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If she only knew.
If she only knew what I thought every time I saw her. Every time I was close to her. Every time I was near enough to touch her, but didn’t because I didn’t want to take the chance. If it meant I may lose what I have, what little I have with her, it was too much to risk. So, I stay silent. And whisper to myself. The words only I know. My secret is safe with me. For now……
—  wordsbyt 

ok but i need isak to talk to sana. i need him to realise the “you’re alone” comment was her internalising her pain. i need him to awkwardly try and explain that weird analogy dr skrulle gave him about all men being islands. i need sana to stare at isak, frowning, eyes narrowed, as isak stumbles over his words and loses track of whatever the hell he was trying to get at. i need isak to pause, laugh nervously, shake his head, then say, “my point is, sana, that you’re not alone.” and then maybe sana doesn’t quite take it in, what he’s saying, right at that moment. but it sticks with her over the next week or so; sits in the back of her brain as she processes what he said. and the next time isak and sana have class together, she opens up to him. just a little bit. and she feels less alone for doing so.

A finished commission for @mizjoely​!

Sherlock has a bit of a ridiculous rivalry with Molly’s cat over cuddle time in Molly’s lap. Molly thinks it’s endearing but she still teases him about it: “Sherlock for god’s sake, he’s just a cat!”

“Yes but does HE know that?”

This made me laugh so hard when I drew it because Sherlock wrapped up in his sheet looked like some kind of little white butt-bean.

@picklesandsweetpea your commission is coming up next but tumblr won’t let me tag you properly. :(

I think I still have the time to take on a couple more commissions, if anyone is interested: check out this post.

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Yesterday was all about enjoying the first few hours as parents with our little family, but today they of course stopped by as soon as the medical round was over to bring some cute flowers and cake (for the starving mummy), yummy! 💐🎂 Most importantly though, to have some exclusive cuddle time each with our little magic, as long as they still can. ✨ Because once papa gets to take his mini lady home in 2 days, there won’t fit a leaf in between them I feel. My precious little family. 💞

PS. Click the images for some little captions, oi. <3

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The light is so weird in my apartment today but I’m back //

Here is a Goatman in a wonderful pink & gold color scheme picked by the customer! I have enough pink and gold to make one more goat if you’re interested ☄ A little reminder too, that if you wanted to take home a cactus and missed them the last time, they’ve been added to the Garden Grab Bag listing in the shop! Happy Monday, folks

Two-Way Street (Simon Dominic)

Anonymous asked: a simon dominic one where he’s dating a really shy girl and he introduces her to the AOMG crew and hey make her really flustered and shy? also can she be a lot younger than him?

Originally posted by simondismydaddy

“You sure you’re up for this?”

“Kiseok!” you said exasperatedly. “You already asked me that like five times.”

“I’ll stop asking when you stop looking like you’re scared for your life.”

You sighed, slumping a little against the backseat of the Uber the pair of you were taking to the AOMG studio. “I’m just… I’m nervous. This was gonna happen sooner or later so it’s better to just get it done with, but I…” you trailed off with a sigh.

He slipped his hand into yours, giving your fingers a gentle squeeze. “There’s nothing to worry about,” he said. “They can be a little rowdy, but they’ll love you.”

“I hope so,” you said uncertainly.

“Hey.” He reached up, his fingers landing on the side of your chin, gently turning your head so you were forced to look him in the eye. “Stop doubting yourself. There’s nothing wrong with being shy; we all get that, especially after Hyukwoo joined, and we all love him! Just… Try to take it easy. It’ll be fine.”

“I’ll try,” you said, but there was absolutely no confidence in your words, and the way Kiseok wrapped a protective arm around your shoulders showed that he knew it just as well as you did.

It was dark out by the time you arrived, and the elevator ride to their floor was silent but for the quiet whir of machinery. When the elevator stopped with a slight jolt, you took a deep breath, your heart pounding with the adrenaline that had been flooding your system the whole way up. Get it together, you told yourself, They’re just people. But they were people you wanted to make a good impression on, people that had known Kiseok before you had, people that would no doubt be at the very least skeptical of the age gap between you. You tried (and failed) to mute the thoughts as the doors slowly opened. “Let’s go,“ Kiseok said, giving your hand another squeeze before leading the way out of the elevator.

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anonymous asked:

Did wolfgang kiss her stomach now I have to watch again seems like every time I'm finding a new thing and your blog is like oxygen to me love you


(sorry for taking so long to answer but I wanted to make a gif for you!)

Every little thing kills me, I don’t think I’ll get over this scene or these two!

And THANK YOU so much for your sweet words <3 

scix-in-the-back-row  asked:

This one's a bit horrible, apologies. It's for a horror story. So: if I were to take a human being --possibly a child or infant-- and break bones and allow them to reset badly, disjoint and twist joints, little by little, letting things heal wrongly, perhaps even cutting tendons, over time, just how much could I twist a person up and they'll still live and be able to move around some (pain is expected)? Could I get their head facing backwards? Horrible, I know. It's not a happy thought.

