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Remembering Gene Tierney on her birthday.

(November 19th 1920 — November 6th 1991)

There are many ways to fail. Some reject success, and others do not recognise it when success comes.”

Heroine from the future (part I)

[Hi guys!! First of all, I have to say that this is my first fanfic that I EVER wrote so I’m not so good at it, but I had this idea in my head for a long time so….I decided to do this anyway!! Hope you’ll like it!!

P.S. I’m not an English native speaker, so I apologize in advance for my mistakes here!!]

Fandom: BnHA, Pairing: Izuocha

Words: 1157

Rate: T

Pitch black.

Everything was pitch black. Like when you are in a small room, with door and window both shutted down, so that not even a flebile ray of light can be filtered in there. Even that pressure, the one that you would instinctively feel when you find yourself completely surrounded by the darkness, was there. She could clearly feel it, but she could not understand why.

She began to ask herself if she was sleeping after all, so that she could explain to herself that all the darkness she saw was there because she simply had her eyes closed, nothing less; so she obviously tried to open her eyes, but it seemed that just this basic action would cost her a lot of energy and she again could not understand why so. But she knew that her answer would be found once she could open her own eyes, she just knew it. Like that pressure feeling that she was still feeling even now.

So, with a lot of struggle, she finally managed to open her eyes.

Her vision was very blurry at first, so she was not able to focus very well on her surroundings. She blinked a few times and, little by little, she began to see more clearly. She felt a bit of an headache, like when you’ve not had enough sleep and so, with one hand rubbing her head, slowly with the help of the other hand, she put herself on a sitting position, so that she could better understand what was really happening in there.

She found herself sitting on a bed, covered with white sheets in a room that she didn’t recognize as hers.

-”…Wait…..If this is not my room, then where I am now?….”-

She was just starting to panic with this thought when suddenly the door opened, to which she impulsively reacted with covering herself with the sheets, even tough she instantly noticed she was luckily wearing clothes (still not hers though); a middle-aged woman came into view and, as soon as she saw her awake, she lighted up, smiling to her;

-”Ooh finally you woke up sweetie! I was beginning to think that you were feeling much more worse than I thought, but now I think that your face has definitely a much better colour than before! How do you feel?”-

The girl listened to her without saying a word, too much confused by this situation, she didn’t even know who this woman was!!

The middle-aged woman saw her dstrustful look and quickly added:

-”You must be very scared now finding yourself in a room that isn’t yours and seeing a person that you don’t know talking to you so suddenly like this, but don’t worry my dear, I don’ t mean any harm to you. I know that in this situation someone like me could be easily seen as suspicious, but please believe me!”- she finished, looking at her very worriedly.

Nervously, the girl intensely stared at the woman, pondering if she could really believe in her, an utter stranger who was claiming that she didn’t want to do any harm to her, when rationally speaking it would be the very first though someone would definitely have had in a situation like this, but…..Her expression seemed really concerned and her kindness genuine and so, internally, she decided to believe in her.

-”……I believe in you, ma’am. Honestly I can’t remember anything of how I ended up here in your home like this, so….Could you explain to me what’s happened?”-

Reassured, the middle-aged woman begin to explain: -“Of course, sweetie. I was just about to leave my home to do some shopping, when I found you almost uncoscious near my fence, so I rushed to you but you collapsed just in time when I caught you before falling down. You were a bit beat-up, as you’ve just escaped from an incident, your clothes were a lot messed up and wrecked, so I changed you with some of my daughter’s clothes - who’s just about your age - trying not to wake you up and put you sleeping on the bed……I was beginning to worry because you’ve been uncoscious for the last two hours, but just when I was about to check, I’ve found you awake and in a better shape than before! What a relief, really!!”- she concluded, very relieved now that the girl was really ok now.

Now the girl was desperately trying to remember why and how she ended up like that, she had the feeling she was forgetting something really important.

- ”Really, thank you for everything ma’am, you probabily just saved me here, even tough I still can’t remember well what’s happened to me…..For istance, was I able to say something to you before I could collapse? Maybe it would help me to remember something….”- said the girl, hoping frantically that it would be really the case.

