this woman is my inspiration for everything

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY LOVE, she is my inspiration, my hero, my reason to live, she taught me how to love myself, to be proud of me, to be a better person, to don’t judge anyone and love, support and respect all the people in this world, i love her so much, i can’t believe that she is twenty years, i’m emotional right now, i’m always going to be thankful with this incredible woman, she deserves better, all the love and all the good things, it’s a blessing have her in my life, thank you dinah for everything, for make me smile, thanks for be you, i’m so proud of you, happy birthday again my love🌹✨

Don’t ever underestimate a woman that suffers from depression, or in fact, any mental struggle.

Because whatever wave of struggle she is going through, there is a rage in her soul.

There is a fire in her chest that can burn entire cities to the ground.

She will light everything around her on fire, so you can understand what kind of hell she’s going through.

—  excerpt from a book I’ll never write #27 // @loveactivist


“It’s nice getting older. A lot of people have been saying to me, ‘You are so much more confident and comfortable.’ There was a lot of energy being thrust at me then. I’m not someone who was solely desirous of becoming rich and famous. I can sit here and talk about my movies all day long. It’s what I’m most interested in — as selfish as that sounds. There was just something about the way everything was being ingested by people back then. There were aspects of it I wasn’t even aware of. Now I’ve learned to take it and have it be my own thing.”

I Just had to throw colors at this. When I saw this on twitter…

What’d you think. Hope i did it justice. I was trying something different… mostly inspired by my favourite colorist… Marte Garcia… I just love how he colours and brings this amazing feel and look to everything he works on… So i tried my best to recreate and add a sort of mood to the drawing by Tom Derenick… not that it needed. The mood was present in the line art.

Spent quite a few days on this one. More time than I thought i would… XD

I AM SO COMPLETELY HEARTBROKEN ABOUT PITCH. I can’t even form complete thoughts right now. I’m devastated. FOX is on my shit list. Pitch was the best new show on tv, and they didn’t even give it a chance. It had everything a viewer could ask for– 

  • diversity: two POC leads. healthy relationship between two black people (how RARE is that on tv?). Latino in a place of power, Asian man who stands up to his white boss and asks to be taken more seriously, etc.
  • women at the helm: black woman lead, learning how to navigate her way through the man’s world of baseball, inspiring millions along the way. Boss ass female agent who takes no shit from anyone and protects her client at all costs. “Baseball wife” who strives to be more than a baseball wife. 
  • accurate representation of mental health: Ginny suffers from depression and anxiety and it properly explained to its audience the toll it can take on a person. A whole episode was dedicated to her getting the help she needs, and it could’ve delved into that more if given more time. 
  • male/female friendships: Ginny’s teammates have come to love and respect her. her friendships with Blip and Livan are prominently showcased.
  • possible interracial relationship: BAWSON!!!!!!!!!
  • possible LGBT characters: We all know Livan is bi or pan, fam. 

@foxtv made a monumental mistake letting this phenomenal show go. My only hope is that another network, maybe a streaming site, will see the incredible foundation and potential this show has and swoop in to give it another chance. 

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Four things I have to deal with daily as a woman in STEM:

For those of you who don’t know me, I’m halfway through my junior year of double majoring in meteorology and astrophysics, two predominantly male fields. Over the past few weeks I’ve attended the Conference for Undergraduate Women in Physics (CuWiP) and the Women’s march on Washington. These events have not only opened my eyes to realize what I’m really going through as a woman in STEM, they’ve inspired me to start speaking out about my experiences. So, here’s a few things I deal with every day in my fields:

1. Imposter syndrome:  a concept describing high-achieving individuals who are marked by an inability to internalize their accomplishments and a persistent fear of being exposed as a “fraud”.

