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While in Super Vacation World, Samus eventually comes to be known as the old woman with an apex predator for a best friend, the baby having grown up into an Omega. She walks into town with it because it likes the metroid-friendly treats the local children bring for it

I’m really sad Teen Wolf is over. However, the fact that there are so many amazing fanfics and fan-art out, likely some still in progress, is keeping it alive for me! ♥️ What a cool power we have! To keep something we love so much, alive. ;)

Ariana Grande - Costume 1 & 2

Act: Be Alright / Everyday / Bad Decisions / Let Me Love You

I think everyone knows that one of my favorite artists is Ariana Grande, and the ‘Dangerous Woman Tour’ is over and for me it was very striking so I wanted to do some drawings of her costumes and post here during the week. I hope everyone likes it!

i actually go to my mom for unbiased opinions of Taylor’s music because she likes taylor and actually just calls her Taylor and not Taylor Swift but she’ll tell me if she doesn’t like a song. and tbh she never says she doesn’t like it. she will actually tell me which part she doesn’t like or something. and she called me the morning after LWYMMD and gave me her full critique and honestly it’s so cute.