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The Call | Rookie Blue

I wrote a thing.  I don’t know what I was on to make me think of this (probably lack of sleep), but here’s another song-inspired fic.  I actually have maybe 3 other song fics on the go (one of which I’ve been writing for almost a month now) but my brain decided to write this one in a couple hours.  What is wrong with me.. 

Song: Two Black Cadillacs by Carrie Underwood

The sound of Pachelbel’s “Canon in D” filled the room as the device spewing the music vibrated in tune.  Holly set down the forensic article she was reading and grabbed the phone sitting on the bedside table.  She glanced at the name displayed on the phone, which read ‘unknown’ followed by the ten-digit number.  Looking over at the clock, she shook her head.  It was too late for solicitors to call.  

“Hello?” She answered. 

“Who is this?” The female voice on the other end was blunt and not at all courteous.

Holly raised an eyebrow, taken aback by the caller, “Excuse me, but may I ask who is calling?”

“I asked first.”

“You called me.”

The caller responded immediately, disregarding the banter,  “Why do you keep calling my husband?”

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