Everything that happens to go right is by chance. Aced that exam? I got lucky. Answered a question correctly in class? Probably will never happen again. Whenever someone thinks I know what is going on in a class or how to solve a problem I think, “Surely they must be misunderstood. There is no way I know more than them, therefore if I answer their question it will be wrong and hinder them.” So I don’t even try to answer. I just say, “I don’t know” and move on. Every time someone asks to see my homework solutions I hand them over saying, “They’re probably wrong.” I genuinely don’t understand how I’ve gotten this far in my double major, and every time I look back I see a history of pure luck, not hard work. Every time I write an application, all I can think is “They will see through your facade. Your resume is fake. You’re making false claims in your essay. Even if they do accept you, once you start the program they will see right through you and be disappointed. If they accept you, they’ve made a mistake.” These thoughts are constantly swirling through my head, to the point where I’ve lost motivation to pay attention in class, since I shouldn’t be there anyway. I shouldn’t even try on my homework because I’ll always fail in the end. Which brings me to my next hardship:

2. Stereotype threat: “a situational predicament in which people are or feel themselves to be at risk of conforming to stereotypes about their social group. If negative stereotypes are present regarding a specific group, group members are likely to become anxious about their performance, which may hinder their ability to perform at their maximum level.”

This is a new concept to me that really hit home when I heard about it at CuWiP. On countless occasions I’ve avoided joining predominantly male study sessions/homework sessions (even with my closest friends) because I was afraid I would appear stupid and not know anything, which of course must be true because I am a woman. This has most definitely affected my test scores and overall course grades over the past few years.  Going back to focusing in class and working on homework; there are days when I literally can’t hear the professor speaking because my brain repeats on-end “you are a failure”. Whenever I sit down in front of my homework it’s “you don’t know this, you will never know this. Give up now”. Every day my motivation dwindles down a bit further. If so few women have made it this far then it’s only a matter of time before I’m discovered as a fraud and drop out too.

3) Subconsciously sexist friends and classmates.

Most of my friends are male. That’s just how it works when 70-90% of the people in your classes are male. Most of my friends are also sexist. I know they don’t mean it and they certainly don’t notice it, but they treat me drastically different from the rest of the crew. I am left out of personal projects because it’s assumed I wouldn’t be interested in helping out. I’m excluded from group study invitations. I’m ignored in academic conversations and receive surprised expressions when I actually chime in. When I point out concerns for being a woman in STEM all I get in return is silence. Occasionally I’ll even have my questions blatantly ignored. It’s assumed I don’t notice when they only make fun of female tv meteorologists, claiming they don’t know any meteorology and are only hired for their attractive looks and hot bodies when I’ve never heard them make fun of a male tv meteorologist.

4) Being the only woman in the room

I realize this doesn’t seem like it should be a big issue, and it certainly isn’t for some of my fellow women in STEM, but I notice it every damn time. A piece of me falls every damn time. I do not feel safe in a room surrounded by men. Not because I’m afraid of being assaulted or harassed, but because these moments are when the imposter syndrome and stereotype threat run strongest in my already belittled mind. And it happens all. the. time. I’ve stopped hanging out in certain areas, such as the astro lounge, because I know if I go there I will most likely be the only woman. I also know that being in any closed area with a large percentage of men holds a higher chance of hearing a derogatory comment (about women in general), being ignored, and  hearing inappropriate conversations about things such as sexual assault (you know, “locker room talk”).

All of this is only just breaking the surface, but what I’ve learned over the last few weeks is that silence will fix nothing. For the longest time I thought all of these feelings were either normal or just a “me” thing. Attending CuWiP made me realize that no, this is not just me. This is all women, and these are issues that needs to be voiced and fixed. While I’m still afraid of speaking up in person, I’m going to try my best to call people out on their bullshit whenever I can and feel safe to.

Beyoncé is narrating black woman grief, black woman heartbreak, black woman depression, black woman struggle, black woman body politics, black woman strength, black woman’s beauty, black woman excellence, black woman everything, BLACK CULTURE, and being completely and totally unapologetically black. I am only half way through watching the movie and I am so moved, so inspired. So connected. She is telling my story in ways that society does not and I am so

I love this fan fiction so much it hurts. It’s the reason I’m able to go about my day (since I always get updates in the morning) and is the reason I can sleep well at night.

If you haven’t read it, then check it out on and go check out @tsume-yuki here on tumblr because she posts chapter previews and other pretty fan arts from fans and everything about it is just UGH so good!

