier. It’s going to be a good year. I can feel it.


May 15, 1972


Disregard previous letter. It was a boy rabbit in a dress. I don’t know why he did it. Don’t ask me about it.

PS I don’t think I ever learned how to be happy.


anonymous asked:

Yang seems more the type (and Barb herself said this) to just kick somebody into the water and maybe intervene if they look like they're drowning.

I see what you’re saying, and I probably should have considered that more.


One of the things I really love about Yang, and that people really tend to overlook, is her motherly/emotional side. A lot of portrayals tend to bowdlerize her as this angry brawler chick who solves problems with her fists and takes life by the balls (literally and metaphorically. yesse what I did thar). And it’s not that she’s isn’t that because she is. She definitely is. But she’s also so much more. The thing that these portrayals often leave out is that she is very kind and considerate to the people around her if she deems that they deserve it.

The most obvious example is Ruby. She loves that little rosebud to death you can’t tell me shiet. In vol 1 she was very concerned with Ruby growing into her own maturity and independence. Instead of completely cutting her off and insisting that she hang out with other people to try and force independence on her, she gently suggests it and basically leaves the choice up to Ruby. Yang acts like more of a mother to her sister than an actual sister sometimes (which is something that myself and a lot of other older sisters can relate to).

She also goes to Blake in vol 2 to get her to chill her tatas, when arguably she doesn’t know Blake that well at that point. The reason she essentially gives is that she’s seeing her own obsessiveness in Blake. She remembers how that almost destroyed her, how it made her a shell of her former self. Digging and scraping at the one thing she could never find. And no one else should have to go through that pain like she did. She doesn’t force anything on Blake. Doesn’t even tell her to stop, only that she should maybe slow down a bit. She tells her that there are people who care about her and that she’s not alone. Yang again, leaves the decision up to her. She assures Blake that if she does decide to go to the dance, she’ll have a friend to be there for her.

When RWBY is on the trip with Oobleck, Yang seems very disgruntled by Oob’s question. She figured the reasons for her becoming a huntress we’re simple. No one would question that because that’s just who she is…right? Kickin’ ass and takin names, and she’s all out of bubblegum and all that. Instead, she’s kind of bothered by how shallow her reasoning actually is. When I watched this scene, what I saw was Yang looking inside the box that was herself and wondering: Why is this empty? Is this all that I am? Like she was bothered that she might be a 2-dimensional person. She’s afraid that all she wants is carnal pleasure and satisfaction. She wonders if she’s living the right way. We see this weird vulnerability to her character that we haven’t seen before. That is really frickin interesting and deep to me.

In vol 3, Yang was the last person I would expect to cry. But it makes sense. Because she’s not just this unstoppable force of nature, she’s also a sensitive and vulnerable human being. Especially when it seems that the people she trusts most, her family away from home, do not believe her. 

It’s this weird contrast between her rough, tomboy-ish nature, and this motherly/emotional instinct that makes Yang one of my favorites, if not my actual favorite. And to be clear, I don’t think her power or anger are fake. I don’t believe that she’s secretly a fragile flower. I think she is simultaneously strong and sensitive. She’s struggling to figure that out about herself or come to terms with it, if ye ask me.

ok but talking about Neptune in particular. In this weird AU-ish limbo on my blog they are maybe-dating-maybe-not because I’m super obsessed with the “what a woman” scene and I won’t let it go until miles and kerry pry it from my cold dead hands and crush my drems. And even then I will weep for a long time for what could have been.

Anyways, anyone with two brain cells to rub together can tell that our dear nep has a irrational and paralyzing (not literally) fear of water. Why, we do not know, and I’m sure as hell curious to find out. In my little scenario, Yang cares about nep very much and wants to help him conquer his fear. 

Now to me it doesn’t make sense for her to just push him and intervene if he needs help. One, because of the examples illustrated above. She gave both Ruby and Blake a choice. She would be there to help if they needed it but she wouldn’t force them. Two, because that wouldn’t really help him. Sometimes people can conquer their fears when you thrust them into it, but some people don’t work that way and I wouldn’t recommend that method. Neptune seems afraid of water to the extent that it wouldn’t really help him to shove him in a pool. Water is dangerous to play around with and drowning is a real thing. Also I firmly believe you can’t change people, or rather that people only change when they’re good and ready. I don’t really like depicting change being forced on people because I’m a goody goody.