The kind woman closed her eyes, in an attempt to concentrate on thinking over again when she had caught her just in time, when suddenly she said -:”…Now that I think about it, there’s something that you said just before you fainted, but….I’m not sure if I heard that well….”- she appered honestly confused.

Frantically, the girl pleaded -:”  Please ma’am, tell me anything you remember I’ve said, it could be really important now for me!!”-

The middle-aged woman looked at her, still carrying a confused expression on her face -:”….I’m not sure about this, but you seemed like you were desperately asking for help to someone… some “Deku” or something like this, I don’t know…”-

All at once, every single missing piece of the puzzle in the girl’s head went to the right place. Just listening to that name, she now was able to recollect exactly every particular of what has really happened to her.

A sudden attack.

A very strong villain.

Lots of injured people.

Pro-heroes in deep struggling.

Quirk that could warp spacetime.


Without any warning, she stood up, scaring the poor woman: -” Thank you ma’am, really. You’ve helped me a lot more than you could ever think, but now I absolutely have to go, I need to hurry!”- she urgely begin to direct herself towards the door, a panicked look on her face. Then she suddenly stopped and asked: -” I’m so sorry for all of this, I can’t really explain now to you what’s going on, but I have to ask you my last favours; if you could give me back my ruined clothes and also tell me exactly where we are now, please.”-

The kind woman, still recovering from the girl sudden reaction, nodded and hectically leaved the room, going to recollect the requested things. She came back really soon -: “Currently you are near the Shizuoka prefecture. Can you directionate yourself well, my dear?”- she asked, giving a little package to the girl, a very worried look on her face.

-”….Yes ma’am, don’t worry. Someone I know very well lived in this area before so I think I won’t have any problems.”- The name she heared just a moment before echoed in her head. Strangely.

The middle-aged woman stared intently at the girl, like she was pondering on something in her mind.

-”….My dear, I was just guessing……Are you a pro-heroine by chance?”-

A bit surprised, the girl replied: “Yes ma’am, but how….?”-

-”Just an intuition, my dear….”- she genuinely smiled to her- “And also your clothes, though they were very ruined, they just looked like a hero costume. I won’t pry any further on your own circumstances, but are you sure you’re really fine now? You were in a very pretty bad shape when I found you….”-

The girl, very touched by her kindness, tried to smile convincingly: “Yes ma’am, I’m fine now, really. I sincerly apologize for all the trouble and I’m really grateful to you. I don’t know what to say anymore to thank you enough for everything you did for me so far. But now….”-

-”…You have to go.”- the kind woman interrupted- “ I understand, sweetie. You can go now. Please, be safe.”-

-”You too ma’am. Goodbye and thank you!!- The girl lastly smiled and, once she exited from that house, she begin to run as fast as she could.

-”…….Really….How a lovely girl like you, who thanked me so many times, could not be a heroine, my dear?” the kind woman said smiling to no one in particular, still staring outside her fence.


Panting very hard, the heroine still continued to run at full speed, attracting quite a number of stares, but she couldn’t care less now about something like this, she needed to hurry, and very fast.

She needed to ask for help, the situation was very bad and she knew that alone she could not be able to solve anything.

She could only think to one place where she could really be sure to find the right help she needed.

She just needed to go to U.A. 

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Hi friend! Wanted to stop by to say hello and give an awesome book suggestion. For the Pitch/Bawson fam who are major bibliophiles, there's this book called Kulti by Mariana Zapata that I highly recommend. "This story hits so many of my romance sweet spots: athletes, age difference, a woman of color heroine who is quirky, and slightly neurotic, and a hero who isn't personable, but would literally walk through fire for his heroine." Sound familiar? Only difference: the sport is soccer. That's it.

omgggg I read it back in January and read it again a few weeks ago. It’s so good?? Like it feels like it was written just for Bawson fans LOL. UGH I just love this boooook

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Remembering Gene Eliza Tierney on her birthday.

(November 19th 1920November 6th 1991)

Life is not a movie. But I do not make that point in a sad or regretful way. I can only wonder, if my life had been a movie, would a director have cast Gene Tierney to play the part? The bitter with the sweet makes for a better part.