I’m not saying this as advertisement, by the way. I genuinely do love everything about this woman author and her writing. It just gives me life and the inspiration to draw. <333

18/09/16 ♡ the best day of my life. Not only did i meet my beautiful and inspirational idol, but i managed to feel loved in this day. Shelley Catherine Hennig will forever be the woman who inspires me and keeps me strong. The little conversation we had may not have been long, but it will always keep me going through thick and thin. Thank you God for letting me have such opportunities like this, thank you for letting me have Shelley and my queen, idol, inspiration, rock, world and basically everything to me. Ever since this day, i’ve seen myself as a much better person, all thanks to this woman. ❤

Update 3

Elena and I are more beautifully entwined in love than ever. 

She is the best thing to have ever happened to my life. As alluded to in the second update, she is a force in my life who has encouraged myriad dimensions from me, and shown unconditional love to them all. EVERY layer, not only the best layers, each and every one of them, flaws and all. Just as I so easily love each and every layer of hers, the most intense attraction to her mind, body and soul between us unlike any other being I have ever encountered… I have never felt a love this powerful and encompassing. Never even dared to dream of it, but this girl, Elena surpasses any dream of mortal conjuring. The purity and wonder of it all, how did I become so lucky?

For those of you who aren’t aware, we met on here almost 7 months ago. Chatting on tumblr and eventually skype with shared interests, a connection, and a pure attraction and magnetism for each other that developed into what we have today: an incredible bond of trust, respect, appreciation, support, understanding and care, sexuality, even more shared interests (loves and hates!), honesty and openness, generosity and patience, multiplied by the galaxies of passion and belonging emitted by two humans destined for each other. We are an ocean apart but no body of water, no continent, nothing can deny our love or our closeness. Elena has awakened a side of me, a confidence, a dominance and masculinity I never knew was there. She has opened my eyes to music, science, literature, culture, theories and philosophies that have blown my mind. If you’ve never experienced the wonder of her poetry or her mind or her humour or her incandescent eye for beauty take a peek or even follow my princess, @storiavitali. I now write poetry, I write so much to her, prose too. I garden, it’s almost literally like I’ve had my eyes opened to the wonders that spring from the earth. Elena has shown me nothing but encouragement for my career choice, it entwines nicely with hers too, not to mention her interests in the field of energy work. These are my main outlets now for creativity, outlets through which she so expertly stimulates and helps flourish. I’m learning new languages, learning new EVERYTHING, laughing harder and more often and talking about anything and everything with the woman of my dreams… I can’t get over what an inspiration and light mi amor de mi vida is in my life. I can’t wait to see what wonders our lives together will bring because I truly can’t imagine mine without Elena. I love her so so much!

Happy birthday to the wonderful, amazing, inspiring, fantasmagorical, beautiful, brilliant, strong, incredible Queen Alex Kingston ❤ While I’m not obsessively tweeting and reblogging everything about you like I did when I was 13, you’re still my hero! Much love and have a wonderful day!🎉❤❤❤

You Consume Me - A Roman Reigns Short Story

She was beautiful, tempting, carefree, and everything I thought I wanted in a woman. One taste and I was hooked, abandoning everything and everyone I cared about to be with her. What I failed to see was the other side of her; a side that was dark, dangerous…


A/N: A long time ago I read a fic that resonated so deeply within me it blew my mind. I looked for it online not too long ago and couldn’t find it. But I’ll never forget it. This story is largely inspired by that one. I hope you like it.

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It was like encountering a beautiful storm and being smack in the middle of its eye. That’s the only way I can describe what I went through with her.

She breezed in and out of my life, staying just long enough to spin me around and turn my whole world upside down. Just like the wind, she danced away, slipping right through my fingers just when I thought I had caught up with her. Everything about her was so complicated, yet so simple. She was mysterious yet obvious, elusive yet omnipresent, caring yet spiteful. Complex. Complicated. And if you mentioned all of that to her, she’d laugh and tell you she was the most straightforward person you’d ever meet.

Falling in love with her was dangerous but inevitable. Getting to know her, being with her made me feel powerful yet powerless at the same time. I couldn’t stop it. I couldn’t help myself from getting swept up in her essence, and when I fell in love, I fell hard.

But it nearly killed me.

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