Of course I coulda ignored all this and had her push him in for the sake of humor but I felt fluffy so fight me.

hhahaa why did I write this whole thing this is an art blog wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Do you ever cry because the first time Killian Jones fell in love it was a woman who tolerated his awful behaviour so much that she became a pirate with him, but the second time he fell in love it was with a woman who embodied light and hope and heroism, who always looked out for and saved others, and inspired him so much that he changed to become a better man as he wanted to be and the contrast between these two loves in his life makes me weep okay??

“Mother?” Leane’s unsteady voice came out of the darkness. “Are you awake, Mother?”

“I’m awake,” Siuan sighed. She had hoped they had released Leane, put her out of the city. Guilt stabbed her at feeling a bit of comfort from the presence of the other woman sharing her cell. “I am sorry I got you into this, daugh—” No. She had no right to call her that, now. “I am sorry, Leane.”

There was a long moment of silence. “Are you … all right, Mother?”

“Siuan, Leane. Just Siuan.” Despite herself she tried to embrace saidar. There was nothing there. Not for her. Only the emptiness inside. Never again. A lifetime of purpose, and now she was rudderless, adrift on a sea far darker than this cell. She scrubbed a tear from her cheek, angry at letting it fall. “I am not the Amyrlin Seat anymore, Leane.” Some of the anger crept into her voice. “I suppose Elaida will be raised in my place. If she hasn’t been already. I swear, one day I will feed that woman to the silverpike!”

Leane’s only answer was a long, despairing breath.

The grate of a key in the rusty iron lock brought Siuan’s head up; no one had thought to oil the works before throwing Leane and her in, and the corroded parts did not want to turn. Grimly she forced herself to her feet. “Up, Leane. Get up.” After a moment she heard the other woman complying, and muttering to herself between soft moans.

In a slightly louder voice, Leane said, “What good will it do?”

“At least they won’t find us huddling on the floor and weeping.” She tried to make her voice firm. “We can fight, Leane. As long as we are alive, we can fight.” Oh, Light, they stilled me! They stilled me!

Forcing her mind to blankness, she clenched her fists, and tried to dig her toes into the uneven stone floor. She wished the noise in her throat did not sound so much like a whimper.
—  Robert Jordan, The Wheel of Time: The Shadow Rising, Page 781/782

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I just wanted to say thank you for providing so much wisdom and thoughtfulness to those following you on this particular debate. There is a God-given sanctity to human life, and 1 second old fetuses are no exception. It makes me weep to think people could see it differently. This concept of women having "rights" to do what they want with "their body" is so twisted.

I love that Matt Chandler quote you just posted:

“It has its own DNA. It has its own genetic code. It has its own blood type. It has its own functioning brain, its own functioning kidneys, its own functioning lungs, its own dreams. It’s not the woman’s body. It’s in the woman’s body. That’s not the same. The argument is a woman should get to choose what she does with her body. Bull. Go prostitute yourself. See if you get arrested. You don’t [have the right to do whatever you want]! I don’t have the right to do whatever I want with my body. No one does!”

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I can't speak directly for the person who made the "negative repercussions/crazy fans" comment, but given her past posts, I believe she was talking about those people who label the potential pairing sick and disgusting and even pedophilia. However you feel about a real-life pairing with such a big age gap, for a legal, consensual relationship that isn't portrayed as a quick hookup to be your "line in the sand" in the murderous, ethically challenged TWD universe does seem a bit odd, doesn't it?

Well, no.  

Let me first say, yes I think labelling a relationship between Beth and Daryl as paedophilia is wrong and dangerous, BUT I understand why some people use that words because it expresses their distaste for it. (And coming from the UK where the press likes to label everything as “paedo” this and that, I know the word has become synonymous with creepy and inappropriate, instead of its actual meaning)

And I disagree with the person who used the phrase about crazy fans, it was talking about the negative repercussions, and surely that must encompass ALL negative reactions? If it’s not, then she should say so, otherwise - as I said - it comes across extremely disrespectful to those who don’t like it for any reason.

