this woman is perfect beyond words!!

This is Abner from my fic In Love, Serenity:  Summoned by Leliana for her particular skills as an assassin, Abner appeared to the Inquisition shrouded in mystery. A quick-witted woman of determination, strength, and few words, she takes shit from no one, though she’ll dish it out in spades. 

Look at what @xla-hainex painted for me! If you can catch her with an open commission, I highly recommend hiring her, she’s a delight, and look at what she does!! I am beyond pleased.

Take it in Stride

Rated M: for language (and later sexy stuffs)

Taehyung x OC x Jungkook x ???

Genre: Angst, upcoming smut

Words: 2.2k

“C'mon, babe. Don’t be like this.” he said half-heartedly, his hand planted on your waist in consolidation. But you easily wriggled out of his less-than-firm grasp as he seemed, despite his unconvincing words, rather calm and collected. You on the other hand, were shaking like a leaf in the wind. You were positively livid, ablaze with passion that you could only identify as pure rage, derived from absolute betrayal.

You didn’t say anything because you knew that would just be a waste of your breath, it’s not like this was the first time, you knew it wouldn’t be the last. Silently, you marched down the hallway to your shared bedroom and snatched the nearest backpack in your view to start packing your things. There wasn’t a clear route for you, you were so out of it you didn’t even really know what you were packing, you didn’t know what was coming next, you didn’t even have anywhere to go, yet here you were, packing manically to get even an inch out of reach from this cheater you called a boyfriend for the past three years.

Dragging his feet, he followed you to the bedroom, leaning on the doorframe lightly as he watched you frantically stuff anything and everything in your reach into your bag. "What, are you just gonna leave?” he said with a hint of annoyance. Every single word out of his mouth sounded like an obligation, a gesture of pity for the three years that he knew you had wasted on him. And with that, you turned around to face him, to really face him for the first time in the tense past hour, and you were once again taken aback by him.

There you were, sweaty due to the anger, already frazzled hair sticking to your face, huffing and puffing from packing and just utterly worked up by just being in his proximity. Then there was him, perfectly ruffled hair, golden skin somehow glowing in the dark room, and those brown orbs that completely consumed you at every step. It was like every moment you had known him. Even now, even in the very end, the difference was so crystal clear that you thought yourself to be insane to believe otherwise. He wasn’t right for you. You weren’t right for him and he knew that. You were the one being childish.

And god you felt so stupid.

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Reveling in Richonne

#45: The “Good Luck” (7x5)

Alright, so I mentioned in the last post how the Richonne in this episode was iconic. Well, this scene is why. And, of course, my extra self has to break it up into two parts cuz it’s that good lol. 😂🙈😋 

So after Carl declines going on the run, Rick walks out of the room and Aaron assures him that Carl will come around. It’s sweet and makes me glad that Rick has a good guy like Aaron to befriend, especially since so many of the men in Rick’s life have been taken away. It’s cool to hear someone talk to Rick as a dad and not just their fearless leader. And it’s also a little funny/sad cuz you can tell Rick isn’t very sold on the fact that Carl will come around. The kid is pretty stubborn, y’all. 😂

And then Aaron leaves so Rick and Michonne can have their moment. I like that you can actually see that Aaron offers to wait downstairs specifically because he knows Rick has to say goodbye to Michonne. So, y’all, Aaron gets some credit for giving us this scene made of Richonne gold lol. 😋  Cuz he could’ve stuck around while R&M said goodbye, but he didn’t so, A.A.Ron…

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I noticed how you see Rick quickly take out this walkie talkie, as he’s walking out of the room and talking to Aaron. Homeboy is not going to forget to give this to Michonne and I feel like he also sees the walkie talkie as his way to transition into letting her know she can still come along. So it’s extra important to him that he give her this rn. 

The way R&M stand in front of each other, I love that it’s almost like they don’t know how to not be close to each other. Like there’s some distance and yet they’re still close. Rick tells Michonne the offer’s still on the table for her to join him and Aaron. I appreciate that, in such trying times, Rick just wants his family with him. And, even though there’s this family tension with Carl and Michonne, Rick’s still going to try and offer for them to be together. 

He almost seems nervous to let Michonne know he still wants her to come with him. Which stands out, cuz they’ve gotten so comfortable with one another but right now something is off. Like you can see the exhaustion and brokenness he feels, and knowing Michonne and Carl seem to be a bit distant from him is really taking a toll.

