this woman is just my hero

Just so we’re clear;

Irene Adler is introduced as a smart strong woman who ultimately ends up crying and begging for her life, having to be rescued by the hero.

Mary Morston is a smart retired assassin who gives it up for domesticity and ultimately dies to further the character arc of the male leads.


Molly Hooper is a smart forensic pathologist who after 4 series, sees her character arc ended with her broken by a man’s romantic rejection

well fuck.


“Many of my movies have strong female leads - brave, self-sufficient girls that don’t think twice about fighting for what they believe in with all their heart. They’ll need a friend, or a supporter, but never a savior. Any woman is just as capable of being a hero as any man.” -Hayao Miyazaki

anonymous asked:

can you safely and permanently lose INCHES? i don't care abt the number on the scale but i do care that i look fat. like it doesn't make sense that just some people are fat and some aren't.

So I’m going to let one of my fat-liberation heroes, Virgie Tovar, say what needs to be said here:

Though I believe it is ultimately your choice to do what you feel is right with your body, asking a fat activist for “pro-weight-loss choices” is callous at best. That you are asking me — a fat woman – for weight loss tips is an example of your inability to see me as fully human because if you could see me as fully human you could understand that you are asking me for tips on how to be someone who looks less like I do…

I am a fat woman who has undertaken starvation and years of self-loathing in the name of weight loss. This question really set me off. [This] is a platform that centers fat people and offers support to people with questions about navigating and surviving fat shame and stigma, not promoting it.

Like many, I feel so frustrated, saddened, exhausted from yesterday’s election outcome. I’m trying to grasp the reality that the greatest nation in the world, which I proudly call home, put into the greatest office a xenophobic, misogynistic, homophobic, racist, vulgar, predatorial, simple-minded man. *sigh*

I was in a deli on Election Day, and I was standing on line to pay for my heroes, and there was an older white gentleman in front of me paying for his items and he was wearing a bright red cap that read “Make America Great Again.” The older white woman at the register saw his hat and lit up, she pointed at it and exclaimed, “Oh well, isn’t that grea-” She quickly noticed me standing next on line and quickly changed her statement to, “I mean, I’m undecided, I just can’t decide who to go with…..” as she awkwardly gave the man his change avoiding any eye contact with me.

And I thought…wow. She was so aware of the fact that being a Trump supporter was synonymous with being a racist/xenophobe/wrong that she had to change her statement mid word after noticing a person of color was in earshot…I mean, think about that! You may say that supporting Trump doesn’t make you a racist/sexist/xenophobe, but you can’t cherry-pick what you support about Trump. If you accept him and his skewed thinking, you accept it all and you become a part of the regressive and dangerous nature of his rhetoric.

Being born and raised and educated in NY, just showed me that I have been living in a bubble. It made me almost believe the rest of the country would also want this nation to move towards a more positive, free, progressive future. My bubble was heart-breakingly obliterated…

I have no idea what is going to happen next. I worry for my fellow Americans - for the immigrant families nervously awaiting their futures, for people of Muslim faith who have the risk of hate crimes looming over them, for women who have fought for and gained rights which now face imminent reversal, for thousands of people wondering if their healthcare will vanish, for the state of our homeland security…But I am not leaving for Canada or Australia or Mars, I’m staying. This is my country, I’m going make sure I’m a part of the solution.

God pour your grace, mercy, love, compassion, empathy, generosity, humility, strength, truth, and freedom into this nation and to your people. Use us to help those in need domestically and abroad. Use us as a symbol of hope and strength and a reminder of your goodness. We need you more than ever. May your will be done. Amen.


Favorite Character Meme: Eight Quotes [5/8]

“She understood her worth which made her powerful. The world gravely needed a hero so she became one. No superpowers really; just a strong woman who took no shit from anyone” [x]

#Danai Day!

My insanely gorgeous mother, hero, icon, inspiration Danai Gurira has turned 39 today! It’s Valentines Day and we should shower her with love and appreciation bc when does she not deserve all that anyway ( and her name means love or to be loved itself!). Either as a playwright, activist or actress she’s a force to be reckoned with. An intellectual, and the woman I hope I can grow up to be half as talented as. 

