this woman is perfect beyond words!!

@wiingedflight answered:

The words pulled a chuckle from the woman, tugging her lips into a faint smile. The troublemakers were always the fun ones, weren’t they? “If you causing trouble didn’t earn me trouble, I’d say go for it. Steinman’s a prick and deserves it.”

A pause to check round the corner for her boss.

“Listen. I can try to fit you in early tomorrow, will that work for you?”

Doyle smiled. It felt… odd on his lips. As if he’d forgotten how to do it. Which was inaccurate. He smiled. And it always felt odd.

“If you tell me when you leave, I can come back and cause trouble for the good doctor then. Save you, from the issue.” He never meant to pause. Only did it because he was already mentally onto the next sentence and had to backtrack mentally. 

“Whenever you can get me in. As soon, as you can get me in.” He was not going to give himself time to consider this choice. If he did logic would no doubt prevail and his eyes would forever remain normal. Common place if not dark. “Has he done this before? Or will I leave without money, or sight.”