this woman is in love

listening to Nicki Minaj’s “Fly” and the Daisy feelings just….. hit me all at once (don’t ask why, I don’t know either - it’s late). 

just…. guys. this woman is so incredibly strong, and has been through so much. from the very beginning her life was never going to be normal, but Daisy faced each an every challenge with her head held high. she has never backed down, or taken the easy way out. even when she left SHIELD to become Quake, she didn’t choose to become a famed vigilante. she decided to continue standing up for what she believed in, to do what was right, without legal protection. 

Daisy Johnson is so amazing. she watched one of her parents die in front of her; the other had his memory erased. she has had so many families, so many friends, turn on her - Miles, from season one, who sold information to Raina, Ward, who lied to her for months and betrayed her to HYDRA, Jiaying manipulated her by playing with those very issues. and Daisy kept fighting, has been fighting all her life. 

she fought the foster care system, the label of “0-8-4,” she fought against the Watchdogs and HYDRA and Hive and…. Daisy has lost so much. I’m amazed that it took her so long to break. 

except - she didn’t break. she recuperated. and she came back stronger. she brought Robbie into SHIELD, inserted herself into his support system even when she herself was still healing; she grieved over Lincoln but didn’t lose herself in the process, and when push came to shove Daisy was - and is - ready to put everything on the line. 

she is selfless. she is kind. she is beautiful. she is one of the most powerful women to grace a marvel screen. and Daisy Johnson does it with a smile on her face and a quip on that whip-sharp tongue. her humour has survived everything - and sure, it’s grown more sardonic and dark as the seasons pass but still she laughs.

she cares so deeply about this world. if anyone can save it, Daisy can. more than ANYTHING Daisy Johnson is a hero. she was a hero before SHIELD, when she was exposing HYDRA’s Project Centipede; she was a hero as a consultant, when she made her loyalties known once and for all by using her street skill set of a charming smile. she was already a hero when Coulson gave her that Agent badge, and she had been a hero for a long time by the time she donned that Quake suit. 

in black and silver, it’s easy to forget how soft Daisy is. how, under all that leather, she feels things so intensely. how deeply she relies on her friends, and how much she will do for them. it’s easy to forget that Daisy’s moral compass has never wavered, not once, that she may not be a perfect person but she is morally flawless. Daisy has the biggest heart, and she carries the weight of humanity on her shoulders.

don’t forget that. I love kickass Daisy too - but I also love the girl we met way back when, the girl that hasn’t disappeared, the girl that needs help and love and support, the girl that can rise above anything. Daisy is a badass AND a best friend; a warrior AND the softest hugger; she is the woman who took out a group of watchdogs with her bare hands AND the woman who put her hand on Robbie’s knee and reassured him everything was going to be okay. 

Daisy is so much. I love all of her. I love her so much. 

lilysflowershop  asked:


Oh, yes!  My favorite doc bot!  :3

First impression:  “Man, this poor guy just can’t catch a break!”

Impression now:  “Man, this literal sex god just can’t catch a break!”

Favorite moment:  That moment between him and Fort Max in the brig gets me every time.

Idea for a story:  I really want a modern au where the whole thing is basically just his patient notes for the various characters during their sessions.  (He has to mentally prepare himself for Whirl’s appointments.)

Unpopular opinion:  …I don’t really have one?  XD  Come on, it’s Rung!  What am I supposed to say?  That he’s too handsome??

Favorite relationship:  Oh, boy so many!  XD  Rung/Fort Max, Rung/Whirl, Rung/Skids, Rung/Megatron, Rung/Swerve, Rung/Rodimus… somebody please stop me!

Favorite headcanon:  Rung is secretly the kinkiest motherfragger to ever grace the halls of the Lost Light.  That and he makes for an incredible yandere.  >:3

I was thinking of making this one super sad but I think we’ve all suffered enough, so… here comes the bonus prompt for the @wondertrevnet drabble-thon week.

Fandom: Wonder Woman
Pairing: Steve Trevor/Diana Prince

October 16: Dreamer


The first time, he had a shape but not a face, the outline of his body a dark form against the blue sky, so close to the edge of the cliff that one step, and there would be nothing but free fall until the cool turquoise waters swallowed him, a much-needed relief on a hot day. No face, but Diana knew that he was smiling, her skin prickling with the sensation as palpable as a touch.

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