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If you don't mind me asking... What do you think makes a woman a heroine?

when she slaps me across my face with a freshly caught 7.45lb Alaskan Salmon


“I, with a deeper instinct, choose a man who compels my strength, who makes enormous demands on me, who does not doubt my courage or my toughness, who does not believe me naïve or innocent, who has the courage to treat me like a woman.” 
― Anaïs Nin

Models: An Essay

Hi everybody -

If you remember, a few weeks back I published a survey with questions about what you all think about the issues facing Asian Americans today.

I just wanted to say that I never expected such sincere, honest, and thoughtful responses.
I really appreciated your submissions.

The survey was published to help me write an essay about stereotyping. I myself have Korean parents and have grown up in New York City, so I wrote about stereotyping through the Asian American lens.

I hope my words will make you think more deeply about race, the culture that surrounds Asian Americans, and all of our roles in society. 

So without further ado, here is the final essay (sorry about the delay in publishing, it went through several drafts).

P.S. It would be amazing if you could reblog this post! Hope to reach a lot of people :)

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I'm writing a fanfiction for games in a particular series and I noticed that my main female characters are always black no other race, just black. Should I try to change it up? I just noticed that there wasn't a lot of variety with their races and it was just bothering me a little so I just need an opinion if you guys are up to it, thank you so much 😘

Main Characters Defaulting to Same Race

I don’t think it’s an issue in need of changing; only if you want to. I’m not gonna wag my finger at anyone if their MCs tend to always be Black, Japanese, or any consistent racially/ethnically diverse person.

I also happen to default my writing with Black heroines, being a Black woman and wanting representation for myself, with a diverse cast surrounding her, but sometimes I explore my choices deeper and question “what if she were… Indian?” and then picture her as Indian, how the dynamic might change physically, culturally, etc then I mentally run herthrough events in my story and see how it feels.

Sometimes it clicks and that’s how I keep her. Sometimes I think of what other race or ethnicity she might be, always considering the intersections that exist as I don’t want to walk her into a problematic role. But this is just my method.

So my advice is you don’t have to stop making your MC Black females as there’s nothing wrong with that, but if you’d like to, don’t hesitate to brainstorm what other possible race or ethnicity she could be.

~Mod Colette


Vogue: Breathless: The Year in Sex

2015 will go down in history as the year when love won. But there were lots of other extraordinary advancements in the world of sex and relationships. Here, my list of 13 highlights, which includes the year’s sexiest movies, the best TED Talk on relationships, and the pop culture icons who are revolutionizing the way we think about sexual identity.

The Diary of a Teenage Girl is the best sexual coming-of-age story that I’ve seen in years. The film follows Minnie, a teenager who begins an affair with her mother’s boyfriend, Monroe, 20 years her senior. Rather than being a naive, easily manipulated sex object, Minnie is strong and decisive. Through her narrative, we enter her curious and sex-obsessed teenage mind. “I refuse to be a sniveling crybaby. I’m a fucking woman and this is my life,” says the irrepressible heroine. It’s rare to see a film that celebrates the complexity of female desire with such respect—it’s honest, but never exploitative, without ever making it seem “weird” that a teenage girl would be so horny. The film was the feature debut from Marielle Heller, and was a big hit on the festival circuit. Lead actress Bel Powley is captivating, and watching the sex scenes with sex god Alexander Skarsgård isn’t so bad, either.

posted December 29, 2015,

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What's your opinion on the new supergirl tv show/ costume? And Gal gadot as wonderwoman, just curious. Love your posts.

Thanks a lot!

I am digging the look of both new costumes, especially the Supergirl costume.

I’m not a fan of the exposed shoulder on the Wonder Woman outfit. It’s the classic, “totally impractical and only there for the male gaze” look.

But it could’a been worse, that’s for sure!

Source: The Hawkeye Initiative

As writers have noted, both costumes are adopting the muted tones of “Man of Steel”, which is good. It brings these superheroines into the 21st century modern “serious” comic movie era. A little less of this:

 I’m also cool with the casting, and am looking forward to both productions!