All these people complaining about Ghostbusters is really getting to me. I wish they could just understand my side of this. For the first time there’s a movie with four female ghostbusters. Four female heroes who are not sexually objectified around every corner. Four female heroes with different body types and different skin colours. Four women who are not forced into skimpy outfits for the male gaze.

And most importantly for me, one of our heroes is not only a queer woman on the big screen, but also in her personal life. A queer woman who is a main character and whose story for once did not end in tragedy.

Honestly, you’ve got a million other movies, heroes and stories you can turn to. Let me just have this one.

You Saved Me

Pairing: Evan (OC) x Reader, Jared x Reader

RequestCould you do a Jared imagine where he is dating a much younger woman (like19-21) and they both get a lot of shit for it from their fans, the media and some of their friends. And then Tom and Shep get really upset about it because they love her and idk - Anon

Word Count: ~2,950

Warnings: cheating (like, kissing while in another relationship), cursing, unexpected domestic abuse, hero!Jared and hero!Jensen

A/N: So, while I said my requests were closed, I received this one and had to write it. I made the reader 23, just a little older than the request asked for. This is actually a recurring dream that my crazy brain has (at least four times counts as recurring, right?). This is going to be the first part of yet another Jared series because I’M FUCKING INSANE. This part doesn’t necessarily cover the entire request, but I promise it’s coming! Also, please know that I mean no disrespect to Genevieve, as I greatly adore her and her marriage with Jared. This is fiction, please keep that in mind while reading.

***Some background on the character of Evan: in my real life, Evan is the reason I started watching Supernatural. The rest of our story is explained in here. (We never actually dated IRL, but we do have some kind of special connection and I absolutely adore him.) The story of how we met is my real, true story (minus the sex - we just went out to a bar). My best friend Pat (renamed Gary in this story) was Evan’s team leader in the Marine Corps. 

*Flashbacks are in italics

“Hey babe?” Evan walked through the doors to the house the two of you shared in North Carolina.

“In here!” You called from the kitchen.

“There you are.” He rounded the corner, a wide grin splitting his face.

You gave him a suspicious look, a little wary of his happiness. He wasn’t a particularly unhappy person, but this level of joy was new. His past made it more difficult than not for him to live day to day with a smile on his face, so when he had a good day like this, you both took full advantage of it.

Evan was a Marine for four years, serving under your best friend. That was how the two of you met - at Gary’s funeral. Gary was your best friend, your pseudo older brother, your guardian. He was someone both you and Evan looked up to, so you connected fairly quickly.

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ok even though nobody asked I’m still gonna say why I think Jyn is Asian because it’s important to me. When I first heard of the character, before I knew anything about the film, I was so excited because Jyn sounds just like a traditional Chinese surname, Jin, which is also one of my names. I hoped I could relate to her more than Leia, a morally clear princess as in actual space royalty, destined to be a hero. Jyn was supposed to be a person raised from the ground up whose path was divided between submission and a tough fight against oppression.

After I saw the film, this became even more important to me. I loved all the diverse male leads, but it really let me down as a woman. I couldn’t relate to a white actress from Britain, a country that colonized and oppressed half the world, telling us a story about parents sacrificing themselves to a corrupt organisation in hopes of a better future for their child. Not to go too into it, but china sucked while my parents were growing up, and it still sucks pretty badly. It’s even worse in other Asian colonized nations, which is why Jyn could be from any of them as well. Jyn’s story is not a white story. Her story could have been so much richer if played by an actress of Asian descent.

Carrie Fisher 1956 - 2016

Words can not explain how devastated I am to hear of Carrie’s passing. To me, Carrie wasn’t just an actress or the woman in the golden bikini. She was so much more.

To me, she was an icon, a hero, a person to look up to. Not just because of her role as Princess Leia, who is a great hero, but because of who Carrie was and what she did.

- Yes, she was a drug addict when she was young.
She overcame this. She fought.
- She was bipolar. She had troubles with her mental illness. And as she started to eat medicine she, as so many people do, gained weight.
Did media put her in the spotlight for it? Yes.
But that didn’t stop her, she didn’t listen to the bullshit.
- Carrie was always truthful and honest.
She talked about her mental illness, gaining weight, the life as a Hollywood star etc. She spoke real and honest about it and that’s what I love so much about her. Why so many people look up to her.

