this woman is so talented oh my god


170224 — Hyuna in Toronto

I had the privilege of seeing Hyuna in Toronto tonight on the second stop of her North American Tour, and oh my god. She is absolutely the sweetest, most talented, genuine woman I have ever seen. Hyuna went on every end of the stage, kneeling down in front of fans, posing for them, blowing them kisses, holding their hands, and making hearts for us. When the time for the high-touch/photo op came, she smiled brightly at everyone even though she must have been tired from just performing. She looked into my eyes and smiled at me. She looked into everyone’s eyes, I think, wanted to make them feel special and loved, and know that we’re just as important to her as she is to us. Hyuna is an incredible performer and an even more incredible human being. I love Kim Hyuna.


Every day was a gift. To be able to be a strong woman, who’s passionate about doing her job, to kick ass – it was all of those things every single day. Misty Knight is so iconic and so important to so many people; you don’t realize until you join the project. Then people are like, “Oh, my God, you’re Misty Knight!” It makes you even more excited. To be the first person to say these words, to give her a voice, it’s like stepping into your own ocean, and it’s yours. - Simone Missick

I went to my heardresser today and she saw my screen phone with a photo of Melissa and she told me:

“Oh my God, I love that woman, She has so much talent” and she told me too that a lot of women wants her hair because it’s so beautiful and unique <3

Our Melissa Mcbride conquering the hearts of Spanish women <3