He tells her if she changes her mind they’re going north. So this means that Michonne told Rick beforehand that she would sit this one out, and I feel like that’s where the “nervousness” from Rick is coming from. He already knows where she stands but, again, he’s still going to put the offer out there, which is really sweet. 

(Side note: I like that he suggests if she changes her mind she can head north and find them. Like that’s having some real trust in your woman’s abilities cuz, despite how dangerous it is to leave the walls, he knows she can handle herself if she just went out “north” to find him. He knows she’s the queen, y’all.👏) 

I know Michonne volunteering to sit out on this one had to be strange for both of them. Cuz Michonne has always been up to go do things in the past. She offered to go find Carol, she was with the group that checked out Noah’s neighborhood, she was the first one to volunteer to check out the cars Aaron mentioned, to name a few. So her declining this time is obviously unfamiliar territory for both of them. 

He hands her the walkie talkie so that, if they have to be separated, they can still have some form of communication. It’s definitely symbolic cuz the walkie talkie is Rick’s way of saying, “Even if we’re apart, I still want us to be connected.” 

And y'all know these two have a specialty in hand acting, right? So when he hands it to her there’s this like hesitant pause between them before Michonne takes it. It’s like a visual depiction of the hesitancy in their relationship right now. It also stuck out cuz usually when he hands her things she playfully takes them or assuredly doesn’t, but this time feels different. 

Michonne takes it and just gently tells him “Good luck”. And it’s her nice way of, again, declining his offer. I remember wondering why she wasn’t going with him, but you can tell it’s not easy for her to have to say no rn. The way she says “good luck”, she so clearly wants to be with him but something in her has to go her own way. (This ended up being an unintentional High School Musical 2 reference, sorry 🙈😋)

It’s interesting because last we saw these two, they were making their makeshift bed and it felt like R&M were going to be on the same page. But, seeing them in 7x5, it’s clear that while they are united there is still some imbalance or distance between them. 

I feel like Michonne was ready to try and wait but then when she saw their mattresses burned for no reason it made her realize, what Rick will later realize, which is that; being submissive might let you win another day of life but you still lose cuz Negan’s just going to oppress you more and more until it doesn’t feel like your alive at all. (Side note: The Saviors are the pettiest gang of grown men I’ve ever seen 🙄)

So I think seeing the burned mattresses, at the end of 7x4, put Michonne back in a state of feeling like I have to try and fight back. Not just for her own sake but fight back for Rick as well. Like I feel like her state of mind became “Until he’s ready, I’ll go and be ready and figure this out for the both of us.” 

(Another side note: It’s also interesting that 7x4 ends with Michonne still going out to that field. Like she doesn’t have a gun anymore so it’s not like shes out there to practice. To me, it just lets you know that the Lone Wolf spirit is still very much upon her lol and she’s continuing to navigate that balance of being the independent Michonne as well as the beloved family member Michonne) 

When Michonne says, “Good luck”, Rick says “Yeah” which is once again him really hearing and acknowledging her words rather than casually brushing them off. 👏🏽 There’s such a sadness in this moment because here these two are, standing in front of the love of their life, standing in front of their rock, and yet right now life is pulling them two different directions. Again, it’s like they’re in the same room but there is something keeping them apart and it’s painful for them, and us, cuz those two just aren’t meant to be apart. 

It’s clear that Rick knows “good luck” meant “no” and he’s disappointed but he also understands her mind is made up and he’s not gonna force the issue. For a split second, Rick might have been fearing some deja vu as he recalls the way he wasn’t always supported by Lori and was sort of abandoned by her when times were tough. 

Even though, I honestly think he knows Michonne is not giving up on him. They’re too interconnected to fully doubt they love each other. But I think what’s so heartbreaking is Rick feels he deserves her giving up on him. He doesn’t think that’s what she’s doing but he feels he deserves the distance and disappointment Michonne could have towards him.

But what Michonne reminds Rick, time and time again, is that he is not dealing with an average chick. This is different. This is his wife. Like not just when times are good, or they agree, this is his wife, period

I mentioned in an earlier post how I’m happy that Daryl gets to experience a healthy brotherhood with Rick. I’m also so beyond happy that Rick gets to experience a healthy, perfect-even-when-things-aren’t-perfect, romantic relationship with Michonne. Like, Rick, you got yourself the right one and the best one, homie. So luckily it doesn’t take long for Michonne to make Rick’s fears of disconnection completely and utterly wash away. 