But back to your final point, no I don’t think it’s odd that a consensual relationship between a just legal teen and a man in his 40s is some people’s line in the sand. Everyone has their own triggers, their own areas that they find they are more sensitive in. It’s been noted than far smarter people than me, that in TV land violence is far more easily accepted than sex and bad language. TWD is a prime example of that, we can see kids being shot in the head, people eating guts and blood flying hither and yon, yet they can’t say fuck? 

Sex and relationships is a much more sensitive subject for most than violence., I don’t agree with it, but it’s a fact. And so, it makes sense that an edgy, controversial romantic relationship would have more people on edge than a murder.

It is also important to note that a lot of the women objecting to this potential relationship are woman, and older women at that. Seeing a teenager in a romantic relationship with a much older man sparks a lot of triggers and memories and feelings in most women. Horrifically, most grown women have experienced some unwarranted and unwanted sexualisation in their teens. Most have memories of older men acting inappropriate or lasciviously with them at the age that Beth is now. It’s not pleasant and to see Daryl looking at such a young woman in what could be deemed as lustful, creeps a lot of us out, because as much as we know that’s a fictional world it still connects in our minds.

There was a quote going round about being protective of teenager girls because we were once them, and it’s so true. For many of us, it’s not about hating Beth, it’s about projecting ourselves onto her. 

And that makes us see Daryl in a bad light. For most of us Caryl shippers, we see Daryl as THE most honourable of men - as Caryl pointed out at the end of season 2. And to see him contemplating a romantic relationship with a girl he’s known since she was 16, a girl who has led a sheltered emotional life, makes us find him less honourable.

Especially when you think of how Carol admonished Axel for hitting on Beth, and he was seen as a creep WITHIN THE SHOW fore doing so. This shows that while it’s the ZA and ethics become grey, the characters are meant to be trying to hang on to SOME degree of social rules. Isn’t that what Dale and Hershel and Rick are all about? They don’t want this world to change them too much. 

The moral ambiguity has largely come down to survival. What do you HAVE to do to keep alive, to keep those you love safe. The moral ambiguity of romance - which is essentially a choice and an experience for pleasure not survival - has NEVER been dismissed on the show. Quite the opposite in fact. Lori was judged harshly for sleeping with Shane, even though she thought her husband was dead. Andrea was cast aside for finding comfort in the Governor’s bed. So, why would Daryl suddenly be the only exception to this sexual moral judgement air?

Essentially we want Daryl to be the hero, to do - as he has always done - the right thing, and thing least expected of someone who looks like him and comes from his background. Getting involved with an inexperienced, vulnerable young teen is not that, for many of us. It’s the thing someone thinking the worst of him would expect him to do - hook up with the young, pretty, light and bubbly blonde, instead of any of the challenging, strong women around him.

And that’s another reason this potential relationship sits so uneasily with many of us - the message it sends. To see the big hero, the man most female fans fantasize over and most men admire making the choice to go for the stereotypical youthful blonde sends a depressing message.

Someone (who? Please tell me and I’ll credit you) put it beautifully, that dismissing 3 years of building a relationship with Carol in favour of a fast bond with Beth, tells the viewers that if you are over 40 and grey haired, it doesn’t matter how much you put into a relationship with a man, he will ALWAYS chose the younger, blonder model. 

I’ve seen these very words come out of the mouth of some Bethyl fans - why on earth would Daryl chose old Carol, when he can have young, hot Beth? - and it is the most depressing thing. To see young women put so little stock in an older woman, to negate her attractiveness, and sexuality and believe that only youth and hotness can win a handsome, strong man’s heart and passion, makes me weep. 

I KNOW that it’s not the case for most men, but I want young women to know that too. I want them not to be afraid of growing old. To embrace their aging sexuality for the wonder it is. To not feel their worth as a woman goes out the door with their ovaries. I want them to look at Daryl and think, wow what a hot guy and look, he’s chosen the older woman because of WHO SHE IS, and that he finds her wrinkles and stretch marks and scars etchings of her wisdom and worth.

Instead, I see them saying Look at the hot guy, he needs a young, light woman, who makes him see things in a happy, light way and who can give him babies.

That’s not what I want for those characters, and it’s not what i want for the viewers.