this woman is rocking this season

concept: me as an old woman, sitting on a rocking chair in front of a crackling fire, an old, worn leather photo album in my lap. there are pictures of katsuki yuuri, winner of the grand prix finals in barcelona, standing with his husband victor nikiforov. they are both happy. “i can’t wait for season 74 of yuri on ice to air next week,” i say with a happy sigh,

Season of the Witch by flying-glove.

Rock and roll is the Devil’s music. This, of course, means it’s the perfect thing to play at your Halloween party.

i put a spell on you//screamin’ jay hawkins
house of the rising sun//the animals
lucifer sam//pink floyd
wicked annabella//the kinks
eyesight to the blind (live)//the who
wicked messenger//faces
black magic woman//santana
season of the witch//donovan
rhiannon//fleetwood mac
voodoo child (slight return)//the jimi hendrix experience
sympathy for the devil (rock & roll circus ver.)//the rolling stones

Nonprofit helps NYC girls to dress, feel like princesses at prom.

Jennifer Daniel of Brooklyn has been helping young girls from the low-income families to shine bright like princesses by helping them to get ready for the prom through her nonprofit Princess Chambers organization.

Princess Chambers provides free high-quality dresses, shoes and accessories to about 150 girls each prom season.

They also do make-up and hairstyles at a special pre-prom event.

This definitely help young girls feel like princess raising their self-esteem.

“This is the first time some of these girls have heard they look beautiful,” said Daniel, 30, of Crown Heights.

Not every girl can’t afford such dresses as they should spend from $600 to $1,500 for this.

“Between college applications and deadlines and senior dues and all the rest, a prom dress was the last thing I wanted to worry about,” said Kashanie, now a 20-year-old student at Brooklyn College. “When I walked in to the event, the volunteers made me feel like they were all there waiting for me, like I was special…When I left the event, I knew immediately that I wanted to be a part of it the next year, and give another girl the treatment that I had gotten.”

This year the organization host  its first annual fundraiser the “Prom of the Ages” on Oct. 22 for those who didn’t have a chance to attend the prom in the past.

“We will even crown a Prom King and Prom Queen,” Daniel said. “This is a chance for people to relive their prom or go if they never went to one.”

Princess Chambers also announced that they will be awarding a young woman with a college scholarship to further her education. Additionally, they will conduct workshops that address body image, self-esteem, etiquette, and other topics that will develop young women into socially aware individuals.

Jennifer Daniel inspires hundreds of young girls to become successful. She celebrates diversity and supports youth of color. She is our pride. 


As we all know the plus size community is taking charge of the fashion world! Making a statement that we don’t have to compromise style because of our size. With it being summer there are a lot of things that we as plus size women want to wear but may not have the confidence to wear; especially with it being swim wear season. Ladies you can rock a one piece or two piece and look just as sexy like a smaller woman would! The great thing about it being swimwear season is a lot of main stream stores are now carrying plus size bathing suit that are trend and very flattering to the body and shape. You certainly don’t have to break the bank to look good either. Here we have several plus size ladies showing off there amazing curves in stylish bathing suits from jcpenney, forever21, old navy, Amazon, target and Rue 107.

Nicole Rapley 27- wearing a two multicolored piece bathing suit from old navy.

Shawntique Coleman 29- wearing a Aztec printed two piece high waist bathing suit from Forever21.

Aidaliz Maldonado -27 wearing a fuschia one piece from Target.

Tiffany Nicole wearing a floral two piece high waisted bathing suit from Rue 107.

I’m probably gonna get hate for this. 

But I don’t like the Richonne pairing. And here’s why:

Rick is an asshole and Michonne deserves better. Rick is manipulative, mentally unstable and incredibly domineering when things don’t go the way he thinks they should and Michonne deserves a man (or woman) that’s got a good head on their shoulders. Rick doesn’t fit that criteria. Unfortunately neither does anyone else we’ve seen so far, but hopefully someone will show up who does in the later seasons. 

I hate that they’re ushering in this new girl (WHO’S MARRIED) to set him up with and I just don’t think Rick should be with anyone tbh, and frankly I’ve found myself wishing he’d be killed off but that’s my bias showing, LEAST of all Michonne. Michonne is strong and sweet and should be with someone she doesn’t have to be the proverbial rock for because that gets exhausting after a while. I love this woman hardcore and the only person I’ve ever shipped her with was Andrea, but after she died, I’ve just not seen anyone deserving of being with her that has a close bond with her. 

And I’m sorry, but having a close bond with Rick does not make it pairing material to me. 

TL;DR Rick is a dickwad and Michonne deserves better and that’s why I hate the Richonne pairing. 


“If you wanna have a good time, call Emma.”

That’s Jennifer Morrison’s winking assessment of her Once Upon a Time character’s transformation into the “Dark One” — and just one of many amusing/scoopy tidbits our Matt Mitovich extracted from the ABC drama’s cast during an interview in TVLine’s Comic-Con suite at the Hard Rock Hotel.

Of course, with Emma and Regina set to “flip” their roles, how will Hook handle his lady love’s unheroic behavior — and her new look (inspired, apparently, by David Bowie and Blondie)? Colin O’Donoghue teases that his character might dig her new threads, but loves the woman whose goodness he spent Season 4 protecting.

Also on the docket: The new Rumple (and what it means for Belle); a dagger that will come with “caveats” for Snow and Charming; and some teases about Merida (to be played by Scottish actress Amy Mason).

for those of y'all saying if we evict danielle, we keep this season interesting:

• two sides coming after each other has been done before

• white mayo alliance has been done before

•powerful alliance with a gay man, three POC, a punk rock plus-sized woman, and an unproblematic white male has NEVER been done before

• it would be more interesting to see which of the Plastics can get the misfits on their side and watch them scramble

• it would be impressive to see them play their own game and see who could get farther with the challenge of the misfits against them

• it’s only week two and alliances get broken up all the fricken time

•I would love to see if Morgan/Alex could get far without anyone finding out they’re sisters but if alex makes this move and puts up kryssie she will be the next target for the misfits, especially if danielle goes home

• Alex’s plea to America has nothing to do with gameplay and keeping things interesting, she and all of the plastics are being bratty and instead of thinking logically about the long-run of their game, are mad because they want their way

• targeting danielle is definitely a strategic move because she is powerful but it is absolutely more personal than strategic and it’s so childish


I hope you guys aren’t expecting Alicia Clark to suddenly be a badass zombie slayer. It’ll take time but she’ll get there, hopefully. Alycia did say that Alicia gets to kick ass this season. ;)

“But she also can be naive and childish, and she can make mistakes that are foolish and ugly. An interesting theme for Alicia in Season 2 is the development of her as a young woman, and how malleable she is, and where her moral compass will lie. There’s a lot to play with there.“ - ADC

(Alicia) is a straight-A student, she’s kind of had to be her own rock for a long time because her mother’s always never really been around, her father’s dead … She’s a smart girl. She’s got her priorities as a teenage girl in order. But with this new world, she’s suddenly grappling with how to even deal with a world that she can’t even understand.” - ADC

There’s a really interesting mother-daughter dynamic that we start to explore. Because she’s got a lot of Madison in her, but I think it’s whether she runs with that grain or goes against it. And it’s interesting to see her battle with her moral compass and whether compassion, sympathy, empathy are the purest forms of humanity. Or whether she has to become a lot more rational and logic-driven.” - ADC