this woman is me i am this woman

I’ve been making an effort to compliment my mum more.

It’s something I did not realize until recently that I didn’t do enough for my mum. She’s a woman I do truly admire, she has always been a mountain of a woman & I hope to be half as strong as she always has been some day.

However, she’s always been alone. Her parents both passed when she was relatively young, she has never dated since she left my father. It’s always just kind of been her & I. 

I was skyping with my mum a few weeks ago, something I noticed for the first time is my mum makes an extra effort to tell me she thinks I am special in some way whenever I have moved to a new city or I am single because she’s concerned no one else is telling it to me. I know being smart or pretty definitely isn’t everything, but it’s still nice to hear once in a while.

It also newly registered with me that my mum doesn’t have anyone other than me to tell her such things. She has been steadily single for 21 years & she’s had basically no contact with family for 15 years. I feel bad it has taken me 26 years to notice this. She is an awesome person & gorgeous to me, I hope she has always realized this.

TalesFromYourServer: "You can sit wherever you'd like"

Me: “Good evening ma'am. Are you dining in with us this evening?”

Woman: “Yes I am. There will be two of us tonight.”

Me: “Wonderful. You can sit wherever you’d like.”

Woman: “Can I sit at a booth?”

Me: “You can sit wherever you’d like.”

Woman: “Is this booth alright?”

Me: “You can sit wherever you’d like.”

By: PetMeFucker

Femme Poeme

How mellow I am, now that I have
Accepted that I am a woman. It is
Easy to be pretty and desirable.
How gazing were the gay girl’s eyes
Today. She took me in, with famished
Peering, claiming her urgently desired
Nourishment. I fluided in her spotlight.
I was absolute presentation. I was
The woman that all girls needed. And
She freed me by saying so. The queer
Sun bristled beautifully all afternoon.

I TRULY appreciate those who have shown me love & support over the years. It’s you, the real ones, who have kept me afloat & helped me get this far. Some of you have been around since 2007 when I popped up online & have remained with me throughout all my transitions & changes. I’ve grown & learned so much. I’ve loved & lost. More importantly, I’ve matured as a woman. I genuinely appreciate all of you who have contributed to my well being & been patrons of my content. This year, I’ve been inclined to open up more about my life to give more detailed insight to who I am (via YouTube) without giving away the parts I reserve for men I choose to be in relationships or “romantically” (lol) involved with. I’m such a private person. Thanks for riding with me! It’s tough out here for a Black Trans woman. Being able to connect with genuine people gives me strength! 😊

Sincerely, Gabby Love XOXO

anonymous asked:

I 100% get that you're bigender, you shouldn't have to identify any other way just because people tell you to. itd b helpful if u changed ur wording tho?saying "im not nonbinary, im a guy" and then then "but also im a woman too" is a confusing thing for someone to grasp. Not that you should change your identity to confuse people less, just its not really fair to get all >>::(( when they get something wrong that you're not sure about yourself/havnt told them

sis leave me alone. You are obviously very confused about what bigender means. I am not nonbinary and, simultaneously, I am a guy and also a woman too. There’s nothing conflicting or hypocritical or even confusing about those two statements to anyone with a basic understanding of what being bigender means. And framing me as irrational and overly angry for not wanting to be labeled something im not is incredibly fucked up. I as a trans person have every right to feel upset when someone misgenders me, I didn’t even SAY anything to the doctors about it and I literally told them upfront what my gender identity was. You literally told me to just “be a man with feminine qualities” so that it would be less confusing to you and I’m the one “getting all >>::((” 

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huh, what's ur formula for clocking trans women? plenty of trans women pass very well, vaginas and all. aren't you ever suspicious?

Even Laverne Cox doesn’t pass with all his expensive surgeries and makeup cake on his face. He still has man hands

You know that male and female bodies are totally different, right? Different centers of gravity, different jaw bones, different necks, different shoulders, different hands? 

Ambiguity is rare.

Passing is exceptionally rare.

I can tell the tall person with long hair and broad shoulders who works at the Jamba Juice is a man trying to be a woman, I don’t point this out because I am not rude, but I can tell he’s a man, and that means I fear his male socialization and I am going to treat him in such a way–humor him the way I would have to humor a man to avoid pissing him off

I’ve had a trans woman who had literal 5 o’clock shadow once ask me if I thought he passed for a woman. you think you pass but you don’t.

like just because someone uses your pronouns doesn’t mean they’re subconsciously treating you with the same disrespect they would treat an actual woman with. that’s why people can believe Laverne Cox when he mansplains girlhood to Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

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i came out as being non binary a year ago but all i can think of since then is that i am a woman. I don't know what to dooooooooo.

so do you feel as if your identity has changed? nonbinary can be feminine leaning! don’t feel pressured to put a label on yourself or come out to anyone. If people already know you as non binary and you’re okay with that then just request she/her pronouns! or do you feel as if people don’t take non binary seriously and consider you a woman? because that’s how i feel as a masculine gender fluid person. I continue to surround myself with people who support me and use the correct pronouns and try to avoid contact with unsupportive individuals who claim that i am a woman just because i have a vagina. - kyra


Ahn Min Hyuk’s hair pushed back (´⌣`ʃƪ)


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i am in need of US women’s size 17 shoes. That’s US men’s 15. Looking for boots, flats, flat sandals, and other serviceable shoes that a cute, fashionable woman with size 17 feet might wear

THIS SIZE IS REALLY HARD TO FIND. I have done a LOT of research and have not had much luck at all. I’ve gotten a lot of the standard recommendations. For instance, “Long, Tally Sally” is a great store, yes, but their sizes only go up to US women’s 15 and that’s not large enough for what I need. if you can give me any information, please double check before you recommend me a store whose sizes don’t actually go up to the US women’s 17!

other acceptable recommendations are vendors who could make custom shoes to this size requirement, if you know of anything like that

please circulate this even if you don’t have the answer yourself!