Your character probably couldn’t get the victim’s head on backwards. Playing with extending flexibility like that is grotesque but all well and good, except that by rotating the head that much you’d damage the spinal cord beyond repair. 

I wish I had  more details to give you on this one, but I just don’t have any hard evidence on how far this can go before it simply kills the victim or makes them completely immobile. Sorry! 

xoxo, Aunt Scripty

'Supergirl': Tyler Hoechlin Teases Epic Super Showdown in Finale
Supergirl vs. Superman! The Girl of Steel (Melissa Benoist) will face her toughest showdown yet in the upcoming Supergirl season finale as cousin Clark Kent, a.k.a. Superman (Tyler Hoechlin) has so…

The Girl of Steel (Melissa Benoist) will face her toughest showdown yet in the upcoming Supergirl season finale as cousin Clark Kent, a.k.a. Superman (Tyler Hoechlin) has somehow turned bad. In the wake of the Daxamite invasion of Earth, Kara went to confront Rhea (Teri Hatcher) only to find the Daxamite queen had a trick up her sleeve that seems to involve forcing Clark to be evil. What’s really going on? EW turned to Hoechlin to find out.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Can you talk about why Superman has suddenly turned against Kara? Is he under Rhea’s control?
TYLER HOECHLIN: Rhea is a tricky one, so there’s always a chance that she’s behind something.

How will this affect Clark emotionally being pitted against Kara?
Any time you find yourself squaring off against someone that’s family, it takes on a little bit more of a toll. But that’s something you’re going to have to wait and see to find out; it’s a little more complicated than it appears.

What can you tease for the epic showdown between Superman and Supergirl?
It will definitely be epic. These guys did such a great job with this. They’re calling it the battle of the century, and they really wanted to make sure it came across that way. We don’t hold any punches back. It’s a lot of fun. I think it’ll be a really fun for people to see them square off against each other, and not just fighting alongside each other.

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Yo does anyone still remember me lol

Soo as you can probably see I’ve come back from the void (Also called Real Life)! and I’ve come to you with some news:

First of all, I’ve decided to change the content I’ll post a bit. Of course everything will be always J&H related, but I’ll post less memes and such, and concentrate more on fanarts and theories!! (Coz I’m a sucker for conspiracies~ I’m sry)

Secondly, I’m thinking about creating a new ask blog for a little AU I thought about (an AU where Utterson breaks into Jekyll’s laboratory and stops Hyde from committing suicide X3), but this will probably take me a lotta time, so yeah… that will come later. ^^“

Finally, about my fanarts and such, I just wanted to warn y'all that I’ve just bought Paint Tool Sai, and I’m still getting used to it (so if my digital stuff looks kinda off that’s why lol ^^”“)

Well, this is all for now! Ah, it’s nice to be back in my favourite fandom! X3

Birthdays, First Times, and Letters from Princeton Pt. 2 (Riarkle Future Two Shot)

Fandom: Girl Meets World

Pairing(s): Riarkle

Characters: (Main) Riley Matthews and Farkle Minkus, (Supporting) Maya Hart-Hunter

Rating: I’ll back this part down to T with a warning of mentions of sex and swearing ;)

Description: Farkle Minkus gets dumped by the love of his life two days after the first time they’d ever been so close. A month passes and finally, he can’t take it anymore, he needs to know why. Riley owes him why.

Author’s Note: It’s a break-up/make-up fic guys. I’ve already established that in this universe, these two go one to get engaged and have a baby on the way. BTW check out those snapshots, ‘Summer Plans’, ‘Little Drunk, Lotta Careless’, and ‘Just Go To Sleep, Riles’.

Monday rolled around inevitably, like the dread in the pit of Riley’s stomach.

She was at her locker when he found her. She’d pulled her hair into a simple ponytail that trailed down her spine, adorning a white t-shirt, black leggings, and a loose gray jacket. Farkle thought she looked absolutely beautiful until he noticed that her attire was missing something.

Riley wasn’t smiling.

“Hey,” He greeted, uneasily rocking on his conversed feet with his hand shoved into his pockets, “How, um, are you feeling?”

God, what was wrong with him? This is Riley! So, why did it feel like she was miles away when he knew he could just reach out and touch her?

She collected her books and shut her locker, “Better, I guess.”

“That’s,” Farkle rubbed the back of his neck. “Good.”

Riley nodded, leaning her shoulder against the metal of lockers and shifting her books in front of her, almost like a shield.

“So, I know you’re avoiding me,” Farkle stated, matter-of-factly.

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thegirlthatlikesasianboys  asked:

Yes I do understand, it was dumb mistake but I honestly don't want others to think I stole more than one story. I sat down and written my stories, yeah I may read other smut writers stories to get more of an idea but I made sure to add my personal liking to it...