He now has a woman who doesn’t leave when times get hard, she lifts him up. He now has a woman who doesn’t need him to “speak” all the time, cuz she can sense the words he doesn’t say, and then communicate her support to him without even having to speak herself. He now has a woman who’s cut from the same cloth and so she gets his feelings because she feels them too

He now has a woman who gets him so completely and in every way. She gets the way he thinks, she gets the fighter who will do anything to protect the people he cares about, she gets him out of near death situations lol, she gets the human being who just wants their family. She gets it all. Because in short, she too is a real one. 👌🏽😋

And so then Rick tells her, “I’ll see you soon” as he leans in for a simple side hug and like kiss on the cheek I guess (We’ll never know exactly what he was going to do. And hallelujah for that 🙌🏾😉😋)

It’s sweet that he tells her “I’ll see you soon”. It’s Rick trying to be reassuring and let her know he’ll be back. He knows it’s worrisome when someone leaves these walls and so he’s giving her some consolation that he will be back and soon. 

Plus, from this conversation and the one with Carl, you can tell Rick’s trying to make this a quick trip so he can get back home sooner than later lol. I love that no matter the distance they may feel now, Rick still knows Michonne cares about him and wants him to come back. And he wants to come back to her too.

I adore that, even though Rick feels Michonne has turned down his offer and he thinks she might not be the most happy with him right now, he still wants to be near her and has to touch her, so he goes in for a hug. It proves, once again, that no amount of distance can keep these two legitimately away from each other. *magnets*

Basically Rick’s like “No matter how we feel right now, I’m going to say goodbye to you and hug you, even if it’s a very simple and semi-hesitant hug, cuz you’re still my woman and I still love you”. That’s a direct quote from Rick’s mind lol. 😋 

Now, I remember seeing Rick go in for this little hug and thinking, “Aw! He’s going to hug her goodbye!” Like I was ready to just swoon over that. 😂  Cuz had he even just hugged her it would have been a very cute husband-and-wife moment and been one of those nice things that remind us that Rick and Michonne do “couple” things now. Now they can hug each other before they leave somewhere, which is one of those great post-canon perks. 

So if we just got a hug I would have been like this…

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But, y'all, God can do more than you ask or imagine. So little did I know…we were about to get something 1,000,000, times better. 🙌🏾😭

Enouement- 17

Summary: Told in reverse-chronological order, Enouement is the story of love and loss, telling the journey that led you to your ultimate destination: a life full of happiness and regret, mistakes and laughter- and the man who gave you it all. Bucky x Reader

Words: Lots????

Warnings: Sexytimes.

Master   Part 16

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Bucky was furious. The anger radiating in his chest was boiling as he moved through the bar toward their usual table. He felt like there was a valve somewhere in his chest, letting out the steam slowly as he dropped into his seat, a little too heavily judging by the look on Sam and Steve’s faces.

“Rough night?” Sam nudged his friend with a sharp elbow and Bucky shot him a glare, reaching for the beer Steve had so generously ordered for him ahead of time. “Trouble in paradise?”

“Why did you two let me get married?”

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Smile to smile

I woke up, the sunlight hitting your face.

You faked sleep, but the curl of your smile told me you were awake. 

The perfect curl that sent me head over heels into your arms.

Your smile is like an ice cream sundae on the Fourth of July. Perfectly placed, refreshing, and sweet.

I woke up and sat up, leaned over and kissed you on your smile. 

Smiling back as our mouths met, lingering and savoring what it felt to be like smile to smile. 

You opened your eyes and stared right into mine, and I fell in love with you all over again.

Your eyes are like pools of sapphire water on an island. Relaxing, refreshing, and beyond beautiful.

I reached up and put my hand on your face, my thumb running over your eyebrow and around the curve of your brow. 

And smile to smile still, you laughed at me, your mouth opening so slightly offering for me to come closer and more inside. Reassuring me that you were happy to be woken up by me.

Your laugh is like the kindest lullaby in the witching hour of the night. Soothing, reassuring, and comforting, scaring away all monsters who come for me in the dark.

Your laugh making me come closer as you wrapped your arms around my body. 

Your arms are like the coziest blanket I own. Warm, comforting, making you safe from the world.

And I nestled into your body, letting you envelop me with love and warmth. 

Your love is like sunlight to an ice tundra. Melting what is frozen, bringing life back to the landscape. 