Hi,It’s me Mari-ejem ejem. I mean I’m YF ,well this day is INTERNATIONAL WOMAN’S DAY!!! AND I’M A WOMAN,this day especially for my iimspirations and friends.
@elladoodles,gurl really i love your friendship and your art and really i hope that you have fun today.
@areablog,you’re the first persons that you give me your friendship and i’m feel special.
@spatziline with you i can watch that i can do something without limits,and really i appreciate that.
@aweirdlatina,you’re super smart , kind and funny i love you.
@anomalyah ,you work super hard,you’re kinda and friendly , i hope that i am your friend.
@marionette-j2x, i love your art and your work since i was have 11 years old , i grew up with your art and for you i stay here in tumblr,my inspiration.
@weather-art my friend,my sister,we will have a crossover haha well really you stay with me help me , maks me laught,and grew up top ,really i want to continue being your friend.
@daronnefcy , i don’t know if you will look this post but you draw amazing, you work super hard for Svtfoe and you’re the 2nd girl in Disney.
I want be how you and do a programm how you did it.

GURLS, I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!❤❤.


Sometimes it feels like it was yesterday; graduating high school, saying goodbye. That feeling that you get at 17 or 18 that no one in the history of the world has ever been this close, has ever loved as fiercely or laughed as hard or cared as much. Sometimes it feels like it was yesterday. Sometimes, it feels like someone else’s memory.

One Tree Hill, Season 5 Episode 01: “4 Years, 6 Months, 2 Days”

Women's HERstory Month

In honor of woman’s history month I’d like to take a moment to thank the women who came before me, the women standing beside me and the women who will carry the torch of our future.

I’ve been in Halestorm for nearly 20 years. If it wasn’t for our “Fore Mothers of Rock n Roll” who came before me, I may not be where I am today. They showed me that it was possible, and that even with all the odds against you, and obstacles in your way… you can achieve your dream. They did not give in, they did not quit, they did not wither. They were a powerful force in inspiring and encouraging me to go after My dream.

It’s a reminder, ladies, of how important it is for us to encourage one another. We must be examples, and show our fellow femmes that society’s definition of a “woman” is false. To be a Woman is not One idea of what a woman should be. We are the sum of many women who were brave enough to take risks, carve paths, stand out and be unapologetically themselves. All the great women of history were not the ones who followed the rules, or kept their eyes to the ground. No, all the great women thinkers, inventers, artists and leaders were the woman who broke from the chain, and swam against the current.

As girls we are taught from an early age that beauty is our number one priority. We play with dolls we will never look like, we have make up kits and sticker earrings, glitter and pink. We wear dresses, are told not to get dirty, to be perfect, to be seen and not heard. We learn that “pretty” equals acceptance and love.

We are taught as young ladies that the world is a scary place, and that we should get married and settle down lest we die alone. And be sure to have a few kids before it’s too late and your ticking time bomb of a body blows up! And we need products! Products to grow our hair, soften our face, melt the fat, plump our lips, grow our tits, erase scars and stretch marks, make our asses bigger or smaller… because without all these things we are undesirable and therefore not worthy of love.

As we begin to grow, ask questions, and find ourselves as women, everything that makes us happy is somehow wrong…
They say, Be independent, but know your place. Make money, but not too much. Be smart, but not too smart, be strong but not too strong or you’ll be a bitch. If you like sex, you’re a slut, if you drink you’re a lush, if you cut your hair your a dyke, if you like rock n roll and metal obviously you’re on a path to hell. We are told that to be women we need to be the Un-be-able, and because societies view of women is such an unattainable goal… inevitably every women loses.

Before I go on, I must be clear that This post is not about a double standard. This is Not about boys vs girls. Because our boys are taught some pretty warped things too about what it means to be a “man”. This post is about the the history of women, battling social “standards” and the evolution of women as we move forward.

I stand on my meager platform, as a women I have fought to proudly do what I love everyday, I am living proof that it is possible and I am in a rare position to encourage… and empower.
So, Let’s empower, encourage and teach our girls to be strong, to be smart, to be independent, to ask questions, to be tolerant, to be kind, to be fierce, to love, be passionate and to dream. Show them that their beauty lies within their individuality and doing things that truly make them happy. Lets wear sizes that fit us, not try to fit into sizes that society tells us we should be fitting into. Let’s Get dirty, climb trees, be artists, mechanics, scientists, rockstars and presidents. Let’s stop listening to all the things we are supposed to be and truly start being who we are.
We are Women


Token Trans Character in RPG Dialogue
  • Player: Oh wow, hello, what it is up. Do you have potions to sell?
  • Merchant: GREETINGS, TRAVELER! I used to be known as Maxwell. I came from the kingdom over yonder where I was a squire to a knight. "I love my wonderful, manly male boy squire." He'd say to me each day, but it felt wrong. I was not comfortable as whomst I was. So I left. I traveled across the realm to find out who I really was, and then I settled here where'st I've become known as Maxine the SalesWOMAN. If you don't get what I'm saying I transitioned into being a woman. I am a male to female transgender woman. And now living here as an inconsequential optional NPC who sales overpriced materials you can find elsewhere, I can finally truly be myself. *lone tear drips from her eye*
  • Player: Okay, wow, interesting. Please sell me potions now.