this woman is my heroine


Remembering Gene Tierney on her birthday.

(November 19th 1920 — November 6th 1991)

There are many ways to fail. Some reject success, and others do not recognise it when success comes.”

Actual things my dad said about Tobin Heath during the Uswnt vs Romania game

“Tobin has nice foot work, very creative.”
“You should analyze the way she plays.”
“Why don’t you play like that?”
*After the assist* “Did you see that?! That was amazing.”
“That woman is my hero…. Heroine?”
“Hands down, Tobin is one of the best players out there, even better than some of the male players.”


Remembering Gene Eliza Tierney on her birthday.

(November 19th 1920November 6th 1991)

Life is not a movie. But I do not make that point in a sad or regretful way. I can only wonder, if my life had been a movie, would a director have cast Gene Tierney to play the part? The bitter with the sweet makes for a better part.
Viola Davis Takes Lead In ‘The Personal History Of Rachel Dupree’
Viola Davis was already set to produce period drama The Personal History Of Rachel Dupree, and has now been confirmed to star in the pic. Also attached are House Of Cards Emmy nominee Mahershala Ali and Beasts Of The Southern Wild Oscar nominee Quvenzhané Wallis.
By Nancy Tartaglione

“The story is set against the savage and harsh backdrop of the early 1900s South Dakota badlands where Rachel Dupree finds herself playing a game of cat-and-mouse with her ambitious husband Isaac on their isolated, drought-stricken ranch. Taunted by secrets and lies that scatter her marriage to a man she loves with such passion but somehow barely knows, Rachel must take matters into her own hands if her family is to survive, and fight for values that are worth more than land and ambition. 

Davis says she discovered the book while filming The Help. “At its heart, it fully explores how you can choose a dream but you can’t choose the sacrifice. Rachel’s gut wrenching journey and ultimate heroic decision was, for me, an actress’ dream. As a woman, it is my chance to play a realistic heroine… one that is admirable, familiar, inspiring and rare. Rachel serves as the perfect voice to tell this part of American History seldom told…”


Vogue: Breathless: The Year in Sex

2015 will go down in history as the year when love won. But there were lots of other extraordinary advancements in the world of sex and relationships. Here, my list of 13 highlights, which includes the year’s sexiest movies, the best TED Talk on relationships, and the pop culture icons who are revolutionizing the way we think about sexual identity.

The Diary of a Teenage Girl is the best sexual coming-of-age story that I’ve seen in years. The film follows Minnie, a teenager who begins an affair with her mother’s boyfriend, Monroe, 20 years her senior. Rather than being a naive, easily manipulated sex object, Minnie is strong and decisive. Through her narrative, we enter her curious and sex-obsessed teenage mind. “I refuse to be a sniveling crybaby. I’m a fucking woman and this is my life,” says the irrepressible heroine. It’s rare to see a film that celebrates the complexity of female desire with such respect—it’s honest, but never exploitative, without ever making it seem “weird” that a teenage girl would be so horny. The film was the feature debut from Marielle Heller, and was a big hit on the festival circuit. Lead actress Bel Powley is captivating, and watching the sex scenes with sex god Alexander Skarsgård isn’t so bad, either.

posted December 29, 2015,