And still, smile to smile, I melted in your arms. 

Because you knew that kissing smile to smile, was my favorite thing, so you lingered and didn’t move. You just kept your face in that perfect curl. 

Letting me feel the expression of your happiness on my lips. Letting me know with more than my eyes and ears that you were so beyond in love with me. 

Letting me feel how insanely passionate you were about making me the woman of your world. 

Letting me feel how beautiful love could be when two people cared about each other.

And eventually your mouth opened and swallowed mine whole, swallowing all the words and “I love you’s” that I would ever say. All the while, the edges of your mouth were still upturned as you kissed me with a smile. 

And with all of me so wrapped up in you I felt love in ways that I forgot I could. 

My mouth curved toward the heavens into the cheesiest, goofiest, grin I am sure that I could ever manage. 

Teeth pressed together, clashing we laughed at our clumsiness. Until at last we closed our mouths and you ever so softly placed your smile upon my neck.

And then my chest.

And then my navel.

And then my hips.

And then my thighs.

Telling me that you you were happy with all that I was.

Placing your expressions of pure content all over my body. Leaving the only broken blood vessels I would ever receive from you all over my body.

Your smile leaving trails of love, leaving pure and passionate ecstasy on my skin unlike anyone else’s ever could.


Just watched Wonder Woman. word Flawless
Patty Jenkins did an incredible job, WW is now up there with my top comic book movies.
Gal was simply breathtaking, beyond my expectations, she really captured Diana in every way.
Chris was just perfect, his performance at the end made me teary-eyed, both he and Gal were dreamy and electrify
The story is easy to follow, and accurate to the comic book
The screenplay was done very well
All the action scenes looked incredible in 3d
Chris nude scene was a nice bonus
The funny scenes were cute. .and the heart felt scenes were good
So grateful I enjoyed this movie

For @texasgal2222 (not sure about this one so feel free to request another one!)

   I’m sorry about my behavior the first time we met. I didn’t want help on that hunt, Bobby insisted, saying that I couldn’t handle a vamp nest that big all alone. That some of the best hunters had tried and failed to take them down. That they were very elusive and intel on them was sketchy at best. The excuses went on and on. But I soon found out why he insisted I have a partner when I met you.

 You strode into that diner like you fucking owned the place. All swagger and cockiness.

 Introducing yourself, and insisting we, “get this show on the road” we headed out.

 I know I gave you a fucking hard time. I didn’t trust your abilities, didn’t want a partner. And I certainly didn’t want a young woman hunter who thought she could out hunt me. I wanted this hunt to be done and over with so we could go our separate ways.

 It went beyond smoothly, in and out in under three hours. You were amazing, taking the lead (which definitely pissed me off) swinging that old machete, kicking, punching. And coming out on the other side unscathed.

 I saw why Bobby had us team up. We made the perfect team, no words were spoken we knew what to do. We complimented each other, our styles in sync flawlessly. But I don’t hunt with a partner. And I said goodbye.

 But goddamn if you didn’t do something to me. Made me think things, feel things I hadn’t felt in a long time.

 When we met up again on another hunt, fucking wendigo, once again we made a top notch team.Patching each other up, swapping war stories, it was if we had known each other for our whole lives.

 We decided to team up, neither of us trying to show the enthusiasm that was bubbling inside us. For months we kept it purely business, our own vehicles, no nights at the bar together, separate rooms.

 Slowly things changed, spending evenings after a hunt celebrating at a bar. You left your car at Bobby’s, saying it’s “safer and more economical this way.” The nights we had to share a room because the motel was booked, were still platonic, but it became not so uncomfortable.

 I soon realized that since we started hunting full-time together, I hadn’t taken anyone “home” for the night. Fuck, I hadn’t even “looked” for someone. I couldn’t.

 It all came to a head after a shitfest demon-filled hunt. We both thought the other was killed, gone, which led to a night of touches, kisses, and declarations of love and never wanting to be apart from each other. The next morning was awkward, both of us unsure if the other still felt the same way, or was it just the bad hunt or the too much liquor.

 I looked at you, sitting across from me at the beat up motel table.


 Yes? Those eyes, seen so much but still so fucking beautiful.

 Last night, it meant something, right?

 You stood up, walking around to my side of the table. Placing your hands on my cheeks, you gently lifted my face up.

 It meant something, John. And as much as I hate to admit it, I’ve fallen hopelessly, utterly in love with you.