People today are still afraid to talk about bipolar disorders and mental illnesses. But she spoke about if freely. And I know people with mental illnesses, even friends of mine, who were inspired by her and looked up to her for it. For god’s sake, who the hell wouldn’t?

More than that, she was a kind, funny, smart, genuine and loving person. And my thoughts go out to her friends and family.

- I will miss you dearly Carrie. I am so thankful for getting the opportunity to follow your story in this life. May you rest in peace and may the force always be with you. ❤️

It’s all very well making lesbians magically become bi because they’ve ‘met the right guy’ or you feel like you can’t write women that are just into women and not about to fawn over a male hero, but somehow it’s impossible to even imagine a previously considered straight guy main character having a fluid sexuality??? Nah mate if sexuality is so fluid in your world then give me bi John Watson. If this isn’t about making a woman who explicitly said she is only into women suddenly start liking a guy for some cheap power thrill then prove it by doing the same with John Watson. That is the point at which I will treat it like an actual decision to explore the fluidity of sexuality (in some cases) instead of just plain misogyny/lesbophobia. 

It’s another bad day and I’m driving on a one way street that leads to a cliff, it sounds more peaceful than the words I hear. I can’t take this anymore. You must hate me, we’re made from the same bones, we’re made from the same flesh– but indeed, we clash. You say that I know nothing, yes, it’s true. I don’t know much– all I ever do is write about the sad. Maybe that’s all I’ll ever be good at. Maybe you’ll forgive me some day. I still look up to you. You’re my Wonder Woman, a real super hero whenever I needed something. You don’t need to dodge bullets to make me happy. You just need to be less angry, even when I’m not around. You see, I never knew I needed your smile until the air left when I cried. I never knew I needed your touch until every summer sounded like frost between each blink– I’m sorry I waited until the last minute to put winter tires on my heart, I wanted you to want to stay. We breathe in angry more than the sleep we don’t get, and I know I’ve asked my hands for forgiveness when the hole in the wall matches the grit in my teeth. I’ve asked the mirror for another bandaid when I’ve tied the sheets around your memory and squeezed tight enough to run us deeper into the ground. My lips don’t always match my feelings, but this will never change– my heart has a sweet spot for you. You love me during my dark times, and I know I don’t say this enough– thank you. You’re made from the angriest kind of red, you’re made from the sweetest kind of flames– you left this stove on, you wanted to burn down a single home, but you burned the world down instead. You’re made from a bird’s early morning chirp, I’m awake because you’re inside of a tree right next to my window. You can’t escape the things crawling in your skin. You can’t run from the things leaving your thoughts. You can’t destroy the pieces of yourself that says I love you, but I hate you. You can’t burn if you’re already burning. There’s no point in talking if our tongues don’t speak the same language. There’s no point in feeling if my heart is just a smaller version of you. I have your heartbeat, but still you claim– that I don’t understand. I’m in your lungs. I’m in your skin. I’m in your ears. I’m in your eyes. I’m in your cheekbones. I’m in your spine. I’m in everywhere you look and that just makes this situation much more difficult to get over. I’m just a younger you. And mama, here’s the truth. Even if you drive me crazy–

I still love you. I’ll always have one mom.
—  The Ate & The Bunso

i’m so beyond heartbroken. carrie fisher has been my hero since i’ve been a little girl. she was princess leia! she was cool and fierce and brave. she kicked ass and i loved her for it. but as i grew up, she started to mean even more to me. she wasn’t just a fictional space princess. she was a real person, with real problems, who dealt with them openly and, in that regard, bravely. as a young, mentally ill woman she’s been more of an inspiration to me than anybody. she made me laugh, she made me feel less alone, she made this world a better place with her humor, words, talent and honesty. we’ve lost someone truly remarkable today. rest in peace you beautiful woman. thank you for everything.


I am not trying to say two girls that are very very nice to each other and supportive cannot just remain as friends.

but with kara and lena, BITCH FORGET IT


Lena’s flirtatious, obviously incredibly-attracted-to look when she’s around Kara, the way she frequently reaches out to her, her dependence on not just Supergirl but mostly Kara. 

Y’all, I’m not stupid. I know a beautiful, bad-ass, lesbian woman named Alex Danvers coming to terms with her sexuality just.. well it’s basically made the show (for me at least). But to have the main character, a super hero that’s too kind for her own good, be gay too?!