So let me get this straight: You know the time and effort that it takes to write a story from the ground up, yet you still decided it would be a good idea to steal my work and just add your own little touches to it? Amazing. And by “adding [your] personal liking” to your other works, did you do the same thing to those other fics like you did with mine? Because if so, that’s still plagiarism.

And the moment you posted that work was the moment you threw your integrity into the trash. So now everything that you wrote or will write is thrown into doubt and you will continue to be seen as a plagiarist. Your reputation is tarnished by your own hands.

–Admin Lily.


Today I started running and thought ‘wow I won’t even make it to 1K why can I hardly breathe?’ but then I thought well just give it a little while and try and enjoy it and see how far I can get. Then before I knew it I was at 6K.

I’m a super slow runner but I’m trying to focus on not taking any walking breaks and today I only took two 1 minute breaks and I’m so so happy about that😆

A lot of the time my body is able to do the run but I need to convince my mind. I keep giving myself little motivational speeches throughout the run haha. But it’s amazing for me to see that my training is working because when I first did that route I took so many breaks. I’m excited for my first 0 breaks run.

Also I invested in new shoes and they are so amazingly comfy💜
you gotta fix yourself up (before taking off) - andawaywego - Power Rangers (2017) [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Summary: ‘Trini smiles a little, small and scared and there’s some sort of energy buzzing between them, everything they’ve wanted to do and say and didn’t have the time for moving around them in the wind.

“Third time’s the charm, right?” She smiles just the slightest bit, so careless, like she doesn’t care about making it out alive anymore. “Thank you for trying, Kim.”’

[Alternately: Trini’s post-grad plans never involved possession, playing house with Jason Scott, or making out with Kimberly Hart. And yet…]

anonymous asked:

Hi! I love your stories and headcanons so much, can you do some headcanons on jared taking his daughter to disneyworld (like she's still a little kid).

Thank you!!!!! ♡

She wants to go on all the scary rides even though Jared insists itll be too much, but she winds up laughing the whole time and he jumps when stuff pops out.

Jared paints her nails and lets her paint his blue and pink before they go to see princess aurora.

At night he puts her on his shoulders telling her if she reaches enough she can touch the fireworks.

The inevitanle tears when Jared says she can only pick one princess dress to buy even though on the way home he surprises her with the other one.

Jared has to carry the autograph book that she has for all the characters to sign and it’s too big to fit in his fanny pack (but boy did he try)

Jared throws in extra cash to the people running the place to get a tea party just for the two of them.

Jared promises to wear a crown to match her tiara but only for an hour… until he takes a liking to it.


I suppose this is a sort of notice describing how I won’t be able to post much content from now on until the very end of may, and begginings of june. 

Work is just overwhelming and exams are knocking at my door, and anxiety isn’t helping either, but I’ll be working on commissions and art trades as much as possible in my free time, aswell as chatting a little here and there (for those who usually do chat with me, I’m sorry for the huge amount of time I have been taking to reply). 

Lately I’ve been recieving very positive feedback from you guys, so thank you very much, you give me that little boost I need everyday.

Thank you for being so patient with me, as soon as I’m a free bird this blog will drown in posts like never before (hopefully).


Hvitserk’s wedding would include

• big brother Ubbe standing proudly by his little brothers side
• nervous glances
• sweaty palms
• smiling so wide when he sees his beautiful bride that he thinks he may explode
• biting his lip and glances down to his feet
• taking your hands in his and stepping forward
• “You look beautiful.”
• not being able to stop smiling
• kissing you like it the last time he’s ever gonna be able to do it
• having a lovely honey moon down by the water
• fishing every day and then coming home and having a nice dinner
• him always calling you wife and giving a cheeky grin
• he just loves that he’s married to the one woman he loves

Hi guys, 

I’m sorry I’ve not been posting much or indeed writing much over the last few days.

Unfortunately, last week my sweet old dog started to take a turn for the worse and these last few days has been spent caring for her and making sure she gets all of her favourite treats one last time. 

Tomorrow, the vet is coming to help her take her final journey and I’m a little bit heartbroken at the idea of losing her.
There’s no easy way to say goodbye, and you always want them to pass peacefully in their sleep, so you don’t ever have to make that decision.  

When the vet came last week, we had one last ditch attempt to improve her quality of life, knowing it was a long shot. 
It didn’t pay off and now there’s only one thing left to do. 

Although it’s never easy, she had enjoyed her twelve years. She has been utterly joyful, sweet, good natured and a wonderful companion. 
We could not have wanted a better dog in our lives. 

There will be no replacement for her, once she has gone. All the bits we’ve got are going to a friend for her dog- nothing much, just some toys and a little left over food. I had been adopting a dog for a while, but stopped when we ended up actually adopting a stray cat but I think that once my lovely dog has gone, I’ll look for a new dog friend to help. 

So yeah, that’s why I’ve not been writing- I’m a little too sad to concentrate on it right now but I’ll be back soon.