 You know, after Mary, I never thought I would be in this place again. And yet, I’m here, in love with the most loving, talented, beautiful, exasperating woman.

 Exasperating? Really John?

 Really. But you know I wouldn’t have you any other way.

 Grabbing you around the waist, I pulled you down onto my lap. Kissing you,I couldn’t help but wonder how I got so lucky.

 Breaking apart, you jumped up from my lap. Looking over your shoulder at me, winking.

 I’m going to take a shower. Wanna join me big boy? You giggled, running into the bathroom.

 Good lord girl, you are going to be the death of me.

10 Things We Learned from “The Last Ride of Bonnie and Clyde”
  1. Henry Ford maybe in Rittenhouse
  2. Connor Mason is shady but also cares about his team and is 3000% done with Cahill’s sh*t.
  3. Agent Christopher is a badass, smart wonderful woman who’ll never stop fighting for her time or do the right thing.
  4. Rufus Carlin is the perfect unicorn, and we’ll say this every single time.
  5. Bonnie and Clyde were betrayed by their best friend a member in their gang, and Bonnie was married to a man in jail. And Bonnie was actually a poet who wrote the final words we hear as they die.
  6. Wyatt and Lucy are meant to be and when Wyatt says he won’t play along with any shenanigans don’t believe him. He’ll go above and beyond.
  7. Rufus can think really quick on his feet and I loved the fact that he recorded the conversation to playback for Clyde.
  8. Garcia Flynn can try all he wants but I genuinely don’t think he’d ever harm the Time Team in anyway. 
  9. Lucy and Wyatt are RIYA’s #1 shippers. 

Thanks for hangin’ with us folks. Sorry the brain can only think about one thing and one thing only which is UNDERCOVER LOVERS. I’m not apologizing for who I am. :P Be sure to come back next week for “The Capture of Benedict Arnold”.

bleary I awaken by her,
like so many times before…
the woman I want nothing from
but can’t bring myself to abhor,
someone I’ve let manipulate me
into something I didn’t know
I would end up hating–
the perfect predator

the omen at my window, with
crimson eyes I’d seen before,
ragged ink-black feathers, cry that
shakes me to the core–
careful not to wake her, I rise to
my feet and cautiously approach
(and then confront) this carnivore

the prophet’s gaze rends my bravado,
reaches deep down to my core
and raises questions I hoped I’d be
strong enough to ignore–
“from what hell have you come today?
what have I left for you to take
with word and visage from beyond?
what do you have in store?”

looking back, I see her resting,
perfect stillness upon my bed,
her curves beneath the sheets,
the dim light cast upon the spread…
back to the seer I turn to meet its
glare, and the explanation it implores
I cross my arms and tell it, true–
“She isn’t just some whore I found
on some auspicious night. She’s different,
honest, true and pure. She’s someone I–”

my last word chokes me on its way
into the night as the fortuneteller
seemed to bestow on me its gift of foresight.
clairvoyant, I could see it then–the curse
she’d bring upon my life, the blight.
linger on, it would, long after she’d have left
for years henceforth I’d feel the echo of her theft,
happiness gone, eternally bereft.

screaming to the heavens I
slammed my fist upon the door,
and conceded to despair as I
collapsed upon the floor and pleaded
to whoever’d listen: “when will I know peace, like
the way it was before?”

quoth the Raven,
“never more.”

Zed © 2017 the-original-b

Regarding Chibi Chibi’s role in the manga

First off, this analysis only applies to the manga (as the anime and manga versions of Sailor Stars are wildly different) so you’ll probably be lost if you don’t have any knowledge of the final manga arc. 

Anyway, in the second chapter of the Stars arc, we are introduced to tiny, pink-haired child who quickly gloms onto Usagi. She soon becomes known as Chibi Chibi.

A few chapters later, it’s revealed that she’s actually a Sailor Senshi.

From that point on, she accompanies Sailor Moon and her allies and in fact plays a vital role in getting Sailor Moon to the Galaxy Cauldron, the place where she needs to go to finally face off against Sailor Galaxia. However, even after Galaxia is defeated, things are more dire than ever. After Sailor Moon encourages Chibi Chibi to never give up hope for the future, Chibi Chibi suddenly transforms into a much more mature woman: Sailor Cosmos. In fact, Chibi Chibi never existed in the first place, she was just a disguise for Cosmos.

So why did Cosmos disguise herself? She never explains herself in the manga, which always confused me. After reflecting on it however, her decision makes perfect sense. Remember, Stars is the arc where we learn that Sailor Senshi exist on a galactic scale, far beyond our solar system. Unfortunately, most of them have been killed by Galaxia, who uses their stolen Star Seeds to create her own organization of evil Senshi.

In other words, the only Sailor Senshi aside from the main team we see are outright evil (Shadow Galactica) or suspicious (the Sailor Starlights before they finally disclose their motives to Sailor Moon). Sailor Cosmos must have known that, as an adult Sailor Senshi coming from outside the solar system, she would have been treated with suspicion and distrust. In order to get close to Usagi, she had to change her appearance. And so she chose the guise of a very young child, someone who needed to be nurtured and protected and was naturally above suspicion. In fact, the Senshi just assume that she’s a future descendant of Usagi or Chibiusa’s and therefore trustworthy. She’s not even a blip on the radar.

Because of this, she’s able to become very close to Usagi and so is able to try to convince her to destroy the Galaxy Cauldron when the time comes. Of course, Usagi ends up convincing her to allow the Cauldron to stay instead.

[unedited] angst-beginning but fluffy-ending supercat smut NSFW

ficlet 2 of 2 for march madness (it’s not as fluffy as I planned but has an extra fluffy ending)


WARNINGS: (assumed) cheating, non-con het kiss, really unhealthy communication, drinking as a bad coping mechanism.

Kara is throwing her toothbrush and shampoo into her bag, on top of the spare set of clothes she keeps at Cat’s, when she hears the front door open. Briefly she considers grabbing what she has and flying out the window. She wants to explain things to Cat more than almost anything, but she knows she hurt Cat and wants to respect her wishes. She owes her that much.

She doesn’t get the chance, Cat practically falls into her bedroom before Kara can hastily wipe the tears from her face. “What are you doing here?” Cat slurs. Kara thinks she means the words to sound harsh but the woman is obviously beyond drunk and it comes out as a pitiful whine.

Kara uses the time it takes Cat to right and prop herself against the dresser to look her over. She smells like a bar and she’s slumping slightly, her usually perfect posture gone with her sobriety. Her eyes are slightly swollen and completely free of mascara. Cat doesn’t cry but she obviously has been tonight and it physically hurts Kara to know she’s the cause. Even if Cat won’t hear or believe her, she has to explain.

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calm as the wind, she’s on my mind

it’s bluestoplight’s birthday, and i had started this a while ago and never got to continue it so HERE, have a lil’ bit of celebrity/non celebrity au because killian would totally have posters of emma plastered to his bedroom’s walls since forever and run her fanclub and punch people who said anything but nice things about her.

title from my all time favorite new florence+the machine’s album song, ‘which witch’, slightly modified. 

on ao3

Graham banged his head on the cheery tablecloth with a loud thump, a groan echoing his displeasure. “I’m sick of the music in this place I’m telling you.”

“Right,” Killian drawled, sipping the remnants of his coffee. Ruby passed by their table, rolling her eyes.

“I can hear you, you know.”

Graham rapidly straightened up, only managing to bang the table with his knee and almost knocking down everything on it. He gave Ruby a long-suffering sigh. “If I said ‘no offense’ would it actually make a difference?”

“In your dreams,” she huffed, booping him on the nose with her free hand. “No more pints for you in the mornings, buddy.”

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Mountains to Climb

A post-season 4 fic and a companion to “Once More (From the Top)”  

Summary:  A couple months after the (speculated) ending events of Season 4. Oliver and Felicity’s relationship is just starting to get back to normal when a surprising turn of events unsettles their daily routine. Will it ruin their slowly healing relationship or will it be the kick they need to finally mend everything?

Read on AO3 or below.

Warnings for violence and angst. 


Mountains to Climb

A little boy scribbling on paper was the last thing Felicity expected when she walked into the Mayor’s office. She stopped short and glanced around just to make sure she was definitely in the right place before she turned back to the boy who was now looking up at her from Oliver’s oversized chair.  

“Hello,” she says with a smile as she slowly approaches the boy. There’s something familiar about the inquisitive eyes and his kind smile.

“Hi,” he answers, putting down his pencil.

“I’m looking for Oliver. Is he here?” Okay, she feels slightly ridiculous asking an unknown little boy sitting in his office, but it’s not like he would let just anyone sit in his chair, right? 

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